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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we worked together in cincinnati. okay, tell me what's going to happen tonight. >> you're asking me? >> yeah. >> you have to tune in tonight. 9-p east coast time. >> we'll be watching for you. you'll be at your wall doing your stuff. >> also known as the bill board. >> have a great day. >> announcer: now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> looking for a landslide. the presidential front-runners aren't just gunning for wins tonight in new york. they're trying to crush their rivals and push them right out of the running. donald trump and hillary clinton had big leads coming into the primary and each has the chance to make it just about impossible for their competitors going forward. on the democratic side, a big win for hillary clinton could stop talk of a bernie sanders momentum. as it stands now, he needs 68% of the remaining delegates on the democratic side to clinch the nomination there. that's including today in new york.
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historically it's an enormous lead. it's bigger than the lead hillary clinton had over president obama eight years ago. it's more math than opinion but bernie sanders rejects it. >> reporter: senator, hillary clinton believes she could wrap up the nomination today. >> i'm afraid she's going to be disappointed. >> donald trump needs more than 50% of the statewide vote to have any chance of sweeping all of new york's delegates. he needs more than half the votes in every congressional district to get all of new york's delegates. in a three-person race, that's a tall order. if trump does manage to come close to winning all of them, rival ted cruz could mathematically be eliminated from clinching the nomination. that could happen tonight. make no mistake, the cruz camp knows it and cruz is playing down expectations before the first vote is counted.
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>> new york is donald's home sta state. of course he's going to do well in his home state. >> and john kasich can pick up delegates by coming in second in some places because, as i mentioned, congressional detectives award a delegate if the winner doesn't pass 50% of the vote. no matter what happens, there is zero chance john kasich will win the nomination before the convention, even if he gets every delegate in every district in every state until it's all over, he still cannot get to 1,237. under the current rules hereby cannot be the republican nominee. why? seems he's fed up with explaining that. >> at the end of the day i think the republican party wants to pick somebody who can win in the fall. can i finish? i'm answering the way i want to
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answer it. you're the candidate, what do you think? >> i think you should answer the questions. >> john case ek cannot win. under the rules, it is over. it's been over. then again we could get new rules with new math, right? he's suggesting either ted cruz or john kasich should drop out after tonight so that the stop trump group can rally around a single rival. that's coming from mitt romney. much more on that coming up. job roberts is live in philly where ted cruz is today. let's start with carl cameron live here in new york city. tell us more about the delegate math here in this state. >> reporter: there's 27 congressional districts and three delegates per each. and, first of all, a candidate has to get more than 20% in order to be eligible for delegates. if they get 50% of it, they get all three. if nobody gets over 50%, the top two split it. the winner, the plurality candidate gets two and the other candidate gets one, which is why
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kasich thinks he can get as many as a dozen delegates over the course of today's voting. tonight that would put donald trump at 83 of the 95 delegates and that's well within target even before the convention. this will be a big momentum builder for donald trump. it's not a question of whether he's going to win. it's the size of the victory. if he does get north of 80, it makes him possible for him to still get enough delegates to vote. there's been a lot of work trying to slow him down but it is telling that kasich and cruz have moved on to other states in recent days in order to feather the nest going forward. the delegate count is complicated. the vote usually comes in from the northern part of the state first, new york city comes later. we should have information sometimes between 11:00 tonight and midnight. >> what do we make of the
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shake-up of his camp, his campaign? >> well, it's real. he brought in paul manafort, a veteran of 40 years ago convention in which gerald ford was able to wrestle the nomination away from ronald reagan. and he is definitely making some changes. there will be five or so enough communications staffers hired. he has hired another ace, veteran of election politics who helped the republican national committee's rules committee in 2012 write the current rules. and so these are all steps that do have the potential to sort of sideline or layer or bench some of the more loyal staff that's been with trump from the very beginning. it was a small group, not particularly experienced in presidential politics, though corey lewandowski has had national political experience. and so these changes raise real questions. donald trump's rise to success in the primaries and caucuses thus far has been driven largely
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by his personality. he's new at it, admits it and says initially he was doing it for fun and now he realizes with the possibility of winning, it's time to make adjustments. does he continue to wing it or do we start to see a much more contained donald trump? that's the kind of thing his supporters are worried about. if he changes too many tactics and tries to act with an establishment candidate, he runs the risk of alienating the very base that's gotten him to where he is. >> how are next week's contests looking, carl? >> a lot like the one today. the states that are going to be voting start in maryland, go all the way up to rhode island. there's five total. you've got maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, connecticut and rhode island. and in those five states that have had polls, donald trump has a big lead. john kasich and cruz are looking to build delegates there. they all have various different rules for proportional, as well
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as winner-take-all possibilities. those are the things trump has struggled with. >> seems ted cruz has already put new york in the rear view mirror. he's third in polling today and nobody feels a cruz surge coming in the land of new york values. maybe that will be an exit question, did cruz's comment about new york values affect your vote? could be telling. cruz's politics really aren't a fit for new york's more secular and progressive electorate anyway. so he'll be in philly when the results come in tonight. pennsylvania, as carl mentioned, the next big prize up next week. john roberts. hi, john. >> reporter: his strategy was simply to take enough votes from donald trump to keep him and deny trump delegates, even if ted cruz comes out of new york
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with no delegates at all. cruz already moving on. he's got an event in philadelphia tonight here at the national constitution center with senator mike lee of utah and carly fiorina. yesterday he was in maryland where he said voters really do face a choice in this election. >> there are two and only two candidates who have any plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? >> there are five contests a week from today. among them 172 delegates up for grabs. that is as much as the state of california. >> explain to people how it is that trump could win in pennsylvania yet get fewer
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delegates than ted cruz. >> all right. it's a little complicated but here's the way it goes. 71 available in pennsylvania. 17 goes to the person who wins the state. donald trump could win by 20, 25 points and got 17 delegates. the other 54 are what are called unbound delegates and they are also voted for directly. here's a sample ballot from allegheny county. on the left-hand side you see the presidential candidates. on the right-hand corner, there are a bunch of delegates listed. you can pick three of them and there are no candidate affiliations associated with those delegates. it's up to the campaigns, trump, cruz, kasich, to let people in each of the congressional districts know which delegates represent them. it is possible, whoever has the best ground game, to come away with the lion's share of those delegates who are up for direct election. donald trump could win 17 by winning the state but ted cruz could get the lion's share. big media going on at the rnc
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this week. talk about rules changes, the rules under which the convention runs, whether it's the us house of representatives rules or others would like another set of rules called roberts rules. under roberts rules, it's possible for delegates to hold up the convention where some members of the rnc are concerned where they could run out the clock, which means they'd have to hold another convention where every delegate would be unbound. that is the true nightmare scenario. happened in 1860 for the democrats. republicans don't want it this year. >> who's pushing for that, john? >> a fellow named sheldon yu out of oregon. conspiracy theorists are wondering if it's designed to have someone like kasich or someone else come in. >> that's fascinating. that is something, isn't it? i'd love to hear your thoughts on that report.
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trump is trying to get to 1,237 delegates and shut down his opponent and secure the nomination. but the backup plan is gifts and whatever they're willing to do to change their votes if there's a second ballot or third or fourth or second convention. how far are these candidates willing to go? how much are they actually willing to spend? finally we have a clue. team trump speaks next. uy a new. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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donald trump is not looking to get into a bidding war other delegates. that's what his campaign manager said today. he says the candidate who gets the most votes should win, period, even though the rules state otherwise. but delegates actually pick the nominee. if this goes to a fight at the convention, more and more delegates become free agents, if you will, with every round of voting. and there are apparently few limits to how far candidates can go to win them over. no bidding war, says team trump. you believe that one? team fox coverage continues. blake berman is live in d.c. he was complaining today again about this system, right? >> exactly right. donald trump continues to assail the process for selecting delegates. earlier this morning trump said
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people are getting picked off. >> they give them trips, they give them lunches and dinners and hotel rooms. it's such a crooked system, you wouldn't believe it. it's horrible. >> ted cruz's campaign vehement live denies any foul play here on their part. their communications director wrote to me, i'm quoting, "all this talk about the system being rigged is nothing more than another distraction, the trump campaign is desperately trying to distract from the fact that he desperately short of leadership skills to be president." as we know, shepard, him reaching the 1,237 on his own is hardly a guarantee. >> the federal election commission has a one sentence rules. it says "contributions to an
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individual delegate are not subject to any per delegate limit." however, "delegates are not allowed to receive contributions from corporations, labor organizations, foreign nationals or businesses or federal government contractors." that leaves the door open for pacs should they choose. ken gross told us that could lead to an interesting convention should it get past a first ballot. >> the idea that some shenanigan is not going to occur is unrealist unrealistic. in other words, i think there will be trouble and you probably will be reading about it. if the prosecutors are serious, it might be like shooting fish in a barrel. >> should point out gross also says each state has its own laws, so that could weigh over any exchange of gifts before the convention. in ohio, where the convention is
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taking place on the republican side, has a bribery law in place. that law was put into place before the contested convention of 1876. we'll see what happens here in 2016. >> insanity builds. ed o'keefe, politics reporter for "the washington post." a candidate in theory could give a delegate a million bucks, couple million bucks, house on the seine? i'm serious. >> let's hope it doesn't come to that. if it did, you and i should sign up. >> but could they? >> yes, they could. >> that's insane. >> but the reason is a delegate can accept it from an organization, from a corporation or anything like that. but for now the rules basically say they can accept individual gifts. >> what was that? >> but from a candidate, a couple million bucks, you can give somebody a couple million bucks, see you on the third round of balloting, here's 2
12:18 pm
million. >> they could do that. more realistically they'll probably get flown to mar-a-lago. >> if you want to be the president and you got a billion dollars, it says i'm really, really rich. could you just give a couple million? >> last time this was an issue was back in 1976 when gerry ford was president. you know what he did? he invited would-be potential supporters to the white house to attend a state dinner with queen elizabeth. >> and he got the mississippi delegation out of doing that. but here's the difference. ford didn't have a billion dollars. >> that's right. he did not. he certainly did not. he wasn't a very wealthy man. >> if that's the case, you can pay people whatever you want to pay them. if that's the case, this thing's for sale on a second ballot. if he doesn't get to 1,237, off to the highest bidder. delegates could all get rich. i'm not saying they will but they could. what is john kasich doing? under the rules he can't win.
12:19 pm
>> he can't offer a million dollars but he probably could offer them -- >> what we are anticipating is these campaigns will offer to pay the travel expenses to try to get to cleveland and pay for their lodging as well. according to people i talked to, i'd be okay with that if i'm already in a pledge situation where i've chosen to vote for that person. >> what's his angle? >> a lot of people have made clear their vote is not for sale. >> what's john kasich's angle here? >> if you're a trump or a cruz supporter, why would you say yes? what's his angle? is he just not trump? is he the chaos candidate or what is he? >> more than anything, he keeps showing these potential supporters the latest polling. if you saw the nbc/wall street
12:20 pm
journal matchup that saw him far ahead of clinton. in the general election matchup he can and that's the argument he's making, trump can't, truz can -- cruz can't. we'll see. if you want to get more nefarious or think about what he might be strategizing here, the possibility is perhaps he's thinking of running as the vice president. he has 66 ohio delegates. that could tip the scale either way. what if he kacuts the deal with the guys -- >> you could pick up a few million bucks being a delegate, if you choose. >> let's go. >> it's always been the rule. who ever much paid attention to delegates much before now anyway, right? mitt romney first said that the way to stop trump was to vote for ted cruz in some states and marco rubio and john kasich in
12:21 pm
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it is now very likely that donald trump will win the convention on the first ballot of the convention, if ted cruz and john kasich stay in the race. that's on the word of mitt romney. he spoke to host david gregory on his new podcast. >> i think cruz and kasich divide the vote, if you will, and that will make it easier for
12:25 pm
mr. trump to win the winner-take-all congressional districts or winner-take-all states or get close enough to it he could persuade the uncommitted delegates he'd need to get the victory on the first ballot. >> mitt romney said if either cruz or kasich gets out of the race, a contested convention would be more likely. last month mitt romney made the case against donald trump calling the republican front-runner a phony and a fraud. back then he said republicans should vote for which ever candidate had the chance of beating trump in each individual state. mitt monta mitt romney said he caucused for cruz in utah but has not endorsed anyone. matt, does what he said make sense in all circumstances? isn't there an argument that he's the no-trump candidate as well, kasich? >> yeah. i think that mitt romney has been quiet for about a month since he gave that speech, he
12:26 pm
was really prominent in utah. he's campaigned with kasich. >> you got a trump dump on him. trump went after him. that was vicious. >> and romney still is not necessarily saying which one of these guys should get out of the race. you sort of think it would be kasich getting out because kasich, as you've pointed out, has no mathematical chance of becoming the nominee. >> not in a normal convention but if we're in chaos territory. it's trump or chaos are isn't it? >> and romney is trying to consolidate the chaos. they still don't really have a candidate who they're for. they're obviously all against trump. but they're not behind cruz wholeheartedly. >> they haven't really been for anything for a long time, have they, as a group up there on capitol hill? there's just dysfunction. >> there's no big prominent leader. a lot of people were hoping paul ryan would be that. he's taking himself out it have.
12:27 pm
>> like he took himself out of the speaker's job. i know it's different. >> he's been a little bit more definitive on this than he was with the speakership. i do think there is a rudderless aspect of this whole thing of who do you have get behind, how do you stop trump, how do you find somebody who can stop trump? status quo is trump is poised for a big victory. he's still on the path toward a nomination. >> there are any signs the not-trump camp are consolidating about anything? you said there's really like a spiritual head of them at the moment. >> there's not. you had a sense after wisconsin that everyone was really excited and motivated, they proved that could stop trump, that ted cruz could consolidate -- >> it took a perfect environment, it took millions and millions of dollars and a talk radio clan that couldn't be stopped in southeast wisconsin, it took every bullet they had to barely get it done.
12:28 pm
>> and now trump it seems if he gets all 95 tonight or close to that, he is righting his ship a little bit. >> i saw senator alfonse d'amato. he said they will change the rules and it will give kasich a shot. i told him, i'm going to quote you on this. he said go right ahead. they're going to change the rules. >> the problem with that is first you alienate a lot of the support that trump has tapped into. >> he was definitive about it. >> trump does have a very concise argument that if i go into the convention with the most delegates and most supporters, i should win. this is unfair. so cruz and people within the party have a more complicated argument about the rules are different, they are set up -- >> but they are. but if you're trump and you say it often enough, it becomes true, like a wall likes mexico
12:29 pm
will pay for. >> you can see trump already laying the groundwork and doing that saying this is not fair, it rigged. so i think that's the argument that trump has. it is simple and it's effective. and that's what the party will have to counter and you're starting to see a little bit of that from reince priebus and saying the rules are the rules. >> i wonder if 75 years from now what the textbooks at ps-19 2 u the street will look like when they're trying to explain what is happening right now. >> i'd like to see what's going to happen the next couple of months. >> it's like the o.j. trial ahead. >> ahead, the latest on the democratic battle and why both campaigns are downplaying the polls. we'll speak to a political journalist is not about who wins but by how much. hang around. you both have a perfect driving record.
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he brought containers home with him and said he will keep doing it for the next month.
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>> visa claims the new cards can scan in under 2 seconds. security experts say the chips are more secure than magnetic strip, though i've already been frauded. >> and michael strahan is leaving "kelly & michael." he's going to "good morning america." what am i supposed to do in the 9:00 hour? you just ruined everything.
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the polls are wrong. bernie sanders could win in new york tonight, so says bernie sanders, if the turnout is high enough. now hillary clinton's campaign is also predicting the race will be tighter than people expect. the clinton es voted today at their home outside of chappaqua outside of new york city, bernie sanders did not vote. he's lived in vermont since like the late 60s.
12:36 pm
sanders trolled through -- strolled, trolled be pejorative. he strolled. hillary clinton left new york but she's coming back, right? >> she gave a speech to unions in washington d.c. they feel like they're going to have a strong night tonight. bernie sanders has hung around than they expected. we're seeing with these speeches, she's going to need labor in the fall campaign if she's the nominee to turn out folks on the left. in her rhetoric she's still focusing on donald trump and the republicans. >> when donald trump talks casually about using torture and nuclear weapons or when ted cruz calls for treating a whole group of people, american muslims like criminals, it makes them sound
12:37 pm
like they're in over their heads. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> you're right. they are also within the clinton camp talking about, hey, it pretty close. it might just be a single digit victory for her. they might be playing the ext expectations game. >> what's sanders doing in pennsylvania now? >> he's doing what clinton does because he's hoping for a victory and trying to wrap this up. typically clinton goes to where the next big state is and says i'm not worried about what's going to happen, i'm looking ahead. that's what sanders is doing. he might lose here tonight. if that's the case, he definitely also a to win pennsylvania next tuesday, a lot of delegates there and today he went back to a familiar script. >> millions of our fellow americans have lost their jobs, they've lost their homes and they have lost their life savings and many have still not
12:38 pm
recovered from the economic downturn caused by the illegality and the greed of wall street. >> so we talked about expectations for clinton in terms of bernie sanders. let's say he loses by just a few points. he tries to spin it as i beat the expectations. he running out of states to beat the expectations game. he's got to win it here. >> heidi, she's normally on the satellite, she's here today. >> good to see you. >> this claim of bernie sanders that if the turnout is really high he can win in new york, what's the fact on that? >> new york is not michigan, right? >> no, it isn't. >> bernie sanders is looking at michigan where he defied the polls. new york is different for many reasons. chief among it being it is a closed primary. those independents who have been carrying bernie sanders in other states, they cannot carry him here. even in the state where bernie sanders won, she beat him among
12:39 pm
self-identified registered democrat. and then you lump that in with all the other advantages she has there in terms of big minority population, of affluent voters and her record as a senator having brought jobs to upstate new york, i don't -- >> her poll numbers were huge here when she was a senator. >> i don't see how we're in for any surprise tonight. the question is the margin. >> the margin. i don't like this, oh, if you win by just this much, it a moral victory. i don't buy any of that. but where are they putting those numbers? >> double digits. she can call this a clean sweep. >> with double digits. >> with double digits. under that that would be a limb bit of an embarrassment, a scrape, a bruise, but nothing that, you and i discuss this so often, mathematically changes the scenario for her. say bernie sanders met her, matched her here, it that an doesn't change the math going
12:40 pm
forward he has to win 3/5 of all of the delegates going forward, he has to win 2/5. there's no map for him after this. it's all states that favor her, like pennsylvania and the eastern seaboard states. >> they could have about 90% what they need, be 90% there. >> in previous cycle, though, we considered it over with less. it's not like hillary clinton got out. but barack obama had a much smaller margin at the time. he had fewer delegates than she has this time, yet then it was over. this time it's like not over. >> right. and i think part of it is just symbolically, like no one expected this to happen, bernie sanders to be this strong and that we really are seeing a big divide in the democratic party on substantial, not just on who is the best candidate but on key issues, like trade. >> which is rare by this point
12:41 pm
in a campaign. >> the big concern everybody is obsessing about right now going into the next stage is just how much damage are they doing. the latest polls show 40% of sanders voters are saying they have a negative impression of hillary clinton. so the question is how long does this go on that they continue to bloody each other and how much time does she have to mend those fences and does bernie sanders truly and genuinely help her do that? >> he says he would. >> his wife says he would. >> that's true. >> i mean, i'm sure he will but is he really going to put his muscle into it? >> she did for barack obama in the biggest way possible. it was different then. a different time. heidi it's good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> bernie sanders says that
12:42 pm
hillary clinton is breaking campaign finance laws. the clinton campaign calls that shameful. we'll ask judge napolitano about those claims.
12:43 pm
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or visit
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>> then they'll decide in it administrative and in which ways they would assess a fine. if they find it's beyond administrative, it's sent to the justice department. it happened as recently as four years ago with ron paul's campaign. >> if you really think something like that, your initial point is you file with the federal election commission. so they haven't done that. unless and until there's something else, this is noise and nothing else. >> correct. correct. and the fec is probably saying we're here, we're here, we exist to investigate these things, we'll be on it immediately if you send us a complaint. >> they're good at vinvestigatig
12:48 pm
her. not here because they didn't file. >> correct. >> clatter. did you vote? >> i'm happy to answer. i vote in new jersey and we may be relevant for the first time in my memory. it's the last primary day in the country, imagine campaigning in new jersey and california the same day. >> we all may have lost our minds by then. it's bordering on insanity, isn't it? >> be thankful you and i don't have to work until 3:00 in the morning. >> no, no, done in a few minutes. good to see you. >> ben & jerry busted! they were protesting big money in politics. they're well known for taking issues and talking about social issues. they're also sanders supporters,
12:49 pm
as you might imagine. even named a new flavor after him a few months ago, bernie's yearning. it has giant chocolate chip at the top to represent all the money going to the top 1% of americans. i know. the taliban proving it can still pull off a devastating attack in afghanistan, even after years of u.s. troops and fighting and dying there. ahead, details on today's carnage and what u.s. leaders are saying about what is still america's longest war ever.
12:50 pm
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . seaworld. real. amazing we're out of here. we'll have e
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12:52 pm
we're watching more than politics on this primary day. in houston, heavy flooding has prompted new rounds of evacuation. at least five people have been killed after more than a foot and a half of rain fell within
12:53 pm
24 hours. crews had to rescue hundreds of people. would you look at this? their homes all flooded out. the national weather service issued a flash flood watch through tomorrow morning. this brings us to our slide show today. you will be able to see people had to leave just about everything behind carrying a few things. here is a little girl lifted from a boat. what a day. imagine that. the precious little face and what they have been going through today. we are told crews had to rescue her from her apartment. these people used an air mattress as you can see. probably didn't know when they bought the thing it would turn into a boat one day. today, it did. this next woman got out with her dog. imagine trying to deal with your pets in all of this flooding. that was one of the big concerns down in new orleans. it didn't go well. floodwaters pleat floodwaters completely surrounded this apartment complex. if he wants to go to the scotor he is going to have to swim. this last immanly showed the
12:54 pm
car. you are going to have a hard time not total that one. the driver's side front car has seen better days. a horrible mess in houston. pray for lack of rain an explosion and gunfire rocked afghanistan, killing dozens and wounding hundreds of more. women and children among the victims. the taliban claim responsibility for the attack. it happened in the capital, kabul. police say the militants targeted the officers of the country's main security agency. an agency similar to our secret service. today, fresh blood again in the streets of afghanistan where american forces have sacrificed so much and where despite all of the u.s. efforts, the terrorists and madmen still massacre innocence in the name of the twisted ideology. leah gabriel is here. do we know what happened? >> there were at least two attackers and the truckloaded into the van. the second attacker tried to get
12:55 pm
into the building but police forces outside killed him first. this comes after the taliban announced a spring offensive next week and the u.s. plans to decrease the number of troops from 10,000 to 5500 by the end of 2016. speaking of american sacrifice on the battlefield in afghanistan, since the war in afghanistan began in 2001, 1,843 u.s. service members have been killed in action. more than 21,000 wounded and the price tag of this war, well over $700 billion. now, the conflict in afghanistan is now the longest in american history. the senior u.s. military commander in afghanistan today said insurgents resort to this type of terrorist attack because they are no match for the afghan forces on the battlefield and a state department spokesman says the u.s. maintains efforts to start peace talks. the taliban has to be willing and no indication right now they are. >> lea, thank you.
12:56 pm
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when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> p. >> on this day in 161, the feds chapged the way we listen to music when they gave the go-ahead for stereo sound for the fm radio. unlike mono, it makes it sound like you are hearing from all different directions. it gave a big boost to sound quality of radio. it was an enormous hit during the early days of pop music. stations were quick to make the switch. radio stations are ditching fm for satellite or dimg tagital. the feds first okayed a plan that was music to our ears 55 years ago today. in japan, the election season lasts 12 days.
1:00 pm
in the united kingdom, 139 days. in the united states of america, from the time the first candidate dae cla candidate until we get it over, 5796 days. welcome, everybody. in five hours, we will know whether donald trump can right his campaign after a big stumble in wisconsin or is looking at a potentially contested convention come the summer. too early to tell. this much we know. all eyes are on the empire state and not just for republicans. for democrats as well. but the battle right now seems to be over how big the frontrunners can pile up their leads. that is anybody's guess. molly lin


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