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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 19, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> perfect song so start off the day. good morning. you are watch wiing "fox & frie first". it is tuesday morning. i am abby hunts man. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. it is a big day in new york city. all eyes on the state for one of the biggest political election contests of the year. the results could determine whether donald trump and hillary clinton can lock up the nomination. >> we are live in new york where the polls open in one hour. good morning, david. >> good morning. you have it so right both hillary clinton and donald trump are in a new york state of mind. according to the latest polls regarding the primary they are expected to be the big winners today. the question isn't if trump and clinton are goiare going to wine question really is by how much.
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what really has man he into people focused on this primary today is the extent of their victory and how many delegates they are going to win. in the latest national poll the wall street journal poll shows trump nationally has he did last minute campaigning in buffalo, new york. under the new york state system he will need at least 50 percent if he is going to win all 95 delegates that are at stake and that would be winner take all. trump spoke yesterday to the people of new york and he
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ratcheted up the pressure on his two opponents. listen. >> we are going to show ted cruz who hates new york, hates new york. when you look at that debate and you see the way he talked about us and new york values, no new yorker can vote for ted cruz and no new yorker can vote for kasich when he was won that approved. >> john kasich did campaigning in new york state. he is not going to win but he is cherry picking districts in the hopes that he will be able to throw up a number of obstacles to trump getting the magic number of delegates. as for ted cruz, he has all but given up in new york state. he is now focusing on the next primary in maryland. on the democratic side hillary clinton leading the democratic
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polls. hillary clinton is at 50 percent and bernie sanders two points behind at 48 percent. nevertheless, hillary clinton speaking last night shifting the focus away from bernie sanders on to the likely republican nominee. listen. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow and hoping to wrap up the general nomination a. >> in total there are 247 democratic delegates that are at stake. they are rewarded proportionately. there's a chance bernie sanders could walk away with a number of delegates. but he has a very large obstacle to over come, guys. many of those western knee sand -- bernie sanders are independents and independents are not allowed to vote in the democratic primary in new york state.
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the polls open in less than one hour. >> the polls open at 6:00 a.m. eastern here in new york. heading it shows trump with a commanding lead against his rival. >> as it stands currently trump as 744 delegates and needs to win 64 percent of those remaining to reach the 1237 threshold. how does he get there? >> president and founder of high news strategy joins us early this morning. >> good morning. >> always good to see you. the earliest he could get the 1237 is on the final primary day of june 7th. walk through this month by month starting with april. what does he get in the month of april including today that will be a big one for him. >> you are right, heather. this will go to june 7th which is sort of climactic because we are going to be waiting until
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the final date to see how it plays out. april is a huge month. tonight is a huge night. 95 delegates on the table in the state of new york. he has to clean up in new york. then he has to head into april 26th next week and clean up in the rest of the northeastern states like delaware which is a winner take allstate. connecticut, rhode island and the month of april. he really needs to try to aim to get 188 delegates to try to get them to that magic 1, 237 number. >> what about the primary happening in may. you have the target needed by the end of may of 1059. can he reach that? >> i think he can. in the state that he's going to be looking at there. after the northeastern states he's going to head into indiana on may 3rd. indiana will be a huge state for him. he's going to have to do well here. there's begun a lot of speculation about who is going to do well in this state. it is a proportional state. you will see ted cruz and donald
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trump pull delegates from there. west virginia is also in may. donald trump needs to do exceptionally well in west virginia and clean up some of the delegates. he is going to be on track to hopefully and he needs to if he wants to win get 127 delegates in the month of may. >> that gets us to june right before the gop convention. you got some big states in the month of june including new jersey and california. he has got to win those. >> you have got some huge -- you are exactly right. you look at california, there's 172 delegates alone in california. he's going to need to get the lion's share of these delegates. it is split among -- or split among statewide allegatioal -- but in 152 congressional districts. he is going to have to win new jersey as you mentioned. that's a winner take allstate. there's 51 delegates on the table. he needs to get all of those by winning the state and he needs to look at new mexico and pull delegates.
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he has to look to get 178 delegates total in the month of june. if he doesn't it will go to a convention and things will get interesting. >> has to win nearly 60 percent of delegates and he will need to do higher than he has done before. >> it will be a tough one. >> it will be tight. always great to have you here. >> always great to be here. unprecedented disaster meantime in texas. did you hear about this? five people are dead and houses more flooded out of their homes after more than a foot of rain pounds houston in you just one hour. this is unbelievable. these residents were told to stay indoors using a refrigerator to float away from fast moving flood waters. crews going on 100 rescue missions dozens of horses saved from a ranch as they struggle to keep their heads above water. watch this moment. a news reporter repped rescue a
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man who underestimated the deep deluge. >> got to get out. >> the wind. the wind. >> governor greg babb bought declared a state of disaster in 9 counties. some schools and city buildings are closed today as another storm system is on the way. >> we are tracking that and we will check with her in just a few minutes. >> unbelievable. bloodshed in the middle east. the taliban taking credit for militants storming an office that houses the country's national security agency in kabul detonating a bomb. israel vowing revenge on the terrorists behind a bus blast. hamas praising the attack but has not claimed responsibility. more than 200 additional troops are now being sent to iraq to help fight isis, bringing that total number to 4100 soldiers in that country.
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apache helicopters will be deployed for the first time against the extremist groups in iraq. >> one american now among the dead in ecuador's devastating earthquake. the death tole climbing to 413. the 7.8 magnitude quake left a trail of destruction on the normally calm pacific coast, buckling highways leveling buildings and leaving thousands homeless. crews are scrambling to save any one who may be trapped in the ruins. at times using their hands to dig through the rubble. >> somber day in hollyod as doris roberts is remembered. >> the 90-year-old passed away in her sleep in los angeles. she is best known for her role as marie on "everybody loves raymond"." >> now you are ready to get married just because of what your mother thinks? >> sometimes your mother knows best, dear. >> sometimes the mother should just butt out.
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>> the cause of death is unclear. the actress was said to be healthy and active. ray ram no said she had energy that amazed me. she never stopped. >> roberts won four emmy awards for her work on "everybody loves raymond"." she will be missed. >> she was wonderful. a desperate search for a killer. a mother of three murdered in a church. the brand new surveillance video just released of the sus respected killer. -- suspected killer. >> a a reality that could be coming closer to home if they get their way. >> once again a live shot at new york city. big day in the empire state today. we will be counting all of the votes for you. it's true what they say.
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>> a fox news alert for you. the hunt for a cold blooded killer after the mother ofed in. >> horrible story. kelly wright is here now with chilling surveillance the police want the public to see. good morning. >> good morning. it is horrible indeed. she posted on her facebook page she would be at church at 5:00 a.m. to teach her fitness class. chafz the laat was the last pose made. she enjoyed staying in great physical shape and helping others do the same thing. early yesterday morning she went to dallas to set up her camp gladiator class. sadly one of her students found missy's lifeless body inside the church. >> she was passionate about transforming people's lives physically and mentally. she transformed herself into a
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very fit person and her desire was to do that for others. i am thankful for that and i am thankful for her being such a good wife and a good mother to our children. >> they had three children as a matter of fact. they have a man in mind with fake swat gear on. >> we have a very safe community. this is going to be the first event of my tenure here. nothing like this happened before. >> police believe terri may have actually surprised a suspect during what they think might have been a bug larry. abby? >> a horrible story. kelly wright. thank you. >> the rock group is the latest
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in the controversial bathroom bill. they can only use bathrooms based on their birth genders. there are other big names to boycott in that state. >> image this. a $1,000 tax on gun purchases. that's the proposal from one governor. it has already been passed in the northern marietta islands which is a u.s. territory. now the governor thinks it should be a role model for the entire country to curb gun violence. a number of cities adopt add higher tax including seattle. the idea is not new. it was proposed in the 90's and backed up by hillary clinton. >> raiding the bar another major retailer now increasing the starting pay. lauren simonetti is here to explain. >> no worker at target will make less than 10 doll la l$10 an ho.
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labor groups demanding higher pay. the gun industry is underway. >> this year, too, as fbi background checks a precursor to bills in record highs. they will show up an hour later. >> lincoln has launched a kinder for graduates. it is based on schools major and graduation years. very cool. back to you. >> i have that idea for an app. >> thank you, lauren. >> deadly flooding we showed you some of the images earlier. it is not over yet. maria molina is in the weather center tracking more rain and snow. the area does not need it.
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we are tracking the storm system. we an area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream. it will be more so across eastern parts of texas and lower parts of mississippi river valley. that's what we are expecting to see some of the heavier rainfall totals. some spots seeing 6 inches of rain and that threat is going to continue as we head into tomorrow as well. damaging winds large hail and isolated tornadoes a concern souout there. that will be something else to watch for with threats in the eastern parts of the state. temperatures heating up across the carolinas. some will be close to 90 degrees. it will be warm across the pacific northwest as well. 82 degrees for the high in seattle. >> that is hot, hot, hot. no excuse to not go out and vote
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today. >> 20 after the hour. one brave woman the incredible moment a woman fights off an armed robber all while holding a baby. >> what's your answer? >> feeling the burn. what bernie sanders supporters really think of hillary clinton. >> we will see who ends up in the white house. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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>> a fitting song, because apparently that's exactly what bernie sanders supporters think of hillary clinton saying she is the devil. >> it is getting ugly. david web speaking with voters and they are not holding back on hillary clinton. >> she is always changing her mind about everything. >> is there something you like about hillary? >> not really. >> you like hillary clinton? >> no way. >> is shea honest? >> that was an eye roll. tell me what you really think? >> i think she is on nest to the people who if ppay her. >> if hillary clinton won the
2:24 am
nochl nation, would you support her? >> i might throw up. >> meantime now it is time to look at who is talking. laura ingram signing off on george clooney. >> when it comes to raising millions the actor a playing both sides. >> playing millions and millions of dollars over the years for democrat causes. 15 million over the weekend. he goes on television oh this is terrible. this is awful. really it's a distortion of democracy. don't raise the money. the money they spent on putting on these award shows think of the money they spent on that. think of the money they spent on the swag bags they give the presenters for the awards. he is trying to play to both sides. he has raised 45 million for small contributions. that is pretty impress i. that goes with the whole deal. power of the people. this is the people's campaign.
2:25 am
hl ry's campaigns is fat cats. >> the international space station. carley shimkus with fox news headline with sirius xm 115. here with outer space look for us. >> if you want to feel like an astronaut take a look at this. the ultra high definition was available of the space station to give them a clear view of their view from space. >> what about this, a pint sized surfer back on earth.
2:26 am
video of a 4-year-old surl offing sensation is back on-line. she quickly learned how to do it like a pro. her dad calls himself a pro papa after a first solo ride was a big success. surfing might not be in the little girl's faw tour. she says she wants to be a librarian when she growings up. >> of course we cannot end this conversation without asking about the new addition to the brooklyn zoo. >> that's right. two tiny foxes with remarkably big ears are making their public debut at new york prospect zoo. they are coming through the sahara desert and their big ears help them regulate body temperature. >> so cute. >> thanks carly.
2:27 am
>> 26 after the top of the hour. the battle for new york is -- today. now. >> right now. it is primary day. we have of course life team coverage. including brian kilmeade. don't go away. you don't want to miss it.
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but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> it is tuesday april 19th. the battle for new york is front and center today. the candidates are in a fight for the finish. >> no new yorker can vote for ted cruz or kasich. >> if i am the nominee we will win the election. >> you look like you are a political revolution.
2:31 am
>> i am hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. >> polls show who is ahead nationally on this critical primary day. ♪ >> fitting song for today. new york front and center. the empire state the focus of the election today. good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. >> i am abby hunts man. it is 31 after the top of the hour. one of the most critical election contests of the year. >> the results today could determine whether frontrunners donald trump and hillary clinton can knock up t-- lock up the
2:32 am
nominations. definitely for hillary clinton. >> polls open up very shortly. good morning. >> good morning to you. a new york primary is now arguably more important than ever before. especially for hillary clinton. a new poll by nbc and the wall street journal is a national survey. it gives clinton 50 percent. bernie sanders 48 percent nationally. however it is significant hillary clinton has a substantial lead in the polls in new york state for the primary. that for her is crucial. there are 247 delegates that are at stake. they are awarded proportionally. bernie sanders could pick up a number of delegates but he has
2:33 am
an uphill climb. independents are not allowed to vote in the new york democratic primary. today his supporters have said they are still optimistic. last night bernie sanders speaking to them about that sentiment. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. when we started this campaign we were 70 points behind secretary clinton. today in some national polls we are winning. >> donald trump will be a winner in the primary in new york state.
2:34 am
the big question again, how big? there are 95 republican delegates who were at stake. in order for trump to have a winner take all situation he must have a 50 percent threshold. his opponents has been campaigning in the district cherry picking the districts to try as much as possible to win a handful of delegates to try to stop trump are from getting enough delegates the national survey by wall street journal has trump with 40 percent cruz pa percent and kasich with 24 percent. trump said the cruz campaign so far has been nothing short of a disaster he. he remains extremely optimistic.
2:35 am
he expects them to open in new york state in a few moments time. >> david lee miller we will be monitoring it all day long. >> heading into the empire state the real clear politics average has trump showing a commanding lead over his rivals. >> he needs 54 pores to reach the magical threshold. does he get there? >> the strategy joins us. it is way too early to do any matt. i will leave it up to you. >> i will do my best. >> cto reach the target by the end of april what does he need to reach? >> the path is narrow but it is there for donald trump. tonight is a huge night for him. 95 delegates are on the table. he has to do really well. you med into next week. you have a series in delaware
2:36 am
which is a winner takes allstate. maryland, connecticut, pennsylvania. the these are states he will have to do well in. he will have to get 188 delegates in this month alone. >> in may you have some of the states out west. west virginia, oregon, washington. the targeted number there for trump is 1,53. can he get that? >> about 127 delegates in the month of may to get there. he's going to be looking at west virginia. it will be a big state tore him. also in indiana which starts off the month on may 3rd when that contest is. that will be a tough state. they will probably pull delegates. they will have to want to win the state. he will look at washington state and other gone as well which are pro potionnal states where he has to pull delegates from as well. >> who would have thought this would last until june 7th. but june 7th is going to mean a lot this year. california being on that day one
2:37 am
of four states or five states involved? >> you are right, heather. we will know if donald trump has the 2,000 to be the presumptive nominee. 172 delegates in california alone. he also wants to win new jersey a winner take allstate. in new mexico he has to wendell gats there. all in all 78 delegates in the month of june to be the predump tive nominee. >> 95 on the board today. >> some other news for you classified pages of the 9-11 report may soon become public documents. the release could create international implications as
2:38 am
some officials hint at a possible saudi tie to the attacks. >> kristin fisher with what the president has to say about the 28 pages. this is a rumor something we have heard before, right? >> that is right. president orb sabama says the t ranking official is reviewing the 28 classified pages of the 9-11 report to make sure whatever is released would not compromise the national security. the white house is under mounting pressure with victims of family including nancy pelosi to de classify these document oos. they believe they have a right to know what role if any the saudis play in supporting the 9-11 hijackers. there needs to be justice. it is time to de classify the 28 pages. >> they want congress to pass a bill that would allow victims on
2:39 am
u.s. towsoil to sue those who mt have given support. president obama signalled he would likely veto such legislation. here is why. >> if we open up the possibility that the individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments we are opening up the united states to be continually sued by individuals and other countries. >> this debate is bubbling up at a delegate time for the president. tomorrow he will meet with the saudi king. >> thank you kristin fisher. >> the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. sent to the shredder the staff is accused of destroying the 9-11 documents. that's next. you totaled your brand new car.
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>> lauren sim neat tee from fox business is here. this doesn't sound good. >> it really doesn't. it is a result of the investigation by the inspector general. did the va sled documents related to the victim's claim. 10 v.a. offices the investigators discovered they were destroying paperwork related to the claims. they sifted through 400,000 documents set to be destroyed discovering almost half were incorrectly placed in shred pins. many directly affected veterans. offices in atlanta, chicago, haas ton, new orleans, philadelphia, rio were there with accidental sledding in 10 aweses it was likely widespread -- is likely widespread to all 56 regional
2:44 am
offices. back to you. >> thank you, cheryl. >> imperfect but fair $1 billion concussion settlement is upheld by a federal appeals court. a plan is from the nfl and a group of retired players who suffered brain damage because of concussion. former players for the next 65 years but not current players. it will go into effect for 21 days unless they applied for a rehearing. >> to michigan the governor there rick snyder putting all of his face in tfaith in the water. he vowed to drink from the tap for a month who show residents it is safe to drink after the lead water crisis which you remember. it came one week after researchers declared it safe as long as a filter is used. they have apologized about the administration's role in the
2:45 am
long time contamination. >> to the big story we are following for you. parts of texas under water at this hour. deadly bloods forcing themes laoic this. thousands forced from their homes. scarlotte is live in houston with the latest. scarlotte? >> you can see some of the hard wood floors here completely lifted on the walls. you can see how far the water exactly went. a couple of feet. i can only imagine some of the frustration and stress some of the residents are going through. you couldn't drive around at home several feet under water. we planned ton talking to residents about what they have gone through the past year, this memorial day last year what their plans are if they have any
2:46 am
at time. what you should know about this specific area, it gets a lot of flooding. houses that are being built here now are being built several feet above ground. they are still being remodeled that are struggling. you can only image what the construction guys are going to say. we will have more coverage for you on fox news. reporting live in houston, texas, charlotte beck car fox news. >> thank you for that report. >> now to some health news. over the counter medications treating older people could lead to dementia. tablets for cold hey fever and heartburn blocks lel trick impulses which can cause memory loss and problems thinking. doctors recommend elderly people avoid taking those meds. listen to this, night shift and jet lag take a greater toll on women than men. a study finds although men and
2:47 am
women suffer from impaired brain function when their sheep sleep is disrupted it is greater for women. those running on low sleep had more trouble consecrating than men even worse mood as well. i have been telling my husband this for a long time. >> wait, what did you just say? i believe it, though. the time is almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour. incredible woman fights an armed robber with a baby in hand. >> we are talking politics and pan takes with brian kilmeade. >> we were about to tell you what everybody was thinking about. we are in the masser county suffolk county border. can you believe it? a new york primary matters. i am talking to a bunch of people who claims to be in new york. are you pumped up for a big primary? this is what john made for us at the diner. we are going to meet these lovely people in just a second.
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♪ ♪ beautiful shot of new york city this morning. the sun is coming up, and all eyes are on the state today as donald trump dominates the polls ahead of today's crucial primary. >> so what are the voters thinking? let's ask brian kilmeade. he is live at the massapequa
2:52 am
diner on long island. i don't know who is going to win today but i know that food looks like a winner. oh, my goodness. >> it looks amazing. >> i'm not sure who is going to win today. i think i won. i'm nine minutes from my house. i slept an extra 90 minutes. i'm the big winner. this is the massapequa diner. it's right in the heart of long island which is vital for any republican or democrat if they are going to be successful in this state. let's meet some of the people that get up early to talk politics and have some food at the massapequa diner. >> my name is willie. >> you guys retired? >> yes, i am. >> you guys talk politics? >> we sure do. >> who are you going to vote? >> yes, i do. i'm voting for donald trump. i like his ideas. we need a good tough guy. we need our country back. >> what's your choice here? that looks like an omelet with
2:53 am
lox. >> that's an egg white omelet with tomato. >> what's your name? >> glenn williams. >> you are also retired mta. what do you do? >> we talk politics. >> you are voting for? >> donald trump. >> i want you to meet from the massapequa school district. this is pat. he's been a custody at two local grammar schools. what are these kids like today? >> they are amazing. they know a lot. xing they talk to you. you said they used to be shy. now they actually talk back to you. >> they know more than what we know. >> what matters here to the people in massapequa? >> change. we want the best for our community, and a good president. we're going to go for donald trump. >> you are going to go for donald trump. now you are off to work after this. >> yes. >> i don't know what to tell you to do here, john, because you
2:54 am
are the manager. i think pat needs more coffee. >> what's your name? >> jack kemp. nypd. >> how long have you been coming to the massapequa diner? >> i've lived here for the 21 years. >> how has it changed? massapequa. >> it became more populous, more people than i've ever seen before. it's really gren since i come out here. >> in your whole life, did you even know the new york primary would even matter? by the time it gets to new york, it's over. >> i've never voted in a primary and this is the one. >> who is the one? >> the donald. absolutely, all the way. >> we're going to be talking to this guy and these two and having a good time here because the top four dishes are going to be revealed exclusively at the massapequa diner.
2:55 am
it's a little tex mex guys. you are going to meet them shortly, rick and ryan. >> a lot of trump supporters in that diner. >> first time in the primary. >> we expect to see you in the kitchen, brian, as well. >> not unless you have a hair net. >> okay. we'll find you one. thanks. we'll be right back. go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back.
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it is primary day in new york state and polling stations open in just one minute for today's critical contest. donald trump leading the pack for the gop with 40% of the vote nationally. hillary clinton with a slight lead over bernie sanders with 50% of the vote to his 48%. and let's keep talking about today's primary. what are your predictions for new york and beyond? log on to fox and friends first facebook page live after the show for a debate. #keep talking. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. a group of marines helped a sick little boy's dream come true. they gave him a combat uniform. don't mess with this mama. a masked man burst through a restaurant with a woman holding a baby. he attempted to get out of
3:00 am
the way and hurried back without being noticed. he catapulted facefirst into a wall. never going to live that one down. >> the way some of the candidates feel. >> speaking of candidates, get out and vote today. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. ♪ ♪ i am hoping to do really well tomorrow. i'm hoping to wrap-up the democratic nomination. >> you are going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years, and you are going to say that's the greatest single vote i've ever cast. >> reason why i beat hillary is because my appeal is broad and not narrow. >> thank you for coming and i hope you can help me tomorrow. >> if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we're going to win here in new york! >> if we


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