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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 17, 2016 9:30am-11:01am PDT

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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. another voterless victory for ted cruz as he gets the support of all of wyoming's delegates in the state convention. that convention selected the 14 delegates this weekend with all of them pledging their support for the texas senator. and that of course triggered a brand-new attack about the fairness from the trump campaign. thank you for spending your day with us. good afternoon, i'm shannon bream. >> nice to be with you and you at home. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. cruz's dgts delegate haul in wyoming just like the one in
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colorado is giving donald trump new ammunition in his assault on the gop's none nation process. cruz's slugged off trump's complaints. cruz's campaign spent months painstakingly organizing in wyoming. the text senator was the only one of the presidential candidates to show up at the party's convention yesterday. in a statement, he made a subtle dig at trump saying in part, this is how elections are won in america. this is another step in our drive to win a majority of republicans to be the nominee. trump used the campaign event a short time ago in staten aloon, new york to once again say the gop system is rigged. >> it's a corrupt and crooked system. where you are allowed to take delegates -- look, nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best planes and bring them to the best resorts anywhere in the world. i can put them in the best places in the world. california -- i have something
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that blows everything away. it is a corrupt system. you are basically buying these people. >> meanwhile, john kasich who is polling second in new york ahead of their primary on tuesday had his own message for mr. trump. >> it's like saying, i made an 83 on my math test so i should get an a just because i think it's rigged that you have to make a 90 to get an a. i mean, come on. act like, you know, like you are a professional. be a pro. >> all right. those 14 wyoming delegates bring the cruz counts to 559 delegates total but there is still a gap between him and front-runner donald trump who leads with 756. and yoik is more than 400 delegates behind cruz at 144. >> he is the man behind much of donald trump's success as a presidential candidate and also behind much of his controversy. we of course are talking about corey lewandoski who we now know will not be prosecuted in florida for grabbing the arm of
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a female reporter at a campaign event back on march 8th. video of the event now playing on the screen. palm beach county officials decline late loose last week to move ahead with their case. in an exclusive interview with fox news sunday, lewandoski told chris wallace he is ready the move on. turned over my phone records to the palm beach county district attorney's office. it clearly shows i called her phone number that evening when i got back, and read about this on the bitter feed. i will be happy to have a conversation with her. but to apologize with someone i have never spoken to and frankly who i have no recollection of interacting with. this is a person i've never spoken to but i would be happy to have that conversation if we can put this whole thing behind news full interview and the new york primary coming up on fox news sunday, coming up right after our show, 2:00 p.m.
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eastern on the fox news channel. bernie sanders talks up another victory, this time capturing more delegates in colorado following that state's democratic convention on saturday. the vermont senator took 41 delegates total compared to hillary clinton's 25. but new york is really where both would rather be, at least until tuesday's all important primary. sanders will be in his home town borough of brooklyn later today. while clinton has an event in staten island. this morning the front-runner defended herself against claims by sanders. she does not fully support raising the federal minimum wage to $15. >> if the congress passes that, of course i would sign it. but, again, i just have to underscore, i think their campaign is trying to make something where there is nothing. the people who are behind the fight for $15 support me, not him. >> oh, no. she was -- she's not just being accurate on that. and that is kind the difference between the way we do politics. i'll trying to set a high bar. i'm trying to be a leader which says let's go, he ma, let's move in the direction we have to go.
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>> the sanders campaign released a new ad this weekend indirectly criticizing clinton for accepting lar lavish speaking fees from wall street banks which sanders has said oppose raising the minimum wage to $15. >> an hour. going into the new york primary on tuesday, hillary clinton leads with 1758 delegates. 469 of those are super delegates. bernie sanders has a total of 1076 delegates. just 31 of those are super delegates. >> the administration is pushing to make good on a presidential promise releasing nine more detainees from guantanamo bay. so who are these guys? where are they going? more on that story coming up. two days before the next big primary, trump is leading in the polls but kasich and cruz say they are in it to win. our plip political analyst is here to weigh in on the battle for new york. >> wait a minute, wait a minute,
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wait. >> that is not accurate. >> come on. i have stood on the debate stage -- >> well it was a brawl in brooklyn. clinton and sanders taking each other on in a raucous debate this week trying to win over voters. yeah, they gave "saturday night live" fresh material. "snl's" take after the break.
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sanders. what will help bchbds overcome his 16 point deficit in the new york polls? we have some analysts. garland, any reason to think new york is going to give up something different than what we are seeing in the polls that show a land slide for hillary clinton? >> i think there is. if we look at michigan and some of the numbers where bernie had some of the blowouts he has consistently outperformed the polls. i think that the clinton people are scared. his numbers ---est he has outperformed the polls by double digits very frequently. >> one of the reasons may be that sort of the likability factor that bernie sanders has. wall street journal had a graph showing the difference in the spread, the likable versus not likable when it come to the democratic candidates. public image, that's the republican one. the democratic one shows bernie sanders up by nine. his likability, unlikability, plus nine.
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there is the democrats. hillary clinton had, negative 24. how difficult, kevin, does it become to overcome these type of numbers especially in a place like new york where you can have an overwhelming turnout if somebody gets excited about a candidate like a bernie sanders candidate? >> she will win new york. but there is a chance he could outproduce his current polling. her unfavorability numbers are not reversible. at this point, people know who she is and they have made their decision she is not somebody they can trust. they have issues with her. everything from her wall street money to her home brewed server, to mishandling of classified information. i think the verdict is in on her. and you know, it's just whether or not they think that she is the only electable choice for them. >> garland, to that point, interesting polls shows that sanders beats all of the republican possibilities, trump, kasich and cruz as well. garland, on that point sh does
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sanders have to win in new york to really come out of there with a win or does he simply get close to hillary to change the narrative? >> i think if he wants to actually win and pledge delegates yes he has to win new york. i think he has already won philosophically. as far as what direction is party is going to go, i think it's obvious he has the momentum. but if he wants to actually get the numbers, he has to have some -- has to haven a massive upset sickly in new york. >> winning would be a massive upset. republican side. new york primary, 95 dts at stake. trump is up 54. the nearest candidate is 22, john kasich. ted cruz at the bottom with 15. kevin, to you. if trump walks away with more than 50% of the york vote, does that put this away in terms of the media narrative? or do we still have the conversation of a contested convention. >> i don't think the trajectory of the campaign has changed since wyoming -- or since wisconsin. i think he is going to go
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through a good couple of weeks here. he is going to win new york probably by a big margin but we don't know if he gets the 95 or not. he will get the majority, maybe 80, 85 or something. look, he is going to have a good couple of weeks. it's whether or not he gets california, that's 53 separate congressional district races. and he is going to have to clean up there. otherwise, we're going to a contested convention. is i think the smart money right now is that it's an open convention and it will be resolved on multiple ballots. >> i'll put the likability question to you, garland, that same poll says trump underwater negative 43 points in likability, john kasich, plus 12. if you get to a contested convention do the likability numbers matter more? >> i think it only matters after the convention depending upon who you choose. during the convention i think there will be a level of pragmatism in the groups. afterwards when you want to
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bring the party back and coales coalesce, those numbers are important. >> gar lald, kevin, appreciate it gentlemen. thanks so much. programming reminder. coming up, the battle for new york, fox news has complete coverage of tuesday's new york primary, live coverage, all day, right here, on america's election headquarters. and as we continue from washington, the persecution of christians not something just from biblical times. but it is happening right now in hot spots around the globe. bill bennett is here to talk about his new book on christianity, past, present, and of course the challenges to it. plus, iran praises military muscle while they tell the military in the west not to worry. which image to believe. that story coming up. >> translator: the islamic republic of iran's military economic and political pure is not against our neighbors and is not against countries of the muslim world. we consider the power of muslim
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iran showed off its military mite again this weekend at national military parade.
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among the hardware, a new missile system not pictured in the video. russia delivered it to iran last week. moscow was able to fulfill the contract with iran after the nuclear deal ended the international weapons suction against it. iranian president said the need is for iran's beefed up military but says israel shouldn't worry about the new military acquisition. nine gitmo dincluding three risk and one on a hunger strike for nine years are now saudi arabia's problem. the detainees were transferred out of gitmo bringing the total number of prisoners at the cuba base to just 80. president obama promised to close gitmo. one of the prisoners began the hunger strike in 2007 and as of last year weighed as little as
9:51 am
70 pounds. every day whether in the headlines or not, christians and other religious minorities are being harassed, attacked and killed in the middle east and across the world. in his new book, a history christianity by dr. bill bennett looking at persecution. the former education secretary dr. bennett joins us now. >> thank you. >> the book is so timely. it's an historical look. still in the headlines today, why did you decide to write it now? >> a friend suggested that i do it and of course the news. the headlines. we're talking about iraq, we're talking about iran. we're talking about syria. a lot of the history of the church was in that period. a lot of the most important events occurred in that area. i think to put a window up and mirror up to what's going on today, we see these guys in j p
9:52 am
jumpsuits walking down the beach with a knife in one hand and a christian in the other hand. there are things to learn both for purposes of knowing history but also for knowing faith. a father of the church says the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. this is a very interesting thing. the more you push down on these people as christians, the more you persecute them, the stronger their faith becomes and more people become christian. how does that happen? and then he asks another question. i'm interested in this one, too. what does athens have to do with jerusalem? what does reason have to do with faith? it's remarkable story. it's a story of heroism and martyrdom and sacrifice. one reads these stories and wonders how would i measure up? i'm a christian. would i stand the test and come out okay? it's a fascinating story that is
9:53 am
worth being told. i hope i've told it for a good general audience. >> you mention wondering how you would perform as a christian under the circumstances. not long ago when we saw these christians marched on the beach in what was a movie quality production by isis and again that begs the question of what others of faith, how you think you would respond when literally threatened with your life being lost and along with these stories of martyrdom, you say we can find hope. how do you think people would be encouraged by the book? >> hope is in the fact that you can't extinguish the faith. one thing about today though -- i'll put an asterisk on that. as we know, some of these very small sects have been eliminated forever. they're gone forever. this didn't happen back in the first thousand years. it's possible that when you add everything up, today's persecution is worse than even
9:54 am
the systematic persecutions of the roman empire. what you take away from this is the extraordinary power of faith and how people were transformed by it and how it changed their lives and of course is still changing lives. i think when you read the stories of these individuals, men and women, and what they went through and i sought out the scholars. i said did most people succumb and say forced with that torture, sea shells peeling off your skin and thrown in a sack with scorpions and snakes and thrown into a river, it's horrible stuff. most people did not give up their faith. how did they do that? that's a question i think that's haunted people for thousands of years. i hope we brought some residence to it in the book. >> the book is history and faith and inspirational. we wish you the best with it. thanks for coming in. >> it's a nice break from politics. we have enough of that some
9:55 am
days. >> such an important topic. >> thank you. it's the latest test of the boundary between presidential power and congress. the supreme court is ready to take up an immigration case pitting the president against 26 states led by texas. that state's attorney general joins us coming up. and, donald trump enjoying a huge lead in the polls going into the new york primary. up 54-22 in the latest poll but isn't taking anything for granted as he hits the campaign trail today. john roberts is in staten island outside his latest event. hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. donald trump holds his first press conference in weeks and says it's about the voters and not the party bosses this primary season and says he hopes there won't be violence at this summer's convention because his supporters may feel like they were not fairly represented. we'll have that story coming up.
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another round of complaints from the trump campaign after ted cruz gets another voter list victory from the wyoming gop convention. wyoming, like colorado, didn't hold a primary election and cruz was on the ground there working to get delegate support. all 14 of the selected delegates have pledged their support to the texas senator bringing another round of complaints from donald trump who says that the
10:00 am
nomination process should be about the voters and not party bosses. thanks for joining us on this sunday afternoon. i'm shannon bream. >> i'm leland vittert. brand new hour from washington. donald trump maintains his commanding lead going into the final two days before the new york primary. he's up by more than 30 points to his nearest rival, john kasich, but trump is not taking any time off the campaign trail. in fact, he's the only republican candidate making stops in the empire state today, which is where we find our own john roberts live in long island not taking any time off either. hi, john. >> not long island. staten island. one of the five boroughs of new york city where donald trump just addressed the richmond county republican party. it was amazing. here's a county republican party who were so in for donald trump
10:01 am
that they did not sit down. they were on their feet cheering and whooping for the entire time that donald trump was speaking. just before he addressed the county republican party, he held his first press conference in weeks. he's been talking at length the last few weeks about the delegate selection process after getting shutout in north dakota and shutout in colorado and shutout in wyoming by ted cruz yesterday. he said at a big rally in syracuse yesterday afternoon that unless the republican national committee does something about the delegate selection process, they could be in for a "rough july." at the press conference a short time ago, i asked him about that. here's what he said. >> it's about the voters. it's not about the bosses. i'm here to show that it's about the voters. i hope it doesn't involve violence. i hope it doesn't. i'm not suggesting that. i hope it doesn't involve violence. i don't think it will. i will say this. it's a rigged system. it's a crooked system.
10:02 am
it's a 100% crooked. >> trump making the point that if he believes that votes are being taken away from him and his supporters that they will be very, very upset come the july convention. now, the republican national committee has been responding saying, hey, these are the rules. the rules have been known for an awfully long time. donald trump is just complaining about something he shouldn't be complaining about and that his campaign should have had the where with all to know the rules. i talked to reince priebus about that. here's what he told me. >> the rules are clear. they've been put out for about 160 years. the rules are clear. it's up to the states to set the rules and they've done it. i think we need to move on from complaining about the rules i think. >> but there is some discord even within the ranks of the national republican committee where the standing committee on rules will gather along with some of the other standing
10:03 am
committees. fox news has obtained an e-mail from the chairman of the standing committee on rules saying that he believes its a breach of faith that the committee will not consider any changes to the rules. there's one rnc chairman from oregon that wants to introduce a new parliamentary procedure at this year's convention which some people think it may be easier for ted cruz and donald trump to remain the only people in this race as opposed to current rules that may allow a da dark horse candidate to rise. >> thanks, john. the winner in tuesday's new york primary could walk away with a massive haul of delegates for the convention as everyone tries to get to that magic number of 1,237. on the republican side, 95 total delegates are at stake. all but 14 of which are spread among the state's congressional district. each of those 27 individual
10:04 am
districts are worth three delegates a piece. the democratic candidates are hitting new york city boroughs today. bernie sanders will be in his home turf in brooklyn and hillary clinton travels to staten island and also in the big apple is brian ennis. >> reporter: less than 48 hours before the new york primary and both candidates hosting rallies this afternoon. sanders spent the last couple days at the vatican attended a roundtable last night in brooklyn with a few hundred african-american voters. he said we owe a debt of gratitude to the black lives matter movement. he'll have to do better with minority voters if he hopes to upset clinton in new york and clinton meantime spent the last two days in california fund-raising and holding a rally in los angeles. both candidates are continuing to trade jabs on the sunday morning talk shows following thursday's fiery debate particularly on the issue of
10:05 am
raising the minimum wage. during that debate, clinton sparked confusion when she said she would sign a bill for a $15 federal minimum wage despite the fact that she's been campaigning for 12. >> i just have to underscore that i think their campaign is trying to make something where there is nothing. the people who are behind the fight for 15 support me, not him. >> i have said at the beginning of my campaign we need to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. that's kind of the difference between the way we do politics. i'm trying to set a high bar. i'm trying to be a leader which says let's go america and move in the direction we have to go. >> meantime, clinton has been playing defense refusing to release her wall street speeches unless all candidates do so and fighting off the attack that her campaign is the embodiment of the wealthy few influencing politics. sanders protesters protested the last two nights while in california for two fund-raising
10:06 am
events bringing in over $7 million. today clooney defended the fund-raising. >> the sanders campaign when they talk about it is right. it's ridiculous we should have this kind of money in politics. we need to take the senate back because we need to confirm a supreme court justice because that vote on the supreme court can overturn citizens united and get this obscene ridiculous amount of money out so i never have to do a fund-raiser again. >> sanders is down 244 delegates after gaining six extra delegates in colorado. there are 247 delegates up for grabs in new york tuesday where polls show clinton has a double digit lead on him. shannon? >> all right, bryan. thank you very much. here's a look at what's at stake in new york. 44 delegates are the so-called superdelegates who are unpledged and free to support whomever they want regardless of the primary vote. important to note, new york is
10:07 am
not a winner take all state. those delegates will be awarded proportionately. the russian seem undeterred over complaints by the white house. just days after a russian jet flew dangerously close to the u.s. ship in the baltic city, the russians are at it again. military officials say that another jet barrel rolled within feet of a u.s. aircraft in international airspace. congressman, thank you for being here. interesting, john kerry on either thursday or friday said this was very dangerous. strong words. he said we could have shot that plane down that buzzed a u.s. navy ship. more important question, why isn't it shot down? >> well, look, i give a lot of
10:08 am
credit to the commander here. if i was a commander of that ship, i can't say i would have made the same decision. i would have felt threatened. my guess is he took the situation and saw there were no missiles on the plane and even though he could have had a loaded gun. he made the decision not to shoot. look, the russians have to understand they're playing with fire. they have an economy the size of italy. they're messing with the largest economy and largest military in the world and at some point patience is going to run out and a commander is going to feel threatened and make quick work of these aircraft like what turkey did frankly against the russian plane not that long ago. russians claim there would be consequences and there are none because they don't have consequences to give. >> you just said they have to so many repeated playing with harassments of u.s. planes whether flying nuclear bombers near u.s. territory on july 4th or what we're seeing now harassing u.s. surveillance planes, they have to think we're not playing with fire because
10:09 am
we've done it all these times and we're not getting burned yet. any reason to think the obama administration is going to change the rules of engagement here? >> i think the rules of engagement are set up clearly to defend. this is not new compared to how it was in the cold war. you had a lot of things like this. i'm not sure you had planes flying 30 feet from a naval ship, which is very dangerous. but at the end of the day, one of these, i believe, if this keeps continuing, one of these is going to escalate into shots fired and then you could escalate, frankly, into a conflict between the united states and russia that nobody wants to see but vladimir putin is flexing his muscle and part of the message here is he feels no pushback from president obama whether it's in syria, whether it's in ukraine, whether it's in the third of georgia that's occupied, he's feeling no pushback so he's very emboldened. this is time for the administration to continue to do the buildup in eastern europe as well as giving offensive weapons to the ukrainians fighting an
10:10 am
insurgency in the east. >> we haven't given offensive weapons to the ukrainians. what message do you think this send to our allies around the world if the united states is willing to let its ships be buzzed by russian fighter jets who could very easily open fire with no consequences. we're not willing to protect ourselves. does that say to nato allies and others that you're on your own? >> i think it sends a very poor message. you look at what russia is doing and spread of isis and extremism and how long it took to recognize that. you look at the chinese building fake islands in the south china sea with minimal pushback. the message is america is backing away from the world stage. we're not. we need to reengage and it's important as republicans that our front runners say things about that. when they give messages about retreat, withdraw, isolation, that sends a bad message about what the next administration could look like. we need to reengage. we need to show the world we're still in charge and that needs
10:11 am
to be done by this president. that's not the message sent. >> you can imagine a clear message would be sent if a commander decides to shoot down a russian plane that came too close. i want to get your thoughts on this. video out of iran today from the national military parade. one of the things we don't see in the video but is important, the iranians just received the s-300 anti-character missile system from russia. give us your thoughts on how this changes the balance of power in the middle east now that iran has its very sophisticated air defense system? are they now immune to any air strikes? >> they're not immune. the united states and its allies are capable of taking out any russian system. it steps up the level of danger. it obviously makes very difficult our response and our ability to put the iranians in their place. iran wants a gemini in the middle east. they're doing it in syria and doing it by supporting hezbollah. this is a big situation. again, we need more pushback.
10:12 am
this president is not doing it. iran is growing with russia's help to that point. appreciate you being on, sir. have a good sunday. >> you bet. you, too. >> all the best. shannon? two the hottest topics this election season, immigration and larger role of the presidency itself. tomorrow the u.s. supreme court will hold oral arguments as to whether president obama overstepped his constitutional authority. at issue a pair of executive orders blocking 4 million immigrants from being deported. texas is one of 26 states opposing these deferred action policies and joining us live, the state's attorney general. great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. >> the administration says these are legal actions the president has taken and he has discretion in this case. why not? >> this is not prosecutorial discretion. this is taking law and changing it to completely different situation. this is something congress passed. he made 4 million people that were here unlawfully suddenly
10:13 am
lawful and in doing that gave them social security benefits, medicare benefits, social security and other benefits that he's not authorized to do. that should have been done with a vote of congress. >> i know that part of the argument many states have is there's a financial burden that comes with this on the backs of the states. how much do you think that would factor into the argument? >> it factors in from standing that we would show we would suffer irreparable harm and we demonstrated it would have cost texas millions of dollars to issue these driver's license. it was done without a vote of congress and our legislature. that's our argument that we've suffered harm. >> we want to play a little something from senator tim kaine. he says that he's supporting what the president has done. here's a bit of what he said. >> i think that's what's going to carry the supreme court. this is not out of character with what other presidents have done but i hope there will be additional impetus along with results of the election to get us a place in congress where we
10:14 am
can do reform. >> he's talking about congress that needs to be doing reform here but you could infer from what he's saying as well that the position we heard from the administration is that congress didn't act so the president really had no choice but to do this. >> nice to say that but the constitution didn't give the president the authority to do that. this is a constitutional issue, separation of power. it's been congress that controls what legislation is passed. he has no statutory authority to make law. he has to enforce it. that's his job. >> not long ago a couple years back the court had a big decision regarding arizona passing their own immigration enforcement policies and laws there and 5-3 decision it was authored by justice kennedy often the swing vote, i want to read what he said. a principle feature of the removal system which is what's at issue here is the broad discretion exercised by immigration officials. federal officials as an initial matter must decide whether it
10:15 am
makes sense to pursue removal at all. how hard are you going to have to work to get his vote do you think in this case? >> i'm confident we will. that case stood for the proposition that it's congress that has exclusive authority to set immigration policy and the president himself for six years said he didn't have authority to change immigration law. he said i'm not the king. this is a democracy. we have a process for this. and then the day he came out with this executive action he said i just changed the law. his own words speak against what he's done. >> what does it say to you that the supreme court after accepting this case actually asked the parties to brief a question about whether the president has violated his constitutional duty to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." that's a specific request by the court. >> we were encouraged by that. that was one of our initial complaints. it was one that we introduced. we're excited that the court is going to look at that issue because we think it's
10:16 am
fundamental to our case and fundamental to continuing following of the constitution by the president. >> just to remind folks obviously, we are down a justice. if you end up with a tie case in any of these cases pending without justice scalia and that seat being filled, you revert to the lower court decision. >> they ruled in our favor. if it's a 4-4 tie, we hope for unanimous decision but if it's a 4-4 tie, we win that case. >> administration sounds confident going into it. we'll hear arguments tomorrow and we'll see you over there. >> looking forward to it. thank you. >> thanks, general. another big earthquake hit this time in ecuador. the death toll now more than 200 and it could rise as a desperate search for survivors gets under way. the latest from down south coming up. plus, colorado loves snow. used to be from there. it's great. nobody is hitting the slopes in a storm that dumped nearly two feet. shannon is really excited about
10:17 am
it. is janice dean excited as well? >> excited i don't live there. we have cold temperatures across the west and it's warming up across the east. shannon bream is doing a happy dance. we'll talk about it when "america's election headquarters" returns after the break. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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10:21 am
this is video of another massive earthquake that struck this weekend. this time in south america along ecuador's central coast. you can hear the panic from residents caught inside this supermarket. the country's vice president says 235 people in that nation are ted. hundreds more injured. the numbers are expected to rise as we get in more information. homes have crumbled. an overpass buckled. the quake was shallow in nature, which means it has increased potential for destruction. one local mayor pleading for help that his entire town has collapsed. across the pacific, the search for survivors continues in japan
10:22 am
following big earthquakes that hit thursday and yesterday across the southern part of that island nation. rescuers were combing through landslides and rubble from damaged buildings. more than 40 people were killed there and about a dozen remain missing in japan. nearly 200,000 people are homeless. back here in the u.s., millions of americans are facing some severe weather challenges as well. in colorado and other parts of the rockies, spring snowfall continues. united airlines had to cancel flights out of denver's international airport in advance of the storm but officials say that moisture will have a silver lining filling parched reservoirs and farm fields and hail and high winds in texas. the system stretches from the southern rockies to the upper mississippi valley. another concern, heavy flooding. flash flood warnings were posted for parts of nebraska down to eastern texas. janice dean is tracking it all
10:23 am
from the fox extreme weather center. there's some trouble out there. >> absolutely. this slow moving system is bringing snow to the rockies but it's also bringing flooding rainfall to areas that don't need to see anymore rain and this is really just after the last 24 hours. in some cases 4 to 6 inches of rainfall and it's not done yet. this system is kind of stuck and it has nowhere to go. we'll see continuous rainfall from texas all of the way up to the midwest and we're still going to see that snow today and tomorrow across the rockies. but look at the moisture streaming in toward dallas and wichita, kansas city, up toward eastern nebraska. this is what we're expecting over the next 24 to 48 hours. an additional 4 to 6 inches of heavy rainfall. so flash flooding is certainly imminent across central texas and that will continue up and down the central and southern plains really over the next couple of days well into
10:24 am
wednesday and there's your future radar. you can see the snow. still see the rain tuesday into wednesday and things will start to taper off. really the next couple of days we'll be watching areas like texas, oklahoma and kansas. not only for flooding but the severe threat as well for large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes not only today but monday and into tuesday as this system is not moving quickly. the forecast snowfall on top of 6 to 12 inches that we already received an additional 6 to 12 inches for the skiers. i hope the skiers love it. forecast highs, you can see where the trough is across the west. ahead of it, warmer than average temperatures and we're going to creep into the 70s this week across the eastern seaboard. for new york city, i want to back that up to show you close to 80 degrees on monday and tuesday for new york city, which is of course great news and finally people are giving me the thumb's up across the east coast with nice springtime temperatures. back to you.
10:25 am
>> i was distracted by this fascinating new book i just received. this one is about tornadoes. congratulations. it's out on the 25th, is that right? >> that is correct. i am so excited you got your advance copy. >> at least janice realizes that she forgot me. you forget me and it's, like, whatever. >> no. we're happy to have it. >> i promise. >> timing is perfect because this is a frightening situation for a lot of kids. >> thanks, shannon. thank you so much. what a pleasant surprise. >> thanks, janice. >> nice to be left out on a sunday. is it still to come, should documents classified long ago about a saudi connection to 9/11 be released? a big debate coming up. in two days, voters will cast a
10:26 am
ballot for one of five candidates left in the presidential race. will their final pitches change the polls? >> you go shopping. there's coke. >> pepsi and kasich. kasich is interesting. we're going with one of the known brands and now that the brand is getting up, it's coke, pepsi and kasich and now we have to cross the card so people know who i am. everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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10:31 am
sanders. let's talk about it with douglas smith, managing director at kent strategies and democratic commentator. alexander smith is president of the republican national committee. welcome to you both. the flip side of this poll, it's state by state that matters getting through primaries and picking up delegates is when you combine those that are the two alternatives to trump, you are at 52% who aren't picking up. >> right now it leaves it influx and we thought this might go to a contested convention. after wisconsin it looks that much more likely. we have some important contests coming up in new york. we'll see how well donald trump does there and if he can get above 50%, he has a great chance of taking home all of the delegates which would put future contests into greater importance for ted cruz to win more delegates than those. but i think right now we're just starting to see that republican voters have not quite made up
10:32 am
their minds and it's going to make the delegate selection process all that more important. >> to the likability question, he's at the bottom of the list but at the top of the list we mentioned bernie sanders. we've seen the crowds, electrified young people. he's been concentrated there. sanders at the top of the list. you drop about 20 points and you have cruz and clinton tied and then there's another drop-off to trump. can bernie sanders capitalize on that. he's been winning but the delegate math right now doesn't add up for him. >> i think that he's going to run into a serious buzz saw in new york. a lot of what people are starting to see is he's great at one liners but when you go deep, he can't answer it. same problems donald trump is facing. when you dig down a bit, the facts fall apart. i think when it comes down to it, we'll see the republicans battle it out and as a democrat,
10:33 am
i'm ecstatic for a contested election in cleveland. it will be hilarious and really fun to watch. what it will campaign down to is once people really start to focus who is ready on day one, that's what will count. until then, this is super bowl times ten of politics. i don't think anybody saw this coming. >> if they do, they need to buy lottery tickets. let's face it. i think the conventions could be very interesting this year. i want to look at head to head polls when you look at party to party and when you have head to head against hillary clinton, kasich is the only one who beats her. cruz and trump both fall behind second and third to her. sanders beats all republican nominees. he keeps making the argument because people say why are you staying in? you have no delegates. no way you can get there. his argument has always been i match up best with head to head
10:34 am
general election matchups. >> the important caveat that these are early polls and of course general election context it will look a lot different. i think what's different about john kasich's campaign is that he seems to have a very hopeful and optimistic message as any primary contest, any person is going to have to run to polar extremes in any one party to be able to appeal to a lot of primary voters in that particular party and i think that we see that a lot with donald trump and ted cruz that they really know how to play to that base. i think where john kasich is unique is that he also knows that while americans are frustrated with the way that washington has been not so much working and also the way things have been going, this is fundamentally a great country capable of many things. i think his message speaks to that which is why he's gaining traction against the other democratic candidates. as i said, it's early. i think once we do have a republican nominee, we'll be able to make that case on his
10:35 am
behalf whenever that happens. >> i want to make sure we get to the last poll with you. this one is about integrity. again, bernie sanders is at the top of the list. we know he talks a lot about corruption and money and politics and that seems to win him a lot of points. he's followed by cruz as seen as having the integrity to serve as president and followed by clinton who has had a lot of things to answer for and may not be done and then trump at the bottom there. so he's at the bottom of likability and integrity. he continues though to turn out thousands of people and will probably -- it will be a blood bath for him in new york on tuesday. >> i just think primary voters are very different than general election voters. what will be fascinating to see in new york is new york is winner take all, 50.01% but it's also congressional district by congressional district. what i look for on the trump thing out of fascination is can he win every congressional district in the state of new york and that will be truly
10:36 am
interesting. i think the challenge and where senator clinton has challenges against senator sanders, he put three bills forward in 30 years in congress. there's very little there. senator clinton, secretary clinton, in the limelight for so many years, fox, cnn, you pick a network, everyone has been digging into her for 30 years. good news for her is i don't really believe there is anything out there. everyone has seen what's out there. if you keep scratching after a while people begin to think. the challenge for mr. trump is that people are now starting to pay attention and get scared. he can't answer the simplest of questions on foreign policy. i heard him asked about a gentleman in pennsylvania who is wanted in turkey, he couldn't even answer it. a terrifying guy living in his backyard and he couldn't answer the question. >> pennsylvania is another big one coming up. we have to leave it there. thank you both. as the president gets ready for a trip to saudi arabia, a burning question resurfaces, did the saudis play any role in
10:37 am
supporting the 9/11 hijackers? general jack keen joins us on that and hundreds come to say good-bye to on oscar winning actress whose career spans decades. remembering patty duke just ahead.
10:38 am
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get accident forgiveness from allstate and keep your rates from going up just because of an accident. and it starts the day you sign up. so whether it's your car or home, let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. families of the victims from the 9/11 terror attacks have long sought answers especially from saudi arabia. specifically what role, if any, did any officials from that middle eastern nation play in supporting the hijackers? 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi natives. "the new york times" is reporting that saudi arabia is telling the obama administration and congress it will sell-off as much as $150 billion in american assets it holds if bipartisan congressional legislation is passed making federal
10:42 am
governments libel in the lawsuits from families and others. the obama administration has tried to block that rule warning of the similar danger of lawsuits filed against the u.s. >> president obama heads to saudi arabia tuesday. not only is that bill in congress but the u.s./saudi relationship is strained to say the least. now comes the push to unclassify documents that reportedly link the saudis and 9/11 hijackers. bush administration classified those papers in the name of national security. with more on the consequences, general jack keen. appreciate you being with us, sir. how big a deal are these 28 pages in the view of the saudis? >> i think certainly any adverse publicity they're going to receive they're concerned about. the report itself obviously we don't know. we don't know what's in it. all we can do is speculate and listen to the rumors that are
10:43 am
associated with it. it's likely not a bombshell report because bombshell in the sense that there's evidence that implicate the saudi government or saudi officials, that would be a bombshell. this thing has been around for 15 years and it's a congressional report. not an intelligence committee report. >> there's always been a whisper campaign against saudis and guilt by association. this official gave money to the hijackers and therefore there must be a connection to the saudi government. is it possible it's not as sinister as that but saudis wouldn't want to have to answer these questions? >> i think saudis deserve to answer any questions associated with 9/11 where there's implication. if there are allegations in the report and i suspect there probably are but not just government or saudi officials but we need to ask what happened with that information? who was investigated? what results of those investigations? were they of those investigations shutdown by government officials which is another allegation as part of the campaign?
10:44 am
>> big report in "the washington post" this morning one article saying that the saudis with help of the u.s. government covered up all of these allegations and covered up an investigation into the saudis. do you buy that or not? >> that would be a major scandal. and we're talking about now the george bush administration on the heels of 9/11 after we went into afghanistan and toppled the government that was involved in 9/11, that is the taliban government, that we didn't do anything about the saudis? that would be scandalous. >> the other big part of this is money. shannon was talking about a bill in congress that would allow victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue the saudi government and eliminate sovereign immunity for the saudi government. a change in policy for the united states. a report in "the new york times" interesting quote about these 28 pages. it's stunning to think our government would back the saudis over its own citizens.
10:45 am
mindy kleinburg, whose husband died on september 11th, does the u.s. government if they're not going to allow a lawsuit against the saudis, d at least demand answers from the saudis? >> certainly the victims of 9/11 and families and friends associated with that terrific loss and i lost a bunch in the pentagon and had 78 teammates that were killed that day. the reality is this is the business of the united states government. not the business of individual citizens. the government represents us. if there are allegations against another government as these allegations are meant to be, then the government goes after this and runs us down until we get the answers. that's got to be the way to deal with this. i think it probably has but i want to know what's in the 28 pages like everybody else. >> we only have 30 seconds left. coincidence that we're hearing
10:46 am
about this and there's a big "60 minutes" report on the 28 pages in ten days leading up to president obama's trip to saudi arabia? >> well, that's a good question. this taps into cynicism that exists in this town. i fall prey to it just like everybody else. nothing in this town happens by accident. relations with the saudis as you mentioned are at an all-time low. saudis will be on the defensive as a result of this. gives the president a little bit of leverage. was that created by the white house media folks and their relationship with cbs? i don't know. it's an interesting question. >> it's never questions that get us in trouble, only the answers as a great journalist one once said? >> video raised questions about the abortion industry and sale of fetal body parts and organs. days ago authorities in california raided his home. coming up, we'll talk exclusively with david.
10:47 am
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10:50 am
on wednesday, the house select panel on infant lives will hold a hearing into whether
10:51 am
abortion providers or those within the fetal tissue procurement industry are illegally profiting off of fetal body parts and organs. that whole issue was brought to light via undercover videos showing negotiations over the remains, capped by a year's long investigation by david daleiden. he is now the one facing legal action, including criminal charges. live exclusively, david, thanks for joining us today. >> great to be here, shannon. >> all right. i want to start in california where you live and where not long ago there was a raid on your home, not on planned parenthood or others who were portrayed in the video. and they maintain they have done nothing illegal. tell us about the raid on your home. what happened? >> yeah, what it, shannon, it's an outrageous show of an attempt to intimidate and bias on the part of the attorney general's office when the biggest violations in planned parenthood's baby parts program took place in california, the most damning video admissions that we have on tape of their top level leadership talk about
10:52 am
changing their abortion methods to get more intact body parts, talking about the profit motive of the clinics in harvesting body parts. all of that is on tape in california. yet the ag's office is refusing to investigate planned parenthood, and instead is coming after a citizen journalist like myself. >> by the way, we did reach out, our producers to planned parenthood to have them be a part of this segment or a response to some of what is going on and we have not to date heard back from them. you mentioned the attorney general in california. kamala harris is running for senate now. and some folks have pointed out the fact that on her campaign website, she has a petition for folks to sign to, quote, protect planned parenthood, quote, and the important work it does. this week there was a rally there in california calling for her resignation. do you feel that she can be objective? can you be objective about that assessment? >> well, i think at the end of the day, what all people would want to see objectively is everyone who is involved in this being treated by the same standard. and that's note what is happening. like i said, the worst
10:53 am
admissions about planned parenthood's baby parts harvesting program, the planned parenthood affiliates that have done the most work in that area over the past five years are all based out of california. stem express, which is one of the companies which has been subpoenaed by the select house panel was partnered with the biggest planned parenthood affiliate in the country, which is up in northern california for five years. and that relationship, though, is not being investigated by the attorney general's office, and yet they're coming after whistle-blowers and citizen journalists. if everybody were being held to the same standard, the situation would look different. >> let me ask you, did they take materials from your residence that are critical to what you've been working on? my understanding is you have more videos and more material to release. is that -- has that been jeopardized? >> definitely. they seized multiple hard drives, multiple laptop, all kinds of paper files, pretty much the entire -- the entire archive of project material that we had accumulated over the
10:54 am
course of several years do. >> you have any hopes, though, that maybe in seeing that raw material, maybe they will be persuaded that there is something on the other side of this that needs to be investigated that may be in violation of california law? >> i mean, i hope so. i think that anyone who takes an objective look at the material, when you look at senior level planned parenthood officials saying that the clinics have a profit motive in harvesting the body parts, saying the abortion clinics don't have to do any of the actual work of fetal tissue procurement, yet they're still getting paid on a per specimen. that's a per body part basis, all of that indicates very clearly there is a profit motive and there is illegal profiteering going on in the trade of aborted fetal tissue. i think an objective review would yield something like that. >> again, that's going to be the focus of the wednesday hearing on capitol hill which we will cover. and i quickly wanted to mention that you're facing criminal charges in texas. i know your legal team has filed a motion to have those indictments quashed based on allegations of some type of
10:55 am
improper behavior or coordination between the d.a.'s office and planned parenthood. again, we invited planned parenthood to be a part of this story. we haven't heard from them. but again, all the parties mentioned do maintain that they are innocent and have not committed any illegal activity. david, keep us up to date and we'll talk with you again soon. >> definitely, thanks, shannon. >> thank you. and we'll be right back with a final goodbye to patty duke.
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
hundreds turned out to honor
10:59 am
an tress who won acclaim on the screen. patty duke was remembered for her generous spirit and fierce advocacy after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. she was widely known as her role of helen keller. she died last week at the age of 69 of sepsis. a happier in note. a lot more than cake and balloons for a birthday party fit for a queen. queen elizabeth's ninth celebration is set to kick off in the united kingdom. the queen starts the celebration thursday with a meet and greet with some of her adoring fans before lighting the first of a thousand beacons designed to be seen across the country. that evidently is the royal version of birthday candles, and she gets a visit from president obama. they're going have lunch on friday. >> fancy. my 90th birthday is still a
11:00 am
couple years away. >> we'll have a thousand beacons for you when it happens. >> i love it. as long as there are cupcakes. >> cupcakes of your choice. that's all here in washington. "fox news sunday" is next. >> i'm shannon bream. we'll see you next sunday. thanks for watching. i'm chris wallace. two days before the next big primary, the candidates crisscross the empire state. >> god bless the great state of new york. >> i love being in brooklyn. it's great. >> throughout the world, no matter where you go, they love new york. >> today a preview of tuesday's primary with donald trump's campaign manager. >> our goal is to get 1,237 or more going into the convention. >> corey lewandowski on the controversy of michelle fields. >> this is a huge distraction for the campaign that never should have been. >> and his evolving role in the campaign. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. plus, the democrats brawl in brooklyn. >> i


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