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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> 172 delegates up next tuesday. that does it for us. hannity is up next. and we'll have live coverage throughout the night on new york's republican and democratic primaries. for all of us, have a good welcome to hannity. tonight we are broadcasting live from trump tower in new york. it was a big night for donald trump and the entire state. fox news is projecting that trump will win the gop primary. ohio john kasich is coming in second place and ted cruz will come in third. fox news is projecting hillary clinton will win the new york democratic primary beating bernie sanders. joining us now are some of donald trump's children. good to see you. how are you. >> good to see you. >> this is the first time we've met. big night obviously. we don't know what the delegate
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count is going to be, but the numbers i've been seeing up to now almost near 60% or above. if he gets 50% in every district and win the state he could win as many as 95 delegates tonight. >> there's no place like home as they say. we knew we were going to do well here. so far based on what we're seeing it's a bigger win than we imagined and it's going to be a great week. >> what do you make of all the issues in the last two weeks about delegates? for example in states like georgia, south carolina, places that were kind of long forgotten. >> it's amazing. when you let the voters vote, we do incredibly well. when you try to suppress that it's a different system. when people lived on the farm they didn't have access to information, it no longer does. we have let the american people decide. i feel like i'm in communist china watching this stuff.
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when the american people get the vote we win. >> i think there's a certain need for reform. the democrats are worse because they have the super delegate system. i think if it's a national party and the people represent the party so you should have a caucus or primary. let the people participate. you can be proportional or winner take all and i think every delegate should be bound. are you upset about the process and what's been happening in terms of states that have taken place. >> the people are seeing the delegate system and how unfair it is. look at colorado. people didn't get to vote and that really isn't a democracy and people are upset about it. in the republican party they should want to expand the voter base and this does the opposite. >> this is a record turnout year too and republicans in primaries are outperforming the democrats.
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>> especially in the swing states. we're winning so many states you need in order to win the general election. you see how well we did tonight in new york. can you imagine a republican in the state of new york. >> hillary clinton is the senator her and we didn't project her at 9:00 when we came on the air. >> the gop hasn't won new york since '84, imagine what that means for the general. the gop should embrace that. they're worried about someone who is going to shake it up. there's no accountability. they put forth these terrible candidates and they lose and nothing happens. >> what about reince priebus who says everybody knew the rules ahead of time, should you have competed differently in a state like colorado. >> no, my father wants to
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speak to the people. he's given the people the voice. the people don't have a voice anymore. he wants to be the voice. >> i thought one of the more fascinating descriptions of your dad came from you, you called him a blue collar billionaire. >> that's how he is, the way he gets along with the people, whether it's construction workers. he's the only candidate up there who has actually created jobs. he gets there. he just understands these people so well. he's really one of them. he's very successful. he's incredibly smart and wealthy. he's an ordinary american in many respects. >> i've talked to your brothers a little bit more than you t, b i saw a quote where you said that you don't want to underperform, you want to ov
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over perform. >> i think my father motivates. . everyone is rooting for my father. we're trying to get hats. it's amazing to see something happening and changing in politics. >> did any of you expect this from your father? >> it's one thing i've learned from my life is never under estimate him unlike the other candidates who win by one vote. if ted cruz comes in a distant third in new york state i think he should do the same thing. >> i think the new york values had an impact on people. let me get back to that delegate issue. this is a big issue. mitch mcconnell, i want the delegates to pick somebody who
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can win, i don't think he's talking about your father. mitt romney's talked about, john kasich's talked about it and state gop leaders have talked about a white knight candidate. if they were to try to disenfranchise the voters where does that go. >> you saw the performance today. he was a couple of million votes ahead. after the 26th he'll be many millions of votes further ahead. that's amazing. look at states like nevada, they had the biggest turnouts they ever had. you look at south carolina and new hampshire, these states are having the biggest turnouts they've ever had. you see democrats who wanted to vote republican and they were getting turned away, you see in pennsylvania how many people -- democrats who registered as republicans early. >> it was over 100,000.
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>> why turn those people away. >> your destroying the base. >> the number is 1,237. if your dad gets anywhere between the 85 to 95 delegates which appears he's on track to tonight, that gives him an almost 300 delegate lead. he's up 20 in pennsylvania and maryland. delaware and rhode island seem to be going in his favor. if he fell 37 short in the delegate count and they try to steal it what happens? >> i think you destroy the party. why go through this process if that's going to happen. they've made people watch how many debates at this point? if i see one more count down for a clock for an event that doesn't happen for six days, it's ridiculous. if i see one more of those things, why get people so vested if you're going to say we want
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you and your going to do this and we're going to take a year of your life in terms of a news cycle and then we were just kidding. you're going to disenfranchise so many voters on both sides, you're going to destroy the system as we know it. >> think of all the energy that people who go into a caucus voti voting, they watch shows like this, they make an informed decision. >> look at arizona, people were waiting in line for three or four hours to vote. you then tell them that their vote didn't count for anything. that doesn't work. >> i think these are arcane rules that are outdated and need reform, but then there's the other side of the argument which is everybody knew the rules going in. i don't like this idea of
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delegates are committed to your father or or ted cruz or john kasich, but then the other candidates will go in behind your back and go back to those states and what are they offering them? >> it's bribery. if we did that in business you would go to jail. >> can they pay for their hotel room. >> they understand it and they're disgusted. the amount of people that grabbed me on the street, the amount of people today said i can't believe the system because they weren't aware of the system. the average voter doesn't know that their vote doesn't matter. they did it in colorado and they saw it in wyoming and they're disgusted. >> i have to ask this question. who got in trouble the most? you. >> does that surprise you? >> that's why i get along with him so well. i got in trouble since the first grade. i got taken home by the cops. >> barbara walters asked me
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that. she started asking the question and she got a third of the way through the question and he goes don and it was over. >> you told me a story once your dad he asked him to getta coke can and you didn't get it. >> he said run to the kitchen and grab me a coke and i said i'm not your expletive maid. i've never seen the man move so fast. my mom caught me at the top of the stairs and handed me to him. that was one -- i learned never to do that one again. >> did you learn from your brother's mistakes. >> i did. >> so you blamed it on him. >> he was such an amazing father. he could not have been a better father. he could not be a better boss to all of us. sitting in a room here today, i could not be more proud of the man. he is fantastic. >> how about your brothers? do they treat you well? >> they better treat me well or someone's going to be in
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trouble. >> it's the boyfriends who have to worry. >> are they tough your boyfriends. >> they want to take care of me so i appreciate it. >> you appreciate that. congratulations. big night for your dad. nice to meet you. appreciate it. thank you. coming up, we're standing by at the board tonight and we'll breakdown how tonight's results will impact that delegate count out of new york and reaction from the former new york city mayor, that and more as we continue live tonight from trump tower. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story.
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we are going to be so strong again, legitimately so great again and i just can't wait. so we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated so we're going to celebrate for about two hours and then early in the morning i get up and we begin working again. >> that was donald trump speaking earlier tonight after his big win in new york and joining us now on set first at the big back -- we call it the
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billboard is our friend bill hammer. how does it work out with the delegate count at this hour? >> we cannot delegates for new york state yet. donald trump is doing really well in new york. will he get all 95 delegates? it's tough to say. there's one projection that puts trump around 90 delegates. it might change the arc of this. new york is not on the march. i'll taka week from today. there's five states. we think he does well in rhode island, connecticut, maryland, pennsylvania. now we're in the month of may. indiana is tough to figure. as we were listening to trump last hour, he said tomorrow he goes to indiana and pennsylvania.
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why is that? we believe indiana favors ted cruz so we'll give that to the cruz column. the week after is nebraska. the next week is west virginia and favors donald trump. oregon is close and so is washington state. we'll split it up and you have the five remaining states on the map. just follow my scenario. we believe cruz is favored in montana and south dakota. we think california favors trump and we think he wins winner take all in new jersey. on this tabulation he's 157 shy. so then where does he go to look for these delegates? maybe our projection is wrong about indiana. the reason i say that is because there's no state polling happening. there's little finformation tha would indicate which way that
9:18 pm
state is going. then we move into the month of june. maybe monmontana, which is winn take all, maybe trump does well out there and you see where he starts to pick up some delegates. so we're being generous right now. i'll give them back to cruz for the sake of the argument. pennsylvania has 71 delegates, but they will only award 17 next tuesday night. 54 will be unbound, which means they can go wherever they want on a first ballot in cleveland, ohio on july 18th. that's 54 unbound delegates will join 154 others that will be up for grabs come convention time, if it goes this way. that's one scenario that we're trying to figure out. this is guesswork. it's not science for the moment.
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>> thanks bill at the big board. you can literally break it down. the ap had an article that got trump to 1,238 this week. it depends on these unbound delegates, pennsylvania some very interesting ways in which delegates are bound to candidates, many are unbound. you only get 17 for winning the state and 54 unbound. you have the names of the delegates on the ballot, but not next to the candidate that they're spoupporting so it gets complicated. joining us now former new york city mayor ruddy giuliani. how are you? >> good. how are you. >> very good. big night for donald trump. my question is you have voted for him today. you said you support him.
9:20 pm
>> i do. >> not endorse. >> well, people think that support is endorsement. my view of endorsement is being part of a campaign, but i fully support him completely urge people to vote for him. i think he'd be the best candidate to beat hillary clinton. i'm not part of the campaign and i don't want people to think that i am. >> stay right there. we're going to step in and hear a little bit of hillary clinton talking in new york. she's at clinton headquarters as we continue our coverage from trump tower tonight. we're going to hear a little bit from hillary right now.
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thank you new york. thank you so much. you know, today they proved once again there's no place like home. in this campaign we've won in every region of the country. from the north to the south to the east to the west, but this one's personal.
9:22 pm
new yorkers, you've always -- you've always had my back. and i've always tried to have yours. today together we did it again and i am deeply, deeply grateful. i want to thank everyone who came out and voted and to all of you across new york who have known me and worked with me for so long, it is -- it is humbling -- it's humbling that you'd trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that
9:23 pm
unites than divides us. we started this race not far from here on roosevelt island pledging to build on the progressive tradition that's done so much for america from franklin roosevelt to barack obama. and tonight a little less than a year later the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! >> and i want to -- i want to
9:24 pm
say -- i want to say to all of my supporters and all of the voters you have carried us every step of the way with passion and determination that some critics tried to dismiss. because of you, this campaign is the only one democrat or republican to win more than 10 million votes. [cheers and applause] but i'm going forward because more voices will be heard and tomorrow it's on to connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island and beyond. we need you to keep volunteering. i hope you will join the
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1.1 million people who have already contributed at hillary and by the way, most with less than $100 because we have more work to do. under the bright lights of new york, we have seen that it's not enough to diagnose problems, you have to explain how you would actually solve the problems. [cheers and applause] that's what we have to do together for our kids, for each other, for our country. so i want you with me to imagine a tomorrow where no barriers hold you back and all of our people can share in the promise of america. imagine a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a
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secure retirement. where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the spector of deportat n deportation. [cheers and applause] where hard work is honored, families are supported and communities are strong. a tomorrow where we trust and respect each other despite our differences. [cheers and applause] because we're going to make positive differences in people's lives. that is what this is supposed to be about, actually helping people and each other. [cheers and applause] now, we all know -- hillary!
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hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! >> we all know too many people who are still hurting. i see it everywhere i go. the great recession wiped out jobs, homes and savings and a lot of americans haven't yet recovered. but i still believe with all my heart that as another great democratic president once said there's nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what's right with america. [cheers and applause] that is after all what we've always done. it's who we are. america is a problem-solving nation and in this campaign we are setting bold, progressive goals backed up by real plans that will improve lives, creating more good jobs that provide dignity and pride in a middle class life. raising wages and reducing
9:28 pm
inequality, making sure all our kids get a good education no matter what zip code they live in. [cheers and applause] building ladders of opportunity and empowerment so all of our people can go as far as their hard work and talent will take them. let's revitalize places that have been left out and let's put americans to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, including our failing water system like the win in flint, michigan. [cheers and applause] there are many places across our country where children and families are at risk from the water they drink and the air they breathe. let's combat climate change and
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make america the clean energy super power of the 21th century. let's take on the challenge of systemic racism, invest in communities of color. [cheers and applause] and finally pass comprehensive immigration reform. [cheers and applause] and once and for all let's guarantee equal pay for women. [cheers and applause] and we are going to keep our families safe and our country strong and we're going to defend our rights, civil rights, voting rights, workers' rights, women's rights, lgbt rights and rights
9:30 pm
for people's with disabilities. those are after all new york values and they are american values. and just as we did in this primary campaign, we need to stand up for them through the general election and every day after that. you know, it's becoming clearer that this may be one of the most important elections of our lifetime. donald trump and ted cruz -- [ boos ] -- are pushing for a vision for america that's divisive and dangerous, returning to trickle down economics, opposing any
9:31 pm
increase in the minimum wage, restricting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions promising to round up millions of immigrants, threatening to ban all muslims from entering the country, planning to treat american-muslims like criminals. these things go against everything america stands for and we have a very different vision. it's about lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. [cheers and applause] so instead of building walls, we're going to breakdown barriers and in this campaign i've seen again our remarkable diversity and determination. this is a state and a country of big hearted, open minded, straight talking, hard working
9:32 pm
people. [cheers and applause] you know, like john, a firefighter from the south bronx that i met shortly after 9/11 as he searched for survivors at ground zero and like so many others don got sick from breathing the toxic air, when we met again last week, he gave a me a replica of his badge and thanked me for helping our first responders get the health care they need. we have to keep fighting for john and all of our firefighters and our police officers, our emergency responders, and the construction workers who did so much for us. or maxine, a single mom who is
9:33 pm
here tonight. she shares with me how she worked her way out of poverty, graduated from college, thanks in part to the help she got for her child from the children's health insurance program that we started in the 1990s. or mikey who spent -- is mikey here? i'll tell you, mikey spent six months in rikers for a low-level drug offense and he found out how hard it for people who did their time to find a job when they get out. mikey started his own ice cream shop. i took you there through the
9:34 pm
media yesterday. i highly recommend it as you might have seen. i couldn't stop myself from eating it as soon as i got it. by the way, he made a one for me called victory, but mikey is one of the many reasons why we have to reform our criminal justice system and ban the box so others have a fair chance to succeed. new yorkers and americans speak every language, follow every faith, hale from every continent. our diversity is one of our streng strengths, not a weakness. as robert kennedy once said, we are a great country, an
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unselfish country and a compassionate country and no matter what anyone tells you or what you might hear from others running for president, that is still true today. [cheers and applause] america is great and we can do great things if we do them together. [cheers and applause] so please join us, text, join 47246, go to hillary, be part of this campaign. i know how important it is that we get the campaign's resources from people just like you who go in and chip in $5, $25. i am grateful to every one of you and to the volunteers who have worked your hearts out.
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[cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton wrapping up her victory speech from tonight and of course she's finishing up and giving out her e-mail address. we continue with former new york mayor ruddy giuliani. you saw some attacks there, republicans are dangerous -- that's what she said. >> we haven't revealed any top secret information as far as i can tell. >> well, that's a great point, right? >> we haven't taken $1.2 million and made a phone call to try to get help for ubs by the secretary of state. >> you want to take away the woman's right to choose. >> we weren't part of the bimbo squad. you have to be kidding me. >> she has the highest -- in terms of a candidate there's never been anyone that's been viewed with numbers that 60 some
9:37 pm
odd percent of the american people think they're dishonest. >> there are a lot of republicans that have to be brought along here. donald trump has demonstrated something tonight that no other candidate has demonstrated. you can win in the north and the south. whoever wins new york and mississippi. >> that's a good point. >> how about alabama and massachusetts, cruz is a sectional candidate at best and he lost in the section he could win in. i would like to see senator cruz, governor kasich, these people who are saying i'm not going to come to the convention and vote for trump, if cruz is the candidate, i'm going to support him, i'm going to vote for him because i'm a republican. i am trying as best i can by having some objectivity here and presenting myself to friends of mine who don't want to come
9:38 pm
along and support trump, i'm going to see if i can bring them along because i think when they really face the reality of it, we don't want her. we don't want somebody that dealt with national security with the kind of reckless disregard that she did. you know how many months ago did i give you my 13 possible crimes she committed. >> i thought it was 16. >> then i added three more and gave it to you. we don't want a president like that. >> right now the anger against the trump supporters against cruz supporters, if the polls hold up ted cruz as of next tuesday might be in the same position as john kasich where it's mathematically impossible -- >> we have to calm this down. we need some objectivity. i have a lot of very good friends who you know that don't support donald trump. i want to bring them along. i think it's possible to bring
9:39 pm
them along because i know when they calm down and i've been in tough elections and i know what happens when you calm down they're going to realize that donald trump is much better for this country than hillary clinton. >> what do you make of what's happening on the delegate side of things? in other words -- >> this is going to turn some of those delegates. some of those delegates that were moving toward cruz, when they see a big win in new york like this, when they see the kind of cross sectional support that trump has that cruz does not have, when they see that tiny little number that cruz got in new york, how could he ever win new york? how could he ever win massachusetts? how could he ever win california? >> do you think trump can win those states? >> i think trump is viable in some of those states. trump is hillary's worst nightmare. >> why do you say that? >> i say that because she knows how to run against senator cruz. straight fast ball, over the
9:40 pm
middle of the plate. they've been hitting that one out of the park for years. donald trump is a cut fast ball. you don't know where he's coming at you. >> that's true. >> if i were here, i mean this honestly, i would want to run against senator cruz. this is not disrespect to senator cruz. i have great respect for him, but i'd raththan donald. the play book to run against cruz. no play book to running against donald trump. >> thanks so much for joining us. laura is standing by. your take on tonight and the battle that's emerging in terms of if the candidate doesn't get to 1,237, the cording of delegates to switch tore a second ballot vote, your thoughts? >> i don't think the question tonight after watching this massive victory by trump in new york is whether he gets to
9:41 pm
1,237. he may. he may not, but unless something really whacky happens over the next four to six weeks he's going to go into that convention with the most delegates and the most votes and tonight's exit poll showed that 70% of new yorkers said that the person with the most delegates and most votes should become the nominee. so the only question i think after tonight and after as rudy pointed out is the broad victory he'll have, the only question is how far will the republican establishment go to kill off this guy who is the most popular of all the other candidates. now this is analysis. how far will mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and all the other people who say they're not putting their finger on the scale, but come on, we heard mitch mcconnell today.
9:42 pm
we heard paul ryan talk about the negative tone. meanwhile we're hearing about trump staffers being black listed if they ever try to work again. who has the bad tone now? is it trump or the gop establishment that seems like it's pulling out every stop to try to stop him from getting this nomination? i think that's the real question. >> new york voters said 70% of them said that the person who has the most votes and delegates won the most states should get the nomination, but mitch mcconnell -- it was 60% in wisconsin where donald trump did not win in wisconsin, but still the people there said the same. mitch mcconnell said when we get a nominee at 1,237 he'll be the candidate and if not there will be a second ballot and i want the delegates to pick someone who can win and when you add those comments up, doesn't it sound like they want the white knight candidate and they want
9:43 pm
to defy the will of the voters and disenfranchise them? >> i think this is where there is going to be a come to jesus moment for ted cruz at some point. and it's going to come soon. he better be sure that all these -- the delegate maneuvering that he's done, which has been good for him, but he better make sure that all these people are wrapped up for him because he might get to that convention and find a still let toe in his back. he will have no leverage at that point and how much power will he have if hillary ends up being president of the united states? how much power will any of those republicans have? they're agenda, foreign policy, maybe they'll get trade and amnesty from hillary, but as far as the supreme court, they'll lose it all. so i know all the never trumpers feel like they're clean and
9:44 pm
pure, but if the majority of americans and most delegates of the whole group goes to the guy who doesn't get the nomination, i don't see how this is going to end up well for the republicans. i think it's a perilous course and if this were anyone else but trump right now, we would be seeing a cor nation over at capitol hill, but because it's him. >> people have legitimate anger and frustration with the republican party that has promised to stop executive amnesty and repeal and replace obamacare and use the power of the purse, things that never got done, didn't they create an atmosphere where people want an outsider and now they're going to work behind the scenes to try and take that vote away from the people or maybe even work against the candidate? is that something we have to watch out for?
9:45 pm
>> i don't see a lot of signs that the establishment and even most of the big donors are learning all that much from all this. it would be nice if instead of the comment we heard from mitch mcconnell that he's basically looking forward to a second ballot, if someone like a mcconnell who said we're watching what's going on and we're hearing the people's substantive concerns, not the personality contests, but the substantive concerns they have about the trade deals and open boarders and more foreign workers coming in, about the refugees pouring into the country, we hear you and we're going to make some revisions, we're going to meet you halfway, but if the party no longer represents the people on these key issues, then there is no party. at some point the party becomes something else i guess. >> if they try the white knight strategy, there will be no
9:46 pm
party. there will be anger. it's predicated on anger, resentment, hospittility. >> what do you think the final delegate is for mr. trump. >> i'm not sure yet. they're still counting some congressional districts but we'll top out around 90 tonight. >> there was an article today -- we've been following for example states that we thought were long done and finished and over following states like south carolina, georgia, other places. and there seems to be the chording of the delegates to on a second ballot to switch to another candidate. how big an issue is that in your mind? >> there's not going to be a second ballot so there's not an issue. >> you're convinced.
9:47 pm
>> we have several ways to get to 1,237 by early june and today was a giant step forward. we think we're going to have another great week next week and you saw record turnout today in new york and record turnout with a primary that everybody knew donald trump was going to win. >> does it bother you when there's an article out today that cruz can come in dead last in pennsylvania and still take more than half the delegates? >> cruz may take dead last in the vote, but he's not going to take half the delegates. >> you have no concern about that or any of the other states or -- can you bring us inside how you get to 1,237. i couldn't get it out of you last week. >> we've got several ways to get there. today the 90 plus we got today exceeded my base count in this state. >> what about the cruz campaign and reince priebus saying
9:48 pm
everybody knew the rules going on and in states like colorado and wyoming, the campaign should have competed harder. >> donald trump is not saying he didn't know the rules, he's saying the rules aren't fair and the voters who have participated don't understand the rules. so when they think they're voting for donald trump and they're not getting the delegate support because of the rules of the various states, donald trump's saying that's a rigged system. he's not saying -- he knows he can't change the rules this time, but what he's saying it's a rigged political system. >> it's either a caucus or primary and it's proportional winner take all and bound delegates. coming up, we have more after this break as we continue straight ahead. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"
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welcome back to hannity was we continue donald trump and hillary clinton big winners in new york tonight. joining us now peter johnson jr., geraldo rivera, doug schoen, what does this mean on the republican side, peter. it's momentum. two weeks, interval. ted cruz had a win in wisconsin and now a big win for donald trump here. >> donald trump made a great point tonight for his campaign that they can't
9:53 pm
beat him mathematically that he is on the road for victory. the second point we heard it from his children was that cruz and kasich are the interrupters. donald trump is not the interrupter. they are the spoilers. they are the people who want to get in the way of fair play and the democratic process in this country. and that they don't have a mathematical chance of winning, why are they in the race. >> ted cruz will still likely have one after tonight. >> barely. >> after next tuesday he will not. >> barely,. >> it's bye-bye bernie, cruz is old news. america has the matchup they have wanted for six months hillary clinton vs. donald trump. everything you hear from now until november, i submit, is just noise this is a fair fight. ideological differences that are clear. right, left, red, blue. >> you don't think the republicans in cleveland are requesting to try to take this from trump? >> they will be absolutely irrelevant. i'm telling you, sean, what happened tonight is doug is
9:54 pm
shaking his head. >> is the presumptive nominee. >> something replicated in new jersey and pennsylvania and maryland and rhode island and in connecticut. trump is, i think tonight the presumptive nominee. >> sean, not with understanding what geraldo and peter say, the republican establishment is not going to accept these results even though the mandate from the people is clear. big night for hillary clinton. the nomination as geraldo suggests is effectively resolved. bernie will fold eventually because he cannot win. hillary is the frontrunner and as long as the republicans are divided, it only helps the democrats and hillary. >> all right. >> i believe in frank cap meet john doll. mr. smith goes to washington. i believe fair play will win out. >> amazing how we learned how deeply there is this divide and how the establishment hates how voters have voted this election be it for cruz or trump. two insurgents. they don't like either one of them. >> something else has
9:55 pm
happened ted cruz coming from a state as proud as texas should have known when you come to new york after you have insulted new york and expect new yorkers to have that kind of short-term memory to forgive you i think was preposterous. >> he got burned and he deserved it. >> exit polls show that was a big issue. we have hannity coming up on election night coverage straight ahead.
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all right. that wraps things up for tonight. big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton. and, of course, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. of course, we will be back in studio tomorrow night. but, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues.


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