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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 17, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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there's only one candidate who can win the nomination and beat hillary. we're coming together and uniting. >> thank you for being with us and thank you. have a great night. cruz. for the first time on that tweet and national enquirer and more. welcome to "hannity." we're coming to you live from saratoga springs. we're in beautiful upstate new york. hello. hi. welcome. [ cheering and applause ] >> voters from this state will head to the polls and help decide who want to be the 2016 presidential nominee. 95 republican delegates up for grabs, and tonight gop presidential candidate, he's the governor of the great state of ohio, a good friend for the entire hour, john kasich is with us. how are you? how are you? >> good. >> standing room only.
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there's like a million people standing behind there all around the room. i saw you had 4,000 people in rochester. something happening maybe that we're not aware of. >> well, for the first time in the last month they know my name as john kasich and not governor of ohio because we didn't get any attention before, but now we're starting to get it and people are hearing the message and they're starting to show up. you know what, sean? honestly, it is really amazing. it's an amazing experience to go through this, and i wasn't going to tell this story, but maybe i will. i was in greece, new york, and people were waiting outside in line. i mean, i can't believe it, right? it's by the grace of god i've been given a chance to do these things, and there was a group of
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disabled folks and they were screaming at me and disrupting. and the people started to get upset. i said don't get upset. these folks have lived in the shadows for hundred years and they need attention. they screamed a little bit more and then the whole thing ended. somebody on my staff said they were still in the gym, so i went to see them. there were three of them and they were very severely disabled. they said, we came at 7:00 this morning and we were stuck in the back. i said i want to help you because the lord wants me to help you. it's been a high priority. and then as i was leaving, this young lady, young girl, she was 17. i didn't know how old she was. she said, could i take a picture with you? i said, yeah, you can take a picture. and she started shaking and
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crying. >> you scare some people. >> this is truly amazing. i said to her, what's wrong, young lady? she said, i never thought i would have the chance to meet you. i put my arm around her shoulder and i said so much about of this is about celebrity in life. you see me on television and you're excited, but you are important. what's inside of you, not some celebrity or somebody you think is important. it's you. then i felt so inadequate because there's people here tonight who have problems, people here who are hurting, people who are here, sean, they just want somebody to care about them. i always feel so inadequate when i see a group like this and i kind of like, what can i do. what is it that i could personally do to just make everybody feel a little bit
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better? >> i think you've got a fan over there. >> no. sean and i have known each other for a very long time, and sean's been -- he's had groups like this all over the country. i've seen it happened. my dad carried mill. your dad was a police officer. >> probation officer. i lived in probation my whole life. >> you look at them and they just want to believe that life can be better, their kids can do well, that they're going to get a fair shake. it is amazing that in some ways we'll be able to help you and help others. like i told that young girl, the spirit of our country rests in us, not in a politician, not in a celebrity. it rests in our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities. >> you know, before you came
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out, you know, i tell my stupid jokes a little bit, but i say one serious thing before we do these interviews to every audience. i've asked you this question before. when you think of the magnitude of the numbers, 95 million americans out of the labor force, 50 million in poverty, 46 million on food stamps, real americans, real families, our friends, our neighbors really suffering, and to add one point, government is hurting them, government is not helping them, and we now have doubled our debt, we have 120 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and i worry if america is in such in a decline if we can reverse it. am i too negative? >> yeah, i think we can reverse it, but here's the thing sean. if you say, how can we have a healthy economy, a doctor will say do not have regulations on
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small companies. cut taxes. thirdly, let's have some common sense and balance a budget. now you go to the doctor. those are the three things. you say i'm not feeling very well. says, what are you doing. well, we are regulating businesses out of existence. we're raising taxes on everything that is happening in this country, and finally we've blown up the budget. wonder why you're not feeling why. there is a formula that works. i did it in washington. i've done it in ohio. put a team together. throw out all the goofy politics, focus on the problem, and go fix it. that's all you've got to do. >> you did lead a, what, $5 trillion surplus? >> yes. we paid down half a trillion of the national debt and we had
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four years of a balanced budget. you know what happened? i left washington. we had a projected $500 trillion surplus. it would have provided private accounts for young people in addition to social security, and it was the house republicans, the senate republicans, and the president spent it -- and the republican spent it all. the difference between republicans and democrats, democrats love to spend, so do republicans. republicans just feel guilty when they do it. that's why you have to -- you have to have somebody who stands in the breach that says we have to remember all the people. >> john boehner was the speaker. he had the power of the purse. i read the constitution. they wouldn't balance the budget. the debt went up with a republican speaker, a republican house. they didn't keep their promise. they didn't stop obamacare or defund it. then they went ahead with executive amnesty and they funded that in 2014 when they
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said they wouldn't. >> i don't think anybody should make a promise when they run for office that they don't legitimately think they can keep, and that's what happens all the time. you know what? a lot of people in this country when they saw me in the debates i would talk about my record in ohio. people would say why do you keep talking about that. i'll tell you why. today if a politician's lips are moving, we believe they're lying. if i tell you i have done it before, then i have creditability to tell you what i'm going to do because of this. you know, i'm a citizen too. people want my vote. when they come to see me, they say i want to be this, i want to be that. what have you done? i don't want to hear about all these great things you're going to do. how can i believe you? what have you done in your life that convinces me that what you tell me is true? that's why i talk about it. i want to just say this to everybody here. look, i know we're worried about
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the security of our job. i know we're worried about the security of education. this can all be fixed if we work as americans, if we're able to enact conservative ideas, and bring the country together. sean, when i left washington with a senator, we had enormous job growth, wage growth, no discussion on income inequality. bet you hillary clinton will be talking about the clinton economy when she runs this fall. the only reason we got to a balanced budget is because the republicans, house and senate, we had guts and we acted as public servants and not as politicians. >> really important. >> am i right? >> i actually was there. newt gingrich was the speaker, and i was there emceeing his event the night he became speaker of the house and you're right. president clinton at the time
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said we'll balance it in seven, eight years. >> all those phony numbers. >> you're giving a speech tomorrow, two paths. give us a preview. >> well, look, i've learned this when i was actually in new hampshire. i can come in here and talk about all of our problems, and i can drive them right into the ditch and i can make them angry. i can get them to be divided, polarized, and i can turn anger into things that border hate or i can come in here and acknowledge all these problems, but i can tell you how we can fix it. you just asked a question has america declined. are you kidding me? our economy is by far the strongest in the world. we're the center of innovation. we're the center of invention. medicine. if you take a look at life expectancy, transportation, we just are dominating the world.
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now we're drifting. we can fix it. we don't want to be saying america's worst days are behind us. look, you do a good job when you're realistic, not pie in the sky, and you can convince people if we can shed the nonsense, of course we can climb out of this. we've had a lot worse times than we've had right now. >> the problem from my vantage point is i don't see the political will to get it done. >> i agree with that. >> for example, we have illegal immigration. republicans say they want to build a fence. democrats don't want to build a fence because they want a constituency. they have failed america on simple, basic facts. >> here's what i wanted you to know.
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we reformed welfare. had to get the democrats to go along. we balanced the budget, which is one of the hardest things to do because everybody wants to spend. we got that done. in ohio, we went from way in the hole to now we're running surplus surpluses. we're up 400,000-plus jobs. you see, sean, you can't really lead from the house and the senate. you can try, but even newt found out you couldn't do it. you have got to lead from the white house. we will freeze all federal regulations for one year, except for health and safety. we'll unwind the regulations we have. we'll force the congress to vote on regulations coming out of the bureaucracy in excess of $100 million. we're going to reduce the corporate taxes to 25%. we're going to bring the profits back from europe. we're going to simplify the texas code. we'll have a path to balancing the budget. we'll move welfare, infrastructure, job training out of washington. we will fix social security. we will secure the border and have a path to legalization and
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never citizenship. and we will tell the world that we are in fact the leader of the world. i will have a plan to congress in the first 100 days that we'll do all of that, every little bit of it. >> we're just getting started as we continue with ohio governor john kasich. members of the audience will have a chance to ask the governor their questions. on the road in saratoga springs in beautiful new york as we continue. whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my hair practically unbreakable. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger.
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headquarters, i'm kelly wright. voters voting to impeach president delmay rousef. now the measure is heading to the nation's senate. if approved there, the president will be forced to step down while she defends herself in court. and the death toll continues to climb in ecuador following last night's powerful earthquake. at least 262 were killed. the 7.8 magnitude quake reduced homes to rubble, destroyed shopping centers. it's the biggest quake to hit ecuador since 1979. i'm kelly wright. now back to "hannity."
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welcome back to "hannity." we're on the road. we're in saratoga springs in new york for the hour. we have ohio governor john kasich with us. he's the guest. all right. i have to ask you questions about your past, but i want to hear more of your vision because i don't think we ask enough of that. i think that's legitimate criticism. you're giving a speech tomorrow two paths. i asked you for a preview and you ducked my question. >> no, no, no. >> no, i'm teasing. we started talking about something else. >> we were talking about how whether we're going to live in a ditch or come out of the ditch. >> we've been through a depression, world wars, 9/11. we have had great challenges as a country, but i've never seen a time when americans are so divided. >> they are. i think it has to be about realistic solutions, a record that shows you can do it, but
7:18 pm
here's the other thing. you have to show people in the other party respect. you can't trash them. it's like -- [ cheering and applause ] look, we had the president of the united states do executive orders, which is way beyond what he should have done. >> illegal? >> should be reversed. >> unconstitutional? >> i'm not a lawyer. thank you. i'm not a lawyer. he does obamacare without one republican vote. the president of the united states is making a speech at the state of the union and a republican yells, you lie, and then raises money the next day. this is america. we're not a parliamentary system. i was with the democrats last week. i made a state of the state. i asked the senate leader -- i said what do you want. don't give me crazy stuff, but give me what you want. i'm not going to do that, but i can do this. i can do that.
7:19 pm
no, we're not going to do that. you have to respect people in the other party. you don't have to agree with them, but i've got to tell you we're going to have to invite some conservative democrats in to help us. that's how you get social security done. we have to do it. here >> here's my report. this is a president that called republicans social darwinists. if you're the nominee, whoever the nominee is, you're going to be called racist, sexist. you want to kill grandma and you want old people to fend for themselves. how do you deal with that? because that's what you're going to have to do and you say you have to get along with them. >> smile. look, i've got the guys in my own party doing it to me right now. >> sure. >> the thing is you want to answer the charges, but you've got to show the way. it's the stuff they did to
7:20 pm
reagan. they said he was a grade d actor. keep going with your stuff one foot in front of the other. you have to expect these kinds ki of things, but over time you have to get people to respect one another. here's what i think we need to do. let's just take social security. you're going to have to tell republicans and democrats we have to stop screwing around with this. we're sacrificing our kids' future and we're hurting grandma. we have to stop doing it. >> they already stole the money. it's gone. it's not a lock box. >> i know that, but there is a way to fix social security. if you've had higher income throughout your lifetime, you will get social security. you will get less. for those who totally depend on it, you'll get what you need. i don't have to raise retirement. i can get it done. if the republicans say they want
7:21 pm
to do it and the democrats are going to demagogue, you'll never get it done and vice versa. you have to pull reasonable people together. one person once said about me is, john, your greatest gift is you can get people to do what they know they need to do, but what they don't know want to do. we can solve these political problems, but the war goes on. and there was so many times i had to appeal to people in my own party and the other party. we have to remember our legacy is built iding, not tearing dow sean. you can get this done. i wouldn't run if i couldn't get this done. >> you mentioned in the last segment this is what the lord wants us to do, and i know you to be a guy of deep faith. what does that mean in terms of how that inspires you? in other words, some people might take that as redistribute
7:22 pm
the wealth. that's not what you believe in. you believe in freedom and responsibility. >> you see people who except for the grace of god go i who are sitting in wheelchairs who can barely move the handles. you can be somebody who is not a believer and still look and we can't let them be in the shadows. we can't ignore them. that's not right. everybody is made in the image of the lord. give them a chance. give them a chance to rise. now, how did we ever think -- seriously, sean, my mother said it's a sin not to help people who need help, but it is equally a sin to help people who need to learn how to help themselves, but in the context of that -- [ applause ] look, to me if you take the mental ment mentally ill, i would rather get
7:23 pm
them some help, get them on some medication instead of living under a bridge or in a prison. when did that get to be about liberals? >> don't look at me. i didn't say that. >> but people say that. redistribution of wealth is just wrong. a free enterprise system that's not underlaid by a decent set of values is bankrupt. it's conservative and it's right. >> we've got to take a break. we'll come back. governor kasich and "hannity" is on the road in saratoga. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time.
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welcome back to "hannity." we're in saratoga springs. we're in new york with governor john kasich of ohio. he's our guest for the hour. i purposely didn't start with processed questions because i know it annoys you and it annoys a lot of the other candidates. look, if the only way you can get this nomination is in a contested convention, that bothers some people, some of your opponents. i want you to explain to me how do you get the nomination. >> i'm not compares myself, but that's what they told lincoln -- >> when he was on the third ballot. >> you know what he told everybody. he said let me be your second choice. if you're not for me first, then he snuck it in there. nobody is going to have the 1237. i think that's the number you need. we're going to go to a conventi convention. there's a misunderstanding of conventions. who is going to be there? it is going to be party faithful people who worked for 30 years
7:27 pm
stuffing envelopes. they'll be state legislators, former politicians. but when you go into a convention, you assume a certain weight and heaviness on your shoulder that you didn't have before your got there. i saw it in 76 because i worked at that convention for governor reagan. they're going to look at two things. who can beat hillary? i hate to say this, but i'm the only one who can do it. i've been consistent every poll. >> why do you hate to say that? >> we're going to have to go to all these delegations. look, the trump people, they're for trump. they're for me. i'm second. i understand them. so it's going to be incumbent on us to go and visit the delegations. >> would you ever team up with him? >> no, i'm not teaming up with anybody. >> let me ask this questions
7:28 pm
because here's -- this is a tough question. >> yeah. ask whatever. >> if trump or cruz win more states, have millions of more votes, have hundreds of more delegates than you do, and you leapfrog over them through a contested convention, don't you think -- you talked about uniting the party. don't you think cruz and trump supporters are going to be pretty pissed off? >> no. a lot of them that go there as delegates, they're there for a variety of different reasons. >> i mean the people who voted. >> your daughter got a b-minus. >> we have to tell the whole world? >> in order to get an "a," you must get a 90. if you get an 83, you don't get an "a." i don't care what people say. we've got the rules, and the only rules we have are the total number of delegates. then you go to the convention.
7:29 pm
if you go in with a massive lead, you're likely to win. if you can't convince the delegates that you can win in the fall, which neither of them can do and they're not convinced they would be the best leader or president, what's wrong with saying i would pick somebody who would do better, who would win and be a better president? i don't get that. >> i'm surrounded by all your supporters here. i want to ask this question. this is important. this question is important. >> you need to hear this. i did a town hall here. then we invited you. >> how many of you are voting for john kasich? then they're mostly your supporters. >> we sent out notifications saying we're going to have a town hall. people show up whoever they are. >> i've taken the position i'm never hillary. >> me too. >> i know you are. i guess what i'm afraid of and i'm thinking out loud here.
7:30 pm
for example, 34 delegates were awarded in colorado this weekend. you didn't get one. trump didn't get one. and it seems kind of unfair like the establishment is kind of working -- >> look at what happened in michigan. there was a battle for delegates. >> aren't these rules insane though? it seems you can win a state and come out with less delegates. if they want to stop candidate "a," they'll use candidate b and c to stop candidate "a." karl rove said we need a fresh face. scott walker is looking for paul ryan. john boehner in your home state said nomina, ma'aminate paul ry. >> you know what's happening, sean? what's happening is you have
7:31 pm
delegates who have minds. and on the first ballot most of them are obligated to support who they got there with, but look. cruz and trump don't win in the fall. in fact, here's going to be the concern. no, here's going to be the concern. we're not only going to lose the white house and the court, but we're going to lose the united states senate. we're going to lose the courthouse, the state house. so when people look -- look, i'm beating hillary virtually everywhere in the country. in new york, the last poll only had my five points behind. why would a delegate who was there in the fall not go after the first ballot and say, wait a minute, kasich has been a success in what he's done in public life, he's put a good team together, and he wins? why would they not want to go for me if i can win and beat hillary? i don't know. >> final question. for the voters who waited online
7:32 pm
for hours to pull the lever for your opponents, for those who spent hours caucusing, my question is let's say it works out the way you were talking about here. how are you going to get those people who do feel disenfranchised to come along with you and unite everybody? >> because you have to spend time with them and that's what you do during the convention and even after the convention. look, sean, i was a young guy and i found myself in charge of five states for reagan. when we lost, we said we're going for ford. the only reason ford lost that election is he pardoned nixon, but he did the country a giant favor. you move on. most of the people who are going to be there are not going to be people who are just going to storm out and walk out. they're mature people. there could be people here who could be a delegate. >> the people who voted on
7:33 pm
election day, i would be worried about that. >> i don't know the cruz voters as well. they're not dissatisfied with me. they just went with somebody else. you work to unite them with a big message, a big message of what we can do in this country. look, i can tell you this. if these guys get picked, look at their negatives. we're not going to win. if i'm picked, we can win. >> if they brought in somebody who hadn't won and they leap fog over all of you, i would be angry, wouldn't you? >> youwhat? i'm running for president. i'm in saratoga, new york. i've having the time of my life. >> all right. we'll take a break. we're done with that part. i could have started with it -- all right. we'll take a break. more with governor kasich. we'll get some audience questions in.
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springs, new york city, with ohio governor john kasich for the full hour. lightning round. how long would it take you to balance the budget? >> we estimate it would be eight years, but probably much sooner. probably five or six, but it wouldn't matter because once we have the plan in place the economy would start working. >> would you support cutting the size of government? >> oh, yeah, yeah. here's the way you do it. you get an accountant who says i want you to give a budget that represents 95% of what you had last year and give that to me. >> how soon could you make this country energy independent? >> oh, i think that's around the corner. in new york, they have to learn to get their resources out of the ground. we're doing it in ohio. >> okay. a lot of people, especially here in upstate new york -- >> let me go back to the first question. once you have a plan that begins
7:41 pm
to freeze federal regs, you drive the corporate tax cuts and you have the path to a balanced budget. if small business people were certain of that, they would start working. you get the economic activity a lot faster. >> are new york's restrictive gun laws unconstitutional in your opinion? >> no. i believe in the second amendment. when you violate it, that's wrong. you don't do that. i'm a second amendment guy. >> you're pro-life. >> yep. >> you're pro-religious freedom. >> yeah, but it depends what that means. >> who are your two favorite justices on the supreme court? >> well, i mean, my favorite, of course, is the man we just lost. he was by far and away my favorite. i also like clarence thomas. >> and you would appoint originalist justices? >> i appointed them now in ohio
7:42 pm
and the question is are they conservative. i appointed a woman to the ohio supreme court. she's conservative. >> is isis and radical islam evil in our time, the worst? >> it's one of the worst things in history. you have to get the arab muslim countries like in the first gulf war when we kicked out saddam, you have to get western europe, you go in the air and on the ground. you destroy isis. destroy them. when it settles down, you let them leave. let them draw the map in the middle east. look, i wouldn't have gone to a baseball game with castro. i would have flown home after brussels. >> you wouldn't have done the tango? >> i would have come home and met with my military and
7:43 pm
intelligence officials. call all the intelligence people in europe. because what we need is the civilized world, all of the civilized world, against these barbarians. these are a cult of death. what amazes me, sean, is how can these people sit in an apartment in europe and plan to take a bomb to an airport and kill our families? we have to destroy those people. and here at home -- here at home joint terrorism task forces. that's why the apple thing got resolved. it appears as though it did. our joint terrorism task force, fbi, homeland security, state and local law enforcement, they should disrupt -- we have a job when we see crazy things happening, we have to tell law enforcement. finally, just because we would work, for example -- >> that's not a lightning round, but go ahead. >> well, you're talking about -- >> evil of our time, it's important. >> on national security, i spent 18 years on the committee. i went all the way from the fall of the berlin wall to kicking
7:44 pm
saddam out of kuwait all the way to being in the pentagon after 9/11. i've seen all this. >> last lightning round question. three names at the top of your list for vice president. >> derek jeter. [ laughter ] henrik lundqvist. no, go ahead. >> three serious names. >> too early to measure the drapes. i will come back with that later. here's what you need. you need a vice president who will argue with you, but who is your partner. i've already picked the vice president. i picked the lieutenant governor. i've already made a selection like this, somebody that got my agenda, somebody who would go out and promote my values -- well, not my values so much, but my policies. that's what you do not just for the vice president, but the entire cabinet. you have to have them all
7:45 pm
growing in the same direction with the goal of being a job creating country and manage the budget. >> when we get back, audience questions straight ahead. one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white...
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welcome back to saratoga springs in beautiful new york. ohio governor john kasich is with us. all right, we've got first time caller, long time listener. what's your name, sir? >> my name is steven lautman. what specific steps would you take to help small business here in new york, a highly taxed state? >> look, first of all, i believe that we need we need to bring the talk rates down. i use the old reagan plan. 25% with a capital gains rate of 15. here in new york. . you wouldn't have any and can you believe that?
7:51 pm
>> wow. >> what i would do as president, i would bring down the top rate to 25% because you passed through. secondly, my vice president, whoever it would be, derek jeter, would be spending his time trying to unravel all of these crazy rules and regulations we have to make it easier for you. very important. we met this group of high school juniors. hi, girls, how are you? >> hello. >> are you the spokesman? by the way, getting out from behind her so your moms can see you on tv. there you go. and you all have a consensus question for the governor? okay. hi. >> hello, governor kasich. the five of us are here and -- [ applause ] what is one message you'd like
7:52 pm
to convey to high school voters? >> well, look, the most important thing is for you five to realize that you've been made special, there's nobody ever been like you before and there will never be anybody like you again and you have a purpose here and you feed to live a life bigger than yourself and you need to realize that by living a life bigger than yourself and changing the world where you live, that's your purpose in life. that's where you're going to find satisfaction. i want you to have big hopes, big dreams, lots of confidence in yourself because you're the generation that we're counting on to continue to improve our country. number two, we're going to create an economy where you can realize your god-given purpose through some of the work that you're going to do. it's really, really important. and i'm going to give you another tip. when you go back to school tomorrow, you meet with your guidance counselor and you say to your guidance counselor, these are the things that i'm trying to do, this is what i might want to be, tell me, are
7:53 pm
those jobs out there and, secondly, how do i get one? okay? we need to train our young people with the skills they need. all right. girls, thank you. if i can add one little piece, don't date any boys. none. they are all horrible. all right. real quick, one last question, and we only have about a minute, you've got to really hurry. hi, how are you? >> good evening, governor. i'm karen from cliffton park, new york, and my question is what steps will you take to handle the nation's current immigration situation? >> well, look, we've go to finish the border, for sure. anybody who tries to come in has to go back. no excuses, no debate. have a guest worker program where people can come in and go home and, finally, for those that are here, they can have a path to legalization if they have not committed a crime since they've been here, paid back taxes, a fine but never a paddle to citizenship but a path to legalization. and i think we can get this issue behind us quickly.
7:54 pm
i believe that. okay? governor, we've got 30 seconds. your final word. >> well, look, the spirit of our country rests in us not as politicians, not in the government. it rests in our families, neighborhoods and communities and you're going to have the tool to fund president and do the things that you need to do here. change the world. believe it. you can get it done and america is going to rise for us, for our children and grandchildren. god bless you and thank you very much. governor, thank you. appreciate it. when we come back, final moments as we continue from saratoga springs. we're in upstate new york as "hannity" continues. "hannity" continues. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad.
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welcome back to "hannity." look at this crowd. that's all the time we have
8:00 pm
left. as always, thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. governor kasich, thank you. governor john kasich. >> thank you. [ applause ] as hot spots arise around the world, our military is powering down. >> most of you in the army know is that the army is reducing its size. >> i worry about the capability and capacity to win in a major fight. >> with the armed forces getting new marching orders -- >> male rotc cadets were pressured by the military to walk around in women's high heels. >> i found that entire incident just kind of bizarre. >> is the new u.s. military ready to face new threats? >> you're sending the message to the rest of the world you're basically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "rising threats, s


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