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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> that is for a card at augusta. >> i did get to play augusta. no beer card. see you in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: start with a fox news alert. this is a live look at jerusalem in the heart of the city there, where there has been a bus that exploded. people nearby, the bus fortunately was empty. people nearby the casualties, at least 10 of them dead. we understand injuries are serious. reports that police in israel are calling this an act of terror but what we've been able to confirm just as i told you that a bus has exploded. the concern this could be beginning yet of again palestinians attacking israelis with bombs but again that has not been concerned. something made it blow up for sure. so these live pictures now, the
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aftereffect, you see heavy smoke in center of your screen, there was a large fireball. we understand people who were wounded in this were hurt by fire that was, that was brought on obviously by this explosion. the israeli rescue service now as you can see, still at the scene, treating some of the wounded. as we learn more in the situation, heart of jerusalem, a city of 900,000 people, this shakes them to the core. we'll stay on the story. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered" i'm andrea tanteros. here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy and today's #oneluckyguy we welcome back to the couch, the congressman from the great state of utah, chairman of house oversight committee, jason chaffetz is back. you're outnumbered again. >> thanks for having me. glad to be here. andrea: do you like getting a
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break from washington a little bit? >> yes. it is an absolute mess. andrea: you chair the oversight committee, you have to watch all of them. >> it's a target-rich environment. we have lot to get after. andrea: we have a lot to get after. let's get started. less than 24 hours before voters head to the polls where front-runners in both parties are looking to rebound after some disappointing setbacks. on republican side, donald trump is looking to sweep the empire state's 95 delegates. this as the most recent emerson college poll showing the billionaire businessman with a commanding lead over his closest rivals mr. trump, leading governor kasich by a 34-point margin, 55 to 21%. ted cruz falls into third place with 18%. as he is poised for a landslide in his home state, donald trump continues to rail against what he calls a rigged delegate system. saying he wouldn't stoop to buy votes even though he said he could if he wanted to.
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>> i could have gone out to colorado. i'm sure i could have met the head guy. i'm sure i could have wined him, dined him, taken him to mar-a-lago, put him on private planes send him all over the place which is legal. that is not democracy. you're allowed essentially to pay off these people. you're allowed to pay off these delegates. again, we want to be smart. we want to be fair. and it shouldn't be allowed. andrea: donald trump sounding off as a new nbc universal poll, let's see here, we're losing prompter. if an open convention should be the winner, the candidate with the most votes would have 62%. the delegates choice at 33%. so republican voters believe if none of the candidates get as majority of delegates before the convention, the one with the most votes should be the party's nominee that would appear to favor team trump. when pressed for his response to the poll, rnc chair reince priebus had this answer.
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>> if donald trump, if he was winning the majority of votes, he would likely have the majority of delegates but that is not actually what's happing. he is winning in plurality of votes and he has a plurality of delegates and under the rules and under the concept of this country, a majority rules on everything. i would suppose that if people were asked the question like that, it makes sense but it doesn't, only tells you half the story. andrea: sorry, congressman, we had prompter issues. a little dysfunction. who is right in the back and forth? we've been watching this play out for day, almost seemingly weeks? >> i love donald trump is always negotiating, always trying to put pressure on somebody, oh, no, it has to come my way. when he wins the system worked perfectly, then if he doesn't win something was wrong and crooked and bad. but the reality you have to get all the way through the finish line. you have to get the majority of
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the votes, not the plurality of votes. after the first ballot you haven't gotten to the finish line, a lot of states don't have vote that way. they can vote their own conscience after that. andrea: what about what donald trump said, about buying votes? we studied laws. they are arcane and a bit shady. you can wine them and dine them a if you happen to own them. you can bribe them. it's a little sketchy. >> i don't think through my own experience i don't think you can buy delegates. i don't think you can berate you way to the presidency and you have to be charming and people, delegates in particular pay attention to policy. go out to win on policy, that's what they want to see. harris: ted cruz, his wife says he has many friends, we don't know them on capitol hill. you're talking charm offense and other things.
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if he hasn't been able to get along with members about delegates how does he stack them through his friendliness or is there something afoot? i think that is fair question. the man who wrote the "art of the deal" wouldn't be doing it? >> senator cruz, the idea he doesn't get along with members of congress is selling point with those delegates. harris: you think? okay. >> i don't think that is negative. you have to go out, i believe people vote for who they like and who they know and believe in versus policy and principle. james garr felled, the 20th president, he went to that convention, he was nominating somebody else. after 36 ballots couldn't come to conclusion. got the nomination and became president and was as assassinated. that is great american story. harris: that is a horrible story! >> that's what happens. harris: they were exhausted. they didn't know who they were voting for. >> somebody else popped up. they nominated him, became the nominee and president and they killed him. harris: just with the idea ted cruz would be person, if the reports are true, that the party
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insiders are trying to pick him and push him over donald trump because they don't want trump, how is it that you get a guy in office who feasibly can't get along with anybody? if anything getting done if it is ted cruz? do you like either of these guys. >> what i am frustrated i want to beat hillary clinton. i want to put up the best person to beat hillary clinton. harris: so is that. >> i am staying you out of it. i supported marco rubio earlier but that was not to be. i trust the voters. andrea: voters are concerned even though they vote when it comes down to the convention they're essentially voting but their vote won't be heard. you have studied numbers and math, trump has what, 45% of the delegates yet only 37% of the vote but he is complaining about the process. does he have a point? sandra: you can't turn on the tv or pick up the newspaper today or any other day in the past several weeks without seeing donald trump calling the system corrupt and rigged. and you just wonder, congressman, what this is going to do to the party. i mean, he has changed
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everything with this election. if you could, just looking at 95 delegates he is trying to secure tomorrow night, can you set that up for us? i mean what does tomorrow night look like? how important is new york in this race? >> well the rule as marco rubio and others learned you have to win your state. there is no doubt that donald trump is going to win but can he get to the numbers where he locks up all 95? the big one coming down the pike is california and so widespread and done by congressional district. that will be momentum. >> if it is proportional, my question for voters who are watching and these rules have been in place, i don't think it is responsibility of voter in one state to know necessarily how the delegates are gotten in other states but is the system rigged? like is there something about it, is there some benefit to everyone paying attention in a different way and donald trump has been very masterful leading those conversations? we didn't know we wanted to have, is there something beneficial about everyone focusing on how the delegate
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process is playing out? >> those rules have been in place more than a year. >> are they bad rules though? the. >> no. look. we believe in states rights. if you look at different parties and difficult states do it differently that's okay. if you can't figure out how to negotiate your way through the wyoming process how will you negotiate -- andrea: colorado or. >> iriran or someone more complicated. some campaigns paid more attention than others. those are the rules. those delegates will come -- andrea: just compared wyoming delegates -- harris: i had a dialogue bubble above my head. andrea: call you on that. >> if you can't go in and figure out, it is not that complicated. it's been there for a long time. >> is it laziness on part of the trump campaign? >> i think you will have trouble if you continue to berate people. who am i to give donald trump how to market himself. he has done exceptionally well. he has the most dell fats and bringing a lot of people into the process we as republicans will need come november.
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you will have to go delegate by delegate and win them over. how you do that in wyoming will be different than new york. harris: massages. i heard you say more than a couple of times, berate. would there be room for a room for donald trump to change his tone as he said he has the range to do to become more presidential for the insiders in your political party to stop pushing against him, or has he gone too far for too long? >> every individual will have to make them up for themselves but you can't go into colorado and say the chairman of the local party is somehow corrupt. remember those people in colorado he elected that person to be their chairman. harris: they know something happened last summer they were perhaps not seeing front page in their local papers. they weren't aware coast silly as we are catching that they would be left out of the process. in all due respect, if we broadcast maybe the people of wyoming weren't quite as intimately knowledge about the fact. >> if you're sitting in and
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saying in wyoming and colorado and part of the process you will be offended. some will say no, he makes a great point. there is no master puppeteer at the republican party who is making all the controls here as a marionette making everybody move right. this is a process ground up that what i love about it. andrea: sounds like who plays the game bet, who made the best hires early on, who is studying rules, who is working the system the best. i mean you have to give ted cruz credit because he has done that far better than donald trump. sandra: but i think you're making the point it is politics. shouldn't take any of us by surprise but you're a big study of history, congressman. you've seen what's happened in the past. looking at this election today, an where we are today, is this unprecedented? is this going to change the future as far as politics are concerned? has donald trump changed everything? >> he certainly has. he has brought along a lot of new people into the system we as
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republicans will need come november. we can't forget that at anytime. in my garfield reference, there are cases where we have gone into conventions albeit this was back in the 1180s war -- 18 '80s where there wasn't certainly and they ended up in november nominating somebody who isn't going to bethe ballot. sandra: you are confident in the process. >> i think voters will figure it out. some may have nefarious intent and may be locked in. i believe in them. that process will play itself out. harris: i don't know, kennedy. if you look at history books, back in 1880s, and what happened with andrew jackson, it has not worked out well for the party? >> i mean, i don't want to get into some of the darker times that we've seen in this country but i do look at this, i say, we have no idea what is going to happen. we have no idea who is going to emerge from this on either side. you have got candidates in both parties saying their systems are
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rigged. harris: i'm curious, are your constituents calling you, are they upset, saying the system is rigged? >> no. we were -- atta was for cruz and that is how our delegates voted. andrea: never trump and never cruz equals always hillary. that's a problem. >> i agree. andrea: keep it here for tomorrow's big contest as republicans and democrats head to the polls for new york's first meaningful primary in decades. the results could help profell donald trump and hillary clinton to the their party's nomination or shake things up dramatically. we will have live coverage all day into the night here on fox news channel. be sure to weapons on parade in iran. the rogue nation showing off the military might days ahead of president obama's visit to one of iran's biggest rivals, saudi arabia. what all this means for the region. and, for the u.s. plus, donald trump out with that nickname for hillary clinton. he said he had one.
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and he released it over the weekend. what is he calling her? what's her response, and whether this nickname strategy will work just like it did against jeb bush or marco rubio? or will it backfire big time? we'll debate. ♪ that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return.
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harris: fox news alert. this is situation that happened in last couple hours. jerusalem, a bustling city brought to halt with exploding bus. the bus was empty but people were near it. 10 of them were very badly hurt and number of that counting, that is what we confirmed so far. so a couple things. police are calling this, in israel a act of terror. they're pointing potentially the palestinians who have been ramping up attacks on israelis. huge concern with all of this, most of those attacks have been stabbings. if in fact this involved a bomb in this bus, that ratchets up this where they were a couple decades ago. palestinians were on a definite basis. they hit israelis homicide bombings. they're hoping how they're looking at this. 10 people badly hurt in jerusalem.
9:19 am
we'll tell you when you -- this is making headlines. iran showing off weapons at a parade. over the weekend. president obama's planned visit with arch rival. he is expected to meet with king saloman. as the saudis are threatening to sell off american assets. that is bipartisan bill could allow victims of 9/11 sue saudi government. 15 of 19 hijackers were from that nation. saudi officials long denied any roll in the plot, always been suspicion remaining, less senior officials or parts of saudi government may have played a roll. want to come to you get your thoughts? >> i think it is appropriate to release all information we have, given 9/11 happened so long ago. we erred on side of openness and transparency but we let the facts dictate. we should not be intimidated by
9:20 am
any country, any country on releasing the truth, what are they afraid of. if it is not true, then make their case. it is true, the victims in our country need to see that. harris: as i'm reading it, 28 pages of classified information, tell us in your estimation what about your the information. >> does shed light on financing. who is suspected to have been involved. that information should be made public. sandra: saudi foreign minister, speaking of economic threat they say exists. $750 billion in treasury securities. other assets in the united states. they said they would sell off. economists are looking at the wouldn't really be possible. do you see any reality to those threats? >> i happen to know the saudi foreign minister. i have not spoken with him about this. i have got to believe, that, that they would do ultimately the right thing. i don't know that is right
9:21 am
reaction to that. these are news reports. i'm sure the state is having discussions with them. you as member of united states, we vote for openness and transparency and the truth. harris: andrea. andrea: i hope everybody votes in favor of the bill and we get the truth. sandra you're the business expert on the couch. so have saudis spending billions of funding wahhabiism. western propaganda to threaten the u.s. economy, with those assets, ludicrous, at minimum need to turn them into pariah state much like we did with iran. what obama did with the iran deal create arms race between the two of them. iran took our sailors, abandon their weapons and drop to their knees, that wasn't message directed at united states of america before they were getting their $150 billion. thumb your nose, that was message to the saudis.
9:22 am
look at us, we're more powerful. we're the shia, we're the sunnis. we'll humiliate united states of america how strong we are. why are we giving money, congressman? 89 billion in refugees. bush administration cozy up to the saudis. isn't it time to wake up realize saudi arabia as your friend? >> the real threat is in iran. just across the arabian sea from saudi arabia is iran. we should work with the partners in the region to focus on iran. when a president gives $100 billion back to the iranians, they put all the weapons on parade. isn't it nice they show how they spent the u.s. money. they spent money in russia, to put on parade and buzz your u.s. ships, president is left wondering what in the world to -- >> i agree with sandra. they are not going to tank their economy. sandra: it will cripple them
9:23 am
more than us. >> absolutely it will. we have to be mindful of iran becoming a hedge mon in the middle east. that doesn't mean we need to support and appease dictatorships and horrible record on human rights. how high up does it go in the saudi government? i believe victims families in this country deserve to know exactly what the saudi arabia government is accountable for. >> i do believe that information should become public. i obviously can't talk about classified material. this is why we have to become energy independent. we should not look to the middle east in order to get your energy needs. become energy independent we don't have these problems. we are more and more, congressman? harris: what happened to iran and our military. >> did this all backward. behave the president nobel peace prize at the price and give iranians billions of dollars and wonder why they're having trouble. harris: so we'll move on. possible new concerns for
9:24 am
hillary clinton. lawmakers released final report. on deadly benghazi terror attack. new words that come weeks before the democrat convention. what will the effect be on her campaign? donald trump taking a break from his battle with the gop to target hillary clinton. will his new attack strategy and the new mick name work. we'll tell you what she says
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and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪ sandra: days after the heated democratic debate, hillary clinton hoping tomorrow's new york primary could be a game-changer in her battle against bernie sanders. a big win in the empire state could help propel hillary to the democratic nomination once and for all. but we're also learning that the benghazi committee could release its final report weeks before
9:29 am
the democratic convention in july. gop lawmakers, promised new information on the events leading up to the aftermath of the terror attack which left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. we have unique perspective on the couch today because congressman chaffetz you were one the first lawmakers to go in and visit libya following those attacks. what do you expect? what impact of release of this report have? >> it will be the truth. trey gowdy is one of the finest individuals i know on the face of the planet. for 16 years he has been somebody who has interviewed gone through very difficult things, prosecuting murders and doing very difficult things but he is now interviewed close to 90 people. 89 of which are not named hillary clinton. they estimate have the 10 more interviews that they have to do. and when we finally get to the truth he will issue that report. and we still have a state department, pentagon and white house that are refusing to turn over documents, years after this.
9:30 am
i find it duplicitous that the democrats are complaining they can't get the flint water documents in less than a month but here we have benghazi attack, a murder, terrorist murder of four americans and we're years after the attack and still won't give the committee the documents they deserve. sandra: taking that to politics, congressman. some say it is hurting hillary clinton in the campaign for presidency. others say why is it hurting her more at this point? >> you would think truth hurts the hillary clinton campaign. t hurts her personally. i went to benghazi less than three weeks after the attack, went into tripoli i should say, while i was there, all day i was there, there is not a single person, not one, whoever brought up video, because what she said about the video it's a lie. they made it up. it was not true. that it happened in egypt, but it wasn't happening, it was not happening there, it was not impetus for this attack in libya.
9:31 am
harris: congressman, when you talk about the truth, one of the reasons it sort of misses its target with issue that resonates for democrat voters, they're trying to figure out what the there is that you're looking for. so i want to ask it this way, are you looking for something that showed hillary clinton had bad judgment. we knew christopher stevens asked for extra in force security and felt like they were in danger? are you looking for that sort of thing or something more criminal and nefarious? that is bad enough on its face, what exactly do you mean when you say you're going deeper in all of this? >> they're looking for the truth wherever it may take us. committee will establish facts based on interviews. 70 or so plus people that were interviewed, never interviewed by any other committee. i think any other report saying that they had conclusively come to a decision or a perspective you've gotppened in benghazi is to look at this, and all of
9:32 am
these 70 plus people committee interviewed. where that truth takes us. there is a there is reason for why there was no response. i -- andrea: what is the reason? because some people believe there was a stand-down order given. others are screaming there is no proof to that. congressman, you have seen a lot of these documents, watched hearings, what troubles you the most why the united states of america didn't show up that night. >> that is the thing that scares me the most. they were under attack. they were asking for help. they were asking for support. you could get on a delta flight, fly to paris, change planes at tripoli fastter than the united states military, i don't believe it. that chain of command broke down secretary, president, and hillary clinton, the commander in charge of africom, who said they didn't have a conversation with the secretary of defense last night. you don't have a conversation
9:33 am
while our people are under attack? that is inexcusability. we'll find out the facts. trey gowdy is leading charge. i hope they get the rest of documents and interviews will shed a lot of light. >> very dubious about this. this will be tarred as another political witch-hunt. we'll see what hurts for more, benghazi or email scandal. will it be a perfect storm. but first, there was little marco, then lien ted. donald trump -- referring to ted cruz as lyin' ted. the he referred to her as "crooked hillary". >> this is on my dime. this is on my dime. [applause] what does that mean? that means i'm not controlled by the special interests, by the lobbyists, and they can throw --
9:34 am
they control "crooked hillary" and they control lyin' ted cruz, right? >> there you go. he tweeted nickname again yesterday. "crooked hillary" clinton airing ads. this is one person that she doesn't want to run again. front-runner shrugging it off, that she is not upset what donald trump calls her. >> i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults about me. i can take care of myself. i look forward to running against him if he turns out to be republican nominee, if i am the democratic nominee. what i am concerned about how he goes after everybody else. he goes after women. he goes after muslims. he guys after immigrants. he goes after people with disabilities. >> he is coming for you next, madam secretary. talk about the nickname a little bit. "crooked hillary," do you think he chose the name because it has crook in it, and also wants to
9:35 am
show that she is not only someone with questionable crooked non-straight morals but someone who might have broken the law? andrea: i think exactly those two things. it is not sexist. if it was words she could have fired back. how dare you. the nickname was funny when i saw "the hill" tweeted out, donald trump, donald trump, do not do anything bad. i thought what a genius name. she can't cry victim. she couldn't cry victim. it is implies she is intentionally willful. >> she is crying victim. coming after me and women and immigrants. andrea: hillary can handle herself. all of sudden she is independent. right, sure. sandra: look the way she is saying all this, i think she is prepared for the onslaught of attacks that he has promised. do you think he will be able to return return i guess in a strong way? >> doesn't come with credibility.
9:36 am
i think, democrats can't complain about this. they're usually the ones that are out there leading the charge. donald trump is very good marketer. trying to summarize their feelings about somebody, i feel a little left out. i feel i want a trump name. sandra: be careful what you wish for. >> needs to develop an app. type your name and get your -- >> your own donald trump -- that actually exists. >> the i got one. i got one. >> i got like five. harris: wow, here we go. >> hillary clinton has become a better candidate in this regard. yeah, because she is not responding personally. what she is doing, what she did against rick lazio. going to the mattresses and issues where she is most comfortable. harris: there is that idea and there is also this. how will she respond to crooked? she has to come with facts that prove she is not crooked. maybe i should release those
9:37 am
transcripts -- hold on, that i got paid $300,000. what would the retort be that would make her look any better than where she stands right now? in fact it could backfire and make things worse. i will say this, hits him on diversity, where is donald trump today? he is holding a huge diversity meeting, i say he does, not more than 15 people, at trump tower right now. in that meeting a group of american muslims, among those a resident and pakistani immigrant who says he is helping organize this group of muslims supportive of trump's candidacy in part to broaden the coalition doved the national diversity coalition for trump. so he is trying to add that. so while she hits him on that. he already figured out. she will not come back at me on the facts of anti-crookedness. she will hit me defending other people. sandra: congressman, we'll ask you what we have been discussing. in wall street speech transcripts. what did she say to them. >> i have no idea.
9:38 am
hillary clinton should win and win by big margin, because these wall street bankers, they vote too. they get a chance to jump in there. >> they vote with guilded check. andrea: i'm sad that trump didn't take my suggestion, what was that. >> andrea: shady lady. you think it came in close second? >> we'll ask him about the top three. quick correction, watertown, new york, is in upstate new york especially beautiful this time of year. long island so much fund to say. my bad. obama administration ramming up efforts to bring 10,000 syrians to the u.s. by september. could resettlement process bring safety to risk. could that play out in the legislation battle. i'm betty white and i'm known for
9:39 am
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♪ andrea: president obama will meet with german chancellor angela merkel during his
9:43 am
overseas trip. he will likely discuss the migrant crisis, that deeply damaged merkel's popularity and left germany facing waves of migrant violence. the state department is stepping up efforts to bring 10,000 syrian refugees in sent. so far only 1300 placed in the u.s. but a new surge operation in jordan, will help process the rest of the refugees. some, in as little as three months. so congressman, why isn't congress doing more? the president said i don't care about the threat of radical islamic jihadist, permeating groups of my grants. we've seen it happen in europe. why isn't congress doing more to slow down the process? or are they? >> we've actually done quite a few things to slow down the progress. all we're asking for these people to be vetted. number one strategy to keep the people right where they are
9:44 am
from. there need to be safety zones and places they can actually live and get back to where they came from? that should be the ultimate goal. we're in this position in large part because the president's failed policies in syria. he didn't hold on the red line. he didn't have a syria strategy. there is a reason why people are fleeing but we have no strategy on isis. we have no strategy in the middle east. you have to look at not only president obama and secretary kerry and secretary clinton. the failed policies that led to this, but that doesn't mean they need to come to the united states before they have been properly vetted. absolutely not. harris: we saw a beautiful optic when the first family coming in kansas and they arrived, but it also showed us something else that is not so beautiful, and that is the fact that the two year vetting process we have been told 18 to 20 four months would make us feel safer because the federal post can do due diligence and do that has shrunk to three month. very few things in life thaw vet in 90 days, effectively,
9:45 am
especially when you don't have a lot of information. sandra: and a lot of personnel. they have run out of personnel to conduct interviews. harris: this family was staying in turkey, they were there for refugees for three years and now they're here in it country. we've been told they did everything they needed to do. but how did we go from 24 month to lee? >> that is facade as well, these interviews are matters of minutes. they are not exhaustive. fbi director come and testified? harris: is this gut thing? >> when there is no documentation, no way to look at arrest records and back grounds and more than 70% of the people are processing and refugees are young males. i don't, we legally, lawfully bring into this country more than a million people a year. we're the most open generous country on the face of the planet. that doesn't mean we need to solve everybody's problems around the world. we have duty and obligation to
9:46 am
our citizens and fellow countrymen, to say they are not coming here and not speed up the process. look what happens on southwest border, people claiming asylum is up by huge percentages. this is so frustrating. harris: you're saying you're doing a whole lot in congress. but i don't hear the loud voices. maybe i'm missing it. andrea: there were laws in the bush administration gives president obama the ability to bring in refugees at will? so congresses hands are tied. what i don't understand, if there is seeming peace in syria, congressman as you said, keep them close to your home country or maybe in saudi arabia. we gave them 89 billion. sandra: great point. congressman that was your initial point. if we're going to be a part of the process, help these people stay where they are and where they want to be as we hear in many cases. what is the plan that you put forward to do that? >> part of it is playing defense and making sure they're not
9:47 am
getting into this country. they're not just streaming into -- sandra: looks like we're hands off and -- >> you guys are focusing on 1300 refugees? what about the people already here? what about the people born in the united states are radicalized? self-radicalized on line and by people overseas? we put emphasis in the wrong place. what ends up being a lot of hysteria, absolutely does and doesn't knisley bear out. >> today, ironically the boston marathon. those people were in this country based on asylum program where they went back to their country. you know what? i introduce ad bill. we passed it out of the judiciary committee. it says if you claim asylum go back to the home country you have to stay there. >> what about americans in this country who self-radicalized and -- >> -- program -- >> what about the people who were born here. >> even though there is law, there is no entry exit program. you can't tell who leaves and who comes.
9:48 am
when i get the sandwich and order 10th turkey sandwich, the southhampton, i get a free one. we can't tell whether you left the country or not? come on. >> you guys should be the ones fixing. >> it is already the law. >> but if the laws are so bad we don't know who is coming and going, then perhaps we need to different immigration system. >> the administration will not enforce the law. >> i think it is not asking too much for congress -- >> already the law. enforce the law. andrea: saying 1300 are already here. white house wants to bring in 60,000, you know it will never be just 60,000. you know what? tell that to the germans, right? they did not heed the warnings. all right, the supreme court taking up huge case today, as justices hearing arguments in a fight that could affect millions of people. the push by 26 states to stop president obama's executive actions on immigration. some could allow millions of illegals a pathway to social security benefits? i'm terrible at golf.
9:49 am
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. sandra: more "outnumbered" in a minute but let's get to jon scott with what is happening next hour of "happening now." >> hi, sandra. flooding prompting rescues in houston. flood warnings still in effect. when will texas get relief.
9:53 am
a former cop convicted of decades old murder is free after prosecutors offered proof he could not committed crime. the evidence that exonerates him and why he is now suing. a drone hit as passenger plane in what is believed to be the first incident of his kind. how officials scrambling to make sure it never happens again. that and more at top of the hour. sandra. sandra: we'll be watching. harris: a case that could affect millions of people and the presidential race. supreme court hearing fight over president obama's executive actions on immigration. whether the administration can enroll illegal immigrants, four million in two federal perha which would shield them from deportation and eligible for work. 2states, by texas, the use of exec power or the exec-upen. they say he exceeded the constitutional powers and put
9:54 am
too much financial burden on the states. andrea calls it extra constitutional, a word i love to hear you use. i want to ask you about this, congressman, when states feel pressure on financial systems how strong is the argument and does that win? if they can't handle it does everything get tabled? >> so far courts ruled texas and for years the president said and gave excuse why he couldn't do this because he couldn't just change the law. then when he woke up one morning, said all right i will change the law and we'll see, take it to court. we're being absolutely overrun in this country and president can not just do this unilaterally. the louis are on the books and it is not too much we ask to follow laws on the books. harris: extra constitutional, is it? andrea: i think it is but i'm not sure the court will view it as such. if we look what roberts done in
9:55 am
the past, congressman, he sort of made stuff up with relation to obamacare and other rulings. this time around is little bit different. the house of representatives gets to weigh in. tell us a little bit about that. >> speaker ryan led us in an effort, we pass ad piece of resolution, so we are taking the position that the president can not just unilaterally change this. this is why we have congress. this president is doing everything he can to make the presidency and executive more powerful and get rid of congress. that is just fundamentally wrong. harris: kennedy, i want to talk to you, to get your thoughts about the politics of this. >> yeah. oh, hi. i thought you were going to ask a specific question about it. andrea: no, on the show today. [laughter] >> hi. harris: you have the floor. >> okay. so, you have the president, i actually don't disagree with the spirit of this. if you have people who are willing to work and they want to come here and work and make money, then don't deport them. but if you have people who are coming here because they want entitlements you can't have it both ways.
9:56 am
you can't have open immigration and entitlement state which is what the democratic party wants. that is incredibly dangerous for the economy. but if you have people who want to come here and work, this is america, live the american dream. >> come through the front door. come through the front door. >> the beautiful wall. ♪ t attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. wi probably got that question 3 to 4 times a week. i'd always get asked if i was asian or moroccan or something else. so i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry. and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it just confirmed what i guess
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those hot dogs look good. oh yeah, hebrew national. they're all-beef like yours but they're also kosher. is that a big deal? i think so. because not just any beef goes into it. only certain cuts of kosher beef. i guess they're pretty choosy. oh, honey! here, have some of ours. oh! when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national sandra: what a monday! thank you to congressman jason chaffetz. how did i feel to be outnumbered again? >> it was fun a few things i
10:00 am
want to talk about with harris. harris: trouble. sandra: that is a tease of a lifetime. we'll have "outnumbered overtime" on the web. we'll reveal all secrets, to we're back on tv tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. fell today. cars and swim. >> life or death situations playing out in the houston area after widespread flash flooding. who is in the path of danger now? >> plus, it is almost five years. it has to be an end to this. >> he was wrongly convicted in one of the


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