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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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wow! >> crunch time for the presidential candidates fighting for the hearts and minds of new york voters ahead of tuesday's primary. donald trump and john kasich hit the campaign trail hard in the state, while ted cruz looks west. he just finished speaking at the gop convention as we look live at casper, wyoming. and bernie sanders taking a divine turn, meeting with none other than pope francis at the vatican, while hillary clinton looks to hollywood's biggest stars to shine on per campaign. and in japan, a desperate race against the clock as rescuers search for survivors after two devastating earthquakes.
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brand-new hour. thanks for staying with us. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. for the first time in a long time, the new york state primary matters, and for almost two weeks now, the presidential candidates have been doing anything they can to prove just how much they harp new york. two guys don't have to prove it, they just do. basel smiker, and john burnett for the new york gop. gentlemen, nice to have you with us. >> good to be here. thank you. >> good to be here, thank you. >> ted cruz thursday night in new york, big gop dinner. take a listen. >> god bless the great state of new york. i am thrilled to be here with so many friends, so many patriots, some lovers of liberty. i will admit to you, i haven't
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built any buildings in new york city. but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. >> our john roberts was at that dinner. he wrote this. at least half the audience isn't paying any attention to him. they're eating and talking. for many it's like he's not even here. john, are folks in new york just so enamored with donald trump, their favorite son, it doesn't matter who else is on the ballot? >> you know, i give a lot of credit to senator cruz. he's making his way all around the city. he even went to the bronx. didn't go so well there. however, he stayed on the campaign trail. and actually, i hosted him at the marriott in brooklyn with about 30 voters, talking about key issues in the urban community. let me say, he did extremely well. >> you think about that, baselel. as we think about how new york is broken down in the gop. we'll get to the democrats in a minute. many say it's 27 individual
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primaries. so this ted cruz theory where if he talks to 30 voters, is there a chance he walks away with some of those 95 delegates? >> well, i definitely think there is a chance. but i just chuckle, because he's here talking about new york in such a loving way. but he has not built any buildings, but he's clearly not built any bridges either to try to mend any fences that new york values comment a couple weeks ago. so he did go to the bronx, which is my hometown. and they gave him a great bronx reception there. so i think he'll pick up one or two. but the truth is, i don't think he gets a lot of traction in the empire state. >> all right. we'll see who gets traction on the democratic side. take a listen to this clip from the democratic debate a couple nights ago. >> i have supported the fight for 15. i am proud to have the endorsement the of most of the unions that have led the fight for 15. >> i am sure a lot of people are
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very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> no, wait a minute, wait a minute. wait, wait. come on. i have stood on the debate stage -- >> hello? >> you're both screaming at each other. the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. >> basil, still leading in the new york poll. is it that people actively pick her over bernie sanders, or do folks in new york and the bronx, like you talk about, just not know bernie sanders? >> well, i definitely think there is a hometown impact here. she represented the senate from new york, from the state of new york. she has -- she's been campaigning over the last couple weeks. you've seen her talk about not just what she would do as president, but be able to say i was your senator, this is what i did for you. i need -- i was supportive of you then, i need your support now. so i think there's a hometown aspect to it. despite the fact that bernie
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sanders was born in the bronx, raised in the bronx -- i'm sorry, in brooklyn. he -- the bronx people would never mistake the brooklyn people and vice versa. despite his brooklyn connection, i think that hillary clinton has been able to say i was with you then, i need you to be with me now. and that is going to carry a tremendous amount of weight. >> john, last word, about 30 seconds. >> well, it's clear that hillary clinton has a home court advantage. however, bernie sanders is trying his best to disrupt things. in fact, on my way over to the studio, i saw several people in campaign t-shirts, buttons, trying to get out the vote. and is speaking about getting out the vote, i think bernie sanders is trying to make every opportunity to capitalize on the verizon strike in new york city, where 40,000 workers balked a great deal -- union bosses balked a great deal. and are in bed with bernie sanders. and i -- i think the best way to describe it is the best get out the vote campaign for bernie sanders.
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>> we're video now of bernie sanders on the picket line out with the verizon voters earlier, the verizon strikers, talking to them almost as soon as that strike began. all right, john, basil, appreciate it. i know you have a lot of work coming up the next couple days. talk to you soon. >> thank you. programming reminders now. as we head into new york. it has to be fox news for your only complete coverage of the new york primary on tuesday. america's election headquarters is live all day with the battle for new york. and fox news chris wallace has an exclusive interview with donald trump's embattled campaign manager, corey lewandowski, recently cleared of charges. that's tomorrow. you can check your local listings for time and channel. ted cruz is showing he's mastered the delegate game as he campaigns out west. his rivals hitting the campaign trail in new york today. just three days until the state's primary with 95 delegates at stake.
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donald trump is counting on a home state win to mark the end of a bumpy period in his campaign. a trump rally in syracuse is just wrapping up. and that's where we find john roberts with the very latest on the gop race for the nomination. hi, john. >> reporter: elizabeth, good afternoon to you in a rou cause rally. it's about creating momentum. i think it's fair to say he hasn't had the most stellar three weeks of the campaign. his campaign would agree with that. losses in wisconsin, losses in colorado. looks like he's going to get shut out in wyoming, as well. he's trying to turn around the narrative with the big win here in new york state. don't forget, a week after the tuesday voting here on the 26th, five states vote in their primaries and that includes connecticut, pennsylvania, rhode island, delaware. these with big states that donald trump really wants to do well in. he's hoping if he gets a big
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head of steam from a win here in new york, he can run the table in the next five states. and set himself up well for the remainder of the primary process. at the same time, though, he continues to complain, and he was talking about it again today, the delegate process, saying the system is rigged, the party bosses are picking the delegates, not the voters. earlier today on fox and friends, our ed henry asked donald trump, if you're so upset about the republican system, why don't you run as an independent? here's trump. >> rather do it as a republican. i am a republican. i'd rather clean up the system so that for the future, we can have a much fairer system. it should be a system where the people vote. they're being disenfranchised. the people have been disenfranchised from this whole process. and i think that's one of the reasons i have such big grounds. >> reporter: it looks like donald trump is going to run away with new york on tuesday. ohio governor john kasich is making a play for a few delegates here and there. he's been campaigning in and around the new york city area, both in the city and around great neck, long island. hoping that if he can keep
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donald trump below the 50% threshold, in a few of these congressional districts, he can pick up a delegate. of course, the knock on john kasich is that, hey, he's not a real t what he's done in the state of ohio. john kasich today insisting he is a conservative, but that he's his own man. listen to kasich. >> the republican party is what i'm a member of, but the republican party has been my vehicle, and never my master. nobody in the party or anywhere else tries to tell me what to do. >> reporter: and ted cruz is not expected to do well in new york at all on tuesday. he's running well back in third place in the polls. polling sort of in the mid teens. was actually in wyoming today, because he feels he can pick up a lot of delegates there. they are -- there are 14 remaining delegates. cruz spoke a short time ago. he's the only candidate with a full slate of delegates in wyoming. so hoping today to be able to come out and say, i beat donald trump again. i think it's likely that's going
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to happen. elizabeth? >> all right, john roberts, thank you for the wrap. we appreciate it. bernie sanders says he steered clear of talking u.s. politics with pope francis while he visited the vatican yesterday. for a speech. but he did not steer clear of politics talking with our own amy kellogg, she is live in rome with more. amy? >> reporter: leland, well, bernie sanders certainly picked up that meeting with pope francis. he is a big francis fan. pope francis, on the other hand, was careful to play it down, and he said earlier this afternoon that he was not intending to get into politics at all in this encounter. he said that bernie sanders was waiting for him in the lobby of the guest house. they were both staying in as pope francis headed off for the greek island of lesbos at 6:00 this morning. so it was a friendly meeting. that trip to lesbos, though, leland, highly emotional. the pope saying that he went
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there to be with the thousands of refugees to show them they're not alone. and, in fact, leland, he brought a dozen of them back with him to rome. they're going to be guests of the vatican. 12 syrian refugees, all of whom lost their homes in bombings. six adults and six children. now, he traveled to lesbos, which has been completely overwhelmed with refugees. the most recent arrivals are going to be sent back to turkey, as part of a new eu deal. he praised greece for all it has done for the refugees, saying that here in the cradle of civilization, the heart of humanity, continues to beat. here was the pope earlier today. >> translator: this is a message i want to leave with you today. do not lose hope. the greatest gift we can offer one another is love. a merciful look. a readiness to listen and understand. a word of encouragement. a prayer. may you share this gift with one another.
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>> reporter: the pope traveled with a heavy heart, he said, keeping in mind all those refugees who perished at sea. those who didn't even manage to get to sleep under a tent. we caught up with democratic presidential hopeful, bernie sanders, who managed to meet the pope before francis took off for greece this morning, as i mentioned. and he said he agrees with the pontiff's message of solidarity. >> we have an obligation. and i know there are some people in the united states who say, no, let's build a wall. let's not welcome any of them into the united states. this is a global crisis. not just the united states. europe, the united states, the gulf region itself has got to help out people now in absolute desperation. >> reporter: so as pope francis was on his way to the greek island of lesbos, senator sanders ended his trip here in rome by saying that we, everybody, has a moral responsibility to all of these refugees.
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leland. >> and now sanders is on his way back to the united states, and on the campaign trail. amy kellogg, live in rome. thanks, amy. i accepted the speakership. i did so on the condition that i would do things differently than they had been done in the past. we will not duck the tough issues. we will take them head-on. >> well, that optimism dimmed a bit this week when republican controlled house failed to meet yesterday's deadline to pass a budget prior to going on recess. demanding bigger cuts, exposing some familiar rifts between gop leaders and the rank and file. virginia congressman dave ratt, a member of the house freedom caucus joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> before we get into the minutia of exactly what happened yesterday, i want to ask a broad question. you're a republican. republican-led house,
10:14 am
republican-led senate. how do you explain to the men and women at home, the people who elected you into office that you cannot -- could not come to terms with a budget yesterday. >> yeah, well, it's hard to explain. d.c. is at its same old thing. the last four months, it was crucial we pass a budget and do reconciliation. and pressure was put on all of us. and so the speaker has been on a listening tour for four months. we have given him 30 to 40 -- >> when you say a listening tour, what do you mean by that? >> he's been doing a good job getting out to folks. there's this higher number, 1070 and low number, 1040. neither of them have the votes. so we gave the speaker 30 to 40 ways to get to yes. my goal is obviously to do a budget. we need to do one. we're at $30 trillion in debt in ten years. $100 trillion unfunded liabilities. the american people are demanding we move in the down -- we're not doing cuts, right? we're increasing the deficit by $105 billion this year to $540
10:15 am
billion. >> and you say you have a plan, if i'm not mistaken, to balance the budget within ten years, the plan you laid out. >> yeah. as a committee. but there's some, you know, rosie scenarios. getting rid of obamacare, for example. that's hard to do. and the ten-year window we've been promising for three or four years. this year is the one you need to look at. increasing the deficit by $105 billion to 540 did his billion. a half trillion and the deficit goes to $1 trillion. >> i want to move on. we could continue to talk about that. i want to know why there is not a huge sense of urgency. we're hearing a lot from viewers and concerned folks at home, especially when we hear from the cdc with new warnings about the zika virus, and an opportunity for you to allocate funding to help combat the virus since there is so little we know about it. what do you say to folks at home who are fearful of that virus, perhaps expecting mothers or families across this nation?
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>> yeah. the first thing i encourage people to do is learn everything they can about it. go to cdc, their web page. they have all of the information sitting right there. where the disease is, the means of contagion, et cetera. zero cases spread within the internal 50 states. and so that's kind of the good piece for right now. but that can change by the moment. and in economics, this is the perfect case of a public good and there's a strong federal role in theory and in practice. to solve this. because -- >> yeah, why be caught flat-footed? what if the virus does take off? the cdc is certainly not making people feeling at ease right now. >> yeah, well, i think that's the problem with the federal government. when you do everything under the sun -- look at some of the studies the cdc is running and we're funding at the federal level, and then put that in a priority with this and go and explain that to the american people. there's some silly programs out there.
10:17 am
and so you're caught flat-footed when you're not nimble. and the federal government is not known for being nimble. when you have $100 trillion in unfunded liability, like we noted in the past. we're giving puerto rico council on how to set up a control board. we need a control board to manage the debt in our own country and get our house in order. >> my last question, and we only have about 30 seconds. i want to get your reaction to the news this week that the district, which operates differently from other states in the nation, they go through you for funding the city, if you will. they have announced they're going to be really a self -- an entity, funding themselves. they're not going to be going through the federal government. what is your reaction to that? >> well, i mean, it's just a little -- a little bit cynical. i don't know exactly what they mean by that. the metro has been in the news over the past weeks. but, you know, everyone wants to say that we're independent until something goes wrong. right? and until they need a back stop.
10:18 am
and i'm sure when things go wrong, the u.s. taxpayers are going to be on the backstop for any failure. it's one thing to puff your chest and talk strong. at the end of the day, i find that claim a little incredible. >> all right. congressman dave brat, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you bet. thanks for having me on. still to come, international space station is getting, shall we say, a renovation. a face-lift. coming up, nasa's newest room with a view. old faithful gathering in wyoming to have their say in the gop presidential campaign. we'll go back to casper, as we look live to some folks sitting around, getting under way. and another frightening night in japan as another earthquake hits this one, clocking in at a magnitude 7.
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under mounting pressure, democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders, made good on his pledge, and released his full 2014 tax return. thursday's debate, sanders claimed he was one of the poor members of the united states senate. kristin fisher had been digging through tax returns, a very exciting saturday morning for you. well, is he one of the poorer members of his colleagues? >> he is.
10:23 am
and, you know, income inequality has been one of the signature issues of bernie sanders' campaign. so it was especially fortunate for him to release his tax returns. and here's what we found in friday's release. in 2014, sanders had a taxable income of just over $205,000. and he donated about $8,000 to charity. so that almost puts him in the top 5% of american earners. but sanders' income seems pretty minuscule when compared to hillary clinton. in 2014, the clintons had a taxable income of $28 million, and donated more than $3 million to charity. clinton is a big part of the reason sanders had to release his tax returns and even then only released his 2014 tax returns. so far clinton is the only major presidential candidate who released several years of full tax returns. it's a point she made sure to drive home at thursday's debate. >> i have released 30 years of tax returns. and i think every candidate, including senator sanders and donald trump should do the same. >> i don't want to get anybody
10:24 am
very excited. they are very boring tax returns. no big money from speeches. no major investments. unfortunately -- unfortunately, i remain one of the poorer members of the united states senate. >> so this puts the democratic candidates ahead of the republican rivals, at least in terms of tax transparency. so far, trump has refused to release any of his tax returns, citing an on going audit by the i irs. cruz ask kasich released a little more information but only partial returns. we still know very little about the republican candidates' perm finances, things like net worth, tax maneuvers and charitable donations. so when it comes to just kind of the historical significance and putting this into perspective for you, since 1976, every major party presidential nominee has released their full tax returns. so this is not some kind of abnormal request in the middle
10:25 am
of a election year that has been anything but normal. >> anything but normal for sure. kristen fisher, thanks so much. >> sure. the race against time in japan. aftershocks continue to shake the southern part of the country as emergency crews work to rescue survivors following two powerful earthquakes. at least 41 people are reportedly dead. hundreds more are injured. we go live now to global radio news reporter, james sims, with more information on the ground there. thank you so much for joining us. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi. yes, the additional earthquake was actually a 6.5 on thursday evening. and they actually raised -- there was another earthquake which was a 7.3. and so they said the main earthquake was actually the 7.3. and at this point, they're about over 40 dead. some coming after the major earthquake, the 7.3 that came in recent hours. as well as about a 90,000 people have been vac evacuated or
10:26 am
thrown out of their home. the government has raised the number of for example military forces they're sending. it was originally a couple thousand. they raised that to 20,000, and the number of fire and police officials that have been dispatched has also doubled i think to about 6,000. >> so we are obviously watching a search and rescue effort under way. are there fears that there could be more earthquakes coming, perhaps? >> reporter: yes. actually, this earthquake has been i guess very unusual in several instances. the number of aftershocks that have occurred, as well as the -- i think the wide area where they have had epicenters for earthquakes. there have been three different epicenters for the series of earthquakes. and usually when there are such large-scale earthquakes, there will be aftershocks for weeks, months and maybe even years. and there is also some concern these earthquakes could also trigger volcanic activity as volcanic activity and quakes also a lot of times go together.
10:27 am
>> right. james sims, thank you so much for joining us. certainly as more news develops, we'll go to you. thank you very much. >> reporter: okay, thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have gotten pretty tough on each other on the campaign trail, and in their debate. but how tough do they plan to be on isis and other nations? we'll take a look at their foreign policy platforms. coming up. and in wyoming, the state convention picking delegates that could set the stage for another war of words among the presidential candidates. our mike emanuel live at a very exciting republican convention in casper, wyoming. >> reporter: well, leland, wyoming republicans are selecting 14 delegates who will represent them at the rnc convention in cleveland this summer. voting under way right now. i'm mike emanuel. a live report, coming up.
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. in a traditionally conservative state with a fight for delegates brewing nationwide, you might expect all the gop presidential candidates to campaign hard for support. not the case. today, wyoming is holding its republican convention and the only candidate there is ted cruz. our mike emanuel is there, as well, in casper, wyoming. and joins us live. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, leland. yeah, candidates and their campaigns have to make choices about where they're going to invest time and energy. as you imagine, texas senator ted cruz made the trip out here to wyoming, and personally appealed for support at the wyoming state gop convention a short time ago. >> we're in all likelihood going to have a battle in cleveland to determine who the nominee is. i want to ask each and every one of you, if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee. if you don't want to hand the general election to hillary clinton, which is what a trump nomination does, then i ask you
10:33 am
to please support the men and women on this slate. >> reporter: the wyoming republican convention is selecting 14 delegates and 14 alternates to the summer's rnc convention in cleveland. voting is under way right now. on fox and friends this morning, donald trump explained why he did not make the trip to casper. >> i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to colorado, knowing the system is rigged. i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to wyoming, many months before to wine and dine and to essentially pay off all these people, because a lot of it is a payoff. you understand that. the whole thing is a big payoff. has nothing to do with democracy. >> reporter: ted cruz has serious organization on the ground here in wyoming. donald trump has six people on the ballot who say they are supporting him. but the bottom line is, the kasich campaign is pretty invisible. trump did not make the trip. ted cruz making the trip out here, feeling like wyoming is territory for him to pick up
10:34 am
more delegates. leland? >> with results. mike emanuel live in casper. thanks, mike. new in syria, talked about a no-fly zone. which the president certainly does not support. nor do i support. because a., it will cost an enormous sum of money. second of all, it runs the risk of getting us sucked into perpetual warfare in that region. assad is another brutal murdering dictator right now, our fight is to destroy isis first. and to get rid of assad, second. >> yes, when i was secretary of state, i did urge, along with the department of defense and the cia, that we seek out, vet and train and arm syrian opposition figures so they could defend themselves against assad. and yes, i to still support a no-fly zone. because i think we need to put in safe havens for those poor
10:35 am
syrians who are fleeing, both assad and isis. >> taking the driver seat, both potential democratic candidates explaining what they would do as commander in chief. former secretary of state hillary clinton says her experience with the obama administration makes her the best candidate. not only when it comes to isis, but also when it comes to negotiating with russian. this despite her 2009 gaffe with the misspelled photo button. vladimir putin during and after clinton's time as america's top diplomat. bernie sanders repeatedly pointing to the fact he voted to not go into the iraq war and his proposal for a coalition will destroy the terror network, isis, without putting the u.s. in a perpetual state of war. we heard him say that. let's bring in pulitzer prize winning reporter, judith miller, here to break down both candidates' proposals. thank you for joining us, judith. >> hi. thank you. i want to start with hillary
10:36 am
clinton. we heard her on the debate stage thursday night, really nothing new. we already know she supports a no-fly zone. no boots on the ground in syria. what is your reaction to all of her foreign policy proposals? >> look, i think in general, just much more interventionist than bernie sanders would be. and she certainly is more interventionist than the man whom she served as president. and that is president obama was much more hesitant to do the kinds of things that hillary clinton would want to do, which is arm the syrian rebels, as she said, establish no-fly zones which now the russians have kind of done for us. she is a pragmatist, but she is more hawkish. than either bernie sanders or president obama. >> and you talk about -- like you said, bernie sanders not being as much an interventionist. but he has repeatedly said, and i've watched him be pressed on the issue of creating a coalition of muslim nations.
10:37 am
but that also does include the u.s. but that coalition could take a long time to form, and during that time, the enemy is not just going to sit back and wait. so what are his flaws in his foreign policy plan? >> look, we have a 66-member coalition that is, quote, being led by the united states, but actually isn't very aggressive. that's the problem. our coalition against isis and bernie sanders' talk about isis being the most barbaric terrorist group in the world is just talk. i mean, yes, under president obama, we have had a great many more than 5,000 air assaults on isis. but most military people say you cannot take out isis without boots on the ground. and that is something that bernie sanders has said absolutely flatley. he will not do. he wants the arabs to do it and the iranians, by the way, not
10:38 am
even seeming to understand that saudi arabia, that is the arab part of the coalition and iran, are dire enemies. so without the united states leading a coalition and knocking heads together, nothing is going to happen. europe will continue to be under pressure from all the refugees flowing in. and american foreign policy, at least against isis, will be staud. >> okay. i want to move forward to a second topic both have said they would handle. i want to go back to hillary clinton and how she would handle russia. she had said to folks who have asked her, she wants to send a clear message to putin that his behavior is not tolerated. what does that look like? because we've been hearing leaders of our country now tell the russian president that his behavior is not tolerated. so how will she be able to be a harder line, have a harder line relationship with him? >> i think if you look at her record in general, she's just always been tougher and more skeptical than the president has
10:39 am
been. vis-a-vis russia. it's true, she had the great reset button gaffe, where they mistranslated the word "reset" into russian. the problem is hillary clinton is willing to negotiate with people, as long as they're negotiating in good faith. i think the people around hillary clinton are now saying, look, putin is a bully. he's going to see how far he can push us. and until he gets some push back, they're going to continue pushing. i think bernie sanders, a man, by the way, who honeymooned in the former soviet union, is much, much less aggressive, much less interested in foreign policy. bernie sanders is more interested in fighting economic elites than he is fighting isis or standing up to the russians. that's just the facts on the ground. >> what would that -- what would that relationship look like? president vladimir putin and a possible president bernie sanders, especially on the heels of making the comment that
10:40 am
vladimir putin is a bully? >> well, look, i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think bernie sanders is going to get the nomination. i think that hillary clinton, unless something happens on the legal front or, you know, something we're not anticipating is likely to be the nominee. i think you just have to understand that she would be far tougher, and far more combative, vis-a-vis the soviet -- russia. this week, this past week, we had russian planes buzz an american warship. i mean, at the moment, the president sent john kerry out to say this is unacceptable and we're very unhappy and we have sent a message. i think in a clinton presidency, that message would come from hillary clinton herself. >> very interesting. judith miller, thank you so much for joining us with your insight. very interesting. thanks. >> thank you. coming up, five major candidates, two party nominees, one american president. our political panel joins us to sit through the latest poll
10:41 am
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listen to republican candidates on the stump, and they will all talk about beating hillary clinton come november. but according to the latest fox news polls on election day 2016, only john kasich beats hillary clinton, as you can tell on your screen there. she beats both cruz and trump. and in some cases by healthy margins. bernie sanders beating out all three potential republican candidates. fox news contributor, angela mcglowan and doug wickler,, joins us now. angela, what does it say out of six possible match-ups the republicans only win one by a guy currently in third place, a
10:46 am
distant third race in the primary fight? >> i always said kasich is a dark horse and we need to watch him. the thing is this, leefld leland, i worked with him on capitol hill and he helped balance the budget and i was there with the contract with america. he is a proven leader. i'm not surprised that kasich is ahead of trump and cruz now. as an eternity and for election day, the jury is still out. >> ben accide, as you guys look these polls from a democratic perspective, would you rather run against trump or cruz than run against someone like john kasich? >> i mean, far be it for me to choose the republican nominee. i would say it's clear that vision and values trump viciousness, if you will. trump and cruz have dug their own political grave. maybe not in the primary electorate, but with the general public, someone like bernie sanders, raising the minimum wage, expanding social security, the ideas selling to the public,
10:47 am
a pretty -- terrific ride. >> i think with kasich, trump, i think they both would do well. anybody would be better than hillary. hillary's challenge, i think, in this process against trump, or kasich, or cruz, the black vote -- i'm not saying blacks will come out and vote for trump or cruz, but might just stay at home. she loses millennials and independents to trump. >> if you look at the primary electorate, there is a contest across the demographics, and sanders is expanding coalition. won 7 out of the last 8 contests. going into the general, trump or cruz, these are people that unite democrats. these are people that no one wants near the nuclear launch codes, no one wants to put them in charge of the national security apparatus or deciding what happens -- >> does hillary unite republicans? >> i mean, historically, that's definitely been a force. i think what we're seeing in this election, there just aren't
10:48 am
enough republicans being united by hillary to come close to the number of -- >> we're not looking at the new voters, though. we're not looking at new voters, younger voters. trump brings folks out, and you've had new people registered to vote for this man. >> brought folks out in the primary. but to your point, what he does in the general. take a look at the polling, is someone likeable enough to serve effectively as president. not necessarily the most poignant question, but important one. to your point, ben, bernie sanders, 71% yes. donald trump all the way down 41% yes against 57 no. significantly under water in that. as you get to a general election, does this week more of a likability contest among swing voters than does in issues oriented contest among primary voters? >> for some voters, politics isn't a popularity contest, it's a popularity war. it ends up being, you know, is this someone i would like to be in my house on my television every day for the next of the rest four or eight years. there is definitely that. but also, if you actually speak
10:49 am
to the aspirations of people. if you say you're not going to have enough money to retire on, we need to expand social security, your kids can't afford to go to college, we need free public college tuition -- people think about their own lives. >> last word. >> swing voters, they're like independent, and results oriented. i don't think it's going to be anything about popularity or likability. when they go in to vote, they think about who is going to solve my problem. >> and we will see which version of problem-solving comes out to play. if any of those match-ups come true. thanks, guys. >> thanks so much. >> see you soon. coming up, in the line of fire, literally. it wasn't cops on the beat who got ambushed this time, but firefighters just checking on a neighbor. we're going to have details on those killed. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
10:50 am
they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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the zoo in west palm beach, florida remains closed this weekend following the death of a beloved keeper known as the tiger whisperer. 30ear-old stacy is seen in this video earlier. she was prepping inside the
10:54 am
tiger house for her daily tiger talk when she was bitten. she died about an hour later at a local hospital. a zoo officials says the 13-year-old male tiger was tranquilized after the attack and is now recovering. they say the public was never in any danger. the zookeeper's husband is also a zookeeper at the zoo. fox news alert as a mission of mercy turns tragic after this maryland firefighter was shot while trying to conduct a welfare check. the fallen hero is a 13-year department veteran. he died after that gunshot. happened last night in a washington, d.c. suburb. first responders were called to a house to look in on a resident. what they call a welfare check. when there was no response, firefighters and police decided to force their way in. according to authorities, that's when the person inside opened fire. >> we lost another one of our brave firefighters doing what they do every day. these men and women put their
10:55 am
lives on the line and unfortunately tonight we lost one of them. >> another volunteer firefighter was seriously wounded. the person who called for help was also shot. the alleged shooter is now in police custody. they say he is cooperating and they say he is cooperating and with that, we'll be right back. ♪ they say he is cooperating and with that, we'll be right back. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel, so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. and you're talking to yourevere rheumatorheumatologistike me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective.
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10:58 am
nasa astronauts today putting finishing touches on the
10:59 am
newest addition to the international space station, an inflatable room. a bounce house this is not. it is an inflatable expandable habitat. it will be a few weeks before it grows big enough for the astronauts to enter. they'll use it for experiments for the next two years. check out this guy. he was quite literally -- not nice to laugh at fat dogs. he was the big dog in the neighborhood. he was called fat vincent and with good reason. he tipped the scales at 38 pounds. just look at him now, down to a svelte 16 pounds. he's got a new nickname around town -- skinny vinnie. his foster mom says vinnie's calorie crisis was likely the result of a nice, but misguided owner. >> we think it was fast food probably. but of course, a lot of times when elderly people are getting
11:00 am
sick, this is the only way they can show love to their dogs anymore is with food. >> the weight loss secret, pay attention. lots of swimming, exercise and a better diet. can you just imagine vinnie sitting there and going all of a sudden, where's my cheeseburger? >> on that note -- >> see yeah. receeal-estate crisis. lives were destroyed from coast to coast as the economy tanked. now, well, it's a different story. the american dream is back. and nowhere is that more clear than the sunshine state of florida. so we headed from the strip to the beach to show you how to live the american dream. i'm gonna meet real people who are facing serious problems, take you behind the gates of properties you have to see to believe and give you the tips that everyone needs to navigate the new landscape. because information is power. and the property man has got you covered. [ woman vocalizing ]


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