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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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7:50 eastern as polls close here in results -- 8:350. fox news click on overtime tab. we thank you and you will stick around too. >> thank you for overtime. thanks for having me. harris: tuesday, good having you, "happening now" now. of delegates. and a college student kicked off of a plane after speaking arbic and speaking the name of a terrorist group he said discrimination and wants an apology from the airplanes. does he have a claim?
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>> and you can see it on tv all of the time. >> rising waters and bite time i got downstairs, i was at my waist. >> school spirit getting a make over. >> one school removing all native american mascots and logos. it's all "happening now". a fox news alert in new york. there is closely watched primary in decades. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna lee. new york has the second largest haul for democrats. donald trump casting his own ballot earlier. both p campaigns are trying to
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regain lost momentum. >> we have team coverage. ed henley and carl cameron live from trump tower in new york city. >> reporter: it is it a long day. crowds coming by seeing if there will be a peek at him when he is expected to make a victory speech. he went to the central synagogue and cast a vote for himself and said it was easy. he talked about the things going on. it is a question of not if, but how much. with 95 delegates at stake. and the process here in new york. hinging on congressional sdprikts. each of the fweven congressional districts and candidates can get three delegates apiece if they get 50 percent or more.
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and again, that is only if they get 50 percent, otherwise it is porportional. and all of that is going on, and trump is looking for a big win tonight. the campaign has put paul mana four who was the campaigner and orchestraor in the campaign. they are adding staff and making the campaign to look more professional and answer the criticism that is happening. mr. trump was asked about that on fox and friends and acknowledged a shake-up and maybe hurt feelings. >> we are bringing in high level people. and i did great against walker. but he is a top guy. and you bring other people in. but people's feelings may get hurt. they are field people. but frankly, we are in
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a position we would like to close it out. >> reporter: if he gets 80 delegates he could be on a not easy path to win the 1237 delegates necessary for the nomination before the convention itself. otherwise cruz and kasich will get the contested convention they are asking for. ted cruz was in maryland and he recognizes it is a tough go. it is it possible to get a blank here in new york. and blank out the series of six win withes. a big loss in new york preceding what will happen last week. pennsylvania all the way to rhode island. and kasich expects to win a dozen delegates and that is his target to stay on target.
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jon? >> carl cameron, thank you. >> let's talk about the democrats now. hillary clinton starting her day voting in the adopted hometown in chappaqaa new york. today, he sanders, was asked about clenton in on the nomination. sanders said i am afraid she will be disappointed. ed henry has a look at that. how are they spending their day today? >> reporter: hillary clinton is in washington right now and heading back to new york. she wanted to give a speech to voter and labor unsions and they are important to get-out-the-vote. bernie sanders won eight of the last nine and momentum is on his
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side and it is so critical for her to blunt the momentum and win her adopted home state. her campaign is down playing talk of a landslide. she showed to have a double-digit lead. it may have gotten tighter especially with the large crowds that sanders is getting. she talked about how she feels good and thinks tonight, they will get a good turn out and get closer and closer to finally sealing the nomination, watch. >> i hope everybody gets out to vote. i had a great time going around the city in the last couple of days and seeing old friends and meeting new sxeem urge everybody to come out and vote before 9:00 tonight. >> reporter: and that is basically spending two weeks here in new york and couple of
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stops, that is a huge investment of time for someone who served as senator. the pressure is on her to show she can win big p. bernie sanders took a stroll near his hotel in manhattan the and trying to exude confidence and he didn't have a care in the world and he would to well tonight. and basically asked whether or not hillary clinton will seal the nomination. he thinks otherwise. >> i am afraid she will be disappointed. if there is a large voter turn out. >> independents who cannot vote on the democratic side. independents are helpful in places like new hampshire. bottom line for sanders. he moral
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victories. he needs to win so he has separation with the delegates. with the democrats doing it porportionately basically both candidates split the candidates. and hillary clinton is still in the lead. so when it comeses to front runners and their prospects. it reads, clinton and trump to cement front runner status. big win for trump would bring him closer to securing the outright majority of the delegates and prompted rival ted cruz to mount a spirited campaign to force a contested convention. for clinton, a win would give her a boss after the wins from bernie sanders. and clinton is so far ahead of the delegate count it is close to impossible for sanders to
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catch up. daniel helper is on line editor of the weekly standard. if you agree with that headline and analysis from the post, does it mean that the repuicans have the more interesting race or more contentious meaningful race today? >> yeah, i think so. no matter what happens in the democratic primary. it is very, very hard for bernie sanders to come back. if he did happen to win, it would be huge and perhaps it would shift. change the delegates. he is a couple of hundred behind. and on the republican side, look donald trump every delegate counts. and if he is it not get them. it will be difficult once he's
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on a later balolt. and the difference of him getting 80 or 90 delegates matters a lot. 50 percent of the vote, statewide, it is a big difference than 60 percent. the drama is on the republican side as it has been. and it will be up to cruz to make the argument that he is still in it and he can prevent donald trump from getting the nomination on the first ballot and he has the chance in the second. >> trump called it crooked and rigged. speaker of the house paul ryan was reacting to his buddy, chairman reince priebus who spoke to house republicans about p the nominating process and how you get to the delegates on the republican side. this is what speaker ryan had to say.
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>> i am so pleased that a meticulous attorney is head of the rnc. he will make sure we follow the rules. and so what reince was doing, walking the members through how the convention is organized and standing committees and how they are selected. >> i called them buddies and that is my term notes inially, well, notes inially theirs. but they are close. they are both from wisconsin and worked together for a long time. what do you suppose chairman ryan is saying there, and what is the message? >> he is trying to shore up the support for the process and counter wlns that trump levelled at the republican party. it sounds like trump is saying that the process should be illegitimate. trump is making mange changes in the campaign.
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he's about to have a big win in new york. and it will not look like a restructuring with desperation or fear. but over the past few weeks, trump has gotten boaten. cruz beat him over and over. and they decide whether the delegates will be supported. he is being outplayed by cruz and that's why he is restructuring the process. and behind the scenes, he's bringing people who knows how to dpaen p the system. it is overdue, but it seems like better late than never. >> we did a story of the criticism over the past few weeks. and the system he's taken on it is and he's not made remarks about mexicans. it is a kinder gentle.
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he seems to be able to win the process. betsy is right. we don't know how it will play out. his campaign was successful up to a month ago and he pete the odds. and run the race with a different campaign, or least different people on top. we have knowhow how it will take place. maybe he needed to do something big. but it is big changes for donald trump ahead. >> eight of the last nine contests went to democrat bernie sanders. come chance for him to win new york? >> it is slichlt sanders surprised us before. make the
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game changes. laws of physics. and weight percent of the number. and hillary clinton was run nothing 2008. in bernie sanders can do better than obama did in 2008. that would make folks more excited. and of course, as we said later, it makings no difference and the math of how he win in the convenning're vekz. >> it is an interesting night. thank you, error reference president obama leaves the white house and heads to saudi arabia just a short time from now. what is at stake with a major
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allies in one of the voilths reports in the world. it is now three, level throw. that is an exceptional he lev threat is stell nothing in thatiaryiary am chaefrj the+++cag
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so whether it's your car or home, let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. >> coming out of belgian. authorities have new information that isis sent more fighters to europe. security officials believe they have destabilized the terror network that carried out the attacks. but the country will be on the second highest alert level because the threat is still there. >> right now, president obama is preparing for a trip to saudi arabia. he's scheduled to depart the white house a short time from now. the president's trip comes as he is caught up in a debate that could declassify documents.
10:19 am
they are live with an update on that, rich. >> reporter: the white house is deferring to the office of the intelligence. they are from a 2002 congressional report and investigation in the 9/11 attacks. the co-- chair of the commission that authored that report said that the administrations in the u.s. down played saudi involvement in the attacks. this is while democrats and republicans in congress will push a bill to allow americans to sue foreign enitties over terrorist attacks in the united states. the white house and president oppose that effort. >> if we open up the possibility individuals can are you to-- su
10:20 am
other governments. we are opening up the united states being sued. >> reporter: they say it would solve the question of saudi. it is standing on a foundation of sand. and the president travels to saudi arabia this afternoon. and this is after making remarks about international free riders. the u.s. military would intervene heavily in regions without their help. the saudis took exception to that, jon. and his vice-president has harsh words for the israeli government. >> vice-president biden speaking to jay street saying there is not the political will with the
10:21 am
palestinians and israelis to begin significant peace talks. but noted that the israeli government of benjamin netanyahu is moving. >> it is it a one state reality and ha is dangerous. >> reporter: biden places blame on palestinians, and saying that their trying to use international entis is also counterproductive. >> thank you. from the president's mideast concern and 2016 race to the white house. president obama uses strong language to sdrien it. but what he is not doing on the democratic side is raising eyebrs. >> a missing washington couple is believed to be murdered.
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major crime detectives established problemable cause suspected of murdering them.
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10:26 am
reid and his brother tony. they were seen disposing the couple's vehicle in a wooded jo >> president obama weighing in on the race for the white house. he's not endorsed a democratic candidate. he took a swipe at the gop field and 2016 politics. >> if your political system continues to be this dysfunctional. it is fascinating to the degree to which single most important question i am asked from world leaders what is wrong with the election. the current presidential election is the tip upon of dysfunction. and that is the gop strategist. and former press assistant for rudy guiliani campaign. and that is former senior aide
10:27 am
to then senator hillary clinton. welcome to both of you. >> >> even if you disagree with the president's policy. go fwook the first state of the union. >> mitch mcconnell said he was destined to make president obama a one- term president. i don't know how you start off a presidency with that deficit and feel you are going to make your way out and say that everything's okay. to me that is just the tipping point. >> there was this. and that is iranian hard liners and didn't like the republicans,
10:28 am
listen. >> it is those hard liners that are comfortable with the status quo. it is chanting death to america that are most opposed to the deal and making a common cause with the republican caucus. >> is the president part of the problem or is the problem swirling around him? >> the president said it is dysfunction. he is massive part of the iceberg. he said republicans are like hard liner. and what about chuck schummer who was opposed as well? the president just ignored it and blamed the republicans for having a sensible reaction to a bad deal. >> what the president is really saying here, that the republicans are portrayed as the party of no. if you have a bill like the affordable care act and instead of finding ways to fix it, there
10:29 am
is a move to repeal it. and that is not in the president's mind -- i would say that the democrats would agree that that is not about negotiation. that is a blanket opposition to anything that the president has done. >> i'm guessing that you voted for hillary clinton, your old voice. >> i have voted but i can't take her side. but i urge everybody to vote. >> and the president weighed in on the republican field and took a shot at the 2016 gop contenders back in january. listen to this. >> so when you hear people pedalling fiction about enemies getting stronger and america is weaker. and you hear folks say we can solve challenges by looking meaner and talking tougher or
10:30 am
carpet bombing where ever you want, you know, that is just hot air. >> he went on to say that started with a b. and elicited a laugh and he added the word balonnie. politics works both ways, you have to have respect and negotiation on both side. >> congress said no to several of president obama's misguided suggestions. and that's their constitutional right to do so. and so the president goes around and issuing executive orders and goes around the congress. and we'll see that in the court. >> just like the right to nominate to the court court. >> and the republicans have a a right to say no. >> we after this can get along. >> we can.
10:31 am
>> and maybe we'll hear who basal voted for later. >> and record rainfall in the houston area. that high water there blamed for five deaths now as hundreds of people forced from their homes and the state braces for more rain. a man is thrown off of the airplane. and questioned by the fbi after another passenger said she heard him say something in arabic that trounled her. we'll tell you what the level panel says next. i am waiting for an apology. i said that many times. i wait for the apology to be in public and recognize in this country we have a big problem. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six.
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief >> some terrible things happening in texas. five people are dead and hundreds displaced by flooding in houston. texas is getting slammed by more rain today. the red cross is helping 400 people forced from their home due to flooding. rescue crews pulling hundreds of people to safety. the mayor of houston, is urging folks to stay inside. flash flood warning remain in affect. here's more. >> hi, jon.
10:36 am
they saw record- setting rainfall. 3- 4 inches of rain an hour and the visual in houston are tremendous. the radar estimation and the reasonable coming within an matter of hours and this is the totals that we have gotten in and around south texas. close to 18 inches of rainfall. fayetville 18 inches. and this rain came at a record- setting pace. and we are seeing the potential of more showers. the worst of it was yesterday morning. people were taken off guard and had to leave their cars and seek higher ground. you can see the potential for more rain in the forecast. and we still have flood advisories out to south texas. and north texas and oklahoma, heavy rainfall. there is future radar head
10:37 am
nothing the afternoon and evening hours. and that is going to continue to saturate the ground. our forecast precipitation, this is not good for southeast texas and louisiana. some cases they could see 4- 6 additional inches of rainfall. people need to be on guard. we could see tronning to severe storms in central texas. it is not good news for folks in southeastern texas with strong winds and hail and isolated tornados. if i could switch to a good new stories, here in the northeast, where primaries are taking place. you couldn't ask for better weather. attaches in the 60s and abundant sunshine and no rain in sight. and tremendous day in the
10:38 am
northeast where people are headquartering to the polls. shirt sloef. i love. it >> thank you, janice. >> "happening now", an iraqi refugee removed from a flight is calling it islam phobe beia and calling for an apology from southwest. he was speak nothing ara bic to his uncle in baghdad. another a rabic speaking passenger said she heard him saying something that concerned her. police had pulled him off of the plane. he said he is have known better than spoken ara bic on the plane. >> he said why would i speak in the plane and you upon the environment around us and what is happening in the airports. i told him i am sorry, i didn't
10:39 am
mean to do that. and he said the plane is going to be delayed. this is is slam phobia got this country into. >> we have a fox legal analyst. what the police officer said was not the brightest thing just because that person was speaking in that language. but taking in the totality what was said. he talked about isis or a terror group. the woman was ara bic and he said god be willing. it is not a bad expression but what people say. >> but taken in the totality of experience. you are on a plane and waiting to take off on a plane and hearing that is frightening for the woman who understood what he said. >> does he have a claim?
10:40 am
>> he. but airlines have to be careful when dealing with passenger safety. when you go through tsa, you can't say bomb or saying like ha is a bomb dress. >> you can get kicked off of the plane. >> their job is to make sure passengers are safe and they have to do that. >> you don't think he has a claim? >> he's saying and eric i think disagrees with me, he doesn't want a claim but saying i want an apology. >> but he called care. >> he didn't want to apologize until settle am. that's what we deal with all of the time. i want an apology from the store and they made me slip until time
10:41 am
to settle the case. >> and what about the 9/11 commission report and the 28 pages of documents that president obama will be considering whether or not he wants to declassify them. he's getting ready to leave for saudi arabia. and this brings us to the entire debate. it is it is looming over the visit and if it is it passed, the bill could allow americans to sue saudi arabia. one of the longest standing allies in the middle east. is there another way around this? >> the families want to sue saudi arabia and they feel, those 28 sealed documents would be critical for them to bring the lawsuits forward. until they get the 28 pages, those lawsuits may not go forward. that is 28 documents and of course, what the government is
10:42 am
saying, national security trumps all. >> that's the purpose p of discovery. you file a lawsuit and you ask for discovery to promote your case. those documents are part of national security and i understand the president being cautious not to release the documents. but the plaintiff's lawyers should file discovery. >> he said if we open it up we will leave ourselves open to other countries suing us. >> it may be, but there are treaties that would trump that legislation and a whole new suit. it gets complicated with international law. >> is there another way for families to go after saudi arabia if they had a role in financing or allowing the 9/11 terrorist? >> it would be tough. international lawsuits, it is tough and you are suing a country for something they did, of course, this country.
10:43 am
>> there is immunity agreements as well. >> jon? >> changes, could be coming to your credit card. there is a major overhaul to affect how much time you spend in the check out line. >> and new yorker going to the voting sites.
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>> i like it. >> get out of the way. >> and much of the focus on the new york primary is on the big apple. upstate new yorkers have different views than the down state counterparts and roaching out to them is critical for the campaign. molly line is in uttica. >> they have not been left behind. they have been courted. and they are out casting their votes. ro chester and rome and try. they are courting them. the economy is critical up here. donald trump touting his home state advantage and kicked off and talked about job losses and declining manufacturing.
10:48 am
he has a promise of better trade deals and economic revitalization. cruz may have gotten the cold shoulder in the bronx but warler here. and kasich promised he was in it for the working people and democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders focused on the strong holds and not ignored the north. and clinton reminded them she represented them in the senate. and sanders talked about a rigged economy. voter ises tell us about the international issues. it is the pocketbook issues that are top of mind. >> i voted for bernie sanders. there is a number of issues. i look for job creation in the city of uttica. we have a lot of unemployed and low wages. >> i voted for donald trump.
10:49 am
to help kill isis and get our economy back together. a lot of reasons i like trump. he speaks his mind and democrats and republicans want to it shut down the government every time there is an argument. it is not going to happen with the donald. >> reporter: it is unclear if they will give trump the majority he needs. molly line. upstate new york. thank you. there is a battle over native american symbols in our country. why one school may have to change mascot and school logoes. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le
10:50 am
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i'm gretchen carlson. we're live today from the polls outside in new york. we have a panel of trump, kasich and cruz supporters. we'll ask them everything from vp choices to the future of the party. plus, reince priebus just met with gop members of congress and paul ryan as well. what was discussed? we'll ask former rnc chair haley barbour about the fate of his successor. and the vice chair of the broncs party party will tell us what a super voter is because -- he's one of them. all of that a few minutes away. gretchen carlson looking growth yacoutside today. public schools in colorado are now being urged to remove all native american mascots and other symbols from their campuses unless they are specifically sanctioned by a federally recognized tribe. our national correspondent is live for us in our los angeles bureau with that story. so what led to this controversy? >> so last year colorado
10:54 am
lawmakers proposed giving native americans power to ban high school moss scotts they deemed offensive and those who didn't comply would be fined $25,000 a month. so the governor thought that was a little extreme so he created a commission that come up with a compromise. yesterday they did. any school that uses an american indian mascot image or name should change it unless the school gets a federally recognized tribe's approval. >> native american scouts were paid and by being stained in their own blood, being redskins, and actually have be a bounty paid for those scalps that was something that's been very offensive. >> so 30 schools in colorado use indian names or mascot, including the lamar high savages and eaton reds who mascot is a caricature of an indian wearing a loin cloth. the community favors keeping the logo, although one student in lamar sided with critics saying, "native americans were
10:55 am
persecuted for so many years. for us to have the nerve to continue to having mat scott just hurts the soul. others consider this political correctness on steroids. nationwide there are 3,000 sports teams that reference native americans. 90% are high schools. the warriors, indians, raiders, braves, chiefs, and 121 teams named the redskins. so unlike oregon which banned native american mascots, colorado is a recommendation, not a mandate. the ncaa took a similar approach a few years ago. some schools changed their names from indians to wolves and warhawks. others didn't. the seminoles or the utes. in most case is when you look into this, it is not the name that native americans find offensive, it is how the mascot is depicted. there is a huge difference between average nay of it americans, some on the reservation, some in the cities, versus the activists who in most cases don't seem to ever. happy. >> william, i'm so glad you
10:56 am
brought up that point. some family members of mine living in montana are members of a tribe up there and say this is ridiculous! we want none of it. that's just for the advocates. thanks a lot. great britain's royal brothers battling it out. not with swords but light sabers. princes harry and william channeled the force. how did they get their hands on those? the final 30 next.
10:57 am
10:58 am
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10:59 am
sibling rivalry "star wars" style. great britain's royal princes william and harry taking swings at each other with the light sabers there. they were visiting a "star wars" set in the uk. one of the stars of "the force awakens" giving the princes a tour.
11:00 am
>> the brothers got the royal treatment getting to play with some very cool props. >> so we can't vote here in new york. you and me. >> if you're registered as an independent you're not allowed to in new york. >> people don't talk about that, i guess? >> that's not fair. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. right here in new york city it all comes down to one day, the day with the presidential front-runners are hoping for big wins in the primaries to help nail down their nominations. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" today, live outside of fox news studios in midtown manhattan. voters casting their ballots in a primary that offers one of the biggest delegate hauls giving donald trump a shot at clinching the actual nomination and hillary clinton a chance to build some momentum. live fox team coverage for you today. adam


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