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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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unafraid. make it a great weekend. remember, rising threat, shrinking military, reairs this sunday, 8:00 and 11:00. in case you missed it first time around. and by the way, here comesooooo facebook. thank you for watching, everyone! this is "the kelly file." have a great weekend. and welcome to "hannity." and we're back on the road coming to you from broom county forrum theater in binghamton, new york. the voters in the state head to the polls tuesday. tonight, 2016 presidential candidate senator ted cruz joins us for the entire hour. we have a large audience watching the show and they were invited by the cruz campaign. welcome, binghamton. anyway, so 2016 republican presidential candidate, ted cruz, how are you doing? >> great to see you. >> you have a step detector
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thing. >> fitbit. >> how many on the campaign trail? >> you spend a lot of time on planes, buses, cars and so, my count is embarrassingly low. the goal is 10,000 steps a day but crisscrossing the state that doesn't always happen. >> a lot is made and even last night, new york values. we have a governor in new york, andrew cuomo. and he -- >> popular man. >> very popular guy. he actually talked about, well, those conservatives that are pro-life and believe in the right to bear arms and that are anti-gay. well, i'm not anti-gay. i'm protraditional marriage. they have no place in new york. so, i said, well, okay. i'm going to take my money and leave because we have a 10% state income tax. >> the phrase new york values
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was not my phrase. it was coming from donald trump initially. from an interview he gave with "meet the press" a number of years ago. he was explaining the support of partial birth abortions. he said i'm from new york. they're new york values. not iowa values. the point you made a second ago. last week, i was down in the bronx and was meeting with a number of hispanic and african-american pastors including a democratic state senator, senator reuben diaz. senator diaz is a pastor and mentioning, he brought up new york values. he brought up exactly what you said that cuomo said. he said my democratic governor, my party, told me if i'm pro-life, support traditional marriage, if i believe in the second amendment there's no place for me in new york. senator diaz said we're fed you will with the values of liberal
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democrats intolerant to the common sense values of most of the men and women of new york. >> yeah. you know -- i know that you know my background and i was born and raised in new york. i have a special place in my heart and we saw greatness out of the american people, the people of new york on 9/11. >> oh yeah. >> upstate helped long island helped. the entire country in fairness rallied around. there are so many good people here. >> absolutely. >> but governing has been horrible in this state and especially up here in upstate new york and binghamton. they economically have been suffering for decades. >> right. >> how do we -- how if you're elected president do you help them? >> well, no one knows the negative consequences of liberal democratic policies more than the people of new york because they've been suffering under them. they're seeing jobs going away. you know, a perfect example of
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those liberal democratic values is governor cuomo. will not allow the people of new york to develop the mar sell les shale. in pennsylvania, the property values are going up. the shale extends here into new york and knucklehead politicians apparently think new yorkers don't want jobs. that doesn't make any sense. >> high-paying jobs. >> they are high-paying jobs. we are seeing all across the country the energy renaissance and it is democratic politicians in new york and california where the resources are there but they won't allow us to develop them and the answer my number one priority as president is bringing jobs and economic growth back to this country, bringing high-paying jobs back to america. >> we are -- you mentioned the shale and pennsylvania.
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we are the saudi arabia. we are the middle east of natural gas. >> yes. >> and it would have the added component of not begging countries that hate us for what is the economic powerhouse for our economy which is energy. we could become energy independent. how big is that a component in terms of economy and jobs and revenue for the country? >> enormous component. a couple of years i gave a speech on the senate floor taking a map of the entire united states and every county color coded for whether median income gone up or down. that map looks almost exactly like a geological map of shale formati formations. i got a clear plastic overlay of the shale formations and you could see with the shales and you could see income spiking like lazy. in the mar sell les and the pennsylvania counties, median income through the roof and the line from new york to pennsylvania almost like the
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finger of god drew it counties on the other side of the line with the resources their income didn't go up. just the same, monterey shale in california, the one exception was counties in and around washington, d.c. that were bright green that have gotten fat and happy and almost every other county in america, income stagnated or gone down. >> do you think the skaudis artificially driven down the price of a barrel of oil to take away america's jobs? >> right. >> ultimately that's new york and pennsylvania. >> sure, sure. >> do you think they did it on purpose to drive natural gas businesses out of business? >> well, that's certainly part of it. i think the saudis are flooding the market with oil. another component, though, is the fed. we have had fed policy with a strong dollar, a weak dollar, a strong dollar, the weak dollar and those booms and busts right
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now an artificially strong dollar. that drives down the cost of commodities whether it's the cost of oil and gas or whether it's the cost of coal or whether it's the cost of steel. or whether if you're a farmer the cost of your crops. we need to have with monetary policy stability. not a strong dollar. not a weak dollar. but a stable and sound dollar. >> you know, i want to stay on this message of the economy for a minute because, you know, i actually have pointed out a cute little girl over there. i don't know if we can get a shot. you know, we've now doubled the national debt for that little girl. >> yep. >> we have now created an america where 95 million of our fellow americans are out of work. 46 million on food stamp. double the debt. why see any way out of this. they're now talking about negative interest rates and putting the money in the banks, the banks charge you to keep your money. that's how bad things have gotten because of government
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involvement. >> doing that in japan. they have negative interest rates in japan. >> how do we solve the debt? how do we get the jobs back and how quickly could it happen? >> right. >> elect cruz! >> a very wise man. only way to turn around the debt and the key to growth and the heart of the economy doesn't come from washington, d.c. it comes from small businesses all across this country. and the way you bring growth is you lift the boot of the federal government off the back of the necks of small business. two thirds of all new jobs they come from small businesses so if i'm elected president we will repeal every word of brk. obamacare. we'll pass a simple flat tax and
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abolish the irs. >> is a flat tax -- that is important question. a lot of people -- i have studied the flat tax and the fair tax. i like both ideas. but is it revenue neutral in terms of the government and can we do all of this, you know, chris christie running for office said social security's gone. they already stole it. do we have to touch entitlements? social security and medicare. >> we can absolutely save and strengthen social security and medicare. we have got to. they're bullworks of our society and i'm campaigning on a clear reform plan to protect and save and strengthen them. if you look at the tax plan, that i have and i have a very, very clear and detailed plan, you can read about it on our website. today is april 15th. normally tax day. >> let's celebrate. sorry. >> today's a good day to reflect
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on new ings will be different in just a couple of years if we win this election because my simple flat tax, for typical family of four, first $36,000 you earn you pay nothing. no tax. no nothing. >> if you don't pay a payroll tax, do you get social security benefits? >> still get your social security ben filths. now, above $36,000, everyone pays the same simple flat 10% tax. no longer do hedge fund billionaires pay a lower efctive tax rate than the secretaries. fair and even and uniform and then on the business side, eliminate the corporate income tax, the highest in the developed world. eliminate the obamacare taxes. eliminate the payroll taxes which are the biggest taxes most women and men pay and the death tax which is incredibly unfair.
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>> that's uncorrupt. this came up in earlier debates. i know for most people here this is probably meaningless, i don't know how many of you know there's actually trillions, not millions or billions, trillions of dollars parked offshore that corporations will not bring back to the united states because of the high rate of taxes to pay. corporate inversion. >> yep. >> you can incentivize them. repatriot money, lowering the rate. wouldn't that create jobs and manufacturing and centers and trillions of dollars thrown into the economy? >> absolutely yes. that's what my tax plan does. bring trillions of dollars back. replace the business taxes instead with a simple 16% business flat tax that is fair and uniform. no longer do giant corporations with armies of accountants pay less, little or no taxes and small businesses are hammered with a punitive 35% corporate
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income tax. >> you know, this raises -- so would they pay 16% to bring it back or a break so that we can encourage the building and manufacturing centers? >> there's a one-time tax of 10%. which would bring in trillions of dollars and what this plan will do, you know, the nonpartisan tax foundation studied this plan and score everyone's plans. they concluded that the cruz simple flat tax would produce 4.9 million new jobs, would raise wages, raise after tax income for everybody and you know the average family, sean, under the cruz flat tax over the next decade would take home an additional $7,600. that's real money when you're struggling to make ends meet. >> i spend -- i want to tell you how bad it is in new york. a decade of my life every job in a restaurant, dishwasher to bartender and being a waiter, ten years in contracting.
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doing in the building trades, doing everything, laying tile, framing houses. in new york right now, i pay a 40% federal income tax. i pay 9.9% state tax. 4% city tax, fica taxes. i live in nassau county. the second highest in the country. you live in texas. you don't pay that. >> that is exactly right. >> isn't that insane? >> and i can't solve the problem of left wing democratic politicians like cuomo and bill deblasio. >> by the way, we call him comrade deblasio on this show. >> but what i can do is reduce the burdens of washington that are hammering small businesses so washington isn't making it harder and here in new york we will see jobs coming back from
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mexico, jobs coming back from china. see manufacturing jobs coming back to the state of new york. >> it's 62 cents of every dollar if you don't have the corporation and the tax benefits. all right. we are in binghamton, new york. just getting things started. are you having a good time? all right. we'll continue with candidate ted cruz. he's with us for the hour. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia.
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i'm patricia stark and now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." we are in beautiful binghamton, new york. senator ted cruz is with us for the entire hour tonight. you know, senator, one of the things that i really believe is
2:18 am
scary, everybody in new york knows somebody -- if i did a show of hands, knows somebody killed on 9/11. >> yeah. >> we had a -- have a president that can't utter the words radical islamic terrorism. isis took over city that is we won. mosul and tikrit. and a president in denial. >> right. >> how -- how -- is this a generational battle? does this go on forever or can we actually defeat isis and how do you do it? >> well, you know -- >> put hillary in jail. >> you know, heidi and i lost a friend of ours, barbara olson. >> a friend of mine, too. >> she was on the plane that flew into the pentagon. from our apartment you could smell the soot and heidi at the time was working in the white house. and when those planes were coming in, at first the secret
2:19 am
service came through and told everyone stay where you are. don't go anywhere. but then, when the second plane hit, the secret service was running through the white house complex and saying get out now. don't walk. run. and so heidi ran out. they wouldn't let her get her car. and so, she wasn't able to drive home so she took off her high heels and walked across the bridge and walked home barefoot and i know there are people all across new york who experienced that. in d.c. and pennsylvania. and all across the country we have had terror attack after terror attack after terror attack, most recently in america in san bernardino. and in the wake of jihad, of radical islamic terrorists declaring the intention to murder as many of us as possible, i think there are a lot of americans who are fed up with the president who follows every terror attack going on tv,
2:20 am
refusing to name our enemy and instead lecturing us on islam-ophobia. >> i'd take it a step further. then he talks about the terrible deeds done in the name of christ and -- >> yes. >> has no real historical knowledge of the crusades were about. in brussels, he's doing the wave with communist murdering dictator raul castro and doing the tango. >> well, and it did seem to really inconvenience the president to have a terror attack when he was in the middle of a baseball game with a communist dictator and, you know, it shouldn't be -- i'll tell you. in watching president obama stand there on that stage with raul castro while castro slams the united states of america and then listening to president obama say, well, gosh, i agree with castro. >> traitor! >> is it asking too much to have
2:21 am
a president actually defend the united states of america? >> that was embarrassing. >> it really was. >> but let me get back to isis. >> yeah. >> look. you used the phrase and criticized for it. i actually agree with you. you know, you said carpet bomb isis. >> yes. >> you didn't say carpet bomb civilians. you said carpet bomb isis. >> yeah. >> and they're plotting and scheming and planning our demise. how do we find them and execute that? >> we start by using overwhelming air power. you know, in the first persian gulf war, a little over 25 years ago, we launched 2,500 air attacks a day. we did that for 37 days. and after 37 days, our troops went in and in a day and a half mopped up what was left. that is overwhelming air power. >> can we do that in syria and iraq? >> we can.
2:22 am
now, right now, the obama administration has launched between 15 and 30 air attacks a day. i mean, it's photo-op and pin prick. it looks good on cnn. but it doesn't actually kill the enemy. >> i don't watch cnn but okay. yeah. >> what we need to be doing instead is taking out their command and control. taking out their infrastructure. taking out the communication. taking out their finances. taking out the oil fields. taking out the oil refineries and taking out their troops. utterly and completely destroying them. we need to combine it with arming the kurds who are the boots on the ground. they're fighting right now. >> i also goes to the heart and the issue of this president started with 10,000. hillary clinton wants tens and tens of thousands of syrian refugees. here's the problem. you know, obama's former envoy to defeat isis general john allen, national intelligence
2:23 am
director james clapper, james comey, fbi adirector and chairman of the house homeland security committee said isis just like paris and brussels will infiltrate the syrian population. >> of course they will. >> how do we determine if they're good people wanting better life or isis? >> we can't. and that's what -- you know, isis told us they intend to infiltrate the refugees. paris, they infiltrated the refugees. james comey, head of the fbi, oi pointed by obama, told congress he cannot vet these syrian muslim refugees to determine if they're isis terrorists. if i'm elected president, we are not going to be letting in middle eastern muslim refugees who be infiltrated with terrorists. >> now, to those on the left that say, hillary clinton is out there in force saying, oh, that's unfair.
2:24 am
i would support helping the syrian refugees victims of a civil war. >> oh sure. >> can we have a safe naichb their own country and food and medicine and blankets and cots and supplies? >> yes. and no nation on earth has been more generous, giving aid to the refugees. we give more than ten times as much as any nation on earth in terms of money, taxpayer money to care for the refugees but if the refugees may be infiltrated with terrorists they should be resettled in the middle east and majority muslim countries where they can't wage jihad against america. >> is there a deeper issue here? for example, if somebody glows up under sharia law and want to come to america but they grew up where they get to tell women, by the way, good luck telling new york women this, how to dress, they get to tell women they can't drive, they tell women that they can't be seen in public without a male relative. they decide a male will decide if a woman goes to work or
2:25 am
school. in the case of a rape, under sharia, in many countries a women needs four male eyewitnesses. i talk about a cultural divide that most people don't want to discuss. is there a cultural divide people who grow up you shouunde? how do we know if they want to come here to find freedom and leave that behind or bring it with them? great britain has 88 sharia courts right now. >> as you know, there's a difference between islam and islamism. islamism is a political philosophy. that commands its adherence to wage jihad. to either murder or force bring convert the infidels by which they mean the rest of us. and force us to live under sharia law. >> isn't that saudi arabia? isn't that iran? one is sunni. one is shia. >> it is certainly the government of iran and the
2:26 am
ayatollah seeks to impose that on the rest of the world. saudi arabia is too willing to fund strains. the house of saud itself isn't doing it. including osama bin laden originated with the saudis. >> grew up in that culture. where that is the law of the land. how -- i just don't know. it's so incompatible with the principles. >> we have to have a president that says enough with political correctness. let's speak the truth. >> exit question. do you know what's in the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report? >> i have reviewed those pages and i believe they should be made public. >> can you give us some insight into what's in them? >> i can't without violating laws on classification. i can't do that without violating the law. >> no, no, no. i promised the senator that if he reveals it i will bring him a
2:27 am
cake with a file. no. i'm kidding. we'll have more in new york with 2016 republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz as "hannity" on the road continues.
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all right. welcome back to "hannity" and we are in beautiful binghamton in new york with texas senator ted cruz with us for the hour. all right. i know process questions, do they annoy the candidates but i have to ask them. you said to me in my radio show earlier this week that you think this is going to be a contested convention. okay. that means somebody has to get to 1,237. we know we've been following colorado and the battle for delegates and the comments the candidates made. i don't want to talk about that. what i want to ask you is this. as i have watched the process as an outsider, i'm a registered conservative in new york. i think if it's a national party, is there a need for reform in this way? of course i believe in states having the right to choose. should if the choice be between caucus and primary, proportional and winner take all and should the delegates if we go next time
2:31 am
around should they all be bound versus unbound? because it's confusing to everybody. you all confused about this, right? >> it's -- so i'll make a radical proposition. >> okay. >> i believe in the constitution. >> i don't think that's radical. >> the constitution gives this authority to the states. that's the way it's been the entire history of the country. and i got to say it ain't rocket science. if anyone is running an effective and competent campaign, they ought to be able to figure out how to go and win an election. >> understood. the only thing i would like to see going -- look. i agree with you. everybody knew the rules going in and i agree with your analysis on that completely. i just would like to see like in new york every state have all the people participate. rather than the convention. >> but listen.
2:32 am
i don't think every state has to be like new york or every state has to be like california. >> i agree. >> and the reason why we're seeing so much whining about the rules is what's happeninged in last three weeks. in the last three weeks, there have been a total of 11 elections in 4 states. and in those 11 elections, we have won all 11. every single one for three weeks. so let me take a minute to review. it started with utah where we won a landslide 69% of the vote. won every single delegate out of utah. it went to north dakota. we won 18 delegates in utah. trump won one delegate. then it went to wisconsin. all of the media said in wisconsin that it was a state cruz couldn't win, a perfect date for donald. an upper midwest state, industrial state. not a very large evangelical population. it was heavily blue collar, union member, working class.
2:33 am
actually, very similar demographics to much of upstate new york. the day before the election donald in wisconsin promised a, quote, big victory in wisconsin. the next day we saw a landslide victory we won with 48% of the vote beat donald by 13 points. >> let me ask this question. so, at a contested convention there was a really pretty i think good analysis in "washington compost." and so my question to you is, how do you see this going down that you get to 1,237? considering you believe it's contested. so how do you get to that number and here's the second -- here's the second part of the question. take the personalities out of it. candidate "a," wins more states. more votes and more delegates. no. this is an important question. and then if, if that candidate doesn't win in a contested
2:34 am
convention, do you worry that those supporters are going to feel disenfranchised? >> look. that is certainly donald's talking point. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. wait. no, no. wait, wait, wait. senator, that is not donald's talking point. this is -- i'm reading -- i am reading analysis of every major newspaper. if that happens, what i'm trying to get to -- i'm a never hillary guy. i want to defeat hillary clinton. and i don't want to see any supporters disenfranchised and what i'm asking is how do you bring the people into the fold or how does the team come together and not feel disenfranchised? >> going back to 1860 one way and only one way to win the republican nomination and that is you earn the votes of a majority of the delegates elected by the people. >> right. right. >> that has been every single election since 1860. >> lincoln on the third time. >> by the way, he didn't go in
2:35 am
using the donald talking point he didn't go in with the most votes and delegates. instead w457d was he earned it at the convention and if you can't get a majority of the delegates to support you you ain't going to be the nominee and you ain't going to be the president. >> this is important. so you say it's going to be contested. if, in fact -- >> it likely will be. >> likely will be. okay. so if we get there and let's say what happened with lincoln. say you're in second place and you do win this. what i'm concerned about as i read social media, it's cruz people hate the trump people, trump people hate the cruz people and at the end of the day i listen to hillary clinton's vision for the country and it skaerls me. i worry about unity at the end of the convention -- you all agree with me? i worry about unity. >> listen. i emphatically agree. i love the trump supporters. i understand why they're supporting donald trump.
2:36 am
they're angry with washington. the issues that have animated the trump supporters, stopping illegal immigration, securing the border and bringing jobs back from china, mexico fighting for the working class the issues at the heart of my familiar lynn. those have been the issues that i have been fighting for. and you are absolutely right. we have got to unify the party to win. it's one of the reasons i'm so encouraged by what we're seeing in the last three weeks, won 11 elections in a row because republicans are uniting behind the campaign and let me point out of the 17 republican candidate who is started this race, five have now endorsed our campaign. we have been endorsed by rick perry, lindsey graham, jeb bush, scott walker and by carly fiorina. now, that is an incredible diversity. >> good start, right? here's my last and final question. john kasich and marco rubio have a lot of delegates. marco indicated in an interview
2:37 am
likely to come over and support you. so my question is even at the end of this process, do you think you will get along with everybody? i remember early in the process, an early debate, everybody said everybody on this stage is better than what the democrats are offering. is that going to -- is it going to end up that way? that's my question. >> from my end, i certainly intend for it to be. i have endeavored throughout the campaign, moments nasty and personal and ugly and i have not responded in kind and i'm not going to respond in kind. i keep the focus on issues, on substance on policy. you know what? i think the people of new york care about is not candidates bickering like children. i think what the people of new york care object is how do we bring jobs back to new york? how do we raise wages and keep americans safe and that's my focus. >> all right. we have to take a break. we are in beautiful binghamton, new york. you all ready to ask some questions? we're let the great audience
2:38 am
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all right back to "hannity." hello, binghamton. from new york at the broom county forum theater with senator ted cruz for the hour. our first question from the audience. hi, what is your name? >> dwala anderson. this is submitted by the mrs. smith fifth grade class. what are your thoughts on common core? and what do you believe our education system needs to ensure quality education for all children? >> terrific question. >> thank you to mrs. smith's fifth grade class.
2:44 am
in the first days in office, i will direct the u.s. department of education that common core ends that day. >> you want to ask something? >> let me say a little more on this. it's been the abuse of executive power from the obama administration that has forced common core on the states but the silver lining is everything done with executive power can be undone and what i'd like to see long term is abolish the federal department of education. >> can i ask? and that would mean giving the states the right to choose. >> that's exactly right. and you know, some folks in the media say, gosh, you don't value education. that's the opposite. education is too valuable. we should block grant that money, send it back to the states. you know, the parents and teachers of new york know much better what your kids need than do some bureaucrats in
2:45 am
washington. >> sir, next question. hi. what is your name? >> my name -- my name is alan michaels. hello, senator. >> how are you doing? >> i love the constitution. cruz loves the constitution. so by some transit of law i think that means i love you. >> thank you. >> welcome to new york! go ahead. >> i think to lower sean's blood pressure, i think the constitution brings us all together. can you expand on the constitution generally or about the budget process? >> you are known as a constitutionalist. you are known as a constitutional conservative. >> well, and it's been -- i mean, i have spent my life fighting to defend the constitution and bill of rights and i think, sir, your question is very insightful. we have a lot of issues that tear us apart, that divide us. i think the constitution and
2:46 am
bill of rights gives an avenue to unify us. take, for example, the question of legalizing marijuana. that's a question that's being debated in a lot of different states. my personal views, i'm not a supporter. if texas were voting, i would vote against it. i'm concerned about the abuse of drugs among kids. but -- but i'm a constitutionalist. i think that is a decision for the states to make and so it's some states -- choose to do that, they have the authority to do that. we should respect it. you know, supreme court justice brandice referred to the system of 50 states of laboratories of democracy and we expect the people of new york to come to a different decision than texas or california and that's great. >> we have to break. how many times have you argued before the supreme court? >>
2:47 am
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. welcome back to "hannity". we're in binghamton, new york and members of the audience are asking senator ted cruz is your name? >> jordan. >> hi. >> hi. my question as a young libertarian, why should i, and people like me, support you? >> it is a great question.
2:52 am
there is no doubt if we're going to win we have to bring together a broad coalition that unites us all. as a libertarian, i would say there is no one that fought harder for principles of liberty. whether it's the first amendment and free speech and second amendment and the right to keep and bear arms, or the right to keep the federal government out of our business or 10th amendment, bringing power from the federal government back to the state and local governments, i've spent my life fighting for the bill of rights in the constitution. i give you my word as president i'm going to do the exact same thing. >> i want to ask you one question. i have known prime minister netanyahu for many, many years.
2:53 am
i was in the tunnels, when the conflict was going on. i felt our relationship is so poorly damaged it frightens me as united states and israel we must be close because we have a common enemy. >> absolutely. >> i want to get your thoughts. >> sean, you're right. during my time in the senate, there are a lot of people in new york and across the country that have relationships with israel. donald said he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. i believe we should stand unapologetically with the nation the israel. donald has also suggested we should reduce the military aid we give to israel.
2:54 am
he said we should make them pay big time for that military aid. i think we should expand the military aid. and let me give you a final example. on day one, i'll move the american embassy to jerusalem, donald's campaign is being run by an individual paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by saudi arabia to lobby against moving the embassy to jerusalem. those are policy differences on which we disagree that i think are relevant to voters. >> we'll take a break. it's i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had
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welcome back to "hannity". that is all the time we have left this evening. senator, do you want to say one more thing? >> tuesday is the election in new york. i ask you to come together, stand together if you want to beat hillary, there is only one candidate that can win the nomination and beat hillary. we're coming together and uniting. >> thank you from new york. thank you. have a great night. [national anthem] ♪
2:59 am
♪ ♪ [national anthem] [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
3:00 am
hi, everyone, and good morning, today is saturday, the 16th of april, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert now. a horrific story breaking overnight a firefighter shot dead, responding to a call for help right outside our nation's capital. the brand new developments seconds away. >> another big story breaking overnight. the pope who claimed he didn't want to get into u.s. politics sits down for a private one-on-one with bernie sanders. did that really happen? breaking news overnight next. >> and the photo taking social media by storm. no, that's not matthew mcconaughey. it's proof that doppelgangers really exist.


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