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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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pictures ofour beautiful planet earth. the images captured by a camera aboard the international space station. nasa says the footage may not be as good as the view from orbit , but it's pretty close. bill: i will see you at 6:00. sandra: i will be in the hall between now and then. see you tonight. jon: of fox news alert, on crunch time in new york. voters are casting their ballots now in a primary that offers one of the largest delegate called remaining in this presidential race and the two front-runners are hoping for big wins in the empire state to help them lockdown the nomination. good morning, welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers, in for jenna lee. a decisive victory by donald trump could move him closer to clinching the republican nomination or at least give him more leverage at a contested convention. new york could be a make or
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break contest for bernie sanders who is hoping for another upset over hillary clinton. while mrs. clinton once a big win to give her the lion's share of new york's 250 delegates and much-needed momentum. sanders supporters packing rallies like this one last night in brooklyn but with only registered democrats voting, will that enthusiasm hold up? that's one of the questions we are asking today. let's check in with david lee miller, he begins our coverage at a polling spot on long island. you've been there since the early morning hours, how are things looking today? reporter: slow but it is starting to pick up heather. this is a new york primary. it's literally new yorkers, donald trump and bernie sanders are both new york city born and as for hillary clinton, well, this is her adopted hometown. she lives in a new york city suburb and this morning at about 8:00 mrs. clinton joined by her husband went to their local polling station to cast
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their ballots. she's expected to have a strong showing today in the polling but at stake is 247 delegates. they are going to be allocated based on a proportional formula, very complex proposal formula and after voting mrs. clinton greeted supporters and she talked about campaigning here in new york. >> it feels great and i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, floating here in new york and i love new york and this has been a joy during the last two weeks to be here all over the state. reporter: donald trump also voted today and he cast his ballot not far from his home at the trump tower. the polls show trump with a substantial lead in new york and if he doesn't finish above the 50 percent threshold he stands to win all 95 republican
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delegates that are at stake. that would be crucial to him securing the nomination before the convention. trump also spoke briefly with reporters and he said the decision who to vote for today was in his words and easy one. he then went on to say it was a great honor, new york is a special place and in his words, we are going to make america great again. lastly, this polling place that you asked about heather, opened at about 6:00 this morning. so far about 70 people have voted here. there have been a number of issues, very small number of issues and people being told they are not going to be allowed to vote. that's because they are not registered in either party. in order to take part in the election in new york state in this primary election, you have to be either a registered democrat or a registered republican and that could be an obstacle for the supporters of bernie sanders, many of sanders supporters are independent and they are not registered with either party.
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lastly, the clerk here did say that she has designated 10 support clerks to mediate any disputes that do result. one case has gone before a judge but so far today there have not been any serious problems. the polls remain open in new york state until 9:00 tonight. heather? heather: david lee miller in mineola, new york. thanks. jon: on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz is looking beyond new york to the next big contest in pennsylvania. although trump is leading in pa, trans-walk away with more delegates because of his grounding. john roberts in philadelphia with a look at. reporter: good morning, we talk more about pennsylvania in a
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second. an iconic spot in downtown philadelphia but i will tell you: even rocky could not overcome the overwhelming odds stacked against ted cruz in the empire state today. the cruz campaign knows it's not whether or not trump is going to win new york, it's a matter of how much. will he cross that 50 percent threshold in all the congressional districts in wide and take-home all the delegates? for his part, donald trump has been doing everything he can in the past couple weeks to bury the competition. listen. >> weare going to show ted cruz who hates new york , hates new york. here's the man that turned down money. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz and no new yorker can vote for kasich when he was the one that approved nasa, a total disaster. so with all that being said, get out and vote. we've got to vote. [applause] reporter: get out and vote, donald trump imploring his supporters in buffalo in the northwest part of the state. cruz strategy today is to try to keep from below 50 percent. even if cruz doesn't end up
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with any delegates, it's likely kasich will come in second, he wants to keep track below 50 percent. already looking ahead to contest a week from today including pennsylvania and maryland will cruz was yesterday. here he is outside baltimore. >> there are two and only two candidates with any plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? jon: here's a couple things to chew over looking ahead to next tuesday. 71 delegates up for grabs in pennsylvania but the winner, and it looks like it could be donald trump, only gets 17 of those.the remaining 54 are on the ballot and are directly elected and on that ballot there is no indication of who
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those delegates support so it's up to the cruz campaign to publicize between now and next tuesday who is delegates are and the trump campaign for that matter. some movement in the trump campaign, sources close to the campaign familiar with its doctor have told me that it looks like paul manafort is really the guy who's running the show there. jolly resigned over the weekend and they're going to be adding a lot of people to the communications team because they really want to put out their message between now and that all important set of contests on june 7, the last day of the primaries, particularly california where they need to win for this idea of getting numbers before the convention is all over. the one let's talk more about how they do that in new york. john roberts, thank you. tonight we are going to be watching the margin of victory as jaundice described, if trump talks 50 percent statewide in new york, and in each congressional district, he could add as many as 95
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delegates to his tally. in his race street that magic number of 1237 and avoid a contested republican convention. let's talk about the prospects with any linsky, national political reporter for the boston globe. liz colonnade is executive editor of the daily caller. welcome to both of you. so donald trump needs to get 50 percent of the votes plus one. to take what, 14 delegates at large in new york state. annie, can he do it? >> the polling certainly suggests he can. this state, his home state is going to be the place after that disappointing moment in wisconsin and i think what's really interesting about the trump campaign is what you were just reporting.he has taken some of these steps to professionalize his campaign. this is something he said he's going to do, he's going to act more presidential but now for the first time you are seeing him take those steps and i
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think he will reap the rewards in his own state tonight. jon: but then already seven out of 10 voters are saying they couldn't vote for donald trump. is it too late to turn around that shift? >> well, this i think is something donald trump obviously is committed to working on. he said on the stump that he wants to change his tone because clearly people that are predicting he may even shift the position he's talking about going into a general election and let's not forget that so many people when it comes down to election days each of these states often don't decide unti the final days before the election so not just in the primary but in the general election you could see a different donald trump especially if he can make it. the question is, can he make it? you got two candidates in john kasich and ted cruz whose plan now is not to win outright but sabotaged donald trump's ability to win before the convention. jon: annie, let's get back to some of that delegate math. if kasich and cruz can combine
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to keep trump below 50 percent they what, automatically denied him that those 14 at large delegates in new york? >> the polling doesn't suggest that's a possibility, at least for 14. i think where you want to go is delegate hunting in new york state today. that's deeper into the congressional district and it's been so interesting to see that happen and see cruz going to very liberal parts of new york and new york city the hunt for some of those republican voters who control delegates here and for your viewers, a lot of people might not know how many delegates cruz will have out of new york because the process is so muddled, it will typically take the state party a few days to work out what the end of the day delegate counts are. jon: i read vince on political watcher who said a good night for john kasich would be 10
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delegates out of new york and four cruz, five. it doesn't seem like all that many when you are talking about the potential delegate count of 95 on the republican side. >> right, it sort of boggles the mind that so few delegates could be so influential that the way the map is working out, even a small foothold in a combined kasich cruz superdelegate monster is enough to help them tread the terrain necessary to stop donald trump from getting to 1237 at the convention because you're the real deal. if donald trump doesn't get a win on the first ballot at the convention, there's no chance he's wins on the second ballot. all those bound delegates that donaldtrump had, many of them on the second ballot will disappear. they will become free to vote for whoever they choose and also we've heard over and over , it's not donald trump for
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them so this is a tough fight for donald trump and the way he's structuring his campaign, he realizes he's got to get to that 1237 number both through winning decisively in new york and using the rest of the calendar to his advantage to beat back ted cruz and john kasich. jon: let's talk about the democratic side. can hillary clinton along the winds you need to new york? >> it looks that way and you see it from the sanders campaign. bernie sanders is not in the state today. he has gone to pennsylvania and he's looking ahead in the calendar. the sanders campaign is hoping that new york, they could have made inroads and they talked about that earlier. coming out of new hampshire and the victory there but you know, that type of talk has really died down and they're just finding over and over again on the democratic side in these primaries that are closed primaries where only democrats can vote and really excludes what's turned out to be bernie sanders base which is the independence and the people
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were making up and registering on the last day. in states like new york, really his coalition isn't able to vote and i think there's a recognition about that. jon: closed primaries in new york but vince, he was down in the polls in michiganand turned around and on their . >> right but he didn't have the problems of the closed primary and certainly not of the long-term registration requirements that exist in new york. you had to be registered by last fall to participate in this situation but the reality is he could still pull out something of a miracle, especially if he can draw turnout. if he can convince those supporters of his that exist in new york and places like brooklyn to show up in record numbers. bernie has attracted a lot of people to the polls and there's a reason hillary clinton has spent so much time there, not just because it's her home state. she senses a threat from bernie
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sanders and a hillary campaign has been visibly annoyed by the threat that bernie sanders has posed to her candidacy and the fact that he has continuously pulled her to the left so he has really been stuck in her craw and she has not liked that through the race. she is hoping he gets out soon and they are hoping new york is the way that happened. jon: new yorkers are excited that their votes finally matter. these races are usually all over by the time new york gets to voting.any linsky from the boston globe, iq. >> thank you. heather: historic flooding almost shutting down the city of houston. at least five deaths confirmed so far and there's more rain in the forecast for southeastern texas. we tell you about that. then cruise intensifying the search for a missing firefighter. the clue that has police, national park looking for nicole middendorf. in a recent interview, president obama said the country's politics are simply dysfunctional. you think republicans or democrats share more of the blame? our live chat up and running.
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this... is how it begins... with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you. jon: right now, crime stories
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we are following for you. the body of a missing florida priestess found more than 200 miles away in georgia. police say the remains are most likely those of reverend renc probert who disappeared a week ago. authorities in south carolina arrested a man who led them on a high-speed chase in romer's car. he then led police to the body. missing virginia firefighter resumes today. nicole mittendorff was reported missing after she did not show up for work on friday. authorities are searching the shenandoah national forest about 15 miles from where they found her car. there's a manhunt on in texas for a person the suspected of killing a mother of three inside a church. surveillance video shows him one dressed in swat gear in the church minutes before terry bever's arrives to teacher early-morning fitness class. one of her students later found the body. heather: flash flood watch as
8:19 am
warnings still in effect across southeastern texas and that's where storms have dropped more than a foot of rain. at least five people have died and dozens of neighborhoods in houston are now flooded. the governor declaring a disaster in several counties and more rain is expected through the day. meteorologist maria molina is watching this in the weather center and she has more now. maria, how are things looking and you said more rain is coming? >> more rain is coming and we currently have flooding on going across southeastern parts of texas and as you mentioned, we saw more than a foot of rain in some areas. anywhere between 18 and 16 inches of and across areas near houston and also further north, to the west of the city of dallas. rain has been impacting this region and the reason is we had this area of low pressure that's been slow moving, tapping into that moisture
8:20 am
across the gulf of mexico and streaming north, producing a lot of heavy rain and unfortunately it does look like more is in the forecast. we are in a break right now, some light showers and heavier batches of rain moving through eastern texas but the problem is we expected to continue or several days so the storm system will be a slow mover. we have flood watch is in effect here not only across texas and louisiana but extending further north across portions of oklahoma. looking at risk for flying across portions of the southern plains, you see our forecast models are hinting that we will continue's to see an active pattern across texas and louisiana over the next couple of days. not only through wednesday but as we head into thursday, still looking at a wet forecast. we are expected to see as much of six inches of rain or even higher and that will be
8:21 am
aggravating the flood situation that is ongoing. the ground is already saturated from days of heavy rain so that's what will trigger the additional flooding out there. you are looking at risk for severe weather across texas. a marginal risk so it's not high in terms of the probability of seeing severe weather but nonetheless anywhere from dallas to wichita falls, even abilene you could be looking at strong storms that bring damaging winds, large hail and even tornadoes and that threat continues shifting eastward as we head into the next few days. tomorrow it's across texas to arkansas and this is even further east as we head into thursday. heather: thank you so much and we are getting in live pictures right there at houston texas. this courtesy of kr iv, our local affiliate. we are looking at the flooding. it rained about 12 inches in 24 hours. more than 1000 rescue calls had been placed for people to be rescued from their homes and cars. by this morning alone, this is a very severe situation. schools and businesses obviously closed today. officials say stay indoors, don't go on the roadways. we will keep you posted. maria says more rain expected. jon: all walmart shopper shot
8:22 am
and killed by police after a 911 caller the said he was waving a gun in the store but that gun turned out to be an air rifle and there was a push or the 911 call her to face charges. a decision on his face just made. plus, mitt romney warning that donald trump will be the gop presidential nominee unless something happens. >>
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heather: welcome back. a new warning for the gop and it comes from the 2012 presidential nominee, mitt romney. he says donald trump will win on the first ballot at the convention and become the republican nominee if both senator ted cruz and john kasich stay in the race. listen. >> i think that cruz and kasich
8:26 am
divide the boat if you will and that would make it easier for mister trump to win the winner take all congressional districts and the winner take all state and get the delegates he needs either to reach the 1237 or to get close enough to it that he can persuade the uncommitted delegates that he would need to get the victory on the first ballot. heather: let's talk to david webb, sirius radio host and rick under, senior political contributor and cohost of steel and under, a serious xm radio and the democratic strategist. i love it by the way. david, let me start with you. it sounds like mitt romney is trying to force somebody out i'm not sure if he is. he is weighing in but what's the effect of it? is not convincing either man. he stumped or kasich in ohio he went on an endorsement for cruz . heather: it doesn't sound like kasich is going anywhere this is the washington insider play. if you look at what he talks
8:27 am
about he gets a bit personal, talking about trips on airplanes and help from went out to steal this. heather: what's the point?why is romney doing this >> he likes the sound of his voice over public airwaves . heather: he was this big antiestablishment thing. >> it stuck in back in because i have to tell you, strategically it doesn't make any sense. it truly doesn't.kasich drops out. it's not like all those votes are flooding over to ted cruz. it's not going to happen or vice versa. heather: this is an unconventional year, why not come out with an endorsement? >> historically endorsements may drive voters and help during people in but they're not driving voters and the electorates changed and the problem now is that the republican party is seeing an electorate that demands this populist trump and you have cruz, more of a constricted conservative and they both carry the outsider antiestablishment moniker. that's was hurting them.
8:28 am
>> how much does a mitt romney endorsement matter? come on. heather: that's something many folks are questioning. david touched on this a second ago and that is the delegate count. mitt romney said this. i think there are ways he could be persuasive and then he went on to talk about airplanes or giving the memberships to some of his exclusive club but that's not something that donald trump has been railing against so trump does those things to bring on the delegates, what happens with him among the republicans? >> when it comes to the republicans they do coalesce. people are overplaying the split. donald trump has happened to something. mobile voters in 2012 are coming out and he's reflecting an america that had it with failure and i think the republican party at the base level, the voting level is a bigger concern for a split. i think they will come together. i see a lot of this in the streets, i hear it on my show. heather: should he be taking mitt romney's advice and find the delegates around? >> if he is, he didn't need mitt romney to tell him to do
8:29 am
so. >> in fairness, he's got the plane to do it. >> mitt romney is saying everybody should follow the rules. it was mitt romney who changed rule 40 b so that his opponent ron paul couldn't get the nomination. heather: donald trump called into fox and friends earlier and there was a guest at the diner who asked in this question and he said you have any regrets about that campaign? donald trump said i could have said a few less words. i could have toned down a couple words, that would have been nice. that's my synopsis of it but that was the gist of it. are we now seeing a new donald trump that you're just a question mark on that's more reserved? >> we are. it started with super tuesday night in florida where he used the words unite. the florida primary was a little more the following weekend the gop, the place to the hometown crowd but he doesn't attack. it he's clearly getting input and taking it to be a little
8:30 am
more angled toward policy. i think if he does that because he's quite capable of it and if he does do it successfully and that's a ground game then he's able to do that. heather: rick, why are you shaking your head smart a lot of folks are saying this is the last two weeks of his campaign. >> he's not capable of it. donald trump is donald trump and listen, [overlapping conversation] he's going to say what's at the top of his mind at all times. some people love that, by the way. heather: where does this leave ted cruz and john kasich. >> it leaves john kasich having an argument to go to pennsylvania in the rustbelt, not much of one and it was his cruz into defense saying i'm blocking trump. heather: great to see you both. i'll be listening to you on serious xm. >> john is picking up the kids from school. let's head over to john. jon: is that what stereo was for, donald trump?
8:31 am
the markets are on fire with the dow shooting about 18,000 this week for the first time in a long time. is it sustainable? we take a look at which stocks are leading the way plus, the growing danger of drones after a scary situation at a major city airport. the pilot of a packed airliner thinks he crashed into one when he came in for a landing. hi...i'm pamela yellen. you may have read my bestselling book "the bank on yourself revolution". over the last 25 years, i've researched more than 450 financial products. i found that one of the best-kept secrets
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heather: welcome back, and the business alert to bring you. the dow climbing above 18,000 for the first time since last summer. this happening yesterday. front page of today's wall street journal. today it's just over 18 and that is within striking distance of an all-time high that nearly a year ago but are the markets being to overheat? do we have to talk about that again? touring was from our sister network . >> that's a buzz kill heather. the day after hitting 18,000, they go up some more pushing closer to that all-time high, 18,003 51 so we are really just one good rally away. what's leading the charge? johnson and johnson, united health group. those shares seeing their highest levels ever thanks to
8:36 am
higher-than-expected earnings report and united health said it's leading most of the health exchanges next year because it cost too much money. investors cheering that move. home depot also rallying to new highs. folks are starting to spruce up their homes. they are confident the weather is getting warmer. mcdonald's customers love all day breakfast, mickey d shares hitting new record highs and oil right now is in a tailwind for stocks. oil prices up for the first time in five days. there is a strike by oil workers in kuwait that's taking some of the oversupply pressure off the market. how are you doing this year but smart how is your 401(k) setting up the s&p is up to a half percent and the nasdaq is down about one percent. investors are a bit skittish on how high they want to push this market. on the one hand there's this fear of missing out on future gains but on the other hand heather there is worry that the market has gone too far. volume is light, showing there's not much conviction behind thebuying and there are also concerns about flowing forward . jon: authorities are looking into a frightening incident and one of the world biggest airport. a drone suspected of hitting a passenger plane as it came in
8:37 am
for a landing. the pilot of a british airways jet on approach to london's heathrow airport says something struck the front ofthe aircraft. it was arriving from geneva, 132 passengers and five crew on board. it did go on to land safely but the incident raises big questions about the danger of drones . i'm joined by mike boyd, an aviation security analyst and all over magee, aerospace mechanical and civil engineer and former deputy assistant secretary of transportation or technology policy. first of all, mike, we have rules against flying drones near airports and above certain altitudes in this country. what about in britain? >> whether they have them or not doesn't make any difference. rules are for honest people. breaking rules is what terrorists do.
8:38 am
that's why we have to focus on the future in controlling drone. it's a great technology, whole new channel of communication. we have no control over how to monitor where they are used or how they are used here in or in england. these are machines that are really a timebomb when it comes to security. jon: offer, terrorists spend all kind of time and effort trying to sneak bombs on board aircraft. if they could just put a drone in the air in a place where it gets ingested into an engine, that's pretty much accomplishes the same thing, doesn't it? >> absolutely. the british civil aviation authority is actually collaborating with the federal aviation administration in the us to look at raising these science questions for university researchers and national laboratories to look at the impact of a drone being ingested into an engine. we already know plenty of research how a bird impacts an engine as it ingested in it but a metal object. on battery systems and
8:39 am
something that weighs over 55 pounds going into an aircraft engine is basically going to cause a fire, basically an aircraft engine is essentially a controlled bomb so if you have other part of a foreign object going in that engine, that's a catastrophic event and it is probably attractive to terrorists. jon: they put out an animation of what that would look like, we can play it now. a couple of geese brought down an airbus 320 when they were ingested into its engines near laguardia after it took off from laguardia airport. you put a hunk of metal inthose things , you've got a whole lot bigger problem. >> this is just the tip of the security iceberg. back when someone flies something in the airplane and the drone happened to me, i'm talking about what that terrorist could do with drones at a stadium, what they could do with any conglomeration of people at an airline terminal.
8:40 am
there's a whole slew of things we need to do, not just look at what it does when it hits a cf six engine. we have to look at how we control and monitor who is using these and at the end of the day, how we do that, but we might want to consider saying no drones because right now that's what we have. we don't know whose operating them. we don't know who's flying them. we don't know where they are being flown from, there's no control whatsoever and that's a scary situation and i am a big fan of this technology. we are working to expand that in aviation but we have a security issue we have to address first. jon: what is in that closing the barn door after the horses are out? there are thousands of those, maybe millions already out on the market. >> you ban their use. you say no more until someone is licensed to own one, not just quiet, own oneand be responsible for its use . jon: i know all overin the us , if you are going to fly on commercially over certain way
8:41 am
and it's not very heavy you have to have a pilots license. obviously that gives some protection. but terrorists are inclined to listen to rules and follow faa regulation. how do you deal with that? >> well, transportation secretary last year announced rulemaking that requires all recreational and commercial drones to be registered with the faa so the agency can figure out the state of drones that's international airspace. the secretary says that flying in international airspace is serious business so we can have objects going across national airspace systems without the faa knowing what's up there but as you said john, there are 700,000 drones that were purchased last year. and they are expected to have that rise up to 1 million and consumers are attracted to these things. banning them probably may be a more difficult economic issue than we think.
8:42 am
as you said, the horse is out of the barn but as we look into the future, we are going to see package delivery systems that amazon is proposing. we are also going to see if you look at google versus facebook, filling our skies with drones. they're going to talk try to take the internet all across the world and they are going to be using drones to do that. in the next decade we are probably going to see our skies looking more like hanna-barbera the jetsons with so many things. the faa cannot necessarily stop things that go into the sky as long as they are flown properly and people are trained but what the faa does, but they have to make sure that whatever is up in the sky whether it is 400 feet or 32,000 feet that we are safe.jon: they think this drone in london was launched fromrichmond park.
8:43 am
so far no sign of the drone or any debris from it . we will let our viewers know what happened. all over magee, mike wade, thank you both. >> thank you. heather: the prosecution gains a star witness in a case against a former high school teacher who is now accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. we will break this all down in our legal panel, greg jarrett next. you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy.
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8:45 am
8:46 am
former high school teacher will now have to testify about their relationship in court. 38-year-old matthew shane wester is charged with having an inappropriate relationship with his 18-year-old wife before they were married and while she was a high school student of his. a judge ruling she is not protected by spousal privilege because she is actually the victim in the case. frank carried as a fox news anchor and also an attorney, he breaks it down for us. this took place in alabama. on alabama law makes this illegal so cannot life be forced to testify against her husband? >> exactly. normally you cannot compel a
8:47 am
spouse to testify against the other, it's a classic spousal privilege. it's been featured inhollywood movies but in 1960 , the us supreme court carved out an exception if the spouse is a victim. the privilege doesn't apply because the supreme court says victims can be easily manipulated and induced by husband defendants. heather: granted, that the age of consent and a lot of state but in alabama it's not nevertheless he's a student of his. >> a prosecutor made that argument and he said he abused her sexually and now he's abusing the legal system and using her to do it was a sham marriage. that's what the prosecutor says. heather: because they were married after the charges were brought against them correct? so if she is forced to testify what happens then?>> it is not an ideal scenario.
8:48 am
because three things can happen and i will put them briefly on the screen. the first one is she can take the witness stand and refuse to answer questions in which case she could be held in contempt but it does a judge really want to re-victimize the alleged victim? number two, she could take the stand and live but she could be held in perjury . the prosecutors really want to do that and third, she could take the stand and tell the jury how much she loves and adores the accused and you are ruining our lives and villain ice the prosecutors. that is pompous probably the better one and another one could be hey, we didn't know it was against the law. ignorance of the law is not an excuse but it's an explanation and jurors always are looking for an explanation. heather: are we supposed to be feel sorry for this man who is in a position of authority? >> she will likely say it's true love, the real thing p7 how about calling the mom and dad, seeing what they have to say.also: the colleagues of
8:49 am
the school and ask if he has done that before. find out about his reputation. >> it could be it could go the other way and jurors engage in what's known as during notification.they say wait a minute, this seems a little bit unfair. you have to be 19 years old to be a consentingis adult in most states. it's 18, even 17 and 16. heather: but the law is a law on the other hand . >> but jurors don't have to follow the law. [overlapping conversation] >> all i'm doing is explaining jurors go back, they don't have to justify their decision. they don't have to talk about it. they can decide you know what? we think under the circumstances this law is too harsh and they can nullify the law and by the way, she could have had sex beginning at the age of 16 with this man but the fact that he was a teacher, it falls under a new law in
8:50 am
alabama that you have to be 19. heather: the position of authority. greg jarrett, tell us what happens with that case. great to see you.then on, let's head over to you. jon: she played the ultimate 's mother mother but doris roberts had a long career before everybody rob loves raymond made her a big star. we take a look back at her life as hollywood mourns a deck. with's free cancellation,
8:51 am
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8:54 am
the front runners in both parties are feeling the pressure to wingate. hillary is downplaying expectations and donald campaign is seeing more changes. gun control is not a second amendment's a woman's issue. harris, did you hear this? this from a senator who many have considered a gun rights champion. who said it and is it right? and vice president joe biden gave a speech slamming prime minister benjamin netanyahu on his policies after that bus explosion which injured 21 people in jerusalem. timing.why did he do this now question mark all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. they are, balanced and unafraid. he's unafraid i hear. at the top of the hour. jon: he's used to dealing with all those washington politicians. >> you were very different john.jon: see you then. heather: i love their dresses today, they are beautiful. a bit of bad news coming out of hollywood. tributes pouring in from hollywood and beyond after film, stage and television star doris roberts dies at the age of 90. her career spanned more than half a century but she was perhaps best known for playing
8:55 am
ray romano's mother on the show everybody loves raymond. julie, what's wrong with a smothering mother? your mother then your mother in law and that's what ray romano had to deal with and we can all speak about our mother-in-law's. but a spokeswoman says the four time any award-winning actress passed away in her sleep and though she was 90 years old she was said to be full of life, healthy and active before her unexpected death. roberts started her career on broadway and was known for her role as ray romano's meddlesome mother in everybody loves raymond the but it was romano who loved her in a statement he said doris roberts had an energy and spirit that amazed me. she never stopped whether working professionally or with her many charities or just nurturing and mentoring young comics trying to make it as an actor. she did it all with such a grand love for life and people and i will miss her dearly. as you part of the show's
8:56 am
success which aired until 2005, creator roosevelt weeded the following message.we loved our mom. the great doris roberts, a wonderful, funny, indelible actress and friend. she spent her entire life acting and in the end advocated for those who wanted to do the same. last month she appeared and actors union to speak out about age discrimination as an outspoken critic. she questioned why there were so few roles for elder actors. the cause of death is still unknown but one thing is certain. she will be sorely missed by her family and those who knew her. she was in fact my neighbor for 14 years and never was there a day i didn't see her smile on her face or the gracious way in which she interacted with others. roberts is survived by her son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. heather: on her incredible
8:57 am
career and healthy at 90. we loved her personal side of the story. we are on baby watch for you, are we? >> i didn't go in labor here so stay tuned. maybe the next spot? heather: thanks for talking to us. we will be back in just a minute. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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. .
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>> heather, do you have another hour in you. >> hanging out with you, absolutely. >> we'll being back here in one hour on new york voting day. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tanteros. here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, co-host of "after the bell," on fox business, melissa francis is back. and today's #oneluckyguy, fox news chief political anchor, and anchor of "special report," we welcome back, mr. bret baier. you are fair, balanced, unafid and outnumbered, sir. >> this is second time on "outnumbered" in just a few weeks. harris: see? >> i feel honored. andrea: one of our best. harris: we feel honored. this is a big day. >> it's a big day. harris: you're bringing awesome stuff.


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