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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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all right. lynda carter, wonder woman. the spin starts here. >> this is for hillary! >> okay. >> wow. we have a good spin class. bill: still got it. well-done, good morning everybody, where to, america. donald trump and hillary clinton scoring big in new york. trump snagging nearly all the empire state delegates while clinton says her campaign is now moving into the homestretch. late night last night. good morning i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: how are you doing? bill: great. martha: i'm martha maccallum. donald trump with a commanding victory last night. he got well over half the republican votes statewide. he got 89 delegates to add to his list for his campaign. in the victory speech he says he believes this is not. of a race anymore. >> i'll tell you what. this has been an amazing week. we have won millions of more
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votes than senator cruz. millions and millions of more votes than governor kasich. we're really, really, rockin'. martha: trump won more than 60% of the vote while new yorkers were clear on their opinion of senator ted cruz. he came in at 14%. now the senator is calling for unification within the party. >> our americas greatest generations in our past? or are our best days yet ahead? we must unite the republican party, because doing so is the first step towards uniting all americans. bill: on the democratic side now, hillary clinton beating bernie sanders just as the decisively delivering some needed momentum to her campaign. she has won 58% of the vote in her adopted home state, which breaks sanders streak of the last seven of eight contest. >> today you proved once again
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there is no place like home. from the north to the south, to the east, to the west, but this one's personal. [cheering] martha: we have got team coverage with byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner." let's start with senior national correspondent john roberts who is in philadelphia where the next big primary is less than a week away on tuesday. good morning to you, john. reporter: good morning, martha. i taked to members of the trump campaign, last night's victory in new york state exceeded their best expectations. they hoped to get 80, at the top 85. so far they have got 89, there are three to be decided. not saying they will get all through by maybe one of those. most importantly the trump turned narrative around from disasterous three weeks commanding momentum. in fact a member of the republican national committee called me to say in their mind this thing is essentially over.
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the best john kasich and ted cruz is to hope for a stalemate and try to take that into the convention. even as trump was claiming victory last night, continues to go after the delegate selection system he says is rigged and is disenfranchising voters. here's trump. >> i want to thank everybody. it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes, you know? it is really nice. nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters. it's a crooked system. it is a system that is rigged and we're going back to the old way. it is called you vote and you when. -- win. reporter: even though some party stalwarts are beginning to think this the thing is over there is increasingly urgent attempt on part of trump's rivals to stop him from getting 1237. case i can campaign sending out urgent missive saying next seven days are absolutely critical. every republican in the country with open convention to win the
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white house should rally around john kasich upcoming ail 26th states. it is now to stop trump and save the republican party. probably most damage they could do to donald trump here in the keystone state, because if you win you get 17 delegates no matter how big the margin is. donald trump holds big margin. remaining 54 delegates are unbound and directly elected. they are on the ballot and there is no candidate affiliation listed with the delegates name. if trump wants to pull out a big victory here, get the ground game going, inform supporters, these are the delegates associated with me, these are people to vote for. you know ted cruz and john kasich will go after that hard these next six days. martha: there is a lot of room for the power of persuasion to take root in pennsylvania. >> sure is. martha: that will be a focus on tuesday. we'll be there sunday night talking to some candidate as well as they try to do just that in that important state. john, thank you very much. bill: so as of today, the math
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is working against ted cruz. as of this morning here is the new delegate math. donald trump 845, cruz, 559, rubio holding on sidelines with 171, and john kasich at 147. makes it very difficult for cruz to win it outright. byron york, "washington examiner," fox news contributor. good morning to you. take one campaign at a time. what is the state of donald trump's campaign as of today. >> they are very, very happy. when we talked yesterday "real clear politics" average of polls trump would win 53% of the vote. he really got 60%. just a touch more than 60% of the vote. he outperformed the predictions. very happy about that. i think there was a line in trump's speech last night you will hear a lot which he said, that he believes that ted cruz is virtually mathematically eliminated from winning enough delegates to go into cleveland with the 1237 required to win.
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so basically trump's message is going to be, this is over, guys. it is just a protest from here on. everyone should unite behind me, donald trump. bill: look at the calendar, and john robert was spelling this out. you have five states in the northeast next tuesday. all five states would appear to favor trump. so now you look at what ted cruz does over the next six days what john kasich does leading up to next tuesday and how do you frame that, byron? >> well, one of the things you do, you kind of leapfrog ahead to states that are better for you and look for cruz to talk a lot about indiana, which is coming up where he looks to be strong. by the way, donald trump is going there today because he thinks he can stop cruz there. but you're right. in upcoming states you have connecticut, delaware, rhode island, maryland and pennsylvania where john just was and, donald trump looks very strong in all of those states. yes, there are delegate counting issues but if you follow huge
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victory in new york with a number of victories in the northeast, that does create more of a sense of momentum for donald trump. bill: meantime on the democratic side, hillary clinton victory was bigger than expected. this looked like a close battle throughout the afternoon and in the end it was not, byron? >> even to the end some bernie sanders supporters were hoping there would be some sort of a upset. it wasn't even close. 15-point win is very big. a couple of lines in mrs. clinton's speech last night, she said that the democratic races and in the quote, homestretch, and that victory is in sight. she also talked directly to bernie sanders voters, said, listen, there is a lot more that unites us than divides us. so it is time for us to get together. she is issuing hint after hint, bernie, it's over, time for you to give up. bill: byron, thank you. i think bernie was shell-shocked. he really felt he could make a
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strong play in new york and he was blown out. one other thing on trump, this week we reported he put $20 million into the campaign. almost half of that is reportedly going into advertising in california june 7th. martha: yeah. clearly they're focused on california. you look at combination of donald trump having a huge, decisive win and tempering that basically saying to kasich and to cruz, if you have any intentions contesting this, this is rigged system. that is a message working with voters. senior strategist for bernie sanders saying that the campaign will, quote, take a step back and then decide publicly what his intentions are. but tad devine, his front strategist who speaks for him most they are trying to bring young people and independents into the process. look for more of those developments. moving on, president obama arriving in saudi arabia. he is meeting with king salman at the royal residence in riyadh. this comes amid heightened
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tensions between our two countries. kevin corke is live in the saudi capital. kevin, how damaged does it appear the relationship is? obviously a lot of talk about the 9/11 papers and other things on the table as well. reporter: i don't think there is any question about it, really. it is sort of a good news, bad news situation, martha. on one hand good news is they remain security partners. they have a major security croptive between the u.s. and saudis so that won't change. but the bad news, you add it all up, you talk about the 9/11 report from congress, those 28 pages in particular, the ongoing battle against isis in syria and deconfliction efforts say nothing by the way iran nuclear deal and you really get the sense there is separation between these two allies we have not seen in many, many years. being here in riyadh, we're left with the sense that leaders are holding out hope that the next u.s. president might restore relations with different approach than mr. obama. naturally the president is hoping to allay those fears
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during his visit this time. but iran, as you can probably guess, is wasting no time in taking advantage of the perceived rift. take a look at what the ayatollah has tweeted today. powerful presence of the islamic republic in the region foils their plots for forming the new middle east. he went on to tweet, there is instandingable software going on between the islamic republic and u.s. and zionists. no surprise there making a tough situation even tougher, martha. martha: some would say that makes it all the more reason it is important to maintain that relationship with saudi arabia. the 28 pages that we referred to from that congressional report on 9/11, some say they show a connection between certain saudi leadership officials perhaps and the hijackers. any chance that's going to come up? will that be addressed in this trip, kevin? >> it is a tough question because we simply don't know how the president can broach this without it becoming a bigger story than he would like. i would bet, yes he will talk
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about, if for no other reason, martha, to assure the saudis that he has no intention to support legislation floating in congress that might hold foreign governments responsible for supporting acts of terror. hopes if the 28 pages are released he it is carefully. texas senator john cornyn says they should see the light of day. >> let the chips fall where they may and bring justice to the victims and 9/11 families, deter to the extent we can terrorist attacks on our own soil. reporter: storyline we'll be following during our time here in the kingdom. martha? martha: thank you very much. bill: ted cruz meanwhile back here at home vowing to carry on in his campaign. >> the people in state after state have made it clear. they cry out for a new path. this is the year of the outsider. bill: he did not pick up a single delegate last night, what
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is his plan as of today? martha: what about the general election? will last night's winners be the two who face off in november? what the exit polls are saying about that matchup. bill: a look at where each candidate stands in their path to the nomination after last night's results. stay tuned for all of that in a moment. first though, donald trump, from again, last night, the trump tower in new york. >> even though we're leading by a lot and we can't be caught, it is impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. ♪ ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined.
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stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. ♪ >> this generation must first look inward to see who we really are. after years of being beaten down. years of being told we couldn't, shouldn't, or wouldn't. are america's greatest generations in our past? or are our best days yet ahead? we must unite the republican party, because doing so is the first step towards uniting all americans. bill: that was senator cruz last night, with a sober message from philadelphia. he is clearly moved on already. senator cruz got about 14% of the vote in new york. failed to get a single delegate here. senator scott brown, a trump supporter, former massachusetts
6:17 am
senator, out of manchester, new hampshire. senator, good day to you and thanks for coming back. what do you make of these republicans who are suggesting already that they will skip the convention in cleveland? >> well, i think that's a mistake. they will miss being a part of history. this sun like i or anyone i know ever seen in their lifetime. so you have to be part of the process or shame on you complaining after it's over. i'm hopeful they go and hopeful they ultimately get behind the front-runner and hopefully the eventual nominee, take back the white house, keep the senate and put genie back in the bottle with the stuff president is doing last few years. bill: rudy giuliani was here yesterday, he is a trump supporter but he did not came out and i endorse him, the reason he said that he felt he didn't want to have to defend trump on everything or always make a statement, depending what all matters pertain to donald trump. >> sure. bill: why is that? you are of a different mind. you've been speaking on his
6:18 am
behalf for months now. >> yeah. well, i not only speak for donald, i speak for our party. i said i will support any of the nominees whether it is kasich or cruz or trump. yeah, i was one of the first supporters but i'm also a realist. i understand what we need to do to take back the country, to take back our party, re-establish trust with our allies, fear with our foes. we need i believe somebody who is not like the others. someone who is outsider, real outsider. senator cruz is a senator. he is not a real outsider like donald trump is. my hope is that he will have an opportunity to work on his unfavorables as he and hillary have the two worst unfavorable ratings of anyone running for president. i think hers are more locked in stone. i think he has a chance to rehabilitate himself. that comes through ted cruz's message of uniting the party. i'm hopeful ted will unite behind donald because he has been mathematically eliminated.
6:19 am
they're only waiting for a convention that will basically be contentious. bill: cruz's team basically said last night they will play for the second ballot. he will stick in for that. >> that is great. bill: if donald trump is within 50 or 100 delegates giuliani says you should change the rules within the rnc. do you think that the is right play? >> i don't think it will be that close, with the new team he has in place, paul manafort and others i think he will get it. i think, i said this mornings, i said pennsylvania, i think indiana by then you will have real indication. he will do really well in the northeast. i don't think ted cruz picks up hardly any in northeast, unless pennsylvania does what we're talking about. i don't think kasich, oh, next week is big week. it is a big week. it will not be for him but be for trump. he is way ahead in everything. kasich's there and cruz are spoilers to hope for second ballot.
6:20 am
with respect, there is nobody there that will vote for kasich because they're all cruz or trump. i'm hopeful that they will get together. will it be a trump-cruz ticket to bring those two fact -- factions banging heads to unite them? we'll see. bill: 170 delegates by our count going into cleveland. if you divide that in half, trump gets number anyway. your advise for ted cruz as i described his sober message from last night is what now? >> listen, i like ted. i consider him a friend. sobering message listen, he is mathematically eliminated. he talks about uniting party. by ceasing negative, condescending rhetoric towards the front-runner. and vice versa. donald trump did that last night. he called him senator cruz. he does command respect. they are three good people doing the people's business and laying
6:21 am
it out on the line. i commend each and everyone of them. any one of them would make a better president than hillary clinton. that is the choice we have. bill: we'll get in the whole debate. martha has segment if they are head-to-head. senator, thank you. scott brown in new hampshire. we'll talk real soon. >> thank you. martha: so the trump campaign may have a housekeeping issue they might need to clean up. over one of the billionaire's jets. why the gop front-runner may have to ground one of them. a flood-ravaged state bracing now for even more rain. as communities grapple with historic and deadly floodwaters. >> i don't know like, what we'll come back to whenever all of this dies down. i'm hoping everything will be okay. i worry about my neighbors. i hope they can make it through. you're late for work.
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martha: getting in new video of water rescue that happened in southeastern texas as the area continues to deal with catastrophic flooding. watch this. >> use the branches on the trees! make your way around the corner over here to the same tree your buddy was in. [inaudible]. martha: terrifying stuff there going through. good samaritans using a makeshift harness pulling a pair of stranded kayakers to safety. much of houston is still underwater, with storms unleashing 17 inches of rain in less than a day. so far seven people have lost their lives in all of this. the damage is said to be in the billions of dollars now. meteorologist maria molina live in our fox extreme weather center. maria, it has been so beautiful here while our friends in the texas area have been suffering through an awful situation.
6:26 am
>> yeah, you point out something very important. that is a lot of the weather across the country is interrelated. the beautiful weather across the eastern is still associated with a trend across trend in center of nation. they are pumping up winds are bringing warmer air to the east coast and but the wind are bringing heavy rain and moisture across the southern plains. we've been seeing historic numbers in terms of rainfall totals. you see some of the numbers. many areas in parts of texas exceeding more than a food of rain in a short amount of time. here is what is estimated. not just around the houston area but areas much farther west and even north of that, have picked up heavy rain over last couple days. the forecast for the unsettled weather pattern to continue. it is taking a long time for the pattern to break out here. right now on radar we have a lot of heavy rain across eastern texas. coming downplayses like in dallas. it exited city. but will impact areas that got
6:27 am
hit hard with a lost flooding. that's why we have warnings and watches not only across eastern texas but into arkansas and portions of louisiana of the looks like things stay settled in a few more days. martha? martha: thanks for the update. bill: i have a niece that lives in houston and a teacher down there. they have canceled school for two days. everybody is frozen in place. will new york primaries spell the end of the bernie sanders revolution? we'll talk to the chair of the democratic national committee and state of her party and nomination race, live in a moment. martha: this is going through a lot of people's minds, right? what would a clinton-trump matchup, election season be like? holy cow. rudy giuliani says he believes it is time for his fellow republicans to get on board. >> we don't want her. we don't want somebody, we don't want somebody dealt with national security with the kind
6:28 am
of reckless disregard that she did.
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♪ bill: 9:31 here in new york. what is next on the map next tuesday? five states all this the in the northeastern part of the country, pennsylvania, connecticut, rowed rhode island, maryland, all states that would appear on paper and geography for that matter to favor donald trump results from last night this, is, this is, 60%? the map's all purple? it is all trump. 62 counties in new york, except for, if i can get it, no, i missed it by one. this is new york county. this is manhattan. this is where john kasich scored about a three-point victory for donald trump. in a district where trump lives
6:32 am
and works and has for his entire adult life. that is extraordinary. trump at 60%. that is the best performance overall. and he eclipses his previous output in neighboring massachusetts where he was just shy of 50% at 49.3. so that is what we have now on the map. and this is what we have now on the delegate totals. trump at 845. the magic number, 1237. last night, 89, 90 delegates give him a bit of a notch forward now. how about new york county, martha? wow! martha: how about i never knew it was called new york county? bill: true, too. martha: it is manhattan, right? fascinating stuff. thanks a lot. moving forward the two front-runners for president notched big wins as you know in their home state, one adopted home state of new york for hillary clinton and mr. donald trump. however trump could still roll into cleveland without 1237 that is needed to clinch the
6:33 am
nomination. exit polls show nearly 3/4 of new york republicans would support the leading vote-getter no matter what his ability is to win in november. which is interesting on both sides. win in november. that is not really that important to me. other stuff is more important to them. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, says it is a tough sell in his circles, watch. >> i am trying as best i can by having some objectivity here, and presenting myself to friends of mine who don't want to come along and support trump, i will see if i can bring them along because i think when they really face the reality of it, we don't want her. we don't want somebody, we don't want somebody that dealt with national security with the kind of reckless disregard that she did. martha: rudy giuliani speaking out for donald trump. he says sometimes that's not an easy thing to do but he is dedicated to doing just that. alan colmes, help.
6:34 am
of "the alan colmes show," fox news contributor. brad blakeman former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. brad blakeman, are you and your crowd some of those he is speaking to and is that a message you guys will hear? >> sure, it will a hard sell but not a sell that can't be made. think donald trump offers great, certainly contrast to hillary clinton. hillary clinton is entrenched politician who has been around for 30 years. donald trump is new to the scene. he is an outsider. we know the american people on both sides of the aisle prefer that this season. perception is reality with the endings it polls. it is fundamental fairness argument. if somebody fights for this long and gets very close to the nomination, how can you deny them? so the voters aren't really concerned about november as they're concerned about the fairness of convention. i happen to believe if donald trump is nominee, republicans will rally around him. why? because we want to beat hillary. martha: let's talk about democrat side.
6:35 am
bernie sanders won eight states. there was so much talk about his momentum yesterday afternoon. he said look, we'll have a surprise tonight for hillary. and then he left town before the whole thing was over. is he done, alan? >> not done but he has extremely narrow path. he has got to win pennsylvania. he has to really show, i mean states he won were smaller states, not as many delegates. he has very difficult time. apparently he is in vermont. they are saying will reevaluate after next week when there is bunch of primaries but he has to consider whether he is going to go forward or not to the convention because the numbers don't seem to be there. martha: yeah, you know talking about momentum, brad. you look at ted cruz coming out of wisconsin, right? there were so many pundits that next day saying this is the unraveling, terrible, terrible week, worst week ever for donald trump. all of that seems to have disappeared now. >> that's right, because of new york. look, new york is donald trump's stomping ground.
6:36 am
even though he lost his home borrow of manhattan, look what he did around new york state, bothdown state on long island, nassau, suffolk county and upstate. you want to know something? next bunch primaries in the northeast mirror kind of counties we saw in new york. so i think donald trump, wind is at his back. he should very well in next set of primaries of the he may be short at convention he will not be short by much. martha: in a weird way might be good for him that he lost his home county, reflect as lot of establishment in many ways. >> exactly. martha: places that he won is much more reflective of real folks across this country. it is interesting. so take a look one more of these exit polls, we went through them more in lot of detail this one is something the republican party will have to work on. if no majority, gop should nominate candidate -- this is other one, who has most votes 68%. we already talked about that. roll forward to the next one. that basically said if you got the most votes you should be
6:37 am
person at convention. this is one you're talking about, are you excited if this person is elected president? 35% say donald trump. this is place where he won in huge way. kasich 9%. cruz, 5%. brad, sticking with you for a second you have excitement problem in your party. >> we do, i rather have excitement problem than trust and reliability problem than hillary has. we can cause a lot of excitement at convention if we leave the town united vp choice can add to that. people don't vote for vp but certainly adds to the ticket. i would much rather be in our position than hillary's position. martha: what about, alan, donald trump says he could win new york in a general election. >> not sure about that. martha: anything in the numbers indicate that? >> doesn't look like he won his own building. i think it is possible. he certainly can't win general election. negatives with women, with hispanics with anybody who is non-white, not doing well. i can't imagine, i think
6:38 am
democrats probably can't wait to run against donald trump. ted cruz just as bad. i don't think that donald trump won as much last night as ted cruz lost because of his new york values comment. martha: yeah. that definitely hurt him, brad. >> no question. martha: going back to the comment. sort of textbook for a candidate, you can't utter something like that against any state. remember, in the beginning of this process donald trump said something about people of iowa and he ended up not winning in iowa. >> bottom line is, sometimes politicians lose sight of it, you have to be selected by the party before you're elected by the people. ted cruz may never win new york in general election he sure as heck needed them in the selection process. martha: he will go on to pennsylvania. hopes he can get delegates in that process. a lot of them up for grabs. we'll see, thank you both. bill: here in manhattan, the town we love, there were roughly 25,000 republicans voted in the primary yesterday. martha: right. bill: there were 260,000
6:39 am
democrats in that same -- martha: a bit of an imbalance. bill: same area that voted in new york primary yesterday. martha: new york county. bill: wow! okay, 38 minutes past the hour now. trouble for obamacare. why the country's biggest health insurance company is cutting nearly all of its ties with the health care exchange. so what is going on there? we'll tell you. martha: plus new york, new york, right? seems like everybody in this race was from new york for a little while. what are we looking at? when was last time you saw a new york president? think about that trivia question or anybody in the presidential race from new york. >> i have great, great admiration and praise for the city of new york and state of new york. i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory.
6:40 am
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martha: the largest health insurance company pulling out of obamacare in all but a few states. unitedhealth making announcement on word of big financial losses. it raises questions about the sustainability of the affordable care act. the white house playing down the significance of united health's withdrawal, calling the company a small player with 6% of all enrollees. they say united health's prices were often uncompetitive. ♪ >> i want to thank everybody. it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes, you know? it is really nice. [cheering] it's a crooked system, it is a system that is rigged. we'll go back to the old way. it is called you vote you win. >> you carried us every step of the way with passion and with determination that some critics tried to dismiss. because of you, this campaign is the only one, democrat or
6:44 am
republican to win more than 10 million votes. [cheering] bill: there you hear from the winners donald trump, hillary clinton, vowing to ride this wave of momentum now. my next guest is author of the book, "and the good news is." dana perino former white house press secretary, co-host of are the five. out in paperback. with new information. let's get to that in a moment. the brit hume last night from his humble abode in boca grand, florida, the republican party is in a terrible place at the moment. >> he's right. he is talking about the different factions and how do you try to reconcile after this. a lot of parties you end up at a crossroads. i wouldn't call this crossroads but i-95 down in the washington, d.c. area the spaghetti bowl because all roads are going very different places and it is very confusing. i think that is where the republican party is at this very moment.
6:45 am
bill: like the 495 in long island on friday afternoon, you can't get anywhere. how do they reconcile? what is the process for that? who makes that overture? when does that happen? have you gamed that out in your own mind? >> i think about it a lot. i don't know exactly how it happens because we're still in the middle of the primary process where very likely donald trump will replicate his big win last night. he will do very well next east in the northeast. demographics make sense for him there. he has got momentum. then in may you have more cruz-friendly states. so, it could be a while before you start to see some reconciliation. however you start to see some people like rudy giuliani saying come on, republicans, everybody needs to get together. there are very strong feelings on other side saying no, we're not going to do that especially because we want to win in november and empirical evidence we have to date that donald trump would lose to hillary clinton head-to-head. his people would say, there is a lot of time to erase that. he hasn't started to go after her. that's true.
6:46 am
both front-runners, hillary clinton and donald trump have historically high negatives. i don't know how it will turn out because i haven't seen anything like this. bill: true. kasich memo, next seven days are critical, it is now or never to stop donald trump to save the republican party. is that an overstate or is that accurate? >> let me say, that is for many people in the republican party that is their truth. somebody like donald trump, who says this party needs to be reinvigorated i will bring in new people to the party. say he becomes the nominee. you have that group, never trump. i think that donald trump might be able to peel off about a third of those, okay. peel off to bring them over to his camp. that leaves him with 2/3 that he will have to figure out how to make up somewhere else. and i don't know how he does that, except that she is so unpopular. but the demographics do work in her favor nationally. you point out how many republicans voted in new york state last night. bernie sanders would have beat the republican last night in the general election were held. bill: you're right about that. you made several trips in your
6:47 am
previous life with president bush overseas. >> yes. bill: we have a critical meeting now in saudi arabia. here is how the presidentdescrih saudi arabia arabia with the united states on charlie rose this week. >> saudi arabia is strong ally with the united states and friend of united states since i've been president. our interactions around counterterrorism issues has been vital. i think they have been cooperative trying to stablize a region going through tumultuous times. bill: what can you get done? >> only thing worse having a relationship were saud is not having a relationship with saudi arabia. we need cooperation on terrorism. there are people we know maybe within saudi arabia and royal family who help terrorism efforts around the world. we know the government itself is helpful to us. we have to have a good relationship for many reasons. i think president obama going there as part of his farewell tour.
6:48 am
i submit it is very important leave a decent relationship for his successor. that cooperation will be important. saudis are very unhappy with president obama especially when it comes to the deal obama made with the iranians they think that is deal with the devil and they are being appeased. they're not being held to account and they're frustrated in region. president has big hill to climb in dealing with the relationship. bill: iran, isis, oil, et cetera, et cetera, and 28 pages from the 9/11 commission report. >> uh-huh. bill: is it time to make that public, or can we as a country afford that? >> well, because, i had a top secret clearance i'm not going to comment on content of the 28 pages, and i will let the president make the decision. here what i would say. if the sources and methods and intel information in those 28 pages is no longer operable, meaning no assets on the ground,
6:49 am
no people on the ground that would be harmed by the release of that 28 pages, if that has been exhausted i think the president might be able to release those pages and still veto the bill that would allow suing of the government. bill: he has shown somewhat after pattern reaching back in american history and letting the stuff out of the box. what do we learn new about president bush 43? >> well, in the, in the hardcover, one of the most popular things were stories from behind the scenes working with president george w. bush. i didn't talk about his policies or his politics but what it was like for me personally. because those werep popular, i added another chapter. i didn't tell them from my perspective. i talked to other colleagues like tony fratto, ed gillespie and hear from them about it, talking about playing baseball with the south lawn with the president before the nationals home opener. tony discusses that. because the mentoring portion of the book helped a lot of young people, i add ad q&a in the back
6:50 am
with all main questions i got including, how do you deal with having real bad self-esteem at office place, things like that. bill: it's a great read. a lot of people want to hear from you. >> thank you, bill. bill: see you 5:00. right on. >> okay. bill: martha? martha: look forward to reading the new stuff. thanks, dana. coming up a man accused in a string of shootings that tear aided arizona drivers, walking out of jail without paying a cent of bail. how does that work? a police officer fighting to save a man's life after finding him unconscious behind the wheel. >> i think that is when your training kicks in and your instincts to save people. introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no
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6:53 am
bill: so the dramatic dash-cam footage showing a pennsylvania
6:54 am
police officer providing cpr to a man slummed over behind the wheel. authorities say it is a kind of moment when the training just kicks in. >> he reaches in for a pulse. he feels no pulse. he unstraps the individual, got him out and put him on the ground. you can see his life -- bill: get this the officer got a pulse before paramedics take over. authorities say the victim confessed to snorting a bag of heroin. that victim will not face charges. ♪ martha: so man accused in a string of freeway shootings walking out of jail. the judgelowerring leslie merit's bail to zero. police say they have forsenically linked him to four out of 11 confirm incidents last year along a arizona freeway. some of that evidence is now in question. what is going on in this case? chief correspondent jonathan hunt following this one for us from los angeles. jonathan, how long was he in custody?
6:55 am
reporter: he has been held for seven months so far, martha. since he was arrested for that string of freeway shootings in arizona, around the phoenix area, that terrified drivers there as you can imagine. in all there were 11 shootings. leslie merit, jr., the only suspect ever identified by police in the case but from the moment of his arrest to the moment he stepped out of lower buckeye jail in phoenix last night he has maintained his innocence and his attorney said yesterday his release was long overdue. listen here. >> he is elated. i mean he has been locked in a box 23 hours a day for seven months. he missed thanksgiving. he missed christmas. he missed his daughter's first birthday. it is overwhelming for him. reporter: now for his part, merritt said he was simply excited to get home and see his kids, martha. martha: so what prompted the judge to release him now?
6:56 am
reporter: well, ballistics evidence basically of the cops said a gun once owned by merritt was used in four of the 11 confirmed shootings. the defense motion called into question those ballistics. that is why the judge freed him. it is not over though. he will have to wear a monitoring ankle bracelet. he does of course still face trial. but the prosecution case certainly looks a lot weaker against him, martha, than it did just 24 hours ago. martha? martha: unsolved mystery for people in arizona. jonathan, thank you. bill: on to the next round now. ted cruz insisting he is not going anywhere. is his next best hope resting on convention flight in cleveland. we're awaiting a event live in hershey, pennsylvania. the next big primary fight is on tuesday. donald trump hold as strong lead in that state too. more coming up. stay tuned. you're here to buy a car.
6:57 am
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martha: donald trump and hillary clinton sweeping to victory in the new york primaries. it was a very happy night for those two individuals saying there is no place like home but now it is on to the next big primary dates in the calendar. voters go to the polls in five northeast states. boy, is tuesday going to be a very big night. welcome everybody, to "america's newsroom." how about over here? i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you. trump and clinton both celebrating a smashing victory handing a crushing defeat to their rivals as they race for their respective nomination. >> the people of this country and the people of this state truly are great and amazing people. we're really, really rockin'. [applause] we expect we're going to have amazing number of weeks. even though we're leading by a lot and we can't be caught, it is impossible to catch us. we'll go into the convention i think as the winner. >> it is humbling, it's humbling
7:01 am
that you trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. tonight, a little less than a year later, the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in site. [cheering] the model of this state is excelsior, ever upward. let's go out and win this election and all rise together. thank you so much! bill: wow. mark your calendars, tuesday, april 26th. that is pennsylvania. maryland, rhode island and delaware, all take the spotlight martha: fox didn't tall politics editor, chris stirewalt in washington, d.c. donald trump trying out a bit of a new role. he had somewhat of a sober tenor, chris. >> old sober side to donald
7:02 am
trump instead of lyin' ted or calling people names, he was senator cruz. he was, there was new mersage discipline from stomach stomach. you can see the fingerprint of the consultants and the k streeters and people donald trump has brought in to run his campaign and help manage his message as he tries to convince the republican party maybe it is not what you wanted but it's not so bad. maybe they will help him get over the finish line in cleveland. as you point out he has to do well next week first. martha: here is a line from chris stirewalt's memo this morning he sent out. like the human immune system political parties have anti-bodies that attack pathogens. and that pathogen would be? >> it was donald trump. what donald trump would like to do -- look, the republican party was constituted around the idea of blocking people like ted cruz from having its nomination, too conservative, too insurgent, too much of an iconoclast. what the party is designed to
7:03 am
do, protect front runners, protect establishmentarians. what donald trump is basically offering the party, i can play ball, i can be part of the process. let's turn and focus on destroying and defeating ted cruz, preventing him from having turmoil at the republican national convention in cleveland in july. give trump what he wants and nobody has to get hurt. martha: you can feel the scramble moment that exists right now in the republican party because it is going to go one way or the other. you will either have the rudy giuliani's win, who says look, i'm on board, you all need to get on board. this guy has got some magic. he is getting a lot of attention. we haveride-along with him the and ted cruz who know this tuesday is extraordinarily important for him to be on that map in a way that justifies staying in. >> well, not -- well the real issue for cruz is, look, ted cruz would have to acknowledge now whether he can mathematically get there or not, his path to winning nomination
7:04 am
out right without unbound delegates is remote. he needs john kasich, prickly old john kasich, he needs john kasich to deliver of his promise to succeed with northeast voters. ted cruz is no fit for delaware. ted cruz is no fit for maryland and those places. these are places where moderate, bipartisan-minded people john kasich republicans are supposed to do well. john kasich has not delivered to that degree so far. what ted cruz ironically need john cast sick to deliver the goods. if trump rolls through with 50%, 60% of the delegates in those five states, it's over. martha: you know paul manafort, who is leading the campaign, corey lewandoski is also in that front role for that campaign and they're adding. that is what you have to do. if your business model, when your business starts to grow you add staff. that is what happened to the trump political operation, but the tone, everything about it has changed in the past week,
7:05 am
chris. >> that is what his supporters have long said. at some point el change. at some point he'll change. the old trump would slurp out with a bad greet or statement or something. it would distract from the message. the message is supposed to be resistance is futile. it is too late. you can't deny me. you know you want it. if i does anything else he risks blowing that up. cruz has an ace in the hole which is republicans are more conservative than they are moderate. his hope when he gets to the convention, those conservatives will march with him. martha: fascinating to watch. chris, thanks so much. we'll see you soon. >> you bet. bill: questions this morning on bernie sanders future after hillary clinton's big win last night. chief white house correspondent ed henry with one final dose here in new york city. nice to see you. what is the talk within circles on the following issue? many republicans who do not like trump would argue that he gets, he gets his clock cleaned against hillary clinton.
7:06 am
>> right. bill: what is the scenario that he starts turning all the firepower away from cruz and kasich, and puts it on hillary clinton? >> all of sudden republicans -- bill: what happens? >> republicans unsure about donald trump. wait a second, he is right. we need to beat hillary clinton. unite behind that. it might be a very strong unifying force for donald trump. but i will give you the flip side of that the clinton cams believes, because that's what i cover. the clinton camp believes they have a long way to go to bring bernie sanders along. last night clinton aides were not even if sanders and clinton spoke by phone. they're far apart from bringing the party together. you know what will unite bernie sanders and hillary clinton, one donald j. trump. they both want to beat him. bill: my sense he was shell-shocked last night. that is why he went back to vermont. >> he had been planning to go to vermont. to be clear. it wasn't circuited. anytime you said i want to sleep
7:07 am
in my bed, i want to do thinking. he has been out there. he is 74 years old. this is vigorous campaign. he shown strong to be a strong campaigner. to take a step back, suggests to my, don't mistake it him getting out next 24 hours. he is taking a breather. going at it next five states next tuesday. one final stand for bernie sanders. not a question whether he stays in, likely to the convention but does he change the tone? does he stop attacks on hillary clinton. that is frustrating him. bill: that debate in brooklyn was brutal. >> it was a brawl, if you look, "wall street journal" had a poll, something like, i want to get number right, it is down to 20% of independent voters have a positive view of hillary clinton. when's happened and that dropped like 15 points since january? bernie sanders as you know famously, infamous not talking about the email and clinton foundation but tying her to wall street money and battering her more with independents.
7:08 am
clinton folks are saying this, i was there at the sheraton on 7th avenue, there is more that unites us than divides us. what bernie sanders is doing handing republicans more weapons for november. they want that. bill: i think he had a real shot winning new york. >> he did. bill: you're hearing some on the right will say, trump would get cleaned like goldwater was cleaned in 1964. i think if you look at history, they are not apples to apples. you had a country that was extended mourning for 14 months in 1964. goldwater won five states i believe? >> handful. bill: that was it. but i mean it's a different world than 2016. >> chris stirewalt was saying minute ago, very bottom line, we're seeing a slightly new donald trump, a new tone but he is underwater with female voterses, for example. hillary clinton will exploit that. so, he is beginning to transform, but he has a long way to go. if he can transform, if he can deal with the problem with female voters. can deal with the demographics,
7:09 am
get hispanic voters coming into the tent. doesn't look like he canada, he insists he can, you have a long way to go. this will not be easy race like the clintons think. bill: good to see you, fast eddie henry. >> call you the hem. martha: everybody has a nickname this election cycle. coming up speaking after hillary clinton and bernie sanders race, we'll talk to dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz joins us in a moment. there are new warnings today from homeland security officials as recent terror attacks in brussels and paris and san bernanadino expose vulnerability of so-called soft targets. the risk so great, fbi held a briefing for bar and restaurant owners in washington about the potential threat. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live with more on this story. good morning, catherine. reporter: thank you, martha. there were two main takeaways from the attacks in brussels and paris.
7:10 am
first and foremost terrorist networks will hijack criminal syndicates to facilitate their plots and second this renewed focus on hitting soft targets. what we saw in paris were strikes against restaurants, sidewalk cafes, as well as concert hall and the stadium. the stadium had some security. that is largely credited with keeping one, at least one of the suicide bombers from criminalling more people in paris. but here in washington, d.c. because there are so many targets that have been significantly hardened, which is inside language for additional security added, that there was a briefing called for the focus on so-called soft targets, restaurants and bars, held by fbi, homeland security and as well as the washington, d.c., police. fox news spoke with one of the andees at the briefing who said it was much more than see something, say something campaign. >> they went to we need detailed building plans and floor plans for your restaurant, your bar. we need to you have meetings
7:11 am
with your employees to discuss succession plans. and evacuation plans. reporter: one of the things this briefing really highlighted was the gap between what the government can do and what is expected of the private sector. and restaurant owners who were at the briefing said they really had a very sobering view of the security picture and this gap again between what they're able to do realistically and what government can do warning about specific threats, martha. martha: world we live in now. very scary. catherine, thank you very much. you're welcome. bill: big meeting today for the rnc. last major summit of republican leaders before the convention in cleveland. what important decisions will they be making today? martha: democrats may be in for an interesting convention of their own. dnc spokeswoman debbie wasserman-schultz joins us on the state of the democratic race but first here is bernie sanders on the key to his success. >> what i have learned so far from this campaign is when voter
7:12 am
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7:15 am
♪ martha: so hillary clinton may have won big in new york last night but bernie sanders insists that he is not going anywhere. a spokesman for the campaign plans to spend the summer
7:16 am
perswayeding clinton's superdelegates to flip on her and join them but fox news contributor joe trippi says that is most likely a waste of time. >> there will be a lot of pressure for him to pull back. i think one of the things that hurt him in new york was his tone. the more, one of the things, seems to be going on, more he ratchets up to get negative to take her on and knock votes away from her, he actually performs worse. which even makes it tougher now for him to overcome this because now he has to even ratchet it up more. martha: here now with us, florida congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz, the chairwoman of the dnc. good to have you were us this morning. >> thank you, martha, great to be with you. martha: what about bernie sanders, do you think he should get out? is it time for him to go? >> no, we have 19 more primaries between now and june 7th and there is a lot of this contest left although we are getting to
7:17 am
the narrow end of the funnel. so you know, it is going to get a little more intense of the candidates are going to kind of push hard and go for broke. but we've had a very robust and substantive discussion about the issues that are important to americans and our candidates have done a great job, particularly in contrast to the way republican race played out, laying out their vision for the country and how they would help people reach middle class and build on success we've had under president obama. i'm hopeful they continue to do, make sure we stick to the issues. and that we continue to lay out for americans why it's so important that we elect one of these two candidates as the 45th president of the united states and not get anymore incense or divisive. martha: i hear what you're saying. sounds like joe trippi was on the same page. it did get nasty in the new york race and bernie sanders questioned whether or not hillary clinton was qualified to be president of the united states. he also started to raise
7:18 am
questions about the corruption issues that he thought were underlying. he talked about how much she made off of the wall street speeches and he exhorted her to turn over the text of those speeches. are you calling for him to stop that line much attack? >> you know, i like i said, i'm actually proud of the way this many today pain has played out -- this campaign has played out for each of debasements our candidates talked about issues important to americans, how to continue to create jobs and build on our economic success and create more opportunities for people to succeed, expand access to health care and not repeal it like republicans have. you know compared to what is going on the other side of the aisle where chaos is reining and they're talking about the size of peoples hands and very likely nominee, donald trump has alienated just about every demographic group, suggested we should deport 11 million people and declared an entire ethnicity, in mexicans, rapists and drug dealers who emigrate to this country, suggested we
7:19 am
should restart nuclear proliferation even in europe, so, the contrast is pretty clear and i think we need to make sure that our candidates continue to that. i'm confident they will. martha: one of the things that has gotten so much attention is the process, the nominating process. i don't think that has ever happened. certainly not in my lifetime where people look at it, say what is going on with these superdelegates? how come there are people positioned in these states who get to vote for whomever they like regardless of who wins the vote in that state? the is that a process that you would like to see changed in the democratic party? >> well, martha, let me just take you back down memory lane into 2008. this is the not first time that we have had concerns raised over process. martha: but it is new level now. i think at level american consciousness. hearing on republican side as well. >> let me correct you. on all sides -- martha: people continue, really change the system so i'm asking to do you want to change it. >> okay, give give me a chance o
7:20 am
answer your question. in 2008, it got to be such a concern as far as the influence of superdelegates, that we created a change commission, after the 2008 election, that looked at the percentage of superdelegates that we have, compared to our total, and they voted to reduce, they recommended that dnc reduce percentage of superdelegates which we did from 20% down to 15%. we had this debate. democratic national committee made a decision that we wanted to shrink their influence but still make sure that party leaders and other elected officials had an important role participating in the who ultimately is our nominee, but overwhelming majority, as, those pledged delegates have been, have consistently chosen our nominee and that is what we, that is what we expect will likely continue to happen. martha: all right. when you look at these candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton both have very
7:21 am
high unfavorable ratings. hillary is at 55%. donald trump's numbers are north of there. 65% in some of what we've seen. ed henry on a few minutes ago, the fact that 20% of the independent voters have a negative view of hillary clinton. if she turns out to be your nominee does that concern you, and how do you turn those numbers around? >> i think the most important numbers that are critical to look at are enthusiasm. if you look at numbers coming out of wisconsin comparatively, our candidates compared to theirs, new york yesterday, wisconsin number, seven in 10 voters out of wisconsin said that they were enthusiastic on our side about either one, voting for either one of our candidates and you had four in 10 say the same about the republican candidates. in new york, also again, seven in 10 thought that the primary actually energized democratic voters. it was a positive. martha: we reported on that last night. sorry to interrupt. we have to wrap it up. better enthusiasm on your side about the candidates they have
7:22 am
to pick from no doubt. >> that is important. martha: debbie wasserman-schultz thank you very much. that is important. good to have you here. >> thanks martha. bill: bill: donald trump winning over voters but media another story. howard kurtz on the new political battle. kurtz on dick next. when consultant josh atkins books at
7:23 am
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♪ >> my team has been amazing and you know, it is actually a team of unity. it is evolving but people don't understand that. the press does understand it. they just don't want to talk about it. bill: that was donald trump last night after big win taking on media, despite piling up victories the republican front-runner could be facing a new political battle. howard kurtz, fox news media analyst, host of "mediabuzz." good day to you. you talked about a new war. what is that?
7:26 am
reporter: it's a cultural war, bill, in the wake of new york, trump winning 89 out of 95 delegates, even though we knew this was coming, we need to get our head out of weeds of math game. it is important a couple delegates flipped here or there, trump is on his way to something close, within striking range of 1237 what could derail him, what his opponents hope derail him, elements of media can not stand this guy and remnants of the political establishment are trying to depict him as beyond the pale, too dangerous, too divisive for the gop to nominate. bill: you went and found a bunch of headlines from the left and the right. i think salon you had, neanderthals for trump? >> yeah. neanderthals for trump. bill: on "national review" from the other side, you have women really really, dislike trump, take note republicans. what does that suggest to you? >> well took about two seconds to find those headlines. what it suggests to me, i have
7:27 am
never seen in my professional lifetime a candidate, major party, guy closing on nomination who so intensely disliked by commentators on left as well as right. usually divide up into the usual partisan cheering sections. you have that continuing war, scare headlines in the "new york daily news" and "huffington post" depicting him as clown or dangerous. at same time "politico" had interesting piece about some gop consultants telling others who might be considering going to work for donald trump's expanding campaign, essentially, you will never work in this town again if you do that. so again, effort to bring pressure on people to sigh trump will be disasterous. of course what gets left out of the equation, sometimes in these media reports, if trump were to be denied nomination coming within 100, 120 delegates that would completely blow up the republican party. bill: one more point here. you write that trump system not rooted in political base of either party.
7:28 am
how do you define trump? >> i said from the beginning donald trump is not running as classic conservative republican. he calls himself a common sense conservative. so he obviously has elements of conservatism in his platform and in his hot button stances on issues like immigration. but same he takes moderate, even democratic positions on issues like protecting social security, taxing hedge fund managers. this is the reason he is attracting a lot of working class democrats. i call them donald democrats. we used to call them reagan democrats. he is this odd mixture. therefore he, he arouses a lot f animosity from purists on both sides. it is formula only seems to work for him. it seems to be working. we need to get away from the math as cultural phenomenon as well as political one. bill: howie kurtz. sidewalkses of new york -- washington, d.c. thank you, howie. we'll see you in new york soon. thanks. martha: from new york to pennsylvania candidates move to the next round, folks.
7:29 am
this is live picture. ted cruz is in hershey, pennsylvania, today, so what lies ahead for all of the candidates still standing? here is hillary clinton. >> tonight, a little less than a year later, the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight! [cheering]
7:30 am
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martha: now with senator ted cruz speaking at the antique automobile club of america museum, place everybody should stop on their trip around the united states. it's in hershey pennsylvania. you know what else is in hershey?ted cruz speaking to the crowd, talking about being part of this campaign going forward. he had a rough night in new york last night. >> you know, the media they
7:33 am
tried to tell us this is the new normal. this is as good as it gets. as you all understand well, that is an honor lie and the best is yet to come. [applause] you know, it's easy to talk about making america great again. you could even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great? the heart of our economy isn't washington dc. the heart of our economy is small businesses all across the united states of america. [applause] and if you want to
7:34 am
unleash jobs and economic growth, then you take the food of the federal government off the back of the next of small business. [applause] if i am elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] we will pass commonsense healthcare reforms that make health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. [applause] and we will pass a simple flat tax. [applause] you know, tax day was this week.
7:35 am
martha: that's ted cruz in hershey pennsylvania life this morning as he tries to move on from the top loss in the state of new yorkand go to pennsylvania where there are a lot of delegates which will remain at stake and he hopes to grab some of those. we will keep you posted on where the candidates are today through the morning . bill: let's bring in larry sato, director of the center for politics in virginia. a crystal ball and all. i'm going to show you one scenario we come up with.and you tell us what you think, what you want to add or subtract. you ready? trump starts at 8:45 as of this morning after 8990 last night in new york and next tuesday we think rhode island does well. just want to change here. from: connecticut, delaware and maryland, pennsylvaniaand then as we move into may , indiana is a question mark. you would agree with that, right? based on everything we are hearing or not hearing?
7:36 am
we're going to give that to cruz for the moment. nebraska weaken his cruz, west virginia can be tricky but we think it favors trump and we are in late may, or about favors trump, washington state favors cruz and now we are in june. trump would need 229 at that point. we think montana goes to cruz as of today, south dakota. we think new mexico is a 50-50 split. we are giving trump 100 delegates in california at the moment. maybe that changes and also new jersey, 51 winner take all. first week of june, june 8, that wednesday he would be 68 shy.but again, it's just one scenario. go ahead and correct it or agree as you wish. >> bill, that is very close to what my crystal ball operation sees as happening. the trump people, the trump backers think because of last night he's now a shoe in.
7:37 am
no he's not. they are making the same mistakes that the cruz people made on the night of the wisconsin primary went cruz on wisconsin. they got lots of emails over cruz was the nominee, no he wasn't. this is going to be close. i think you've got it close to where it is going to be, that is every delegate is going to matter and every state is going to matter. if i had to pick to that matter more than any others it would be indiana because it's agiant? . crews have to win to stop trump. trump has to win to get close enough to 1237 to get the nomination and california , the giant unknown. you've got trump winning by 100. i think he will win in california but it's the congressional districts there that matter and nobody at this moment has any clue how that's going to break down. bill: indiana is ruby red republican and that accounts for part of the reason why
7:38 am
there's no state pulling out. they haven't done it for republican primaries in the past. if they have, it's been very rare so let's change indiana okay? let's say trump does well there. now he's only 35 away. conversely, i don't know. would you expect donald trump to campaign in montana? maybe now if he has a shot at it because that's winner take all. 27 delegates. so we you gave that to trump, now you are eight away. and maybe it goes this way, maybe it doesn't but now you've got these unbound delegates which there could be 170 on the line. yourconclusion is , it is challenging but it is possible for trump, do you agree with that or not? >> absolutely. in fact, he is going to be within earshot or i shot of the 1237 and the big question is exactly what it was last week and the week before. can he convince and off of those unpledged, unbound delegates to come with him to get him just over 1237?
7:39 am
this is a very close contest for the first ballot. then we go to a second, katie bar the door. bill: katie is going to be busy. >> katie is going to be very busy. bill: backstop, talk to you very soon. larry sato. martha: house speaker paul ryan met last night on late-night tv fielding questions from late show host stephen colbert. it was mostly just one question: will you accept the presidential nominationof the republican party? the speaker started running out of ways to say no to that. >> let me say it in clear english. number . >> okay, how about clear german? >> nine. [laughter] >> clear russian? >> near. >> wow, you seem to know a lot of foreign languages. that kind of experience will come in handy if you would get the republican nomination. bill: what else do you know?
7:40 am
no, nine, and yet . >> there we go. a little lilt. martha: british, i know that. that would be no. bill: what do they say in jersey question mark they say hell no. martha: forget about it. bill: we are going to look at a moment here to ed rollins and joe trippi, they are veterans of these political wars. they have fought over contested elections in the past and conventions as well. two big-time new yorkers taking the state primary, it is a preview now of november. what does trump versus clinton look like? if it comes to that, that's next. >> we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote, and you win. we will be going into the convention no matter what happens and i think we're going to go in so strong. >>
7:41 am
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>> thank you new york. [cheering] thank you all so much. thank you. you know, today, today you proved once again there's no place like home. [applause] >> thank youeverybody and thank you new york , we love new york. we love new york. thank you very much everybody. martha: love, love new york. they sure do. hillary clinton and donald trump had great nights last night, the two big winners in the presidential primary marking the first time to new yorkers have battled it out since 1941 for when democratic nominee fdr and thomas dewey, governor of new york went head-to-head. and rollins was campaign director for them.
7:45 am
he was with president reagan, reelection campaign in 1984. joe trippi a former campaign manager for howard and a fox news contributor. welcome to you both. >> i started with teddy roosevelt, not truman. martha: but it is remarkable when you think about it. ed, let me start with you. you've got to new yorkers, fdr was the last president from new york, nelson rockefeller tried to get the party's nomination but since then this kind of character hasn't sold to well across the country. how did you think it would do this time? >> we will see. this is a key state, a big night for trump. a big night for hillary. i think hillary finished her mission last night. i think trump now has momentum. i think he obviously moves forward with what we call the sellout primaries next week, pennsylvania, delaware and i think the momentum is always helpful in a campaign. he now has experienced people to hide him. he's listening to them, he's going $25 million in.
7:46 am
i have to say at this point in time to stop him is going to take a real task. cruz people are good, it's going to take a mission to stop in at this point. martha: you can see the change over the last few days in terms of how they communicate and how he presented himself last night.i want to go to you joe on this and i want you to listen to paul manafort after he was asked about this question of 1237 by sean hannity. watch. >> there's not going to be a second ballot so there's not an issue. >> and you are convinced? we have several weeks to get 1237. by early june and today was a giant step forward. we think we're going to have another great week next week but more importantly, what you saw, you saw a record turnout in new york and a record turnout with a primary that everybody knew donaldtrump was going to win . martha: is he right? >> i think he very well may be. i agree with that look, it was
7:47 am
a big win for trump last night and if you look at the next batch of states, trump is going to do really well. kasich could pick up a little steam there but nothing that's going to stop trump from either getting the 1237 or very close but both he and hillary clinton have the same problem. they've got to consolidate and unify the party. it looks to me from last night that she shut the door on sanders and could start that process, has easier task there. trump, the republicans still have to work out the convention but it would be a lot better for them if trump got the 1237 and just closed it down without a convention floor fight. i think that would likely be bad even if he was close. martha: it's hard to imagine what this will look like and it's exciting from our perspective because a clinton and donald trump head-to-head race and, both have albatrosses hanging around them. when you look at the numbers they carry around in terms of
7:48 am
unfavorable's, in terms of how they do with women, hispanics. she has difficulty in terms of generating enthusiasm, all the numbers in decent with that last night. what with this race with these two look like? >> first of all you got to articulate people, people going down different tracks. she's going to argue she's got experience, he's going to argue that he has a different mission, that he is a stronger leader, that knows the economy. the critical thing, you're going to see about new york being a battleground state. it's not. resident obama on a bike 2 million votes, it hasn't been won by a republican since 19 before. licenses is not going to become a swing state but you're going have a bunch of the states and play andobviously beginning with two candidates with the highest disapproval numbers and a very negative race , they will just go up so you could end up with a lot of bodies alongside united a lot of bodies indeed. joe, a race between these two? >> the real question is trump stylistically . it's worked for him to be this aggressive, brash take no
7:49 am
prisoners kind of candidate on the republican side. it's exactly what obviously now with more republicans are wanting in their next nominee. i'm not sure how that's going to translate in a general election environment. right now his numbers are toxic with a lot of general election voters. hillary has problems to but his are really pretty toxic. in the last week, he's made a lot of changes in his campaign. his speech last night was much more inthe category of a real presidential campaign , trying to broaden out his message in terms of being more approachable so he's improving but he's going to have to do a lot better i think to be a real threat in the general.
7:50 am
>> he's a great salesman, this is a guy who could sell ice to ask the most and that's what is going to beall about, selling himself. martha: he's been in new york for 15 years. if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. good to see you both . bill: john scottcoming up next, a couple minutes away from happening now . jon: we're going to try to make it on happening now. it was a blowout in the empire state primary. hillary clinton and donaldtrump dominating their respective primaries, both winning by double-digit margins. now the question , does that mean mister trump will clinch the nomination before the convention? is it time for bernie sanders to drop out? we are looking ahead to the primaries in five states next tuesday. fox team coverage and in-depth analysis straight ahead. bill: thank you john. they say google is not playing fair. will a legal fight led by an entire continent cost the tech giants in a major way. >>
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
is the first resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. largely focusing on the impact pornography can have on children. lawmakers say it's easy for them toaccess graphic adult content that is damaging their minds.the resolution calls on parents and the community to help . bill: google in the hot seat with an entire continent. the european union accusing the tech giants of unfairly pushing its own transcends with android while freezingout the competition. benjamin hall is on that storyline and one in. what's the rob, benjamin? reporter: the culprit , giant google following a foul of antitrust laws in europe and it does look as if they could face a very large fine. today the european union charged google with a legally promoting their own transcends on android phones. they account for 80 percent of
7:55 am
the world market. antitrust regulators think google has breached eu laws they making cell phone manufacturers preinstall its functions and browser. the european competition commissioner said by doing so google has prevented others from competing on operating systems and the us company has denied tumors a wider choice of mobile app and they were cycling intervention. >> what we found is that google pursued an overall strategy on mobile devices to protect and expand its dominant position in internet search. reporter: the charges against google are the lord latest chapter in europe's battle with tech companies. they charge the company with unfairly favoring its search engine over others. google which has 12 weeks to respond said in a statement only that android was a
7:56 am
remarkable system based on open source software. they might now face a fine of up to $7 billion. that's the extent of their global revenue for a company worth $60 billion. they can probably afford it. bill: benjamin hall, thanks. we will watch it from london the night with new york in the rearview it is time to look ahead to the next big contest. hillary clinton and donald trump looking to pennsylvania. team coverage continues live from philadelphia. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ incredible bladder prthat lets from always discreeyou move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise. the always discreet double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks
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8:00 am
we have to show up every wednesday. have a good day everybody. should we send it back early? bill: we can do that. martha: will we tell one more story? we will tell that story tomorrow. happening now starts right now. jon: we thought about it too long, this is not early. heather: you have your tie on, you are ready to go. jon: i hope you are ready to. donald trump crushing the competition in new york, , notching his biggest win yet, only far ahead of his rivals in the delegate count.welcome to happening now, i'm jon scott p7 i'm heather, in for jenna lee. trump winning his home state in a landslide last night with more than 60 percent of the vote. john kasich coming in second with 25 percent and ted cruz distant third. the candidates are set to look ah


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