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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> we have fox news team coverage for you this morning. bryan llenas following the democratic race. >> but we begin with kristin fisher and donald trump's new york win. >> good morning. so this is the donald trump wanted and needed in new york. it broke his losing streak and gave him his biggest win of his entire campaign over 60 percent. it means he will now get almost all of new york's 95 republican delegates. trump started the same place where he started inside trump towers. after major shake-ups trump sounded different. he rambled less more on message and sounded much more presidential. he called ted cruz senator cruz instead of his usual lyin' ted although he did essentially run him out of the race. >> we can't be caught. it is impossible to catch us. nobody should take delegates and play victory unless they get the delegates with voters and voting. that's what's going to happen.
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you watch, because the people aren't going to stand for it. >> john kasich came in a distant second. 35 points behind trump. he is still urging voters to rally behind his campaign. last night his chief strategist read out a memo saying quote the next seven days are critical. it is now or never now for trump and save the republican party. >> america's greatest generations in our past or are our best days ahead. we must unite the republican party. doing so is the first step towards uniting all americans. >> the candidates are focused on next tuesday's primary. you have connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. one more sign we are seeing a different kind of candidate trump instead of taking day off after a big win like he used to,
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today he will hit the ground running with campaign stops in maryland and indiana. abby, heather? >> kristin fisher live for us. thank you. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton rebounding in her adopted home state of new york forcing bernie sanders to retreat back to vermont. >> we will find out what that is all about i am sure. the socialist calling out the empire state's voting process over mass confusion at the polls. >> we are live from new york with more. brian, good to see you. >> new york city announcing it will audit its board of elections af 125,000 voters were removed others told to vote at the wrong locations others hours late. hillary clinton served as senator won by 15 points taking brooklyn where senator bernie sanders grew up. polls showed her lead narrowing
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to sanders instead she inches closer to the nomination and puts an end to his nomination. he won 7 straight going into new york. >> proved once again there is no place like home. we won in every region of the country. from the north to the south to the ooet to the we-- east to th. this one is personal. >> the clinton camp saying sanders no longer has a mathematical chance of winning the nomination while demanding he stop negative attacks. p sanders says he will continue to fight until the convention. he took the day off not before venting frustration.
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>> i must say i am concerned about conduct of the voting process in new york state. that process will change in the future. >> sanders blasting new york for the primary rule keeping voters from casting their ballots. >> thank you. brian. after last night's big apple win donald trump leads with the sdel gats. how can he reach the 1200 threshold to secure the nomination. here to break it down for us is katelyn hue we burns from real clear politics. >> 1845 where donald trump is cruz 559 >> trump can take this win into the coming contest next week where 172 delegates will be at steak stake in places like
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pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, rhode island and connecticut. these are northeastern states favorable to trump. if trump sweeps it helps him to pro tell into the next round of contests in may which could be more. >> can donald trump get the number and all of us avoid a contested convention? >> there is still a path for donald trump. i would argue after new york it has made it easier because it made it mathematically almost impossible for cruz and we know it is impossible for kasich. >> if he sweeps in those states he can reach perhaps around 930 delegates. that puts the focus on may in nebraska and alaska where ted
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cruz is focusing his campaign. if donald trump does well he can get to almost around 1060 or so. >> by may. >> by may he needs to have up to 1053. >> then comes june. i think that california is going to be the deciding state. a huge state. 172 delegates are at stake. these are proportional contests. if donald trump does well he can be the one that helps put him over the edge or keeps him from it. that's why we have been hearing him make this argument today -- last night and today. >> the magic number he could reach that by june 27th. if he does not reach those numbers in that order by april 26th then the may primary
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leading up to june there's no other way? >> we saw new york. he did much better. he almost won all of the delegates. if he wins more the path becomes clearer. if kasich who is emboldened now by this second win he is going to stay in the race. >> they all say they are sticking around. >> yes. adding it up for us someone besides me doing the matt. >> trump building lit up in read after the win. a major shake upand spending spree. can the campaign changes help
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him. fox news contributor and former spokesperson and republican strategist and aid to mccain and palin their presidential campaign. thank you for being here. >> 12 million in the month of may and june on campaign ads. the main goal is to get to the magical 1237 before the convention. how much will the shake-up help? >> it is beginning to look like a trump political campaign. these campaign changes adding rick wiley mccain's campaign manager and paul manefrot. these guys understand the importance of winning the delegate game. for the trump campaign he kept a very tight inner circle to be
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able to bring in the vast experience that they need in order to ensure that not only if he gets the nomination that for the gop he is able to build on it a bigger and stronger structure come november. if clinton is the nominee it is an uphill battle of a clinton machine rel positioned. >> ted cruz wanting to stop trump from getting the nomination. he's a smart man a good politician. how do you think that will play out? >> i don't know everybody hates him in the senate. (inaudible (inaudible) ted cruz, he's kidding himself. he talked about how you have to unite the party. 2 and a half million more people
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have voted for trump than cruz. what is he talking about? we should be having the party behind donald trump. all of these maneuvers and tricks and games that he or kasich or rubio or anybody else is what voters are rejecting and why they are backing donald trump. now that trump has done well in new york he will go on. new jersey is 30 which is winner take all with 51 delegates. he is well on his way to 1257. no matter what calculations cruz makes he is out of it. he should get out of the race and hope to make a one-8 years from now. you said rubio got out in march and k
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than kasich. should he drop out? >> you keep winning second place and second place and at some point you have to win a state other than your home state. i think it makes the argument very difficult for kasich to stay in. i know his campaign is pushing forward the idea of collecting in november. kasich can beat hillary clinton. the fact that he put the number over cruz. the reality is getting difficult for skasich to make his argumen the fact that he is basing it he could win in a third ballot in a contested convention. it is a likely scenario but his chances are getting more difficult. the numbers don't lie. >> oo inside the mind of a new
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york voter. we are analyzing fox news exit polls to see how donald trump and hillary cln ton secured their wins. >> is it the end of the line? we will have the political panel on deck to weigh in. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ you'rewhen a majestic beastwoods runs into view. then you run into a tree. but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> the skyline in new york city. trump and clinton took big bites out of the big apple with huge home town wins.
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what impacts will it have on the rest of the race. pollster and partner at mez lan ski and partners joins us to breakdown the exit polls once again. thank you for joining us. this is always very interesting. interesting to look at what led someone to vote for who did. the first one we are going to look at is would you like the next president to be from out side of the establishment. >> this is 50 percent of voters on the republican side is they are looking for the outsider. this plays really well for donald trump and also you can see the whole notion that people are set up with the federal government, the status quo this is consistent with what you are seeing if cruz is elected what
2:17 am
best describes what he would do in office? oo 60 percent are concerned about what he would do in office. this is different than i don't like ted cruz but you are scared about what he would do in awes. we will shiee a shift. it is something to keep our eye on. >> whether it is an anomaly or something. >> the next one for republicans sticking with that no majority gop should nominate the candidate who has the most votes? >> a lot of the establishment is out there.
2:18 am
mitch mcdonnell should take heed in what they are saying. >> they want the unbound delegates to stick to what the voters choose. owe >> i find this surprising. what we have heard is obama's approval rating is pretty low. 52 percent of dem gratz say let's continue these policies. 30 percent of these voters said let's make it more to the left. there's a drive to further than on the left. that plays pretty well to bernie sanders narrative. that also suggests to me hillary clinton will pull further left of where she is in order to continue the momentum she already has now.
2:19 am
she is flipping from being in favor to not being in favor. >> who would have a better chance to beat trump in november? >> that lines up pretty close to the vote she had last night. she had a big night in new york and her home state. people are going to think it was closer than it was. it makes sense 65 percent say she will beat donald trump. we will see what happens with that. lae carter joining us as always. >> always love the exit polls. the time is currently 20 after the hour. this is beach chairs posting as ice cream men the disturbing terror not targeting tourists. turbulence for donald trump why his campaign plane could soon be
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>> security officials saying terrorists are planning attacks on spanish beaches posing as n vendors selling ice cream and t-shirts. they will bear bombs under lounge chairs on crowded beaches. they gunned down those on a beach resort in tune nearby
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shaw. >> tips are pouring in as the hunt intensifies for a cold blooded killer who killed a mother in church. th it showed a different angle of the accused killer moments before the attack. he wore a vest with police written on it. the victim's husband making a desperate plea for someone to come forward. >> the person has a distinct walk and district mannerism that should be apparent to somebody. >> the mother of three was getting ready to teach a boot camp class at the church. police say she may have walked in on an attempted burglary. >> if you have united health insurance you may need to shop for a new plan this year. the nation's largest health insurer will drop most insurance in most states by 20136789 after losing money on the individual plans sold it expects to lose
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$650 million on exchange plans this year alone. in part because the health of two people who bought plans is worse than they expected. >> it turns out one of donald trump's jets a regular on the campaign trail has been flying with an expired registration. siz cessna's registry expired after not paying the $5 fee. after flying an unregistered plane nearly 300,000 dollars in fines and 50 years behind bars. the renewal process for the plane is almost done. >> it's a $5 fine. just pay it. unbelievable. >> the time is currently 25 after the hour. the possibility of a contested convention is growing, but what are the rules when the gop heads to cleveland in july. it is confusing and we are breaking them down. >> does this woman look familiar? it is the ted cruz dop pell ganger that just broke the internet. we have what it trending from the new york primaries.
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with available virtual cockpit. ♪ >> i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. we will be going into the convention no matter what happens. >> tonight a rathe race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. ♪ >> beautiful look at the empire
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state building. >> been here since 1:00 a.m. it was a big night for the candidates. donald trump securing first place with more than 60 percent of the vote. >> kristin fisher joins us with more on donald trump's win. >> he won more than 60 percent of the vote. winning is nothing new brother t for the republican front runter but sounding more like a presidential candidate is. that's what he sounded like during the victory speech inside trump tower during a week of staff shake-ups. he was listening to the advice
2:31 am
of his campaign. he called lie inn cruz senator cruz. >> we don't have much of a race any more based on what i am seeing on television. p senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. we rb going into the convention no matter what happens. i think we are going to go in so strong. >> ted cruz came in a distant third. he wasn't even in new york last night. he already moved on to next tuesday's contest. he was in delaware road and row i'd land. he focused on unifying the party. >> here's the truth. you don't need me or any politician, but we do need each other. all of us. coming together as one as we the people. >> john kasich came in tonight.
2:32 am
after his second place finish his strategist sent out a memo to reporters who red in part quote the next seven days are critical. >> this shows you how critical the next part is. >> kasich saying he is not going anywhere. the kristin fisher, thanks. hillary clinton's double the lead in new york brought her total number of delegates to 1,893. is her nomination inevitable? here to weigh in is the democratic panel. good morning to both of you. thank you for being with us. i think last night both parties the nomination happened early. it was decided upon.
2:33 am
they have to get to the 2,883 and she only needs 33 percent. that is insurmountable i don't see how that's going to happen. last night he saw his forced primary. also you can't register the day of. on april 26th you are going to have five states that are closed pram mary, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. it will continue to be an uphill battle for the next week or so. >> the math is getting harder and harder for senator bernie sanders. he went back to vermont his home state. that wasn't on the schedule. you think he will stay in this thing? >> i think he is in it for the long hall. he is a 74-year-old senator from vermont. if i was 74-year-old and i had his schedule i would need to go
2:34 am
home and take a nap as well. they will bring the new process in. they will bring in independence for the general election. especially going against donald trump. he may turn off a lot of folks but will bring in a lot of new folks into the process. >> what sanders has done with young people and minorities it is something hillary clinton will have to win over not only to become the nominee but to ultimately win in the dgeneral election. she won in new york but is that an isolated incident? >> the hope is it is an isolated incident. bernie sanders has done an amazing job of bringing in the young people who have not been a part of this process at all. i commend him for that. but the hope is that when the convention comes in july, that everybody will come together, they will coal less can and be behind the nominee. >> let's take a look at some of
2:35 am
the new york numbers, chuck. 63 percent clinton won the hispanic vote in new york. against sanders 37 percent. the black vote she won 75 percent. we know she does well there. what do you think, you think she can continue on that momentum there? >> well, november will be very interesting. for the first time we won't have barack obama on top of the ticket. you can't win florida or nevada or colorado without robust legislation. you have to have core states like ohio that make up for a lack of your independent vote. mathematically in unchartered territories we have to figure out who will vote vat the people most to come out. we have a great order barack obama being able to get our base out. the games all change with donald trump at the top of the ticket. he's bringing so many new people to the ball game democrats have to rethink it saying we are playing chesnot checkers.
2:36 am
>> the minority vote is so important. >> the empire state building certainly shows us that. fox and friends weekend co host clayton morris breaking down what is trending on social media. >> they wanted to complain about the empire state building last night wondering why in the world the colors were changing. didn't realize this was a partnership with cnn with whoever won the new york primary. andrew kau sin zee kroet wrote it goes with the blood of primary opponent's past. another stweet about this they knocked it up to look like the eye of more dooshg ore because it looked ominous. they didn't realize there were different docolors that would b
2:37 am
portrayed. hillary clinton won it turned blue. if kasich won it would have turned purple. red and blue were the only two colors last night. he was one of the top trending topics if you go to facebook he is still the third trending topic? not because of his victory in new york it was this bizarre photo people watched. people were watching the maury povich show there was an episode of 5 men being tested who see who had paternity of this girl and they thought he looked exactly like ted cruz people tweeting out about this, thought this was the ted cruz perhaps in drag or his long lost sister or long lost daughter. that was the top trending topic and still at this hour on facebook a top trending topic. celebrities out in new york city yesterday showing off some of the stickers, celebrities are out with comedian jim gaff began
2:38 am
saying i vote for carbs because he likes carbohydrates. he has america farrara p hillary clinton and sanders saying i voted as well. chelsea clinton showed up and voted of course and done fald trump junior voted as well. they were showing off their stickers across associations media. 126,000 people found out they had been purged from the voter rolls saying i tried to vote for bernie sanders. you can't count out social media trend without a cap kevin -- quijano reeves kweeting out, different candidates dressed up as cats yesterday after all of this prrrsidential election. you have ted as a cat. i like donald trump with the toupee and the hair piece and a cat as well.
2:39 am
you can't have social media trends without some cat videos. >> those are good ones. i can't get over that dop el ba ganger. i didn't know maury povich was still on tv. >> he this had a very watchful eye of the viewers. >> always love his segments. it is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. contested gop convention becoming more and more likely. >> our next guest breaks it all down. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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>> the sun coming up in new york city looking toward central park. if you don't know the ayes of america. donald trump taking the new york primary winning 89 of the states's 95 delegates. there is doubt he will get the delegates needed for the nomination. what are the rules when it comes to a contested nomination? we have the standard on rules. thank you for sticking around with us. so try to explain to us where everyone can understand what the rules are. >> the rules are simple in order to have your name placed in delegation and nomination you
2:44 am
need majority, the support of the majority of delegates in 8 states. by now only two candidates meet the criteria and ted cruz all other votes will be no votes. they will be against the nominee of the current pool. the first roll-call vote will be taken under rule 40 e if no one receives 37 that are required you will start the roll again. someone will get to it knowing in the second round there will be 78 percent of the delegates will be unbound. >> they can change their vote. >> right. >> before you get into that i have one question talking about the rule 40 b where the candidate has to have eight states or a territory their delegate windows is there a possibility that could be changed because that's what we are hearing?
2:45 am
>> i don't see that there is much of a way that it would change because i don't think either donald trump or senator cruz would agree to that change. they have control of the voting board of the delegates. >> i know another thing being discussed this week specifically is how the rules are enforced. that is what you were about to talk about. >> the race is closer to the end than most. donald trump has 845 delegates. he only needs 847. that leads him 425 short. they are not in nomination or they have suspended campaigns. it is ease sgree to ee if the
2:46 am
unbound delegates vote in a decided way trump would already be there. we know it's not going to happen but it looks like currently he is only 50 delegates short before we go into the northeastern primary. i think we are getting closer and closer to that magical moment when we have delegates over 1237. i think people forget states like pennsylvania have 54 unbound delegates then we have the delegates from ben carson and carly fee rohn arena and those from rubio who has 117 delegates. he wants to keep them all the rnc has to decide wasn't a suspension of the campaign operates to release them or whether or not they remain bound. if you take that 101 and his 117 what you end up with is around
2:47 am
75 delegates. >> all that math. i want to get to the democrats before we run out of time. some say the super delegates should be scrapped so the process only relies on primary and caucus results. what about that? >> i think it is a revolutionary war over that we weren't going to let people have power by virtue of status alone. the super delegates are just that. they are people who hold the title and that title then entitles them to the super delegate status. now in 1776 we found that to be unacceptable. i think now in 2016 it is equally unacceptable. really it's the voters and the delegates they sell elect that should be the one, not super delegates, not all powerful people who got there by position of power but the delegates themselves that decide whether it is hillary clinton or bernie
2:48 am
sanders. the delegates by virtue of a server scandal that occurred before their convention not after. if this occurred after their conventi convention they are in a bad way. thank you for shedding light on the process. >> the time is 10 minutes after the hour. voters are locked out of poling places and machines breakdown. we are live with the investigation that just launched. first brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox & friends" the day after the new york primary. good morning. >> abby, with the chaos i left the keys of the studio at my house. we will try to do the show outside. it could drop to as low as 60 degrees today. let me tell you what's coming up. rudy giuliani talks about what happened in the new york primary
2:49 am
yesterday. donald trump's big win in the past ad. steve is talking to new yorkers about how they voted why they voted and did they indeed have a hard time as bernie sanders claimed. did you see the school that banned the 11-year-old dancing donald trump from a talent show? one of the moms joins us live without costume. lynda carter the original wonder woman drops by. she will block anything. look at this couch. we are outside. have you seen my keys? back in a moment. go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back. when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at
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uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. welcome back to ""fox & friends first" and a big win in new york last night for hillary clinton but not without some controversy. >> bernie sanders calling it a disgrace after more than 125,000
2:53 am
democratic voters were unable to cast their vote in brooklyn. >> we have more from brooklyn with the latest. a lot of angry people this morning. >> all those voters purged. >> a lot of angry people and that's just the beginning. we have seen so many issues from yesterday's voting. good morning, everyone. chaos and confusion that's the way the city controller described things yesterday at a variety of things around this city. he's calling for a full audit. we heard of issues including polling places opening two hours late, volunteers not showing up, 125,000 voters removed from voting roles and their affiliation change without their consent. part of the problem is that new york is a closed primary.
2:54 am
you can't cross parties and you have to be registered. that's something senator sanders wants changed. >> i remain also concerned that in a state almost as large as new york almost 30% of the eligible voters, some 3 million new yorkers were unable to vote today because they had registered as independents. >> by the numbers here, the attorney general's office says their office was overwhelmed by the number of complaints, 700 yesterday. that's five times more than what they received during the 2012 general election. it was supposed to be efficient yesterday and it simply wasn't. >> i spoke with someone from bernie sanders's campaign earlier and they said they are definitely going to pursue this. thank you so much. the time is almost 5 minutes to the top of the hour.
2:55 am
children playing outside breaking the law? the town just hit one mother with a warning. >> and charges expected to be filed today.
2:56 am
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♪ ♪ take on the unexpected. the new 2016 nissan altima. built to stand out. before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. president obama just hours away from arriving in vaib. the -- saudi arabia. the trip comes amid controversy
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over the so-called 9/11 bill and saudi arabia's role in the terror attacks. three people in the flint water crisis is about to be charged. the city's water was contaminated with lead. and trump won with 60% of the vote and clinton with almost 58% of the vote in new york. the race for the white house, is a trump versus clinton general election inevitable or does someone else have a path to the nomination. weigh in now. a new image of the royal family just released. prince george perched on a pile of foam blocks. and next, a nearly naked woman plunges from a burning building. she jumped out of the window as the fire ripped through they are
3:00 am
apartment in spain. her neighbors caught her in a blanket. ticketed for having fun. a canadian mother posted this ticket on facebook because her kids cause too much noise outside. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. ♪ ♪ ic think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. >> today, you proved once again there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, new york! we love new york! we love new york! >> the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪


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