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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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will be here. we're excited. set your dvrs. see you tomorrow. thanks for watching. ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome for donald trump. [applause] [applause]
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>> wow. is this crowd incredible? [chanting] >> wow. >> good to see you, how are you? >> very good, thank you. >> you have to be happy. new york is next in the last two polls, you are at 60 and 61 percent. >> right. >> and when i look at state of pennsylvania. you are up there considerably there as well. right here as well. you are now over the 50 percent mark in connecticut and up to 48 percent in maryland and 20 point lead there. and so, things seem to have moved in a positive p direction. >> i think so. i think it is amazing and pennsylvania is amazing. i went to school in
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pennsylvania. i think we will do fantastically. new york is incredible. we have a 40 point lead and i think we will do well. politics, who knows? >> if you look at delegate count you won 61 percent of the delegates available. you would need 57 percent of all delegates remaining unbound. and certainly within your capacity with a good showing in new york and pennsylvania; is that your hope and goal it is not a contested convention. >> i think so. i am the only one who can do that. i think so. >> i love you, too. yeah. i mean that would be what i like to do. i would like to be able to close it out. it is all we want to make america great again. and we are are going to do that.
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people say that. we seem to be doing very well in places that i thought we would do well. i won the entire south and alabama and arkansas and florida. florida was a tremendous victory. and you know, it is sort of funny. i went to south carolina and expected not to win there. we won in a land slide and new hampshire and massachusetts, and a lot of diverse states. and it is an amazing. i have had had an amazing period of time and i have gotten to know the people in this country and we have great, great people. we have amazing peep. >> a lot of talk. pittsburg went through a tough economic transition and coming out on the other side of it because of the people in this room. i want to ask you first of all about colorado in particular. you said. you felt it was rigged and
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a disgrace. reince priebus, the head of the rnc. wait a minute everybody knew what the rules other than ahead of time. why did you feel it was rigged and should you spent more time there. >> first of all, when i joined. lying ted, you are right about that. when i went into the race in june, they changed the whole thing in colorado. i would have done great in colorado and instead they had an arcane system that no one understands. my delegates went there and never trump, after it was over. somebody in the local gop. >> colorado gop did tweet out. we did it, never trump. >> it is a fix. and it is the politicians. i am funding my own campaign and they hate that.
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[applause] >> they don't like that. and what i am saying give it to the voters. they are going to have a mass demonstration in colorado where people are furious. they have taken the republicans vote away. i think it is a very sad situation. and even here, if you win, as you know i have a 20 some ought bigo lead. the bad news is you get 17 delegates. >> and you actually vote for the delegate and not donald trump in the state of pennsylvania. and the bad part and the unfair part, i tell you, if anything we'll clean it up. we have to bring the voter back into it. the bad part i could win -- i could win pennsylvania by a land
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slide. i am leading by many, many ponents and i could win pennsylvania with 17 delegate and someone is else could get 35 or 40 but they have connections in the machine and it is not right. and so what i am doing. i don't want to be complaining too much. because we are winning bigging in delegates and votes, but it is still unfair. >> do you believe when you heard john boehner say paul ryan and you can nominate anybody on the convention floor and karl rove said we need a fresh face. and romney came out with his strategy. and gop said it could be someone who could not run. paul ryan said no, it should be people running. there are people who want. >> call rove said we need
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a fresh face, he is right. we need to get rid of him. his face is terrible. i don't know if you remember. you listen to karl rove. he thinks romney won? i thought romney won. rom no choked and he did a terrible job. and he was terrible. look, look, we do need fresh id is a fresher face than me? i never done this. [applause] >> let me ask this. politic system a blood sport. it is not far the faint hearted and you get hid hit. i am concerned in the end of the process, if you look at social media. cruz people hate trump people and trump people hate cruz
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people. and my -- >> i have that feeling that name will stick. >> iam a conservative and i never want hillary. can you unite the party. >> i think we will have a great united party. we have a great divider president. believe it or not, we started off with 17 people. and meaning i had 16 people hitting me from every angle that we have seen. and we hit back most of them are gone. i will tell you, that it is a bit tough. i saw jeb bush. i didn't want to ask for his endorsement. what was the term we used, folks? low energy. i don't carry about that. but the party has to unify.
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and beat hillary very badly. if you look at ronald reagan. >> you have thought of a nickname for her. >> i have. but i will release it on one of your next shows. >> i think they want to hear it now. >> we have some good ones. >> you do have a name picked out for hillary. >> i would like to use lying but we used it for ted. i have a good name. and i have come up with pretty good names for the campaign. and we'll try it out here in about a month; is that okay? >> we'll come back in a month. and in a recent interview you named, names. you named john kasich and marco rubio and scott walker is another one and said positive things about them even though
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they were your opponents. what does that mean? how do we interpret that. >> no, i was saying they are nice people. i get along and like these people. i hit them hard and they hit me. i always counteder. but we hit them very, very hard and they disappeared. when i first did this jeb was automatically going to get it. and he was grn. and walker was going to get it and he was gone. and marco in florida. and i went. and it is all of them. it is hard to say will you endorse me after what we went through. i am not looking to do that. but i will look to unify the people. in colorado, i would love to get in that march. i hear it will be unbelievable. the voters want to take it back from politicians.
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>> you said in terms of a v. you want someone with political experience. >> i do think that. i have built a great company and had business experience. i borrowed a million and turned in into ten pillion. and some of the great assets of the world. and it is just some of the great, great assets and did youral in miami and great stuff. and you know the truth, i say it because that is the kind of thinking for a period of time and we straighten in it out. that's the kind of thinking our country needs. we have to have that. we owe $19 trillion. >> last time i interviewed you, i interviewed you with your wife and she was strong telling you, she wanted you to be presidential and stop tweeting
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late at night. you have regained your footing. you went through two weeks in the campaign. >> i didn't think it was. i have had moments when they say trump is finished and then the poll comes out and i say what happened? i didn't think it was that tough. wisconsin, i was not supposed to do well in wisconsin. it was not supposed to be my plaits place and i got 35 or 36 percent and that is a lot. and a governor with the state much closer got much, much smaller number and the entire thing was stacked. they spent millions in negative ads and the whole thing was like a big deal. and walker doesn't like me much. i got him out of the race. ly was supposed to win and throw
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weeks later it was bye-bye. >> you have given a series of serious speeches. with a teleprompter. >> serious and well written. by me and experts. i believe in policy and being smart. i was asked about nato, i never been, i am 68 years old. i said it is obsolete and everyone said that is terrible. and they say he is right. you have 28 countries so why is the united states pays 28 countries they have to start paying and they are very rich countries. [applause] >> when we come back, one of the important questions. how would a trump presidency impact the people's lives in this room. stay with us. "hannity."
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donald trump's with us for the hour as we continue from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. stay with us. p?p?h
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to mexico after violating the terms. i'm jackie anez. now back to "hannity." [ applause ] welcome back to "hannity." we are in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and we continue. for the entire hour, on the road with gop presidential candidate donald trump. [ app canned passed >> you know, i have personally so much admiration for people that i know in pittsburgh. i have friends in this audience here tonight. >> sure. [ applause ] >> and this city -- i really do. but this city with the steel
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industry has gone through an economic transformation and difficult times, and i know that this is representative of a lot of america. and i know that probably everybody here wants to hear how specifically are you going to help them so they save money and pay for college and get a new car and live in a safe house and nice neighborhood. >> so our jobs are being taken away from us like we're -- like taking candy from a baby. i use the expression, like taking candy from a baby. we have people that are incompetent running our country. we don't know what we're doing. our jobs are going to mexico. china is dumping steel all over the place. by the way, all over the world, just so you feel better. china is dumping, dumping steel. your steel mills, i see what's going on. this was the steel capital of the world, by far, nothing close. now i see what they're doing. [ applause ] >> before i came today because i'm making a speech where we have thousands and thousands of people, right after this, i said
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give me some statistics. it's unbelievable how you've lost your manufacturing jobs, you've lost your steel jobs. you look at what's happened with u.s. steel and all these great companies, these once, you know, incredible companies. and it's being taken because of devaluation, all of the devaluations. it makes it impossible, it makes it impossible for the companies to compete. we're losing our jobs. companies are moving to mexico. mexico's becoming the new china. [ boos ] >> we've got to stop it. we're going to stop it. what they're doing -- what they're doing especially in asia but especially china, you look at what they're doing with the dumping. forget the dumping, what they're doing with devaluation of their currencies is just unbelievable. and we have people that don't do anything about it because our politicians are all taken care of by lobbyists and special interests. and they're told ton do anything. not that they're stupid. they're told not to do anything. >> but i guess where the -- i guess it's a razor's edge in some ways.
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you say you'll negotiate free and fair deals. okay, say we limit imports from china, vietnam, depending on what the product happens to be. that also means american consumers will end up paying more. >> no -- >> how do you manage that? >> no because we'll have more jobs. you may pay a little more, but you'll have more jobs. people never say that. [ applause ] >> you know, these people that don't know what they're doing, you know, i'm a free trader, okay. the problem with free traders, you have to have leaders on your side that know what the hell's going on. we don't have those leaders. we have leaders who don't have a clue. you look at what's happening -- one company. i i hate to pick on them all the time. i talk about ford, i talk about nabisco, i talk about carrier air conditioner. they're moving to make. they let go of 1,400 people. wonderful people. i watched it on screen. >> when they want to bring their products pack, what do we do? >> nothing. we let them come in. no tax, no nothing. they fire everybody, move to mexico, make air conditioners and sell them across the border
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which -- it's going to be a strong border, folks. it's not going to be -- [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] >> watch this. wait. watch this -- you guys ready? who's going to pay for the wall? by the way, 100%. you know, the politicians say they'll never pay -- 100%. >> they're not going write us a check -- >> they'll pay. in one form or another. they may even write us a check by the time they see what happens. they may. [ applause ] >> i have great respect -- and the hispanics. you saw in nevada, i won the poll with the hispanics because they want jobs. i'm going to produce jobs. people here legally want jobs. let me tell you, mexico, i have good relationships. the problem is, their leaders are too smart and too cunning for our leaders.
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our leaders don't know what we're doing. and mexico, we're going to build the wall. let me tell you, without the wall, mexico could stop 90% of the problems just by being tough. they don't want to stop it -- >> how long would it take you -- >> it's to their advantage. >> how long, you're president, it's your first day in office. how long until that wall's complete? >> well, it will be -- i will say it will be complete within two years from the time we start, we'll start quickly. we'll start quickly, and it will be a real wall. it will be a real wall. [ applause ] >> but i'll tell you this -- last week, i was endorsed by 16,500 border patrol people. first time. and of course, a month ago, couple of months ago, sheriff joe arpaio who's event am noll. and he knows about -- this guy knows about the borders. sheriff joe endorsed me. 16,500 poureder patr eborder pe. they've never endorsed a
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presidential candidate before. they endorsed me. when you let them do their job and put pressure on mexico to stop what's going on, you're going to need the wall, you're going to always want the wall. it will not be nearly as necessary as it is right now. >> let me go back to the economy because this is so important. 95 million americans out of labor force, 50 million -- this is not a joke. we all know people in poverty. we all know people on food stamps. you know, it used to be, in my radio career early on, if anyone lost their job, i can get them a job. i can't get them a job anymore. the question is between trade, what else? in other words, how many jobs can we create by becoming energy independent? >> do you know how many millions of jobs have been taken out of our country? and this area's a primary -- another area where we're concerned, you look at upstate new york. it's devastation. it's devastation. that's why i go up there. we had 21,000 people in albany the other night, two nights ago. we have 6,000, 7,000 people, like a routine crowd. these people are desperate for jobs, and they want their
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businesses back. and by the way, a thing that's never mentioned, rules and regulations. they put regulations on people and businesses that make it impossible for us to compete. and you look at the people we're competing against -- they have no regulations. so we're -- [ applause ] >> do you think -- let me go back to this side. if you become president, it's your first day in office, i hate the fact that we rely on countries that hate our guts for energy, the lifeblood of our economy. >> true. >> my question is, how quickly could we be an energy-independent country? >> very quickly. i mean, we have technology today that allows us to do things. as an example, in the state, they have decimated your coal mines. they have decimated your workers. [ applause ] >> they have decimated -- and you know, you have things called clean coal. do you know what we do? first of all, the mines are almost -- they're going to be extinct, and they shouldn't be. coal is great. you know, we have 1,000 -- [ applause ]
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-- we have 1,000 -- listen to this, though. 1,000 year and probably more supply of energy for coal. and we're not allowed to use it. we send it to china, and china use its. the little that we produce now. i'm going to open it up, and we're going to have clean coal. we're going to open the mines up. in west virginia, it's devastated because of what they've done. parts of pennsylvania are devastated. >> we're the saudi arabia of natural gas. we have more than any other country. >> we have so much, but we can have that -- we should have everything. we should have everything including look, i know more about are you neeb -- more about renewables than any other person on earth. i love solar. solar's great. the problem, it's a 30-year payback. it isn't -- it's not there yesterday. somebody said, oh, it's wonderful. 32-year payback. who's going to get 32-year
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payback? it doesn't have big power. >> millions of jobs -- for example, people in this crowd, are there millions of jobs in the energy sector if we commit as a country to energy independence? would you like those jobs? >> yes. [ applause ] >> a lot more with donald trump. we're on the road in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it's
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and they set up a meeting, they said, could we come up in i >> i didn't want confusion and she was very, very nice. and okay. she really was. >> i think it was just maybe it was time or maybe she felt it was time. and by the way, i give her a lot
12:30 am
of credit for doing what she did. >> and a guy who said she was the delegate give you the terrible. [applause] >> and a lot of people have watched the republicans and the democrats have a more corrupt system. hillary and bernie would be neck in neck if not for the super delegates. if you will not give us the names, talk about p if you are the candidate for the republicans, how will you combat the clinton machine which claim you are racist and sexist. >> which is all false.
12:31 am
first of all i have to say the democrats have a terrible system. i am not a fan of bernie. he's winning, winning, winning. and then i listen to you and you say he will never win. it is run by the poll tigs and the republicans are a bit different. we talk about pennsylvania, you win in pennsylvania and 35 delegates and some of them. bosses give it out and the people's vote doesn't mean that much and it is really bad. that's why they are having massive problems. i am so happy to see it. we want to give the boat back to the people. and john, the reason they do it is because they want to keep everything in the establishment.
12:32 am
i don't think they care who wins or loses. they want to keep it in the establishment and they want massive amounts of money and power. they don't want to lose the power. go to hillary. and imagine a general election map up and you and your vp. and against hillary and the vp. >> she is a target that is easier. >> really? talk about that. >> i was very hard on some republicans. some people say to hard. i said you don't have to endorse me. and i told a couple don't endorse me. people that you would never think that want to get on to the trump train. people you wont believe and say we want to get on. it is amazing thing. and i said there's no way you
12:33 am
can endorse me. we had a great victory. >> they don't care. they say no problem. >> to me it is a problem and to them it is not. they say no problem. you will see names fairly coming out of people endorsing me that you will not believe. at the highest levels. >> hillary clinton, two-thirds of the americans believe she is dishonest and has a 55 percent unfavorable. >> you know. i really think she has a lot. >> what are her weaknesses. >> first of all i don't think she has the strength or stamina. you ever see hillary. she will go to one event and then you will not see her for a long time. she doesn't have the strength or stamina and totally controlled by special interest.
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i am not raising any money. i have wall street guys, and they want to give me tens of millions of dollars. >> you can send them my way, i will take. it >> it is not my life. i will take money for the people. >> i think you are holding to the close to the vest how hard you will hit. >> you have no idea. and if they hit back, is everything on the table. >> yeah, i don't care. to me it doesn't matter. when i won florida, there were 38000 negative ads. i had great adam scott player from australia. perfect he got the trophy, they did four negative. it was my tournament. and the world championship. and go back to the donald trump. and here is a man for marco
12:35 am
rubio. >> terrible. every time, you couldn't turn on a television that week before it was a big deal and i won. and i said there is no way to win florida with all of the negative. but we are getting ready to hand the trophy to adam scott, just made the incredible shot on the 18th hole. and he wins the tournament by one stroke and thousands and thousands of people. and now for a commercial. before, i am saying oh, no. one after number. and then all of these people from cadillac and pga, and looking at horrible. and i won it by 20 points. we are in pittsburg with gop front runner donald trump. and we'll talk about isis and all of the issues of the day straight ahead.
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[ applause ] welcome back to "hannity." we're in the steel city, pittsburgh, pennsylvania. we continue with 2016 republican i am nervous for my children and grandchildren. this cute little girl brought up the safety and security of our country , specifically canned chore safety and security of our country. specifically, y ou have said we're going to bomb the -- out of isis. >> right. [ applause ] >> do you really believe -- do you think it's going to take boots on the ground? do you think we're going to have to send guys back? do you think this is an ongoing war that's going last for generations? >> first of all, you know, i was very, very strong on people coming into this country and nobody wanted to mention it, nobody wanted to talk about it. and i was very, very strong. and you know, we're going to have to get a lot tougher, a lot
12:42 am
smarter, a lot more vigilant, otherwise we're going to have problems like we've never seen before. we used to have armies, you'd fight japan, fight germany. they had uniforms. on now we don't know who they r. we're letting thousands and thousands of people into our country. right now, they have no documentation, there's no paperwork. nobody knows who they are. they could be isis, some might be isis. we better be really kamp. the people coming into the country, sadly they're going to have to go out. we have no idea, we have no idea what we're doing. we have no idea. they're coming from syria, and -- you know, i spoke with a lot of great experts in terms of safety and borders. they say there's absolutely no idea to judge when you don't have any documents. now, isis is also now making passports. you saw this. they stole the passport machines. they're now making passports. these are very slick customers. we're going to have to knock the hell out of them. i will say this -- i will say this.
12:43 am
i don't want to put people -- we've spent probably, if you add it up, probably $5 trillion over there. in the meantime, our country is falling apart, our infrastructure's falling apartment i was against the war in iraq right from the beginning. you shouldn't have gotten out the way they got out. when you look at obama -- >> take the oil and let them pay -- >> i should take the oil. i should take the oil. i wrote about osama bin laden, i wrote about osama bin laden in a book that was published two years before the world trade center -- >> you talked about brussels ahead of time. in january. >> the "new york times," they kill me. i talked about brussels. i said five months ago, brussels is a hell hole. and "the new york times" did a major story, what right do i have to say that, and then they had the problem. i was right. >> but is bombing, do you think, going to be enough, or is it going to be a combination? is it one of those cases where america, it seems, always has to do the heavy lifting? >> yeah. let me tell you, if we had leadership, we can get other people with the boots. you have the kurds, you have people that are willing to fight.
12:44 am
but you know, we don't arm the right people. we don't give the kurds what they want. we give other people and the bullet fired in the air, they run. i have a friend whose son is there, three sessions. you know, he comes back, he said the saddest thing is when the enemy has better equipment than we have. and you know where they get it? we give it to people. we don't know who we're giving it to. a bull set fired in the air, they run. and isis or whoever takes the equipment. they now have better and more modern equipment than we do. and we're the ones who put it over there. we have to be so strong. they're chopping off heads. you know, during one of the debates, they asked the question about water boarding. they asked it to cruz. he didn't want to answer it -- [ shouting ] >> only in pittsburgh. only in pittsburgh. only -- the home of big ben, who we love, right? we love big ben. i love -- he's a friend of mine. but he's a good guy. and he's a tough cookie. we could use a little more of
12:45 am
that attitude. they talked about water boarding. and then -- he didn't want to get involved. they asked, what do you think about water boarding? i said, i think it's fine. they said, what else? i said, we can do more than that, it's good. here's -- think of this, they're chopping off heads and drowning people in big steel cages, and we can't water board, okay. that is -- that is not the secret to success that i can tell you. and one of the things we have to do -- we have to take their wealth away. >> do you think -- >> we're not taking their wealth away. we're not bombing -- we're sending leaflets down, in an hour we may be bombing your truck. please remove yourself -- we are -- we don't know what we're doing. >> do you think this is generational, or do you think we could good night real -- these are the modern-day nazis, evil in our time. >> it's very evil. >> i want to know, is this generational, or can we actually
12:46 am
win that war? >> i think you can win it, but you'll have to be very tough. you've got to be really smart. >> you're prepared to fight that to the end? >> yeah. this is not like fighting germany. this is not like fighting these countries that we were able to beat. this is 35,000 people, and they laugh at us, at our stupidity. they can't believe it. think of it, it's true. whether we bom-- when we bomb, d leaflets down, we're going to be bombing your truck. this is true, they don't want to bomb some oil because they don't want to create environmental impact. do you know that? >> we tell our military, we literally tied their hands. they have rules of engagement that they can't shoot and fire even if fired upon. >> so hillary goes in to libya, and you have the benghazi problem, you have all the things. she goes in. now, who has libya, who has it? isis has it. they have great oil. do you know what happens with the oil? we don't do anything about it, we don't create a blockade, we don't do anything. >> we've got to take a break. i don't mean to interrupt you. coming up, more with donald
12:47 am
trump. we'll get audience questions in as we continue from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. [ applause ] ♪
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jobs. you know, the biggest problem -- i have dealt with more college students than i thought possible. and incredible people that go to good colleges and do well. they come up to me and they're borrowed to the hilt and they're worried because they can't get jobs and the jobs being produced are bad jobs, our good jobs are gone. it's very unfair, i will create so many jobs kids in college are going to be so happy. we're going to bring our jobs
12:53 am
back. >> madden, the last question tonight. >> hi. >> hi, donald. as a young person, i'm concerned of the future of social security. i was wondering do you have thoughts on what will happen? >> we're going to save it. we're going to save it. >> i'm the only one that wants to do it. some people say that is not very republican of you. we're going to save it. people have been paying into their security for years and years, we're going to save social security. we're bringing our money back and we're going to save it, and medicare, okay? >> we've >> we have time for one more question, sir, yes, go ahead. >> yes, mr. trump. i have a question on the delegate situation. we have seen in this country that obviously there are other powers that help run that system and we have seen delegates have been stolen from you and other candidates that are rightfully winning them. what is your plan to, as far as going forward, to keep that from
12:54 am
happening and keep the delegates? >> the only thing that could happen is the people have to demand it, republicans and even democrats, they have to demand a fair system. it's not democracy. it's not fair, it's not right. if i come in and win pennsylvania and you find out you get a small number of delegates and some guy can steal it becauset' he's friendly with the machine, it's no good, not a good system. it has to be changed or you will lose a lot of people. you see what's happening. colorado, literally, they're rioting out there now. its a got to be changed. >>
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welcome back to "hannity". pittsburgh, did you have a good time tonight? thank you for being with us.
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unfortunately that's all the time we have leftith us this evening. mr. trump, thank you so much. pittsburgh, we love you. thank you for coming out. we'll see you back in new york tomorrow night. right now on "justice," the last push in the big apple as the candidates try to topple the front runners for a slew of new york delegates. >> trump all the way. >> plus, i take to the streets of the big city to find out who new yorkers will cast ballots for this tuesday. tonight, street justice in the city that never sleeps. >> trump. >> why are you making me run like this? >> breaking tonight, ted cruz sweeps all 14 delegates in wyoming and now it's on to new york tuesday for all the candid


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