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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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in the united kingdom, 139 days. in the united states of america, from the time the first candidate dae cla candidate until we get it over, 5796 days. welcome, everybody. in five hours, we will know whether donald trump can right his campaign after a big stumble in wisconsin or is looking at a potentially contested convention come the summer. too early to tell. this much we know. all eyes are on the empire state and not just for republicans. for democrats as well. but the battle right now seems to be over how big the frontrunners can pile up their leads. that is anybody's guess. molly line is covering thing ns
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ute ta, new york. molly? >> reporter: hi, neal. the voters of upstate new york will not be marginalized. you can see a steady stream pouring out in utica. they are wooing resident ns these more working class commit it is. the economy is top of mind. donald trump has kicked off multiple upstate rallies. governor john kasich promised he was in it for the working people. secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders have had blue collar plants like buffalo and syracuse, tell me they care about health care. they care about jobs. they want to hear about those pocketbook issues. >> i think bernie is for the people. >> donald trump, because i feel that america definitely needs a change. i am sick of all of our jobs being outsourced. if i call any person, i talk to
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a foreign person. they have to come back to america. >> you said it, neal, just a few hours here. the polls close at 9:00 tonight. back to you. in the meantime, donald trump is very busy hiring some key experts. those well-schooled in convention battles as a clear sign as any that he is not going to seed any behind-the-scene maneuvering fees. rebecca berg on what she makes of that. you fight fire with fire. he is paying good money to make sure he has the best of that fire. >> he is. we are watching donald trump's campaign turn into something closer to a traditional presidential campaign that it has been prior to that. that's actually the goal of paul manafort who has stepped in sort of as donald trump's campaign manager. technically, his role is his convention manager, delegate hunter. he has some experience in these fields specifically.
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reports say that he is now running the campaign. manafort is bringing on people that are more traditional republican campaign operatives, rick wylie, who led scott walker's campaign and a number of others who are coming in recent days. it is a serious effort by donald trump not only to mature as a presidential candidate and his campaign but to prepare for what's going to be a tough convention fight if it comes to that. >> i find the most interesting of the hires had to be william mcginley, a former council on the republican rules committee in stopping that ron paul insurgence and was able to save mitt romney potential embarrassment. not that would miss toppling mitt romney but embarrassing him. he recruits a guy like that, well schooled in the school of hard knocks. >> right, and someone that
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understands the rnc rules process, which is going to be key if it comes to a convention. the rules committee will decide what this convention is going to look like. let's not forget that rick wylie was a political director for the republican committee. it will certainly help donald trump. this comes down to delegates. it isn't only about the convention but what ted cruz is doing quite well, getting delegates at the state level that could support him at the convention. >> i find the trump maneuvers very interesting in that he is recruiting those well connected to the republican party establishment, liked by the establishment. he is obviously working within that group hoping that if it does get to be a contested convention, he does have some sort of tips in his corner. do you think that works?
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>> well, it is an interesting question, neil. it seems at this stage, donald trump is trying to have it both ways. he is trying to say the system is rigged against him and in favor of a more establishment candidate. he is hiring people that have worked in republican politics for a very long time, have deep rolodexes within the republican party and very deep connection, not only within the republican national committee but the republican party across the country. he is trying to frame himself now and his campaign. surrogates are trying to frame him as the presumptive republican nominee, who doesn't have to worry about a convention fight. there are mixed messages coming from the trump campaign. how long can he sustain all these messages without people raising their eyebrows a little bit? >> if it does get beyond the first, the consensus has been donald trump is in a world of hurt. he can't keep ahold of all of his delegates. with this help and this
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maneuvering right now, is it your sense he is in a better position if it went to successive ballots to keep in the fight? >> well, he certainly is in a better position. the position he was in, neil, was of having no organization essentially that could go to the state level, wrangle delegates and so he was in a position where he was potentially going to lose all of his tell gdelega the second ballot or close to that. now, he is in a position where he could actually compete at the convention. he really still needs to close the gap with ted cruz. we have seen ted cruz at state conventions and congressional district conventions so far. of the ones that have gone on so far, ted cruz is leading in terms of delegates who will support him on the second and third ballot. certainly, donald trump is there. his campaign has a presence but he has not closed the gap yet. >> he is making moves to indicate he is not going to give up on that fight. >> right now, the battle here is
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for 95 delegates for the republicans in new york. donald trump has a very good chance depending on the poles. he is leading in a lot of the congressional districts. he could pick up all 95. it is not a sure bet but not an impossible bet. the democrats with 247 delegates at state allocated among all the state's congressional districts. the polls show that hillary clinton has a very formidable lead. she handedly beat barack obama in this state eight years ago. she hopes to do the same with bernie sanders. if you think he is going out without a fight, you should have heard him on the campaign trail this morning. take a listen. >> secretary clinton has i have been go, as some of you know, speeches on wall street, behind closed doors, for $225,000 a speech. i think the speeches were
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usually one hour. one was 20 minutes. that's not fair for a day's work. >> he is pounding that again and again. whether it resonates in the polls or anyone's guests, u.s. congressman charlie rangel is supporting hillary clinton. always good to have you now. do you think that attack line is going to work for bernie sanders? >> no. i think he has had his 15 minutes of fame. he has certainly struck the fruk administration that a lot of people have in. so has donald trump for that matter. >> that's a long 15 minutes. >> it has been long but who in the heck ever heard of bernie before he decided to run for president. i'm proud to be in new york. we are m wrapping this up. it is going to be between trump and hillary clinton. we are going to see what happens. i don't think there is any more cruz or any more bernie sanders. i think we are really going to show tonight that it is all over. >> we'll see what happens there.
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congressman, as you know, your candidates negatives are very, very high. they are at an all-time negative high. bernie sanders has been chipping away at that, that she is not trustworthy, that she is not up to the task of doing the job. fully, a third of his supporters wouldn't vote for her if she were the nominee. a like number of her supporters feel the same way about him if he were the nominee. can these two kiss and make up? >> well, the alternative is going to be whether they want to vote for trump or whether they want to vote for hillary clinton. i agree that bernie sanders has gone far beyond what we thought he would do. i guess the closer you get to getting out of the race, the more emotions get carried away. believe me, when you are a candidate, common sense and reason is not sometimes your best judgment. let's say this. it is going to be over tonight.
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we have got a great job to do. we have to get those young people who are registered who can vote to come back with us. i think that trump is new york city's gift to democratic body quite frankly. i think he is going to do more to mobilize people for clinton than anything i can think of. >> you know, i can remember a lot of folks, even though it is apples and oranges, i readily agree, who were very dismissive of ronald reagan in 1980 challenging jimmy carter. the carter folks had remembered and hoped it would be ronald reagan. they got scared when george bush sr. would be a tougher guy to beat. we all know what happened then. do you think democrats, maybe yourself including, are getting t too cocky? >> i certainly did go wrong with ronald reagan. i never thought a about class
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"b" actor could be so popular as a national president. >> my only point in mentioning it, there was that dismissive attitude and a double digit gap in the polls and a sense he was easy to beat. i sense that a lot of democrats are cocky. >> all i'm saying, if you gave bernie sanders the pencil to keep score, he couldn't win. so that's it. now, with trump, it's a little different. if they try to take this away from trump, with all the votes that he is going to have going into that convention, that will be the end of the republican party as we know it. so new york is going to decide what's going to happen at the convention. so, sure, i made a lot of mistakes in thinking that ronald reagan wouldn't make it but that's the path right now. the numbers are not there for bernie. they are not there for cruz. any votes that cruz gets in new york state are not for cruz.
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they are against trump. >> no matter who wins tonight and by way of what margin, they are still shy of what they will need for the respective nominees for their party. it is not over yet, right? >> well, it is going to be abundantly clear after tonight that the convention is going to be trump and it is going to be hillary clinton. that's going to be an exciting race. >> we'll watch it very closely, charlie rangel, thank you very much. >> good to be with you. did a certain former mayor of this wonderful city just hint of a rule change for when donald trump n trump, a cruz backer is says, say what? carly fiorina is here and only here next. nothing unleashes power...
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let's not change the rules, make a deal and give him the extra 20 or 30 vote that is he needs to get over the top. cruz stepped back, kasich step back and give him the extra 20 that are there. if you don't, you are going get the will of 65% of the republican party, maybe 70% of the republican party. >> that was former new york mayor, rudy guiliani. that does not set will with carly fiorina. close. give him the cigar? >> i love rudy. i am shocked at this. he is so wrong. let's be clear.
1:17 pm
65% or 70% of the republican party is united in their opposition to donald trump. secondly, rules exist to make things fair. that's why when the buzzer sounds the basketball game is over. that's why the 5 yard line isn't a touchdown. 1237 is the majority of delegates. if donald trump can't win the majority of the delegates, he can't win an election. the rules that he is complaining about are so unfair have advantaged him up to this point. he has never won the majority of a vote in a state but yet he has walked way with 100% of the delegates. this is typical whining from the donald trump campaign. sadly, rudy, when they are not winning. he needs to get to 1237. if he cannot, anyone he shouldn't be the nominee and i don't think he is going to be the nominee. >> i don't know where rudy giuliani got that figure by my math in terms of the popular vote, it appears he has 37%, 38% of the vote.
1:18 pm
in the early days, it was a crowded field. it is what it is. he has about 43% of the delegates. the system actually has been advantageous to him. >> that's right. >> what rudy is saying he wants to keep the peace. >> really? that's going to keep the peace. what about all the delegates for cruz. >> you raised a very good point. all of the sudden, the rules as i see them now would qualify only ted cruz and rudy giuliani to be on the ballot. is it your thinking that unless they keep going at it ballot after ballot until one of them comes up with the 1237? >> those are the rules. the 1237 that they think is so unfair and so hard. for heaven's sake, mitt romney did it, john mccain did it, george bush did it.
1:19 pm
everybody did it. why can't donald trump do it? there are only two candidates, donald trump and ted cruz who have a real shot. let them go to the convention if it is going to be a contested convention and let the ballots be taken. it is why delegates are elected. i have news for donald trump as well. that is how the system works. it has been working this way for a very long time. we are a republic for a reason. we have been electing delegates to conventions for decades for a reason. >> ted cruz has had a tough time. he already seems to be positioning himself as losing this state maybe badly. we each carried our own states to move on to pennsylvania. he trails in pennsylvania polls as well. if he loses big, he is in danger of not even getting to that
1:20 pm
convention. it is trump's. >> no, i don't think that at all. donald trump ought to win new york. it is his home state. i don't think if donald trump wins new york, he has this thing so sewn up. that's why i'm here in pennsylvania and why senator cruz is here in pennsylvania. it's why the delegates i meet with are so infused. i think it is, perhaps, probable that this will be a contested convention. but i also think that when donald trump doesn't win this nomination out right, i don't think he will be our nominee. >> carly fiorina, thank you very, very much. always good chatting. carly fiorina, ran a company called hewlett-packard and speaking of all things tech, we are just getting word that intel, the giant chipmaker, is going to be laying off 12,000 people amidst a slowdown in the tech sector. it seems a lot of average
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you are looking at avenues of america right outside our fox headquarters. i'm up on the roof, which is a finest place to be although fast
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food is not a convenient up here. the big new york primary. 95 delegates at stake for the republicans. for the democrats. hillary clinton was voting early this morning. bernie sanders, even though he is from here, he is a vermont resident now. he was letting it be known he is a new yorker and don't forget him. >> when bernie sanders was walking the streets of manhattan this morning, he was asked by the reporter about the fact that the clinton camp is suggesting she might put him away tonight. he said she is going to be severely disappointed if she thinks that is going to happen. sanders suggesting he might shock the political world tonight. the clinton camp may be down playing expectations by saying with the poll showing, she has a
1:26 pm
double-digit lead. this might be single digit, crowds having those big crowds in various burroughs. 27,000, 28,000 people at that's ro maybe he is closing the gap. clinton is suggesting she feels pretty good. >> i'm afraid she is going to be disappointed. we are feeling very good. if there is a large voter turnout, despite 3 million people not being able to participate, i think we are going to do just finest. >> it feels great. i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york and i love new york. this has been a joy during the last two weeks to be here all over the state. >> so sanders talking about millions who can't vote referring to independents. this is a closed primary. independents help fuel his rise in places like new hampshire when they could vote in the
1:27 pm
democratic or republican primary. bottom line for sanders, coming in a close second is simply not good enough. it helps him in the expectation game. he has to start winning and winning big if he is going to catch up. does he have any chance of at least preventing her from getting the delegates necessary even though he might not get anywhere close himself? >> he has the pledged delegates you get state by state. you get the superdelegates, which is an oddity. the sanders camp tells me they are hopeful they will prevent hillary clinton from getting the over 2000 delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. there are more on the democratic side than the republican. on pledged delegates, they are going to prevent her from sealing it. with those superdelegates, it is very likely clinton will go over the edge and win there, neil. >> thank you very much. we are only a few feet apart. there is a new study out now
1:28 pm
that everyone has paid their taxes, we hope. 45% of us actually don't. most of that many do not. almost half pay no federal income tax at all. that doesn't include fica and those that pay taxes on gas. when i was in college, it was in the low 20s. even after grad school, the mid-20's. close to half, that puts a big burden people like charles payne, making money on fox business network. that's amazing. >> speaking of that burden, i got off the phone with my accountant last week. i'm serious when i say i had a tear welled up in that right eye. not only does it put a burden on the top 20% who are now paying up to 87% of all total federal income tax but there is this extra rhetorical burden, a sort of war on success, articulated by president obama and by the presidential candidates on the democratic side that's extremely
1:29 pm
frustrating, including small business owners and people who are self-made. it includes go-geters who once were applauded in this country for the most part pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. how does this nontax group get so larnge. i can jununderstand the older americans that are retired. we seem to be giving a lot of tax credits that push you out of paying any at all. many people are getting money from the government. just like you are at dinner when somebody is treating you, you don't pay attention. when you treat me out to dinner, i will order two appetizers, two main course meals. what do i care? charles is paying for it. all these people are demanding from the government. what do they care if someone else is paying for it. >> i get that. in this particular case, we all own the restaurant. this is our country. we want it to do well. it is sort of this idea, this notion, you had it with the young lady who was going to
1:30 pm
college and wanted the government to pay for that. it has been a major marketing campaign from progressives. it keeps building to the point it is highly successful, earned income tax credits. a lot of people work and don't make a lot of money. we keep subsidizing mediocrity. if people are subsidizing where they don't have to improve as americans, they argue that people that are doing well should pay more. it is going to go down that slippery slope we have already gone down. >> all i know under republicans, the democrats, the government seems to be getting bigger and bigger. >> they all have more than they get. >> charles payne, catch him in 90 minutes from now, the finest show on fbn, right before we get coverage rolling with the big primary today. >> if you are a big money donor and a well-connected financial
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what if i told you, another high for the year, the dow jones industrial, could be music to hillary clinton's ears despite the figures from intel which probably would not.
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you when it comes to the primaries, we love numbers. breaking them down for donald trump as well, take a look. >> so there are 95 gop delegates up for grabs this evening. most people expecting donald trump to do extremely well. we want to take you into a few of the counties where, in fact, he could be challenged. so oneida is one of these counties. there are actually 3 district
1:36 pm
delegates available from here. john kasich may, in fact, challenge donald trump from this area depriving him of the 50% that he would need for a clean sweep in that county. one other counsty that may prov difficult for donald trump is north of manhattan. it has a big percentage of hispanics and mexican-americans. many people expect the hispanic counties to go for cruz or kasich. if you look to some of the wider areas of strength for donald trump, one in particular, richmond county, which includes staten island, parts of brooklyn as well expected to do well for donald trump in the sense of he will have that 50% threshold or more. all in all, 95 delegates at stake. 14 at-large. 81 congressional districts. neil, back to you.
1:37 pm
>> she will be joining us for a live coverage on fbn. if you are ted cruz, you are putting less emphasis on the shellacking you might be getting from the empire state and focusing more in the keystone state. >> here is some numbers for you, 71, 17, and 54. in pennsylvania next tuesday, 71 delegates up for grabs, the winner, no matter how much you win by, gets 17 of those. the other 54 are unbound delegates and directly elected. let's take a look at the sample ballot. you have the presidential candidates over on the left. in the upper right, you have a list of delegates to the rnc who are being elected individually. if you can see closely enough, you will notice that none of those delegates, at least on this ballot, are affiliated with any particular presidential candidate. they could be cruz delegates. they could be kasich delegates, they could be trump delegates.
1:38 pm
how do people know who they are voting for? now it is up to the campaigns, whether it is cruz or trump to get out there with a ground game in all of the congressional districts and there are 18 here in pennsylvania and tell voters who their delegates are and who they want to have elected. neil, it is possible that donald trump could walk away with pennsylvania. he is leading by a substantial margin. he could win it by a 25 point margin and ted cruz or john kasich could come away with more delegates than donald trump. speaking of kasich, he is going to the meetings of the republican national committee this week. he is treating it like a primary. trump and cruz also sending representatives down. kasich is going down there to try to get as much support as possible. neil, you asked for it. you may get it. a contested convention is the only way kasich has a shot at becoming the nominee. neil? >> my friend, john roberts in philadelphia. you have heard donald trump say once or twice, the system is
1:39 pm
rigged when he lost colorado and wyoming. he said it was a system that really was sort of rigged by the establishment. i'm thinking to myself, isn't the establishment those big money donors. don't they take offense when they hear talks like that to a big donor who is not a vindictive donor but he could be. anthony? >> listen, i am sure there are some of these donors that are super sore at mr. trump. they are going to say nevertrump #. at the end of the day, the donors will be there for him. how does he turn that with his supporters? he is saying he doesn't need the money and won't raise the money. if he does need the money, how does he create a narrative. >> you think he needs the money. >> i think the consensus says he needs the money. i have taken him at his word and says he is going to be self-funded. he is going to need 1200 people
1:40 pm
out there. you have to get $15,000 $33,000 checks. >> is that what it takes? that's what prom aromney had? >> romney had more than that. he had great infrastructure, governor romney. it is hard to be the sitting president in a rising economy. >> i know what happened. you talked to these guys and they are not doing anything right now. they are on the sidelines. if donald trump is the nominee and he needs to raise money, he will find an endless amount of republican money to support him. people will be like, let bygones be bygones and they will be out there writing checks for him. >> you have a lot of money, money to burn. apparently, you felt strongly about this latest purchase. you have the jersey, this is the piazza jersey worn on september
1:41 pm
21st, 2001, the first night back for american baseball. michael came up in the 8th inning, cracks a home run t was a very sombre night. it was a night where people were super sad in that stadium, tons of victims families there. first responders, ems, new york firemen. >> that moment was electrifying. it gave the nation the opportunity to get back to normal. >> how much did it cost? >> it has been disclosed, $365,000. i bought it with four partners, jim mccann from 1-800-flowers, tony lata and a woman that asked to remain nameless. >> you each put in the same amount of money? >> we put in the same amount of money. it will go to the baseball hall of fame and will be there for michael during his induction. >> neil is taking it back to his house. he has traded that in for the
1:42 pm
domino's pizza jersey he was wearing in 1971. >> i'm not even a fan. that's a beautiful story. >> it has been a lot of fun. >> it was a theory that not only would the wrong bidder get their hands on it. this will be in the public after i steal it back from neil and take it back out of his car. it will be on public display for many generations to come. >> it was a beautiful thing to do. bernie sanders is very angry at hillary clinton and he is taking shots from pennsylvania at her. you might ask yourself why? why pennsylvania? could it be that that's the next big state. i'll piece it together right after this.
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ajoirks . >> >> welcome back, everybody, neil caputo here. new yorkers are feeling like finally they are the center of the universe. they really think they are. actually, they do. the primary matters for democrats and republicans and for former chairman and democratic donor, robert wilson. good to have you. >> thanks, neil. >> i'm talking about bernie sanders and hillary clinton. sanders raising the fact she is street. she has gotten big checks, speaking fees from wall street and she can't let go of that nor he reminding her of that. can these two ever get along? >> yeah, i think they will get along at the convention when secretary clinton is the nominee. i think all democrats will come together. i think senator sanders has done
1:47 pm
a great job getting out to vote. i think in these larger states, if you look at what serkt clip ton did in ohio and look at florida and new york, it is going to be an incredibly good day for her. she has won all of those in double digits. s. >> when they are polled on this subject, a third of bernie sanders supporters say, no way in heck they are going to support hillary clinton. i don't know what they are going to do instead. >> we said no way during the obama/clinton stuff. the clinton people came on strong for obama. i think that will happen also with senator sanders once he shows support for the secretary when she is the nominee. people come together. i think when it is secretary xlin ton versclinton versus donp
1:48 pm
or possibly senator cruz. i think there will be no question that the democrats and most of the independents will all come out together. >> that might happen. >> she has very high negatives. she is blessed that the guy she is pitted against has higher negatives. this would be the first election in forever where the candidate vs. these high negatives. i don't look at polls as closely as ifrp else does. today, the polls have president obama more favorable than president reagan. my guess is that the fox viewers probably don't look at that poll too well. if it is donald trump or secretary xliclinton, it is goi to be a tough race. i think secretary clinton will bode well in that race. much more of a diverse population will back her. it is not going to be easy.
1:49 pm
>> it never is. robert wilson, a pleasure. >> thanks, neil, good luck tonight. >> it is rush-hour here in manhattan. everybody who is familiar with rush-hour, you know it takes a long time to get home. this is when most new yorkers, at least in this city area, will end up voting. in this city, remember, hillary clinton, eight years ago, won all five burroughs, by double digit margins. she went on to beat barack obama by easy double digits. she hopes to pad that type of victory today. as for donald trump, ditto. ♪
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all right. who's ready for two? two contested conventions? who better to ask than the dean of all things politically historic. the historic, i'm ignoring president carter, shaking my hand, pat cadell. >> yes, that's me. >> the man who made the jimmy carter history. >> and there he is ignoring jimmy carter. >> i think it's so rude. but i admire your gutsiness. >> we were talking, i use it maybe a little bit more drama here. this idea that republicans will be facing a contested convention. what about ticked off bernie sanders supporters? >> let me tell you what i think is going to happen with this. this is what all the people trying to drive bernie sanders out of the race, neil, do not understand. he is not a candidate the way that she was, against barack obama. he is leading a movement that's propelling him. he has now become a cause for his voters. he has huge percentage of the
1:54 pm
voters under 50. in the democratic party. and what's going, under 45. and i guarantee you the question of superdelegates, imposed in 1981 as a way to make sure there would be no bernie sanders coming along to get nominated, that is going to get fought out. as are some of the transparency questions with hillary. this is only going to be -- >> it will be too late to change -- >> it may not change things this year. but it may change the future. unless they demand that the delegates who are superdelegates are unfrocked. >> what about the republicans and the battle there? >> well the battle there is going to start with, first of all, let me just say, donald trump,000 will win big tonight i think has a real challenge. not only has he got to get first-ballot delegates, he's got to do something about his imj. both he and hillary in the last month in the "wall street journal" and nbc poll, have taken, she particularly, has taken a hit among democrats.
1:55 pm
he has still got the worst ratings. he's got to turn that around. because what's going to happen -- >> is it too late for that? >> i think if he would concentrate. here's the point, neil. if he doesn't, you're going to go into a convention and people are going to say wait a minute, this is not a suicide pact. leave aside the question of delegates, the challenge will be, we're going down the tubes. and that's a factor. that's why he needs-team prove that. i think the republican battle is going to be in credentials, rules. >> they'll be bickering over this -- >> he's fought delegates. >> when all is said and done, pat caddell, the next president of the united states is? >> who knows. >> i can't get anyone -- >> nobody you're picking. >> you heard it there, president pat caddell in a shocking development. the fallout from that kind of stuff right after this. thousands of people
1:56 pm
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we promised you from the beginning we were going to follow your money. realizing that more of you have it invested in taxes than stocks. i take over at 8:00 p.m. as long as it takes for whatever it takes. we're going to be there. so we mean it when we talk about having your back. we're not running reruns. we're not showing skillet commercials, we think you're important and we think keeping our word is important, too.
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so let the others say that they have your back. while they're kind of kicking it in. not us. we're here for you. all night if that's what it takes. because there's free gatorade. hello, and happy election day, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with julie roginski, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it is primary day here in the empire state. and if you noticed, we've taken the show outside today as new yorkers put their mark on this wild presidential election. polls close in four hours. 247 delegates are up for


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