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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling. this is "the five." it's april 18th, tax day this year. a day when the rich should be honing up according to the democrats like hillary clinton and bernie sanders. look. >> we tell the billionaire class they cannot have it all. they will pay their fair share of taxes. >> i want to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share. >> they will pay their fair share of taxes. >> the money is at the top.
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that's where we need to shift our tax system. i want to propose a fair share surcharge on incomes of $5 million or more. >> well, corporate america, bad news, change is coming. you are going to have to start paying your fair share of taxes. >> the first thing we are going to do is make sure the tax system makes the wealthy pay their fair share. >> even "saturday night live" is mocking the tax the rich. >> you believe the superrich should pay more in taxes? >> yes. >> wouldn't that be bad for actor who is made a lot of money on a certain very successful sitcom? >> yeah, so? >> wouldn't it be worse for the person who created that sitcom? i mean, wouldn't he lose a lot of money? do you see what i'm saying?
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>> yeah. >> they had fun with that. this is eric bolling. i want to show you a full screen of this chart here. 45% of people in america paid no federal income tax. that doesn't necessarily mean they didn't pay state income tax. 45% paid no federal income tax. the most important thing we could do to grow the economy. >> that number is amazing. 45% are not paying. 55% are paying for the whole pie. $4 trillion spent every year. we borrow some of it. the vast majority of the wealthy are paying for it. i don't know if you have other charts. the breakdown is the top 20%. the top 1 in 5 americans are paying for 70% of all america. that is instain. right now, you pay federal
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income tax, state income tax or property tax at the state level. property taxes, sales taxes, death tax. they tax you from birth to death. meanwhile, if you are on the take, the other side, the 45%, you are likely getting unemployment insurance, free health care and food stamps. you are getting a phone, the internet, help with your heating electric bills. so, we are very close to the tipping point where, when that goes to 51% the people aren't paying anything. you will never change the system. hillary clinton is talking shifting. how much can you shift? i can't imagine you shift any further. one last thought, president obama paid 17% federal income tax rate. he took what he paid versus what his income was, 17%. i paid 32%. >> why is that?
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>> he has tax loopholes he's using. he's a user of the loopholes. >> you just outed him. >> everything you heard hillary clinton say is something president obama said a lot, fair share. >> it sounds to me like, in the focus group, it must work. >> fair share surcharge for the rich. how much more are you expected to tax and drain this resource of people out there working hard, creating jobs, stimulating the economy? these are people that are makers, not takers. it's appalling to me. how about fairness in terms of everybody paying a little something in terms of taxes. why is it 45% of the population of this country is not contributing back to the rest? pay what you can. sure. there are systems, great ideas going forward to be able to do that that are really, yes, revamping the tax system we have in this country. obviously the irs is broken. somebody should start with that.
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they are really lazy. the lazy idea. the dispiriting idea of punishing is what hillary clinton and bernie sanders are aspouzing. >> you make a good it deincentivizes doing a good job. you are punishing those that do the best among us. then the 45% that many of us, me included are floating. we are, right? what about the truest middle class. the people making between $36,000. in new york city, it sounds like a lot when you say $200,000. we are in the 30% bracket. this is simple. >> you are paying taxes. >> i'm paying a lot. let's incentivize working. if you are making $35,000, you don't need to be in that tax
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bracket. we don't need to punish those doing well. >> there's a sense those doing well are cheating. instead of saying the stats don't lie, the top 1% pay an average of 23%. that's 7% higher than anybody else. if you make $2.1 million, 43% of your income is going to the gompbment. if you are productive, making $2 million and giving almost half of it away, where is the incentive to double that? you are making them feel guilty for having a nice car, a big house and nice suit. it's a mine pit that has changed and i don't get it. >> i do think that republicans have an obligation to put forward plans to lift all those. you want all people to be able to have the economic mobility. the three conditioneds have all
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spoken about taxes in the past couple months. we have a montage for you. >> the biggest tax cut there is of all of them, we have a tax cut for the middle class and business. our business, our middle class are paying the highest taxes in the world. we are cutting tax to bring the 2.5 trilli$2.5 trillion back in country. >> get rid of the income tax and the death tax and the payroll tax and replace it with a 16% business flat tax that is border adjustable. >> we are going to reduce the corporate taxes to 25%. we are going to bring the profits back from europe. we are not going to double tax them. we are going to simplify the tax code. >> this is where there's a disconnect. if you are a democrat and hear the republicans saying we want lower taxes, they think it's for their own interest. the republican candidates are not connecting the dots that it means stronger growth in the country, which helps everyone.
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>> i like the idea of, we need tax reform. i think corporations need a specific tax rate. the top rate is 39%. you can bring it down. as i said, i paid more than 32% in federal income tax. i hate the fact i can't play with loopholes the way president obama can. we need to make it fair. fair tax is the best way to do it. >> what does that mean? >> fair tax is 23% across the board tax whether you are a corporation, self-employed. you don't pay income tax. 23% in goods you buy. if you produce a house, make a house, you are buying lumber for your house, you pay 23%. when you sell the house, the person buying pays 23%. i love the idea, but it's so far down the road. meantime, a simple tax code. make 25% corporate rate and forget the loopholes. make us competitive around the
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world. stop playing games where one company gets breaks others don't. >> the loophole is something the government uses to have power over people and to reward or punish. i think that's one of the problems. >> i thought you made a brilliant point. as an independent, many don't trust when you incentive siize. it is going to trickle down and help them. that dot is being missed. two groups are winning in america. those who don't work and those that are most successful among us. where does it leave those in the middle? >> they look at $36,000. can you tell someone making $36,000 that they are middle class? it's impossible to think that. before you saberny sanders is making a lot of sense. if you are living the luxury
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life of $92,000, you are going to bring home $2300 a wok. let's start drilling down. where does that money go? into the general pot. the rich have had it too good for today long. >> you explained bernie's tax plan well for people. taking $9 out of your wallet. >> it's true. it's similar. let's break this down cliff note style when you have been down too late at night. you have, you know, $10, bernie wants you to give nine of it and you can keep the dollar. if a dollar make you holler, fine. you can't get milk, you are not going to have antibiotics, toilet paper, some people need that. these are the problems. they are not thinking through the basics. sounds good to me. they want to be for the cool stuff. >> jump on that, also. here is the downside to bernie
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sanders plan, taxing corporations up to 90%. we have seen it going on right now. pfizer is in the middle. i'm not going to pay 35% or 90%. they don't want to pay 35%. i'm going to go domicile, buy a small company in italy or somewhere and move there. you are paying that one. half of corporate america overseas. >> he's going to pass a rule not to do that. this president is thinking of passing that, too. make it impossible to leave this country. >> what conservatives should be talking about, like what you broke down. you know, if any of the candidates, trump, cruz or kasich. if you make $100,000 and right now you are paying this, under my plan, you would pay that. show.
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demonstrate it. don't tell, show people. governor kasich has done it. he knows the democrat and republican top buttons. he understands what is being trickled down. he has a lot of credibility there. >> they are looking at him for that reason. i think you are right on that. the biggest problem, i love your cliff notes. look, i like a lot of what bernie says. here is where he loses me. when you are talking taxing at a 50% rate, this is the problem. >> 52. >> 52. if we were going to get effective health care. american government hasn't demonstrated their ability to manage the taxes they already get. that is the real problem with that. why invest money in a bank that's showing you a loss versus a profit. why give more? >> it's like rewarding a juvenile delinquent. you have been arrested for times
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this month. let me increase your allowance and you have to do no chores at home. that's the model. why do that? the government is failing fast. other areas where we have seen tremendous rates, regulation, crippling small businesses in america and then, oh, touch the third rail of health care and shock us to death on that. >> i'll give you $5 for every time you bring up solyndra. >> where is that graphic? >> you have nailed it across the board. bernie wants to raise taxes to offer free tuition. >> who doesn't want that? >> instead, what they could do is incentivize colleges to bring their prices down so it's more afortable. >> did you see what purdue university is doing? yes. you are going to be interested in this. the former governor, head of
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purdue, they are doing an income sharing agreement with the students. check it out, parents. look at purdue in indiana. coming up, donald trump unveils his new nickname for hillary clinton. plus, what hillary thinks about it. that's next. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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♪ little marco, lying ted, low energy jeb. donald trump is the king of branding opponents with nicknames. he had a new one for hillary clinton. >> and then, of course, we have crooked hillary. crooked hillary, folks. she's been crooked from the beginning. to think she has a shot at being our president. crooked hillary clinton. we can't let it happen. >> that one might stick. what does the democratic front-runner think about crooked hillary? >> i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults about me. i can take care of myself.
2:19 pm
i look forward to running aganls him is he is the republican nominee and i am the democratic nominee. he can say what he wants. i'm going to stay focused on the issues. there are stark differences where the country needs to be headed and where he can turn it back and undermine the progress we have been making. >> the thing that bothers me is hillary clinton said she could really care a less. the phrase is couldn't care a less. what donald trump has done by labeling people is effective and i hate it. i think it diminishes him, but, that's my personal opinion. it's effective by labeling other people. the thing for her is, i think crooked might stick. i think cunning is a better word, but doesn't work.
2:20 pm
>> it could be a positive. >> cunning can have a positive connotati connotation. >> she's not being convicted. to say somebody is crooked. >> the influence peddling, the kill part. people have that general perception of lack of honesty, a loose relationship with the truth. say anything, do anything, pay me something wall street. crooked, not quite right. >> even "snl" picked up on it with the minimum wage. she was adopting his principle. she was taking bernie sanders sayings on the stump. she took them. if you have a situation where you can back it up where there are situations in the background where it seems she is not telling the truth. saudi arabia, i don't have no idea what their problem is.
2:21 pm
how about they have something to do with the death of 3,000 people. she was new york senator. that is not telling the truth. it only works, dana, if there is a semblance of truth. >> i agree. >> if there's no truth to it, there's a problem. >> ebony, we can take it .
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>> you know, very quickly, a new demeanor out of donald trump. we haven't h lot of rhetoric. we did hear crooked hillary, but that's been it. it is unbelievable. get some experience in there, i think he's showing he's listening. why do i need the headache? i'm about to win new york big. maybe i can regroup and buy buildings and hire people. >> can you go to our facebook page and name all of us? can you name us? >> i want to hear what you have to say.
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one of the most polarizing issues of the 2016 presidential race, immigration. >> and we are going to have the wall. going to have the wall. 100%. are you ready? >> build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! >> who is going to pay for that wall? who? 100%. 100%. >> i will create the first ever office of immigrant affairs. it would build on the work of
2:27 pm
the obama administration task force and create a dedicated place in the white house to coordinate immigration policies across the federal government and with state and local government. >> today, the supreme court took on the subject. the justices will decide whether president obama overstepped with executive actions to keep millions of illegal immigrants from illegal deportation. justice kennedy thinks so. he cited it as a legislative task and specifically not an executive one. this is an issue, obviously, that people are concerned about. it's one of the things people think donald trump received a lot of positive traction. immigration out of control, people penetrating the borders left and right. obviously the economy is important as well. this is something that has people fired up in terms of
2:28 pm
rhetoric for or against. >> certainly at a rally. in the exit polls, when you ask people what the most important issue when it comes to what you care about the most, immigration is almost always one of the bottom three, it's not in the top. they think of the economy being intertwined. >> on that point, i think the office hillary clinton is talking about creating is not a bad idea. if you set aside people that are here illegally, do that one way. if you have people trying to go through the process legally and trying to do everything right and it is impossible because the beaurocracy is so messed up, that is not a bad idea for whoever takes over as president. that's not bad. >> broken borders anim inauguration system failing this country. americans are struggling to get food on the table, money in their accounts and people walking across. we have to take care of it. >> what's going on here with the
2:29 pm
supreme court is president obama wanted to shield 4 million to 5 million people scheduled for deportation. the courts, the lower courts stopped it. we are not going to sign on to your program. it pbecame such an issue it sho up to the supreme court. it is a 4-4. there's no decision. go back to the lower courts decision which puts a freeze on president obama's shielding of those 4 million or 5 million people putting them up for deportation. one of the smartest things that can happen, the court said it's a legislative pass, not executive one. >> separation of power. >> make sure it's done legally through congress. the smartest thing to do here, close up the borders. seal the border, whether a wall or what, seal the border. then, maybe rather than sending 12 million or 15 million people
2:30 pm
back, increase legal immigration. we let 1 million people in a year, let 3 million in a year. stop fighting this. we need more immigrants, but we need legal immigrants to get on the books, pay taxes and vote. that's fine. it's the way the system should work. >> there are so many participants of immigration reform that people believe. whatever they decide to do when they got here is for another conversation. there's a lot of things to do to make the college kids and s setments to silicon valley. we are going to get a decision in june. i wondser from the court's decision, i think the court is going to go out of their way not to make it. they are going to say, this will get embarrassing. if you know it's a 4-4, you know what's going to happen? it's going to go back down and be upheld. the president is not going to be
2:31 pm
able to do this. do something different. >> i wish i agreed with you and had faith like you. this is likened to kick the can down the road and avoid the finite decision. i'll make these points. this became an executive action because of congressional inaction. i'm not saying it justifies the tactic here. the second buoyant point is thi. the argument the president is making. i think that's the problem with the plan. absolutely, we have a broken inefficient immigration system. people are getting frustrated. they are bypassing it and coming here improperly. we should not reward that with allowing them to stay here. what we do is fix it. we force congress to take action. >> seal the border before they take action. >> we don't want to reward -- >> we are giving them drivers license. this is how they are getting
2:32 pm
nailed. i'm not going to tell you what my immigration program is until we seal the border. it's a get out of jail free card. >> nobody trusts that. nobody trusts that. >> go ahead and seal the border. build a wall. if you don't like build a wall, how do you get to it? >> you are right. until that issue is remedied, eric, they are not going to trust the republicans to come up with a plan that works in favor and reward for legal immigration. >> they tried this and could not get the support. >> they blocked it. the democrats blocked it. they wanted the issue for politics. >> it's add venn teenageous for both sides to block it. >> there is one way to look at the model of what texas has been able to do. the governor of texas, the way they figured out a mix of actual physical border, some
2:33 pm
technology, some drones. they have sent a lot of national guard down there and they are funding a huge amount of the border patrol. >> rick perry was there. >> that issue is going to come up to the court as well. immigration and securing the borders is a federal government issue. they are not paying for it. the state of texas is paying for it. >> do you go ahead and step on one of these, the many republicans aside from social security? do you say companies who are caught hiring illegals are fined? >> enforce it. >> you enforce it. >> you know what it's like. even president obama, when they did the raids, some of the meatpacking plants, dis rupts a lot of things, a lot of families. there's sensitivity to it. if the laws exist -- >> they are not being enforced. i think both sides get an effect from not really being solid on this. >> it's at a point now where it
2:34 pm
must be handled and dealt with. the poorest border, no one wins. the chaos. it's confusion for everybody. there should be clear lines and enforce the laws that are on the books as we speak. it's impacted the criminal justice system. national security of jobs, economy, health care, welfare, all the above. the education and children. >> it's people that come in legally and overstay. they are the hardest people to find. they are not crossing the border back and forth. they are here and decide not to go home. >> let's do the honor system. >> if you are here illegally, please leave. >> okay, got it. >> we almost solved immigration. we are running out of time. >> okay, president obama heading to saudi arabia amid a dispute and the role of 9/11. they are threatening the united states if congress passes a bill. the threat and our response, next. (war drums beating)
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? as you know, saudi arabia denies any role in the 9/11 attacks even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were from saudi arabia. congress is continuing a bill to allow that to happen. there's been a bill on the books since 1976. the obama administration is trying to brock the legislation and protect the saudis. they are threatening to sell off thousands of american bills in a threat to us. if congress goes ahead and passes this. let's begin this conversation with the fact 9/11, 2001, this has been 15 years. the families have been
2:38 pm
relentless. 2004, they combined to take on the saudi government. you cannot sue another government if you are an american citizen unless they overturn this. >> i'm trying to figure out why we are being held hostage. they have $750 billion in assets that they would liquidate immediately. i think the wall street journal came up with under 300 billion. you don't negotiate like this. if the bill passes through the proper channels, too bad. saudi arabia, where is mecca? saudi arabia, right? don't you think every religious fanatic in the middle east wants mecca? we are there. the reason they don't take it is because we protect them. we have been an ally. we have given them arms, sold them arms. we have given them access to power. the groups that would love to
2:39 pm
have saudi arabia. it's time to say, this is not our call. don't threaten us. i have news for you, if saudis play this game, china, they have trillions of dollars. >> two weeks ago, there's a big feature. it's led by senator graham. he says listen, you have to release the 28 pages. in it, it describes how saudi arabian nationals were part of the hijackers. this comes out as the president is about to visit saudi arabia. they pushed this legislation through. >> looking at me. okay, because i held a security clearance in the previous administration and because i believe i have read this document and because i take my classification and top security clearance seriously, i'm not
2:40 pm
allowed to talk about it until the president makes a decision on this. i can talk about the bipartisan angle, which i thought was interesting. you have cornyn and schumer. ted cruz has been supportive of this. i am sympathetic to the families. i understand what they are looking for, but i also find the timing of this interesting. that's my theory. every time the president of the united states, no matter who it is, when they go on a foreign trip, something big happens. walking into saudi arabia with this on their back is going to be a tough meeting. >> the president is going to be there. he wants to -- he covets the alliance despite alienating it. what do you think happens here? the president is going to go against the two democratic senate leadings and one is a former senator, who is likely to
2:41 pm
be the next nominee. >> i think he's going to be able to hold the line so far. he found the wrong side of this, which is no surprise to whether or not you have a democrat in the white house or a republican succeed. i think you are going to see a >> who? >> yeah, but now, president obama is in. who is coming in terms of all the candidates right now, what is their position on this and what about the families and the victims of 9/11? are we supposed to overlook somebody who had been, according to what we think from the papers to be linked, involved and supportive of terrorism? >> theren intel threats to poll now. >> i want you to watch this and see how it plays into the election cycle. here are the two democratic nominees, getting this issue. >> it's important to have a full
2:42 pm
investigation and understanding of the role, the possible role of the government in 9/11. there were 28 pages that are not classified and information has not been released. we ask for the release of that information. >> i am with senator schumer on this. i'm standing with him. >> yesterday, she was. the first time she was hearing of it. >> i say it's been taken. yeah, she stands with him. she's standing with ted cruz. she's standing with john cornyn. i think we have to pay attention anytime we see such a line in the sand between, how many times have we seen true bipartisanship to this extent? on the other side is the executive position. that looks suspicious. to something eric said, when are we going to stop being held postage? we understand that. it's a legal concept to serve
2:43 pm
and protect serve things. it's not absolute. what is wrong with asking questions and doing further investigation? i was very dissatisfied. the answers were so narrowly tailored. >> the royal family is huge. at the higher levels, a closer ally. there might be closer ones that see eye-to-eye. >> forms of islam they support and fund terrorism. >> very quick thought, why not open up the 28 pages? we are not necessarily pass the bill to allow them -- this is one step at a time? >> there couldn't be more international signal for a rap than now. >> the president of the united states, even if every member of congress votes to pass and he that has call to whether he -- if he thinks it's important for
2:44 pm
national security and to not release it, then he should not release it. >> the republican senate and now stopped in the republican house. we will see what happens now. hold your thoughts. holy hypocrisy, batman. george clooney slams an obscene amount of money in politics. other democrats, clooney, yes, he played batman, next.
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if you want to eat dinner with george clooney, it's going to cost you a lot. people will attend two fund-raisers this weekend sponsored by the hollywood heavyweight. clooney says that kind of money in politics is over the top. it's despicable we do this, yet i'm doing it. do you buy any part of it? >> no, and i ate with him for free.
2:49 pm
it's outrageous. how can you have any credibility when you say it's an obscene amount of money. i get he's all in on her. i get he wants to raise money. i get that bernie sanders is outpacing her financially. he's making money so fast, he doesn't know what to do with it. >> you are right. how about it, eric, i think chuck todd raises a fair question. people paying $350,000 to sit down with you, are they buying influence? >> they always are buying influen influence. >> an act of. >> that's the way the political game works in america. think about down to the senators, congress people, local politicians, same thing. i think it's funny, though, that george clooney who is doing that makes it on the show. did you see when they were
2:50 pm
driving into the fund-raiser they were throwing the dollar bills. 1,000 singles were thrown at the motorcade as they came by. >> what is clooney's defense saying the clinton campaign is not making this point. it's for the down ticket. >> something to be said for that. the presidential election is on the line, so is who is in control of the senate and the house. don't forget that hillary clinton is in a delegate fight. she wants to keep the superdelegates. part of the way to do that is help the down tickets. whoever is running for congress or senate or 32 gubernatorial races. she's not being greedy with the money, she's doling it out. >> let's talk about what is important. we have a soundbyte will clooney talks about his first time meeting trump.
2:51 pm
>> you mix no words about your feelings about donald trump. a fascist. i'm quoting you correctly. >> i think you are close. >> fair enough. what have your interactions been with him? >> i met him once. i was sitting down at a table. he was nice. we talked a couple times, i think. then he went on larry king and told everybody i was very short. i met you sitting down. >> look, apparently george clooney is 5' 11." is that short? or is that a lie? >> i'm 5'2". >> i don't know what to believe anymore. >> lying clooney. >> he said he went over and talked to the protesters. he's feeling guilty. he said he was a terrible batman. he said guilty. i will say there, he believes in
2:52 pm
his causes. understands he's dealt with a lot of positive things in life and wants to give back. i think he would be full board behind bernie sanders. he has no problem with socialism. >> and he married well. >> smart. >> and taller. >> one more thing is up next. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. it's more than tit's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network
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and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... ...turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless you doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you.
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it's time for your favorite segment, "one more thing." eric? >> bernie sanders is at evergreen deli. i went there and waited for him. senator? senator? >> thank you. >> i felt the bern. >> did he write back? >> i said we would love to have you on "the five." senator, the reason why i'm bringing this up is we would love to have you. if you prefer, maybe you would like to come tonight to our girl, our cover girl, kim ber li who is going to brace the cover of 25 magazine. there's a party tonight. call us and come see us.
2:57 pm
show the pictures from inside the magazine. >> that is awesome. >> hug it out. >> congratulations. >> look at you. >> thank you. >> i want to thank our fantastic hair and make up team who made me feel and look extra special that day. and the photographer, very talented and the editor-in-chief, christopher payton. >> you get to keep going. >> i do. >> this is very cute, something light. speaking of batman and clooney, he couldn't take the heat after getting caught red handed. here is what happened. >> i don't know. >> was it you? >> no. >> who was it? >> batman. batman. >> batman did it? >> batman did it. >> so cute. blame it on batman.
2:58 pm
not superman. it's always batman. was it clooney or ben affleck? >> that is phenomenal. >> we started the show talking about tax day. we have a tip for you. it is called "rich is not a four-letter word." the sub tittitle "how to surviv obamacare." it is a four letter word. you get the joke. >> it's great. >> there are practical tips in here. i read it and i highly recommend it, especially after today when you want to have a better tax day next year. >>eaches you how to be proud of being successful. >> you get to go next. >> thank you. in texas, a huge flood. rain. people got up and everything was flooded, the roads were swamped. we look at ktrtv and see this
2:59 pm
story. watch the reporter. >> leave the car. swim. sir, sir, sir. come here. are you okay, sir? >> i'm okay. >> did you not think the water was that deep? >> you have to leave the car. >> 30 seconds after he got out, he was frozen. he was panicked and catatonic. he didn't know to swim, he was going to keep walking and he went under. >> that reporter made him get out of the car. swhak >> what a hero. >> see, journalists are good. >> they are. >> i was the emcee for the association of black women attorneys. we hono congresswomen and judges.
3:00 pm
it wz a gorgeous evening. the thing i shared is the credibility of being a lawyer, can't beat it. >> congratulations. everyone had a good weekend. we hope you join us tomorrow on "the five." we have a special outside edition for you. executive overreach or within his power. the hot button issue. this is "special report with bret baier." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. the biggest challenge to president obama's use of executive action was argued today. 26 states sued over the president's executive actions on immigration arguing they exceed his power. the administration says it was doing what congress would not. with just eight justices on the bench, the outcome could


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