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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 21, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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with us. nice to have you as well. donald trump urging his rivals to call it quits because it is mathematically impossible for them to win. >> ted cruz and john kasich not going anywhere any time soon. garrett tenney is following the latest developments. >> good morning. we are seeing two strategies play out on the republican side. for donald trump he has a shot to win the nomination out right. he is hitting the campaign trail hard to pick up every delegate he can to do it. 172 delegates are you be for grabs across the northeast. yesterday trump was in maryland making his case for the voters. >> we have a lot of great places. delaware has a lot of great -- oh, who is from delaware? we love delaware. a new poll came out for delaware. i am over 50. it must be because i have so many businesses registerd in
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delawa delaware>> for t delaware>>. >> for ted cruz and kasich it is about stopping him from getting the delegates before the convention. republican parties rules committee is holding its first meeting to determine what the convention rules will be. ted cruz told the group of party leaders that none of the candidates will reach the delegat delegates. >> we are going to arrive in cleveland with me having a ton of delegates and donald having a ton of delegates. at that point it is going to be a battle to see who can earn the support of the delegates elected by the people. i believe we will have a tremendous battle. the party is aun fying behind our campaign. >> behind the scenes they are
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concentrating over winning delegates who would leave trump when they become unbound at the convention. >> garrett tenney live for us. >> with 170 delegates up tore grabs in california in order to do well the candidates need to focus on the key issues in the state. >> indiana before california that's a winner takes all. i think that will be a very important one. take for instance if trump wins that maybe he could get the number. if cruz wins that trump will have to focus on california even more. you got to understand as californians we have not been in play in my lifetime. this is exciting. all of us running for president want my advice, talk about issues. solve the water issue something i have been working on a great deal. if we can't solve our water problem in california especially
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in the central valley, if they were able to talk about the water issue, talk about the house bill that passed try to get the senate moving they can pick up a lot of congressional district. >> they have trump pulling way ahead with more than 40 percent of the vote. >> at a rally in philadelphia they chanted don't vote for hillary. she is killing black people. bernie sanders back on the campaign. terror targets. american restaurants and bars now labeled soft targets in the wake of attacks in europe. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge shows us what's being done to prepare? >> from the concert hall to
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restaurant in paris where an assault killed 130 people to the subway in brussels where 32 were murdered public spaces are the focus for al qaeda. >> you can get the type of target you are looking for mass casualties and psychological impact. >> with heavy security around capitol hill and the white house the fbi homeland security and dc police held a briefing for local restaurants and bar owners. they said there was no credible threat but they called for attacks on crowded venues. >> bar owner says the feds urge businesses to meet with their employees to develop an evacuation strategy and provide the city with floor plans in case an emergency team faces a crisis like the hostage situation at the paris concert hall. >> people think about this every day. we have been insulated for so long that, yeah, i think the realities of the rest of the
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world are possibly coming home to us. >> a former cia intelligence officer says every plot requires advanced surveillance of the target. >> if someone speaks to a bartender do you have military personnel coming here. when are you most crowded. these are the type of questions they will ask. they will be very aggressive. >> one lawmaker who gets regular classified briefings. >> they have free spaces to plan and mraut and free spaces in europe has a risk level i have not seen in my time as service on the committee. >> oo president obama meeting with middle eastern leaders in saudi arabia after a quiet arrival after a typical royal reception. the president and the king met
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to discuss following gas prices and violence in the region. it is unclear if they spoke about the 9-11 bill that would allow u.s. citizens to sue foreign governments tied to terror aks at that. some officials helped the september 11th hijacking. >> after years of fighting the family of a navy seal killed in an attack is receiving heroic justice. the cia paid the life insurance benefits more than half of a million dollars to families of contractors killed in the line of duty. glen doherty's family says it was never about the moneyer but respect and dignity for her son. >> a day doesn't pass that i don't cry for him. it was magnified by the government not doing anything. so it brings at least all of your efforts and struggles have
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come to a good end. >> before the new policy contractors who were not married and didn't have any children, they received zero benefits from the u.s. government. >> disturbing newal bag allegatf a coverup in flint michigan. three people facing criminal charges for the drinking water being contaminated. more charges are on the way. a few charged are the employees of environmental equality. the third is a flint city official all accused knowing about unsafe levels of led and hiding it a . >> the city of houston remains under water this morning. >> two downs that are at an extremely high risk of failing claiming 8 victims.
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>> we have blooding that is ongoing in eastern texas. heavy heavy rain along part of the coast from michigan to places like louisiana and mississippi. this massive storm system has a lot of moisture in the forecast and continued rains for the next few days. we could be looking at continued rains out here. that could worsen the flood situation. the other concern is severe weather as well. damaging winds, large hail and even isolated tornadoes would be possible from texas to louisiana. temperatures are warm out there feeling like spring for sure. 73 for the forecast. 80 in atlanta awe and raleigh. take a look at the southwest very hot, summer like 97 degrees
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for the forecast high in phoenix and arizona. >> well the road begins right now. the torch lighting ceremony in athens. the next 6 days will be handed over to brazil. from there it will end in rio for the opening ceremony in august. i always love that. >> look at this meantime jackie. an amazing finish for a runner in ireland. an amazing play by play from the announcers says it all. >> ucc from the depths of hell are coming through. here comes ucc. >> she comes from 5th place in
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the final relay in a 400 meter run to barely finishing first before collapsing at the finish line. >> rightfully so. >> the time is now 9 after the hour. gun mageddon. >> the latest assault on california's remaining second mainedment freedom. >> a possible contested convention. we keep talking about it. the rnc spring meeting in florida. we are live with how the convention could be changing. >> speaking of dc and washington. there's a lot of shots for you this morning. >> "fox & friends first" comes up after the break. ♪ i could get used to this.
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>> stunning news overnight. wrestling legend china has died. she was found dead by a friend. foul play is not expected. she became an actress after her wrestling career ended. >> the pitcher turned analyst has been fired espn. he posted a picture that was offensive for transgender people. he was opposed for comparing them to nazis. his conduct was unacceptable. to the race for the white house. gop leaders insisting their party is unified behind remaining candidates. the rnc meeting the final time before the july convention as the focus stays on keeping the party rules. steve harrigan joins us from
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florida with the latest. >> two ch those candidates made their pitches to the delegates behind closed doors yesterday. after wards ted cruz told reporters he was certain the convention would be contested and he told reporters he is not interested in being any one's vice president. the rules committee will meet here this afternoon. there has been a lot of speculation about the rules changes. the choir man said there could be changes. >> we are a unified party. we want to put on a great convention. we don't want to put our hand on the scale. we want everyone to under sand we want a fair and open nomination process. we want to make it about the vote on the floor. >> tonight it's the trump's campaign turn to make its pitch before the delegates.
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that will be carried out by senior campaign officials. as for mr. trump himself he will be campaigning in pennsylvania. >> steve harrigan we will see what lies ahead. >> donald trump taking a more presidential tone in his new york victory speech on tuesday. >> ari fleischer says it's about time. >> analysts say they can tell that donald trump's new staff is influenced what donald trump is saying. i was thinking you have no idea if that's the case or not. donald trump is proving he's his own person and will say what he wants when he wants to. what i would ask him to consider since he will likely be the republican nominee he needs to unite the party at some point. his rhetoric today makes it harder but i thought he was doing it last night. he needs to rev up the republican party saying if he can't get 50 percent of the
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republicans how will he get 50 percent of the nation. >> now a fox business alert this morning. a major car company is about to pay customers $1 billion. are you one of them? oo lauren simonetti from our sister network fox business is here to explain. >> if you own a car made by a volkswagon you may be getting money back. they are expected to announce a $1 billion rebate. the agreement will be announced this morning likely. a billion dollars works out to about 1700 per owner. jetblue is letting passengers go through new york's jfk airport. take a 20 minutes rest in the new napping pod. the experience is free. while it may seem odd it is not like you can sleep on the tiny
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lawmaker lawmakers approving ammo gaunds. it only impacts law abiding gun buyers and don't make the public any safer.
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they now move on to the senate. >> should it be a crime if someone refuses an alcohol test. supreme court justices expressing doubts about drunk driving laws in a dozen states that criminalize the reif you sayal. justices hearing arguments in three cases challenging the laws saying the states are asking for an extraordinary exception for making it a crime for people asserting their constitutional rights even suggesting to expedite warrants. the driver should face lesser charges. let's keep talking this. should it be a crime if someone refuses an alcohol test? log on to the "fox and friend first facebook page after the show. use the hashtag keep talking. from a divine sign on a mother's sonogram to a steamy calendar full of six packs and puppies is trending now. carly sim cuss is here with
2:24 am
highlights. >> we sure do. good morning ladies. this is one blessed baby. a mother's indiana sonogram is going viral. it shows jesus on the cross. alley meyers says she didn't notice until someone pointed it out at her baby's shower. she zoomed in on her phone and don't believe the accurate detail. she was concerned about her baby's health because she has crohn's and takes medications for it but thinks this special sonogram is a sign from god that her baby will be okay. >> isn't that unbelievable. >> this next one, we love pizza, but the chick in the video, she loves pizza. >> who needs a special someone when you have pizza. a hungry woman stole the show at a kiss cam by shoving slices of pizza into her mouth as two love
2:25 am
birds smooch below her. they are calling her the real winner of the night. >> she is not afraid of it. i love it. >> firefighters and puppies. need we say more? >> up coming calendar equal parts steamy and sweet. >> a group of firefighters in australia are taking social media by storm by posing with puppies for the annual charity. it will go to the charity for puppies. the puppies are available for adoption. >> we are all looking at the puppies. >> sure. >> like that. >> thanks, carly. >> thanks, ladies. >> the time is 25 after the hour. donald trump and hillary clinton cleaning up in new york but just how much did east vote cost them and who spent the most. >> first on this day in history back in 1772 astronauts explore the moon's surface. in 1994 jackie parker became the
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now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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>> the battle for the east. presidential candidates turn their attention to the next five key contests. >> travel advisory. why britain is warning travelers about coming to america. >> breaking bread with the dogs. one state made it legal to dine with your doggies. dirty or adorable? we will report, you decide. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> 5:30 on the east coast. look at washington, d.c. the traffic already building. >> i am jackie ibanez. >> i am heather childers. >> p frontrunner donald trump moves closer to the nomination. he's urging his rivals to call it quits. >> but ted cruz and john kasich say they are not going anywhere. garrett tenney is following the latest developments. >> he is not stuck in the traffic. he's already at work. >> we ares not stuck there. >> donald trump in terms othe race says it is pretty much over. there's still a long road ahead for him to reach the 1237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. next thursday would hebb. 137 delegates are up for grabs in all five states. trump spent more time going after the democratic frontrunner
2:31 am
hillary clinton. >> it looks to me like she is being protected and like they are going to let her run. in a certain way i am happy about it because we are going to beat her so badly. >> they are showing trump losing in match ups. that's a key argument for trukah and cruz who addressed the republican party rules committee which are holding the meeting to determine what the rules cruz told the group he's their best bet in the general election and john kasich needs to drop out. >> he lost in 31 states. he won a total of 1 his home state. his plan apparently rests upon lasing 49 states going to the convention having all of the delegates say the guy who lost
2:32 am
everything in the union except his home state ex. ment that is not going to happen. >> he expects to do well in the up coming northeast primaries. >> first bill clinton now hillary facing off against black lives matter protestors. they chanted don't vote for hilly she is killing black people. bernie sanders back on the trail after returning home to vermont following his big loss in new york. miami police just shot and killed a suspected kidnaper. they say he pointed a shot gun at them. the entire ordeal began when the suspect reportedly kidnapped a woman, through her in the trunk of his car which he later abonn doned. police racing to find the pair.
2:33 am
they tracked them through the woods and that is where the suspect con front the officers before being shot. the kidnapping victim luckily not injured. >> new orleans police officers pled guilty to an infamous shooting. they shot 6 unarmed men on the bridge killing two of them. then they tried to cover it up by claiming they were being shot at. they will serve prison sentences 3-12 years, far less than they originally received. >> people rescued from their homes as the city of houston remains under water this morning. the rain not letting up threatening two dams in the city. >> a heartbreaking story across southeastern texas. all of the flooding continues across the region.
2:34 am
the forecast is for more rain in places like houston and louisiana where we have picked up a lot of heavy rain over the last couple days. it is this system bringing in a lot of moisture to the region heavy rain and also flooding. we are expecting flooding today and yesterday. damaging winds large hail and isolated thunderstorms possible. fps east of the system are warm and spring like. you are in the 70's as far north as new york city. as when heed further west taking a look at the pacific northwest temperatures are well above average even for this time of year reaching into the 70's across idaho and washington even into montana.
2:35 am
>> he is back in the news again. dismissing a lawsuit she filed against the state for requiring her to issue marriage licenses to same sex couple with her name on them. davis argues it violates her religious beliefs. the judge says she is not experiencing irreparable harm. the names on clerks no longer appears on the form. >> the bible won't be the state book in tennessee. the governor failed to receive enough support in the house. only 43 members who voted in favor of the bill after two hours of spirited and spiritual debate reporters say it was aimed at honoring the importance of the holy book in the state's history and economy. but governor bill has lan says the measure minimizes the significance of the sacred text. >> an announcement about our fox family this morning for you. fox business host john stossel he has lung cancer. he made the announcement yesterday in an opinion piece that was on
2:36 am
in typical stossel style he reviewed his hospital care and says customer service stinks arguing it would be better if more people paid for their own medical bills. he will undergo surgery to have a 5th of his lung removed. doctors caught it early and he will be okay. our prayers go out to him. >> definitely. sorry to hear that. >> it is a smile stone birthday for queen elizabeth. the british monarch turns 90 years old today. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday your majeskty >> she worked celebrating the 50th anniversary of the postal service. >> the royal palace releasing this photo of her.
2:37 am
she is the first reigning monarch to reach 90. >> celebrations will be held around the world including gun salutes and fireworks. >> the time 36 minutes after the top of the hour. the big decision for outed cheaters. ashley madison hacking victims can sue. there's one big catch. a oo boughing out. why joe walsh in will no longer be attending the convention. ♪ (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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>> how much do candidates pay for the votes in the new york primary. cheryl cassone knee is here to break it down. >> you are right on the money. i am going to stop with the puns. bernie sanders o. he spent more than $6.8 million on those ads. that amounted to $9.03 per vote. hillary clinton received more than 1 million votes and $3.8 million or $3.62 per vote.
2:42 am
when it comes to being frugal with your money trump wins. he spent 67,000 on radio ads. he didn't spend on television at all. that amounts to $0.13 per vote. i guess the old saying is true money can't buy you happiness or win you the new york primary. back to you. >> cheryl casone live for us. to find cheryl and others log on to jackie? >> a legendary rocker says a show will not go on in cleave lapped. >> joe walsh cancelling a concert after finding out it was part of the republican convention. she was told it was a benefit for veterans. he says the presidential campaign are isolationists and
2:43 am
spiteful. i cannot in good conscience endorse the republican party in any way. >> speaking of the republican party hatred for donald trump turns to vandalism. 5,000 dollars in damaging after his tires are slashed and yogurt touched in his car after a donald trump bumper sticker. he called the bumper sticker a tool of hate and such things need to be destroyed. >> i wonder ma kind of yogurt it was. >> suing ashley madison will have to use their real names in court. a missouri judge rules the 42 plaintiffs whose confidential information was hashed last year will sue them against the infidelity state. they claimed sop plaintiffs filed suit under their real names. that reach impacted 37 million customers some of whom relied on the site's full delete options that didn't erase the user's
2:44 am
information didn't work. the time is 43 after the hour. the new path being exploreed by lindsay lohan. the religion she is now exploring, heather. >> clothes optional, jackie. naked dining has now become a thing. it really has. >> let's check in with steve doocy. speaking of naked. you have your clothes on. >> yes, i am fully clothed. i am going to add a coke a few minutes from now to the fox news program. on that program rudy giuliani on the state of the race. the president's visit to saudi arabia. also it was 30 years ago today geraldo rivera openedal cap poen's vault to discover an empty bottle. geraldo is joining us live. gitmo and the situation there. actress brook burke with the one thing you can do today to minimize stress. maybe now it is time to take off
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♪ >> you are taking a live look at times square in new york city. controversial religious freedom in mississippi now prompting travel warnings ore seas. britain is advising lgbt citizens to be careful if they visit the two states. exercise december tropical depression in rural areas. it also tells them to avoid
2:49 am
excessive physical shows of affection in public. comedian tracy morgan cancelling the mississippi show to protest the state's religious liberty law. earlier this month mississippi governor signed a bill to make it okay for religious groups and private businesses to refuse service to gay people. morgan's reps say he looks forward to rescheduling the shows if or when the raw is repealed or changed. to lindsay lohan news. she is spent the last few years in and out of rehab. now lindsay lohan could be concerti converting to islam. she told a british tabloid she is studying the religion and reading the qur'an. in the interview she says america doesn't holding the qur'an really means and that all religions eventually tie back to god. she says she is a spiritual person and she is open to learning. >> thanks, heather. a morning show melt down taking
2:50 am
over the tabloids. kelly rip ta is furious over michael strahan's departure from the show and michael calling into work after she found out about it all. strahan is in sick after finding out about it all. he allegedly never told ripa. he acknowledged ripa's absence from the show thanking her for all she's done. no word on when ripa will return. well, a big change coming to the $20 bill. andrew jackson out, harriet tubman in. we are live in washington with the details on the currency makeover. >> reporter: good morning. they have been talking about this for a while and ultimately made the decision to replace andrew jackson on the twenty with harriet tubman. they wanted to put a woman on u.s. currency. initially there was talk of replacing alexander hamilton on the $10 bill but there was pushback on that. for a couple reasons, because
2:51 am
hamilton set up the financial system in this country, the american currency. and now the resurgency of the wildly popular musical that bears his name. so ultimately they decided to push andrew jackson aside. he's going to go on the back of the re-designed $20 bill. harriet tubman, the prominent abolitionist, will be featured on the front. now it will take time for all the changes to take place because they are talking about re-designing the fives and tens as well. but they should be in place by 2020. that's significant because it is the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, women's suffrage. if you have one of the old bills with andrew jackson, hold on to it. it could soon be a collector's item. >> so the twenty could be worth more than $20 later on. thanks. well, in this case their bites may just be bigger than their barks. >> restaurants in georgia now allowing dog owners to dine with man's best friend. i don't know about this.
2:52 am
>> jonathan is going to talk about it and explain the trend that is in atlanta. >> reporter: good morning, heather and jackie. before you go rushing out on the town with your dog, you do have to follow common sense safety guidelines. but here in georgia i can take my dog daisy to a restaurant patio without fear of the dogcatcher or the health inspector. >> we like to take our dog with us everywhere. >> reporter: now max can dine out with his owners with the blessing of georgia health officials. >> we only go to restaurants where we can eat outside on the patio with our dog. >> reporter: the state is one of the growing number to allow what was already taking place under the table. >> this was our practice that was happening and was against the previous code. we were just trying to find a way to allow it to happen in a safe manner. >> reporter: here in georgia dogs like daisy have to remain on leash and stay in outdoor dining areas. they can have no contact with customer plate and utensils and
2:53 am
it is up to individual restaurants toed decide whether to allow dogs at all. >> i think it attracts an additional clientele. >> reporter: chef eric roberts says a dog-friendly policy works well for his restaurant in the atlanta suburb of decatur. >> people are walking dogs on a regular so it gives them opportunity to sit on the patio and enjoy a meal besides their best friend. >> reporter: max's owners would agree. >> i think it will work fine as long as the people are more problem than the dog, usually. >> reporter: georgia's doggy dining guidelines are similar to new york state and california. in florida restaurants have to apply for a permit with their local government before allowing dogs. heather and jackie? >> all right, jonathan serrie, thank you. a diner cook gets a sweet taste of victory. eduardo reyes won $7 million on a scratch-off ticket. it took him a week to cash in because he couldn't get off work. reyes says he wants to buy a new
2:54 am
house and take his family on vacation. he's been a cook at the colony diner in staten island for 17 years and plans to be at work today. what a dedicated guy. >> nice. and it's the same diner, if you remember it, it was where "fox & friends" weekend co-anchor anna kooiman was last weekend. good for him. crushing moments, the mascot that botched a stunt and paid for it with a pulled groin. ouch! and to the rescue, you won't believe how far one woman goes to help deliver a baby. you've got to see this story. stick around. and now a live shot, i do believe, maybe -- we'll take you to greece where the olympic torch is being lit. ♪
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two minutes before the top of the hour. an investigation is being launched after chyna laurer was
2:59 am
found dead in her home. and volkswagon owners could be getting cash back thanks to the mission scandal. the car company announcing a $1 billion compensation fund today. and the good, the bad and the ugly. first, talk about being devoted to the job. a midwife in texas wasn't going to let a little flooding get in her way. she rode a blow-up swan to make it to the hospital before her birth. and this made for a painful and awkward fall. and to the no shoes, no shirt, no problem. the pure and naked experience, literally. customers can enjoy food in the
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nude. stores open in june, folks. i say that's a good way to lose your appetite or go on the a diet. kim, our producer, said what if you drop something hot on you? good point. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good thursday morning to you and your family. today is thursday, april 21st, i'm ainsley earhardt. you remember her, pro-wrestler chyna was found dead in her home. she's only 46 years old. and the rnc under pressure to change the rules ahead of the convention in the summer as donald trump continued to rip a system that he calls rigged. >> we are now running for office and it's a rigged deal. this whole thing with delegates is rigged. it's a rig. >> get the idea? it's rigged. so should the convention


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