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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 20, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and donald trump en -- enjoying a rebound after one month of no victories. five mid-atlantic and northeastern states. thank you for continuing with us tonight. >> we appreciate it. i'm heather childress. we will be here next week as well. the stakes were big today or last night. new york voters did not disappoint. here is how the numbers stack up. for trump and his gop rivals,
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with nearly all of the votes counted, the real estate mogul holds a huge win over ohio governor john kasich and texas senator ted cruz. >> and hillary clinton commanded a huge lead over bernie sanders thanks in part to support from women and minorities. as the primary campaign focuses to the other northeastern states mrs. clinton concedes she is not taking anything for granted. now to our new york newsroom with the latest on the campaign. >> for hillary clinton and her campaign, this win in new york puts an end to senator better me sander's mow men mum. he -- momentum. he won 7 in a row. clinton's campaign believes mr. sanders no longer has a chance to mathematically win the nomination. clinton winning 57% of the vote. a 15-point win. sweeping all five burrows in new new york city and dominating with hispanic and black and female voters.
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the clinton campaign believes the sanders campaign had to win new york by double digits to have a chance at the nomination. now with tonight's victory clinton picks up 135 of new york's 247 delegates meaning clinton's lead over sanders is now up to 275 total pledge delegates and including the super delegates it is even larger. now last night she spoke about uniting the party. she dismissed the republicans ted cruz and donald trump as decisive and dangerous. and she reiterated that she is the candidate with real solutions and sanders. >> today, together we did it again. >> under the bright lights of new york we have seen that it is not enough to diagnose problems. you have to explain how you would actually solve the problem. >> the math now is overwhelmingly in favor of clinton becoming the democratic nominee. if sanders wants to win the
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nomination he will have to win 70% of the remaining delegates in -- and uncommitted super delegates. it is a big task. the loss stings for sanders. he invested heavily in new york, the state where he was born. and despite it all, the sanders campaign manager says they will continue to fight for the nomination all the way to the convention. >> this campaign has come a very, very long way. it was in the polls and a few polls have had us in the lead. we believe we have the momentum and we believe we have a path toward victory. >> senator sanders blasted new york for the widespread voter irregularities as well as delays including 125,000 names which mysteriously were not on the voter rolls in brooklyn. he is back home in vermont and off today.
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eric, heather? >> thank you so much for the latest. heather? >> donald trump showing his win tonight in new york seals the deal for the nomination. although his path toward mathematically clinching it remains to be seen. garrett joins us from dc with more on that. good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning. there is no place like home for donald trump. last night was his biggest win of the campaign and his first in nearly a month. but as expected, this one wasn't close. trump dominated with more than 60% of the vote followed by john kasich with 25% and ted cruz at 14. going into last night the trump for campaign goal is to pick up 80 of the 95 delegates and they can check that goal off. right now they are projected to win 89 and john kasich will pick up three and ted cruz walks away empty handed. here is how the overall delegate picture looks right now. donald trump is up to 845 and ted cruz stays at 5:59. john kasich has just 147.
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donald trump is the only candidate left that has a mathematical shot of reaching the 1237 delegates to win the nomination out -- out right. but it will be a difficult task and all of the campaigns are preparing for the growing possibility that the nomination will be decided at a contested congress venges. in his victory speech trump continued his criticisms of that process and the delegate system overall. >> nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voter and voting and that's what is going to happen. you watch. the people aren't going to stand for it. it is a crook cede system. it is a crooked system. it is a system that is rigged. it is called you vote and you win. >> at a town hall in maryland he again pushed back on trump's criticisms saying the rules and delegate process aren't anything new. >> nobody will get enough
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delegates. the trump organization is complaining about this and that. you know why? they will not get enough votes to win it on the first ballot. so we are going to be deadlocked . >> the kasich campaign is not taking that for granted. last night his chief strategist sent out a memo to supporters calling the next seven days absolutely critical. they said it is now or never to stop trump and save the republican party. all of the candidates are back on the road campaigning ahead of next tuesday's primary in maryland, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. >> wracking up the delegates or trying to. garrett kenny is live for us. thank you, garrett. >> it is really no surprise that a lot of new york republicans gave their support to donald trump. she is the former republican congresswoman who represented west chester county which is the suburbs north of new york city. congresswoman, thank you for coming in and staying with us at 3:00 in the morning in the
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east and after midnight in the paw sesk time. paw sesk time. pacific time. so let's pretend right now. >> that would be lovely. >> it is a wealthy area north of new york city and trump garnered 56% of the vote. john kasich came in second and ted cruz trailed throughout new york state at 11%. why do you think mr. trump was able to do so well with a rather upscale crowd that the west chester republican electorat is? >> eric, fox's own exit polling showed that overwhelmingly people are disappointed and disgusted and angry with the federal government. no one has articulated that sent sentiments better than donald trump. he said himself he would gladly take the man tell of anger. especially in new york the taxpayers are so
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hard-pressed. we have endless regulations. it is a double burden when you think about a federal government that for eight years under president obama has been inefficient, ineffective, burdensome and harmful to taxpayers and middle class families and workers. so no surprise that donald trump did very well among these folks. >> and maybe we wouldn't think that people, your former constituents would feel that way according to the fox news exit poll. 48% of new yorkers feel dissatisfied with the federal government. that's like half. you say 40% are angry. 47% are dissatisfied. only 9% are satisfied and 1% are enthusiastic. wonder who the 1% is. can this resonate through a general campaign if he faces hillary clinton? >> that's a great question. a lot of republicans were asking about trump's
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temperament. now it is time for him to pivot to a strategy of appealing to an election audience and hey -- hey hey -- he eluded to that. he should take his cue to president reagan who projected strength and demanded respect and evoking the best of american values and as separations. i think donald trump is smart enough -- he is going to be able to adapt pretty expeditiously. >> some say president reagan has never said is the things trump has. >> that is true. >> you know, raised the anger and the offense a the tone and the tenor that some people htve been deeply offended and others say, man, in their view, he is saying it like it is. >> he has definitely been in prime election mode. he has said a lot of things that made
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people uneasy. he needs to acknowledge that and to prove he can be the large hearted, open minded and the truly reasonable solution seeker we need. and that's the kiyd of new york values that we are talking about. praying -- pragmatism and grace under pressure and not only survive, but thrive under adversity. we need those values across the country. >> and finally on the other side of the aisle mrs. clinton did better than donald trump. she received upwards of 67% of the vote and bernie sanders'32%. bernie says i will tax you up the wazoo and you live in west chester and you say i am not for him. what happens in november? trump is well known in new york county because he has that big building.
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>> he has a lot of properties around the valley. >> and mrs. clinton lives in chap paw squaw. >> she does. but she represents a continuation of the kind of policies that have brought misery on every american, lack of opportunity and burdens from the government we simply can't afford. they are not smart and that's why people are so upset. the government has done foolish thing with our hard-earned dollars and we lost opportunities. every republican has to bear in mind that no matter what happens , no matter who the nominee is, we have to unite donald trump if he proceeds to the nomination he has to act in a states man-like way and em mu lay president reagan and bring everybody together. we have to stay together on this. our republican candidate who ever he is on his worse day will be preferable to secretary clinton or senator
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sanders on their best day in the white house. >> we thank you. is chapaquah in your district? >> it was not in the district i represented, no. >> i just didn't know if she was one of your former constituents or not. >> no. >> thank you for joining us at this early hour in the morning. >> my pleasure. >> we are back with ellen ratner. something that we haven't touched so so far, let a talk about the rnc rules committee which is meeting this week. as it does look like we are moving toward a contested convention on the republican side if that were to happen, there are a couple things that are important that could happen. one being a possible change to the rule 40b and another to the way the rules are enforced at the convention itself.
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these are little things that people weren't knowledgeable about and now we are learning all about it. >> they are also going to have another rules committee the week before the convention. >> exactly. it is even more confusing. >> it is going to be crazy. they can do anything. they can do anything from saying you can't even give a token to the possible delegates to you can give the moon to the delegates. they can do anything they want at those rules committee. >> there was an important development this week. the rnc decided and rightfully so not to make recommendations to the rules committee. they want the delegates who are part of the process, by the way delegates represent all of the candidates who have earned them to decide what the rules will be and the emphasis is on 40b. if you keep that ted cruz and donald trump could be considered on the floor as
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nominees of the party. >> you have to have won eight states in the contest. that's going to be the one to keep your eye on the most. and i do think you are seeing the rnc go to painstaking lengths to make sure to the degree they can that this process is viewed as fair by all sides. it is going to be a big problem. how we conduct ourselves in that kind of convention process if it gets to become a brokered open convention, however you want to refer to it, that will decide how to unify. >> what if they run into the done national trump bulldozer. , wham. are you against the wall? it is crooked and fecked. and it is -- fixed and it is not fair. >> i think donald even though wrong on the details is winning part of the argument. he has reframed standard rules of procedure. having 1237 is is the majority plus one. it is not a imagine clear
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concocted formula to stop trump. he has been effective to get it out. >> doesn't he have a point? if you win louisiana, if you win the state and lose the delegates? this is a cook caw may me contrived scheme. >> each state has a right to decide how to nome name its people. the hootsba of donald trump complaining the rules up until new york he won 37% of the popular vote, but had gotten 45% of the delegates. so the rules had actually played in his favor, the same rules he is wining about as bernie sanders has been complaining about the rules of the democratic party. >> but there is a slight difference. on the republican side if you get 1237, what ted cruz has done is irrelevant because you are the nominee. the delegates that he is working to get, ted cruz and others are actually grassroots activist members of the party. the democrats have a super
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delegate system. they are not part of the grassroots operation of the party. that's a distinction to make. donald trump puts all of this to rest and tonight we have that possibility resurrected. don't forget the conversation has been narrowed. >> then it goes to the second vote and that's when more delegates would be unbounded and then they could choose whomever they want. and i think that's what voters have a problem with. >> it is interesting because a bunch of conservatives got together and wrote a letter to ryan who heads the republican national committee and said we believe that it should be somebody who ran for president and not somebody who did not run for president. this is a conservative group with recognizable names. it was started by richard who
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is known for his direct mail fundraising for candidate. they wrote and they said we want it to be somebody who has actually run. that just came out today. >> look, guys, i may have a problem with the fact that i can't vote in new york. i am one of three million independents in this country who are kind of eliminated from processes and closed primary. but the rules are the rules. i think parties have the right to decide how they want to choose their own candidates. >> the rules are the rules, but it doesn't mean the rules are always right. >> the rules can be changed should the republican delegates who attend that convention choose to do so. >> rule 42 is all the 41 rules before it. obviously they can changing. judy made a point before and that's why it is interesting that donald trump is complaining about this so much. donald trump dent get 50% of the voters in florida, yet he won all of the delegates in florida because that's a winner take all state. >> it really started with
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colorado though, right? that's where a group of people had to go in and they were electing the delegates, correct? and then the delegates themselves had, what was it, 10 second ises to get -- 10 seconds to get up? >> this whole thing is amazing. >> they took two seconds to see why they were chosen and there were a hundred or so of them. it is crazy. >> it is almost nuts. if you ran a high school election, an election for a high school president like this the principal would say no. we will start all over with all of these different -- >> and every state having their own rules and own process. >> why not? aren't we in favor of the right of a state's determination? >> as long as everybody is aware of what is going on. >> nobody can prevent any party from starting to do anything. ted cruz was well aware of the rules in colorado and capitalized on it. >> that's true. >> and this is how barack obama won in 2008. he learned the process and he knew it better than the
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clinton campaign and that's how he won. he won a lot of caucus states and conventions and internal procedures. this is how you ultimately have to design your strategy to win primary and the nomination. >> i still don't know how they spend time in these meetings and figure this stuff up. we mentioned this issue in the last hour and we will talk about it again coming up. it is one of the major issues in the campaign and that's the economy and the fear of another downturn is on top of the voters' minds. that's up next. stay with us.
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welcome back. 87% of democratic voters in new york say that they are either very or somewhat worried about the direction of the economy. and it was the number one issue for most voters in the empire state. how is it playing a role in this contest? joining me is the principal and founder of caldwell strategic consulting. thank you both for sticking around with us.
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>> good morning. >> good morning. >> in terms of for you, as they headed to the polls it is the same across the country. how do you think it will play out? >> it will continue to play out in the exit polls where hillary clinton has cloppery senator sanders on this issue. i think his board had a lot to do with that when he cooperate even provide details on how he would break up banks and how he would facilitate his core issue. w4r* it is the economy or experience or continuing president obama's policies we have seen hillary clinton have a very strong night here in new york. >> and do you think bernie sander's moving forward needs to be more specific on his
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plans? >> specificity is something we look for in terms of showing if a plan has the potential to hurt or not. hillary clinton has cloppered bernie sanders when it comes to this economic populous tone that senator sanders has been great at. >> he has allowed for them to say oh it is going on. what we have seen is people go to college and graduate with $100,000 worth of debt and then live in their parents' basements or garages and get a job as a wal-mart greeter. why? the jobs added to the economy are low wage and minimum wage jobs. according to hillary clinton she wants to offer more of the same of president obama's policies there by giving bernie sanders somebody who
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wants to tax the rich more and they want to raise the taxes and break up the banks of the folks who support hillary clinton the most and allow a different store to see a different vision. >> all of those things worked to clinton's benefit apparently here in new york. we one of the exit polls and more than half of the democratic voter want to continue the policy. clinton is the one to do that 75% to 25% for sanders and when it came to wall street people are saying it hurts the u.s. economy 63% and 30% saying it helps. >> yes, what he is saying is all fine and dandy, but when you look at the numbers she
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clogged him. on the economy 61% supporting hillary clinton to sanders' 39 % or the experience issue. when you look at what knee to happen and what ever candidate is the nominee they have to figure out a way to bill the ladders of opportunity that have been broken down and they are put in front of americans to build the american dream. in new york on this election night, the new york voter said that 91% of them said hillary has the experience to do that and senator sanders does not. it is not just diagnosing the problem. it is about what your specific solutions are. he dropped the ball in that interview. but i think that was just a telltale sign of how his campaign has been going all lien along. and it really does come down to the numbers. >> you are correct in terms of
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younger voters and moving forward into the general election. do you believe those voters, the younger demographic will continue to follow sanders or is there anyway clinton can pull them over to her side? >> so long as bernie sanders they are in a race with millennials. you can see even when the odds were against him and whereas hillary was beating him at every contest he poured money into the campaign and leading him to have very good months, the last two months. i think the millennials will support him and we saw in a poll that if it comes down to it and bernie sander disci to get out the -- decides to get out of the race they will choose not to go to the camp. i think african-american voter when it comes to the younger african-american voter they
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don't believe she is trustworthy and honest. >> there will be unity and we have seen secretary clinton reaching out to voters and it really does come down to senator sanders saying what is important? is this about the democratic party or his ego. i think he will do the right thing. >> i am talking about poll numbers. >> he is headed to vermont and we'll see what that is is about. >> so what can the results on tuesday tell us about the five-minute -- five mid-atlantic states voting next week. >> coming up, what people who voted were thinking about. we will talk about those up next.
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welcome back to america's election headquarters. donald trump and hillary clinton are walking out of their home state victorious and here could be why. voters say they are tired of the washington establishment. we have been looking at the exit polls and he joins us with more. hi, kelly. >> you eluded to it in your lead and trump and clinton the
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are basking in the glow of big wins in the empire state. they are looking at moving forward to the next challenge with a lot of momentum. they are showing what new york and republican voters were looking for when they cast their votes they are tired of the established route republicans. they wanted an outsider win and trump wants that. he is way out in front of that issue ted crus at 9% and john kasich at 6%. the democrats want a candidate with political experience. and hillary clinton is showing -- is overwhelming sanders with the vote over sanders at 9%. and half of the democratic voters in the empire state want a candidate who they
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believe will continue president obama's agenda. you can see that hillary clinton is ahead in that as well. 75% of the voters. and in terms of the general election 65% is the better candidate to win in november. and trump is facing a daunting challenge even with his new york win while new york republicans voted for him in the primary in the general election match up against hillary clinton. check this out. only 24% say they will vote for him while 27% for kasich and 41% for cruise. >> it could be the undoing of her challenger, bernie sanders and trump is still fighting the daunting challenge of a potential contested convention. he could be facing challenges as hillary clinton sets her sales toward a presidential nomination and they can sharpen her focus on attacking
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and going after trump. >> they are going for experience. thank you, kelly. thank you for stick around with us. i'll see you later. you are not going anywhere. >> john kasich's campaign is sending out a campaign memo reading the next seven days are absolutely critical. it is never too early to stop trump and save republican party. >> wow. ouch. donald trump is claiming in his victory speech in new york that, quote, we don't have much of a race anymore. he would be right. >> nobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory and it is not a fair ticket. even though we are leading by a lot and we can't be caught, it is impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get the delegates with voters and voting.
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well new york state is in the history books and next tuesday five states will vote. they could favor donald trump or hillary clinton and after that comes indiana. what can we expect in the coming weeks? joining us is the weekly standard and the book clinton, inc., the political machine.
12:41 am
daniel, i guess it is safe to say after last night they have rebuilt their political operation. what do you think will happen in sikh days when we have the -- in six days when we have the five mid-atlantic states? >> both the front runners look poised to do well over the next week. i think you will see a shift in both their rhetoric. they will be portraying themselves as inevitable or presumptive nominee of their parties. whether they can convince other people remains to be seen. hillary clinton will have a stronger case for that position. with bernie sander leaving the campaign trail and going home, that suggests he may even be rethinking his own position in the campaign. donald trump will have a much harder time convincing people at this moment he is a presumptive nominee, but a strong outing would perhaps help him make the argument
12:42 am
even more convincing that he will be the republican nominee or be close to it. it hinges on states like indiana to follow. >> this is going to june 7th. we will be here and revealing what will happen. in terms of sanders going to burlington the campaign says he is going to catch his breath and rest up and they are still continue, but he goes to states like rhode island. it could help him. you only have a handful of delegates in that small state and then you have maryland. they could help mrs. clinton. what do they do to try to exploit their win in new york? >> well, they try to convince bernie sanders to leave the race. hillary clinton won't win the nomination without the super delegates. which means she won't be the nominee until they vote in the democratic convention.
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if bernie sanders sticks around until then it is a thorn in her side and it keeps her from moving to the center which if you are a bernie sanders fan that's why you stay in the race to keep her to the left-center and keep her more liberal than she would ourself be because that's where you want her to be. i think for her you need to make the argument it weakens the position to win the contest in the end and you need to put some pressure on it. the only problem is bernie sanders is a socialist from vermont and it is difficult for the apparatus to squeeze somebody not in the party and could ted cruz come back and that is a chance for him to stay in and try to recoup the loss? >> he has to win to be
12:44 am
competitive. the game is denying donald trump. it is stoping him from being the nominee is the only way to be the nominee themselves m. indiana is crucial not for donald trump to win himself but if john kasich could pull it out, that would be okay for cruz. donald trump cannot win if nondonald trump would want to win. >> this is one of the worst nights for ted cruz in his campaign coming away with zippo. but there is always another day. thank you. thank you for staying with us so early. >> a possible milestone in the path to the white house on tuesday for both mr. trump and mrs. clinton. >> coming up, fennel thoughts -- final thoughts on what the victory means for the front runners and what hurdles melee ahead for the candidate -- may lay ahead for
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♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. early morning or early evening. we have the bure rechief of
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talk radio news. the book is on paperback today. the executive of associates. what do we learn and what do we do and where do we go from here? >> the resurrection before cleveland is alive and well now. at least in the vernacular of the commentator class that deemed it dead after trump had a pretty rough go for the last few weeks. we learned her fire wall existed and she lost a vast majority of the contest and those were regionally spury around the country. bernie wants to go to california. i would look for a major delegate split there. 1k3 we saw tonight it was revealed that his intention or
12:50 am
at least the supporters are hitting the matching number. as far as cruz and trump you have to look at indiana and montana and south dakota and nebraska where cruz can win and continue to add to the nontrump number of delegates. i find it give to ons but tonight for a perfect reason seems more placessable than it was yesterday. >> the conversation when you start wracking up those wins in the coming weeks. >> it was clearly a great night for the new yorkers in new york. new york was good to them as hillary said and this was personal. i think it was a better night for hillary than it was for trump.
12:51 am
hillary is now and she is borrowing the things we are not aware of and it is shifting from the economy to terror and it is something happening. she pretty much has this locked up. >> what do you think? hillary was addressing trump directly. she is positioning herself to run as a national candidate. however if you look at fox's exit polls and it was just mentioned on air here, there are many republicans that are saying they would not vote for cruz or would not vote for trump. this will be split in the republican party and the news media needs to pay more attention to it because this could be worse than some kind
12:52 am
of crazy convention. >> there are some democratic voter as well. david web went out and talked to a lot of bernie supporter. they said no way would they support hillary clinton. >> i think there has been a lot of attention girve -- given. they won't vote for trump or may cross the line for hillary. the story not being focused enough is the fact that you can have and we heard various numbers said of a significant enough group from the sanders camp would go to him instead of hillary because they would view it as the anti-establishment and the anti-ruling class type of referendum. >> i have looked at the stories and in fact there have been a lot of stories about dissention in the republican or democratic party, but not whether somebody would go out and refuse to vote.
12:53 am
>> it is covered -- >> do you see a potential gold water situation? >> i think the republicans have got to be worried about cruz or trump at the top of the ticket and endangering the advantage they have at the state and local level. >> you have a situation where two-thirds is a republican and 34 are governors or republican and i think a lot of that is in danger with such a potentially weak top of the ticket. >> the concern is holding on to the senate which is this precariously low number. and they are in blue states or more hostile states for the republican candidates. >> trump does well and he is not gold water. he does miraculously do things people done think he would do but the voters don't vote republican. >> and don't take it with
12:54 am
him. >> but look at these high negativesor both of the front runners. >> both with the highest negatives and both winning. >> what does that say about the population? >> to be continued. ellen and judy and tony, thank you for staying with us all night. >> see you back here next week at the same time. >> and thank you for staying with us and spending your overnight here with the fox newschannel. heather will be here for two more hours and we will be back together one week from tonight. >> don't go far. "fox and friends first" is next. >> got it. >> have a great night.
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i can think of nowhere that i said rather have this victory. so we'll be going in to the convention no matter what happens. >> tonight the race for the democratic nomination is this in the home very much and victory is in sight.
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♪ it's wednesday, april 20th, and the empire state strikes back giving crucial wins to donald trump and hillary clinton. >> both frontrunners regaining momentum after a big night. donald trump securing first place and by a landslide, more than 60% of the vote. >> and hillary clinton winning with almost 58%. >> we have fox news team coverage for you this morning. and we begin with garrett tenney and donald trump's new york win. hello again, garrett. >> good morning. there is winning and then there is winning big and last night donald trump had his biggest win of the campaign so far, winning as you saw there more than 60% of the vote in his home state.
1:00 am
he was followed by john kasich with 25%, ted cruz with only 14%. trump is also projected to pick about up 89 of new york's 95 delegates bringing his total to 845. ted cruz walks away empty handed and stays at 549 while john kasich scored three delegates and is up to 147. the donald is not the only candidate with a shot at reaching the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination outright, but still no easy task. last night he said pretty much a done deal already, though. >> we are going to be so strong again, we're going to be -- really. i mean legitimately so great again. and i can't wait. so we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television, senator cruz is just about


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