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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow night. morrow nt here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> thank you, new york we love new york. >> you proved once again there's no place like home. >> looks like a hillary clinton vs. donald trump presidential race. tonight we will talk to mr. trump about that and also analyze why both candidates are so unpopular. >> i was crying and didn't understand why. i miss him like i missed him on september 12th. >> some families of 9/11 victims want to sue saudi arabia. president obama does not want that to happen. we will tell you what's going on. ♪ >> also ahead, some school kids
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chastised for a dance routine featuring donald trump masks. >> how could we have been so stupid? >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, are thanks for watching us tonight. secretary clinton's big victory in new york last night knocks bernie sanders pretty much out of the race. although mrs. clinton still faces an fbi investigation, barring an indictment over the email situation, she will represent the democratic party in the presidential election. donald trump also scoring very big in new york. and now it looks like he will get the republican nod. talking points does not see a way for the g.o.p. establishment to stop mr. trump.
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even if he doesn't have the 1237 delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot. simply put, trump is so far ahead that ted cruz and john kasich or any other republican phantom simply does not have the constituency to take the nomination away from trump. any back room dealings will be quickly exposed and will doom the republican party. so, i must admit that i'm stunned. as i said last night here on the factor, the two most shocking political stories in my lifetime are the assassination of president john kennedy and the rise to political prominence of one donald j. trump. history will record that this was an uprising, a movement of the people supporting a candidate who has absolutely no ties to the political establishment. republican voters are so angry they don't care what mr. trump says about other people. they don't care if his programs
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are controversial. they simply want to hear his message stated in a blunt way trump strategy has been brilliant in mobilizing support. it's also put him in a position where most americans now view him unfavorably, at least according to the polling. the real clear politics average has mr. trump's unfavorable rating at 65%. hillary clinton is at 54%. those numbers can, of course, come down because now it's really a one-on-one race for the white house. that being said, bernie sanders likely will hang in there because if mrs. clinton is indicted he will be in line for the nomination. i also expect ted cruz to compete energetically in the remaining primaries and john kasich to at least make it through the northeast primaries that will come to a head next tuesday. all in all, tall cotton right now for donald trump and hillary clinton. whether you like them or not, you have to give them both credit for entering a very tough arena. and emerging victorious. and that's the memo.
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now for the top story tonight. let's bring in donald trump who joins us from indianapolis. so, am i making any mistakes in my talking points, mr. trump? >> >> well, i don't know why you are so surprised. we have been doing well i have done well my whole live. i have had victories my whole life. we are going to have another victory. we have thousands of people -- we are in indiana. we have thousands of people behind me. you probably hear. it's been amazing. last night was so incredible in new york. >> all right. but you have got to step back and you have to -- and i know you are. you know. this is -- what have you accomplished here has never really been done before in this country. i mean, you, a political outsider, with no legislative experience, wipe out 17 experienced, most of them politicians, ben carson the exception, wipe them out. and you are saying that i shouldn't be surprised and the folks shouldn't be surprised?
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come on, you're surprised. >> well, i wouldn't say i'm surprised, bill. it's about jobs. it's about the economy. it's about a strong military. it's about the border. >> you aren't surprised that you are going to be the nominee? when you started out? -- i know you are a confident guy. i know that. but you must have said, you know, this is kind of a long shot but i'm going to do it anyway because i believe in myself? >> >> my message is make america great again. i think it's been a great message from the beginning. from the moment i announced on june 16th, it was, you know, pretty well accepted. and right after that shortly a few weeks after that we went to number one and i've stayed there for that entire period of time up until now. we have been center stage on every debated up until now. meaning like number one in every debate. i don't know. i love the process. i love the people. i have seen so many people. i have seen so many millions of people. this country is great. we have such potential, bill. and we're not using it.
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with that being said, you know, my opponents. reported it. i have had 55,000 negative ads. a thousand negative ads. and i won florida after -- they don't care. your supporters don't care. they don't care. what you have managed to do is inoculate yourself to all of that negativity by being a unique presence in the political arena. i mean, look, whether you like trump or not, i'm talking to the audience, not you, just don't have to listen to, this donald, you don't have to listen. i'm going to talk to the audience directly. whether you like this guy or not. whether you like him or not, what he has done is unique. it's never been done before. he spoke directly to the people. he went around the establishment. he went around the press he didn't take money from the fat cats and he won. it's never been done. now i'm back to you. that being said, you've got more work. you are 56% of americans, they
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are not in your wheel house. what are you going to do? >> i do understand it and now we have a very tough battle. as you said 17 people. i was being hit from every angle on every side. i had to be very tough coming back. i mean, there is no question about that. i had to be very, very tough. in some cases i had to be very nasty. now it looks like we are in very good shape to go right to the end then i will take on as i say crooked hillary. hillary is crooked. i will take on hillary clinton and i think we are going to win. i think we are going to win. >> last night you shocked the world by calling ted cruz senator rather than the usual lyin' ted. was that a signal that you are the kindler, gentler trump now? >> i don't think so necessarily i thought it would be undignified for me to get up at
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that particular moment everybody watching the world watching last night everybody was watching to see what would happen in the great state of new york a state where i think i will pete hillary clinton by the way. even i didn't know it would be -- close to 62%. even i didn't know it would be to that level. we got almost 100 percent of the delegates. >> you lost three to kasich. that's the final tally. >> we have a lot of them. >> you were not bombastic last night. you were happy. very complementary to your home state. >> true. it was a little bit of a different thing. now, as i said, they can't stop you, they being mitch mcconnell and the republican establishment they can't. they can't. in my opinion, and i have looked at every scenario unless i getwe field poll says that you are running okay there unless you
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get wiped out there, you are in. you are the guy. >> we are doing very well in california. we have a tremendous lead and i have a tremendous relationship with that state i employ many people there and i have a great relationship with california. we're going out there in a few weeks. i think we will do very well there i have to say that i don't know why the republican party in terms of its leaders, i like mitch and i like paul ryan and i don't know why turn away the millions and millions of voters that came -- you know, they call it the trump train. i don't call it the trump train. >> i will tell you why. do you want to know why? do you want to know? >> go ahead. >> they don't think that you are going to beat her, hillary clinton. and they think they are going to lose the senate and the house in the process. they think it's going to be a gold water 1964 run. that's what they think. now, what they base that on,i don't know a lot of people think i will beat her. a lot of people think i will put
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states into play that will never be in play like i will win michigan. no other republican is going to even compete in michigan i'm win pennsylvania. i will win states that nobody else -- guess what, i will win new york. >> if you win new york, you're going to be president. >> i will win new york. because i'm going to produce jobs. i lock at new york state. it's a disaster. the jobs are all gone. i mean, they are moving to mexico they be moving all over the world. i think i will win new york. that would be a. >> you can hang on for just a couple minutes? i want to talk to you about hillary clinton and i'm sure you are thinking about, this how you are going to go and coming pete one-on-one with her. and we appreciate your time. we know you are running around the country today. >> sure. >> later, should president obama release classified information about the 9/11 attack that may help some american families but harm saudi arabia?
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continuing now with our lead story, donald trump very close to securing the republican nomination for president. we got a taste of how you might campaign against hillary clinton in pay -- poughkeepsie new york last sunday. then we have crooked hillary, folks. she has been crooked from the beginning. to think that she has a shot at being our president, crooked hillary clinton. we can't let it happen. you can't let it happen. >> all right. so that's the theme crooked hillary clinton. you can't let it happen. are you requesting -- going to get out on a hat? >> it's not a theme, bill. it's a nickname that i use. i like to sort of brand people. brand them honestly. and i branded some of the people that i have been against on the republican side. i think it's been effective
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that's what i brand her. you know, the story as well as anybody else. she has a lot of problems. >> it's not going to be the kindler, gentler donald trump in the one-on-one race. do you believe that when you go after hillary clinton and let me ask you this, clintons have had some personal situations based on the president's conducts in the house. are you going to dredge all that up? is that going to become forefront? >> i hope not. i don't look to. i like to keep that out if possible. you just don't know what's going to happen. i would like to be able to keep that out if possible. >> so if they don't come after you personally, you are not going to come after them personally? can we get that on the record tonight? >> i would say that but when you say i will be tough with her, she is going to be -- and they are going to be very tough with me. i have been reading oh they are doing all sorts of research and
8:16 pm
everything else. what's there to find? people have known me for a long time. but, they are going in to all sorts of different things and, you know, i am what i am. i have done well. i have built a great, great company. i filed my papers for the great company. everybody can see it i built an amazing company. and, frankly, with some of the great assets of the world, very little leverage, very little debt, tremendous cash flow, some the great assets of the world, bill. i'm very proud of it over $10 billion in net worth. you know what, bill? >> so will she. >> i know that. they will be tough. >> she has some nasty, nasty pieces of work on her payroll. and they don't work directly for her. they work for the pacs. the political action committees. these are the worst, these guys. i'm not going to mention their names. i don't want to empower them. you know who they are. >> i know their names. >> they're going to do it? >> i have known it for 20 years, bill. sure. >> so, when they come after you leaking stuff to a huffington
8:17 pm
post or a left wing website or even a legitimate paper, okay, when they do that, are you going to then come back in kind and drag up all the lewenski stuff? >> there will be retaliation unless it's fair. if it's fair i will never do that there will be retaliation unless it's fair. if they treat me fairly i'm going to treat them fairly. >> you are not going to treat them fairly. >> we will find out. >> we will find out. >> she said last night you are dangerous. you are a dangerous man. that seems to be the theme. your theme is that she is corrupt. her theme is you're dangerous. that seems to me where it's going right now. now, that's not fair. you don't think you are dangerous, do you? >> >> no, i don't. i think i'm going to put the country back to work again. i think i'm going to build our military strong. >> when she goes off and says donald trump is dangerous and is he denigrating women and he is doing all things to minorities
8:18 pm
and he does like muslims, it's dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, is that enough to set you back where you go after her personally? >> well, they would be lies. i mean, if they said those things, they would be lies because that's not true and i think you understand that so maybe it would be. we have to see. i%watched bernie and bernie got angrier and angrier as this campaign went by. i see him winning all these different states. you know it's a corrupt system. you understand that better than anybody. >> i got that. bernie didn't lay her out. bernie stayed away from all of the email stuff. >> he got nasty. >> he was hitting her on the donations. but, bernie gave her a pass on 90% of the other historical stuff. and i just see -- >> -- he made a big mistake by not doing the emails. he made a big mistake and not going after her. when he did that little sound bite basically saying forget the emails, that was a big mistake and he wished that to go over again and especially right now. >> you are not going to forget the emails. >> well, i think the emails -- i don't think that's playing dirty
8:19 pm
pool. i think the emails are a big part of her life story right now. what she did was terrible. >> depends on the fbi. >> we will see what happens. >> do you want to make a prediction tonight? do you think hillary clinton will be indicted? >> >> no. because i think the democrat party is going to protect her. i don't think she is going to be indicted. i think that what she has done is very, very serious. i know for a fact that what general petraeus and others have done was much less, and it destroyed their hives. so i do believe, bill, that she is being protected. >> but how can the democratic party protect her from the fbi? isn't the fbi non-corruptible? >> i hope they are not working together. they are humans. and they are people and they do talk, i would imagine. i would like to think that they don't work together. i would say that she is being protected. what she can't be predicted from is the statute of limitations
8:20 pm
because on the assumption that somebody else got in, that's a real dangerous situation. >> so, if you were elected, then you would go back in and take a look at it? >> well, you have a six year statute of limitations. >> right. >> and certainly this folds within that period of time. and you certainly have to look at it, very fairly. i would only do something if it was 100 percent fair. certainly that is something that you would look at. >> mr. trump, thank you very much for your time this evening. we know how busy you are. we will talk to you again soon. >> thank you, bill. >> directly ahead, does bernie sanders know he is done? ed henry will answer that question. later, miller on dancing trump kids. why did they get in trouble? moments away. they say that in life,
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and in the impact segment tonight. as we mentioned in the talking points memo, it's all over for senator bernie sanders unless hillary clinton gets indicted. joining us now from philadelphia where he is with the clinton campaign. ed henry. so does the senator know he is done in your opinion? >> no. i spoke to jeff weaver, his campaign manager. other officials. and they are still talking like they could go on a run next tuesday here in pennsylvania. four other states that are voting. they are also talking tough about how at the democratic convention which happens to be in philadelphia here, in july, they are going to flip these super delegates. the party bosses. who can help sway this race. but, frankly, there is very little evidence that these party bosses, who are largely with the clintons are going to flip, especially when sanders is so far behind. basically, he needs to win over 70% of the remaining delegates in order to win this. that is nearly impossible. so, to your question, they seem to still be in a little bit of denial about it.
8:25 pm
>> calculated denial is what they play. they know what the numbers are. but they usually want something. what do you think bernie sanders wants? >> well, one of his advisors gave me idea what's on the wish list at the convention. they will be reluctant to talk about this for a while. they want to give the impression they can still win this race. one of the things i'm told bernie sanders is going to press in terms of the party platform rules is to try to convince hillary clinton use his leverage to say moving forward we are not using super delegates anymore. we are not letting the party bosses have 15% of the delegates that decide the nomination. so, to be clear, it would not matter this time. clinton will likely win with super delegates but not just win with the pledged delegates but reform it and say my revolution has a legacy. we brought power back to the people. and that may may may be very
8:26 pm
important for him moving forward. that also proves that deep down they realize it's highly unlikely they are going to win. >> she is a certified member of the political establishment and all of these super delegates work to her advantage. why would she want to reform a system that's beneficial to her if she wins she will have to run again. she will get a challenge from someone. she is not going to do that. she might not. she probably wants to run for a second term if she can win this time. bottom line is she needs the sanders supporters. yes, he is coming up short. he has millions of them. >> it will be interesting. >> people not enthused about hillary clinton. you know, look, we will see what else is on his wish list. i'm told by senior advisors this is one thing. look, maybe hillary clinton wants to prove to the young people yes, i'm bringing power back to the people. maybe not. but it's one thing on the table. >> it's an interesting wrinkle that that's what sanders wants. now, are the clinton campaign people completing? >> yes. >> they are?
8:27 pm
tell me why. >> yeah. i mean david, remember him,. >> the mayor. >> the former mayor of new york warming up the crowd last night. i was there at the sherri tan on seventh avenue. you can't have a revolution without a plan. hillary clinton got up and said the bright lights of new york finally proved that you can't just come up with a prognosis, you have got to fix. this my point is they were kicking dirt in bernie sanders' eyes. they have that right. hillary clinton had a knockout last night. and so for her to get up there and say i won, she won. there is no -- make no bones about it. this was not small. she won by big double digits. she can gloat if she wants. >> she won by 20 percentage points. i think the minority vote broke 80% for her. 08-20 for her. >> it's big. we knew there was advantage. one recent poll had it about 35% among african-americans for example. it might have been even bigger last night. >> a look at the exit polling and she was getting eight out of 10 minority votes.
8:28 pm
so all in all, we as i said congratulate hillary clinton. even if you don't support her, i think she is a determined candidate, i think that's okay, right? determined candidate? would you say that? >> i think a lot of americans will take from last night's results we are all very fortunate to have bill o'reilly staying in america. you might vacation in ireland. but you are not moving, bill. i permanently appreciate that. >> i'm still going over to ireland and checking property out there. is a lot of things going on here. >> you told me months ago if bernie sanders won you were moving. >> i wasn't picking sides but i love having you here. >> i can stay on rhode island. ed henry, everybody. we will continue political coverage frank luntz and dennis miller both have interesting takes on the presidential race. next, president obama and the 9/11 families in saudi arabia,
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing factor follow up segment tonight aren't the federal government has classified pages about the 9/11 terror attack deals with saudi arabia possibly funding the terrorists themselves. now some american families want that information to use in a lawsuit against the kingdom. but, there's a law preventing american citizens from suing foreign governments.
8:33 pm
>> if we open up the possibility that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the united states to being timly sued by individuals in other countries. >> however that law may be overturned. it looks like the senate and possibly the house will pass a new law allowing americans to indeed sue foreign nations. with us now to analyze monica cawley and eboni williams. >> the president visited vab this week not happy. they are threatening to take all the money they have invested in the united states, which we are talking hundreds of billions of dollars here that saudi arabia has invested here and pulling it out because they say if you pass a law allowing your citizens to sue us, you might tree that money and we are going to get it back. this is big. >> yes. and it will have consequences. we are talking about redefining
8:34 pm
1976 law. there is 1976 law on the books that grants immunity to foreign nations from lawsuits to u.s. courts. what this new legislation coming up in the senate probably next week future is a little uncertain in the house but certainly to pass in the senate talks about removing that iment mount in some places where culpability can be assign to do a foreign nation for attacks that kill americans on american soil. >> there is a clarification here. >> also a narrowing of the law, ebony. so it's only money from foreign nations that go to help terrorists who kill americans on american soil. >> that's correct. >> i think overwhelmingly the americans would support that law, the consequences be damned. >> well, bill, i think politically speaking you are right. philosophically, absolutely, the notions of justice would seem to echo what you are saying. >> we can't have north korea
8:35 pm
funding terrorism and we have to have some way, other than military, to go back at them. >> i want to just go for a moment here. let's play the history around, this right? this has been going through the court since 2005 judicially. am seeing competing branches of government here. >> don't get too complicated now. >> also president bush saying there is a reason why. >> bush classified the 28 pages. he didn't want that stuff to get out. >> it was in our best interest national terrorism. >> looking at the bigger picture but i want to see what saudi arabia did. i want to see it? >> look. >> i'm not saying i support the law, but i want to see what they did. >> maybe we should trust, bill. i think maybe we could trust that president bush and president obama and all the people that have. >> no, i'm not trusting them. nope, nope. not trusting them. go. >> i'm a firm blofer in holding responsible parties responsible. if you release the 28 pages, it at least helps us get down the
8:36 pm
road where we can expose. >> who is doing this. >> who is doing this, how it is funded, how these organizations work. >> i have to be honest and say if i were a senator i don't know which way i would vote on this. because i do understand the points that president bush and president obama made. >> the flood gates would be open so wide, bill. the lawsuits from all across the world. >> i want to know and all americans have a right to know what saudi arabia did. >> great. and there is a real precedent on this. because victims of families of iranian sponsored terror sued in federal courts and they won 2 billion-dollar judgment. >> 28 pages. >> law that permits them to do this. >> the supreme court just upheld the judgment. >> these 2 pages will be really soon. ladies, thank you very much. when we come right back, miller time has some thoughts on the presidential race and dancing trump kids. miller is next. "why are you checking your credit score?
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may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. politics and dancing trump kids. joining us now from santa barbara, the sage of southern california dennis miller. so, looks like hillary vs.
8:41 pm
trump, miller. what say you? >> listen, let's talk about last night. obviously, what can you say? i know a huge night for john kasich on the g.o.p. side. continues to move through this election like sherman through georgia. on the democratic side mrs. doubt liar crushed. that's my new nickname for bernie, bernie sensation. he is learning it's not good when your supporters are as disorganized as let's say adults who need other people's stuff. bernie is finding out that there is a whether he blessing and cug people who don't have it together as your main supporters and not registering to be able to vote for him. that's why his campaign is now as they say bernie rubble. but i have two suggestions for bernie what he do. i think owe should become a
8:42 pm
corporate spokesman there is a couple opportunities out there. i think he can do a beer ad as the least interesting man in the world now that the other guy is moving on. and then i notice kfc keeps shifting out people. he could become colonel bernie sanders. >> i could see that. >> other people's stuff is finger licking good. other people's stuff is finger licking good. colonel bernie sanders is a great gig for him. >> you are recommending that after the political season that sanders migrate into capitalism. go into corporate precincts. >> i would warn him though you don't get to keep much of your earnings because of idiots like. >> you 50%, whoosh. okay. now, in wellesley, massachusetts, very liberal suburb of boston, there are three creative kids, 11-year-old boys who participated in a talent show. roll the tape.
8:43 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay. so, after they did that, that was the preliminary round in the talent show they made it into the final round. parents complained and the pinheads who run the school said to the kids you have to drop the trump masks or you can't go into the final round in the talent show and guess what the kids did, miller? >> i don't know. put -- >> --they stood up and said we're not going into the final round, miller. they were stand up kids.
8:44 pm
>> well, you know, billy, i can't even find any humor in this stuff anymore. i think the country is really screwed up. i think we live in the age of the menacing do gooder. there are people out there looming, man. and they don't want you to have any fun anymore. they don't want you to mention the other side of things anymore i would like to say that i can see some humor in it but i think the country has crashed in a primal way and i don't think it's coming back. i have been telling you that for three years. i notice in some of your talking points lately that you are starting to get a little angry. >> you are ahead of the curve on this. >> i don't think it's coming back. you have to figure out how to play it. >> here's my hope. christian, mark, and his brother david, these are the future of america and these three kids stood up to the oppressive, ridiculous school and said, you
8:45 pm
know what? that was our routine, we're not going to fold because it's insane. and we'll see you later. that's got to give you some hope, miller. last word. >> i think there will be some moron teachers in those schools that will grade those kids poorly because of what they did. >> then i will get involved. >> you are the one that wrote c. it is literally a culture war now. >> if those kids, if anything like that would ever happen, let me know and i will pay a surprise visit to the school. >> trump's detractors see his head as bigger than that, you know that. >> dennis miller, everybody. we would like to remind everyone that the best father's day gift in the universe and applies to mother's day as well is sending who wants to be a millionaire show. reno nevada, denver, colorado, atlanta, georgia, biloxi, mississippi. make mom and dad and mom and grandma happy.
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back of the book segment tonight, just for your information donald trump received a little more than 500,000 votes in new york. hillary clinton doubled that receiving more than a million. that's what mr. trump will be up against, big states like california, illinois, new york, heavily weighted toward the democratic party. with us now frank luntz who will be handy capping the presidential race. give me odds on hillary clinton winning the presidency. >> i would give her about a 4 to 3 advantage. >> all right. >> and the reason why is that trump does pick up blue collar workers in places like michigan and pennsylvania that i think would absolutely be in play. however, he hoses latinos, 18 to 29-year-olds and women under age
8:50 pm
50. you cannot wins a a republican if you are losing young people by 2 to 1. obama only lost with 60 to 37%. you can't lose latinos by 73 to 27 which is what romney did. these are votes that trump has to win back between now and election day for him to be african-americans, trump has no chance? >> he does. >> you think he can make inroads? >> i think he'll get double digits there. i think you have to go back to ronald reagan to find a time when republicans got more than 11% or 12%. >> but hillary clinton won in new york highly because of african-american votes. >> but in my focus groups i have found to my surprise that african-americans show up only as trump voters. they won't vote for any other republicans. they like his tone. he's against the man. he says what they're thinking. i think he will outperform
8:51 pm
others. >> you think donald trump can do better than romney did. >> yes. >> hispanic-americans there is a big tie-up on the border and the comments about mexican criminals because that's who he was talking about. you don't -- do you think he can make inroads there? >> no. i think that's one of thiz problems. i'm now looking at arizona and nevada which have significant latino votes which republicans can win in good elections. they have been winning arizona i. think trum will have a problem there. >> he did okay in the primary in nevada. >> that is different when independents and conservative democrats are voting and they're rejecting you, then you have a problem. >> so he'll have a hard time with the hispanic presipgts. younger voters say under 35. let's have that as a cutoff, 35. trump should appeal to them. he has charisma, television background. they understand what he's saying. he's a blunt guy? no? >> and they're angry at hillary clinton for hurting their man bernie sanders. sanders is more popular among 18
8:52 pm
to 34-year-olds than even barack obama. >> you think they'll hold a grudge that she wiped sanders out? >> they may. and they want the biggest change of any segment of the population. >> trump is the ultimate capitalist. if they're going for the socialist. >> correct. >> they look at trump, there's not a more opposite person on earth. >> except they look at trump as bringing about the change. they hate the system. they think it's worked against them. they think it really is rigged. they believe someone, they desperately want change. 24e are aligned with hillary clinton i'd logically, aligned with trump in his persona. they like the in his face. >> i agree he'll get their attention whereas a mitt romney wouldn't. >> right. >> finally, women. more women vote than men and donald trump needs to get, what, about 63 million votes or something like that, 163 million? 163 million votes he needs to get. women? does he have a chance? >> his problem is younger women. i know he'll say, but i do great among women.
8:53 pm
but that's on friday night. we're looking at what they're going to do on tuesday on election day. that's a joke. >> i got it, frank. >> he's got a problem there. his tone, his demeanor. the very thing young people like that he's in your face, he says what he means and means what he says turns off younger women. they don't want a president -- >> when you say younger what age are we talking about? >> under age 50. trump has a real problem under age 40. but it goes up to 50. >> but over age 50 women are accepting him? >> are open to him, accepting him. we'll have the biggest gender gap in 2016 that we have ever had in american history. there will be more divorces because of this campaign than anything else. >> all right. and you see it trump/clinton, right? >> correct. >> frank luntz, everyone. the tip of the day, a lady will be put on the $20 bill. be put on the $20 bill. the tip moments away.
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bill? in a moment. but first, if you would like me to sign copies of "killing reagan" or the other killing books or mom and dad on their p coming days, get those orders in. if you buy a copy of "killing reagan" on the website, get 50% off any other "killing" book. become a premium member and get a "killing" book free of charge. bill, your talking points on monday was the best ever. i believe government handouts do not equal success in life. keep focusing on that big lie. logan gifford, las vegas, nevada. bill, how would you fix america's educational woes? school uniforms for all, number one. signifying they're in a serious place. a code of discipline with immediate sanctions for those students who break it. class placement based upon achievement with special help given to students who have not been successful in the past. a myriad of after-school activities. i would also establish a
8:57 pm
mentoring program based in the schools for students from challenging homes. get outside people to come into the schools after and help these kids. al sheldon, loveland, ohio. bill, i need to stop calling americans dumb and unwilling to work. you are way too smart to expect a positive result from a negative delivery. that's my tip of the day. well, my job is to state the truth, al, not calculate negative versus positive. rick hammond, jamestown, new york, did i really hear charles krauthammer say that fdr -- you did, rick. i agree. to manage the great depression, the feds had to expand their power into the private sector, which had completely collapsed. special circumstance. but now we don't need the feds to continue a nanny state or to mettle in the marketplace. we need oversight, not meddling. mr. o'reilly, you gave ted cruz
8:58 pm
a free ride on monday's "factor." patty miller, houston, texas. bill, you were rude to ted cruz. at the same time i was giving him a free ride, i was mean to him. paul talbert, ft. wayneright, alaska, bill, my 10-year-old dissected a frog for a science project. he called his project "killing kermit." boy has a future in publishing. david witten, carlsbad, california. bill, when will "killing the rising sun" be released? september 13th, dave. but you can preorder it on bill o' or get it free for signing up or reupping your preem upmembership. anyway, check that out and we'll get that book to you free. not free. we'll get it to you fast. i'm delirious. a very happy birthday to world war ii hero ted samoan, 95 years old in san pedro, california.
8:59 pm
ted is a patriot. tip of the day, recently there was talk of removing alexander hamilton's face from the $10 bill replacing him with a no notable woman. well, the broadway play "hamilton" hit big and apparently saved old alexander. now president andrew jackson will take the hit, being replaced on the 20 by harriet tubman. jackson did some very good and very bad things in his life, but harriet is a shining star. born a slave in maryland, she eventually ran away settling in the free commonwealth of pennsylvania. she then became one of the underground railroad most effective freedom hunters escorting over 300 slaves out of their dire circumstance. ms. tubman deserves her honor. as for andrew jackson he was a slave holder. looks like karma has kicked in. that is it for us tonight. please check out the website. spout off if you would about the factor o'
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word of the day, do not be a skelam when writing to the factor. again, thank you for watching us. miss megyn


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