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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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howie says, signed, social delivered, electronic, and what it disheartening. garland got his taxes in on time. he usually runs late. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 here in new york, where two weeks worth of deli stops stopsd subway swipes and traffic disasters come down to this, the new york primary and chance or both parties' front-runners to shut our if the competition. polls show hillary clinton and donald trump will big leads. nbc 4 new york and "the wall street journal" survey shows trump with 54%. that's more than double each of his rivals. ted cruz and john kashich. trump's number is very important because if he can get more than half of the votes in each of new york's congressional districts,
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he would sweep the state, at three delegates per district. if he gets anything less than 50% in any of the districts, new york awards two delegates to the winner and one to the runner up. that explains why ted cruz and john kashich are still stumping in the empire state, despite trump's big lead. today john kashich campaigned upstate. ted cruz held private meetings with supporters in manhattan. a trump win tomorrow would stop weeks of bleeding. he has been losing delegates in one state after another ever since his loss in the state of wisconsin. over the weekend ted cruz picked up almost all the delegates in wyoming and as he did following his other recent losses, donald trump was quick to call the whole thing rigged and corrupt. trump tweeted, lying ted cruz has to get his delegates from the republican bosses. won't work. ted cruz shot back, donald, over
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1.3 million people just voted in utah, understand, wisconsin, colorado, and wyoming you. lost off file in a row buy huge margin. hash tag no whining. >> the republican party bosses seem to be backing out of plans to change the rules before the convention in july. they were set to talk about possible changes at a meeting this week. but the republican party chair now says, any talk of changing the rules might just fuel donald trump's claims. >> i think it's too complicated. i think that the rnc rules committee, going forward with making rules amendment suggestions is -- it is not a good idea. >> but even if the republican party tries to plea vent the convention from becoming a circus, trump is pushing for exactly that and trying to cast him as the ringmaster. he told the "washington post" newspaper he wants to bring some show biz to cleveland. donald trump referred to the 2012 convention in tampa as the
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most boring he has ever seen. that is the year that donald trump recorded an appearance that got called off when a hurricane threatened the city. but trump claims party bosses cut his appearance because they were afraid to run it. so what was so controversial? it was actually a bit from trump's reality television show, telling president obama, you're fired. politics 2016 is fox's top story. carl cameron is live in buffalo new york ahead of a trump really there tomorrow. carl, can trump get a clean sweep of all the delegates in new york? >> it's entirely possible but it's going to be awfully tough. as you pointed out, the rules for the new york delegate wins require both wins in congressional districts and statewide, and if you don't do both then you don't get all. it's winnertake most, and both case sick and cruz have been working hard in a couple of districts hoping to peel back enough so went be able to get a clean sweep. nonetheless trump's target is 80
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delegates and he has to win statewide in this most congressional districts but no all of them. he also threatened if he becomes the nominee to do away with reince priebus as the rnc chairman and didn't rule it out over the course of the weekend. the rnc responded today saying no candidate is going to get rid of the rnc chairman until 2007 when his term is up. reince priebus was nancely re-elected and is in his third term. >> what are ted cruz and john kashich doing today in their effort to try to stop trump and. >> well, for the most part what they're doing is insisting that this is going to go to the convention where the nomination will be contested, and in the case of ted cruz, he is looking ahead to the states that vote next week, already been downplaying the possibility of any kind of big delegate counsel here. john kashich expects to get a now delegates out of new york, but when you look ahead to next week, there is more momentum ahead for donald trump. most of the atlantic coastal
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states voting next week, five in total, if to there has been a'll there donald trump has been way ahead of them. so that would be more momentum for him. it's still possible he could get to the 1237 needed to clinch the nomination before the convention, ted cruz is looking very closely as trying to stop him in indiana. >> carl cameron, live in buffalo. thank you. let's bring in zeke miller, polite:reporter for "time." you have a piece today out talking about this potential for a rule change. there was a lot of discussion about it. there was supposed to have been a meeting this week on how to change the rules and what the, quote, establishment could do that's off now. >> well, the meeting will still tapes. the rnc is having a scheduled spring meeting in hollywood, florida, at the diplomat hotel. the rules commitow will still meet but the chairman of the republican party issued a stop work order to the rules committee. not a formal one. he doesn't have that authority to do that. there's no mechanism for it.
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but certainly he has enough loyalists on the committee, he was napoli re-elected, a lot of friends and allies, and a lot of them are in agreement that there's no point in changing the rules right now because, a., they can't bed changed. the rules of the republican party cannot be changed until the convention. and the second thing is that optically-given where we are in the race, where the race is going, given the criticism from donald trump, priebus wants to maintain the republican's party appears of neutrality and any effort to change the rules would undermine that talking point at a time when it critical for the rnc to remain on the -- >> the main rule that they're said to be interested in change is 40b, the rule that requires every today who is -- every candidate who is available to put into knock nation have won the majority of delegates in eight states. sounds leak you're not saying they won't try to change the rule. soundses like they won't try to
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change today. >> absolutely. there will be a move in cleveland, one way or the other, to change the rules. if donald trump's at 137 there will be a move to change the rule, potentially by his supporter to prevent ted cruz from being nominated elm that's what mitt romney did with ron paul four years ago. sortly in cleveland the rules will be changed. right now all the republican non committee can do is make recommendations to the committee later, and reince priebus is telling members of the republican party's governing body it's not worth having that filth right now. it's counterproductive to their goals. >> you wonder if that wouldn't motivate trump supporters to go out in even larger numbers if that's possible, just because that would be sort of a bullet he could shoot, a storyline he could go through over the next, i don't know, 12 hours or so. now he won't have that. >> exactly right. you can envision the scenario in which on tuesday or wednesday, in florida, there are all these amendments being floated to the party rules. that would disenfranchise trump
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supporter s and make things more difficult. the whole talkinghunt has been the rules have been set since october 1st when the state parties submitted their plans and trying to keep it that way. if they've trialed to change rules now that would undermine it in cleveland it's a different story. those delegate selected -- whether democratically elected process or by party leaders and that's an easier thing for the party to defend itself against, and so much other chaos in cleveland it mite get overshadowed as well. >> putting it off for another day. thank you. more politics coming but a fox urgent first. hundreds of rescues around houston abuse of the flooding there. epic. the water is so deep emergency crews cannot reach some people. a thousand homes flooded in harris county, which includes
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houston. houston's official web site warns, and i quote, this is life-threatening emergency. avoid travel at all costed. see this here? family using a floating refrigerator to evacuate a flooded apartment complex. the kid riding along inside the fridge. some areas have gotten more than a foot and a half of rain since last night. some reports were, 16 inches of rain in a 24-hour period, and look at what people are going through here. earlier local abc news reporter was on scene, when he spotted this man trammed in the sinking car. he yelled at him to get out of there. the driver swam to safety, and the reporter helped him get his footing and then -- you see him with a microphone there and then interviewed him. the driver didn't realize the water was to deep. forecasters expect even more rain in the houston area over the next two or three days, and the warning is out and it is strong and they're hoping everyone in the houston harris county area will heed the warning and that is, do not go
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out and try to travel because the waters come and go so quickly that so many people have gotten trapped. this is a very, very serious situation. in and around houston and across the southeast, where the rain has just been not biblical but hard to imagine if you're is not there. harris county in houston, texas, underwater, in many parts. back to politics in a moment. a new poll shows what g.o.p. vote hey to say about the idea of nominating a so-called white knight. instead of somebody who actually ran for president, bring in somebody who didn't. republicans also weighing weighn what should happen if in candidate gets a majority of delegates by july and that's a very real possibility. what if donald trump doesn't get 1237? we talk about it endlessly. what do you do then? now they're coming together to talk about and it that's next. ooh... >>psst. hey... where you going? we've got that thing!
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if you want to be president, you should run for president. that's what most republican voters are now saying in a new poll. 71% say it would be unacceptable for the republican party to nominate someone who was not a candidate this year. that's according to a new survey from "wall street journal" and nbc news. and 62% say the party should nominate the candidate who gets the most votes. even if it's not a majority. that is obviously donald trump's argument. but party bosses say the rules are the rules and you have to win a majority to be the
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nominee. jason is here, senior video producer for "the wall street journal." i'm guessing that people might remember al gore had similar argument when he won the popular vote. this is not about the popular vote. this is only about the rules, but americans seem set on it. >> they do. this survey was of republican primary voters. and i think at this point everybody knows what a contested convention is. it cop junior up ims of smoky backrooms and that's exactly what these voters do not want. they don't want a decision made behind the scenes where so-called white knight candidate comes in, party bosses pick someone who they human being has the best chance of beating the tell creak nominee. they want the nominee to be one who ran and if you dig other into the numbers they feel like the person who gets the nomination should have gotten the most total votes, which would be trump, or the most total death del delegates, also trump. there is hope for ted cruz in
12:15 pm
that you have 55% of people who say, if he is able to pull people away from delegates away from other candidates who dropped out and is able to get the nomination that way, okay, fine, then he can get the nomination. >> you wonder what would happen after the first ballot if there aren't 1237. if he has already channeled -- i hope there's no violence issue hope there's no violence, and if a that's not a dog whistle, there's never been one. >> 45% 0 of people century viewed said -- these are run primary voters -- 45% of them said, donald trump should run as an independent if he is denied the nomination and he comes into the convention with more delegates than anyone else. that is a split party. that's almost, like, mutual assured destruction pact they're making if they decide to do that because if that -- that rupees the chains of whoever does gett. >> you have to assume they understand that if he does that,
12:16 pm
there's virtually no chance of a republican winning, or no chance of donald trump or a republican winning because the number us aren't there his unfavorability numbers overall. his favorability numbers are 24% across the nation. >> would be mutually assured destruction, about 45% of primary voters say they're willing to good that route if he is in donald trump's words, not treated fairly and that's the term he continues to use to say, if i'm not treated fairly, then we'll see about -- by at the delegates, by the party, by the convention, if it becomes a contested convention we'll see what happens. not saying what that what-if is. >> you wonder what these discussions behind closed doors with party leaders that were supposed to try to smooth things over, donald trump saying he wants to be the uniter to bring the party together. those sound like words. and little more. given his new statement, it's all rigged. how can you be trying to run for the nomination, trying work under their rules and yet say
12:17 pm
it's rigged at the same time. seems to counter one another. >> well, did you see among people polled recently that they're a little confused what they think should happen in terms of whether it should be the person who gets the most delegates going into this or -- i did see a way for ted cruz to get the nomination as well. so there isn't a majority for any one particular outcome. so, you're looking at a major mess. that's what those poll numbers indicate if this turns into a contested convention in july. >> he has a rally tonight. we'll have coverage of that tonight. jason bellini, thank you. hillary clinton join egg rank's the lying ted little marco, how she is responding to a nickname from donald trump and bernie sanderses not worried about the poll that show to chin top with a big lead ahead of tomorrow's primary in new york. that's coming up. stay with us.
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trump is has now given hillary clinton a nickname, like he did with his republican rivals. there beings little marco, lying ted, low energy jeb bush and now there's this. >> and then, of course, we have crooked hillary. crooked hillary, folks. she has been crooked from the beginning, and to think she has a shot at being our president? crooked hillary clinton with can't let it happen. >> of course he calls the entire republican nominating process rigged and crook it the democratic front-runner brushed it off. she says i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults. secretary clinton has been facing attacks from bernie
12:22 pm
sanders ahead of new york's primary tomorrow. recent poll shows she is holding on to a double-digit lead here in the empire state. the real clear politics average has her up by 13-point nissan terse camp points out the polls have been wrong before, and they like to talk about internal polling. ed henry is live. what's hillary clinton up to today, ed? >> reporter: she just wrapped up a rally behind me here at a mid-town hotel in manhattan. about as fired up as i've seen her. she did not directly respond to donald trump's attacks but went after him and other republicans saying in particular trumps comments on muslims are a big mistake and in a general election she would hammer him over them. she has talking about how she believes that given her experience as a senator from the state she will pin tomorrow. -- she will win tomorrow. watch. >> i want you to know that new
12:23 pm
york had my back and i always tried to have your back, and i will again if i'm so fortunate enough to be elected your president. >> reporter: i spoke to one of clinton's top advisers this morning who told me they do not believe these polls showing that she has a double-digit lead. they think it's closer but they're still confident she will have a subject digit victory over sanders -- a single digit victory over sanders. >> then there's the expectations game, the expectations war here. what is an expectations win in your estimation, ed? >> reporter: well, if bernie sanders can get within a couple of points of hillary clinton, here in her adopted home state, people certainly try to spin it as a big win, but the bottom line for sanders is he has to not come close. he has to win and he has to win big, and i have to say last night he had a massive rally in brooklyn, over 28,000 people. here he is.
12:24 pm
>> i just want to say a word to thank all of you for the courage to stand up for justice against corporate greed. we're going to win this thing. thank you. >> reporter: so he is getting far bigger crowds than clinton but has to get those folks to actually turn out here tomorrow, and the point is that he may be able to spin a small victory over small loss as big deal but he has to win and win big to start catching up to her in the delegates. that's the bottom line. >> ed henry, thank you. let's bring in james homen now, national political correspondent for "washington post." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this idea from the sanders camp they're floating -- they do to all of us -- that their internal polling -- and campaigns do their own personal polling dish the internal polling shows it's getting
12:25 pm
tighter and tighter. what are we to make of that if anything? >> i don't necessarily buy it. think there's a lot of public survey research. michigan was a big upset. what makes new york different than a lot of the states beany has done well in, two things. this is a closed primary. only registered democrats can vote. among registered democrats hillary won in states that sanders won because he brought in independences and in new york there's they working families party, very liberal group, which is tens of thousands of people not eligible to vote in at the democratic primary, and sanders has not done dwell diverse states with large african-american populations and hispanic population us. new york has both of those things. i think that will hurt him. he has a lot of energy. going to end up winning brooklyn, where he had that huge rally that ed henry just mentioned. but the demographics just don't work for him in new york. >> another thing, along that point, if you're in new york and woke up a couple months ago and said maybe bernie does have a
12:26 pm
chance, i'll switch from independent to democrat. say you decided to do that in january. it was way too late. >> it was -- october was the deadline. so that's why two of donald trump's grown children aren't going to be able to vote for him on tuesday bus they're not registered republicans. so it cuts both ways and that hurts sanders. >> this idea of momentum is one thing. but the more important matter is that of math. and if you're able to get the majority or even the vast majority of delegates out of the state of new york, it's very, very hard to chart a mathematical path, isn't it? >> it is. sanders already has a really hard time chart, a mathematical path. right now he need two-thirds of the pledged delegates out there. getting harder and harder with each contest. even though he won a bunch in a row, they have been small states. the last nine states combined equal far fewer delegates and votes. new york is the biggest prize of
12:27 pm
the 30 states that have voted and if he loses, hillary is going to expand her delegate lead and we'll be in a situation where clinton could lose big contestes, she could lose california in june and still easily have enough delegates to win the nomination in philadelphia. >> james, i've heard a lot of republicani've heard a lot of analysts, pundits, say we're even still talking bit this democratic race as if it's a two-person x-rays not sealed is kind of fake. that this really is a done deal. it that true? >> well, i think new york is really important. if sanders can't win in new york, it's going to be -- i think that will be the case. sanders does win in new york -- he did win in upstate in michigan. you can't good-got to wait until you count the votes. if sanders does win in new york it changes the dynamic quite a lot. then hillary does look a lot more vulnerable.
12:28 pm
if hillary witches -- that's why both are working so hard in this state -- it's going to be difficult to plot out a chart. just a few weeks ago the sanders people were saying it was incredibly illegitimate that hillary looks like she would be winning the nomination with super delegates. increasingly sanders' only path to get to the nomination is for super delegates to break in his favor. so you have a lot of bernie supporters making the opposite argument they were making two weeks ago. >> she has a bigger lead than barack obama did at this point and not by just a few. great to see you, thanks. >> that's importance news outside of politics. you can make the argument there's some politics in here. there's a showdown at the supreme court over president obama's executive actions on immigration. this is a big one. a decision would affect millions and millions of people living undocumented in the united states, but the important thing about this case is probably whether there's standing for texas to even be there in the
12:29 pm
court, and that could be the difference. we'll give you the details. pentagon send hundreds of u.s. troops to iraq. we'll hear from the defense secretary about what the american forces will actually be doing in iraq in the fight against isis. we're fast approaching the bottom of the hour. that means the top of the news on "shepard smith reporting." glad you're here. my goal was to finally get in shape.
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headlines from the fox news deck. the 120th boston marathon kicked off this morning. tens of thousands of people taking part. police say security was tight, as it has been each year since 201 when kuo bombs went off. today kenya swept the men's and women's races. today is patriots day in massachusetts and maine so people there have to tomorrow to file their tax return. the deadline for the rest of us is midnight tonight, but we got extra days because washington, dc had its holiday on friday, emancipation day. the irs reports the average refund is 2800 bucks. the university of buffalo sent acceptance e-mails to thousands of potential students before telling them hours later, my bad. that's according to a spokesman help said the school is still looking over applications and the decisions have not yet been
12:33 pm
made. the news continues coming up.
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the supreme court today hearing arguments in a case that could undo president obama's executive action on immigration. that action would block a deportation of about 4 million people who are living undocumented in the united states. it would also make them eligible to work here. runs say president obama is overstepping his authority so texas and 25 other states went to court to block his plan. the president says congress failed to overhaul themes system so he is taking action on his open. shannon breen is live at the court. >> reporter: you mentioned earlier there's this issue of standing, whether the states have the right to be here. texas and the other states are arguing there is a financial hit they will take because of those policies. they say things like driver's licenses, public benefits, health care, will be innings impacted. there's a price tag. plenty of justices seemed september e skeptical about that.
12:36 pm
if it inland's standing the case is over. the executive branch has the right to do this and congress wouldn't act so it did. critics of that position say no president has the right to act just because congress doesn't. that goes beyond tugs constitutionol boundaries. thousands protesting, at times heated, about inside the justices carefully waded through extensive argument and discussion tough questions. focus on justice kennedy, and today he seemed skeptical how this played out. he said it appears the executive branch is setting policy and expecting congress to carry it out rather than the other way around. the said, quote, that seems to me to have it backwards. it's as if the president is setting the policy congress is executing it. that's upside down. several of the other justices said this is the reality. there are millions of people here legally -- illegally and there aren't new resources to -- justice ginsburg said, how much
12:37 pm
of a factor is the reality we have 11.3 million illinois documented illegal alien and congress has provided funds for moving a fraction of that. priorities have to be set. a decision in this case i due by the end of june but remember it could be as high, if that the case, the lower court put the president's programs on hold to supporters of the programs have to hope they'll get at least five of the justice' votes. >> thank you. the united states is sending 200 more u.s. troops to iraq in an effort to help in the fight against isis. the defense secretary ash carter made that announcement after arriving in baghdad this morning help says these additional troops will be forward but they will be advisers. to help iraqi fors also they try to kick out the islamic state from mosul. u.s. officials say this will bring the total number of american troops in iraq to more than 4,000. jennifer griffin at the pentagon this afternoon. what did he say the u.s. will
12:38 pm
also be sending in there. not just people? >> reporter: that's right. in fact in baghdad defense secretary ash carter announced the u.s. will be sending apache gun ships, which, remember, the iraqis say they didn't want a year ago. the additional troops will help iraqi forces retake mosul. >> we are going to place additional advisers with the iraqi security forces now down to brigade and battalion hurricane. >> also being sent, powerful mobile rocket artillery system to provide cover for iraqi troops. it's the first time u.s. forces will be deployed at the battalion level, meaning in smaller units northeasterly the front lines. the u.s. has convinces the iraqi government to allow it to send $415 million in badly needed military aid to the kurdish fightes. the money will go through
12:39 pm
baghdad. >> the new u.s. troops to be forward deployed but to work on bases. have they given an explanation why now? >> because the pentagon wants to nudge the iraqis to get moving on their plans to retake mosul. the second largest city in iraq and also because president obama is going to be in saudi arabia on wednesday where he is likely to find a hostile set of sunni arab gulf allies and plans to ask them to do more in iraq. the white house balked when asked today if this was mission creep. >> these are men and women in our military who are putting. thes in harm's way for our national security. we owe them a debt of gratitude. that is different than the kind of ground combat mission that more than hundred thousand u.s. service members had when president bush sent them into iraq. the mission they have now is quite different. >> this is the first significant boost in troops since last june.
12:40 pm
>> thank you. to israel, where police now confirm a bomb detonated aboard a bus today, right in the heart of jerusalem. in the pictures you can see fire some smoke all around that bus. at least 21 people were hurt, according to the israeli police official twitter account. but not on that bus. it was empty. earlier investigators said they weren't sure what caused the blast but have now called it's terror attack, the police have. they says it's too early to know who the attacker was bus they know an explosive device detonatedded there in the back of the vehicle. it is important to note that bus was empty. most injuries were in a bus alongside that one. this blast comes during a month-long string of violence between israelis and palestinians which has left more than 200 people dead. rescuers from all over the worlds are now headed to ecuador after this weekend's 7.8 magnitude earthquake. the country's security minister says at least 350 people are now dead.
12:41 pm
thousands injured. and the search continues for victims trapped beneath the rubble. scientists say the quake was the strong test to hit ecuador in decades. flattened buildings and buckled highways along the coast in more images in today's slide show. this first image, heartbreaking one. a little boy crying after finding his sister died inside that earthquake. here volunteers rescue somebody from a destroyed building. no word on how that person is doing right now but you can see underneath the pink sheet, this next one even more disturbing. another image we can see a hand reaching out from the wreckage, officials say thousands of people are homeless. here survivors sleep under a makeshift tent in an emergency shelter there. so many people have nowhere to be, and this last image shows a tribute to some of the victims, candles burning in front of a collapsed building. again, ecuador in crisis tonight. ahead, back to the presidential race here at home.
12:42 pm
donald trump claims he is self-funding his campaign. right? but there's a brand new report that he is also raised millions and millions of dollars from donors. in fact, some of. the have given so much they've maxed out. a reporter who spoke with some of those donors join us next. what kind of people are they? well, kind of backgrounds do they come from? that's ahead on "shepard smith reporting." stay with us. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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12:46 pm
the max allowed, which right now is 2700 bucks. julie wrote the article and is a national political reporter for the ap. who are these people? >> well, it's a real elect tick mix of people. when i first startled reporting the story i thought i would find folks who know trump personally because he is not holding traditional dinner fundraisers and things like bat bit wasn't like that. it's people who just really feel strongly that they want him in the white house. they love his personality. and in many cases they just went to his web site to check out and there they found the donate button and thought, that's a pretty good idea. >> not everybody is a republican. >> not everyone on the list was a republican, and i focused on the 200 people who have given the maximum amount allowed by law, as you said, 2700. >> in the recuring themes? >> lots of people in the real estate industry. that's sort of led me to believe
12:47 pm
these are people who might know him but it's a lot of self-starters, lots of entrepreneurs, ceos executives, people who have blazed their open trails and account help but think that's part of why they look them. >> you talked to few of them. >> i di. >> anything stick out. >> a lot of people were excited to talk to their friends and family and associates about him. there wasn't any sort of hesitation, and these are very passionate because they're giving the mask amount and they're not show of telling people they're supportive of trump and try to win others over to the cause. they have a lot of discuss with that. when they start talking to their friends they find there are some points of agreement there. >> is the outsider theme the biggest part or is it about the wall? what is the biggest thing? >> there were some issues that stuck out to knee. wall was a big one. also free trade. he talks busy trade and making america sort of more of a winner on trade resonates with people.
12:48 pm
more than anything it's his force of personality. they just really believe that the country needs a huge shakeup and he is the one to do it. we just kept circling back to that. people would literally say to me he wants to make america great again, which is his slogan and seems to be sticking well. >> the branding seems to be working across so many polls, in so many places. the fact remains if he becomes the nominee, he'll have millions of dollars. he won't be self-funding nextly when he become -- if becomes the republican nominee, right? >> well, still very murky what he will. do he said that he wants to help the republican party raise money if he is the nominee so that's one way his campaign benefits without him directly having to raise money for his own campaign, because he can partner with the republican party if he is the nominee. but i think that he would probably have pretty good grassroots appeal. he could probably raise a lot of money in small donor amounts just like bernie sanders does.
12:49 pm
just because he does resonate with so many different types of people so i would look to see him doing something more on the small dollar front if he becomes the nominee. >> certainly a lot of enthusiasm out there. julie, the article probably in your news feed if you're subscribed. a drone reportedly colliding with a passenger jet. hear about this? plenty of close calls in the past but this, as far as we can tell, the first actual cash of drone into a jet. we'll fine out what happened and what officials are doing to keep it from happening again. that's next.
12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
police investigating after a british airplanes pilot reported a drone hit his jet as he
12:53 pm
trained lan at heathrow outside of london. the a-320 was head to lon don't with 130 people onboard. nobody got hurt. if it does check out and there's no reason to disbelieve it -- it would be the first recorded incident of a collision between a drone and a passenger jet. probably not the last. lea gabrielle is here. what more do we know? >> this happened when then plane was coming into land at 1700 feet above the ground. this airplane was inspect sped cleared to fly again but it raises the question of, what happens when airplanes collide with drones, and there's a little research been done on what effect a drone would have itself it flieses into a jet engine, birds often cause engine failures. some researcher developed this an nation to show how a quad copter drone could cause an engine to break up. there are a lot of variables that would alter that result. like for example what the drone was made up of are and aviation
12:54 pm
experts say it's more like the drone will hit the fuselage or the wind screen and birds can cause a lot of damage. these little recreational drones weigh less than birds. >> they've been predicting this because there's been so many close calls in the united states. >> some of our nation's busiest airports. take jfk here in new york, for example. just in january a jetblue pilot report nearly colliding with a drone just after taking off. last august, at jfk, drone flew within 25 feet of a landing jet, and in dallas at dallas love feel, 747 encountered a drone a hugh hundred fred feet off the wing and less than a mile from touching down. an aviation expert says that the faa is in the process of settling rules for drone operations. >> they're taking the appropriate steps but the problem is for the people, the children, or -- that the recreational use of drones, there really is right now just
12:55 pm
recommendations. with the exception of within five miles of an airport. >> that file -- five miles is a rule already in place. recreational drones north allowed to operate over 400 feet. now the faa requires drones to be registered they weigh more than half a pound and supposed to be kept win individual range and not be playing around crowded places but for recreationat use that's at bit. the faa reports 100 drones are seen -- 100 drone sitings by aircraft per month right now. >> thank you. back flips can be dangerous and more so if you're doing one over the top of a speeding racecar. not all that smart. they tried it, huh? >> yes. the guy who did it is a very accomplished hollywood stunt man, has worked as a stunt double for daniel craig in a james bond movie so this guy is a professional. don't try this at home.
12:56 pm
check out the video here. >> whoa. >> makes the jumping are right? >> the car missed him. how fast. >> going 60-miles-an-hour and this is a formula e car. an electric racecar. it's a separate series, kind of like formula one, but with electric cars and it's actually a stunt driver drive thing car as well they parades it a few time with the car speeding alongside him and he made it. >> stuck the landing. we'll be right back. sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up. but not his blood pressure.
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trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ on this day in 1934 the first laundromat opened its doors. happened in fort worth. the wash tere a had four machines. the automatic machines were apparently not so reliable back then. you might even see smoke coming out of them. today there's still thousands tf
1:00 pm
laundromats after folked started collecting coins for laundry, in 1934. the dow is above 18,000. if its closes there, the first time since july. cavuto knows. >> we love this city. you look at the other folks running, they couldn't care less about new york. we do care about new york. we care about new york a lot. and we care about new york values. >> yes, yes. >> do we nominate donald trump and hand the election to hillary clinton? >> no! >> 0 do we unite behind the cruz campaign and beat hillary clinton? [cheering] >> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and, well, the countdown is on until new york voters get to start having their say. 95 delegates up for grabs for runs tomorrow, and the polls seem to indicate it is donald dd


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