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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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voters in this state will head to the polls on tuesday, senator ted cruz joins us for the entire hour, we have a large audience watching the show. welcome binghamton. 2016 republican presidential candidate, senator cruz, how are you? >> sean, i'm doing fantastic.
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>> i see you've got a -- >> you spend a lot of times on planes, on busses, on cars, so my count is embarrassingly low, my goal is 10,000 steps a day, but a lot of times i don't even make that much. we have a governor in new york, his name is andrew cuomo. and he -- >> boo! >> he's a popular man, a very popular guy, a very popular governor. he also talked about those conservatives who are pro life and believe in the right to bear arms and who are anti gay, i'm spot not anti gay, i'm pro
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traditional marriage. >> the phrase new york values was not my phrase, it came from donald trump, from an interview he gave a couple of years ago and he was explaining his strong support for partial birth abortion and his response was hey, i'm from new york, these are new york values not hey iowa values. so the point you just made a second ago. last week i was in the bronx and meeting withamerican pastors, including senator diaz, he brought up new york values, and he said, listen, i'm an elected democrat, and he brought up exactly what you said that cuomo said, my democratic governor, my party, told me if i'm pro life, if i believe in traditional marriage, if i believe in the second amendment, there's no place for me in new york. and those are the values we're
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fed up with, the values of liberal democrats who are at odds with liberal democrats in new york. >> i was born and raised in new york, i have a special place in my heart, we saw greatness out of the new york people, upstate help, long island, the entire country in fairness, rally around. there are so many good people here. but governing has been horrible in this state, especially in upstate new york in binghamton and other areas, they economically have been suffering for decades. >> right. >> how if you're elected president do you help them? >> and no one knows the negative consequences of liberal democratic policies than the people of new york, because they're suffering under them, they're seeing jobs going away,
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a perfect example of those liberal democratic values is governor cuomo will not allow the people of new york to develop the -- there are people providing for their families, their property values are going up and marsales she'll extends up into new york, and he won't let us develop that. we're seeing all across this country, an energy renaissance, and it is politicians in new york and california, where the resources are there, but they won't allow us to develop them. my number one goal as president, is bringing high paying jobs back to this country. back to america. we are-you mentioned the m
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marsalas she'll, we are the middle east of natural gas, and it would have the added component of not begging countries that hate us for what is the economic power house for our economy, which is energy, how big is that as a component in creating job s and revenue ? country? >> it's incredibly important. i took a map and every area was color code ed. that area looks an awful lot like a map of the shale formations, you can see where you have the bacca shale or the permian, income spiking like crazy, in marsales, median income has gone through the roof, the line from new york to
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pennsylvania, almost like the finger of god drew it, the counties on the other side of that line, even though their resources had gone up, none of those counties, the income had gone up. and the one exception was the counties in and around washington, d.c. that were bright green that have gotten fat and happy, and almost every other county in america, income has stagnated or gone down. >> do you believe the saudis have driven down the price of a barrel of oil to take jobs away from oklahoma and texas and louisiana and ultimately new york and pennsylvania, do you think they did that on purpose to drive natural gas businesses out of business? >> that's certainly part of it. and the saudis are flooding the market with oil. another component is the fed. we have had a strong dollar and a weak dollar, a strong dollar,
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and a weak dollar, those booms and busts, now we have a strong dollar, and that ends up driving down the cost of commodities, whether it's the cost of oil and gas or the coast of coal or the cost of steel, or if you're a farmer, the cost of your crops, but we need to have not a strong dollar, not a weak dollar, but a stable and sound dollar. >> i want to stay on the message of the economy for a minute. i actually pointed out this cute little girl over there, if she stands out in the middle aisle there, we can. we have now doubled the national debt for that little girl. >> yeah. >> we have now created an america where 95 million americans are out of jobs. i don't see any way out of this, they're now talking got negative interest rates, if you put money in the banks, the banks are
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going to charge you to keep your money. >> that's what they're doing in china, they have a negative interest rates. >> there is only one way to turn around the debt and that is to bring economic growth back. and the key to growth the heart of our economy, it doesn't come from washington, d.c., and the way you do it is you take the boot off the backs of small business.
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we'll pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. >> is a flat tax -- do we have to touch entitlement, social security and medicare? >> we can absolutely strengthen and save social security and medicare, we have got to, they're fundamental bulwarks of our society. if you look at the tax plan that i have and i have a very, very clear and detailed plan. you can read about it on our website, it's today is april 15, it's normally tax day, we have an extra couple of days until monday. but today is a good day to
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reflect on how things will be different in just a couple of years if we win this election. because my simple flat tax for a typical family of four, first $36,000 you earn, you pay nothing, no income tax, no payroll tax, no nothing. >> if you don't pay a payroll tax, you would still get social benefits. >> you absolutely still get your social benefits. now above $36,000, everyone pays the simple, flat, 10% tax. no longer do hedge fund billionaires pay a lower effective tax rate than their secretaries, it's fair and even and yuan form, and then on the business side, we eliminate the corporate income tax, which is the highest in the developed world, we eliminate the obama care taxes, we eliminate the payroll taxes, which are the biggest taxes most working men and women pay and we also eliminate the death tax which is incredibly unfair.
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>> that's corrupt. >> i know this came up in earlier debates, i know for most people here, this is probably meaningless, but i don't know how many of you know that there are actually trillions, not millions or billions, trillions of dollars parked offshore that corporations will not bring back to the united states because of the high rate of taxes that they will pay, corporate inversion. >> yep. >> you can incentivize them, repatriate the money by lowering the rate, but wouldn't that create jobs in manufacturing sectors and factories and trillions of dollars poured into the economy. >> that's what my tax plan does, it will bring trillions of dollars back, we will stay with a simple 15% business flat tax, that is fair and uniform. no longer do giant corporations with armies of accountants pay
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less than small businesses who pay a punitive 30% of income tax. >> would they pay 16% to bring it back, or would you encourage taxes. >> there's one a one-time repatriation tax. the nonpartisan tax foundation they studied this plan, and they score everyone's plans. they concluded that the cruz flat tax would produce 49 million new jobs, would raise wages, would raise after tax income for everybody. and the average family, sean, with the flat tax would take home an additional $7,600, that's a lot of money when you're trying to make ends meet. >> i have done every job in a restaurant to being a cook and a bartender and a waiter.
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i spent 10 years in contracting, in the building trades, laying tile, framing houses, in new york right now, i pay a federal income tax, a 9.9 state tax, a 4% city tax, i pay my fica tax, i live in the soaked highest property tax in the country. you live in texas, you don't have a state income tax, that's 15% more of our money that we could keep if new york with respect so greedy. >> that is exactly right. >> isn't that insane? >> i can't solve the problem of left wing politicians like cuomo and bill de blasio. >> we call him comrade de blasio on this show. but what i can do is reduce the burdens of washington that are hammering small businesses and washington making it harder, and
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we will see jobs coming back from mexico, jobs coming back from china, we'll see manufacturing jobs coming back to the state of new york. >> it's 15 cents of every dollar if you don't have the corporate tax. are you having a good time? 2016 republican presidential candidate ted cruz, he's with us for the hour, also we'll get some audience questions and much more straight ahead. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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. the death toll continues to climb in ecuador after an earthquake on saturday. it's the biggest quake to hit ecuador since 1979. and a u.s. health official says that women here at home should not be concerned about zika virus because it has not been contracted in theist. -- the u.s. now back to hannity. welcome back to hannity, we're in beautiful binghamton, new york, senator ted cruz is my guest tonight. you know, senator, one of the
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things that i really believe is scary, everybody in new york knows somebody, and if i did a show of hands, knows somebody that was killed on 9/11. >> yep. >> we have a president that can't utter the words radical islamic terrorism, isis has taken over cities, ramadi and falluja and tikrit. is this a generational battle or can you actually defeat isis and can you do it? >> you know, heidi and i lost a friend of ours, barbara olson and she was in the plane that flew into the pentagon. and we lived less than a mile from the pentagon. and heidi at the time was working in the white house, and when those planes were coming
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in, at first the secret service came through and told everyone stay where you are, don't go anywhere. but then, when the second plane hit, the secret service was running through the white house complex and they were saying, get out now, don't walk, run. so heidi ran out, they wouldn't let her get her car. so she wasn't able to drive home so she took off her high heels and walked across the bridge and walked home barefoot and i know there are people all across new york who experienced that, in d.c. and pennsylvania and all across the country, we have had terror attack after terror attack after terror attack in america, most recently in san bernardino. in the wake of jihad, of radical islamic terrorists who declare their intention to murder as many of us as possible, i think there are a lot of americans who are fed up with a president who follows every terror attack, going on tv, refusing to name
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our enemy, and instead lecturing us on islamophobia. then he talks about t s. >> then he talks about the -- after this last terror attack in brussels, he's doing the wave with communist dictator raul castro and doing the tango. >> and it really did seem to frustrate the president that there was a terror attack when he was trying to go to a baseball me. and watching president obama stand on that stage with raul castro while castro slams the united states and then listening to president obama saying, yeah, i agree with castro.
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is it asking too much to have a president actually defend the united states of america? it was embarrassing, it really was. >> but let me get back to isis, you used the phrase and got criticized for it. i actually agree with you, you said carpet bomb ist' isis, you didn't say carpet bomb civilians, you said carpet bomb isis. and they're planning and scheming and preparing for our demise. how do you combat that? >> in the first attack on iraq, it was saturation, carpet bombing on the iraqi army, we did that for 37 days, and after 37 days, our troops went in and in a day and a half, mopped up what was left. that is overwhelming airpower. >> can we do that in syria and
6:22 pm
iraq? >> we can, right now the obama m is launching between 15 and 30 bombings a day. it's a photo opp for cnn. what we need to be doing instead is taking out their command and control, taking out their inf infrastructure, ticking out the oil fields, taking out their troops, utterly and completely. combining that, arming the troops that are the boots on the ground, they're fighting right now. >> it also goes to the heart of this president started with 10,000, hillary clinton wants tens of thousands of syrian refugees. here's the problem. our -- obama's former envoy to defeat general john allen, our
6:23 pm
national intelligence director james clapper, james comey, our assistant fbi director and our chairman of our house homeland security committee, all said that isis, just like they did in syria and brussels, will infiltrate the syrian population, how do we know who's isis and who's not? >> isis has said they intend to infiltrate the refugees. james comey, appointed by obama, told congress that he cannot vet these syrian muslim refugees to determine if they're terrorists. if i'm elected president, we're not going to be letting in syrian refugees who may be infiltrated with terrorists. >> for those on the left that say hillary clinton has been out there in force saying oh, that's unfair. i would support helping the
6:24 pm
syrian refugees that are victims of a civil war. but can't we have a safe haven in their own country and provide food and medicine and blankets and cots and supplies? >> and no nation on earth has been more generous giving aid to the refugees, we give more than ten times as much as any nation on earth in terms of providing taxpayer money to care for these refugees, but if these refugees may be infiltrated by terrorists, they should stay in the middle east, where they can't wage jihad against america. >> there's a deeper issue here. if somebody grows up under sharia law, and they want to come to america, they grew up where thigh gey get to -- and g luck telling new york women this -- they tell women they can't drive, they can't go
6:25 pm
anywhere without a male relative. they tell them they can't go to work or school. if there's a rape in a sharia country, you have to have 20 witnesses as proof. if there's refugees, how do we know they want to come here and finding freedom and leave that behind or if they want to bring that with them. britain has 88 sharia courts right now. >> there's a difference between islam and islamism. islamism is a theo cattic philosophy to wage jihad, to forcibly convert the infidels, that means all the rest of us, and force us to live under sharia law. >> isn't that saudi arabia, isn't that iran? >> it is certainly the government of iran and the
6:26 pm
ayatollah khomeini wants to force that on the rest of the world. the house of assad itself isn't doing it, but many including osama bin laden originated in saudi arabia. >> many grew up in that culture, where that is the law of the land, it's so incompatible with our constitutional values. >> we have to have a president who speaks the truth. says enough with political speech-- >> are you familiar with the 9/11 redacted report? >> i have reviewed those papers and believe they should be made public. >> can you give us an idea of what's in them? >> i'm not allowed to do that because of classification, so i'm not allowed to reveal that
6:27 pm
because it's against the law. >> senator ted cruz as hannity on the road continues, straight ahead. go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy.
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welcome back to hannity, we're in beautiful binghamton in new york with texas senator ted cruz, he's with us for the hour. i know process questions, they annoy the candidates when i ask them, but i have to ask them. you said to my radio show earlier this week that you thought this was going to be a contested convention, that means that somebody has to get to 1237. we know we have been following colorado and the battle for delegates, and all the comments the candidates have made. i don't want to talk about that. what i want to ask you is, just as on outsider, i can't even vote in the republican primary, i'm a registered conservative in new york. but i think, if it's a national party, is there a need to reform in this way? what i would like to see, of course i believe in states having the right to choose, shouldn't the choice be between caucus and primary? should it be proportion aal or
6:31 pm
winner take all? and next time around should they all be bound or unbound. because it gets confusing. are you all confused about this? >> i'll make a radical statement. i believe in the constitution. i don't think that's radical. the constitution gives this authority to the states, that's the way it's been the entire history of this country, and it ain't rocket science, if anybody is running an effective and efficient campaign, they ought to know how to actually go and win an election. >> the only thing i would like to see -- look, i agree with you, everybody knew the rules going in, and i agree with your analysis on that completely. i just would like to see, like in new york, every state have all the people participate, rather than the convention. >> i don't think every state has
6:32 pm
to be like new york, or every state has to be like california. >> neither do i, i agree. >> and the reason why we're seeing so much whining about the rules is what's happened in the last three weeks. in the last three weeks, there's been a total of 11 elections in four states. and in those 11 elections, we have won all 11. every single one for three weeks, so let me take a minute to review. it started with utah, where we won a landslide 69% of the vote, won every single delegate out of utah. it went to north dakota, we won 18 delegates in utah, trump won one delegate. then it went to wisconsin, all of the media said wisconsin, they said it was a state cruz couldn't win, it was a perfect state for donald. it was a midwest state, not a large evangelical population, it was mainly blue collar working
6:33 pm
class, actually very similar demographic to upstate new york. the day before the election, donald in wisconsin promised a, quote, victory in wisconsin. the next day we won with a land slide victory, we beat donald by 47 points. >> at a contested convention, there was a good analysis? i believe "the washington post." how do you see this going down that, you get to 1237, that you believe it's going to be contested. so how do you get to that number? and here's the second part of the question, take the personalities out of it. candidate a, candidate b, candidate c. candidate a wins more states, more votes and a lot more delegates. and this is an important question, and if that candidate doesn't win in a contested
6:34 pm
convention, do you worry that those supporters are going to feel disenfranchised. >> that is certainly donald's talking points. >> no, wait, wait, wait, wait. senator, that's not donald's talking points. i am reading the analysis of every major newspaper. if that happens, what i'm trying to get to. i'm a never hillary guy. i want to defeat hillary clinton and i don't want to see any supporters disenfranchised, so what i'm asking is how do you bring those people into the field or how does the team come together and not feel disenfranchised. >> going back to 1860, there's been one way and only one way to win the republican nomination, and you win the majority of the delegates elected by the people. that has been every convention since 1860. >> he didn't go in, using the
6:35 pm
donald talking points, he didn't go in with the most votes and the most delegates, instead what happened was he earned it at the convention and if you can't get the majority of the delegates to support you, you ain't going to be the nominee and you ain't going to be the president. >> here's my question, it's important. so you say -- >> if we get there, and let's say what happened with lincoln, let's say you're in second place and you do win this, what i am concerned about, is i read social media, the cruz people hate the trump people, the trump people hate the cruz people. but at the end of the day, i look at what hillary is saying, and that scares me. and i worry about unity at the end of the -- i worry about unity. that's what i'm asking. >> i worry about unity, i love the trump supporters, i
6:36 pm
understand why they're trump supporters, they're fed up with -- securing the border and bringing jobs back from china, back from mexico, fighting for the working class, those have been the issues at the heart of my campaign, those have been the issues that i have been fighting for and you are absolutely right, we have got to unify the party to win. it's one of the reasons i'm so encouraged by what we're seeing, in the last three weeks, we have won 11 elections in a row because republicans are uniting behind our campaign. of the 17 republican candidates who started this race, five have now endorsed our campaign, we have been endorsed by rick perry, by lindsay graham, by jeb bush, by scott walker and by carly fiorina, that is an incredible diversity. >> let me go to my last question, marco rubio had a lot of delegates, and marco has
6:37 pm
indicated that he's likely to come over and support you, so my question is, at even at the end of this process, do you think you'll get along with everybody? i remember in one of the early debates, everybody said everybody on this stage is better than what the democrats are offering. is it going to and end up that ? is my question. >> there have been moments that have been nasty and personal and ugly and i have not responded in kind and i'm not going to respond in kind. i'm going to keep the focus on issues, on substance, on policy. i think the people of new york care about is not candidates bickering like children. i think what the people of new york care about, is how do we bring jobs back to new york, how do we raise wages? how do we keep americans safe, and that's my focus. >> we're in beautiful binghamton, new york, when we come back, we're going to let
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. welcome back to hannity, live from binghamton, new york, we're with senator ted cruz for the entire hour. our first question from the audience. >> this question was submitted to me by mrs. smith's fifth grade class at snichowitch elementary school. what do you believe our education system needs for quality education for all children. >> that's a terrific question. let me say thank you to mrs. smith's fifth grade class. on common core, if i'm elected
6:44 pm
president, on the very first days in office, i will direct the department of education, that common core ends that day. and let me say a little more on this. it has been the abuse of executi executive power from the obama administration that has forced common core on the states. but everything that's been done on common core can be undone and i would like to see long-term is that we abolish the federal department of education. >> and that would mean giving the states the right to choose? >> that's exactly right. and some folks in the media say that means you don't value education, it's exactly the opposite. education is so valuable, that we need to block grant that money and send it back to the states. the parents in your state know a
6:45 pm
lot more got what your state needs than bureaucrats in washington. >> my name is allen michaels, hello, senator. >> how are you doing? >> i love the constitution. cruz loves the constitution. so by some transit of law, i think that means i love you. >> well, thank you. >> welcome to new york. go ahead. >> i think to lower sean's blood pressure, i think the constitution is what will bring us all together. can you just expand on the constitution, either generally or maybe about the budget process. >> you are known as a constitutionalist. you are known as a constitutional conservative. >> well, and it has been, i mean i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and bill of rights and i think, sir, your question is very insightful. we have got a lot of issues that tear us apart that divide us. and i actually think the constitution and bill of rights
6:46 pm
gives an avenue to unify us. let's take for example, the question of legalizing marijuana. that's a question that's being debeated in several different states. i'm not in support of legalization, if texas were voting on it, i wouldn't support it, because i'm concerned about drug use among our kids. but i think it's a decision the states should make. so if some states choose to do that, they have the authority to do that, we should respect it. supreme court justice lewis brandice -- >> how many times have you argued before the supreme court. >> nine times. >> we'll take a break, we're in binghamton, new york, with senator ted cruz for the hour. more audience questions as we continue.
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i used to like that song.
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and welcome back "to hannity." we're in binghamton, new york. sir, what's your name? >> jordan. >> hi. >> hi. so my question is as a young libertarian, why should i and people like me support you? >> look, it is a great question,
6:52 pm
and there's no doubt if we're going to win, we've got to bring together a broad coalition that unites us all. if you look at the constitution and bill of rights, whether it is the first amendment and free speech, whether it is the first amendment and religious liberty, whether it is the second amendment and the right to keep and bear arms or whether it is our privacy, the right to keep the federal government out of our business or whether it is the tenth amendment bringing power from the federal government back to the states and local government, i've spent my whole life fighting for the bill of rights and constitution. i give you my word as president i'm going to do the exact same thing. >> i want to ask you one question. i have known prime minister netanyahu for many, many years. when i wrote my first book in 2002, i was glad to have him
6:53 pm
blurb my own book. i went down in the tunnels. i feel our relationship has been so poorly damaged -- >> yes. >> -- it frightens me. as united states and israel, we must be close because we have a common enemy. >> exactly. >> i want to get your thoughts on that. >> sean, you are right and during my time in the senate i have been one of the leading defenders of israel in the united states senate. and i will say there are a lot of people in new york and across the country who are worried about righting our relationship with israel. donald said he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. i strongly disagree with me. i believe we should stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. donald has also suggested -- donald has also suggested that we should reduce the military aid that we give the israelis,
6:54 pm
said we should make them pay big time for that military aid. i think, if anything, we should expand military aid. as president on day one, i'll begin the process of moving the american embassy to jerusalem. those are policy differences on which we disagree that i think are relevant to the voters. >> we'll take a break. we're in binghamton, new york. it's "hannity." we'll be right back after this. 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ i'm bushed! i've been on my feel alyea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long.
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all right. welcome back to "hannity." that is all the time we have left this evening. senator, you want to say one thing left before we go? >> i would say tuesday is the election here in new york. i would ask you to come together, stand together. if you want to beat hillary, there's only one candidate who
7:00 pm
can win the nomination and beat hillary. we're coming together and uniting. >> thank you for being with us and thank you. have a great night. cruz. for the first time on that tweet and national enquirer and more. welcome to "hannity." we're coming to you live from saratoga springs. we're in beautiful upstate new york. hello. hi. welcome. [ cheering and applause ] >> voters from this state will head to the polls and help decide who want to be the 2016 presidential nominee. 95 republican delegates up for grabs, and tonight gop presidential candidate, he's the governor of the great state of ohio, a good friend for the entire hour, john kasich is with us. how are you? how are you? >> good. >> standing room


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