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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 20, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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blanket. ticketed for having fun. a canadian mother posted this ticket on facebook because her kids cause too much noise outside. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. ♪ ♪ ic think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. >> today, you proved once again there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, new york! we love new york! we love new york! >> the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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we started a program absolutely with barry manilow. welcome to "fox & friends" and the headline on the new york post says it all. king don. donald trump powers an empire primary. we knew he was going to win according to the polls. he eclipsed even the most optimistic preelection polls. >> he won big. and sanders didn't win. hillary clinton beat him. ending his winning streak. >> speaking of the republican results, it's outstanding. donald trump said i'm going to win new york. all throughout new york, from long island to new york state and poughkeepsie. this is his first victory since march 20th and easily the most significant. look who is number two.
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>> kasich came in second. cruz didn't get any delegates here in the state of new york. casic got three. donald trump got the most with 89. >> how did john kasich wound up with three? john kasich actually won manhattan. now for ted cruz to wind up with zero, to finish with 15% of the vote, it makes it harder for him to make the argument two respects going forward. i'm the sound alternative to donald trump. you don't want donald trump, i'm number two. if he lost this badly in new york, what does it say? take a look at his total delegates right now. donald trump has 845. he's about a little less than 300 in front of ted cruz right there and marco rubio still is actually technically in third place followed by mr. kasich. >> did you notice a huge change?
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the donald trump we saw over the last two weeks has changed. >> people say he's more presidential. >> less interviews. the way he approaches things. they say he had to grow as a candidate, less as a celebrity. he's answering his critics and it looks like the people responded. >> some people say he's spending more money. he beefed up more staff. hired more experienced individuals. >> one of the interesting exit polls results from last night is the fact that 60% of republican women, 60% went with donald trump. so there's something about him. maybe he's turned around that corner. one thing is for certain, though, given the fact that ted cruz has claimed victory in a number of what some have referred to as voterless primaries where somebody else winds up with more votes on the tote board and ted cruz winds up with more delegates. donald trump once again last night after he said thank you very much new york city, he went
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after the people who are behind the rules of the rnc, because they simply are not fair, he says. >> we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. it's really nice to win the delegates with the votesment you know, it's really nice. nobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory and it's not a fair ticket and even though we're leading by a lot and we can't be caught, it's impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. it's a crooked system. it's a system that's rigged, and we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. >> he's saying the person with the majority is the one who should win. >> theperson with the most votes should get the most prize. it seems fair.
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>> it seems logical but it's not necessarily the case. that's the way the both parties have done but donald trump has done something again that nobody else has done. put a spotlight on the system rather than just accept the way it is. maybe paul manafort says look you are going to have trouble getting to 1237 but it's close. we got to make sure the american people know it's not okay to. >> if no republican candidate has the 1237, about 70% of new yorkers said then the person who has the most votes should be the winner. >> i think a lot of people are saying it's time for the republicans to choose their nominee, it's time for the democrats to choose their nominee, the conventions are around the corner. each party can focus on that one person. >> yesterday was the first time in 24 years where democrats in new york, and the first time ever republicans in new york
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actually had a voice in picking their presidential nominees. never happens. it never goes this late. it's these crazy rules that the republicans have were installed four years ago to help mitt romney and to help presumably the establishment candidate or whoever that was. >> the last time a new yorker became president, it was like 72 years ago. it was fdr, and we know that a new yorker -- well, if you look at the polls, it looks like a new yorker is going to become president. >> what did he even accomplishment, fdr in the big picture? >> you talk about states. cruz and their home state. >> donald trump won his home state. wait a second, cruz won his home state two. keep in mind, marco rubio is also in the race. >> absolutely. plus in new york state, ted cruz
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got zero delegates wherein in texas, i think trump wound up with 40-some delegates. >> trump might have won big in new york but ted cruz and john kasich are already looking ahead. they are not dropping out yet guys. >> five states are up for grabs on tuesday, including pennsylvania. >> all right. john roberts says new york is done, i'm going to philadelphia. see you there. all right, john. >> there he is on the rocky steps. >> there you are. we're going to run these later this morning. despite donald trump's big win all across new york state, one place where he lost, the county of manhattan. john kasich won that, but certainly the 89 at least delegates that he picks up is going to go a long way toward going to the majority. he only now needs to win 53% of the remaining delegates. 71 are in pennsylvania. donald trump will be spending a lot of time here. ted cruz later today. 54r unbound and they are elected
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directly. all of the campaigns have to make sure that voters know which delegates are representing them. the kasich campaign issuing an urgent appeal last night, saying it's time to stop donald trump. the next 7 days are absolutely critical and every republican in the dri who wants an open convention should rally around governor kasich in the upcoming april 26 stat never to stop tru. another important contest down the road, may 3rd, indiana. 57 delegates. there's no accurate polling there. we don't know how it's going. donald trump will be there today. ted cruz plans to play heavy in indiana. you talk about donald trump showing a different side last night. so did ted cruz. less fire brand and more visionary. here he is last night in philadelphia. >> i call on you as jfk did in the 60s and as reagan did in the
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80s, to chart a new american journey forward. one that isn't led by me or anyone in washington, but by you. >> in that speech last night, ted cruz didn't even mention new york. it's like it didn't even exist. which i guess is kind of how new york felt about him, so they are even on that front. >> we coalesced on that thought. >> you know what, i bet donald trump kind of feels like rocky. and speaking of rocky, you are on the rocky steps there in philly. you got the music. ♪ ♪ >> no, no. >> hey guys. >> he's guilty to unwire yourself. >> ladies and gentlemen, john roberts goes rocky! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> rocky didn't pace himself
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like this. rocky has more of a print. >> john roberts is going to do the whole way. is this going to happen? >> i actually thought we were done. >> now we go to the body double where john roberts -- >> the john roberts body double. >> there he is! >> can we get -- holy cow diagram come on john! >> jon john, john! >> oh, man. this is the rocky when he was smoking and hanging out at the dock. >> let's see if he made it. >> he's getting a second wind. >> somebody has to take his picture. >> you can do it!
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you can do it! >> wait a second. does he know we're still with him! >> he's wondering that. he can't hear us. >> all right! >> john roberts! you are the man! [ applause ] >> what a trouper! >> you never know when you are going to have to run the rocky steps. >> he was telling us he was glad to be back in new york because he doesn't have to wear a coat. >> bernie sanders on the democratic side, it was a great night for hillary clinton. 58-42, she had a big night and she collected most of the delegates. she's got a commanding 700-plus lead. >> bernie sanders outspent her 2-to-1 in new york and she cleaned his clock.
3:12 am
she did. >> mathematically speaking, it doesn't look like he can win at this point. >> okay. all right. it's now 6:10 here in new york city and it's 6:10 in philly where john roberts is catching his breath. coming up, the trump train firing on all cylinders. >> we're, we're really really rocking. we expect we're going to have an amazing number of weeks. >> but is it that simple? our next guest says not so fast. >> what do you do when your prom date is overseas fighting for our country. you get a cardboard cut out. the patriotic prom date going viral straight ahead. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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we're really, really rocking. we expect we're going to have an amazing number of weeks because these are places and they are in trouble. they are in big trouble. when you look at pennsylvania, when you look at indiana, when you look at maryland and rhode island and so many places, we
3:17 am
have problems everywhere you look. we're going to solve those problems. >> donald trump spreading the news, celebrating his new york win with his eyes straight ahead but how viable is his path to the nomination? >> let's talk to scott rasmussen. good morning to you. we've been talking to you about the path for donald trump. is it still available to him? can he get to 1,237? >> he can but it's a difficult path. last night was a very good night for donald trump. one of big things is he's becoming more disciplined the last couple of weeks, his comments last night. >> why do you think that is? >> because he's brought some people on board. he's going to have a very good week next week. >> five states. 712 delegates at stake. >> 54 of them are not pledged to a candidate. that's a group that ted cruz may
3:18 am
do well in. after that, the map gets tougher. i think the most significant state going forward is going to be indiana. it's one of the only states where we don't really know who is going to win. >> the one right next to john kasich's state. >> right next to john kasich's state but also close to wisconsin where ted cruz had a big night. there are five states left, winner-take-all primaries. in those five states, we expect ted cruz to win three of them. donald trump to win just two. cruz won it with 92 delegates out of nebraska, south dakota, montana. trump won with 67 delegates. he's going to be losing ground. california matters at the very end. if indiana goes for indiana, that's a very good sign he will do well. it will break a losing street -- streak for the month of may.
3:19 am
if donald trump does not win indiana then california will not get him close. >> very interesting because no one can outorganize ted cruz. donald trump, he's on the campaign trail right away. he's seeing what you are seeing. let's see if he can blue collar it in those areas. that's what must be his staff thinking. >> absolutely. donald trump and his team know they are getting a tough time to 1237. they are saying within we can get 30, 40 delegates of that number, we can probably win. >> he's doing it because he's coming out saying now the system is bad, it's rigged. he's getting the sentiment of his supporters on his side and it's this guy has won so much, we got to give it to him. >> he doesn't want to antagonize the republican --
3:20 am
>> too late. the 54 can float around to anybody they want to. for the average person looking in, they don't know the rules and ted cruz has been playing by them but at the same time people go, you know what, the person who gets the most votes should get the most prize. >> this is the reason people hate politics. it is the reason the system is broken. by the way, if you are going the other way, donald trump had a great night last night, got 60% of the votes and 90% of the delegates. the system doesn't correlate the way people think it should. >> that's maybe the first time the average american is looking at it this way because of donald trump and perhaps bernie sanders looking at the super delegates. >> we'll be interested to see if the rules change going forward. >> if the rules change, it will get worse, let me be clear. >> we had john roberts run up the rocky stairs. do you want to go down the subway stars? >> never mind. caught on camera.
3:21 am
a police officer finds a man unconscious behind the wheel and tries to revive him on the side of the road. see how it ends. how did donald trump surpass expectations and win new york with over 60% of the vote. >> and hillary clinton too. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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now time for some quick headlines. uncovering the secrets of the san bernardino terrorists. the fbi is now saying data from the shooter's iphone confirms that neither he nor his wife made any contact with isis during a span of the 18 minutes after the massacre that investigators could not account for, and three people tied to the flint, michigan, water crisis will be criminally charged today. two of them are employees of the michigan state department of
3:25 am
environmental quality and the other is a city worker. the city's drinking water was contaminated with lead after being switched over from lake huron to the flint river to save money. all right. donald trump and hillary clinton both winning their big home state in a big way yesterday, but what led to their victories and what does it mean for the race going forward? >> pollster and partner lee carter joins us. you said trump was going to win last night. >> by 58. he won by 60%. >> what would you like the next president to be? you asked people as they left. >> 64% of the people said they wanted the next president to be an outsider. we know that people are saying they are fed up with federal government. they want something different and this is pretty much what we're seeing across the country. people are saying we want an outsider. >> they said he wasn't doing well with females.
3:26 am
what did you find? >> this was the most surprising. 59% of republican women voted for donald trump last night. this is the beginning of a big shift for donald trump or new york is different than the rest of the country, but something to watch as we go into next tuesday. >> why did people vote the way they did? who would be the best to defeat hillary clinton in november? 57% said donald trump. >> i was surprised to see that kasich's number was low. >> across thecountry, he's the only one who can beat hillary clinton. >> something about new yorkers is saying i think he can take her on. >> let's talk about ted cruz. how would ted cruz do is the question for exit polls. >> 60% said they are scared. >> if he was to get into the office -- >> if he was president, they
3:27 am
were extremely scared or concerned what he was going to do, and that really is something, you know, it's one thing to say, you know, i'm offended that ted cruz came in and said new york values, it's another thing to say i'm extremely concern or scared. >> he's a consistent conservative as he gets to the point where he's almost too consistent. now, on the democratic side, here's the question you drilled down on. why clinton won last night and one of it has to do with who has the right experience? >> yes. 91% of people said i voted because i think hillary clinton has the right experience for the job. this is a total aberration. now, of course, people think she has the right experience but to vote on experience is something that we've not seen elsewhere in the country. is it the shift because that's what she's been talking about for the last two weeks, i don't know. but this is the first time we've seen people voting on experience. >> what's interesting is you found or republicans they like donald trump because he's not establishment, but they like hillary because she does have experience. >> exactly right. >> you can say a lot about
3:28 am
hillary but she definitely has experience. >> here's another question. should the next president continue president obama's policy, 52% said yes. more obama. >> i was shocked to see this because we know that obama's approval ratings are so low. 52% said let's keep doing more of it. 30 said let's go further to the left. you can see hillary polling to the left. there's a reason why. democrats were asking for it. >> who has a better chance of beating trump? >> hillary clinton over bernie sanders. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up, a police officer finds a man unconscious behind
3:29 am
the wheel. not breathing. absolutely no pulse. see the amazing moment this officer brings that man back to life. after big victories in new york, is it time to call it a trump versus clinton election? we have an esteemed panel. the best in the business. mayor lavie, omarosa. hey. ♪ ♪
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3:33 am
we've won in every region of the country. [ cheers and applause ] >> from the north, to the south, to the east, to the west, but this one is personal! new yorkers, you've always -- you've always had my back. [ cheers and applause ] and i've always tried to have yours. >> donald trump and hillary clinton both winning their home state of new york, where we happen to be located. it is a general election face-off now inevitable? no longer hypothetical. let's asked our esteemed panel. we've got miami beach mayor phil levine is right here with us. he's a little cold because he's used to it being 80 at this hour. along with special assistant to george h.w. bush and doug weed is here.
3:34 am
and omarosa joins us right now. >> i'm the vice chair of the national diversity coalition. >> let's start with you. it's only right since we did not give i a complimentary shawl for the weather. >> we have to fight for every single delegate. there's so many little under handed things happening behind the scenes. we need every single voter turn out for us. >> it's going to be a tough for donald trump. >> i think donald trump will win in the first ballot. it's not inevitable. he's now in position to seize control of the credentials committee. >> what does that mean? >> they will decide that some of the delegates that cruz won in
3:35 am
arizona, a primary won by trump can be removed by cruz. and that has happened. >> that's what happened in 2012 to ron paul. >> we saw too close to call hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i thought uh-oh, this was a single digit victory. and then it was a blow-out. >> it was a great night. last night was spectacular for secretary clinton, brian, and every state is very important. but the polls are showing very strong in pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland, california and if you look at the numbers in new york, it's amazing. secretary clinton garnered more votes than donald trump, john kasich, and ted cruz combined. senator sanders got 50% more votes than trash-talking trump. >> you mean the formerly
3:36 am
trash-talking trump. last night it was senator cruz and governor kasich. i don't know what you are talking about. and madam secretary. >> and of course madam president in the future. >> he's so rowdy. i think sean hannity has done an incredible job trying to be fair and balanced with a bunch of guys he's known for a while, including carly fiorina. interviewing them and giving them a shot. yesterday, things went off the rails with ted cruz. i want to get your reaction. we're talking about a contested convention. listen. >> most people would like to know how this works and i'm asking you more than a process question, it's an integrity of the election question and everybody is asking me this question, i'm giving you an opportunity to explain it. >> sean, the only people asking this question are the hardcore donald trump supporters. >> why do you do this? you got to stop. every time i have you on the air and i ask a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my
3:37 am
face. i'm sick of it. i've had you on more than any other single candidate than any other candidate. >> sean, can i answer your question without being interrupted? >> that was april 19th. that was yesterday. we have the wind blowing. he was accused of sean hannity being a trump guy when he was saying a contested convention, that the perception of somebody taking it away rather than earning it. >> the truth of the matter is there have been things that have happened, rulesville changed. people have shifted and so we have to be very aware of these things happening because otherwise they will try to steal this away from us and that's the truth. >> is that going to be the truth, knowing that tuesday five states that donald trump will do quite well? >> i think it's inevitable. will paul man i for the --
3:38 am
manafort be able to unite? that's where the skill set that he needs right now. >> unite the party. that's a very heavy order. >> you got to win 1237 for the nomination. you got to win all of them to win the general. >> mr. mayor you are uniquely qualified to answer this question. >> you have a businessman restructuring a business in order to win. so this is not unusual. if something wants to change as a company evolves, you made your money doing stuff like that, making the adjustment. is that what we're witnessing right now inside the trump camp or is it chaos? >> i think it's amazing. we see it on sanders side and trump side. we're in the middle of a basketball fan. i'm a miami heat fan as you know. i thought steph curry dunked those three-point shots. maybe we should change the rules and make it farther back. you don't change the rules in the middle of the game.
3:39 am
they need to learn to play by the rules. >> trump needs to play by the rules and salute cruz. >> the rules committee is moving in florida to change the rules. they are changing the rules. [ multiple people speaking ] >> i really resent the sports analogy. i don't know what you are referring to. >> thanks so much for the quick turn around. >> sorry i locked us out of the studio. heather, do you have any other news to share with us? >> yeah. there are actually a lot of other things going on in the world. i want to start out with a fox news alert. good morning to all of you. moments ago, president obama landing in saudi arabia for a summit with golf leaders. this trip comes amid that controversy over the 9/11 bill we've been telling about and speculation about saudi arabia's possible role in the 9/11 terror attacks. the proposed legislation would allow americans sue foreign governments that are believed to be linked to the terror attacks.
3:40 am
critics warn it could compromise our national security. look at this dramatic dashcam video showing a police officer saving a man's life. that pennsylvania officer approaching a car on the side of the road and quickly realized that the driver behind the wheel had no pulse. the hero cop then pulls the man out and begins cpr as you can see right there and then take a close look. you can see the victim as he starts to raise his arm and his heart then starts beating again. that driver had overdosed on heroin shortly before passing out and thanked officers for saving his life. a real hero there in pennsylvania. extreme weather to bring you now in texas capturing the frantic attempts to save a woman's life as rising water traps her beneath an underpass in houston. a warning to you, this is somewhat difficult to watch. on the left side of your screen, a road worker racing into the water. the woman was the seventh person to die in the floods there and
3:41 am
the worst is not over for folks in that area. 1,200 people now under evacuation as houston braces for more rain today. a state of disaster has been declared as hundreds of thousands of families are now without power. at first glance, you might think that her prom date fell flat but 18-year-old lexie akerson had to improvise. her prom date is serving our country overseas. what did she do about it? on her arm, a life size cut out of her fiance brandon. her friends and fiance found it hilarious. how sweet is that? >> let's head outside to brian. i'm glad you got to work so early you can bring that couch outside. >> thanks so much. let me tell you what's coming you. it started as innocent fun at
3:42 am
school. ♪ ♪ but now these elementary school students are banned from the talent show all because those donald trump masks. the mom of one of those students shows us next live and look at this photo from the 90s daytime tv show going viral. see any resemblance to a certain republican candidate. a hilarious segment coming up next
3:43 am
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. . . three elementary school boys causing quite a stir for this dancing donald performance.
3:46 am
watch. ♪ ♪ hilarious, right? kind of like a human jib jab well some parent at that massachusetts school complained about the dancing donald, the school told them they could not perform in the talent show unless they took off the masks so they decided to take the masks off and bow out. lori mataliano, the mother of one of those so-called bobblehead dancers. she joins us life. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the boys have done this particular kind of performance in the past, right? >> they did. nearly exactly last year, they did the same performance, different song, but they wore the heads of their school principal who was quite a character in their school and was leaving for a career change.
3:47 am
>> they had no problems with the dancing principal and there's the video from last year, but this year, they put on the donald masks, and explain for people why you wound up buying them the donald masks. >> that's a grit question. they are 11-year-old boys, went through a long and laborious process of trying to decide who to be this year, and we parents had a few suggestions. my top suggestion was shirley temple which of course they did not think that was funny. >> i do. >> they landed -- thank you. they landed on a few other things, but at the end of the day, i mean, my problem was in trying to get the head produced that we could run into copyright problems, things like that. they wanted to be justin bieber but we didn't know, so we went to the fat heads website and donald trump's face popped up and that had been on -- one of the boys had suggested that, so
3:48 am
it was -- that was the end of the story. we saw the head for sale. we said that's going to make it easy. let's go for it. >> there was nothing political about it. the kids were trying to be funny. they go out there. they do essentially the inschool performance. a parent tapes it. somebody else complains about it. the principal said okay, boys, you can be in the show but you got to take the mask off. the boys decided not to go on the show without the donald mask. why? >> well, the mask is the show. the bobblehead boys. it's clearly, if you watch their routine, they are not dancers. that's the whole skit and there was no way to make it up. >> so lori why was this political correctness run amok or were they just trying so hard to make sure that nothing was political to offend nobody? >> you know, i'm not sure. i don't understand it.
3:49 am
i think anybody who lives with or knows an 11-year-old boy could stand up and say that 11-year-old boys are not overly political. these boys were not trying to make a statement. they weren't trying -- it's child's play and i think that a real problem today is parents getting way over-involved in the minutia of childhood. they were just playing. >> here's an official invitation. one day coming up, put the kids in the mini van, drive down to new york city, we'll put the dancing donleds on "fox & friends." >> i gladly will but don't stereotype me assuming i drive a mini van. >> whatever you got. suv, prius. you know what, we'll send you a car. >> thank you very much. >> lauerie, the mother of the 11-year-old dancing donald.
3:50 am
p. >> thank you so much. >> what do you think of that? email us at "fox & friends".com. and another major american corporation firing american employees and who is foreign workers. and look at this photo from the 1980s daytime tv show. going viral. do you see a resemblance to a presidential candidate? we have the meme coming up from clayton. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
well, it's a big night for trump and hillary clinton here in the empire state and the empire state building certainly reflected that. >> the iconic building look at that, it was let up in blue and red, representing the front-runners and their wins yesterday. it was one of the top trends on social media. >> yeah, of course, republicans and democrats. what were the other big trends during the new york primary. clayton morris was asked that question and you had the answer. >> i have all the answers right here in paper format. you saw the empire state building and people were freaked out. why is the empire state building supporting donald trump when it turned red last night. for whatever republican it would turn a certain color. if ted cruz won it, it would turn a certain color. >> so wolf blitzer had to turn on a certain color? >> looks like it.
3:55 am
like the headquarters right now. and wow, it's really spectacular, looks like lord of the rings. >> never saw it. and red as soon as trump -- that race was called. >> then hillary for blue, exactly. >> ted cruz didn't do well here in new york but he did top a trend. what is it? >> he got crushed in new york. if you're on facebook, one of the top trending topics from last night, ted cruz -- somebody was watching the maury povich show, the paternity test. well, this episode of maury povich was about a paternity test for this girl. and a watchful viewer thought this looked exactly like ted cruz or ted cruz in drag or ted cruz's long lost sister. people were treating that. >> she did have a beautiful look. >> diplomat know that maury -- i didn't know that maury was still on the air.
3:56 am
>> connie chung wants him to leave the house. meanwhile, sombere bernie voter had trouble because they couldn't vote. i tried to vote. >> these were bernie supporters with the big stickers i tried to vote for bernie but i couldn't. one of the hillary clinton supporters said they're a bunch of whiners and now they rolled out the bern cream. you rub that on and it will wipe bernie off of you. >> yeah. if you showed up, you were an independent, you couldn't vote. if you were a registered conservative you couldn't vote republican. amazing. >> all the voter rolls they were purged. they were sitting there. >> did you know we'd be outdoors? >> no, where's the heaters? >> i need some bern cream. >> can't go wrong. >> keep a coat in your office. be prepared. >> you can borrow one of mine. all right, coming up on a wednesday, donald trump didn't just win new york. he dominated.
3:57 am
even doing better than expected. rudy giuliani voted for trump. he's going to join us live in the next half hour. and things are getting worse for johnny football. why this might be it for the nfl quarterback. >> he got fired by his agent.
3:58 am
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♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ hillary, hillary, hillary! >> trump trump trump! >> you proved there's no place like home. >> i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> so let's go out and win this election! >> thank you, everybody. and thank you, new york. we love new york.
4:01 am
♪ >> wow. did not even -- i didn't know there was a song called "52nd street." >> it was filmed a few blocks away. >> i thought i knew every billy joel song. >> we took the show outside, it seemed like a good idea outside. >> it was warmer. this state voted yesterday, nice to be out on the streets. your dreams come true. >> and the sun has been spotted. it's helping to light up the entire set. >> and warm up the entire set. >> why was that man -- first off, donald trump so happy? look at this, he walk waded awa with 60% of the vote. and john kasich with 25% of the vote. and in each one of the congressional districts except for one -- >> manhattan. >> manhattan.
4:02 am
donald trump won. he had to go into each district and win it and he did it. >> john kasich won this island. which he's celebrating. meanwhile, let's take a look at the breakdown. there were 95 delegates up for grabs. donald trump has 89. john kasich, three. ted cruz wound up with absolutely zero, which does make it tough for ted cruz going forward to argue he's the main alternative for the republicans to donald trump. >> donald trump is ahead, he has 845 delegates. then you have ted cruz with 559. and john kasich with 147. obviously, you know they have to get 1,237. >> right. the key for donald trump to be successful overall. it's win back the vote which he got of got behind with his stance on i wammigration and wi back the female vote. look at the results. >> the female vote, republican
4:03 am
side, 60% went for donald trump and kasich 27. and cruz, 13. our exit pollers who has the best chance to beat hillary in november? almost 60% said trump. a quarter said kasich, half a quarter cruz. >> and then if cruz won the election, how would you feel? 60%, considered or scared. 30% optimistic. >> one of things that ted cruz said, yeah, he'll win his home state, but i won my home state. it was a blowout, landslide, i forget what the term was. but we did a side by side home state comparison. and they both won their home state. trump got 61%. and there you can see ted cruz got 44%. >> he made a point about the delegates earlier. tell us what you said. >> ted cruz wound up with zero new york delegates and in texas,
4:04 am
donald trump had 40 some delegates. >> it's all about the delegates. >> to the defense of ted cruz, there were more people in the race when they were in texas, like marco rubio. there were a whole bunch of states involved at the same time. meanwhile, a short time ago, john roberts joined us for a very good reason. he's got a preview of what the next super tuesday is. he's got a stop in pennsylvania. specifically, philadelphia. >> when we looked at his shot we realized he was there in front of the iconic museum in philly where rocky ran up the stairs. of course, you know what we would ask him, right? does this sound familiar? >> no no. run up the stairs. >> it's a great place. here we go. >> he has to unwire himself. >> john john john john! >> come on, new york! >> john john john john! >> oh, man.
4:05 am
this is rocky when he was smoking. >> we have to wait until the next hour to see if he made it. >> he's walking! >> he's got his second wind. >> there he goes. >> there's somebody at the top about to take his picture. come on, johnny. you can do it! you can do it! as you can see he's slowing down. he's in the homestretch right there. ladies and gentlemen, would he turn? >> there he goes. >> jackpot. >> so we did not get the reaction with john roberts. he did not have a mike. did you know we were following you the whole time? did you sense the world was watching? >> i did. when i got up to the top, i was going to go i'm the king of the world, but i didn't have a microphone on. a lot of people were watching "fox & friends" because they're all out there trying to do it as well. >> john, the good news is they continue to create those rocky moments. we'll roll in a side of beef now and you'll start punching it.
4:06 am
[ laughter ] >> was it a lot harder than you thought? >> it was. just getting to the steps from here is about 300 yards. >> yeah. >> i only got three hours' sleep last night, so i'm thankful i'm not in the e.r. right now. >> you're the greatest sport. >> thank you. now you can say you did it. >> what are you in philly for? >> in philly because ted cruz was here last night. this was one of five contests coming up a week from now. you know, donald trump with the 89 at least delegates, it could go as high as 92. further toward the 1,237 he wants to get before the convention starts. he only needs to win 53% of the remaining delegates that are out there. even last night with the big win, he was reminding people at least according to his perspective, the system is still rigged. >> i want to thank everybody. it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes. you know it's really nice.
4:07 am
nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters. it's a crooked system. it's a system that's rigged. and we're going to go back to the old way. you vote and you win. >> 172 delegates up for grabs, including 71 here in pennsylvania. but 54 of those are so-called unbound delegates so if you win the state you only get 17. the rest of the delegates directly elected they're on the ballot and people don't know what they're affiliated with, because it doesn't say so on the ballot. there has to be a lot of information out to align the voters with their delegates. john kasich think it's a perfect opportunity here in pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island and delaware to stop donald trump saying last night, quote, the next seven days are critical and every republican in the country who wants an open convention and to win the white house should rally around governor kasich in the upcoming april 26th states.
4:08 am
it's now or never to stop trump and save the republican party. as big as next thursday will be, state of indiana, 57 delegates up for grabs there. winner take all by congressional district. very much the same way as a lot of the other states have been. and including to some degree pennsylvania. but ted cruz believes that he can play very well in indiana. last night in the speech in philadelphia, saying this is now the time to unite the party. here's cruz. >> let us unite on the things that have already made us great. we are great because we're good. because over and over again, we have chosen courage in the moment of crisis. >> however, ted cruz probably has a little ways to go before he has a chance to unite the party because there are still tremendous divisions in the republican party and we'll only see them grow wider between now and the final day on june 11th.
4:09 am
>> thanks so much, john roberts. >> you know what? officially now, his name is rocky roberts. rocky roberts. >> john, you have to go to gino's and get a philly cheese steak. that's a must if you're there. >> all right. i had one last night. >> exactly. >> i think overall, two things that really stood out last night. donald trump's comments were basically i won. and ted cruz and john kasich and lyin' ted and why is john still in the race? and number two, talking about america, not donald trump. you wonder without any debates on tap if they're just going to stop attacking each other. and maybe the attack plan will only be on the left. where bernie sanders is still in play with hillary clinton. >> okay, so let's take a look at what happened on the republican side -- rather the democratic side, in new york. hillary clinton as you can see almost 60%, and bernie sanders who outspent her two to one actually lost by 15 points. and in the breakdown the number
4:10 am
of delegates, clinton 135. sanders, 104. look for bernie to say later today it's rigged. >> let's look at the total delegate count. you can see that hillary has 1,893 and bernie, 1,180. the blue at the top of each of the bars the light ever shade of blue is the super delegate count. >> the fact that we saw bernie sanders in a different location last night shows he's not going to give up. i'm wondering if there's going to be party pressure on bernie sanders to get out before june so hillary clinton can look like the nominee. >> and bernie is upset because a lot of people's votes didn't count that would have voted for him in the state of new york. 125, 126,000 that were purged. it's because people in this state, if you hadn't voted in the last two elections, you were sent a notice, are you still living here, do you want to vote and if you didn't respond, you were purged. >> a guy was trying to vote up in harlem. i wanted a republican ballot, we
4:11 am
don't have one. >> out of ink. >> you could vote with an affidavit. but that hasn't counted yet. >> rudy will be with us shortly. >> he said i will vote for trump, but i won't campaign for him. he said i don't like the team around him, but does he like it now? all right. we like heather nauert, and she starts with the weather. >> good morning, i like you too. good morning. i hope you're off to a good day. we begin with some extreme weather now. in texas, as they have been facing it for days now. a warning to you, the video you're about to see may be hard to watch. cameras capturing this woman's frantic rescue attempt. on the left side of your screen, you can see a road worker as he races in to try to save the woman, unfortunately she became the seventh person to die in the flooding in houston. we are told the worst is not over yet. 1,200 people now under evacuation orders as that city races for more rain today.
4:12 am
more on that story throughout the day. well, president obama landed in saudi arabia for a summit with gulf leaders. this comes amid controversy over the 9/11 bill and speculation about saudi arabia's possible role in those terror attacks. the proposed bill would let americans sue foreign governments that are thought to be linked to terror attacks. the white house and other critics warn that that legislation could compromise national security. and the hits keep on coming for the troubled quarterback johnny manziel. he was just fired by his agent again. for the second time in three months. nike also dropping its endorsement deal of him. there's an assault case of his former girlfriend that will be presented to the grand jury tomorrow. despite all this he's planning to return to the nfl. he said, quote, i'm hoping to take care of the issues in front of me right now so i can focus on what i want to do if i want to play in 2016. that's a look at the other things going on today. >> thanks, heather. and johnny manziel blowing a
4:13 am
great career and great life. >> that agent has never fired anyone. drew, he's such a bulldog. >> i know. hey, straight ahead, here's one idea to help drug addicts kick their habits. get them doped up on marijuana. the state where lawmakers think that's a good plan. and you the voters have spoken. now we're going to listen. the dooce is on the loose again. he's flagging down voters here in new york city. that's up next. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. i'vand i'm doing just fine. allergies. claritin provides 24-hour relief
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ glory days, well, they'll help you by ♪ ♪ glory days. well, we have been telling you that the new york primary matters. people were scrambling to the polls. some people as we said, they had a hard time getting a chance to vote. >> yeah, a lot of people could not get out to vote because they were purged from the system. now the dooce is on the loose out in the streets. this is new york city. >> that's right. you know what? absolutely, i can work in the
4:18 am
admissions department at any college. we're walking, we're walking. i have been asking -- i probably asked 50 people, pete right here is on his way to work. you voted yesterday, right? >> yes, i did. >> okay. how -- first of all, tell us was it what you expected? >> no, i thought it would a lot of people at the polling place, but it wasn't. in fact, i was the only one that went in. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> where did you vote? >> long island. >> all right. well, brian kilmeade was out at a diner yesterday and there were a lot of people going to vote for donald trump. did you -- do you want to share with us who you voted for? >> i voted for donald trump. >> all right. >> i think this country is in bad shape and we had enough of the present administration. and we're actually on our knees right now. and we've got to get -- we've got to get this country straightened back up and i think he's the only one that speaks his mind.
4:19 am
he's got the gumption to do what he says he's going do. >> you have to go to work. where do you work? >> 30 rock. >> go on over there. tell matt we said hi. >> oh, he's in 1-a. i'm in the main building. >> the main building. >> he's in the pent house over there. >> a penthouse. thanks very much. earlier we were trying so desperately to find somebody who had voted. so we have the sign if you voted, let's just anybody stops. did you vote yesterday? can we ask you a quick question? oh, he's on the phone. did you vote yesterday? no. did you vote yesterday? you know, there were a lot of people who did vote, but apparently nobody is on the street. anybody vote yesterday? >> hey, steve? steve? >> did you vote? not a new yorker. >> hey, steve, a lot of people coming to new york, they wouldn't be friendly. you're not dismissing that sentiment. >> right. >> did anybody vote yesterday? anybody vote? >> steve, even if they did vote, they're not going to tell you. they don't want to be bothered.
4:20 am
>> you know, it's not that so much, ainsley. it's the fact that so many of them live in new jersey and connecticut. they come in early to go to work. did anybody vote yesterday? anybody vote? we have been talking about it all day long. hey, did you vote yesterday? you did? >> he did? >> can we ask you a question? it will take a second. did your person win last night? >> yes. >> was it a man or a woman? you're not going to tell me, are you? have a great day. >> you too. >> this is a really good view where i'm at right now, because i'm across the street from you guys. >> i know. there you are over there. >> i promise, if you come over we'll talk to you. >> hunter, can we get an overhead shot. show you where we are. oh, come on over. come across the street. don't get hit. be careful. >> what are you, a crossing guard, ainsley? >> he's jaywalking actually. >> so steve is coming back. hey, steve, you're supposed to
4:21 am
read this tease but i'll read it for you. no question that donald trump dominated the polls but does he have a clear path to the nomination? the big challenge he has to tackle. >>come on back, steve. >> nobody tackles steve. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. at bp, it's training and retraining in state-of-the-art simulators so we're better prepared for any situation. it's giving offshore teams support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. so everyone comes home safely.
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we're working every day at bp, to improve our training, our technology, our culture. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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4:24 am
welcome back. "news by the numbers" first. 12,000. that's home are -- how many people are out of a job at intel. the foreign workers will be taking american tech jobs despite major layoffs. 623,000. the company mitsubishi intentionally tested the cars wrong to boost the numbers.
4:25 am
and maine may be okaying medical marijuana to treat addicts. this after a hearing that says that pot eases withdrawal symptoms and offers a healthier alternative to pills. donald trump prounsing -- trouncing his opponents in home state of new york and telling the opponents that the numbers are not on his side. >> we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> the numbers not on their side i should say. does trump have a viable path to propel him to the nomination? let's ask josh putnam. what does this mean? what does it mean for trump going forward? >> well, i think we'll hear a lot about momentum today and how trump slowed down the momentum that cruz has garnered over the last few weeks.
4:26 am
but the simple truth of the matter is we're 40 contests into this race for the republican nomination and we can get a sense of where candidates are going to do well. and the math has shifted in trump's direction in new york last night and also the contests next week. those are areas that trump should be able to pad his delegate lead. >> josh, let's look at the delegate count, trump with 845, and kasich has 147 and trump with 559. it's not mathematically possible for cruz and kasich to win going into the convention. >> that's right. there are 1600 bound delegates and more than required for either kasich or for cruz to get to 1,237. >> if you look at the remaining primaries, where do you see path for trump? >> well, i mean, the path certainly goes through the
4:27 am
contests next week for sure. he really has to -- not necessarily repeat last night's performance but certainly do near as well. and in pennsylvania, and in connecticut and the other states to go next week. may looks a little rough. it's very sporadic on the calendar. you have a contest a week. indiana doesn't necessarily suit trump well. but once we get through next week all eyes shift to california and where trump needs to do well. >> what's the most important state to be watching going forward? >> well, i mean, there's a sequence to this process, right? new york is out of the way now. we have a series of contests next week and from my perspective anyway it's on to the next series of contests. it is hard not to look forward to all those delegates in california. 172 on june 7th. >> what's your message to the other candidates that mathematically speaking do not have a chance?
4:28 am
>> well, you know, i'm not a campaign adviser by any stretch. but certainly the only path at this point is to try and cobble together a coalition of unbound delegates heading into the convention. but also to try and keep trump under 1,237. to prevent him from winning on the first ballot, to get to the second ballot where the number of unbound delegates will increase and open the door to another candidate potentially winning. >> definitely giving you something to talk about with your students, isn't it? >> that's always. >> thank you, professor putnam. we appreciate you being here with us this morning. >> thank you. >> go dogs. >> you got i. thanks for having me. coming up, donald trump didn't just win new york. he dominated doing even better than expected. so how would he campaign against hillary in a general election match-up? rudy giuliani voted for donald trump and he joins us live next to talk about it. a suburban mother of three
4:29 am
busted for being a multimillion dollar drug runner. she faces the music, she gets her punishment. did she learn her lesson? what she said at her sentencing. that's coming up next. it's 53 degrees here in new york. 7:28 on the east coast. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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4:32 am
we don't have much of a race anymore. based on what i'm seeing on television, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> we prove once again there's no place like home. we have won in every region of the country. from the north, to the south, to the east, to the west. but this one is personal. >> you know what? the people of this country and
4:33 am
the people of this state truly are great and amazing people. >> and speaking of people, it was a huge night for people who supported donald trump in new york. the donald winning in a blowout. >> look at that. >> he got more than 60% of the vote. john kasich finished second at 25% and ted cruz way behind at 14%. meanwhile -- >> hillary clinton got almost 58% in new york. bernie sanders 42%. >> it's up to me to bring in ed henry. he worked in the clinton and the bernie sanders camp and the match-up of the trump situation. >> a good look for you. >> thank you very much. someone e-mailed me and said i looked like a spy. >> you left your coat here the last time you were here. >> sorry. >> last night, the clinton camp, what was your -- it was too close to call. but man, that switched quickly. >> it did switch. some of the exit polls had this
4:34 am
at a four point race. clinton 42, sanders 48 at the very beginning that's why fox didn't immediately call it. but other precincts obviously came in that were very pro clinton. this was all but a knockout punch. let's face it, yes, there are more states, i'm on my way to philadelphia in a couple of hour, pennsylvania votes next week. a lot of delegates there too. but the bottom line, bernie sanders needed not just a win, but the clinton camp have told me they've run the numbers. sanders had to win by 13% last night to get the delegates. instead he lose bit 15 or 16. he's upside down. >> here's the problem for bernie and that was the fact that he had so much support with the millennials. the young people, not even close. >> right. >> when you look at them head to head. but unfortunately, they're getting interested in him right about now. they had to register months ago so they didn't get to vote. they weren't up on the board last night.
4:35 am
>> dude, i forgot my registration. i was there last week, 26,000, 27,000 people. >> how many of them were registered to vote? >> some of them are not registered. some are registered to be fair, but back home with mom and dad in california or florida, somewhere else. that's what did when i was 18. bottom line is bernie sanders gets the crowds, but as we have seen in -- not all the states he's won many of them, but in many states he simply hasn't gotten those people to the polls. >> he speaks about it, he talks about the purging problem here in new york. >> yeah. >> there were 126,000 votes -- people who were registered but didn't count because the election commission had sent out paperwork to their houses and said are you still in existence? you have not voted in the -- because they hadn't voted in the last two elections and they didn't respond to the mailers. >> you have african-american leaders demanding an investigation, because they believe it was unfairly targeting african-americans, but hillary clinton has a big edge with the african-americans. if that hadn't happened, maybe
4:36 am
she has a bigger win. >> but if she tries to win him out, she could alienate the young vote. and number two, she stayed until june against obama. they tried to push her out. >> i'll give you a scoop on what someone on bernie sanders told me last night. they haven't said this publicly yet. but one of things he wants to negotiate -- he doesn't want to be vice president, that's obviously. what he wants is to end the super delegates. he wants to be the guy that -- i bring the party back. >> wow. >> this is what i'm hearing from someone very close to bernie sanders that he wants to eliminate super delegates. he wants to be able to take the delegates and the votes he has and the people power, frankly, to be able to go to the convention and say, you can't ignore me. there was a revolution here, we're not going away. we don't want party bosses deciding this. >> can he do that? >> it won't work for bernie sanders now. it's about using leverage to say you need my people now.
4:37 am
get the super delegates out in 2020. that would be big. >> of course they'd like to do the same thing essentially on the republican side. more about that. speaking of the republican side, donald trump -- you know, he bested the most optimistic prediction before going in by seven points. he won in a landslide. >> exactly. it's also maybe a knockout punch. let's face it. >> for ted cruz? >> donald trump against ted cruz. as you say, this was a very big win. and the clinton people are already in my conversations with them late last night, talking about how they're going to run against donald trump. they anticipate -- >> they weren't prior to last night? >> they were already anticipating it, but now they're really reffing it up -- revving it up. >> worried about bernie? >> yes. i know you have rudy's coming up. they think running against donald trump -- i'm not saying this is true or false, i'm not picking a fight with mayor rudy, let's be clear. they think running against trump
4:38 am
is like running against giuliani. this not me, but the clinton camp talking. in the end, remember rudy giuliani was thinking about running against hillary clinton for the senate. opted not to do that. they think trump will go through with it of course. but they think in the end, she can beat him. we'll see. demographics may be on her side with women, for example. female voters, trump has a lot of work to do. rudy giuliani didn't run -- i think he was battling prostate cancer and had health issues. the clinton camp thinks it's because he looked at the numbers and realized he couldn't beat her and they think that moving forward, donald trump is going to have a hard time beating her. we'll see. maybe the clinton camp is wrong. donald trump will get this great turnout if in fact he winds up being the nominee -- a big if. a whole new ball game. but they feel confident. >> what's their strategy? >> their strategy is to take some of the statements donald trump has made about mexicans, about muslims and about women and just play that in a loop. not just hillary clinton. it will be david brock and the
4:39 am
super pac on the left running that in a loop. donald trump has a chance to change the narrative though. as you have been noting last night there was a different tone from donald trump than we have seen. he has a few months now to do that. >> my feeling is that like you can point to the rocky episode this reminds me of something that happened. exactly. this is rocky 3. remember mr. t won by -- >> rocky 3? >> yeah. >> wasn't there a four? >> the best one. but then he got civilized. and in an extreme way donald trump is changing. you're going after the donald trump that started running, maybe that's the wrong template. you have to watch what he said last night. senator cruz, governor kasich, we're going to move on. >> so you we're saying the platform will be i pity the fool? >> possibly. >> there you go. you heard it here first. >> that shows you know your rockies. >> i love how men go there.
4:40 am
you go to movies or sports. >> we're very simple. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert? >> i have nonpolitical news. tips are pouring in for the cold blooded killer who murdered a mother of three inside a church. police near dallas, texas, releasing new surveillance video showing a difference angle of that accused killer. take a close look. this happened just moments before the attack. the suspect was wearing a vest with police written on it. the victim's husband now making a desperate plea for someone to come forward with information. listen. >> the person has a very distinct walk. there's just a very distinct mannerism about this person that should be apparent to somebody. >> missy bevers was getting ready to teach a boot camp class at the church. police believe she may have walked in on an attempted burglary. more fallout for obamacare. united health care is dropping obamacare exchanges in most
4:41 am
states by next year after losing money on the individual market plan that it sold on the state exchanges. the ceo expects to lose $650 million. even more than expected on those exchange plans this year alone. and a flap for a suburban new york mother of three who became a real life version of mary lewis parker's character on showtime. >> this is great. >> kind of expensive. >> really? >> well, you haven't let me down yet. thank you. >> well, in this real life case, this mom was sentenced to time served for 100 hours of community service. she was arrested for running a $3 million pot ring. she cooperated with the feds against those who were being
4:42 am
prosecuted in a separate case. i guess they wanted the bigger fish in that one. let's head back outside to all of you. looking great. >> by the way, it's a little chilly. >> right. there was a car backing up but he stopped. coming up straight ahead -- >> we have extreme weather. and in serious news seven people have been killed and more than a thousand evacuated as the city of houston remains under water in many parts this morning. >> it is not over just yet. the city is experiencing even more rain today. >> maria molina knows all about it. and wants to tell us about it. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. unfortunately we have on going flooding across portions of texas and more storms across parents of texas and that's the potential for more flooding out there. we'll keep a close watch on that. otherwise, several inches of rain are in the forecast. we are talking more than six inches of rain out there. so that will make conditions much more dangerous in terms of flooding. it's not going to allow the flood waters to recede. extending into arkansas and into
4:43 am
louisiana, damaging wind, large hail. even isolated tornadoes will be possible out there. try to stay safe. otherwise, temperatures will be on the warm side across the southeast making its into the 80's. now over to you. >> thank you very much. coming up on a wednesday, donald trump is sending a message to the republican party -- this is it. >> it's a crooked system. it's a system that's rigged. it's called you vote and you win. >> will the rnc give trump the nomination if he falls short of 1,237? peter johnson jr. has a theory and he's going to share it, next. plus, a police officer finds man unconscious behind the wheel not breathing. no pulse. look at this. the amazing moment. that officer is bringing the man back to life. we'll have that for you ahead. >> i hope so. nexium 24hr is the #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. ♪ "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn.
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and of course, braking. thirty-two horsepower, a twelve hundred-pound payload and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator. visit your john deere dealer to experience the new gator xuv590i, starting at just $9,799. it's really nice to win the
4:47 am
delegates with the votes. nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting and that's what's going to happen. you watch. because the people aren't going to stand for i.d it -- for it. it's a crooked system. a system that's rigged. we'll go back to the old way. you vote and you win. >> donald trump sending a message to the rnc after a huge win in his home state right here in new york. >> so should the rnc and delegates listen and vote for trump in the event of a contested convention? let's talk to fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. who joins us on the curvy couch. >> we see a phenomenon in donald trump we haven't seen in american history before. and certainly not in the republican party. now i'm not endorsing donald
4:48 am
trump. i agree to disagree with donald trump, but here's the issue. his empathy for the disaffected american people who have been left behind, who have been ignored and attacked by president obama, and others, and others in the republican party is a message that resonates. and what he has done is recraft, retool, recalibrate, rebuilt, changed the republican party in way that the republican establishment hates. at this point, you have a republican candidate who wants to make sure that he doesn't win. mitt romney and john mccain because he's attacked all the people. they don't want him to win. >> they're the establishment. >> but donald trump said last night, i have a huge percentage of the american people. and republican party at your own peril, if you decide never trump, kill trump, stop trump, stop the people who are for me, then you will stop the republican win in november.
4:49 am
and you might destroy this republican party. >> peter, he has really beefed up his -- all the people working for him he's changed everything. >> sure. >> people like donald for who he is. now he's pulling in some of guys that did run the establishment. is that going to help him or hurt him? >> that's a good point. he's had the lunch eating on the delegates in wyoming and other places because in many senses it is rigged and against insurgents and it is party bosses so he needs that, but he needs to extend the empathy, to extend the straight talk to a lot of americans he hasn't reached out for. if he gets the nomination, he'll do that in the general election. they cannot ruin donald trump as to who he is. he needs to stand out. i hear he's presidential, he's not saying this. not saying that. he's at risk of losing his nature, so whether it's tweeting, outrageous statements, whether it's straight from the hip. whether it's something channeling the american people. he needs to stay with that in
4:50 am
order to win. >> yeah. he has to find that balance. >> if they make him the ghost of who he is, he will lose. the establishment will win. this is an incredible, incredible american story that we're seeing. it -- you know, really is. >> peter johnson jr., joining us here. as an ambulance goes by. >> is that a lawyer reference? >> no. that's an actual ambulance. that's an answer. >> meanwhile, coming up on a wednesday, do you have that annoying co-worker who does everybody possible to kiss up to the boss? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow has that answer live from the streets of new york city. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up
4:51 am
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4:53 am
4:54 am
i use dream about my ex. >> am i normal or am i nuts? >> who is normal and who is nuts? that's the question i only ask myself but so do you, kind of. >> luckily, psychiatrist and medical a-team doctor keith ablow is here to answer your questions. >> hey, dr. ablow. >> good morning to everyone. how are you? >> good morning. >> the first e-mail says i have a co-worker who always tries to one up me to the boss. yesterday, she saw me organizing file cabinets so today she came in early to organize bookshelves and even my boss' sitting area.
4:55 am
is this normal or nuts? >> listen this is nutty. the bottom line she's not responding to people at work like they're people at work. this is like a sibling rivalry that's left over from her family of origin. so, go with it. praise her, tell her what a great job she's doing and you can compete with her, but you'd be up all night. >> wow. another one. this e-mail is from this guy. my husband's good friend made a lot of money this year. we do fine but nowhere near his level. now he treats us differently. as if we're not fabulous enough for him. his wife remains lovely as always. but what is his deal? i see it hurts my husband. solve that problem. normal or nuts? >> sure, look, it's not nice, but it's not nuts. it's understandable this guy is trying to say how great he is. here's another example, go with it. don't feel smaller than him, tell him how big he is. tell him, i can't believe you're slumming around with guys like
4:56 am
me, you killed it last year, i'm proud of you. now you're the bigger man. >> i'm not calling anybody dude. final question for you, my wife doesn't use her vacation days from work. she talks about saving them just in case. but even if it's an emergency, her office has a disability program so her excuse makes no sense. normal or nuts, keith? >> makes no sense. nuts. guess what? saving for a rainy day that's okay. but she thinks it will rain every day. listen, i've got to run. i'm out. dudes, see you later dudette. >> thank you, dr. ablow. >> thank you. >> dr. keith ablow, most of the times on the money. did you see donald trump last night? i did, taking a new presidential tone. will it last? that story is next. plus, blake shelton versus the tabloids. they're claiming that he's a drunk. now we know who just won that verdict. straight ahead.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. >> today you proved once again there's no place like home. >> and thank you new york. we love new york. we love new york. >> the democratic nomination is in the homestretch. ♪ ♪ ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough ♪ >> all right. >> we love new york. it's 8:00 here on the east coast. in the last hour of "fox & friends." >> ainsley and steve, before we say good-bye to new york, at least the primary process anyway -- >> are we leaving? >> we'll look back on new york and see the experience last night. >> take a look. the headline in "the new york post" today.
5:01 am
king don. trump towers in empire primary. there he is on top of the empire state building that cnn painted in his color last night. we'll tell you about that with clayton coming up. people thought he might get slightly north of 50%. as it turns out, he bested even the most optimistic prediction. he got 61% when you average it. john kasich got 25% and ted cruz at only 15%. i think that whole new york values thing didn't help ted cruz. >> that did not help him. and donald trump won every single county, is that right in new york? >> 26 and 27 -- >> except for new york. this is surprising to me, this is where he lives. >> only 42% of the vote here. john kasich did better. he walks away with three delegates. it makes it harder for ted cruz to say i'm coming in second or winning, you have to give me a chance at the second ballot.
5:02 am
845, 559 and 147, john kasich still does not have as many delegates as marco rubio who hasn't been in the race in quite some time. >> mathematically, donald trump can get to 1,237. >> it's still a narrow path, but he's the only one who can do it. what's interesting about donald trump's win last night it was a clearly a landslide. it was the largest victory that any republican candidate has had thus far in this primary season. so looking toward the convention, donald trump still sees one problem. and that is the system. the system -- you know, we have been talking about it for the last couple of week news. the person who gets the most votes doesn't necessarily get the most prizes and he's criticizing that last night. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. based on what i'm seeing on television, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes. you know? it's really nice.
5:03 am
nobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory and it's not a fair ticket. even though we're leading by a lot and which can't be caught, it's impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. it's a crooked system. it's a system that's rigged. and we're going to go back to the old way, it's called you vote and you win. >> well, paul manafort said a couple of things last night. it looks like by all intents and purposes running donald trump's campaign. he said we're challenging the loss of delegates in other states and if donald trump becomes president he'll change this process for good and make whoever wins the primary get the majority of the delegates. >> good. >> that's going to be a tough haul. but there's also something else. i was reading in playbook on plitd coe, there's a sentiment that close is going to be good enough. if donald trump is close to that number that there's a sense
5:04 am
within the party, even for those who don't support him, that you have to get it. i think it's because of his tactic of calling out the process, getting the average everyday american looking at this and saying, it's not fair. >> a lot of voters are sick of the rules. a lot of the voters are sick of the establishment. and that's what the exit polls are showing. they're saying that the person who has the most votes should win. >> 68% said that's enough. not just the majority but the plurality. i want to add something else that's easy to pick up. that is that donald trump is changing his tone. he has this stop in new york, he's changed his staff. writing more staff down and last night he was talking about the titles, not their nicknames. >> indeed. so that's his approach. of course, ted cruz going forward trying to try to pick up as many delegates at the state level as he can. there's a great quotation from james baker who has been in a
5:05 am
couple of administrations. he was in charge of the ford delegation, trying to pick up delegates on the floor. he said the strategy of any effective delegate operation and this is what ted cruz is doing right now, essentially, is acquire delegates, protect your delegates, or steal other delegates. which is -- you know, ultimately what they're all trying to do. get as many delegates as they can. >> it will be tough. tuesday will be strongly for trump, at least on the first blush. meanwhile, trump may have won big in new york, but ted cruz and john kasich are looking ahead. >> five states are up for grabs on tuesday. and that includes the state of pennsylvania. >> well, our own fox news senior national correspondent john roberts caught his breath. he's there at the rocky steps in philly to tell us about the next leg of the race. >> i got halfway up the steps at 6:00 and thought i'd die. but i'm still here. donald trump is coming out of new york with a whole lot of momentum he hopes it will be like a snowball rolling
5:06 am
downhill. certainly he's closer to the 1,237 than yesterday. but now the others are going to step up their attempts to try to stop him. the kasich campaign issued an urgent appeal to americans nose who have yet to quote, the next seven days are critical and those who wants an open convention and wants to win the white house should rally around john kasich in the upcoming april 26th states. it's now or never to stop trump. the best chance of stopping trump next week comes here in the state of pennsylvania because up der the -- under the delegate rules the person who wins statewide and at the moment that's suggesting donald trump, because he's up by 20 points here. gets 17 delegates and the remaining 54 of the 71 are so-called unbound delegates who are elected directly. they are on the ballot along with the presidential candidates. however, those delegates do not have a candidate affiliation listed with their name. so the campaigns trump, cruz,
5:07 am
kasich, they have to tell voters which delegates are aligned with their campaigns. there's also a chance to stop donald trump coming up may 3rd in indiana. 57 delegates up for grabs there. ted cruz will be making a big play for that state. that's why donald trump is headed there today. as for cruz, last night seeming more presidential than the fire brand in a speech here in philadelphia. >> i call on you as jfk did in the '60's and as reagan did in the '80s to chart a new american journey forward. one that isn't led by me. or anyone in washington. but by you. >> it's interesting last night though ted cruz did not even mention the new york primary. he ignored it. in much the same way new yorkers ignored him. brian and steve and ainsley? >> you mentioned at 6:00 when
5:08 am
you got halfway up the stairs, we should show -- because john is in front of the rocky stairs. we said, john, turn around and go ahead and run up them. he did. and it took a long time. john, i'm just curious. what has the reaction been from your wife, your loved ones on your run, your rocky run up the stairs? >> first of all, steve, she's glad i didn't have a heart attack halfway up the stairs because i was doing that on about three hours' sleep. not much chance to work out when you're on the road so i'm starting cold. other than that, she laughed when she saw the video i sent her this morning because "fox & friends" tweeted it out. >> you have to know that we were going to ask you to do that, right? >> yeah. i figured you probably would. but i still wasn't ready for it. >> you're a good sport. >> rocky roberts, live in philly. >> i'm the king of the world. >> you can eat a big breakfast.
5:09 am
>> a little "titanic," a little "rocky." let's talk about the democrats for a second. hillary clinton got 57% of the vote. she's got to be very pleased by that. bernie sanders with 42% of the vote. he has no signs of letting up and giving up. especially with the numbers of supporters he has and the money he has. but when it comes to delegates it wasn't a disaster. 135 to 104. >> let's look at the total number of delegates. you have 1,893 for hillary. 1,180 for bernie. >> because they're super. >> that's right. >> here's the thing. hillary was hoping to have him in her rearview mirror a long time ago but he's done so well with the millennials and other people. he's in there and getting a lot of money. people are sending in 5, 10, 20 bucks. we had ed henry on the couch an
5:10 am
hour ago or less and he told us that what he's hearing from the clinton camp. they have their eye on the prize, a clinton/trump match-up. >> i'm not saying this is true or false, i'm not picking a fight with mayor rudy, but they think running against trump is like running against giuliani. he's a bully -- thin, this not me, this is the clinton camp talking. rudy opted not to run against the hillary camp, in the end they think hillary can beattrump. >> she has to feel encouraged. most of the polls show her with a double digit lead over donald trump. but so much has to play out. >> yet, when you look at the exit polls even from yesterday, here in new york, when it comes down to trustworthy and -- trustworthy, she doesn't do well. >> no. no. >> anyway, we have a beautiful spot here at 48th and 6th
5:11 am
avenue. drop on by. right now we'll drop on into studio "e" because heather has got the news. >> good morning, gang, i hope you're off to a good day. we start off with a story we have been following for days, that's the extreme weather down in texas. we want to warn you this first piece of video may be hard to watch. cameras capture the frantic attempts to save a woman's life as rising flood waters trap her in an overpass in houston. on the left hand side of the screen, you can see a road worker racing in to the water to save her, but unfortunately she became the seventh person to die in the houston flooding. the worst is not over yet. 1,200 people now under evacuation orders in houston as the city braces for more rain today. we'll have more on that throughout the day. two brothers wanted for killing a washington state couple may be headed to mexico. john and tony reed's car was last seen in mexico.
5:12 am
they are charged with killing a former army ranger and his wife. court documents show they fought with over john with property rights. the couple has not been seen in more than a week. they're believed to be dead. and three people tied to the flint, michigan, water crisis will be charged later today. two of them employees of the state department of environmental water equality and one is a city worker. they switched over from lake huron to the flint river in order to save money. and it looks like blake shelton will be drinking a cold beer after a big legal victory. ♪ ♪ drinking that ice cold beer, talking about girls ♪ >> i love him. he's great. a judge ruled that the $2 million defamation lawsuit can continue to move forward. shelton filed a suit against bower publishing company last year. this after "in touch weekly" created a headline that said
5:13 am
rehab for blake. he said it was an invasion of privacy. those are your headlines. >> all right, thank you. coming up on a wednesday, a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, president obama was landing in saudi arabia. this as reports suggest that country may have funded the 9/11 attacks or several of the terrorists. we are live in saudi arabia next with kevin cork. and mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest celebrity of them all? the person who just got named the most beautiful woman of 2016. and she looks like that and wears her hair like that. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles.
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5:17 am
we're back with a fox news alert. earlier in morning, president obama landed in saudi arabia. >> he's meeting with gulf leaders as speculation grows that saudi arabia may have played a role in funding the 9/11 terror attacks. >> or at least a couple of the terrorists. kevin cork joins us live from saudi arabia, what's the very latest? good morning.
5:18 am
>> hey, good morning to you or good afternoon here in riyadh. the president's visit to the saudi kingdom comes amid growing tensions between washington and riyadh. it's not just the 28 pages of the congressional 9/11 report that has so many people talking. it's also this perception that the u.s. has a shrinking security posture here in the region to say nothing of the perception that the president has actually turned toward tehran in his relationships in the region, most notably because of the iran nuclear deal. ash carter today said that gcc partner, the gulf cooperation conference numbers should never defend against gcc members against any and all aggressors. >> well, in iran, i noted that the united states shares with the gcc partners the view that even as the nuclear accord prevents iran from obtaining the nuclear weapon, there are many
5:19 am
more issues to be concerned with regarding iran's behavior in the region. >> yeah, no question about that. by the way, carter's comments underscoring the security conversations which will certainly be ongoing during the president's time here. >> kevin, what about the 28 pages of the congressional report? nobody -- the public hasn't seen them. is the president expected to bring that issue up when he meets the king? >> i think it's a fair question and to be completely frank while we haven't heard specifically that conversation will take place, i think it's a pretty good bet he'll have to broach that subject if for no other reason than to assure the king he doesn't support legislation that would hold accountable foreign governments who are accused of sponsoring acts of terror to say nothing the fact that the president has made it clear he wants the release of the 28 pages after the long, protracted view. >> but the president has admitted he read the 28 pages?
5:20 am
he said i know roughly what's in them. how hard is it to read 28 pages? >> and saying he'll bring it out is a lot different than he will bring it up. a lot of people think he won't. >> thank you very much. you know what, the president doesn't bring it up. if i was the king, by the way what's that deal? is somebody going to spill on the beans on us? >> like have you ever been the king? it's a theory for you what it is like to be the king. you don't know the responsibility. >> the king and i. >> the king and i. coming up, how did trump surpass expectations and win with 60% of the vote? lee carter with the numbers. and a man stranded on a desert island with no supplies. the amazing rescue caught on camera by a documentary crew as we roll on live from the ocean. and the strength of new york city. >> well, hello. ♪
5:21 am
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy.
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so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. all right. we have some headlines. don't ask me where i am. a final farewell from fidel castro. he said he'll die soon. he's 90. he urged them to fulfill the communist vision as if there is one. the former president said however his brother and present president raul castro will continue for five years but he'll theoretically be dead by then. he's a huge ally of hillary clinton, now bill de blasio has something else in common with
5:25 am
her -- the feds want know what he's up to as well. an invest into his fund raising ramping up to new york -- up in new york. look at the state senate races from 2014. investigators checking to see if cash he helped collect surpassed contribution limits. we'll follow that story. thank you, brian. donald trump and hillary clinton both winning their home state of new york. but what led to their victories and what does it mean for the race ahead? >> partner from maslansky & partners, lee carter, is joining us to break down the exit poll numbers. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> so you're catching up with people as they're exiting the polls here in new york. what did you find? >> we found a lot of interesting things. i think number one, we have heard that republicans especially are really looking for an outsider. 64% of republicans said the most important thing to them is they want an outsider. what that says is they're fed up with government, they want a change. they want something new and donald trump is a big
5:26 am
explanation for why he got 60% of the vote last night. >> i know that ted cruz has been a tea party favorite. but, you know, is he an outsider? he was -- he is a u.s. senator. he has worked in -- what was it george w. bush's administration. >> it's such a fair question. i think inside, the establishment views him as an outsider. the average american thinks of an insider. he's a senator, inside. his endorsements are all the establishment. so it's making him seem really like an insider. >> he doesn't always vote the way that the establishment wants him to and that's why the accomplishment has been anti-cruz until now. what about female voters, what did you find for the republicans coming out, who did they vote for? >> this is probably the most surprising thing of the night to me. 59% of republican new york voters went for donald trump. which suggests to me -- >> he had problems with women. >> this suggests to me this is a pivot or new york is a different place. maybe it's a turning point. we'll look forward to tuesday
5:27 am
next week to see what happens there. >> of course, republicans want to win the white house. so when asked who has the best chance to beat hillary in november, about 60% said trump. a quarter said kasich and 12 said cruz. >> this is a big difference in what we're seeing on all of other headlines. we're seeing kasich is the one that people think will beat hillary, not in new york. >> what do people say about that? >> of 60% said they were concerned or scared if ted cruz were to become president of the united states. >> scared? >> scared. that's a big thing. that's not just saying i'm offended that he came in here and said, new york values. that's saying i'm scared of what he'll do if he's president. >> let's look on the democrat side. why did hillary clinton win? >> 91% voted for hillary because of her experience. now, that's a really interesting statistic to me. because yes she has experience. >> they like the insider. >> they like the insider.
5:28 am
that's something we haven't seen. that's a big number. on the republican side we are seeing they want an outsider. >> the democrats want a change or do they like what president obama is doing? >> that is a really interesting thing. 52% of democrats said let's have more of the same. now, 30% said we want even more or less of what obama is doing. you can see why hillary is starting to push a little bit left and why she is being pulled that way. 80% are saying we want more of the same. >> you have no idea but during your entire segment we had two grown men, anthony and chris, standing behind you with a giant screen trying to block out the sun. a job well done. because the sun is moving and they're holding -- >> there they are. >> god bless them. the longer we talk the more they have to hold their arms over their heads. [ laughter ] >> no problem. >> thanks, guys. >> we have the best crew. >> all right, coming up on the
5:29 am
suddenly sunny wednesday, hillary clinton pulls out all the stops with -- over african-american voters. i apologize for that teleprompter read. it was incorrectly spelled out. >> i want you to know, okay, people are going to say she's pandering to black people again. >> okay, is it working? >> and apparently it paid off. but is it republicans who deserve the black vote? sheriff david clarke says yes. he joins us live next to explain why. plus, a police officer finds man unconscious behind the wheel, not breathing, no pulse. see the amazing moment of that officer bringing the man back to life. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
5:30 am
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5:33 am
you don't need me or any politician, but we do need each other. all of us. coming together as one, as we the people. now my friends, onward to victory. >> really, i mean, legitimately, so great again. i just can't wait. so we don't have much of a race anymore. based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> and donald trump a big winner in new york state yesterday. donald trump on the republican side, it was a blowout, he had like 60%.
5:34 am
joining us right now milwaukee sheriff david clarke. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us on the curvy couch. >> my pleasure. >> the sun just came now. >> a lot of people are saying that the republican party is divided, and if you look at the exit polls, 59% of republicans say that the party is divided, and 36% say they're energizing the party. what do you think? >> it is divided, no doubt about that. whoever wins this nomination, i haven't endorsed anybody, but they'll have a heck of a job trying to bring this party together. put it back together for the fall because they need every vote. you know, four years ago, 4 million registered republicans did not participate to come out and vote for romney. i think obama won by 2 million votes. so just a few more and maybe we'd be talking about the end of the romney administration. >> sure. we're talking about you need every vote. what do you make of -- you know, ted cruz has been -- he's a brilliant lawyer. he's been very good at picking up all of these delegates at the
5:35 am
state level. but at the same time, you have donald trump saying, hey, wait a minute. the person who gets the most voters should wind up with the most delegates. that seems to be tearing people apart. >> it's an interesting situation here. i think donald trump has been -- no pun intended, on the delegate moves -- >> it's the way it works. >> yeah, no doubt about it, he's taken advantage of it, i don't mean in a pejorative way, but they've tried to bury donald trump a couple of times. they were trying to shovel dirt on his grave, and i say not so fast. i have a new nickname for him, every time he seems to stumble, he seems to come back. >> there's a future position, more in the general, and that is law enforcement. i would seems that republicans
5:36 am
are pro law enforcement and it seems like hillary and sanders are critical about the way they say that law enforcement enforces. >> no doubt about that. senator cruz they have been supportive as well. law enforcement is important in this country. everybody kind of gets that, but again, on the democrat side, anti-police rhetoric is not good. but you watch, come the general election, clinton will talk about how our -- she'll do a pivot. but people can see right through her. >> sheriff, hillary did really well among women and the african-american voters here in new york. she was on a hip-hop radio show talking about -- they were accusing her of pandering to black people. i want you to hear this sound bite and then i want to get your reaction. >> what's something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah. yeah. >> really? you getting in formation right now?
5:37 am
hot sauce in my bag, what? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yes. yes. >> i want you to know, people will see this okay, she's pandering to black people again. >> okay. is it working? >> what do you make of "a," the hot sauce comment and "b" her admitting to pandering? >> i'm surprised she didn't say watermelon. this is dehumanizing, embarrassing, disgusting. if any other candidate were to say something like that some stereotype about black people, it would ruin their campaign. but the rules seem to be different for the clintons. you know, the folks she was being interviewed by, they said they'll accused you of pandering. the black people know they're being pandered to. you go to all the cities where there's high poverty. there's now high levels of crime and violence. they're all run by liberal democrat mayors, liberal democrat politicians so nothing
5:38 am
seems to get better. >> no republican points that out. no republican is going legitimately for the black vote. they just said, well, it will not be our vote. i don't know how to get that. we'll focus elsewhere. that's also an insult. >> sure. there's a strategy to make it happen. it will take some time. i don't tell people to vote for a party. i tell them to vote for a person. i never say in my hometown when i'm up for election, vote for me because i run as a democrat. but they have to do a better job of outreach. they're kind of clumsy at it. but to write it off and to continue to win national elections without securing more of the black vote, it's not going to bode well for them. >> but it's the way that the machine works. you know, we were talking about super delegates and trump is talking about it's rigged, maybe it's opening our eyes and maybe there already changes going forward. >> first of all, you have to reconnect black people to the
5:39 am
history that's what the democrats have done, they have gone into the history books about who made the move to abolish the slavery. lincoln freed the slaves and in the civil rights act of 1964, it was the democrats that were standing in the way and it took a yeoman's effort by republicans to pass the civil rights act of 1964. so that's why i say if we reconnect black people with their history, they'll open their eyes and they'll know what to do. >> sure. we know what to do. when we need a great guest, we call sheriff david clarke. always a pleasure. thank you for joining us today. good to see you. >> thanks a lot. all right, let's hand it to heather for some headlines. >> good morning. good morning, sheriff clarke. tips are pouring in as the hunt intensified for a cold blooded murderer who killed a mother inside the church. a new surveillance video has
5:40 am
been released showing new angles of him. he was wearing a vest with police written on them. the victim's husband is making a desperate plea for somebody to come forward. >> he has a distinct walk. there's a distinct mannerism about this person that should be apparent to somebody. >> missy bevers the mother of three was getting ready to teach a boot camp fitness class at the church. she may have walked in on an attempted burglary. look at this dramatic dash cam video. it shows the heroic work our police officers do each and every day as he saves a man's life. the pennsylvania officer approached the car on the side of the road and quickly realized the driver had no pulse. the hero cop pulls him out of the car and begins cpr. you can see the victim as he raises his arm, as his heart starts to beat again. the driver had overdosed on heroin before passing out. thanks to the officer he saved
5:41 am
his life. an incredible discovery caught on camera. a tv crew rescues a real life cast away. >> rolling. yeah. >> our cameraman starts recording. a man got separated from his boat two days ago. >> that was the actual rescue. this is from the tv show "river monsters" on the animal planet. by the way if you have never seen it, awesome show. check it out. they were searching for grouper fish when they spotted a cooler on a remote island and then a man came out of a cave screaming for help. he had jumped into the water in desperation, swimming in the direction of the boat. he was separated from his own boat while searching for oysters and then became disoriented. maybe it's no surprise right here, but jennifer aniston has been named by "people" magazine as the most beautiful woman of 2016. the a-lister -- wow, she looks
5:42 am
great there. graced the kovrp for -- the cover for the second time. she's one of the most beautiful stars in hollywood many would say. she said she's humbled and very, very flattered. those are your headlines. but in the meantime, i have another story to bring you. that's maria molina, she has a look at the weather today. >> yeah. we want to talk about the extreme weather in the center of the nation. before we get to that, let's talk about pollen. many of you suffer across the country, you'll be suffering with elevated levels of pollen out there, especially in the carolinas today. not even today, but over the next couple of days. one area where we don't have high levels of pollen is des moines, iowa, but you will notice the levels increasing. again, if you're an allergy sufferer you could be looking at issues over the next couple of days. on the radar, two areas that are very busy. one across parts of iowa and asew texas. we see on going flooding in
5:43 am
texas. and flooding is forecast to continue with more heavy rain in the forecast as well. some of those storms out there in texas could be bring the risk for severe weather later today and also into tonight. let's head over to you guys. >> thank you. >> i feel so sorry for those folks in texas.maria. everyone dreams of retiring early, but could that mean an early death? the surprising study coming up with some results you haven't heard yet. look at this photo from old daytime tv, it's going viral. see any resemblance to a certain presidential candidate? it's creepy and hilarious at the same time. allergies with nasal congestion?
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work. you're not allowed to ever retire. >> that's what i hear at home. meantime, the empire state building reflecting hillary clinton and donald trump's win last night. lit up by red and blue and it was one of the top trends on social media. >> that's right. "fox & friends" weekend cohost clayton morris is tracking other trends. >> thank you. i was coming out of retirement because it was killing me. people were wondering what in the world was going on in new york city, for big sporting events we change the empire state building but why was it bright red? andrew kaczynski tweeted this -- it goes red for trump with the blood of primary presidents past. what happened was cnn partnered with the empire state building. when they were behind them, it was changing colors. hillary clinton of course it turned blue later in the
5:49 am
evening. it was red for trump. they had different colors for different candidates. if kasich were to win, it would be a different color. >> what else have you got? >> last night ted cruz lost big time. he got crushed. however, if you went on social media, this morning or overnight, you would have seen that ted cruz is trending big. why? because of this photo on the left side of your screen, because some viewer yesterday afternoon was watching "the maury povich show" which to our amazement is still on the air. we couldn't believe it. but someone thought this woman looked exactly like ted cruz. some sort of doppelganger. his long lost sister, somebody related to him and of course on social media everyone wanted to talk about it. >> you can see the resemblance. >> while he didn't lose, he had a big night on social media. congratulations to ted cruz. >> i'm sure his campaign was thrilled about that. >> absolutely. >> clayton, thank you very much. >> thank you. all right, coming up on a wednesday, politics meets
5:50 am
superpowers. the original wonder woman is here, lynda carter. she voted in new york's primary by the way. who she supported and why? she'll tell us on the couch here. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. oa skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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good morning, i'm bill hemmer. what is next in this pitched political battle we'll show you what last night means for both parties. also if it's trump versus clinton, what does that match-up look like today? the president landing in saudi arabia. that's the trip with a lot on the line. we'll tell you why. join martha and me in seven minutes on "america's newsroom." all right.
5:54 am
empire showdown, trump and hillary clinton's status as party front-runners. our next guest is a hillary clinton supporter who thinks americans should pay more respect to the presidency regardless of the party. >> joining us now, it is my pleasure to introduce wonder woman herself, lynda carter. >> good to be here. >> she's in awe of you. >> i am. i'm a huge fan. i had the underroos when i was little. >> i'm wearing them now. [ laughter ] >> well, we're doing the postgame show to the new york primary yesterday. you have been a -- you have been a clinton family supporter for a long time. >> my husband and i have known them since 1983. and so i do know the family. we have known bill and hillary for all of these years and known them quite well. >> well, she's got to feel great
5:55 am
today. bernie has been on her heels and she finally had a decisive win. >> yeah, i love new york, i love new york even more. >> have you talked to her? >> i have not. she's a little busy. >> yeah. a little bit. >> i've heard that. >> what is it about hillary, why do you like her? >> well, you know, i have to just start this by -- there's been a concentrated effort to smear her name for so many years. for instance, it was years and years and years, talking about the roses law firm. oh, my gosh. however, it was a one-day story when they finally found them. there was nothing there. >> right. >> so let's talk about your and your career. >> right? >> right. >> i want to talk about what you're doing in new york. not only to see us and meet ainsley, but you have long legs.
5:56 am
>> i do. >> that plays a role in your long legged tour. >> jazz at lincoln center at columbus circle. >> what are you singing? >> i do everything from country to jazz, some billy holliday. retooled rock 'n' roll and blues. >> wow. >> yeah. since i didn't have a hit record so i can do what ever i want. i have ten pieces on the stage. three singers, seven -- it's at the hotel room that overlooks central park west. and i am actually -- i'm actually performing some original music that did for a video -- the number one video game in america. which is fallout 4. >> fantastic. well, you know what? we should do some auditioning. we should do some practicing for you big show. >> yeah. >> stick around? >> sure. >> all right. great. well, coming up, wonder woman with her iconic super
5:57 am
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6:00 am
all right. lynda carter, wonder woman. the spin starts here. >> this is for hillary! >> okay. >> wow. we have a good spin class. bill: still got it. well-done, good morning everybody, where to, america. donald trump and hillary clinton scoring big in new york. trump snagging nearly all the empire state delegates while clinton says her campaign is now moving into the homestretch. late night last night. good morning i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: how are you doing? bill: great. martha: i'm martha maccallum. donald trump with a commanding victory last night. he got well over half the republican votes statewide. he got 89 delegates to add to his list for his campaign. in the victory speech he says he believes this is not. of a race anymore. >> i'll tell you what. this has been an amazing week. we have won millions of more


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