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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  April 16, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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losing their grip on the rule book by highlighting this, i'm making no friends with the establishment class. politicians, pundits, but that's okay. your need to know exceeds my need for arooufl. stay tuned, more shenanigans to expose. new york on my mind. the 2016 gop candidates fight for the hearts and minds of voters in the empire state and it's mother loads of delegates. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is 3,000 miles away in california with george clooney and other hollywood big wig, but that's not sitting well with protesters outside the high-end donor event. >> ordinary people can't afford $35,000 to go and hobnob with hillary clinton. >> i am highly offended by this ostentati tetentatious display . it represents everything mill n millions of americans are complaining about about our elections being bought. >> and the frantic search for
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people under rubble in japan and aftershocks continue to plague rescue and recovery efforts. good saturday to you. great to bey you at home. >> from america's election headquarters from washington. the fight for new york voters is on. donald trump making stops in upstate new york today. he's holding a rally in syracuse that's set to get start ed at ay minute. we start with john roberts. hi, john. >> good afternoon from syracuse where donald trump will hold a rally in a few minutes. later this afternoon, he's up in watertown in the north part near ft. drum where the ted mountain division is stagtsed. he's got a huge lead here. 32 points over kasich, 36 points
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over cruz, who's running way back in third. you think with a lead like this, you can put your feet up, enjoy the weekend and watch the results roll in on tuesday. but he's not letting up. the reason is, is complicated delegate math here. it's divided up by congressional districts. three delegates per district, plus a number of at large delegates. if you get above 50%, you get all three, but if you don't crack 50%, you only get two. he needs as many as he can get if he wants to get to 1237, the magic number before the convention in july. he also continues to rail against the delegate selection process in many states like colorado, wyoming, which is picking delegates today in the big article in "the wall street journal" yesterday. that op-ed, which he said people are being disenfranchised, he blameded the rnc for creating a system not representative of people's votes, also paying ted cruz pretty hard. listen to trump from hartford,
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connecticut yesterday. here he is. >> delegate system is a disaster. the way they count. it's a disaster. and not fair. not good and it's not good for democracy. we're going to win it any way. we're going to have our 1,237 any way. but i have to tell you folks, it's a bad system and it's a dangerous system. because people are angry as hell about what's going on. >> case in point on that, yesterday in colorado, went about 150 to 200 people showed up in front of the state house. most of them trump supporters to protest the way colorado picked their delegates. they were expegting a much larger protest, but threatening weather might have kept some people away. donald trump continues his open feud with the republican national company over this. but i spoke with reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc, yesterday, and he said the rules are the rules. they've been in place for a long time. it is up to the campaigns to
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know what those rules are. here's priebus. >> the rules are clear. and they've been put out for about 160 years. the rules are clear and it's up to the states to set the rules and they've done it and so, you know, i think some, we need to move on from complain iing abou the rules i think. >> i don't expect though that donald trump is going to take suggestion to move on. i assume we're going to hear more about his anger at the delegate's selection process here in syracuse and again, i pointed out that wyoming is picking its delegates today, 14 at large. it looks like ted cruz is going to do very, very well there. he's got a full slate of delegates. donald trump is not north, as well as john kasich. next week, some of the standing committees of the rnc will be meeting in hollywood, florida. there is a move afoot by some of those members of the committees to start changing the rules heading into this convention to
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make it more difficult for donald trump to win. reince priebus has told those people no rules changes next week, but there will be changes prior to that convention. the rules committee will take that up probably a couple of weeks before the convention in early july. so much to talk about. so complicated. it's tough to hit a moving target. that's the way everything is here. >> yeah, i'll say. the plot thickens. thank you so much. >> as john reported, happening today, decisions made by wyoming republicans at their state convention could reignite donald trump's attacks on the gop's nominating process. the wyoming republican convention works a lot like the colorado convention, which trump blasted after the cruz campaign snatched up all of those delegates. experts predict a similar turnout with the delegates at stake today. cruz has campaigned heavily in wyoming. trump has not. >> in those 14 wyoming delegates
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may not sound like much compared to the 1237 needed for the republican nomination, but they can narrow the gap. kasich is almost 400 delegates behind cruz with 144. >> for cruz as it is for everybody, it is all in the numbers. keeping trump from that number. to talk about it, chad sweet, chairman of the cruz campaign for president. so, so far, ted, donald trump has accused you guys of having a rigged system. he says it's not fair, it's a zas disaster. any of those true? did you guys win fair and square? >> i would start off by saying donald trump has whipped up in several states. you never once saw ted cruz complain. in fact, we congratulated him. the rules haven't changed.
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the only thing that's changed is that unfortunately, the people have spoken and in many states, the people are speaking out and voting against trump, so the only thing that's changed -- >> sometimes, people are the party insiders, if you will. >> in this case, if you look at it, donald trump, he's claiming he has millions more votes than ted cruz. the fact rs the facts. senator cruz has 76% of the vote that donald trump has. he does not have, he has less than 2 million votes more than senator cruz. senator cruz is winning. not because of funny business. he knows the rules and is playing fair and square by the rule, but most importantly, it's the organic response of the people to cruz's positive message. >> see how that works in new york state. if you look at the polls right now, so far, it hasn't caught on. in new york state, late fox news poll, 54% for trump. 22%, kasich, 15% believe in your man's optimistic message so far
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and as we heard from john roberts, the delegate math in new york is tricky. it's not winner take all as it has been in other states. what's your guy's plan in the empire state? >> new york is donald trump's home turf. his home state. we whap lopped trump in texas. senator cruz expects we will win some delegates in new york and we're working to earn every delegate we can get. if donald trump doesn't come in over 50%, it's another sign of his campaign being in trouble. >> what specific message are you guys targeting in some key congressional districts. some say it's really 27 different primaries. where's your focus? >> it's the same message across new york, but across the country. senator cruz has a positive, upli uplifting -- sound money, free market economics. and a strong foreign policy. and particularly in new york, where you see unbelievely high tax rate, i used to live there
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and go to college there. i eventually left -- to d.c. where taxes are so low. >> senator cruz has said we're born free, fighting hard for the hard working men and women of this country including new york, more freedom, more security. >> i want to get you to respond to donald trump's editorial in "the wall street journal." saying mr. cruz has -- the country bragging about the victory in colorado. he does deal that this morning on fox and friends talking about ted cruz raising money from
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lobby iists and from other dono and from parts of the rnc, traditional places you get money and i saw your man yesterday on cnbc, he said we'll take money from anyone. when you hear something like that come out of a candidate's mouth, doesn't it give a little credence to donald trump's attacks, if you are raising money from the establishment, you're bought and paid for by the establishment? >> no one has ever been able to buy him. i would challenge anyone to show me a shred of legislation that he's ever supported that favored wall street. so, my point is is this. if you look at it, ted cruz wasn't born with silver spoon in his mouth. didn't get $200 million from his father. at the end of the day, his father came here washing dishes for 50 cents an hour. ted cruz has earned everything he's gotten. he has to do everything he can and the good news is that the voters have spoken. why? because we have the most
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significant ground game, we have the most significant fund raising from average americans. people who are giving five, 10, $15 per donation. we have almost 2 million donatio donations. >> we appreciate you coming in. we'll see you soon, sir. >> liz? >> on the democratic side of the race, new york's hall of delegates could be a game changer. either solidifying clinton's lead or narrowing the gap for sanders, but only one candidate in the empire state today. brian is live in new york with a look at where the candidates are on the trail. >> bernie sanders will be in brooklyn tonight with al sharpton. after his quick trip to the
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vatican, where we know he met with pope francis for about five minutes at the pope's residency this morning. the meet sg a bit of a surprise considering a senior official told our ed henry that a papal meeting was unlikely because the pope wanted to stay out of the election. sanders was invited to speak at a conference. sanders thanked the pope for pushing a so-called moral world economy. amy kellogg asked vermont senator if the pope endorse d him. >> no. absolutely not. that was this was, my presence here is nonpolitical. he did seeing him up close was a wonderful experience. he's a beautiful man. radiates love and was an honor to speak with him for a while. >> meantime, dozens of sanders protesters gathered outside a san francisco residence where hillary clinton was hosting the first of two big fund-raisers last night.
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she raised $2 million at that fund-raiser where two seats cost $353,000. now, the fund-raiser taking place the same day sanders released his full 2014 federal tax return. the tax return shows that sanders and his wife reported an income of $205,000 and $8,000 in donations to charity. now, new york's primary is this tuesday. where 247 delegates are up for grabs. sand ers leased an ad in new yok attacking wall street who shower politicses with big campaign contributions while clinton relouised a new ad saying she helped start a public school for african-american young men in the bronx. clinton continues to do well with the young voters. >> we're talking it serious. we're organizing. i don't think that people dislike bernie sanders. people don't know him in the bronx and new york and latino
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communities. they know hillary. >> now, clinton continues to f a lead over sanders in full show. she is leading by double digits in h new york. now, more momentum winning seven of the last eight contests be enough to propel sanders to a big upset we will all see on tuesday, april 19th. >> reporting live, thank you so much. going into the new york primary, hillary clinton leads the democratic race with 1761 tell gattis with 469 being superdelegates who can change their vote. bernie sanders has 1,073 delegate, just 31 of those are those superdelegates. the fight for delegates in tuesday's new york primary is intense with candidates still battle, but this race isn't just pitting candidate against candidate, it's pitting new york voters in the city versus upstate.
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>> i think it's more fair to say there's a number, maybe two dozen, micro primaries. can you explain some of the int intrakwasis to our viewers? >> you're not just talking about one statewide primary. you're talk k about districts where all these races will be fought out on both sides. the republican map as previously discussed is very interesting. especially down state in new york city. where as upstate, the district contends to sprawl. especially when you're talking about what's known as the north country. the adirondacks, so, you've got very big rural centers, but
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you've also got population centers such as of course buffalo, syracuse, rochester and here in what's known as the capital region. that's why you've seen so many of the republican candidates as well as hillary clinton and bernie sanders holding rallies up here over the course of eight days. we have all five candidates coming to town for town hall, oral rallies. on one day, trump and sanders had huge rallies and kasich, a rally at a local high school. new york usual i doesn't matter. >> that's why if you love primary politics, this is the election year for you. you can get really an unbelievable story. i've got to ask about how voters are reaking to this onslaught of candidates. new york hasn't necessarily been in the spotlight, but when i
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read some work, he says new york voters are less moved by culture war issues. so what do you want to hear from candidates and how can they be one over? >> i think that is the issues in new york right now are really pocketbook issues. on the democratic side, you're hearing a lot of talk, we certainly heard it in the brooklyn debate about the $15 minimum wage, the path to a $15 minimum wage was just approved in the state budget. that only happened about three weeks ago, so that's a very hot issue on the democratic side. especially among what you might call progressives and even more progressives. on the republican side, there's certainly a lot of talk about exports. a lot about trade policy. and a lot about upstate, what you're going to do to bring manufacture iing back. the manufacturing base of upstate has really been racked by globalism.
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that plays right into the hands of especially donald trump. who is you know, talked about the bad trade deals, bernie sanders has used that rhetoric as well. that's resognating, certainly. there are kind of localized issues on the democratic side. you're hearing a lot about hydro fracking. sanders and clinton have jousted over that. new york state banned hydro fracking effectively about two and a half years ago, but it still remains an issue. it's something business groups want to see. they believe it could be you know, the salvation of upstate. where as on the left, you see environmentalists who are dead set against it in sort of a partial way. >> i sure wish we could take to you longer. we're up against a hard break, but it's really, really interest ing, thank you so much for joining us and bringing us your expertise. zpl thanks.
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>> and programming reminders, it has to be fox news for the only place for compete coverage of the new york primary. election headquarters will be live on tuesday. chris wallace has an -- that's tomorrow, check your listings for time and channel. >> overseas in the fight against isis, ash carter is at a base in abu dhabi checking up on fighter pilots and aircraft carrying out air strikes in syria and iraq. he said that in syria and iraq is the terror groups quote tumor and it needs to be destroyed. he said the air base there is part of a system of deterrence encountering iran's influence in the region as well. two days after a deadly earthquake hit southern japan, a dashboard camera captures the exact moment a second quake hits the region.
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dozens are dead. hundreds are injured. the latest on the search for survives after the break. warplanes buzzing by a us navy ship adding more strain to washington's already tense relationship with moscow. how will our next president handle putin? we'll look at all of the candidate's national security plans with our analyst. and lawmakers on capitol hill after blowing a budget deadline. an embarrassment, but maybe not a surprise. we'll have a report just ahead. i believe that the budget process overall needs to be overhauled to relimit government and bring more transparency and accountability to the way we spend taxpayer dollars. period.
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rescuers in japan are racing against the clock as they search for survivors trapped in rubble after two powerful earthquakes hit the southwest region just days apart. officials say at least 41 people are dead and thousands are injured. many roads are buckleded and homes destroyed. the 7.3 quake hit the kumamoto
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region early this morning. the same area was also hit by a 6.5 mag nigh tud quake thursday night. the first quake trapped an 8-month-old baby when his family's house collapsed. this dramatic rescue video shows rescue workers pulling the baby girl from the rubble without injuries. the rest of the family managed to escape. later in the show, we'll have a live report from japan. seems like deja vu, takes the helm, promising to end political end fighting. paul ryan became house speaker last year, many thought that would change. derek is here to tell us what got in the way of what we hoped would be new ways of doing business in washington. it appears the honeymoon's over
9:26 am
for paul ryan and they're as quid divide as they were six mo ago. the house fail td to meet its friday deadline for approving the budget and many conservatives still -- a deal struck last year between president obama and john boehner which set next year's federal spending at just over a trillion dollars. hard lirns oppose the additional spending that deal set out. sources say as a result, there weren't enough votes. ryan said that agreement which was supposed to clean the barn for the next speaker is actually hurting them from making additional progress now. >> part of the success is is the fact that -- that is taken pressure off the budget situation. and that's one of the challenges. >> in reality, the budget which
9:27 am
in recent years, but that isn't stopping democrats from using the dysfunction within the gop trying to score a few political points. >> the republicans, the ryan budget that severe, that destructive to working family, doesn't go far enough for republicans, that's why there is no budget. for the deadline. >> now, the house could still pass a budget down the road, but even without it, they'll still be able to vote on spending bills after may 15th. >> no budget, but spending money. >> all right. see how it turns out. thank you very much. coming up next hour, we're going to speak with one of the lawmakers who has been turning up the heat on speaker ryan's leadership. freshman congressman, dave bratt of virginia joins us. and donald trump has taken the stage in syracuse. we're monitoring it for developments and we'll bring it to you live. and still ahead, rising tensions
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on the high seas. russian fighter jets playing a dangerous game with u.s. warships. how will the next president deal with vladimir putin's muscle flexing? and why the least popular state in the u.s. home today to some very important people in the race for the white house. mike i manuel is in wyoming with a latest. hi, mike. >> 14 republican delegates and 14 alternates are on the line today and one of the republican candidates made the trip here. i'm mike emanuel. a live report coming up.
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