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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 21, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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g.o.p. change the rules? here they are. 62% say change. 38% say keep them the same. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. see welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levy filling in for the much taller tom shillue who is keynoting the association for crime scenery construction conference. let's check in with rob long to see what exciting stories we will be discussing tonight. >> thank you, andy. coming up, a new stu de reveals people named chad are twice as likely to vote republican while people named andy are more likely to have people like tom tied up in their base meant. and she said america is always best with her back on the mat which will be the only position allowed under a ted
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cruz administration. and finally a new smart mattress will alert you if your significant other is cheating on you in your own bed. it is called the whose press on nail is this sleep-o-matic. >> thanks, rob. let's welcome our guest. like cat woman she is a female kyle. and he founded a newspaper in prague called prague moses, matt welch. and i don't have a joke about him because i want to live. it is army ranger and co author of the book "13 hours" the inside account of what happened in benghazi. and his mind says he likes all genders, but his beard says he is just for men. next to me, joe devito. bernie sanders was kicked out of a hippie commune.
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he had to age 45 years before he could connect with young people. sanders was asked to leave the commune because he was, quote, sitting around talking about politics in assisted of working. one resident reseptemberred feeling anything would get accomplished that day. when bernie stayed for the a allotted three day he requested he move on. i should not say i cannot verify that. he was leaving the commune while researching an article on natural childbirth. matt, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> would you say hippies rejected bernie like the voter in new york did yesterday? >> i think there is a qualitative difference. they say the exact same thing. i suspect he says the same thing about the corporate
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money is ruining politics and we have to stop it with the billionaire. i apologize. what would be a less surprising story that you would annoy? done national trump was a vulgar show off and hillary clinton had an annoying voice. it is the perfect story. >> true. is there room for a hippie commune? you wouldn't expect that kind of thing. >> you should have seen the interest view he got at plado's retreat. >> they love the workers, but they hate doing the work. they have not chopped wood in vermont or anywhere else. i am backing craig on this. >> you are backing craig? >> are you team craig or team
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bernie? >> i am going to say the issue with bernie was that he was researching natural childbirth which is fascinating and being that he is pro-choice he will mandate all women give water birth and breastfeed until their child is 17. >> can you see yourself living on a hippie commune? >> i can't believe you have me on with these three comedians. >> two comeed wrens. >> i'm sorry. >> you look good. let me restart this. >> it is not that common. we work and don't complain about it. so that's probably why a lot of ranger aren't politicians. i think bernie just fit -- that's where he started to say, you know what? i want to be a politician. let's go and not do anything. it is perfect.
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>> a top clinton aid after bernie won new york said if he doesn't tone down his rete rete for -- his rhetoric [bleep] him. >> they obviously want bernie to stop giving the republican nominee done national j trump any kind of ammunition and they are irritated by it. his campaign has been much less negative. really at the same time and with about the same chances of winning. i don't know what they are talking about. she is annoyed she had to compete at all. she structured her career so she never has to compete is stillhe jobs she is irritated barack obama had the temerity to run against her. >> should bernie dropout? >> no -- well, i wonder if when he started he thought he would do it of the by the way
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is that named craig? craig blank? craig x. when you look at the ps of them together can we raise bernie's microphones? hell rehas come up to a natural level. they are laying on the electric turn. ted cruz has the strategy and compare themselves to bernie sander. >> this is the year of the outsider. >> i am an outsider and bernie sanders is an outsider. both with the same diagnosis. both with very different paths to healing. >> that was his concession speech after he lost very, very badly in new york. here is more. >> he may have been knocked down, but america has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat and the crowd has given the final count.
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>> don't ask. >> great analogy to unite the country with a gang rape metaphor. >> while everyone is watching uh uh -- apparently. >> i am assuming it sounded more sexual than intended. >> i do. i really, really do. >> probably hospital have been said if somebody like myself would have said it it would have been inferred sac a sexual reference. why don't i pass that one. pass it over here. >> the original sin and is america a she? america is a bro. >> i don't know. >> he micked it up and became a rhonda rousey metaphor.
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>> he being on the yoga mat. >> these pictures i am getting in my head are completely wrong. >> a little weird for cruz to be calling himself an outsider and comparing himself to sanders. if there is any comparison on the republican side it is trump, isn't it? >> well, if it weren't for trump he could possibly position himself as the outsider because he was a tea party favorite. if you listen to the echo and it sound like he is outside with no one around him he is completely empty. it sounds like someone trying to stripping together fortune cookie messages. if it said in bed maybe it would have made more sense. >> on her back in bed. >> ted cruz is the creepy uncle in every family reunion. again, you brought him again? >> if they used the lying on the mat thing it might have
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sounded not creepy and weird. but because it was ted cruz that's why. >> are you almost waiting for him to say something to make him cringe. >> if was the lying on the back. lying on the mat? >> that's actually -- i go too far. stop with the cliches and move on. i saw that as well. >> and i'm sure better intoe is thrilled. >> he is sitting there going, oh yeah i see that. >> here is a fun political story . >> look what your first name says about politics. while a lot of names are relatively mutual, some are significantly tilted in one direction or the other. the study revealed the name trends for the candidates. the names for clinton were mohamed, liz and juan.
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for sander, carl, ian and aaron. for cruz it is billy, gene and travis and kasich is glen, rodney and martin. and for libertarian gary johnson johnson -- probably not a huge surprise that chads skew republican. >> i crunched some numbers. it is interesting the name john kasich didn't even do well with the name john kay i can sick. they lead with the name of obama. there is 76% for hussein. they are getting 60.2% of the vladimirs and in terms of other dictators there is an even split of the kim. the democrats get 63.5% of the monica. >> kyle what do you make of this?
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>> who is doing the study? is there a cancer they can cure? who is taking names and searching this? the name chad sounds more like a stoner than a republican. i knew someone in high school named chad. >> was he a stoner republican? i don't think he mu democrat and republican. he was just high. >> would you like me to help collect on that money? >> he was meant to be one. >> so chris if your name is karl with a k you saw pour better -- you support bernie. it is true. does he do well with fidel. >> if we are falling on that line of reasoning, yes he does. with that line of reasoning,
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am i thinking that? yes, i am. >> i heard the carl juniors are still going for crispy. >> nice. >> matt, if your name is glen, you probably support kasich. >> not just glen, but one-n glen. that says everything you need to know about john freaking kasich. think of the one-n glens you have known in your life. is there one that is not worthless? are there any? >> i am trying to think of who we uh financedded that works for fog -- offended that work for fox news. >> glen rice? >> i put an andy into this because you can check your own name. >> i did too. >> it was a 50/50 split. if i put in andrew it skewed democrat by 54-46 or something like that. how interesting is that? >> interesting to the point of
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complete uselessness. >> joe and joseph split that. >> what if it has an f at the end. >> i don't care what those types of voting for. >> money, that's a good segue. it is not just for buying stuff, but honoring his store rail figures. they announced harriet tubman, the former slave and ab -- abolition sigh t will take the place of jackson on the $20 bill. it will reflect the contributions of women as well as men to the great democracy. the secretary said the $10 will keep alexander hamilton on the front, but on the back it will have an image of the historic march of sufferage. the plan was to replace hamilton, but the broadway musical saved him. >> i think it is an slept -- excellent choice.
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i have never seen myself reflected in currency. >> you do look a lot like harriet tubman. >> i get told that a lot. >> is it going to be disrespectful to harriet tubman when people are using these 20s at adult establishments? >> why do i get the adult -- >> for some reason i have the feeling maybe you have been to one before. >> maybe once or twice or 300 times. >> as long as it spends the same. >> you have 100% -- >> it may be empowering to have a harriet tubman. >> she will see that. >> i said maybe she wants it more and you said maybe i shouldn't be here. >> she will see harriet tubman and she will say i need to make a bigger contribution. >> that's a little disrespectful to strippers,
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isn't it? >> if they are happy and they want to dance for mr. park ranger, go for it. >> there is so much death after this show. >> let me go back to being somewhat serious. some people said it is a bad choice and she would hate being on currency and i am quoting feminista jones. her legacy is rooted in the foundation of american capitalism. ie, slavery. as a white man i am curious on your thoughts on this. >> the abolitionist movement was not a capitalist movement. it saw capitalism where it saw markets. he was a classical and we would call him a libertarian. harriet tubman, her views are less well known, but they understood the individual as the root of all that is humane in society.
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you can't own the property of an individual. the individual dignity is above everything else. to use harriet tubman as this has to be an anti-capitalist thing is wrong and it understates the verse ross tee with which she valued individual life. she pulled 70 people who were slaves and made them free. and not just that, but a lot of times they got scared on the underground railroad at night. and she would just slap them and say buck up. you have to put it together and get out there. she is one of the most ferocious individuals. >> and commanded troops like the first women to command troops. >> her biography is pretty amazing. i am glad they didn't put her on one of those crappy coins. nobody likes those. i know you can't use those at a strip club. >> not if you are doing your job. >> you are trying to make it rain with coins and it hurts.
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>> is that what happens in your club? >> so dead later. >> joe jackson will still be -- joe, comma, jackson -- jackson will city be on the 20, but they are putting him on the back. why not get rid of him? >> you can't have a former slave and a slave owner on the same piece of paper, for pete's sake. >> that is a little weird. >> you can. it makes for good conversation. >> i love how the broadway show saved hamilton. what is next? gloria -- gloria estefan will be on it? >> you shouldn't kick alexander hamilton off the currency. jackson was against the central bank. he woulds pissed off. put him on the memorabilia for the battle of new orleans. he deserves that.
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he was great. >> it is like making rand paul the icon for the fed. washington, d.c. may get a new license plate slogan. for 16 years these word adorned plates in the nation's capitol, birthplace of the tango. no, that's not it. can we put the birthplace of connie chung. that is actually true, but there you go. taxation without representation. 2 was a slogan of a lack of voting rights, but now dc lawmakers say it is ineffective and they want an update. they suggested a new slogan and it is pretty bold. end tackation without -- end taxation without representation. we thought they could do better so woo asked for suggestions and here are some of the favorites. welcome to dc. at least we are not as bad as detroit. home of priebed. you make it -- home of the bribed. you make it, we take it.
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4/20 all day, every day. your ignorance is our strength. go to hell and andy should have been the host. a lot of great suggestions. we didn't show them all. here is one more from our moderator, tim diamond. >> were those good? any ideas? >> the sample guy cut me off one time. i remember that place. >> do you think it was craig? >> it is all coming together now. >> how about where abercrombie & fitch meets haircut for men. >> how about wherein turns have fun? >> i like that. >> i just can't believe they screwed it up. the first time i went to washington, d.c. i saw the plates. whoa. it is a phrase with res sense -- res son nens in our history and a big middle finger to coming and state wood and they
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screw it up. it is the one thing the dc government does. i lived there for four years and it is terrible. they miss everything up. >> have i to go, joe. i have to go, joe. >> racism gets a text on grades. you'll see what i'm talking about.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. michigan state attorney general filing the first criminal charges in the flint tainted water scandal. two of the three people charged work for the state while one works for the city of flint. flint's tap water became contaminated with lead after the city started taking water from a nearby polluted river to save some money. the supreme court ruling iran is financially responsible for links to terror attack dating back to the 80s. it paved the way for victims' families to collect nearly $2 r-
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from iran's central bank. it includes the bombing in beirut, lebanon where 241 marines died. the death toll is rising again following last weekend's powerful earthquake in ecuador. the country's president now saying at least 570 people died. but with more than 150 still missing that number could rise. an eighth death con officialed in the houston area following day of severe flooding. it comes as the national weather service issues a warning for two flood control dams. days of heavy rains caused them to reach record high water levels. a man accused of freeway shootings in phoenix is out of jail. a judge reduced the bond to zero and let him go home with an electronic ankle monitor. you can see him there. a gun he once owned links him to four of the 11 shootings. and a decline in personal
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computer sales forcing intel to cut jobs. it will include voluntary and involuntary departure around the world. the layoffs will save the company $1.4 billion yearly. and a big milestone for great brit fen's queen elizabeth -- brit -- britain's queen elizabeth. she has held the throne for 63 years. racism is easier than ever thanks to snap chat. in honor of the pothead holiday 4/20 there was a photo filter that makes your face look like bob marley. it takes your picture and adds the hat, dreadlock and turns your skin black. i think it is the last one that bother people. people are feeling anything but ire. they call it racist and something tom shillue would do. others are upset they chose to
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highlight marley's love of weed instead of music. they say the filter was developed in partnership with the state and it was intended to let fan express appreciation for him. our writer wrote a a question for me to ask you. i cannot pull it off so i will read it straight. what were these bumboclots taking -- >> what? >> i am convinced -- >> i can't -- >> yes, we learned that. i am convinced with all of these stories that there is actually no one outraged. all outrage stories, go and find the original outrage. if it is not just some dude on twitter -- >> which is it always is. >> they just had the big thing about the saint louis cardinal fans yelling the n-word at
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jason hayward. it was some dudes on twitter who said it and it didn't happen. racism intention alt matters. it is the marley family. they are not trying to be racist. >> anything with black face is offensive. >> i 100% agree. i cannot say this strongly enough. don't do black face. it is really, really bad. but this is just kind of harmless fun. >> they could have done a filter like no ambition filter and sit on the couch and eat brownies and don't do anything filter. maybe they didn't realize -- >> they should have offended the target audience. >> then we would have been fat shaming. or pot shaming. can you really shame pot though? not that i ever did it. >> it is just your friend that would get high and go to strip club.
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>> isn't a good solution to make a willy nelson one? >> i would. he looks great. >> he is 104. >> is he alive? >> i think he is. >> he is like 117. >> and he still sings well and smokes a hell of a lot of pot. >> maybe that's his secret. >> exactly. >> will it make them second guess their filter? my only question is has anyone done this yet? you have to give her credit. she did the analogue before it came out. >> i always thought tech people were supposed to be the savy guys. how can you say it is not digital black face? they should do that for marley's birthday. what about people who smoke pat, but
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don't like reggae ? >> that would be more appropriate. >> you just went up eight points. >> ozzie? >> that's a good answer. >> coming up, half time with andy levy. rob long is filling in and he doesn't get naming rights. the "red eye" pod cast is back. sign up on fox news it is what ronald regan would do.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from rob long in the "red eye" news desk. >> i have to remove my glass dramatically. this is incredible. i found a small thing of ointment all over my body. >> that was used. >> it is certainly used now. if it starts to itch or burn it will return out. >> you said he would support breastfeeding? what is the right age would you say is to stop that? >> i would stop at six
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months. >> six months? >> i did it for six months with all three of my kids. >> how did you get them to stop? >> i just stopped feeding them. >> you stopped feeding them? >> basically. >> may i then recommend you read the article that bernie sanders wrote on childbirth and child raising. it is pretty good. it is on-line. it is not bad. chris what would you have said? you said i wouldn't have put it that way. >> with the breastfeeding? >> what would you have said -- >> this is an r-rated show. >> when ted cruz said when america is on the mat -- lying flat on the met. you said i wouldn't put it that way. how would you put it? >> it is one time and as a military guy when we are on our back -- that sounds bad too. >> you are on your back and
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your legs are in the air. >> give me some of that ain'tment you have. >> none less my friend -- none left my friend. isn't that what cruz said? on her back is when she is at her best. >> back to the wall? >> that sounds better. when you are horizontal you need to stop. >> when you go horizontal people's minds go pour ?aw graphic. that's what you say. it is simple english. guys will be okay. get your [bleep] together just like that night in benghazi and kill everything that comes over the fence. >> matt. did you say america is a bro? >> at some point. we walk around the world -- >> are we a dude?
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>> we are impressed with ourselves. >> i think it is growing. >> i feel like america is a bi-yotch. >> i may have to defer to you. >> another thing is bae. is america bae? >> i have no answer. >> can i give the beyonce reference. >> that is not a beyonce reference. >> or bae! >> let's talk names. you are right when you read the article outlawed and -- out loud and you said the name is popular and it is mohamed and a bunch of other names i can't pronounce. how could you explain that in a way that wouldn't be racist or xenophobic.
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>> good answer. >> i did your guys names. you are down the middle. matt liens right. >> i thought it was 51 slrs -- 51-49. >> your joe liens heavily right. did you know that? >> i think it is because of the boil. remember that great movie "joe"? >> that's a fan it is a steekly topical record. you are connecting in ways i haven't in a longtime. >> that explains the oipt meant. >> we are on right after "rom ford files" and" cojack" are on.
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>> easy easy on the rockford files. you lean right too, 60% republican. how does it feel? >> it is about as great as i feel having a guy's name. speaking of guys' names i couldn't -- chris liens left, but i cooperate tell whether it would be a dude kris or a female kris. how do you identify. >> it is to the thursday. >> how do you identify? >> i say bernie, call me. i will help you out there, brother. >> let a talk about harriet tubman. you said it would be weird in the trip club to throw twenty's. what fancy pants strip clubs are you going to? a george washington is all you need. >> you are are a cheap
12:39 am
bastard. >> you gave a wonderful speech. slavery is not capitalism. can you say a little of that again. i was kind of moved. >> i am not a trained monkey on the sidewalk. you have to pay attention to the first time around. >> do you feel better there was a woman there and you know who harriet tubman was. i mean that repfully. >> it will take another deck indicate. so we won't see her on any currency for 10 years. >> i love it. before i go, i want to say i am so glad to the network brass upstairs that made you the host of "red eye" he doesn't have the star power and the charisma. >> i am just filling in for
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the rest of the week. tom is back on monday. >> three, two, one. andy, do you notice a spark missing from our might? we all wush the tom cat would come home. we miss you. please come back and give us your shillue-vervecee. thank you for filling in for me. we appreciate it. tech time with tv's andy levy when we come back.
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?iew live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. no rest for the political front runners. following decisive victory, trump and clinton are now focusing on next tuesday's delegate grab in five other northeastern states. trump took center stage in a rally in indiana. clinton campaigned in philadelphia. both drew massive crowds of supporters and some protesters. despite trailing badly ted cruz and john kasich and bernie sanders are making it clear they are not giving up the fight for the white house. >> let the topics of conversation are tense. they are pushing saudi arabia to resolve the wars in syrian
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and yemen. then they will lunch with queen elizabeth who turns 90 today. >> money to tight zika virus it happening in hours from now. so far president obama's request for funds to ward off zika has been denied by the republican controlled congress. now comes word the top gop lawmakers are prepared to consider a $1.1 billion funding measure. the bill faces a possible approprations panel vote today. and a new study suggests global warming has for the most part made the weather more pleasant for americans over the last 40 years. as a result many of us don't rank climate change as a big of a threat as do scientists and the rest of the erld what -- rest of the world. >> but perceived winters will be less than the oppressive
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heat. for more go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. put down your flip phone and step away from the fax machine. it is time for a new segment we call tech time with tv's andy levy. >> did anybody recognize that music? it is supposed to be the "red eye" team. i did it on the computer, but nobody recognizes it. >> how is the music coming along? >> tonight we are looking at a couple of intriguing products. the first is a mattress that will alert you if your partner is cheating. it is called a smart-tress.
12:47 am
>> i love the michael bay music. if you need to buy a mattress that is telling you that your partner is using it with someone else should you maybe be in a different relationship? >> if they are doing it in your own bed, you lost the war. they are supposed to be finding hotel rooms and things like that. >> would you ever buy one of these? >> i have one. it is called the lorain lorena bobbitt mattress. >> ouch. chris what do you think -- why
12:48 am
do you think there is a speedometer on it? what do you think that measures? >> how fast you are humping? i am keeping it simple. for me, 150, 160 miles an hour. >> wow, you are a great partner. >> i think my ex-wife had that bed. that's probably why. that's awful. >> she had the bed or you had the bed. >> it was me dumb enough to buy it. i just feel worse about myself. >> that's what we aim for on "red eye." >> when a new piece of text come out i say how were we able to live with it for so much time 1234*. >> first, you fancy people having sex on mattresses. the carpet is not good enough for you guy. >> for me if i hear the futon wood crack i know what good
12:49 am
times we have had. >> what do you call the ones that go in the wall? the murphy bed. it is like a murphy bed. >> i think we have lost everyone under 35. >> the male awed yins tuned out when you said lorena bobbitt. we will close things out with our next tech product. don't go anywhere.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" anthony fisher and chris han and dave smith and bonnie mcfarland doing half time. look, i had nothing to work with. i even have a real keyboard. up next on tech time with tv's andy levy is the shock clock. it is electrical shocks and fear to make sure you wake up on time. check it out. >> i was always a night hour. i hit thes into repeatedly.
12:54 am
it got to where i dreaded mornings m which the device arrived i heard. it i felt groggy and it beeped, but i still didn't get up. and then i felt a zap and i was up. >> the shock clock hillary tale for $99 and it seems like a small price to pay for sib logical torture each morning. the idea is that being shocked will train your brain to wake you up right before you are about to get zapped. does that sound reasonable? it debts you to change shock. what happens to the brain? i feel like someone awake is a horrible idea. as long as it shocks who ever is in the bed.
12:55 am
it wouldn't be a good idea to shock somebody. it is not a good idea. being shotted in the pain you start to enjoy it. they put other things on your body. i know step away. >> here is my idea. pair that with the smart mattress. if you catch your partner sheeting you shot them. that's a combination. >> it is a great idea to start your morning going into cardiac arrest. >> and we have children. i want two. same thing. this company has devised a clock you wear on your wrist. that is revolutionary. >> i was going to say i tried it and the shock is painful and it does work. this is the first time i am hearing about it on your wrist though. >> joe does it for fun.
12:56 am
>> you and chris. >> i was his tester. >> they say a potential feature if they raise enough money in their indigogo is having -- you can have an accountability partner. that's someone the app will tell them if you don't wake up. >> just wake up. just wake up. it is not that hard. >> and then they will be able to shock you. is this the future of couples? >> how much of a stoner do you need to be to have your partner help wake you up? >> i would love to just shock -- keep shocking them for general purposes. just for [bleep] and giggles. >> i don't want to ask you if it is the first time you have done that. >> never. we don't have -- >> that would be wrong. we can all agree on that.
12:57 am
>> a special thanks to kyle and matt and joe devito and rob long. that does it for me. i'm tv's andy levy. see you tomorrow night. never m
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of "the five." "special report" is next. the race for the white house, with the empire state in the rear-view mirror. it's all about the math. for both parties. this is special report. good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, while both parties' front-runners say the picture is clear tonight of a possible general election campaign between hillary clinton and donald trump, both races are not over. clinton has piled up a huge delegate lead after trouncing senator bernie sanders in tuesday's new york primary. while donald trump and his newly beefed-up campaign team kept their chances alive of avoiding a contested republican convention. we have fox


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