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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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all right. that wraps things up for tonight. big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton. and, of course, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. of course, we will be back in studio tomorrow night. but, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues.
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the truth of the matter is regardless of whether or not she actually came from the state, she represented the state in the senate. this was home for her. so anyone who tries to make the argument this is her home state
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and it is not as big of a deal. this was substantial. i think she can put a period at the end of this primary and focus her attention on the general election. >> listening to bernie sanders, he seems like he's going nowhere anytime soon. his tone has changed in the days leading up to the new york primary. do you expect that to continue, for him to go after hillary clinton? >> i think you will see senator sanders go after hillary clinton certainly. i think you will see that continue. here's a candidate who's raising $45 million a month. in some respects, there are a lot of supporters that want him to continue. but the fact of the matter is the math does not suggest that he should. he has a very narrow path to victory. the truth of the matter is at some point we all need to come together and focus our attention as democrats on the republican
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candidate, whoever that will be, whether it is trump or cruz or whatever the republicans are doing to change the rules, to create a nominee out of whatever it is they have on their side. >> yeah. >> the fact is that right now, you know, senator sanders and his supporters have to have some important conversations about the remaining primary, the way the math looks for them and that, you know, they need to start taking a look at maybe supporting hillary clinton. >> do you think that might be something this the works because we have gotten word that bernie sanders has headed home to vermont. what do you read in to that? >> i didn't know bernie was headed to vermont. i thought he was heading to pennsylvania. the fact he is heading home to vermont is telling. if hillary clinton had not won by great margin here, maybe he would have continued to go forward.
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in the fact this is a resounding victory for her. >> what does she need to do to get his followers. you mentioned he had a huge following. in her speech this evening, she did appear to reach out to them. i think the speech was important. if you listen to the speech, the general election speech. she is looking beyond the primary and focused on the general election to to try to not only bring independents to her corner but a lot of the bernie sanders supporters. she realizes she needs to get their support, as well to push forward to be able to go after the eventual republican nominee. a lot of us talked about this in the past. we were wondering whether or not bernie sanders supporter and others might get behind her in the general election. this was a big concern, particularly ahead of the party in new york. whether or not bernie sanders
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supporters say that. it was targeted to them as much as the republican nominee. >> she will need them in the general election. thank you so much for joining us. very busy day. congratulations for making it through it. >> thank you. >> thank you. the republican side, donald trump scored upwards of 86% of the vote in one drik n. long island he scored there big too. joining us to talk about that is congressman from long island, the represents the first district, donald trump and ted cruz supported his bid for congress two years ago but has not made an endorsement in the race. congressman, thank you for joining us. after 1:00 a.m. in the east. your reaction on the big win by donald trump tonight? >> this is a decisive win for donald trump. sweeping all of new york's 95 delegates. he had a few tough weeks of delegate losses in other states.
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the primary was slowly getting closer with each passing day. he was managing to retool certain aspects of his campaign in recent weeks. looks like he might come out of that effort stronger. so it is a challenge. in the middle of a race to be retooling the campaign, but he maybe coming in with little to no harm done a real good night for the trump campaign as he moves closer to the 1237 number. >> we are looking at the screen, 60.50%. but in your district which is a microcausism of america, you have rich millionaires, farmers in north fork, immigrants toward your district went 73% for trump and 90% for cruz. what do you think about what he is saying that is resonating that is so varied and divergent.
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>> trump crushed it today. we saw in many parts of the state. a lot of comen points of this. i think trump has been very successful in getting positions across when he says build a wall, repeal obamacare, stop common core, bring back the jobs, make america great and the list goes on. these are policy positions that, you know, for a lot of maybe disenfranchised apathetic voters, their passions have been tapped in to, they feel a connection to mr. trump's message and not only are they not coming out. a lot of people who haven't come out in the elections, but telling others to. i could be at a diner on long island and hear conversations in front of me, next to me and behind me about donald trump
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with a lot of enthusiasm. i think aspect of his message connected. >> the other side, the democratic side, hillary clinton took that prais race by 15 points but much closer in your district six points separated hillary clinton from bernie sanders. why do you think it was so close opposed to what happened in the rest of your state in your drik? >> there's a lot of support for bernie sanders in my area on the east end of long island. you know, it's -- i think one of the reasons why hillary clinton was able to barely win the first congressional district of new york is having the organizational party support. if not for that, bernie probably would have won the first congressional district. if you look at the map of new york state, you know, bernie sanders won most of the counties
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throughout new york. almost the entire state went to bernie. he is coming out of new york with a lot of delegates, but much rather be going asleep tonight being in the clinton camp than the sanders camp. but in terms of not just the numbers today but the overall delegate map looks like on their side. >> finally, what do you think will happen in november? >> well, you know, for one, we will have to see who the nominees end up being. if it was donald trump against hillary clinton, i feel very good about donald trump's chances, whether it is the first congressional district of new york where i'm from or nationwide because coming out of eight years of barack obama and his fail policies people are ready for change and that change is not hillary clinton. that change is much more the policies and proposals of donald trump.
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>> well, thswing district that s gone back and forth between democrat and republican but donald trump a win they are the district tonight and hillary clinton not as big of a winner but still winner. congressman, thank you for joining us live. >> happy to. >> joining us now ellen radner, pulitzer prize winning journalist and author and her book "the story" was published today in paper back. and the vice president of jamestown associates. thank you for joining us once again. it's that time. let's talk in general, your thoughts on who won and lost this evening. i will start with you. >> i think it is clear, hillary clinton and donald trump won in a very big way. there's no question. this propels bth of them particularly if you look at the numbers with donald trump that he does has well here in california as he has done here, and the five states next week he
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will have almost enough delegates. then comes the question of can he move a few delegates, probably less than 100. >> do you think the clinton camp is shocked it was so close? or did you think it would be closer between clinton and sanders? >> i think the clinton people have been worried all along about how close this would be, about how much money they are going to need. not only in the general election but the primary and i think that's that's why she campaigned so hard. look, this was a big win for both of them, if for donald trump and hillary clinton. i think it is more decisive for clinton in that this was bernie sanders moment. if he could not do it now he's not going to do it. you can see that reflected in hillary clinton's rhetoric tonight where she has already pivoted in to a general election. she said, calling out to the bernie sanders supporters saying what units us is far larger than
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what divides us. she has become that. and by the way, donald trump has as well tonight. no more liein' ted cruz. it was senator cruz. i about fell off my chair tonight. >> he pivoted toward bernie sanders supporters. he had kind words to say about bernie sanders lament, the both of them have been suffering this injustice under a rigged party zhan party leadership delegate system. i think donald trump tonight did get much-needed boost after probably the worst series of weeks consecutively his campaign suffered from. it was important for him to change the story away from the fact that he lacked organization to win this delegates that he was somehow losing the edge the went in to the season. for hillary too. she lost eight of nine contests
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to bernie sanders. this is a bigger win than the clinton campaign i believe expected. they went out of their way to tamp down expectations. the most recent polls showed her win big 12. nonetheless, this was a big moment for both front runners. >> to tell you one thing i was struck by. you are a campaign, a veteran campaign operative and official, he only spoke ten minutes. this wasn't the donald trump we know. got up there, very serious and somber, calling him senator. >> in speeches where he has won he sounded presidential. from new hampshire on. he's a good winner. he's not a good loser. >> looez he's clearly going
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through a campaign remake which is totally normal. the fact people suggest this is cat his mick for donald trump is wrong. most campaigns go through evolution and bring on new staff. paul manafort good inside the beltway brain for donald trump to reorder his campaign. he brought in one of the leading experts in federal election law to also help him through. he's made some important. >> it says that sometimes you make decisions that will propel you to the next stop and you have to leave some other people behind. >> do you think they realize that maybe they made missteps in the beginning when it came to clearly -- i don't want to say understanding the delegate count situation, but maybe not taking it in to account as much as they
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should have? >> absolutely. you can see the pivot the changed message as they went on. also, let's not discount the importance of the home turf advantage here. new york was so good to donald trump. it punished ted cruz. we are talking a way, way -- >> and kasich. >> not one delegate. that's the punishment not only for new york values. that's not only that but for voting against the sandy hook money. that's for voting against the 9/11 medical aid, for doing a great many things that new yorkers interpret ed as hostile to them. >> what is the narrative out of tonight? next week on this time we will be dealing with the mid-atlantic states, maryland, rhode island, which is an open primary, big states, pennsylvania, of course. it looks good for trump. >> i think this reshifted the
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race and the narrative around the race to his advantage. up until tonight, we were talking as if an open convention was a foregone conclusion and you saw it with one, all bibeit huge win, we are talking about how he could mathematically win again before the convention even getting 123. 7. does the trump campaign now get the game, are they organizing to make sure their delegates are elected in those states. this gives trump a major advantage in to next week's contest. i was in cleveland and people were telling me, you know you can actually purchase or give things to a delegate. you can't do it in a vote but you can do it to delegates. there's no rule gints at this
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point. >> this whole, alleged rigged system and how do you change the delegates. we will get back to that in a minute but first ask wa was on the minds of the voters. kelly wright has been delving in to the exit polls to tell us details of what was on everyone's mind. and up next a look at the issues that influenced voters today. as our special election coverage continues. stay with us. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction.
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that seems to bode well for front runner donald trump. kelly wright is in our newsroom with the latest details on those exit polls. what was on everyone's mind. >> good morning. everyone had something on their mind and a lot of it about donald trump because he won handedly here. he earned a big win in his home state of new york. with today's win his delegate count is now above 840. he won with a bigives us an ide
10:24 pm
new york gop voters were likely thinking when they cast their votes. republican voters in new york state say they are tired of the established gop candidate. they want an outsider to win and donald trump is way out in front on that. the exit poll shows trump 85%, cruz 9% and kasich 6%. look at the federal government. trump is appealing to those voters. trump has been on the campaign trail telling voters he will be tough on immigration, tough on isis and still plans to put a ban on muslims coming to america. seven in ten gop voters agree with him. trump leading in this category with 68%. while trump is celebrating a win in new york, he faces a daunting
10:25 pm
challenge of securing the gop nomination. he will have to work very hard to unify what is definitely becoming a structured party. 59% of gop voters say the party is divide. dismal 36% view the party as being energized. a divide party and then there's this. while new york republicans overwhelmingly voted for trump in the primary, look at this. in a general election matchup against hillary clinton, 24% of voters will likely vote for trump. 27% for kasich and 41% ted cruz. trump is hoping he can reach 1237 delegates before he goes to the republican party convention in cleveland, but cruz and kasich are hoping to prevent donald trump from reaching that goal. if no one reaches that goal,
10:26 pm
they will enter to contest the convention. if that the case, the majority of republican voters say the party should nominate the candidate that earned the most votes and that would be at this current time donald trump. >> the last figure, 41% showed supporting senator cruz, spectacular went he didn't get one delegate in new york state last night. we will keep delving in to the numbers. >> 0 opening the eyes of a lot of voters. i believe this round of the election, people are seeing how it works and understanding it. where previously i don't think a lot of people did. >> whether you like it or not. we know a treasure chest is up ahead. 467 delegates up for grabs over the next two weeks for the two democratic candidates. some think it would help to clinch the nomination for mrs. clinton. how much does donald trump have to win to secure his
10:27 pm
party's spot on the general election ticket? we will break down the path forward up next. . >> we've won another state. as you know, we have won millions more-than-votes than senator cruz. millions and millions more votes than governor kasich. we have won and now especially after tonight close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. we're really, really rocking. we expect we will have an amazing number of weeks because these are places and they are in trouble. they are in big trouble. professional rickie fowler to hit the perfect shot. at quicken loans, technology, engineering and coordination come together to deliver a customized mortgage experience. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. official mortgage sponsor of the pga tour. ♪
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(team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ welcome back to america's election headquarters. donald trump picking up 89 delegates in new york but is it enough to clear the path to the nomination? the on-line editor for "the weekly standard." thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> an exciting day and it's now almost complete. any surprises for you in. >> i think the margin of which donald trump one was surprising. it was expected he would win and big but not this big and soundly. to win almost all of the delegates i thought was remark able. i thought hillary clinton, we
10:32 pm
knew she was going to win. that is what we figured. probably a couple points greater than most people expect ed but not a surprise and the truth of the matter is it would have been hard for bernie sanders to catch up to hillary clinton an he would have needed a huge landslide to make a dent in to her delegate lead. obviously that didn't happen. bernie sanders, as you reported earlier is going home to vermont unexpectedly. you have to wonder whether or not he is rethinking the campaign and the strategy going forward. >> let's talk about the numbers. i said it is way too earlry in the morning to do math. so i will let you handle that. the path forward for donald trump, how does he get to the magic 1237? >> next week promises to be good for him. he has maryland, connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and rhode island. he expects to possibly win all of them, probably most of the delegates. >> that's 172 delegates total up
10:33 pm
for grabs on april 26th. >> your math is pretty good. then on to indiana. indiana is a wild card. nobody knows what's going to happen. a lot of people say it will be cruz but we don't know. donald trump is heading there this week to convince voters there to vote for him. indiana, if it goes his way, i think he has a clear shot of getting the 1237 without much of a problem heading in to the convention. if it doesn't, it dunn have as clear of a shot getting to 1237 going in. there hasn't been much polling out of indiana. it is a little mystery what will happen there. 0 of course it will actually i think come down to california. we will end go to the end of the process and it will determinative to the end about what happened and how the convention played out. it is hard to see how it goes. we will play out this process all the way through because we
10:34 pm
are learning more each week. >> it will be something of a surprise moving forward. as you mentioned, there's not a lot of polling done or will be coming forward. california, 117 delegates total. no, 114. so you think not until june 7th will we know if we have have someone that reached 1237, trump or if we will move to a contested convention. not until then? >> even then, if we are about 20, 50 delegates short of the 1237 it is possible donald trump could win on the first ballot because there's a certain number of unbound delegates who will be able to cast a ballot on the first ballot but we won't know what they will cast it for. it is possible it won't be brokered in a certain way it will be up in the air for a while unless he is able to win california beforehand. the problem with ted cruz
10:35 pm
tonight, the problem with him getting zero tonight you wonder if at some point he is labelled as a loser or not comp ten and he loses support and it begins to erode in later states. on the republican side there hasn't been much momentum. winning states does not mean you will win the next state. when donald trump lost to iowa he recovered nicely i in the following contest. if that rule holds true without momentum, maybe ted cruz is fine. if donald trump is able to pick up a certain amount of momentum and use the victories to say i'm the presumptive nominee it should be mine and consolidate voters around him and deny ted cruz voters then this becomes a quicker contest. >> thank you for joining us and breaking it down for us. we will check back with you. >> a lot of complaints from new
10:36 pm
yorkers problems at the polls. >> bernie sanders is slamming the voting laws in new york state. the delegations of voting 1/2 fews, voters bounced from the rolls, not enough ballots. they are vaegting what happened in new york today at the voting booths. did the propertying problems, could they have cost sanders some support? mountains, and conquered highways, and now much of that same advanced technology
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a lot of those happening in brooklyn, new york, including registration problems, 125,000 voters in brooklyn, turned out they were on the rolls. they had been removed a few months ago. officials say they ran out of affidavit ballots, a lack of privacy at the voting booths. incorrect sbruxs and the comp controller announced he will audit the city's board of elections. senator bernie sanders landed in vermont back home this evening. he addressed some of the problems saying that new york state's voting laws keep independents from voting in today's primary. >> i remain also concerned that in a state as large as new york almost 30% of the eligible
10:41 pm
voters, or some 3 million new yorkers were unable to vote today because they had registered as independents, not democrats or republicans. that makes no sense to me at all. >> do the empire state's voting laws suppress the vote? let's go to the principal and founder of consulting 125,000 people showed up and weren't on the list. they somehow got perurged. do you think the problems that are being investigated could have cost sanders some votes today? >> it is certainly a hot mess. it issen an opportunity to look at the laws that affect how we
10:42 pm
allow more people to participate in our democracy. do i think they affected senator sanders chances of winning? no. hillary won with a resounding vote total. i don't think it was 125,000 people that showed up who had been purged. i think that is the list that had been purged. that's not a problem that is only significant to new york. we have had so much attention on voter i.d. law when we should be paying attention to how to bring more people this to the system and simplify this. there are issues of misunderstanding, doubting what you can do, lack of knowledge. we need to do everything possible to make the transaction of voting as simple as trusted and as possible for as many people as possible. voter i.d. laws, all of the attention paid it to that is about voter suppression. this is an opportunity to say we
10:43 pm
have is a serious issue stopping people from voting. what can we do about it? new york can take that role. >> new york state has one of the most liberal ways to vote. you don't have to show an i.d. or prove anything after you registered. just show up and they have a giant pad that has your signature on it. and people have complained you can walk up and say your name and fake the signature. the broader issue is how do you fix the voting system that according to senator sanders and others blocked out a whole ream of voters from being able to participate tote today because it is a closed primary? >> that's the question. i must say it is shameful that the democrats and the folks in the city of new york has disenfranchised voters that would have supported in my opinion bernie sanders. he is talking about 125,000 voters purged from the rolls in
10:44 pm
places like we'll be right back brooklyn which is where senator sanders is from. additionally it is a well-known fact because people like the mayor of new york, the comptroller who launched the investigation in new york, additionally the new york attorney general is talking about this issue because we have seen that complaints were high. three times as high than they were in 2012. and there were a number 0 of folks disenfranchised. when you get people like hillary clinton always talking about voter disenfranchisement but very solid on the issue that benefitted her it is disgusting. i have no idea how the democrats could not be sounding the alarm on something that disenfranchised many folks that would have supported bernie sanders. >> that's point because others said the reason you have to register in october to be able to vote today. we know two of donald trump's children weren't allowed to vote for him because they weren't
10:45 pm
changed to republican registration. it is designed by the state legislature in albany, rife with indictments and convictions of some of the top officials in albany to keep the power for the incumbency and one system that has strangle held this state. what do you think of that? >> well, i think it is very disingenuous to point the finger at secretary clinton on this issue. i know there's no fact out there that these issues benefitted secretary clinton. i think this is bigger than new york. much bigger than albany. this situation in new york today could play a role to allow new york to be a leader in the country on these issues. this is not about voter suppression. this is about how do we make it easier for more people to participate in a democracy. >> do you think that will happen? do you think it will really
10:46 pm
change? >> it's an opportunity. i hope so. i don't think it will come by senator sanders saying that he was wronged and crying over spilled milk in a sense. this is a real analysis of how do we allow people to register to vote in the country. do we make it easier tore harder for you to participate in the democracy and right now we make it harder, whether you are in new york or other states and all of us, democrats, and republicans need to understand we need to make it easier. we want more people. >> do you think it will change? >> i almost going to have to disagree with your statement. i believe this did benefit hillary clinton, especially considering this the fact that bernie sanders won just about every county in the state. it was the city in which he was dis enfranchised and where the number of issues arrived from. to say this isn't about voter
10:47 pm
suppression would be intellectually dishonest because it benefitted hillary clinton. we saw when he had rallies. he had them in we'll be right back lynn. 28,000 people on the same day. she had 1200 people. you know the people were ready and fired up to support bernie sanders. to say it is not about suppression is dishonest, in my opinion. >> that's shameful. >> this will be all investigated. i caught someone voting twice illegally in 2012 and they didn't believe it. it was their own figures at the board of elections. and that's one of the reasons they have problems that are being investigated. thank you. we all want to protect the republic and democracy and make sure everyone gets to vote. but when there are problems like this it does cast a -- >> voter fraud. you are always on top of that. >> i can't believe this guy. they told me the board of elections says where do you get the figures from and i said it
10:48 pm
is your own figures. i spent five days at the board of elections. never happened. you can vote twice in new york state. >> but you are not supposed to. donald trump and hillary clinton glide to victories on their home turf. >> as they inch closer to the number of delegates needed for their party's nominations. what's ahead? a panel of political insiders will ring in on that and what comes next week when we are here all night on the next contest. they say that in life,
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big is back. xfinity watchathon week now until april 24. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. welcome back. what comes next them bureau chief of talk media news, pulitzer prize winner journalist and author. and vice president of jamestown associates are joining us to talk about today's events. judy, i will start with you. sanders returned home to vermont this evening. we are told he needs to win 57% of the remaining delegates moving forward in order to be competitive or -- can he do that? >> i don't think he can. i think most pundits think he
10:53 pm
can't. i think this was the moment where he had to do it in new york and he couldn't. in fact, he made a number of very serious mistakes in his new york campaign. what will come clear as we look at the numbers, the exit poll showed that hillary beat bernie 65 to 32% in terms of the exit poll numbers among jews, jewish new yorkers. one of the reasons for that is the catastrophic new york daily news interview in which not only did bernie sanders exaggerate the number of palestinians killed by israelis in the more recent dust up campaign that israel waged in gaza but he didn't know anything specific about how he would break up the banks. he didn't know -- he couldn't mention one piece of legislation that hillary clinton voted for
10:54 pm
that was a payoff or favor to banks. that's been one of his themes. worse than that, he went to the vatican at a time he should have been campaigning here. she was always over new york state and california. he was at the vatican, hanging out. >> i don't know how he made it there. he was in brooklyn the night before and the vatican the next day. >> the wonders of flight. >> he was hanging around like a theater going at casa santa marta. and met the pope as the pope was leaving somewhere else. the pope said i shook his hand and that is all and if anyone thinks i am endorsing him they need a psychiatrist. that was not helpful to bernie sanders, not even among catholics. >> but the fact is, hillary clinton, as she said, was a senator twice here. so i wonder in retrospect did bernie sanders put his energy in
10:55 pm
new york and maybe should have moved on to other states and let her have new york because i think in retrospect it is clear he wasn't going to win. his internal polling must have shown him that. >> he was of course back by 40 points a month ago. an a 18-point loss. not bad compared to that. we had a primary in 2014 in new york, from cuomo and a bernie sanders like progressive. she got 38% of the vote. he got 42% of the vote but he won in almost every area that r. there is a schism in the new york democratic party that bernie sanders and hillary clinton race reveals again. i agree i think the had a moment in the brooklyn debate. there's a clear example of an inconsist consistent position that hillary changed the
10:56 pm
bankruptcy bill. when she was first lady she lobbied the president and white house to vote against it and when she was a senator, she becomes cozy with the wall street banking community and she votes for it. there's missed opportunities. >> he could have pointed it out and gone to other states and let her have new york. >> there were missed opportunities certainly even in the campaign. he chose to wage in new york against hillary clinton. she earned it tonight. she fought hard for it. she reached the benefit. >> we will have two more hours here tonight. stay with us as we talk about these wins for the two front runners. their victories hovering near 60%. >> what's that mean going forward. we will talk it over with our panel straight ahead. - they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem,
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if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit crucial wins in new york tuesday for presidential frontrunners hillary clinton and donald trump, breaking a dry spell after nearly a month without primary victories. hello everyone. i'm heather chilld ers. >> mrs. clinton had a decisive lead over bernie sanders and in her victory speech last night, she noted the significance of her win here in new york state. >> you know, in this campaign we've won in every region of the


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