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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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laundromats after folked started collecting coins for laundry, in 1934. the dow is above 18,000. if its closes there, the first time since july. cavuto knows. >> we love this city. you look at the other folks running, they couldn't care less about new york. we do care about new york. we care about new york a lot. and we care about new york values. >> yes, yes. >> do we nominate donald trump and hand the election to hillary clinton? >> no! >> 0 do we unite behind the cruz campaign and beat hillary clinton? [cheering] >> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and, well, the countdown is on until new york voters get to start having their say. 95 delegates up for grabs for runs tomorrow, and the polls seem to indicate it is donald dd trump's race to lose.
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maybe he can get all of the delegates. hard to say. this much is not. his chair in the state is a former gubernatorial naker to candidate. big trump supporter and believes it will be a big day and night for his candidate. do you think he has to win virtually all those delegates, carl? >> we're certainly trying. we have been work only this four four or five months and think that program worked pretty good. i followed him across upstate new york. i had prepared the schedule. every venue, we drew crowds two and three times the size expected inch buffalo tonight it's going 0 be a boomer. we stopped -- >> going to be speaking there tonight, right? >> coming to speak. he'll be here at 7:00. we contributed 28,000 --
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disdistributed 28,000 tickets. >> i was caught by your comments where you said this dustup with the republican party establishment, for lack of a better word you said if they try steal this election and give it to one thereof their crony the people will be very, very upset. they're not going to show up at election time, that's for sure. are you saying that you would rather people sit on their hands than vote for whoever the nominee is if it's not donald trump? >> if it's not the people's choice, then republican leaders should be -- they should be driven from the party, and the only way to do that is to stay home and put the republican party to bed once and forever. they don't own it. it's not theirs. it belongs to be the people. they've fool around with rule 40b it's wrong weapon all know that. the people know that. and their reaction, i can't predict and neither can anybody else that i know. we don't know what the reaction
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in the pock will be but i'll be asking people to stay home if they try to put their establishment candidate in there. >> 80% of the people right now are supporting the outsider candidates. to take that away from them would be a terrible, terrible thing, and a terrible injustice, immoral -- >> 80% of the people are not supporting donald trump. he has got 'more del -- delegates. he doesn't get to the 1237 he doesn't get there and he might. i know you're confident he will before the convention, just might do that. but sounds if he doesn't get, comes close, you think he has been robbed in some way. >> if he holds the majority of the delegates at the time of the convention he should receive he nomination and i don't think be people that support donald trump will take anything else. >> if he didn't have the majority of the delegates, why
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should he win because he is close? >> because he is the people's choice. what i have illustrated by saying that both cruz and trump represent 80% of the entire rank and foil of the republican party, for the republican party to try to take it away from him and give it to a kashich or an unknown at this time, would be disengine use to the people. >> you're a great student of history. you know these things. all of a sudden you know that there are things -- you don't get on the first ballot, might do it on the second ballot, but to rewrite history because your guy doesn't get it, sounds like a sore loser. know you're not. >> it's not saying i'm a sore loser. it's saying that what has been going on all these years, when they gave us romney and gave us mccain, is that the party has rigged the election protocol to
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better themselves and put their own people in -- >> but he knew the rules. you're a shrewd businessman. he is a -- he knew the rule in states like wyoming and colorado. he knew -- >> doesn't have any -- he done have any problem playing by the rules. but if they try to engineer a convention, and give it to somebody other than him or cruz, okay, i think the american people are going to be very, very upset. >> would you have been this way in 1860 when they settled on this guy on the third ballot, i think his name was abraham lincoln? >> abraham lincoln is somewhat set apart from the rest of this. >> all right. then i'll go 20 years later. james garfield, 1880. almost 40 ballots before they got to him, and he won. >> yep. i can't speak to the past. i'm speaking to the present.
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they have to play by the rules. if they try to change the rules or injury -- rig the voting they've changed the rules that everybody started playing by, and that's wrong. >> but the one rule that was a constant throughout was that you needed 1,237. like you said, your coiled might get there anyway and all this is malt. but you seem to be saying if he doesn't get there and is close, give it to him name by that math we would have never had lincoln or garfield. >> that's where the true leaders step up. a good leader is going to recognize what the people want, and ensure that the candidate is who the people want. >> allall right. carl, good talking to you. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> now, the other side. ted cruz supporter, what do you make of what he just said there? i think he was saying your candidate, because he has been
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in the race, and gone through all of this, he would be deserving if he got the delegates but he seemed to be going a step further, if it isn't donald trump, people should -- at least trump supporter should sit on their hand. >> i agree with carl that the nominee needs to be ted cruz or donald trump. unlike in 1860 where abraham lincoln was the dark horse and won on the third ballot, i think that the new rules is in place and needs to remain in place. this needs to be a transparent process. i know the cruz camp is in communication with the rnc. recommending weekly or even daily meetings as we get closer to the convention, to discuss an open and transparent environment with all candidates' representatives on board to hash out what the contested convention -- >> you want them to hash that
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out. in other words, candidates who won eight states only your candidate and donald trump would qualify. john kashich would not. by that definition, what you're saying is, they have to stake to that rule again and again and again, you would have trump and cruz fighting it off in one ballot after another, even after a few ballots that rule presumably would go be the way side you. don't want to go by the wayside. you want these two guys to fight fight it. >> yes, die. if think they've change the rules they're looking for chaos and a scramble and protesters and everything the party doesn't want. i have to hand to it you. last may when i was on your program you predicted a cob 0 -- contested convention. >> i predicted that's year ago. i want to focus on this. at the time i was arguing 70 people in the race, they are portion things out and will be difficult for anyone to have delegates. mr. trump included. having said that do you feel
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that if donald trump got the nomination in, let's say, first ballot, second pallet, your guy lost, you could support trump result. do you think cruz backers would be like trump backers would be, feeling robbed and then not vote in november? >> well, everyone has to ask themselves what our common goal, our common enemy is a democrat -- >> you would support donald trump. >> absolutely. will support or nominee. won't eat one of our own. >> it's always fun having you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's look at what happened on the corn oral wall and broad. this is weird. we had opec and other oil producing companies fail to reach agreement on production, and everyone field oil prices would tumble, and early on they did. they've stabilized but you know what turned the puppy around? for my money i think wait hasbro, the big toymaker and
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have "star wars" toys. and it leaded to hope that the numbers are going to be better than expected and that mind blind the face of the consensus that calls for earnings deextracting or reversing. if that doesn't happen that would be a supplies. the supreme court and a lot of clashes today over the issue of illegal immigrants and detaining their deportation. can the president do that? a congressman who found out, it's a hard sell. >> why are you all yelling? you want to be citizens of america? and conduct yourselves in a fashion where you try to shout down someone? who is exercising their right to freedom of speech? >> [overlapping speakers] >> okay. could the president violate the constitution and the law --
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[shouting] over -- [inaudible]
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outside the u.s. supreme court today, eight justices -- don't have a ninth one -- eight justices weighing arguments on the president's executive order of delaying deportations on upwards of five million illegals and both sides were expressing their points of view, including this fellow, who is very concerned that -- that the president was overreaching. not everybody supported what he was saying. >> it's not peaceable to try to shout people down. you're supposed to be demonstrating what good citizens you would matter rare than the kind of actions that you have here. >> shame on you! shame on you! shame on you!
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>> the guy who had to endure that, steve king, iowa run congressman. a ted cruz supporter. were you expecting that, congressman? >> well, yes, i was. i had been there and through that experience a couple three times before. and when you walk up and you see the crowd and you see the actions of it, that's the level that we're faced with here in the city. it's not a calm dialogue, not a constitutional discussion. in fact, they actually had a mariachi band to serenade the supreme court. >> the argument is that you and those who want to reign rein the president on this, and congress can't be bypassed on an issue, that you're racists. how did you answer that? >> well, they'd have to go back and point to some state. i talk about the constitution, the rule of law, american destiny, american exceptionalism, and i don't know how they define -- what race
1:16 pm
they actually define themselves as. think most of. the would say they're hispanic. spanish was some of the chants today but i don't know what race that might be. and so i think they need to get a little precise. more precise utilization of the english language. >> congressman issue want to get your take on hillary clinton's take, that barack obama didn't go far enough, and that he should have looked to been much more liberal on this policy for want of a better term. in other words, might be the right direction but she as president would do more. does that mean that the court splits on this, 4-4, then lower court rulings would stand choo compel the president, whoever he or she is to honor deportations as they stand. right now, we're not deporting
1:17 pm
people. >> neil, this is the trouble we have here before at the supreme court today. it's astonishing to me, as one who learned my respect and understanding for the constitution and rule of law at a younger age, believes the justices in the supreme court, who took an oath to support and defend the constitution, just like the members of the united states congress do, could find anything other than there is a separation of powers, congress writes all the laws, and neither the president nor the supreme court writes any laws. but it's before a supreme court that ruled on obamacare almost a year ago, that they could write law. that was june 24th. on king versus burwell, and now they're hearing a case whether the president can suspend law and make up his own. it's appalling to me that a president of the united states would take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states, the be obligated to take care that the laws be faithfully executed and then simply ignore and it turn his back on it. if this court finds the president has tone force the law
1:18 pm
he'll find another excuse not. to that's the precarious state of our constitutional republic today. >> quickly, as a big ted cruz backer, we heard from a number of trump backers including the state chairman, if his guy doesn't win, donald trump doesn't win the nomination, he is urging trump backers to silts the election out. what do you think of that? >> i just wince when i hear this, neil. i've watched for the last two weeks or more as donald trump argued the nomination process itself is flawed, and that it's being gamed by insiders. and he has known what the rules are all along. 'll just take this to a fast forward on this. most hover the pundits think that neither trump nor cruz will get to cleveland with the majority of the delegates in hand on the first automatic ballot. and so then the second or subsequent ballots will determine by majority who the nominee is, that is the rules. can you imagine a donald trump making a stink about it ooh be somehow he way he totals up the
1:19 pm
primary ballots across the state, rather than by the delegates who are in cleveland selected for this process? what if he is nominated and he wins the popular vote and loses the electoral vote. would he then claim he really should be president of the united states because he makes up his own rules and howl the election process should go? >> real quickly again, though, do you sense that if it -- we have had a number of trump backers say, don't change the rules as they are. if it's a matter of cruz and trump going at it on one ballot after not so be it. but don't bring other outside candidates in. multiple ballots until a winner is decided. what do you think of that? >> those are the rules and i talked with ted cruz directly about this some weeks ago, as i have said publicly, we need to good into convention, need to play by the rules, support the nominee produced by the rules, but we should not subvert them by public statements which donald trump is doing. >> all right. thank you very much.
1:20 pm
congressman. those are the rules as they stand right now. the only two who could participate in multiple ballots, donald trump and ted cruz. how too you think that will go over? let's say when we're on ballot 39. after this.
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other big democratic race in new york as well tomorrow, and doesn't ed henry know it. a look how that is factoring out right now. >> reporter: obviously after bernie sanders winning eight of the nine last contests, hillary clinton wants to stop his momentum. he certainly is also beating her in terms of money, and that keeps him in this race for a long time. longer than the clinton camp ever wanted. since this is her adopted home state, they're hoping these polls suggesting that she has a
1:24 pm
double-digit lead will stop the sanders momentum and mathematically just hit putt him in danger of never being able to catch up. spoke to a senior clinton adviser who told me they are getting nervous when you look at the large rallies bernie sanders has been having, over 28,000 people last night. a lot of big rallies. that was the biggest one of the campaign. they think this may be the single digit territory and sanders may be closes in. this clinton adviser says they're still confident clinton will billion. what she is doing to make sure she has resources to is to raise a lot of money ask over the weekend she had two mega bucks fundraiser is with george clooney. the sanders case. complain about the size of the money out there. what the clinton camp is pointing out she is not just raising money for the her campaign, she is planning for the general election and raise money for house and senate democrats. hillary clinton expecting to be the nominee after a big victory in new york. that's her expectation and her hope, and then wants to have the
1:25 pm
resources not just to fight donald trump or ted cruz or someone else, but to make sure that she can elect more democrats in the fall, into november and the election. but interesting, george clooney himself said on "meet the press" he believes it was an obscene amount of money and is frustrated with the campaign finance system him. >> amazing. thank you. donald trump trying to put this' aside by having a diverse coalition meeting with hill at his trump headquarters in new york. sheriff david clark with me. were you at this affair today or no? >> no, i wasn't. >> were you invited. >> i wasn't. one thing i'm happy to say that donald trump does have some outreach. i think it's important but i wouldn't do overboard. there's a diversity of thought that is growing within the black community across the united states. it's small right now. many are afraid to come out and state how they really feel because of the backlash they see
1:26 pm
that i left the plantation, for missiles and see what happens to me. it's going to take time. but i tell you what i'm glad to see that donald trump did not go groveling at the altar of al sharpton and pandering to him, trying to get the black vote or trying to figure out what is going on in the black community from that charlatan. >> i'll put you down as a member on reverend sharpton. let me get your sense why it is african-american youth so overwhelmingly vote democratic? overwhelmingly so. you have said we don't have to be lemmings. how does that happen? your thoughts on that. because as soon as donald trump emerges and says something cycle, he is brand racist. the democrat says something that could be equally developed offensive and they get a pass. >> well, go back in the history. we have been separated from our history, the democratic party for the last half century -- if you recall, post reconstruction,
1:27 pm
blacks voted for the republican party. why? because lincoln freed the slaves. and also if y go back into the 106z, the democrats that thought fought the civil rights act of 1964, and was the republicans that pushed it across the finish line, but the democrats came in with this false narrative. they put blinders over black people's eyes eyes and separate ended them from their history and created a falls narrative that has been very appealing but is a big lie, and shame on the republican party, neil, for during the last half century, allowing that to happen and think they didn't need the black people, they could win elects without us. that was a huge mistake. so they have to reconnect black folks with their history, tell them the real story of what political party freed the slaves and what political party gave blacks the advances and rights they do today and it's going to take time to do that but i'm here to lead that cause. >> all right. sheriff, thank you very much. good seeing you. >> thank you, neil.
1:28 pm
>> afternoon kashich indicated he is not going anywhere so for those hoping he gets out of the race, forget about it. it's not happening. today he was working out and i wish i'd known this because i would have joined them and it -- i would have brought cake. we'll final out what is going on after this.
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could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges are you saying that you would rather people sit on their hands than vote for whoever the nominee is if it's not donald trump? >> if it's not the people's choice, then these republican leaders should be driven from the party, and the only way to do that is to stay home and put the run party to bed once and forever. >> that's a big cruz opponent and a big backer of trump who says that donald trump doesn't get it, the people should sit on their hands. i'm sure it's an issue that this next guest would be concern about. the rnc communications director who over the course of the last year as aged 20 years. good to have you. >> thank you, neil. i think.
1:33 pm
>> i always like to sein zing you at the top. this kind of common talk, and increasingly hearing if someone's guy doesn't win, the other guys sit it out. are you worried this gets to be nasty? >> well, it's not helpful. i think we have three candidates right now in the race, intending to go to cleveland if no one reach this magic number of 1237 delegates. obviously two of those individuals will not be happy if they don't win but we all recognize as republicans that we need to grow our party, and the only wail we win is through additions, not through subextraction, and if wire not united we can't win. we need to be united to win in november. we have come up short the last two elects. we need more people, not less to win this election, i think what we have to recognize is that the process should be open and fair and transparent and if your individual candidate you're so passionate about doesn't win, that we need to ensure we all come together at the end, come out of cleveland and be ready to roll to victory in november.
1:34 pm
>> good luck with that one in the meantime, one of the things that has come up if you don't changing this rule, you have to have won at least eight contests, by that definition only two guys qualify. trump and cruz. so by that definition, i assume those who are pushing it want any successive ballots to be trump, cruz, trump, cruz, until finally, winner emerges. that do you think of that? >> i think when we go to the convention in cleveland, the week before, the rules committee will decide what the rules of the convention are going to be. are youal have majorities of delegate that are cruz and trump. they're going to -- they'll put forward a proposal that the bier majority has to approve, that will be how that convention is covered. what we're going to see at that time -- >> both of them would be -- >> both of them -- >> those two camps would not want that to change. keep it between just them. they would not want it to
1:35 pm
change. >> well, then the folks on the rule committee should present something the entire slate delegates that reflects the will of the delegates. that majority is going to have to pass a rules package, updated platform, and decide the nominee for both president and vice-president -- >> the vision -- >> the majority delegatize issue -- changing so an outside player, even john kashich, an outside-inside player, get as chance because as the rule us stand now, it would only be those two guys who would be fighting it out ballot after bat'll, and we know history suggests norm rally -- normally after few ballots parties search out other possibilities. >> i have to believe it's the three individuals in the race, and again, it's the will of the delegates. not my decision, not anyone here in washington. the delegate that have been elected from coast to coast and every congressional district, county, state, are going to come
1:36 pm
to cleveland represent the voters that sent them to there vote on things like the rules this platform and nominee. it's that majority of the delegates to our party that will make these key decisions. >> because those two guys tolling, trump and cruz and their delegates, would represent presume my in the majority of delegating are right? >> that's right. that's right. >> so, unless michigan changes -- unless something changes ill will be between only those two ballot after ballot after ballot. >> it's incumbents on every campaign to understand the process and make sure the people that are supportive of them go to cleveland, understanding the process and making sure anywhere constant new england what is coming up and what they need to do and what they should be fighting for. >> just aged in this interview. i'm kidding. be well. hang in there. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. governoron kashich is not going anywhere. in fact all these calls he dropped out, he's not doing it and he has a very important guy
1:37 pm
in his corner. >> it's a guy like that has the experience, and that is able to bring democrats and republicans together, that's the kind of a guy that i would like to see in the white house. i support john kashich. same thing he has done for ohio. if you can do this on national level, you're home free. >> started this week started today a lot of attention getting a lot of buzz. always good to have you. obviously he is very -- this is the guy. that john kashich is the guy. as the rules stand now he won't even be the guy on a ballot. what does he, you, think of that? >> i think we should put this rules thing to bed. what we just heard from the rnc is first of all, the rule about these eight states, this 40b,
1:38 pm
this only recently put in place by mitt mitt romney. it's brand new. not etched in stone. wait but there to symptom rand -- stop rand paul from getting anyplace though rules commitsey can meet and be dominate bid cruz and trump delegates and they can say we're keeping this in place. what the rnc gentleman was just saying to you is that the delegates can overturn that. >> i know they can do that and do every four years, rules are meant to be changes and they do every four years, both parties. this one is going to get more scrutiny bus i can picture the trump and cruz forces feeling they were robbed or the system is rigged because they're changing the rules to favor anyone but them, particularly mr. donald trump who -- led by a big backer in new york, said if they try pull something like that, we're out of here. >> nice party you've got there shame if anything happened to it. that's the message we see from the trump campaign today, and i don't think it's going to impress those delegates in
1:39 pm
cleveland. he's are not the party elites the delegates. these their grassroots emerge that work for the runs day in and day out. john kashich will make a valid point that only he, beats hillary clinton on a national level. >> bill the way were you trying to do threatening tony soprano voice there. >> i would not try to do tony soprano to an italian. >> that would have been a little mistake. i caught you work out with arnold schwarzenegger and i knew we were joined at the hip. i'm a big workout fan. when you are together i wish you would have called me because here i am. i know it's time to change. >> wow -- >> you're welcome, america. when you were working out with schwarzenegger, whats did you learn from him? he is this sort of -- he wasn't considered a rebel republican in that sense in california. he likes the kind of language of john kashich, that the parties have to bridge their gap, but that doesn't seem to be
1:40 pm
registering. >> well, it may not be registering. it doesn't register maybe with i.e. lead but look at the -- with the elite but look at the national poll friday who is bitting hillary? john kashich, people will wake up and say maybe the number isn't 1237. the majority of delegates. maybe the number is 270, the number of electoral college vote wes need win this election. it's unlikely given the primary that we're going to take florida. they need ohio. if i were kid crews i would ask john kashich to by my vice-president. i think delegates would like to see that. >> congratulations on the new site. i have a feeling you'll have more attention. >> man, governor schwarzenegger, woo. >> doesn't get any better than that. unless you have financial -- in the meantime, you have seen and heard about all these earthquakes. notice the pattern of them? automatic couple in japan and then ecuador, some read
1:41 pm
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you're not imagining it. having a lot of earthquake and have been some doozies. more than 350 killed in ecuador, could be many more. more than 42 in japan, tens of thousands injured. to seismologist rhythm allen over whether we have anything to worry about. i'm sure you're asked this all the time. americans see this and see is there a pattern? do we have something to wry about? >> there have ban lot of large earthquakes over the last few days but in the few weeks before then we had few earthquakes. i don't think we can take the events in japan and ecuador meaning they're an instance creased likelihood of eventes in u.s. but we're always under threat of big quakes on the west
1:45 pm
coast. >> richard, i hear about this ring of fire, talking about propensity for earthquakes and includes countries just hit. where in and within that ring, educate us here. >> sure. the ring of fire is essentially the pacific rim, and all around the pacific rim we have both earthquakes and volcanos in a lot of places. that's they reason for the fire part. and this is just because of the way plate tectonics work. the pacific ocean is sub ducted and we get large magnitude earthquakes just like in japan ecuador and just like we have to be ready in a pacific northwest. a rag anyitude 9 earthquake is possible. and in southern california we have to be rater to 8 earthquake. >> we saw a 7.8 in ecuador.
1:46 pm
you're saying a mag new tied 9 in northwest, 8 or above in canada, that's serious stuff. >> big earthquake a that while do damage so we have to be ready and we're working very hard to improve our readiness and improper our tools to reduce the effects of the earthquakes. one thing we're doing in the u.s. is billing an earthquake early warning -- along the west coast so people get perhaps a few minutes worth of warnings in the pacific northwest before the next big quake. >> you have long argued that we're due. that it's not a matter of if but when, and sooner rather than later. >> that's right. in a way you can think of the faults in the u.s. able to produce a quake any day. people ask me do you expect the wig bun? i said absolutely. it may not happen for a few
1:47 pm
year. it's about recognizing it is going to happen and be it when its occurs. >> richmond allen, very good pieces of advice, thank you. seismologist who can put this in perspective. keep in mind we should all be vigilant issue assume. richard, thank you again. >> all right. >> some other political developments to tell you about. what we're on top of. right after this. it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard. get claim rateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. so protect your home and your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. we ship everything you atcan imagine. and everything we ship has something in common.
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all right, netflix has an explaining to do. wall streeters cannot believe it and the stock is down 10% after the trading. this, of course, is a juggernaut for entertainment programming. they reported subscribers or the growth of subscribers fell from
1:51 pm
what wall street was thinking. we learned it is going to wiggle into that business and try to outcompete netflix on pricing plans. this as netflix was raising their pricing. a company that doesn't listen to its users, who felt offended they were getting increases shut down. now they are shoving something back. in the meantime, we have a big new york primary tomorrow. you have choices where to go to watch it. you should come to fox business. we combine it all when other business networks are asleep. the proof is in how we handled the last big primary. remember that, wisconsin? take a look, if you missed it. we have an easy night. >> thank you, wisconsin. i love you. >> thank you, milwaukee. >> if you win wisconsin tonight, you got a lot of attention and
1:52 pm
notoriety. if you lose it, you have a lot of attention and notoriety. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you bronx. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. >> there is going to be record turnout across the state. >> they keep going and going. >> there are the wow numbers. washington and waukesha. let me go out on a limb and say donald trump tonight. >> the only people that think trump has a chance are drinking vodka. there are a few poll that is are rand random. >> i tried to fly here with vodka. >> tump could have a bumpy evening, maybe not. we know there's negative interviews and fumbles. >> there has to be some form of punishment. there has to be some form. that i don't know. >> before you called my show,
1:53 pm
did you know i'm a #nevertrump guy? >> that i didn't know. you may have to pay dearly for it. >> is it a one and done? >> he should get crushed. if cruz opportunity crush him, it's a win for trump. >> up by 30 points and -- the point is -- melinda. i love her. the point is, if donald trump wins here tonight, that's why this is a make or break state. >> five minutes away from closing here. we could have an idea as to whether liz went out an a limb and donald trump wins or she is hardly wrong. >> here we come.
1:54 pm
>> senator ted cruz pulling off a win on the republican side. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. >> we are in the lead here. >> big red predict? >> big red? >> yes. >> i would like to say, often wrong, never in doubt. >> fox projects bernie sanders will beat hillary clinton in the wisconsin democratic primary. >> thank you all very much. >> 18-44-year-olds coming away with a huge win. their winnings, 73%. >> keep with the cultural revolution. >> they don't know -- >> that's why -- >> they don't know these kind of things. >> they don't know that, either. >> they have never seen "rocky iv." >> that is a great movie. >> absolutely right.
1:55 pm
>> thank you or chaising away. >> he's digging. he's egging on here. >> he has to be very subtle or he gets accused of being sexist. which is ridiculous. charlie made an excellent point earlier. >> i love that. >> it is about being really angry with the establishment. >> lady, i have a very quick question. since hillary clinton -- the royal robe. jimmy carter, president of the united states. would you treat the next president with anymore respect than the last one you worked for? this is a famous shot of jimmy carter. here is the famous one where
1:56 pm
jimmy carter wants to shake your hand, you're not even looking at him. i admire it. what's the big deal? he's in the ovl office, you got him elected and you can't even look at him. why? >> obviouobviously, it's the are of youth. today, i would be humbled. >> i had a dream of donald trump, he was bald but it was long and he's flipping it over. >> i'm done. >> i want to thank all the candidates, every one. great. i'm bias. not only with some of the best people in the business and other business networks smile a lot, like each other and have a great
1:57 pm
time. this isn't a job for us. you and your money is. tomorrow lou at 7:00, i pick up at 9:00. the best and brightest on fox news. we mean business z. see you tomorrow.
1:58 pm
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hello, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling. this is "the five." it's april 18th, tax day this year. a day when the rich should be honing up according to the democrats like hillary clinton and bernie sanders. look. >> we tell the billionaire class they cannot have it all. they will pay their fair share of taxes. >> i want to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share. >> they will pay their fair share of taxes. >> the money i


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