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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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all right. that wraps things up for tonight. big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton. and, of course, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. of course, we will be back in studio tomorrow night. but, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. america's election headquarters starts right now with bret and megyn. >> live look here in new york city, everyone, as donald trump celebrates a commanding win in his home state. taking the lion's share of the 95 delegates up for grabs here. hello, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier. donald trump scoring a decisive victory with governor john kasich projected to come in second and senator ted cruz finishing a distant third. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton shutting down senator bernie sanders with a big win in her adopted home state. and for all the discussion about the close margin earlier, you can see that has gone away. trump and clinton both speaking tonight to their supporters. >> it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes, you know, it's really
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nice. nobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory and it's not a fair ticket and even though we are leading by a lot and we can't be caught, it's impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. >> yeah. >> that's what's going to happen. and you watch. because the people aren't going to stand for it. it's a crooked system, it's a system that's rigged. and we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. >> it's humbling that you'd trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> chief political correspondent carl cameron live at trump tower tonight. carl? >> big victory for donald trump in new york.
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it's not clear, exactly, how many delegates he will win of the 95 that were up for grabs tonight, but it looks clear that he will break the 50% margin statewide which would get him 14 at large delegates. and the associated press and our own team is tracking this closely. and it looks possible for donald trump to reach his stated goal of 80 to 8 a delegates. right now it looks like he has at least 78, which means he has won with 50% a significant number of the congressional districts from which three dels can be won by a candidate if that candidate crests the 50% majority line. trump was hoping for a night like this. as you heard in that statement he was making there in his sort of victory remarks earlier, he does not believe that ted cruz can now win the nomination with the 1237 delegates trump's camp believes they have locked the out of. it was never a chance
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mathematically for john kasich. so, donald trump may be in the middle of a huge surge, a big victory in new york, his home state. and next week five states on the atlantic coast all vote. most of them have done polls and in every single one of them that has done a poll, donald trump is leading by at least 15 and in many cases 20 points. trump has got a big, big victory today. he is looking to extend that. and with his remarks tonight, once again challenging the way the republican national committee allocates its delegates. hes making it clear that he thinks he is being cheated that, in his words, the system is rigged and it's corrupt as run by the republican national committee that raises all sorts of questions. if he does not win the nomination by the time the convention comes up, what can he do? the republican national committee said it's not going to change its rules. donald trump has a history of using litigation. he said he loves to sue when he feels is he not being treated fairly. that may be one of the options left if he doesn't get to 1237, megan.
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>> carl, thank you. >> after tough losses in colorado and wyoming. trump's big wish in new york could give the campaign momentum. huckabee joins us now. your thoughts. >> i think it's a huge night for the donald trump campaign. and i think it's the exact surge of momentum we need at the right time. we are moving in to the end of april where i think dlump not only win probably close to 90 delegates by the time tonight is over but go on to win five states next week and end the month with bakinger lead than he started in the delegate race. >> clearly he thinks talking about this delegate process and calling it rigged and going against the states and the decision and the process is working for him. is that true? >> i think so. because i think more and more you see when the voters vote donald trump wins. i think tonight is a perfect example of that. when hard working americans
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go out, stand a line and cast a ballot. donald trump wins. when the party establishment gets together in a room and decides who they are going to give their delegates to, he doesn't win. and that's why donald trump has done so well this entire process is because not only republicans but americans are tired of washington insiders controlling the game, controlling the process, and telling them who to vote for and what to do. >> here is what the cruz campaign says. they say, listen, if you can't run the delegate process, and you can't manage this process in the nomination, how are you going to be able to manage the federal government as president? >> well, i think donald trump is managing this process pretty well considering is he up several hundred delegates over ted cruz. he has won more states and he is millions of votes ahead of ted cruz. you know, you hear a lot of talk from mostly the cruz camp that there is this mismanagement and dysfunction. if there is so much dysfunction, why are we so
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far ahead and moving into the only candidate left in the race that has a mathematical possibility to get to 1237. my question for ted cruz is will he do what he has been calling on john kasich to do and when it becomes mathematically impossible for him to hit 1237 get out of the race because i think we are really close to seeing that happen. >> who is the most senior advisor in the donald trump campaign right now. >> donald trump. the same as it has been since it started. >> besides the candidate? >> there is one boss in this campaign and that's donald trump. i think he has incredible team. everybody on the team is doing exact same thing one goal to get donald trump elected. at the end of the day there is one boss and that's donald trump. >> is paul manafort running the show? >> i think he is taking the lead on the delegate process. cory is still the campaign manager. i think they are working well together and we will see that come together i think even more over the coming weeks and months as donald trump becomes the nominee. >> new york is a big win. he clearly is going to have
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the most delegates out of here and a lot of them. here's another stat out tonight. as far as home states, new york is -- does not have as many republicans. donald trump with roughly 80% in, about 350,000. ted cruise in texas 1.2 million votes. john kasich in ohio 960,000 votes. what do you say to that? >> i say donald trump still won home state by bigger percentage than either of those guys did. it looks like donald trump may clear 60%. he doesn't get to control how many republicans live here but he does get to control how many people came out and voted for him. and he won by much bigger margin than either of those two did in their own state. >> last thing. exited poll shows that unity among democrats much greater than among republicans. 6 in 10 new york republicans say this is a divided party and the race is dividing the party more. only 4 in 10 say it's energizing the party. what does trump do to change
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that dynamic? >> i think it becomes a lot easier to do that once you have a one-on-one race between trump and hillary. i mean, you have to think about it. when democrats started they have four people in the race. republicans had 17. of course it's going to be much more divided field as this process has gone on. we have had much harder battle. hillary clinton started this race as the presumptive nominee before there was ever a ballot cast. donald trump has had to fight his way through 17 other candidates. i think as that field has continue to do marrow and as it tips to do that and becomes a one-on-one race i think you will see a lot of unification behind donald trump at that point. >> sarah, thanks for being here. >> thank you, bret. >> ted cruz is expect to do finish third here tonight and depending how many delegates trump winds up in with in new york it could be mathematically impossible for ted cruz to win outright. ron, thank you for being
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here. >> you bet. >> is there -- i mean, right now, by some estimates, cruz could come out of new york with zero delegates. he could lose the expire state and every congressional district. does -- how does that change the outlook for him when it comes to securing this nomination outright before a contested >> it doesn't change our planning at all. this had been kind of baked into the equation as people, analysts as well as our own campaign look ahead to wrapping up this campaign. you know and going all the way to the glend you know, when you look of the fact over the last couple weeks we have won more than 95 delegates in the five states that which we have won. donald trump winning even if he wins every delegate today he still hasn't within able to catch up with the last couple peeks where he keeps no showing at the colorado crengs and competitive race as we go into the top of the sixth inning now in terms of
8:10 pm
now we have states coming up on april 2th. then we move back out to the west. >> ron, how key possibly secure it outright the 1237 by june 7th? he cannot do it at this point realistically, right. >> no. and i don't think i said that i think it's very likely if not a certainty at this point that this will be a contested convention. and in the event of a contested connection, there is zero chance that donald trump will be the republican nominee. south zero. >> let's talk with that. because his complaint is okay, so if i get there and don't win it on the first ballot it goes to a second ballot and now the delegates get to vote and ted cruz has done a good job at submitting delegate. once i'm free i'm with you. trump says that's a denial of the will of the people. >> this is another case where donald trump simply doesn't bother to read the rules. the man running for the most powerful office in the world he doesn't bother to read the rules by which we nominate a candidate.
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the rules have been clear for 150 years. win majority of the support gathered interest representative of the republican party. donald trump can't lock in noments before then i don't think he will. now, every single day donald trump does something to alienated even more people. republican party is not going to consolidate behind him. he is upset about it he knows it. he knows he is not on track even with a win tonight in order to have the delegates to win, the pastles of the republican party, the activist, conservative base of the republican heart is not uniting behind him. with that said it's not even behind ted cruz. >> we saw a bloomberg polling. esau numerous polls. over 0% of the party believe in somebody goes into convention without the win nominee. even though the rules a lou
8:12 pm
a differential process. republicans even the exit pollings tonight are showing that. that person should be the no, ma'am neep. that's what's fairs. >> well, the reality is that also about 65% of americans believe or republicans, rather, believe that donald trump should not be the republican nominee. the reason why donald trump is not getting a majority of the dojs is that -- delegates is he has not earned the support of the party which is not coalescing behind him at all. as a matter of fact, donald trump is trapped in his own brand that he helped to create. he has a certain minority of the republican party that is with him but he has no ability to really expand that. now, he did so in his own state today. he had that home state advantage. is he not age to consolidate the republican party base. we had five former presidential candidate behind up behind ted cruz. >> the exit polls so show that the republican party is
8:13 pm
not -- the trump people are not prepared to unify behind cruz or visa versa. you know what this has alleged to. party elite establishment. i have no idea who they are. white night is going to come in. they are basically going to kill cruz. they are going to kill trump and somebody who they find more seblable is going to come in and that's the person that she give even if it upsets people at the convention convention, pause they -- they really want someone who can win. and they believe some other person, paul ryan, what have you can win and that the republicans will get over their anger at having their, you know, their say denied. what say you? >> well, you know, i served with a member of the republican national committee four years and chairman of the california republican party for four years. can i tell you that there are some people in the 202 area code who might have these taken teases. but the relate is the
8:14 pm
nominee the republican party someone chose to run for president. we have a process to nominate a presidential candidate. at the end of the day, donald trump is a real pickle. he will not be able to get to 1237 despite his claims to the contrary because the activist, democrats roots police republican party not behind him. that leaves either donald trump or ted cruz. i know -- i believe with absolute certainty that if donald trump doesn't get to that number of delegates before the convention. there is zero chance the republican matter will nominate him. he alienates so much people every single day with all the crazy things that he does and says this is not about addition. this is not a game about addition. that's subtraction. he is caught in the brand that he himself has has created. >> we have been shelling you delegate counts and delegates for new york now being awarded donald trump picking up 84 of the 95 delegates at stake so far.
8:15 pm
governor kasich picking up two. again, that's true right now. so here is where things stand at the moment in our big total. trump has a total of 840. cruz 559, kasich 14. >> name this movie. two? well i can't figure out just two. we will sit you up 200. >> wow. i have nothing. i have nothing. recommendation anyone? anyone have it. >> buehrle? >> i am going to take your tweets at megyn kelly. let me know what movie that is from. >> or just tell me. >> i know there are some out there who know. it's almost mid night. >> right to do it. big night for the frontrunners. is this all headed for a contested ghengs cleveland? that is the big question. we will break down the delegate math and hillary clinton and donald trump win big in new york. stay with us. >> we're going to show ted cruz who hates new york, hates new york, no new
8:16 pm
yorker can vote for ted cruz. go out and vote. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. >> make america great again. >> can you even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is do you understand the principles and valuest that made america great in the first place? >> at the end of the day, i think the republican party wants to pick somebody who actually can win in the fall. >> feeling pretty good there is a large voter turnout, i think we are going to do just fine. >> i hope everybody gets out to vote. i just urge everybody please come out and vote. ♪ ♪
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this generation must first look inward to see who we really are. after years of being beaten down. years of being told we couldn't, shouldn't, or wouldn't. are america's greatest generations in our past are or our best days yet ahead? we must unite the republican party because doing so is the first step towards
8:21 pm
uniting all americans. >> senator ted cruz speaking tonight in philadelphia, calling for unity in the republican party. pennsylvania, of course, one of the five states that vote next week. by the way it was will la wonks can a and the chocolate factory. >> nice. so many people got it. very proud. >> i did not. writ hume may have gotten it. fox news senior political analyst joins us now. brit, your thoughts about tonight? >> well, i was just -- it was interesting listening to cruz there and listening to megyn talk with his senior campaign spokesman. you know, it's very clear tonight what happened to cruz. clearer than it's ever been which is that he had the same basic insight about the republican electorate that donald trump did. and, of course, no one knew when cruz was thinking about running that so -- that trump was, too. and no one certainly recognized the effect that trump would have. the effect that trump had was to basically blow away cruz's opportunity. his great opportunity. he came to washington, did
8:22 pm
cruz, as kind of an ultimate insider. a guy who worked in the bush administration. princeton and harvard pedigree. solicitor general of texas. and set about the job of defining himself as outsider. driving the party crazy and making him no friends in the senate. i thought he thought he had that job done. then came along with a real outsider in the form of donald trump and trump ran away with the cruz electorate. i think cruz thought in the beginning that if he just kind of slip streamed trump and didn't criticize him that trump would falter and cruz would inherent his delegates. it never happened. the result is what you see tonight. trump with a big win. cruz all the way back to third. of course he stands much better than that in the overall race. but that's what happened. that's what happened to cruz. he had the right idea. it was just the wrong year for him. >> amazing as we look back to the early stages of this campaign.
8:23 pm
jeb bush spending 30 million against marco rubio and the concern they thought they would be after each other for establishment wing. tonight john kasich sent out -- well, his people sent out a release saying ted cruz can no longer mathematically get to the g.o.p. nomination before the g.o.p. convention. which is an interesting release from a campaign that also cannot get there without the g.o.p. convention. [ laughter ] he is still fourth in the delegate count. he picked up 2 tonight which is a break through for him. is he still behind rubio. he is last,last man on earth that ought to be talking about how somebody else can't get there he can never get there from after ohio, really. and he has made no effort almost anywhere. and, you know, is he just hanging around hoping that he is going to the white knight and i don't think of the white knight scenario makes sense or ever happen. that's kind of the joke of
8:24 pm
the night. >> that release. let me ask you about the path to 1237. do you think, considering the momentum tonight, looking at the states that are coming up, that with donald trump where he is, that he can get to 1237 before the convention or come very close, close enough to negotiate those final whatever it takes, 50, 75, 100 delegates? >> he might get there, bret. and win it outright or he might just get close. the question then, of course, as has been talked about endlessly is whether he is entitled to it by virtue of being the guy with the most votes. the polling on that shows overwhelming majority yes the guy with the most votes should win. i don't really trust those polls because i don't think i don't like the questions. it's so plausible to say the guy who gets the most votes should win. that i think that question kind of answers itself and doesn't amount to a very good poll question. nonetheless, that sentiment is out there. if is he close and short and
8:25 pm
given the size of megaphone the go up to him and his partisan i think the peter would think at least twice some of the delegates rally around him or other condition democrats freeing their delegates to vote for him. >> look, if the senate is brought prick electorate for the people have it there is no hope in november and the republican party. in the end they might just have to give it to him even though he didn't quite get there. >> what does this mean for this device gooded republican party with trump's untharvels in the -- touch's are the highest among the three men standing. there is still the never trump movement. what does that mean for the republican party? >> what it means is the
8:26 pm
republican party is in a terrible situation which is as follows. if trump wins, his negatives in the electorate as you just pointed out are breath takingly high. well higher than hillary's and hers aren't any good. john kasich i don't think is possibly logical alternative. although he might pray he is. wanted the result is though are going to send unfavorables and to fight a candidate in the person of hillary clinton who has lower unfavorables but still bad. now, people talk about he going to wring in democrats. maybe so. i think his chances are pretty remote. if they don't give it to him and somehow cruz manages to get it, his unfavorables are terrible. the party will be hopelessly divided. i don't see any path to victory there. when you get down to it, for all of her weaknesses, i think hillary clinton has to be considered as we look out from tonight the clear favorite to win this election and become president. >> bret, as always, thank
8:27 pm
you. >> great to see you, pastel brit. >> major win. ruleth candidates looking ahead. had it all end with a contest you had convention. we will take a closerrer look at the numbers on that next. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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big night here in new york, everybody. donald trump so far taking 60% of the vote. still counting. john kasich in second. we have called this race at 25%. over on the democratic side hillary clinton beating bernie sanders and how. this is a decisive win for her. and his messaging in this race has already changed. we will get to that in a minute. first check in with martha maccallum looking at tonight's commit polls and figuring out how this race played out. martha. >> now we get to look back at the numbers. hillary clinton's long, long road to the nomination got a little bits more within reach tonight. and what propelled her is so different than what worked for donald trump. while the g.o.p. is running from the status quo. democrats appear to be looking for someone who has political experience and they like the way things are going. don't want to rock the vote too much. at least voters in new york. she won with those who want a candidate with experience. half the voters want to continue the policies of
8:32 pm
president obama and they believe she is absolutely the one to do that at 74% and 56% of new york democrats believe that hillary clinton can beat donald trump. even one quarter of sanders' supporters believe that she is the one that can beat donald trump interesting numbers tonight. clinton. and more importantly because it's the larger group of new york, clinton won thee quarters of the black vote. that has also been a very strong group for her. let's go over to the g.o.p. side. other interesting numbers here tonight. ted cruz as we know has moved on to pennsylvania. after weathering the new york values storm that he created here. when voters were asked if they were excited or optimistic about the prospect of a cruz presidency, he got 37%. 60 percent said that that prospect made them either concerned or down right scared according to these numbers. how did donald trump do with women voters in this is a
8:33 pm
category he has struggled with. he had a very good night in new york. winning 59% of the g.o.p. women voters for new york. how about the best chance to beat clinton in november? trump gets that, too at 58%. clinton -- kasich 24 and cruz 12%. what do people think should happen at the convention. developers think parties should nominate the candidate who has gotten the most votes in the primary process. about 70% believe that to be the case. this is going to be a powerful force in conversation as we move forward if donald trump is not able to clinch that 1237. voters in new york here clearly think he should get it anyway, guys. >> martha, thanks. let's bring in the campaign cowboys. chris wallace and joe trippi and karl rove. chris? >> thanks so much, bret. yeah, interesting developments on the democratic side because hillary clinton won by 15 or 16 points and has added to
8:34 pm
her advantage in the delegates by at least 30 delegates and interesting thing that we haven't been talking about much, bernie sanders had his press corps in pennsylvania. he had already gone on to the next state. he knew he wasn't going to do well in new york. he left his press corps on the runway at an airport and the state college, pennsylvania unscheduled went off to burlington, vermont to his home. now he says that this is just to recharge and that he will be back on the campaign trail on thursday. but you were a little surprised by that. >> this is a tough hit for him tonight it would have been hard to overcome a win by hillary clinton given the delegate path that he has got. there really isn't one. suffering a double digit defeat of this size though is pretty much slams the door shut on any chance of fighting on for the
8:35 pm
nomination. he could fight on. he has the money but there isn't any path anymore. >> i want to pick up on that because he had been much more aggressive against her in that brooklyn debate going after her on the big speaking fees and the whole question taking money from wall street $15 billion, the super pac. is pressure going to grow on bernie sanders to get out of the race because of the fact he can't win the nomination according to most people and he is hurting the likely nominee? >> i think the party, obviously the clinton campaign wants to turn. >> i'm talking more on the clinton camp. >> there will be a lot of pressure for him to pull back. one of the things that hurt him in new york was his tone. the more he -- one of the thing that seems to be going onment the more he ratchets up and gets negative to take her on and knock votes away from her, he actually performs worse. which even makes it tougher now for him to overcome this because he has to ratchet it up more. >> he had unfortunate moment when he called her
8:36 pm
unqualified. >> big mistake. >> as she said i have been called a lot of things but not unqualified. >> a.p. is now saying of the 9 a delegates they are talking about 89 for trump and 3 for kasich. is that about how you see it? >> yeah. i think that's about it. kasich has a little bit more upward movement. is he winning the island of manhattan which really dominates two congressional districts and he will walk out of there between two or three. won't get more than 50% in either district so he won't get all three. so he will either take two or one. look upstate three con grecial districts, very likely that he is going to walk away with one district and one delegate from cd 20 which is around albany. he has a chance, outside chance to get a delegate in each of the senate congressional district 24 which is syracuse and con grecial district 25 rochester. depends what re60's and which of two counties. >> karl, let me move on pause i want to get to other
8:37 pm
things. how many delegates is cruz going to get? >> zero. >> so basically it's going to be like 90 for trump and five for kasich and zero for cruz, right? >> yeah. on a good night for kasich it will be five. >> and what does that do to this race? i mean, you know, he still isn't. >> it's going to be tough to get to 1237 does that change the momentum of this race. >> wisconsin was a victory for cruz because cruz fit wisconsin. and new york is a victory for trump because new york fits trump. and really the more important contests are the two big ones that are yet to be -- yet to come. the indiana in may and california in june. and we overestimate, too, the impact the next week of pennsylvania. remember, 54 of those delegates in pennsylvania are going to come out officially uncommitted. they are going to elect people directly without any name attached to them as to
8:38 pm
in most instances as to who they are supporting. i think the next two big potential momentum changers are indiana and on the final day of the primary is california. >> all right. so, big night for hillary clinton. at least temporarily. maybe just for 24 hours. bernie sanders surprise off the campaign trail on the republican side. the battle goes on. but trump very good night. >> chris, thanks. so donald trump rolling up his most lopsided victory of the primary season so far tonight. can he clinch the nomination before cleveland? >> that is the question. coming up, new reaction from the trump campaign. plus, house speaker paul ryan weigh he is in on the possibility of some top republicans scing the convention.
8:39 pm
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8:42 pm
there is not going to be a second ballot. >> you are convinced. >> we have several ways to get to 1237 by early june. and today was a giant step forward we think we are going to have another great week next week. more importantly, you saw record turnout today in new york. and record turnout with a primary where everybody knew trump was going to win. >> that was new campaign
8:43 pm
consultant paul manafort saying don't worry about a second ballot in the convention in cleveland there is not going to be one. let's bring in our panel. julie, tucker carlson and dana loesch. let me start with you dana lash as a cruz supporter. that is possible for the trump campaign that they avoid a second ballot with -- i mean cruz completely shut out tonight and we don't know what's going to happen in indiana it this are arguments that ted cruz should do well threatened and arguments that donald trump should. the polling in that state has been unreliable. >> no recent polling either. unreliable. i'm not surprised that donald trump won his home state. ted cruz won his home state of texas with bigger margin and wider primary field. 1.2 million votes in texas. right now in new york trump is about over 420,000. he has fewer votes than bernie sanders does. he has also fewer votes than hillary clinton. there is just a bigger democrat turnout that kind of puts water on the argument that he would take that state in a general election if it got that far.
8:44 pm
look, he needs to sweep the districts, congressional districts in a number of states going forward. particularly in states like indiana and in states like california where the polling is incredibly close and cruz is said to be doing better than trump in a number of counties that are more delegate-rich. the more that we are going on, it looks more and more likely that we her headed toward a contested convention. in a situation such as that i don't think he would make it past the second ballot. >> tucker, paul manafort his team down in washington said today that they were getting more and more people up on capitol hill believing that they could get to 1237. we don't know if that's a fact or not. but, do you think it adds up -- do you think as you look at this map that it does add up, that they could get there before the convention? >> well, i mean itlikes tough to me. but this is a very volatile year. who knows what could happen. as it stands have to win a pretty high proportion of the states coming up. at some point we're going to
8:45 pm
be faced with a pretty serious question who is going to make the decision nominee will it be voters or small group of people who aren't directly elected. it's a significant question because it raises a larger question about is democracy working? do elections matter? what you don't want to do if you want a stable society is to reveal that elections aren't that meaningful. you really don't. you wind up with serious consequences there imagine if we conducted congressional races like. this and said nobody got a majority. congressional race win with plurality. no one got the plurality because. you would have a revolt. >> we go through this every year every cycle. we go through with electoral college and delegate process and any rule wh goes up against the vote, the raw vote totals. >> we have never seen it in a primary at least in my lifetime. we have seen it once in a presidential contest in 2000. look at the consequences like that. huge numbers never felt president bush was
8:46 pm
legitimate. the country paid the price for that i'm not siding with that votes are what convey will he yet macy in a democracy, period. people forget that i think risk making a lot more turmoil. >> i love the process can be unmeaningful. it just cannot be revealed. >> exactly. that's right. >> all fine and well when we weren't paying attention to it. >> exactly. >> julie, let me ask you about the democrats tonight. because it appears that bernie sanders has made some news that has a lot of democrats all aflutter saying look, his campaign is basically saying, this is going to be about super delegates. and her supporters have been saying that's really ballgame. like if he is making an admission like that. if their team is making an admission that they can't get this without the super delegates, it's a bigger night for her than we knew. >> yeah. he has to make a decision. does he want to be the person like ralph narrowed was who is going to divide the party to the extent that people might elect a republican in november. or does he want to be somebody looking at the reality and math.
8:47 pm
i'm not supporting either of them i'm going to support the democratic nominee. he has to look at the reality. he cannot win this with the pledged delegates of this race. the super delegates who were never with him are suddenly not going to side now against the voters as tucker pointed out against the very voters that elected the pledge delegates and suddenly say we are going to go against their will and suddenly elect bernie sanders as their nominee. what is he waiting for. >> julie, maybe is he waiting for jim comey at the fbi? maybe is he waiting for the fbi primary to be finished? >> well, is he going to wait a long time because that's the biggest hail mary i have ever heard. if you are banking on hillary clinton getting indicted. >> i'm not saying he is. but boy get you out if you all the money in the world and you have momentum when you go to 20,000 people in the stadium and you feel it why get out? >> because that's not enough. you can't get to democrats and say by the way i'm going to stay here in the unlikely event that jim comey recommends indictment to the justice department. that's not going to fly very well in philadelphia this
8:48 pm
summer. he knows that i'm not sure what it is he is waiting for. maybe to cut a deal or maybe prove he is part of a leader of a movement. reality has to strike him and has to strike him hard. we are out of time. the party needs to coalesce especially because the republicans are not coalescing. now is the time to coalesce. he needs to take that message and realize can he not be ralph narrowed. he has to understand there is no way mathematically he can win this one. >> we talked about the unfavorables that donald trump is facing in the electorate, 63 percent, 64% don't like him. only 10 points lower or 9 points lower for ted cruz. they don't like him either. they are not in love with hillary clinton. unfavorables lower. this is not a year in which barack obama was running energized that entire party in a way we had never seen before. this is a different candidate and seems to be a different response to her from the electorate on the other side. realistically, what are the odds that a trump or a cruz could lower their unfavorables, could drive
8:49 pm
hers up in a general election contest that would go from july to november? >> well, i just read while we were waiting in the green room the dan ball's piece in the "new york post" for tomorrow he talks about her negatives and how they are being driven higher by the democratic process. that's before the republican candidates have had a chance to focus on her. one of the things working in bernie sanders favor and in trump's favor is that they are arguing emotion. they are arguing on behalf of their voters that their vote should count. this process be damned. who cares about that? so i think that her negatives are high. theirs are not good either. when they get to one on one, do they drive hers up even further? possibly; but can they improve upon their numbers? i don't know. >> panel, thank you. >> remains to be seen. >> donald trump's campaign saying there will not be a contested of convention after his big victory tonight. but his opponents disagree.
8:50 pm
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8:54 pm
donald trump with a big win tonight but are we headed to a contested convention. joining me now josh putnam campaign and election specialist. josh, thanks for being here. we have talked about a little bit the process, the logistics if he comes up short of 137, -- 1237, the majority. what people don't understand is the committees that the rnc has, the fact that the convention itself will have from each state delegates who make the decision of how that convention will be run. >> sure, sure. so each of the 56 states and territories will have a man and a woman from their own delegates that will be a part of the rules committee, a part of the credentials committee, part of the platform committee and so on and so forth. that rules committee is where a lot of the work is going to be done in terms of hammering out whatever rules package will go to the floor of the convention for a vote before all 12472 killings. >> some say some delegates might be in sheep's clothing
8:55 pm
or cruz clothing that are trump supporters on the first ballot but really are cruz supporters in their hearts and that's a problem for them. >> that's absolutely a problem. second ballot, about 60% of the delegates are going to become unbound. if you have folks bound to trump but sympathetic to cruz, then they are very likely to veer over in the direction of senator cruz thereafter for a second ballot. >> so, quickly, that is what the cruz campaign is banking on, going to these places and getting the state convention delegates to sign up with them. >> that's right. that's right. so, again, tonight we are talking about delegates allocated to trump, but the cruz campaign has done its due diligence. they have forged relationships with potential delegates and delegate candidates. back in 2015, early 2016 and they are doing well in the selection process. that could pay dividends come a second ballot if it gets to that. >> josh, we have much more to talk with you about this
8:56 pm
contested convention possibility. thanks for being here. >> sheep's clothing, cruz clothing. i actually feel like i'm in george washington wants clothing tonight. is anyone else feeling it. >> willy wonka. >> yes. i had like a purple jacket. i would be there. we'll be right back with some better final thoughts than those. >>, ♪et l ♪ e pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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9:00 pm
>> 172 delegates up next tuesday. that does it for us. hannity is up next. and we'll have live coverage throughout the night on new york's republican and democratic primaries. for all of us, have a good welcome to hannity. tonight we are broadcasting live from trump tower in new york. it was a big night for donald trump and the entire state. fox news is projecting that trump will win the gop primary. ohio john kasich is coming in second place and ted cruz will come in third. fox news is projecting hillary clinton will win the new york democratic primary beating bernie sanders. joining us now are some of donald trump's children. good to see you. how are you. >> good to see you. >> this is the first time we've met. big night obviously. we don'tno


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