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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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which people want to talk as which go on the web about the campus rape ad. they are jarred by it. they have different thoughts. sandra: much more on the 2016 elections. stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web, we're back on tv tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. prompting homeland security to look at soft targets here at home. why bars and restaurants are the new focus. plus, it was one of the most horrifying crimes in modern american history. >> i department want to to this.
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>> the trial of the meend inez brother is getting a look at the ripped from headlines tv drama. and a spectacular astronaut view of a light in the sky. the new look at a urorea boralus. >> we begin the second hair of the sweep of the empire state. next up. five states that could add to their leads. welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna lee. trump taking home nearly all of new york's delegates after winning 60 percent of the vote with john kasich and ted cruz far behind. hillary clinton winning over bernie sanders with 58 percent of the vote. now the vote turns to the next
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tuesday primary. donald trump is 400 delegates shy of clinching that nomination and that is the big topic. what happens in the convention if there is not a presumpative nominee. >> hillary clinton called a halt to bernie sanders's winning streak. we start with james rosen in the rnc meet nothing hollywood, florida. what are they working on there, james? >> reporter: on the surface very little will change here. reince priebus said he doesn't want the spring meeting to change the convention rules. priebus is swim nothing unchartered waters. not only may have to stage the
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first contested condition vention but faces a front runner after he won new york that the party itself and rules are corrupt. >> nobody can take an election away with the way they are doing it in the republican party and by the way, i am no fan of bernie. but i have seen bernie win, win, win and they say he has no chance of winning. they have the super delegate and the republican system is worse. >> reporter: i have heard from rnc officials if donald trump thinks he will get the nomination even if he comes up a hundred delegates short he ought to think again. >> what about candidates like kasich or cruz will they attend. >> it doesn't a pore trump will
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come. manar foreis here. and texas senator tread cruz will fly in and so will jeff row just addressed rnc officials. and ohio governor john kasich is speaking. here in the plush suites in hollywood where the campaigns are angling for delegate support. for the trump aides it might be a chance it mend fences. >> i do know that the nominee needs to rely on the party. the party has the mechanism to raise money and friends and an organization in the country that as a campaign you will rely on. >> reporter: rnc says the
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change will be voted down. >> moving on to the democratic side of the race. pennsylvania. both candidates campaigning heavily there. and there is a brand new poll that clinton holds a double-digit lead over bernie sanders. she has 52 percent to upon sanders's 39 percent. and clinton is holding a number of events this afternoon. ed, i saw you in fox this morning and already in philadelphia. >> reporter: i am on the move and so are the candidates. donald trump said all bernie sanders does is win and behind in the delegates. bernie sanders's streak eight of
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the last nine contest came to a halt last night in new york in hillary clinton's adopted home state. she won double-digits and not only cleans up with a lot of the delegates and suggests that bernie sanders may have been delivered a knock out blow and what will happen next, trying to get these two together. they want to bring sanders supporters into the fold ahead of the big contest including pennsylvania. last night hillary clinton delivered jabs at sanders and sanders grumbled because independents were not allowed to vote. watch. >> under the bright lights of new york. we have seen it is not enough to diagnose problems, but explain how you actually solve the problems. >> i am concerned that in the state as large as new york,
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almost 30 percent of the eligible voters or 3 million new yorkers were unable to vote because they have registered as independents. not democrats or republicans, that makes nesense. >> reporter: bernie sanders taking the day off and recharging the batteries and reassessing the way forward as bottom line, we have five contests. sanders is behind in them. and after they get results they will figure out the way forward. and clinton is talking to them privately. they know sanders will stick around. they want the negative attacks about wall street stop and it is taking a toll on hillary clinton's favorability numbers.
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>> he may be interested in a change of the delegate system. >> thanks a lot. so what about the runner up. bernie sanders needed an upset win. ted cruz is eliminated from reaching 1237. but he could work to it deny donald trump and force a convention fight. we'll bring in aaron and dan who is editor at the wall street journal. aaron, bernie sanders came in to the new york race with a winning streak and seemed to have high hopes for the state in which he was born and what happened? >> it was deceptive. it was in a number be of states that were favorable to it him.
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and caucuses that was not hilo trafficked by the candidates and he does better in those states. the winning streak was not a surprise. he ran into the same thing he run into p in every other big state on the map so far. every other primary and that was a diverse electorate that was not favorable to him. and a strong clinton campaign and amass delegates to get toward the nomination and we are seeing the result that we could have foreseen. and bernie sanders hasn't changed the reality of the campaign. he's still not on pace to get the delegate haul he needs out of those states. and until he wins states like california, new york and pennsylvania, he will not catch her in any way, shape or form. >> the clinton campaign urged bernie sanders to soften the
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negative tonight. his aides don't see anything like that coming. what should the clinton campaign do about bernie sanders? >> they have a delimba with bernie sanders. bernie is the one democratic candidate that brought emotion and vitality in the campaign. and hillary is not inspiring the young voters between the ages of 18- 29 and who incidentally went for bernie. and so if they try to drive bernie out of the campaign, it will dishearten the supporters. and if they keep him in here and continues the attacks, he drives the negatives up higher. they have to treat bernie sanders with kid gloves.
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i am not sure what kind of deal they can offer him to quietly in the night. >> and cruz walked out of new york with no delegates. what does his campaign do now? >> it is not a proud moment for them. maybe it is surprising that the second place republican candidate just got less than 15 percent of the vote. i am not sure it changes a lot. it was a strong state for trump. cruz was fighting for a couple of delegates at most. it was not a fight worth having for him. by the way, next weeks going to be difficult for ted cruz. northeastern and atlantic be states in that. it could be a bad day for him
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and big one for trump it will come down to california going to at this time polls. you will see focus from donald trump and ted cruz going to california shortly here. >> daniel what about voter attitudes. you say if they win their nominations in their parties, it will be historic in terms of voter attitudes toward him. >> there is a strange paradox going on. hillary clinton and donald trump be succeeding at the moment that their unfavorables keep rising. hillaries at 56. and trump around 64 or 65 percent. and see there is a lot of unhappy voters out there and they should want to bring the negative numbers down. and leads me to the point of donald trump calling the delegate system corrupt. i am perplexed by that.
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trump has momentum. it will be hard for ted cruz and kasich to stop that. trump wants to go in cleveland and get them to vote for him. >> he got 60 percent of the vote in new york and 90 percent of the delegates. >> they seem to be on his side in new york. >> the michigan attorney general now holding a new's conference in the wake of three people, two state regular eightors and a city employee charged with several crimes in the flint lead water crisis. we are monitoring them live froi flint, michigan. for peanuts? well what if i told you that we'll be right back. 's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off?
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>> welcome back. new warnings about soft targets in the united states. they are meeting with bar and restaurant owners in the united states about potential attacks in brussels and paris and san bernardino. they are considering a two month extension of the state of emergency. in the meantime our secretary of defense carter urging the gulf nation to take the fight to isis. all of this as president obama sits down with the king of saudi arabia and there is classified sections of the 9/11 report that links the kingdom to the 9/11 attacks. we have a lot to talk about here. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon and we'll begin with catherine herridge live with us in washington. >> reporter: the lesson in
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brussels and san bernardino. they are focused on the soft targets that do not have traditional security in place. we confirmed that there was a recent briefing by the homeland security with owners in the restaurant and bar sector in this city. and what said to them. they need a plan in place. and they have to be cognizant of what may be evidence of surveillance of their establishments and floor plans to the place in the event of a hostage situation. the owner said it was more than see something, say something campaign. >> they went to detailed building plans for your restaurant and bar. we need meetings with your employees to discuss succession plans and evacuation plans.
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>> reporter: one of the other lessons of brussels and paris, there was significant surveillance by the operatives and they understood the best opportunity to strike and what the emergency response would be. an expert said this is the phase you are most likely to thwart a plot. >> if someone asked a lot of questions. do you have congressional staffers or military personnel. and when are you crowded? they will be aggressive and they will ask. >> reporter: very tough for the restaurant and bar owners. if they tell their employees we need a succession began. this is tough. they are describing really is the new normal in this city and
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other major centers in the country. >> that is chilling news but glad that folks are getting prepared for that. >> defense secretary carter pressing the gulf countries to take the fight to isis. >> reporter: tomorrow is the summit. but today defense secretary carter met with defense ministers of all of the gulf states and pressed more economic and political support to iraq. this is it a theme that president obama is expected to hammer home as well. >> sunni support in iraq will be critical to ensuring that isil is defeated. >> reporter: the pentagon and white house is are frustrated
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that the gulf area is not doing more to fight isis. president obama expressed frustration with saudi arabia. free riders aggravate me. they show unwillingness to put skin in the game. carter urged the iraqi government to retake mosul from isis. there are no saudi or sunni troops on the ground fighting isis and the arab states are not conducting air strikes. once again the u.s. is in the middle of the sun ni and shiite. the iranians and russians are amassing troops north of a leppo. >> that does not sound good.
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back to politics, donald trump winning his home state in new york. and still taking issue with the rnc.
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>> nasa releasing images from the space. this video is a astronaut's eye view from above. the time lapse video shot from the initial pace station. they are natural light shows caused with the atomic particles in space interact with the earth's magnetic field.
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back to politics. donald trump taking a victory lap. the front runner expected to get 90 out of 95 delegates. and trump is about to speak to his supporters in indiana and off to maryland today. and even last night's big win, trump is still taking issue with the republican rules for delegate selection. listen to this. nnobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory and not a fair ticket. and even though we are leading and can't be caught and impossible to catch us. no one should take delegates and claim victory unless they get them from voters and voting. and you watch, the people are not going to stand for it. it is it a crooked system and it is a system that is rigged and we'll go back to the old way, you vote and you win.
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>> for more on this we'll bring in brad, and tony, a republican strategist and does he need to worry about that now? >> it is not chlor he will get to the 1237. >> but in the next group of states are looking. >> up to last night he needed to win 61 percent. and massive win in new york. trump has done well in the rules he's complaining and winning 35 or 38 percent of the vote and getting 40 percent of the pledged delegates, but the interesting thing, the map is favorable to trump. and even if he doesn't reach 1237. if it he comes close he could broker a convention to his benefit and remember in june, the california primary, there are two or throw hundred
10:28 am
uncommitted delegates. and some of them conclude maybe to give it to trump on the first ballot. >> rudy guiliani talked about this. if he is within 50 of that 1237 number, he would argue for a rule change. and i wonder if the republicans would stomach that, and what do you think of that? >> i don't know if they can stomach the rule changes. i agree, it is like a prophil actic by trump. there may not be a problem. on the first ballot i think he will get this. the rnc hates him and no interest in dealing with him no matter what anyone is broadcasting or televising. rnc and tony will never get along. >> that is not thorough. that's creating intrigue is
10:29 am
drama. >> mitt romney saying no way. >> mitt romney is not the rnc. reince priebus will not get suggestions from the brass. they will allow the delegates and they will be trump delegates can make up the rules the way they want to do it. trump is getting a fair shake. he has a chance to win this and last few weeks were brutal and last night was a major resurrection of his idea. >> everyone said he won new york and he won the state and everything's going to change nothing changes, donald trump is still donald trump and if you don't like him, you will not like him. and the rnc will not like him and do efg can without making it terribly unfair to try to stop him from being the president and running for president. >> the numbers are not looking
10:30 am
in favor of ted cruz and john kasich. >> kasich is never had a mathemateccal path. he is hoping to be the contested person in the end. even though trump won the 90 delegates, cruz netted the most because of his organization and get slates of his delegates elected over the four weeks. he netted 30 or 50 more. cruz still has the most clear kind of second option and if trump is shorter of a hundred and below the 1237. cruz has a good state. indiana is important to his campaign. come on back and we'll talk about it. jon, back to you. >> alexander hamilton will stay where he is.
10:31 am
one of the founders of the treasury department will remain on the good old $10 bill. there is now word he would front the spot. back of the bill will have leaders of the women's sufferage. andrew jackson will be stripped of the front of the $20 bill. he might be moved to the back. 20. he is to be replaced by hariet, the civil war abolitionist. and the official announcement to be made later on today. lots more ahead on american election headquarters and whether hillary clinton's big win in the new york might have had had a cost. bernie sanders's attacks are doing damage among a key voting block. are
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-- hillary clinton might have won the big contest in her adopted home state, but at what costs? an article front runners get breathing room. our next guest writes that hillary clinton strengthened the lead but the show down with bernie sanders may have taken a toll. new york went from where democratic race went from
10:36 am
healthy to a grudge match. both probably suffered damage in the process. mr. sanders' attack on mrs. clinton appear to drive negative feelings to the former secretary of state, and not just republican voters, but independent voters and sanders' supporters also appear affected. and now joining us now, jerry seib, you are voicing what the democratic party leaders so many to be worrying about. the fact that the damage to the hillary campaign could affect the general election. >> yeah, it is what you worry about. they are getting angry about it. you know, it is possible at this stage any hard fought primary
10:37 am
and true on the republican side to worry about long- term damage has done. we visited this in 2008 they worried hillary clinton was hanging on and attacking obama. the sanders' critique is hitting hillary clinton in the weakest spot which is can she be trusted? that's what the democrats would like to see put to an end fairly quickly. why is bernie hanging on? every indication he will continue the campaign. >> he pulled even with hillary clinton and won a series of state caucuses in primaries in recent weeks and if you are bernie sanders you look in the mirror and say maybe i can win this. previously, he has the ability to drive the debate in the
10:38 am
democratic party even if he can't solve the delegate path. it is inevitable to see that hillary inton will be the nominee. do they think they can win by turning around super delegates and they will affect the party's position or a combination of the two. both are at work. >> he's hammered her as being beholden to wall street money and special interest. one of the nagging issues that she faces, the low percentage of democratic voters that say she is honest and trustworthy. she scores lower than bernie sanders on that measure. and the pattern continued in new york. the after polling showed a percentage of those who say mrs. clinton is honest and trustworthy. say she is not. w
10:39 am
not good numbers for the front runner there. >> no, this is it a problem that she's got and a bigger problem with republicans and independents than with democrats. but she does well with people who want someone who is experienced and been around the block a few times. there is another part in the new york exit polling, there may be be a back lash on sanders that is helping hillary clinton. women were offended that hillary clinton was not qualified to be president. and democrats are rallying around here. women in new york were 59 percent of the democrat electorate and went for hillary clinton and democrats as opposed to republicans and independents, 61 percent of them went for hillary clinton as well. and so core democrats are rallying around hillary clinton. there is a anti- sand sand' back
10:40 am
lash that is benefitting. >> sometimes a candidate is in the process to be be shot of a nomination four years down the road. you can't imagine that bernie sanders would want to run at age of 76? >> i don't think that is the issue here. i think every candidate that does well and better than expected. at some point in the race can actually win this thing. certainly bernie sanders went through that phase. and the question is going through a worst defeat than in new york. can he still think that. and if it is to affect the party's position, there is ways to do that without attacking hillary clinton. >> you think he might solve the anti- hillary rhetoric?
10:41 am
>> why do damage to himself and her along the way. >> executive editor of the wall street, thank you. >> sure. >> a fox extreme weather alert. houston officials say one more person has now died, bringing the death toll to eight. historic rainfall and drenching rainfall. thousands of poom are in shelters after being forced to evacuate their homes and major highways are still closed today. the threat is not over. we'll get to rick our meteorologist who looks at that. >> more rain coming. >> when you think about what happened in texas. there is so many hundred year floods. we had it happen over and over again. third time in under 12 months that houston flooded in this
10:42 am
one. this is one of the worst and widespread. and a lot of areas in texas getting incredible rainfall totals and right to houston and west television it that saw the the worst of it. we are not done with this. average of april in houston three inches of rain and we have 11 and half and two more days of it. today and tomorrow and notice friday and saturday, we clear things out a bit. and look at this. heavy line of storms moving through houston right now. and the flooded areas, we'll see a rise and flash flooding going on. and we'll dry out by the time we get to friday. >> thank you so much. a car maker caught in a lie. more on that ahead. and two notorious killers serving life for the brutal murder of their parents. a new tv crime drama is in the
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always be you. >> the car maker mishubishi admitted that the employees lied about the test. the inaccurate test involves the mini cars sold in japan. it over stated fuel efficiency. the mishubishi's president apologizing to customers. it is unclear it affected here in the united states. yet another of the truth crime traumas coming to the television screen. nbc is reportedly developing a new miniseries focusing on the lyle and eric menendez. they were sent to prisob be for
10:47 am
murdering their parents. they claimed that they had suffered abuse, including sexual abuse. the jury did not buy that story. the prosecutor argued that the two brothers killed their parents for money. the miniseries comes after the popular crime drama. greg jarret. and you covered this case. this is a huge national case when it happened. >> it was. and americans were fascinated and it was about wealth and privilege and salacious allegations of abuse and the opullent lifestyle of two spoiled rich kids. and the horrific murders. the brothers had bought shotguns and they gunned down their parents with 16 blasts and blowing away their faces, and the parents were unrecognizable.
10:48 am
>> in their home in beverly hills and the family had a opullent lifestyles and yet on television, they looked young and innocent. and they wondered, are eric and lyle menendez the real victims here? this was a case that transfixed america. >> i was a young girl at the time. and a lot of teenage girls had crushes on them. tell us about p their defense. it was self defense. they spunning the abuse by the father. and it was the word of eric and lyle. and they were liars and it was a self defense claim. we feared our parents would kill us because we were going to expose the physical and self abuse. back p up was imperfect self
10:49 am
defense. the oops' defense. honest but mistaken belief that your life is in danger. sorry, mom and dad and we made a mistake of blowing you away. the jurors didn't buy the abuse or the self defense. >> they are still sit nothing prison until this day. motive was greed. >> the oldest in the book, greed. >> the parent's bodies were warm in the grave when they started spending their substantial inheritance. fancy cars and expensive jury and two penthouses in marinna dell ray. and lavic vacations in the caribbean and europe. and eric bought himself a full- time coach, tennis coach and lyle bought himself a nice restaurant. if they hadn't been so greedy, it might not have raised the
10:50 am
suspicions by the police. >> they spent a million dollars in the weeks and months. >> a million bucks they blew. million bucks they blew. >> and that's 1980s money. >> yeah. okay, that's going to be the latest tv series. if it is anything like the popularity of the others -- >> there's nobody better in the producer land than dick wolfe. >> thanks a lot. we'll be talking more about this as it comes out. thank you. here's a question -- is pornography an epidemic and a public health hazard? that's the official position in one state. hear what they intend to do about it.
10:51 am
thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges donald trump reacting to last night's vote in new york. only on "the factor."
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hi, everyone.
10:54 am
i'm gretchen carlson. bill hemmer will break down the numbers for donald trump. plus, "washington post" just got their hands on the internal trump campaign memo where they predict they're not only going to get more delegates than they need, but they also say, "the rnc has a lot to answer for." fox news sunday's chris wallace is going to take that one on. and some breaking news about the cash currently in your pocket. a new face on your money and we'll tell you who it is going to be. "the real story" moments from now. the governor of utah signs a resolution to declare pornography a public health crisis in the state. it says kids are getting exposed to hard-core porn at ever younger ages because of technology. more on that from our denver bureau. >> reporter: yes, this is the first of its kind legislation in the country declaring porn as a public health crisis.
10:55 am
it doesn't change new law and doesn't have any money attached to it. it does require computer technicians who find child porn while working to report it to law enforcement officials. the governor there, republican gary herbert, says he wants his state to lead the way for more research. in its text, a portion of the bill reads, "pornography equates violence toward women and children with sex and pain with pleasure, which increases the demand for sex trafficking, prostitution, child sex abuse images and child pornography." >> for heaven's sakes, we got to protect our children against this. i mean we do everything we can to protect them from alcohol and from tobacco and this is -- can be more destructive than any of those. >> reporter: a 2009 study by harvard business found that utah has the most amount of people per capita who subscribe to pornography online. the u.s. supreme court has weighed in on porn and, except
10:56 am
for a couple of instances, has verified its first amendment free speech protection. opponents like the free speech coalition, a trade association which supports the adult entertainment industry, called the bill "noxious." in a statement it said, "the true public health crisis is the lack of adequate science-based sexual health education in the united states, perrer p ere err perpetuated by socially conservative politicians like these for over 35 years." own is most adult porn is still illegal. it is just up to each state to decide how to handle it. back in just a moment. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these,
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in the final 30, bugs everywhere. a neighborhood in phoenix, arizona overrun with these tiny little beatles. thousands, in fact, invading sidewalks, trees and people's yards. jon, what do you think?
11:00 am
>> one resident thinks they are false chinch bugs from a nearby palm tree plantation. they don't seem to hurt anything or any hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" today. for the next primary battle looming out there, senator cruz trying to gain ground in delegate-rich pennsylvania. we are also just minutes away from a donald trump rally taking place in indianapolis. and hillary clinton is talking gun violence in philly. fox team coverage for you. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace, co-anchor bill hemmer here in new york. jeff, you're in indianapolis. people are wonde


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