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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 20, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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with 25%, ted cruz with only 14%. trump is also projected to pick about up 89 of new york's 95 delegates bringing his total to 845. ted cruz walks away empty handed and stays at 549 while john kasich scored three delegates and is up to 147. the donald is not the only candidate with a shot at reaching the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination outright, but still no easy task. last night he said pretty much a done deal already, though. >> we are going to be so strong again, we're going to be -- really. i mean legitimately so great again. and i can't wait. so we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television, senator cruz is just about mathematically
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eliminated. p. >> for months a contested convention is john kasich's only chance of winning the nomination. with that in mind, a memo sent last night saying in part the next seven days are absolutely critical and every republican in the country who wants an open convention to win the white house should valley around governor kasich in the upcoming april 26 states. it's now or never to stop trump and save the republican party. ted cruz is already looking ahead to next week's contests, as well, including pennsylvania where last night he hardly mentioned new york's primary or donald trump and ffd focused on a message of unity. >> we did need each other, all of us. coming together as one as we the people. because not only do we say yes we can, beginning here and now, we pledge to each and every one of us, yes, we can.
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>> 172 delegates are up for grabs next tuesday with primaries in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. seven days, a lot can still happen. ted cruz and donald trump sure to bash heads in the day m dhe between now and then. >> i would take that bet for sure. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton winning her adoptive home state to regain momentum against bernie sanders. >> the social list now calling out the voting process over statewide confusion he polls. >> a lot of confusion. briyan llenas joining us from nw york p. >> well, hillary clinton winning new york just adds to her growing delegate lead while putting an end to bernie
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sanders' win streak. mrs. clinton carried wins in all knife new york boroughs including the one where sanders was born. polls had shown her lead narrowing to sanders. >> a, you proved once again there is no place like home. and to all the people who assumed senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides. >> clinton wins at least 135 of the 247 delegates. the clinton camp now says sanders no longer has a mathematical chance of winning the nomination and despite the loss, the sanders campaign says they will continue to fight for the nomination to the convention. sander hes blasting new york's voting process before heading back to vermont and taking the day off.
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>> i remain also concerned that in the state as large as new york, almost 30% of the eligible voters, some 3 million new yorkers, were unable to vote a because they had registered as independents. >> sanders also denounced new york's voting day irregularities and delays. the city announcing it will now investigate why more than 125,000 voter names were inexplicably removed from voting rolls. >> all right. bryan llenas for us, thank you. well, after last night's big apple win, donald trump leads with 845 delegates, but how can he reach the magical number of 1237 to secure that nomination? here to break it done from real clear politics, caitlin huey burns. so let's start with the delegate
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count because it's all about the math. we can pull this up at the screen. trump 846, cruz 559, kasich 147. >> obviously donald trump gained a significant amount of te delegates that makes the path more difficult for tg and of course john kasich. there are several upcoming contests next week that trump figures to sweep and if he does, that also propels him. pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, rhode island. those are places that award most delegates proportionally with the exception of delaware. and trump can really pick up steam there. however, the contest becomes a little bit more difficult for him in may. states like nebraska and indiana, states where ted cruz hopes to again shift the trajectory of the race. but i do think this will all come down to california. it's obviously a big delegate haul there. >> how many delegates at stake will in california? >> over 160, i believe.
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those are also awarded by congressional districts, so you'll have all three candidates campaigning across the big state trying to pick up delegates there. >> so donald trump now the only one that can get that number and become the nominee before the gop convention. he can't get that, though, right until june 7, so what does he have to do to get there? >> exactly. i don't think this race will be over before then just given he really has to do well in all of these upcoming contests. there is also room for area even though he still has a path. and of course ted cruz is remaining in the race with the intention of stopping trump from getting that necessary number of delegates. he's hoping to take this to a contested convention. so he's looking at very specific areas, we've seen him shrewd about his delegate strategy. >> john kasich saying the same thing, i'm there to stop him, as well. >> the interesting thing about kasich in new york, he did come in second, he will have kind of
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a psychological win there and kind of propel him on. so no one is going away until after california. >> it will be a long ride from here. caitlin huey burns, always good to see you. well, it's a big night for did touchdown as the empire state building lights up red in his honor. his win coming amid a major campaign shakeup an spending spree. so can these changes help cement him as the frontrunner and avoid a contested convention? here to discuss that, mercedes flap and kormboris epstein. thank you both for joining us here this morning. so a big day for donald trump yesterday and big day for changes to his campaign. boris, what changes has he made and how do you think that will impact him? >> he's broadened the structure of the campaign, produce the on paul manafort, brought on a
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couple other folks who are doing a good job of expanding the campaign. and he's putting more money into california where he's up by 18 points in the last poll. so these are expected things that happen during a presidential campaign, you start out with a small team and then you grow it over time. so it's something that we saw coming down the road. something that is absolutely a positive. and you're already seeing it bear fruit in new york as well as the relationship with the rest of the republican party. >> and one of those other people that he's hired, rick wiley, who was scott walker's former campaign manager. will these moves be enough to make changes necessary to get him to that 1237 number? >> it's a good start, 2000 donald trump, he needed to do this months ago. as we know a lot of these states have these rules in place for example what we've seen in states like colorado, wyoming, where they have the state conventions and courting the delegates. this process has been put in place for a long time.
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i think donald trump started late in terms of organization. he have to remember that politics is not like running a about making sure that you have the key people in place. i think for paul manafort to be there, that is obviously a very good start in terms of being able to bring in the delegates, but as you know, you're running a two prong campaign, it will be winning the voters in the key states and your ground game and the organization which ted cruz has shown that he's able to do very effectively. and, two, winning the delegates and making sure that the delegates stick to you because if you do end up with a contested convention, you're going to have to rely on the delegates to take you to the finish line. >> you certainly will. looking ahead, is it kasich have any shot next week and when is he going to call it quits? will he call it a split convention by not dropping out at all? >> at this point both kasich and cruz should get out of the race. they have no mathematical way to 1237. they should be out of the race
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and leave it to the frontrunner and presumptive nominee donald trump. as far as kasich is concerned, he seems destined to stay it uni will until the money dries up. he still lives in that kasich lane that he talks about -- >> he came in second in new york. in but rubio has more delegates than kasich does. so what is he doing still in the case? makes no accepts. he's trying to pick up the crumbs. trump is well on his way to 1237. >> and speaking of rubio, is that extra strategic, as well? he's ahead of kasich and still has not thrown his support and his delegates behind anyone. >> it's all strategic. it's all about the power maneuvering that you can have. ted cruz is hoping if there is a contested cop strength to win during the second ballot. but kasich is saying cruz can't
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get the majority in the second balance the lot, then i can see if i can pull off a majority in the third ballot. these guys are holding on to their delegates because again it's about power play. if trump does end up becoming a n nominee, they're still able to be part of the power structure. >> so next tuesday, 118 delegates up for grabs in five states. boris, who comes out of it with the majority? >> unquestionably trump. if you look at all the polling, he's up by the right about 20 points in pennsylvania and maryland, so another very, very about big day for donald trump next tuesday. and some of these campaign changes that we're talking about, both manafort and wiley, will be very helpful to him in bringing it across the finish line in terms of next tuesday and then also very importantly through may and on to june 7 in new jersey and california.
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again, trump is up by 18 points in california at 49%. so it's going to be a good six weeks for trump and then six weeks from then to the convention where he can wrap up any remaining candidates that he still may need for 1237 if he's short by about 20 or 25. >> all right. mercedes, i'll start with you in our next segment because we'll bring you back. boris, thank you for now. the time is currently 12 after 4:00 a.m. here in new york. and inside the mind of a new york voter, we're analyzing fox news exit polls to see how donald trump and hillary clinton secured their wins last night. >> and bernie sanders, he is back home in vermont this morning. is it the end of the line for the socialist? our political panel on deck to weigh in.
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♪ another one bites the dust very fitting song after yesterday, big campaigns going on here in new york state. donald trump and hillary clinton both winning tear home state of new york. but what led to their victory? lee carter is polster and joining us nous to talk more about this. always interesting to take a look at what was in the mind of voter as they went. >> so fascinating. >> so the first one that we'll take a look at is outsiders versus experience. a >> and you see donald trump got 64% because they were looking for an outsider. it almost lines up exactly with the percentage of votes that he got and that's what they were looking for in new york and we really see this narrative of people saying i'm fed up with
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federal government and that's why they go for trump. sf sfwr. >> but different when you take a look at democrats which we'll talk about in a minute. but sticking with republicans, the woman vote for donald trump. >> this is fascinating to me especially given the narrative over the last six weeks. 57% of women in new york voted for donald trump and that's a big number for him. it's what we needed for him to -- we needed to see that if he was going to start shifting into the bigger numbers that he needed to do to go into the convention and get that 1237. p. >> it will be interesting to see if that momentum continues with the female vote. and then the best chance to beat hillary in november? >> well, that was really fascinating to me. 57% thought that trump had the best chance to beat hillary in november. and this is quite different than what i see in other places. 27% said kasich, cruz fell to the bottom and cruz has very few
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friends in new york. >> probably due to his new york value comment. but usually in like the national poll, we've seen kasich being the one that can beat hillary. so this is definitely a switch. >> very, very different. >> the democratic exit polls, experience, this was opposite of what we saw with the republicans. >> absolutely the opposite, but also the opposite of what we've seen in other states. because 91% about of new yorkers said i'm voting for hillary based on experience. she's been pushing experience hard in the last few weeks. we've seen her keep going over and over again saying, look, i have the right experiences but we haven't seen that that is something that the voters have cared about that much. people have been saying that we want an outsider. but 91% of new yorkers that voted in the primer said experience is the number one thing that is most important to me. >> do you think that that will continue in the other states that are left? >> it's hard to say if new york is an an bettberration or if th
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trends are starting to turn. so we'll have to pay attention in pennsylvania and other states voting. >> and coinciding with the numbers dealing with experience, president obama's current policies. >> now, this was really surprising to me because we saw 52% of new yorks said that we should continue bochl's poobama policies. and in addition to that, we saw that 32% of new yorkers said that we should go even further to the left than obama's policies. so we're seeing that the left is going even farther left. >> this wou which would go along with bernie sanders. >> and that 32% number lines up pretty much. and only 10% say it should go -- on hillary pushing to the left, too. >> so conversation to be had among the democrats. >> absolutely. >> lee carter, thank you so
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much. we'll talk to you more throughout the morning. >> very interesting. thanks, heather. well, the time is now 20 after the hour. bombs under some beds and isis grun men posing as ice cream men. the disturbing terror plot targeting tourists. and the school district that just got semiautomatic rifles for their school guards.
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fox news alert now and warning of a summer of terror. european officials warning isis summer attacks by posing as vendors selling ice cream and t-shirts. they say the plan includes
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burying bombs under lounge chairs on crowded beaches. and tips are pouring in as the hunt sbhens guys for a cold blooded killer who murdered a mother inside a church. police near dallas releasing new surveillance video showing a different angle of the accused killer moments before the attack. the suspect wearing a vest with police written on it. the victim's husband now making a desperate plea for someone to come forward. >> the person has a very distinct walk, just a very distin distinct mannerism about this person. >> missy, mother of three, was getting ready to teach a boot camp class at the church and she may have walked in on an attempted burglary. >> now to extreme weather striking texas capturing the frantic attempts to save a woman's life. as rising water traps her
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beneath an overpass in houston, on the left side of your screen, you can see a road worker racing in to the water. but that woman is the 7th person to die in the floods there and the worst of it not over yet. 1200 people under evacuation in houston as the city braces for more rain today. a state of disaster has been declared as hundreds of families lose power, damage estimated at $500 billion and counting. charges expected today against three people in the flint water crisis, two employees of the michigan state department of environmental quality and the other a city worker. flint water was contaminated with lead after being switched over to the river in a money saving venture two years ago. north carolina's controversial bathroom bill is in jeopardy. the appeals court just overturned a policy that kept a transgender student out of the
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boys bathroom at his high school. >> and the same panel of judges would be the ones to also review a lawsuit brought that says bath rooms can only use bathrooms that match the gender of their birth certificates. >> and it continues. the time now is 25 after the top of the house. and the possibility of a contested convention is growing. but what exactly are the rules when the gop heads to cleveland in july? we're breaking it down for you. >> and take a look at this woman. does she look familiar? have you seen this? >> no. >> this is ted cruz's doppelganger that just proper the internet. we have what is trending from the new york primaries. constipated?
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i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. so we'll be going into the convention no matter what happens. >> tonight the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. ♪ this is my fight song, take back my life song ♪ >> one of my favorite songs right there, fight song. it is wednesday, april 20 and the empire state gives crucial wins for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> big fight for a lot of folks yesterday. for both of those candidates as well, donald trump securing first place by a landslide with more than 60% of the vote.
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>> and hillary clinton also winning with almost 58%. >> garrett tenney joining us live with more on donald trump's new york win. good morning, garrett. >> good morning. this was the homecoming donald trump was hoping for. he tomorrdominated his home sta winning more than 60% of the vote ahead of john kasich with 25% and ted cruz at just 14%. trump now has 845 delegates overall, ted cruz has 559, john case he can kasich is up to 147. the donald is looking to get a clot closer to 1237 in next week's primaries where 172 delegates are up to grabs. >> when you look at pennsylvania, when you look at indiana, when you look at maryland and rhode island and so many places, we have problems everywhere you look. we are going to solve those problems. one of the big problems is the
1:32 am
economy and jobs and that is my wheelhouse. >> john kasich's only shot at the nomination is to stop trump from reaching 1237 delegates and next tuesday will be key to doing that. last night kasich's chief strategist sent this memo saying in part the next seven days are absolutely critical and every republican who wants an open convention and to win the white house should rally around governor kasich in the upcoming states, it's now or never to stop trump and say the republican party. last night in pennsylvania, ted cruz hardly mentioned donald trump, though, and instead focused his message on unity. >> we do need each other. all of us. coming together as one as we the people. because not only do we say yes, we can, beginning here and now, we pledge to each and every one of us, yes, we will.
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>> pennsylvania is the big prize next week with 71 delegates you up for grabs. the other states holding primaries are connecticut, delaware, maryland and rhode island. >> garrett, thank you. well, hillary clinton's double digit lead in new york brought her total number of delegates to 1893. so this is her nomination inev? here to weigh in are democratic strategists. thank you both for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> good morning. >> so big night for hillary clinton last night. did she seal the deal? >> i think last night both sides of the aisle pretty of the nomination was decided. i mean, i just don't see how bernie sanders catches up. i mean, in 2008, barack obama
1:34 am
had half the numbers that hillary clinton has today. and so i thinkt's pretty much a done deal. i don't see how he catches up. math is everything in politics. and math doesn't lie. and i just don't see how he takes it to -- he can take to the convention for sure, but i don't know how he gets the nomination. >> based on the math, chuck, he cannot become the nominee before the convention. that's just how it stacks up. when it comes to bernie sanders, he's not getting out of this thing. chuck, why is he staying in this, what does he want to get out of it? >> i do think that he has a chance to win. let me give you a little red neck math here for you. there is only 230 delegates between the two and california alone has more delegates than that. let's not talk about the super duper democratic delegates and the establishment. i just think it's good that we're having this debate and i agree that we are a party bringing people together. we'll all be together at the convention. but i think as long as we're keeping this momentum, bernie sanders' campaign has rewrote the way we do campaigns
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especially with the way that we finance these campaigns an all these young people going to these rallies and voting for him, we will need each and every one of them in november. >> never too early for some red neck math. and talk a little more about that, because chuck is saying that the part i will come together if hillary clinton becomes the nominee. what sanders has done well at, minorities. hillary clinton did well yesterday, but can she win some of those folks that are so excited about bernie sanders? >> i think it will be really difficult. it's been a contentious primary. not as contentious as it was in 2008. i was part of the obama campaign then. and bernie sanders has done such an amazing job bringing in that critical vote that you will need in the general election, the youth vote. and i think this is the tough part is that these young voters are apolitical, have not been a
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part of the establishment political party, so it will be hard for him to deliver those supporters. but he will have to do that when the convention comes. hillary clinton did it in 2008 for barack obama, but i think it will be a little bit of a rough ride just because of the makeup of that group. >> and chuck, let's take a look at some of the numbers from new york last night. when it comes to the minority vote, hillary clinton won over 63%. hispanic vote. when it came to the black vote, she got 75%. we know she does well there. is noork ew york an isolated int or can she capitalize on that and do well from here on out? >> inks i think it is isolated. she has an unfair advantage in that one state because i set aside nevada, washington, where bernie did good with the latino votes. the african-american vote is a problem for bernie and the
1:37 am
problem is that he's a senator from vermont that none of them know. his message resonates, the young people who get on line and find out about him, he does really well. but the institutional bedrock in the democratic electorate, african-american voters, don't know him. they know a known trusted you quantity like the clintons and that's why she continues to do so well. >> and if it comes down to hillary clinton and donald trump, anything could happen. thanks for being with us this morning. appreciate it. well, it was a big fignightr donald trump and hillary clinton and the empire state building certainly reflected that. the iconic building was lit up in red and blue to represent the frontrunners' wins. it was one of the top trends on social media. what were some of the other big trends? clayton are morris is here to break it all down for us. >> yes, twitter went crazy last night.are morris is here to break it all down for us. >> yes, twitter went crazy last
1:38 am morris is here to break it all down for us. >> yes, twitter went crazy last night.e morris is here to break it all down for us. >> yes, twitter went crazy last night. morris is here to break it all down for us. >> yes, twitter went crazy last night. and google in general. people wondering why in the world the empire state building was turning all different colors. and people didn't really liz that this was a partnership that cnn had put on. cnn partnering with the empire state building based on who won the different primaries. people all over social media were going crazy when the empire state building turned red for trump's overwhelming victory last night. and here was a tweet from at mike news says empire state building looks like the headquarters of a super villain right now. and at ben winkler said it looked like the lords of the rings in honor of trump. and then of course it would turn blue later in the evening for hillary clinton. and they had plans for john kasich and ted cruz for different colors of course if it would win and bernie sanders. but red it was last night. an even though ted cruz lost in new york, he still had one of the top trending topics yesterday afternoon because of the maury povich show.
1:39 am
get this. people were watching maury povich yesterday, five men tested who we're going to find out whose father this was. people said that this looked like ted cruz in drag yesterday. this went viral across the internet. is that ted cruz's long lost sist sister? and then celebrities taking to the internet to show off who they voted for. amy schumer of course comedian said she voted for hillary clinton. susan saradon with the sticker on her forehead. and you had chelsea for hillary clinton. and then donald trump jr. oig walking through to vote yesterday, as well. but bernie voters were upset yesterday that they ride tried vote. they pound out 126,000 democrats from the brooklyn area had been removed from the voter rolls.
1:40 am
they were purged because they found out when they went there that they weren't actually able to vote. so they got these stickers and stuck them on themselves and shared it across the internet. i tried to vote but i couldn't. but then hillary clinton voters said you're just crying, so we'll send up our own yesterday and these were being shared around. this is -- here is another, this is a bottle with hillary clinton on it. the bern cream. he's saying you just have to rough a little bern cream and everything will be okay. don't need to be upset. you're juste ing whining that y can't vote. >> i can't get over that doppelganger on maury. >> a screen grab that goes viral. >> and then the basketball player with the doppelganger, as well. >> exactly. looks like a lot of people. >> certainly does. thanks, clayton. the time is currently 40 after the hour. and cracking the code, the fbi revealing exactly what they
1:41 am
found on the san bernardino killers' iphone. were they in contact with isis? and a slap on the wrist. the unbelievable deal the woman known as pot mom was just cut.
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welcome back. developing now, two brothers wanted for the murder of a washington state couple may be fleeing the country. investigators say that john and toni reed's car was last spotted in southern california near the mexico border. the convicted criminals are charged with first-degree murder it for patrick and his wife. court documents show that the couple fought with a john reed over property, he even
1:45 am
threatened to shoot them. the couple has been missing for more than a week and are believed to be dead. the fbi a step closer to uncovering secrets of the san bernardino terrorist data from syed farook's iphone. investigation get a toaet tor gate investigators could not account for 18 minutes and they were able to bypass the security encryption would tithout apple'. and the family of ap-american journalist murdered by isis now suing the syrian government. steven sotloff's family saying they provided militants that killed him. they're seeking $90 million in damages. so parents, what do you think of this is this arming school security officers with semiautomatic rifles. a colorado school district just bought ten rifles for their security guard as. p the school board says it
1:46 am
wasn't consulted brf tbefore th $12,000 perform. the safety and security director defending his decision saying security guards could be the first line of defense. >> i'm a parent. and i take this very serious. i'm making sure that every is safe within our school districts. >> the rifles will be kept in school district vehicles and locked inside the security office. so is this the secret service running out of agents? two lawmakers say agents are leaving faster than they can be replaced. as a result the agency may need to seekutside help to fill its mission. this follows a department of homeland security probe that raised questions about the agency's ability to protect the white house after a man jumped a fence, you'll remember thart, ad then walked right into the white house back in 2014. a lap so tslap on the wrist mother who became known as pot mom. she sentenced to time served and 100 hours of community service.
1:47 am
she was arrested flee yethree yo for running a pot ring but the sentencing was for her cooperation against separate but related case. and johnny manziel was just tired by his agent again. yes, for the second time in three months, nike also dropping their endorsement deal. the assault case involving his ex-girlfriend will be presented to a texas grand jury tomorrow. >> despite all of that, he is vowing to return to the nfl. manziel saying in a statement i'm hoping to take care of the issues in front of me right now so i can focus on what i have to do if i want to play in 2016. we'll see about that. >> see what happens to him. the time now is about almost ten minutes until the to which the hour and the possibility of a contested convention backing more likely, but what exactly are the rules when the gop heads to cleveland in july?
1:48 am
and what's the can difference between ballot one and ballot two. we'll have the answers next.
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according to a new nbc wall street journal poll, more than half of voters say they wouldn't support donald trump, ted cruz or hillary clinton. which is depressing because that's probably who will be on the ballot. like lunch in a middle school cafeteria, none of the choices are good, but you have to eat something, right? >> hash browns and pizza was always good. donald trump taking the this morning primary and 89 of the empire state's 95 delegates, but doubt still remains as to whether the billionaire can get the needed 1237 delegates needed
1:52 am
to lock up the nomination. >> so when it comes to a possible contested convention, what are the rules? it's also confusing. >> and joining us to break it all down is randy evans a member of the rnc standing committee. so you are the person to ask. so what about it? what are the rules? >> well, the rules are actually very simple. under rule 40, once the delegates have all been seated and credentials, the secretary will begin the roll call vote. at the end of that vote, if no candidate affirmatively receives 1237 votes, then under rule 40-e, the secretary will begin to call the roll again. now, the important part of that is there have been some news analysts say what you need to do is win a majority of the delegates that are vote. that's not true p p. there has to be an affirmative obligation to reach 1237 which
1:53 am
is one-half, over one-half of the delegates entitled to be cast. and that is really why it's an affirmative obligation as opposed to simply being a competitive situation with the other candidates. >> so give us a sense of how this plays out on the convention floor, ballot one versus pal lot two if we even get there. a lot of talk about deals being made. does that start on round one? >> no, my expectation is that donald trump will end up about 75 votes short and as a result, he will be trying to cobble together enough votes to get over 1237. but by the same token the other candidates will probably be working very hard to create what is a stalemate convention, which is the votes are cast, no one gets to 1237, no one can break that threshold, and so you go to a second ballot. now, if everyone stays put even though on the second ballot all
1:54 am
of the delegates are released, or 78% are released, they can vote for whoever they would like to, they may all stay in place. and so it may be if there is a stop trump plan in place, the goal is just to run out the clock, to literally go through the rolls, everybody typically vote the same way, and eventually the convention would end on thursday, we wouldn't have a nominee. the big deal there is, if we end the convention without a nominee, we then have to reconvene for another convention, but we start with all unbound delegates. which means it's like starting anew. all of the primaries and caucuses will now kind of be out of the way and it will be a wide open convention. >> certainly hope it doesn't come to that. let's take a look at the current delegate count as it stands right now. we have trump with 845, cruz with 559 and kasich with 147. i know that you talked a little bit about this at the beginning
1:55 am
of our conversation. but once again explain, trump does or does not only need 1100? why are we hearing that number? >> well, because history has always been that if candidate can get to within about 85% to 90% of delegates required for the nomination, then you have the bandwagon effect which is think about it for a moment, donald trump has been the ultimate outsider. now, you've been an insider for 15 years and you want to stay an insider. what's the the best way do that? it would be to jump on the bandwagon of the candidate that is closest to the finish line. so i think if he gets 1100 or above, those extra 137 out of the 200 or so unbound delegates we have will be pretty quick to jump on the bandwagon because they though if they vote with any of the other two candidates, the likelihood is we'll just end up into a second or third ballot, we could end up into the what i call stalemate
1:56 am
convention. and that may be for kasich the best shot. the best shot is to stay home. remember, a vote for rubio, a vote for kasich, a vote for carson, any of those votes basically, they don't help anyone because they're not counted because those names are not in nomination. >> well, randy, thank you so much for breaking down for us so far. but we'll check back with you in the second hour, as well. >> yeah, we didn't even get to the democrats and superdelegates. well, the time is now about four until the top of the hour. and home state victories, trump and chain top claiming big wins last night in this morning. >> is it enough to lock up the nomination for the front rrunne? our republican panel on deck to weigh in.
1:57 am
1:58 am
i can think of no where that
1:59 am
i would rather have this victory. so we'll be going into the convention no matter what happens. >> tonight the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. ♪ ♪ back in the new york mood, i'm back, back in the new york mood ♪ >> it is wednesday, april 20. the empire state strikes back giving crucial wins to donald trump and hillary clinton. >> good morning, everyone. both frofrnntrunners regaining momentum. donald trump had more than 60% of the vote. >> and hillary clinton winning with almost 58%.
2:00 am
>> we have fox news team coverage for you this morning. bryan llenas following the democratic race. >> but we begin with kristin fisher and donald trump's new york win. >> good morning. so this is the donald trump wanted and needed in new york. it broke his losing streak and gave him his biggest win of his entire campaign over 60 percent. it means he will now get almost all of new york's 95 republican delegates. trump started the same place where he started inside trump towers. after major shake-ups trump sounded different. he rambled less more on message and sounded much more presidential. he called ted cruz senator cruz instead of his usual lyin' ted although he did essentially run him out of the race. >> we can't be caught. it is impossible to catch us. nobody should take delegates and play victory unless they get the delegates with voters and voting. that'


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