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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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or being with us. unfortunately that's all the time we have left with us this evening. mr. trump, thank you so much. pittsburgh we love you. thank you for coming out. we'll see you back in new york tomorrow night. right now on "justice," the last push in the big apple as the candidates try to topple the front runners for a slew of new york delegates. >> trump all the way. >> plus i take to the streets of the big city to find out who new yorkers will cast ballots for this tuesday. tonight, street justice in the city that never sleeps. >> trump. >> why are you making me run like this? >> breaking tonight, ted cruz sweeps all in wyoming and now it's on to new york tuesday for all the candidates. hello and welcome to "justice,"
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i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. my open. if there's anything the last several democratic primaryies have shown us is that there's a real chance hillary clinton will not win in november. that she will not win the election. that she will not be the first female president. now, why would i say this? the most ominous sign is that hillary's loseing to a 74-year-old socialist. he's beat her in the last seven straight primaryies. and these bernie beatings are taking a toll. the guy comes out of nowhere. well he was in congress for 29 years. but have you ever heard of him? don't get me wrong, bernie's a lovely guy. if you're into socialism. he's a 74-year-old grandfather who gives a great speech and no
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doubt believes exactly what he's say say ing saying. in stark contrast is hillary, who will say or do anything to get elected, including throwing her own husband under the bus. more on that later. now, can she win the democratic nomination? given the influence of the superdelegates and the rigged system where party elites are sworn to her before their state even vote yes! but can she win the presidency? i don't think so. example. this week's new york primary debate in brooklyn. what words come to find when americans hear the name hillary clinton? dis dishonest, untrustworthy, liar. so and to the socialist? to hit her where it hurts. the bernie beat down begins. hillary, why would you take money from wall street and the big banks when you say they need to be cru help the little man?
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why would your campaign take ten tens of millions of dollars from super pacs when you're supposedly against them? and, hillary, why would you take contributions from big oil lobbyists when you're supposedly in favor of green energy? why would you personally pocket outrageous sums of money for speeches on wall street? by the way, whatever happened to the first amendment, you know that thing about free speech? and what exactly, hillary, did you say in those wall street speeches that only you can release for which you made hundreds of thousands of dollars? now, the socialist and moderator say, give us the transcripts, hillary. just to be clear, you have the transcript transcripts, hillary, unless of course you deleted them along with your yoga schedule in that pesky e-mail cover-up thing. now, when she repeatedly was
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asked to release what she said behind those doors, the pivot, then she ignores the question then she changes the subject, then occupant of nowhere -- then out of nowhere says well make bernie release his tax returns. hillary, nobody cares about his tax returns. within 24 hours he releases them. don't expect those hillary speech transcripts any time soon folks. her next pivot is i will release those wall street transcripts when everyone else does in both party parties. that's like saying i will disclose my offshore accounts when everyone else does except no one else has an offshore account or i'll take you for a rind my rolls when everyone else does except no one else has a rolls. what's with this one? i'll release them when everyone in both partyies releases their paid speeches.
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hillary, first of all, worry about yourself and your own primary. you already know bernie hasn't give an paid speech to wall street wall street would never ask him to give a speech and they certainly wouldn't offer to pay him to give one. hell i doubt the socialist ever got paid for any speech. at least he's true to the first amendment, you know the free speech thing. hillary says we should just trust her and rest assured she is fighting for us when she say says quote, i stood up to them. and when pressed how, bernie responded with this. >> secretary clinton called them out, oh, my goodness. they must have been really crushed by this. and was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giveing speaking engagements? they must have been very very
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upset by what you did. >> hillary, really? you stood up to them? what did you do? not one person has gone to jail as a result of the corruption and fraud that has put us into an economic recession. folks, ask yourselves why is it that wall street also recovers but the middle class doesn't? hillary, why didn't you use your influence connections and power to get the feds to investigate the pervasive fraud and the know knowing bundling of subprime mortgage mortgages? you know how to get the feds involved. you've done it before. you talk about pay inequity between men and women. it took the socialist to remind us you supported the trade agreements across millions -- that cost millions of americans jobs and millions of dollars. it took the social list to call out the left wing media that exports destroy jobs and imports
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destroy them. you worry about equity between men and women. how about you start worry egg about millions of americans out of work with no pay and no check and others who work two and three jobs to put food on the table because they lost their manufacturing jobs in pittsburgh and buffalo because of your trade agreements. to top it off, hillary, you actually apologized for using the term super predator because some including the social social istist and black lives matter say it's a raceist term. so you say you regret using the term? mind telling me why that's a problem urban gang members dealing in drugs and killing in their own neighborhoods black on black crime? isn't that worthy of recognition? aren't black citizens deserveing of the legal protection and you're sorry criminals went to jail? you should be more the families and victims in that community who buryied their loved
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ones including their children but, no not you hillary. you'd rather throw your own husband under the bus for that crime bill that you supported. >> well look i -- i supported the crime bill. my husband has apologized. he was the president who actually signed it. >> your husband was the one who actually signed it. hillary, not only is that excuse weak it shows your moral core is even weaker. that's my opening statement. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter, #judge twitter, #judgejeanine and the big apple is the big battleground on tuesday, so we're going to talk about the primary for both partyies starting with the republicans. joining me now is an old friend tom dougherty of the firm
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mercury and he worked with governor pataki. how are you? great to see you. all right. we've got this primary in new york. there's all this talk. i want you to explain to it the viewers. all right. 95 delegates. now, it's not whoever wins gets all the delegates. explain. >> there are 95 delegates. there are 81 delegates split amongst 27 congressional districts. you have two races in a way. 14 at large delegates will be divided. if anybody breaks 50% they will get all 14 of those delegates. right now, donald trump is the only one in reasonable shot of breaking the 50%. those are 14. if you get less than 50%, let's say donald gets 48%, whoever finishes second as longs as they get over 20%, they would get one-third of those 14 delegates. >> back up. now, you're sayings in every
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congressional district there is basically a race 27 races in new york. >> there are 27 plus a big race actually 28 races. a race for superdelegates or alternate delegates. >> those are the 14? >> the 14. in each congressional district there's the same process. three delegates in each district. if you get over 50% in a congressional district you win all three delegates. if you get less than 50%, 48 again, say trump gets 48 and kasich gets 23 and cruz 19. kasich would get one delegate and trump at the two delegates. >> there are some other states like this right, tom? >> c and other states proportion proportioned by congressional districts. we're not the only one.
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california. >> how dueo you steal this congressional district. if i'm donald trump, what am i going to do? if i'm ted cruz. >> polling is important. in cases like let's say the 13th and 15th congressional districts in new york there are only 15 to 19,000 republicans in those districts. the last primary we had in new york we had about 17% turnout when paladino ran against rick lazio, 17%. in those districts you only have 15 to 19,000 republicans, a couple thousand republicans could steal your -- could steal a congressional district for you and you could pick up either one or three delegates. kasich and cruz recognize they can't get to the 50. the goal in new york for them is how do we stop trump from getting to 1237. if trump doesn't get all 95 in new york and only gets 75 that's 20 less delegates he would have at the national
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convention. that's their game plan. if you're running a smart campaign you look at a place like brooklyn a ted cruz seeing his numbers are good and the trump people recognize. they feel 24 delegates are at risk for them in new york. if they were to lose 24 delegates in new york in a state he could do very well. is it 48% or 54? 54 is a big deal because then he takes 14% of the other delegates. that's a very important thing for him. >> explain to me this brooklyn thing. you're using brooklyn as an example. is he going door-to-door in brooklyn there's so few republicans? >> it's easy in new york city not easy for new york republicans there are so few they are spread out. easier if you're a democrat you go to a community houseing center you knock on every door and hit a democrat. the family value, if you're a
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republican in new york cruz got criticized for family values however, they feel the liberal pressure on them. if you're a republican in brooklyn they're going, he's right, i don't like the quality of life. >> what are the chances are donald wins all 95? >> none. >> really? >> i think that's stretching. i think there are pockets in rochester, syracuse albany places in the city could be your old friend senator roy goodman in manhattan, there'll be places a cruz vote getting 95 will be very difficult. my guess is somewhere between 75 and 80. >> will he make the 1237? i got go. >> no. >> no? >> no. >> okay. tom dougherty. so good to see you. say hi to your mother. convention chaos, later, i'll talk to the republican rules committee about what could go
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down in cleveland when a gop nominates a candidate and public strategist here to talk about hillary clinton's chances for a big win in the big apple on tuesday. >> who are you voteing for? >> i don't know. >> yes you do. you don't want to tell me. >> you don't have to yell at me. i don't know. >> hey, this is new york and i want answers. i hear it from new yorkers themselves about donald trump, hillary clinton and the new york primary primaries. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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let's talk about the democrats. can bernie sanders shock hillary clinton in a state that elected her senator? with me irs larry. all right. how competitive is the race in new york? >> i would say it's competitive. hillary clinton is the clear favorite. she's expected to win, though the margin is in dispute. we'll have to wait and see. i think she'll win. >> there is a lot of delegates, what is it 287 or something crazy like that? >> it's 247 delegates plus 44
6:19 pm
superdelegates. has the that's where hillary has a biggierge automatically, almost all of them are for her. a big edge. >> talk about taking our right to vote we don't even vote and she's in. is the system -- let's talk about the delegates. is the system more weighted to the delegates. you have trump bringing in people who never voted before and bernie sanders bringing them in by the buckets, young people millennial millennials. their vote is not equal in the sense right off the whatbat, the delegates are weighted heavier than they are because they're not registered and not superdelegates. >> consider this. this is really interesting. 15%, 1-5, 15% of the entire convention delegate pool is superdelegates. hillary clinton is going to get 90 to 95% of those
6:20 pm
superdelegates. right away sanders is behind massive massively. there's almost no way to catch up. in pledged delegates, probably hillary clinton will bin but she's not going to win by that much nationally. she'll have an edge but a small one. it's superdelegates that will make it look like she has a large majority. >> she's the favorite. what about the fact these superdelegates they can change their mind right? >> they can, but they're very very unlikely to. these are elected members of the senate party elite. house members. bill clinton is a new york superdelegate. i think we know how he's going to vote. >> what about the fact you have all these people who are now swing swinging. some people are swinging. what does it take to swing a
6:21 pm
delegate? what do you do? offer them a drink or bottle of wine? is that corruption? >> there's a about what you can really offer a delegate. having dinner with a candidate, that's not a problem. flying them to bermuda for a weekend to get a call from the candidate, no i think that's very questionable. whether it could be prosecuted you're a better judge of that. i would argue, if it became public it would be very damaging to a candidate at least in the general election even if the primary was already decided. >> very quickly, bernie's won seven of the last primaryies straight. is any saying gee, this guy has a lot of votes. nobody cares? >> they are saying that. here's the key consideration, not so much the nomination what all these bernie sanders delegates and there will be hundreds and hundreds of them in philadelphia. what are they going to do?
6:22 pm
will they accept hillary clinton as a legitimate nominee or not? will they demand bernie be put on the ticket. >> yep. fascinate fascinating, larry, always great to have you with us. thanks for joining me. joining me now is democratic strategist steven. all right. you're a hillary supporter. let's assume as larry said he has a crystal ball most of the time that hillary wins all these people larry -- larry -- bernie sanders brought in they're really at each other's throats. because bernie and hillary are at each other's throats i would think the millennials and hillary supporters are, do they stay home or say enough they vote for hillary? >> i think they do the latter. we had a precedence in 2008 an
6:23 pm
extremely contentious election between boarack obama and hillary. and you had a very unified convention in 2008 where her supporters became his support supporters. that's what will happen here particularly with mel len yells and young voters. they're not republican voters. if they're supporting bernie sanders, they're not republican voters. >> probably not. i know they're anti-establish. this is like a reality show this whole campaign. anti-establish anti-establishment. you have these young people who haven't voted at all and hillary pivot volleying so far left. >> i think it's made her a better candidate in the primary, she's better when she's fighting than when she's being regal. >> right. >> two, his saying over and over
6:24 pm
again she is too moderate on not increasing taxes enough for or not nationalizing healthcare or not breaking up the big banks almost helps her in a general, moderates her for the general election audience. >> what is all of this about the wall street transcripts? it's becomeing more of a drumbeat. why won't she release them? >> i don't know the answer. i agree she ought to release the transcript transcripts. >> doesn't it tell you she's afraid? >> not really. >> why wouldn't she release them? >> this has happened over and over again with lots of different things. she to some degree think there's a double standard for her and then for everybody else and tougher on her. >> if she's willing -- >> therefore, everybody should have to release them but she ought to release them. >> bernie sanders doesn't have any paid speeches. >> but the republican challenge challengers do.
6:25 pm
>> she's not in the republican primary, really hillary, mind your own business. if she is willing to throw her own husband under the bus for the omnibus crime bill in 1994 why wouldn't she release the speeches she got 800,000$800,000. >> i agree. >> you agree with me kind of? >> i agree ultimately she will release sneetches and should release the speeches. >> did bernie go to rome because he's not going to win new york? >> i think bernie went to rome because he had an invitation to go. >> who invited him? >> he invited himself. he's already moving to california. the reality is she's likely to win new york the demographics she won before and elected twice overwhelming overwhelmingly. >> not to mention the superdelegates at the rigged convention. >> she's ahead by 215 in pledged delegates twice as much as barack obama was against her in
6:26 pm
2008. >> right. she is doing well in new york. pennsylvania's primary is the week after new york. will she need to fight as hard in pennsylvania as she did in new york? >> i think she needs to fight hard everywhere. it's a very good campaign anti-establish kind of year but she is winning those big states ginl general except for michigan and he has won smaller states that match up with his demographics. >> don't you believe this is a guy who came out of nowhere. >> they all are. >> he's never been a nobody donald trump never been a nobody. >> that's right but nobody expected him to be the republican nominee. >> thank you so much for being with us. enjoyed having you. i hit the streets of new york just days before the primary in tonight's street justice. they're here and the political panel is taking all of this in and ready to talk hillary and
6:27 pm
donald and all the candidates in a the socialists and their chances for winning new york on tuesday. ♪ take on the unexpected. the new 2016 nissan altima. built to stand out.
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when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. good evening. live from america's headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. prisoners were released from gitmo as part of the president's efforts to close the prison. the men were sent to saudi arabia and there are only 90 remaining and 26 expected to be sent to another country by the end of the summer. pope francis has taken 12 syrian refugees back to italy with him after the pope visited the greek island to lessbos to witness the crisis first hand. a recent deal made with the eu
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could force thousands of refugee refugees back to nearby turkey. i'm jackie ibanez. now, back to justice with judge jeanine jeanine. for all your headlines, log onto all eyes on the big apple tuesday for that critical new york primary. we feature experts from both sides of the aisle. mary ann marsh and former speaker for the house of representative representatives, will. i will get right to it tonight. so much for getting right to it. now, what about the fact we're hearing that, you know it seems that new york is already hillary's, that she's going to win it. but according to a poll clinton is at 48% nationally and sanders is at 46% nationally.
6:33 pm
so, will, what say you? >> i think it shows that the socialist wing of the democratic party is a little bit bigger than everybody thought it was a few months ago. i know bernie sanders has been hanging out in rome today and yesterday because he probably knows he will lose in new york. candidly i think hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. bernie sanders has taken this race a little longer than people thought. >> little. she said she would have it done in february. >> yeah. i think he surprised a lot of people. the reason the surprise has been there's a lot more social socialists in the democratic party than anybody anticipated. we always suspected it but now we know for sure. >> what do you think of the fact now you have hillary almost in a tie nationally with a socialist? >> national polls don't matter right now. >> they don't? >> the fact you win these nomination nominations. they don't, even general election matchup polls don't
6:34 pm
matter. what matters is the state by state polls. what's interesting to me about the new york primary i think you have seen a preview of the general election look how donald trump has campaigned in new york and hillary clinton against hillary and bernie sanders could look a lot like dltlike donald trump and hillary clinton debate. it shows what could happen in november. voters don't focus on this race in an individual state and they wait until you have a national party and why the general elections do not matter right now. >> what about the fact that hillary is pivoting left because she's in this things with sanders and apologizeing for the word super predators. does that hurt her or to her base does it not matter? >> i think it has hurt her. she has pivoted less. bernie has taken this raceway
6:35 pm
longer than any else anticipated and dragged her further left than any wanted her to go. the biggest problem she faces, she's under investigation for the e-mail scandal. we don't know what will come from that. if i was her team i would be more worried about that. >> if anything -- i will let you answer that hillary clinton makes like there's nothing wrong. when the president has signaled not once not twice, but three times tells me it's a done deal. >> i think the president said in his interview last week with chris wallace mistakes were made he was right. there were errors of omission not co-mission. i don't expect anything else to come out, the smart and right thing to do is let the facts go where they go and no more leaks and see where the facts go and see where everything ends up. i think that's the right thing to do. let the campaign go on and investigation go on and let's see who wins in new york and
6:36 pm
what the investigation is. >> will why is say kick still-- kasich still in this? is he a spoiler? >> i think he is a nice guy. i think everybody wants to see ted cruz and donald trump, i think he's spoiler and no way he will be a nominee. he's done a fine job as governor of ohio. he's truly a poilespoiler candidate and making it hard for ted cruz. if donald trump wins and i'm not a fan of his, but if he does it's because he stayed in this race. >> john kasich says the people supporting trump and cruz are going to the dark side. who are you? nobody noticed you on the stage. what do you think is going on with kasich in this race. he has no past. i don't know he has any money.
6:37 pm
>> exactly, he's a spoiler. cruz can't catch trump and kasich certainly can't catch trump. he win ohio that's it. they're both trying to stop trump from getting to 1237. the fact is donald trump can get to 1237. and the bigger the fulcrum comes out of new york the more likely he wins that in new york. don't understood estimate donald trump's ability to wrap that up in the last days of the process. >> what about california looking forward june 7th, a big one. >> i agree the focus is trying to stop donald trump from getting to 1237. i don't think he will get there. i don't think he will get the 1237. interesting california is the big state hanging out there the very end of this process. this is going to the convention. it will be close. any's ball game between ted cruz
6:38 pm
and donald trump and it will be a coin flip. anybody who tells you they know what will happen isn't telling the truth. it's a new era. >> let's assume it goes to convention who wins? >> paul ryan. >> paul ryan. he said this week forget it. >> i'd love for it to be paul ryan but i think it will probably be ted cruz. if i had to guess today, if he's close, within 100 or 150 delegates and go to second and third and fourth ballot. >> what about ted cruz against hillary clinton? >> i'd love to run against ted cruz i know that playbook bring him. >> it's donald trump you don't want hillary clinton to run against, correct? >> it's a tough race. >> thank you. up next i'm talking with a member of the republican rules committee what to expect at any national convention plus --
6:39 pm
>> who are you voteing for? >> probably trump. >> yes. why? >> i don't know because he's crazy. >> new yorkers sound off to me about who they're voteing for in he primary. st. justice still ahead. ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too.
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the republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phony deal. that system is set up so that the crooked politicians can make sure they get somebody in that's not, you know, part of what we're doing. this is a movement folks. i'm self-funding my campaign they hate it. >> charges of a rigged system. talk of a brokered convention. one thing is for sure this
6:44 pm
year's gop convention in cleveland will be a memorable one, with a lot of skin flavorcenarios in play. joining me to talk about onesome of them is randy evans, a member of the rnc rules committee. >> thank you for having me. >> there is a rules committee meeting in cleveland a week before the convention where you can change the rules. >> where the rules can be recommended be changed. remember only the floor of the convention itself can change the rules. there will be a convention rules committee meeting a week before the convention begins to recommend rules for the delegates on the floor of the convention to adopt during the first two days of the convention. >> let's talk about the delegates. look next week in pennsylvania for example, donald trump could win the popular vote but he may not get the majority of delegates because only 17 of the state's 71 delegates are awarded to the top vote get 'er and the
6:45 pm
other 54 vote for who the state tells them to vote for, that's you guys. >> well know they have 54 unbound delegates. that's why i said earlier in the week if donald trump got to around 1100 the could kolb together the other 137 out of the 200 unbound delegates floating around looking to be on the winning team. >> those 200 unbound looking to be on the winning team how do you get them on your team? not like they don't know the issues or candidates. >> i have a whole generation of insiders looking at the possibility of an outsider being in the white house. you see you can help put him over the finish line. what would you do if you wanted to stay as an insider? you'd be jumping on the bandwagon. i think that's what will happen. we saw it in 1976 and with president obama. as you get closer to that threshold to winning more and
6:46 pm
more people will jump on the bandwagon. >> i assume some of you guys the week before the convention are already talking about what you recommend to go to the floor of the convention. it's not like you're going to get there a week before and say, gee, i was thinking about this. you're communicateing and talking to each other. what is the movement and what they want to change? >> i think the consensus is make no changes. we're in the middle of the ballgame ballgame don't play the rules in this inning of the game. we played seven innings with the same set of rules. >> they didn't do that in 2012 with mitt romney and ron paul. >> right. you had a presumptive nominee there who had voteing vol ofe inging control of the floor convention. as the presumptive nominee you can set whatever rules you want. governor romney wanted to make sure nobody else got a name in nomination and nobody else could
6:47 pm
get votes. he put his people in and they put in these pretty archaic rules we now live under. >> we all know donald trump is not an insider and the insiders are more weighted for the insider insiders. so going to the convention the chances are more likely than not if donald does not get 1237 people will say, great, on the first vote second vote whoever it is who's bound or not bound, what will they do sue the delegate if they don't vote for whoever they are supposed to vote for. you can fix this. >> for many it's a criminal misdemeanor if you don't vote for who your primary wants you to vote. >> how many have you seen? >> i think you underestimate it. i think if neither candidate
6:48 pm
gets to 1,000, we're looking at a wide open convention anything can happen. if it's over 1100 the bandwagon effect will push trump over the top. i think you could see deals cut, a situation, nominee go to a state chairman and say, you have 166 delegates sitting out there, wouldn't your senator like to be my running mate? running mates make a big difference and they can deliver delegates, too. there will be plenty of deal making going on if we're in that critical window of 1,000 to 1100 candidates to any one candidate. >> it's the swing states that will matter there. thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. i would add one other thing. >> quickly. >> if hillary spent as much time protecting classified information as she does the wall street transcripts, she wouldn't have a server problem. >> well said. >> thank you.
6:49 pm
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. all right, we have been talking all night about the new york primary, the candidates the pundits, the pollsters, now, it's time to hear from some real
6:53 pm
new yorkers, here is tonight's street justice, straight from a busy manhattan construction site site. >> yo hi are you voting on tuesday? >> this tuesday? >> are you voting in the new york primary? >> i am voting for trump. >> do you think he is going to win? >> i think he is going to win, good for the unions, too,. >> trump. >> bernie sanders. >> why? >> because i think he is more in tune to what expressly the labor needs. >> trump has made jobs, bernie sanders hads not had a job. >> he didn't call you a mexican, puerto ricans don't come here
6:54 pm
illegally, they're americans, he wasn't talking about you, get over it. >> you're right. >> who are you voting for? >> probably trump. >> yes, why? >> i don't know because he is crazy -- >> for bernie? >> you know he represents what i'm looking for in a president, donald doesn't represent anything i'm looking for in a president. >> trump, cruz john kasich your girlfriend hillary, or bernie sanders, the socialist. >> i don't know i don't know. >> yes you do. >> i don't. >> you don't want to tell me. >> you don't have to yell at me i don't know. >> my wife's name is jeanine judge. >> no, it isn't. >> yes, it is. >> that is why he is yelling at me his wife's name is jeanine. >> i wouldn't say i'm fed up but i trust him more.
6:55 pm
>> who are you voting for on tuesday? >> donald trump. >> why? >> because i think he is the right guy for the job. >> okay why is everybody afraid to talk to me here? >> i don't know we have a lot of liberals here. >> bernie sanders has been in congress for 29 years, what has he done for you in 29 years? >> i mean this political history, you have to go back you had him fighting for segregation, what was hillary doing? >> she represents new york. >> so does bernie sanders, bernie sanders sounds like new york. >> she has passion, i'm going for her. >> do you think she has passion for bill? >> i don't know about that but for america. >> who do you want to be president? >> you get screwed no matter who. >> we'll be right back
6:56 pm
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