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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 21, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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stores open in june, folks. i say that's a good way to lose your appetite or go on the a diet. kim, our producer, said what if you drop something hot on you? good point. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good thursday morning to you and your family. today is thursday, april 21st, i'm ainsley earhardt. you remember her, pro-wrestler chyna was found dead in her home. she's only 46 years old. and the rnc under pressure to change the rules ahead of the convention in the summer as donald trump continued to rip a system that he calls rigged. >> we are now running for office and it's a rigged deal. this whole thing with delegates is rigged. it's a rig. >> get the idea? it's rigged. so should the convention rules
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be changed before the convention? and kelly ripa roaring mad. the host is furious at michael strahan's move saying she was totally blindsided when the big defensive lineman decided to go to "good morning america." some are calling it the ultimate betrayal. we'll discuss that because we chose to. it was in the rundown. and we want to. because mornings are better with friends. ♪ you may not care there's a royal blizzard double-decker bus outside. >> oh, i do. >> i do, too. the queen of england would because she's 90 years old. later today she'll be riding that bus through downtown new york city. >> we brought in dairy queen to celebrate the queen. happy birthday. >> absolutely.
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they have created a blizzard fit for a queen. in fact, they will make it available for her over in england. >> take that, good humor people. >> game on! by the way, do we know if the queen watches "fox & friends." >> i think she does. doesn't everyone? >> hello to the queen. we know she's watching. >> here's my wave. >> the carol burnett thing? hey, queen, this is for you. >> i think you should bow. >> hey, queen, is that what they say? >> no. >> they don't say "hey queen." they say, "your royal majesty." >> remember pat from "saturday night live"? we weren't sure if pat was a man or a woman? we never -- >> i'm sure your mom named your
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queeny dog queen and she was a she. anyway, we're going outside to get ice cream. >> speaking of royalty, what about news royalty? >> good morning. it is lovely in here. >> you look terrific. all right, good morning, everybody, hope you're off to a good day. i have sad news coming out of hollywood this morning. stunning news overnight from the wrestling world. chyna, one of the most famous wrestlers in the '90s has now died. she was 46 years old. her real name was jonie lauer. she was found dead in her home by a childhood friend. she did have a history of drug problems and also arrests. police say that foul play is not suspected. chyna became an actress after her wrestling career ended. then a fox news alert out of miami, she was kidnapped and shoved into the trunk of a car. and this morning police say they shot and killed the guy they believe was responsible.
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it all started when the suspect grabbed the woman, threw her in the trunk of his car, he later abandoned that car. the woman reportedly called cops from inside the trunk. officers tracked the guy through the woods and that's when the suspect confronted officers with a shotgun before being shot. now the woman luckily was not hurt. cops not yet saying if the two knew one another but we'll keep you posted on that. and some extreme weather once again in houston. and there is now a terrifying new concern to tell you about this morning. two dams in that area are now at risk of failing as that historic flooding claims its eighth victim. thousands of terrified residents rescued from their own homes, many of them remain under water this morning. and that rain is not letting up just yet. damage there is now estimated at upwards of $5 billion. and a morning show meltdown to tell you about. kelly ripa reportedly ticked off over co-host michael strahan's departure from their show "live
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with kelly and michael." even calling in sick. strahan is leaving for "good morning america" and never told ripa about it. he taawkwardly acknowledged her absence today. >> kelly is out today. and filling in for her is ana gastire amid news that i'm leaving the show. to go to "gma" full-time. >> he went on to thank ripa for all she's done. no word when ripa returns. i can't say i am surprised. >> he was discussing this two or three months this move. like regis, nobody told kelly ripa before that show. >> although there's a story in one of the new york papers that apparently it said she and mr. gellman knew about it for a
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while. given the fact that she heard about it and then decided not to show up for work for the next four or five days, she's clearly angry. in addition to her being angry, there's a story in "the daily mail" that says lara spencer is furious with her bosses because she was promised the job that michael strahan is going to get. >> she's already on "gma." >> it said apparently they promised she would be the main anchor. she would be -- well, isn't the main anchor already there? >> we wish them well. i don't know them personally but i've met them before. they are nothing but nice. >> kelly is getting skewered by one newspaper. hailed as another as being a diva. >> i have never heard of this. >> it will probably help both of them. >> do you think strahan will eventually go back to the giants? >> maybe. maybe not, no. >> no.
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his contract is pretty big at abc. i think he makes more money in tv. >> stephanopoulos is -- well, abc is not handling this the right way. this great item in "the wall street journal" says donald trump is going to be changing his campaign. not thematically but he said he's going to give a big foreign speech polito capitalize on the energy he got after mowing down new york state. take a listen to this, this was the him in maryland firing up crowds. >> build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! >> yea! okay, okay, we'll build the wall, but who is going to pay for the wall?
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who? absolutely right. you got it right, folks. you got it right. i love that wall. hey, is it fun to be at a trump rally? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's so smart for him to head over to indiana and then over to maryland. he's got -- five states are coming up on tuesday, all he has to do well. but pennsylvania, you can only get 17 delegates. >> out of 71. >> it's so confusing. but it just shows you there is somebody there playing the tactic game because they are saying indiana will be a bigger deal. it's coming down the pike and right now it's in the cruz column. so we have to begin to work that column. for cruz, he's somebody that says don't worry about it, i can't mathematically get there, but i'll meet you in cleveland. that's where we'll win it. >> there's a big company in indiana called carrier and they make air-conditioning units. they moved to mexico so he's there speaking to the crowd
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saying i'm going to bring the jobs back. they love that there. but you're right, cruz is, according to polls i was reading this morning, looking to win there. >> neither cruz nor kasich can make it mathematically and trump behind the scenes, their people are telling washington lawmakers they are estimating they will have 1400 delegates, which is more than than they need at the time of the convention. well, today the gop leaders are meeting in florida in hopes of uniting the party behind the convention rules. >> steve is live from hollywood. hi, steve. >> reporter: two of the candidates have been here in person to mingle behind the scenes, behind closed doors. afterwards, john kasich came out to say he's not interested in being anyone's vice president. and ted cruz said that no one is going to win on the first ballot. >> what is clear today is that we are headed to a convention.
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nobody is able to reach 1,237. i'm not going to reach 1,237 and donald trump is not going to reach 1,237. >> reporter: well, those two candidates were here in florida smoozing with delegates in the party elite. donald trump was out on the campaign trail attacking that very same republican elite. >>le who ti ll politics is a ve dishonest business, folks. and i've never seen anything like it. and we're running for office and it's a rigged deal. this whole thing with delegates is rigged. it's a rig. where i win louisiana and i don't get as many delegates as some guy that lost? >> reporter: trump's campaign will stay make its presentation here tonight to the delegates. it will be senior advisers to mr. trump while he himself will be campaigning in pennsylvania.
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back to you. >> thank you. what they are debating down there is whether reince priebus says we are not going to do this. will a white knight come in at the last moment, not kasich, cruz or trump, and take this thing. wait a second, we are not going to rule on that right now. that would be bad for the party. if we are going to do it, we're going to wait for the convention to get closer when we meet again in june. that would be worse. >> the key is with the white knight provision, it would still take a majority of the people at the convention to say, okay, we're okay for having a marco rubio come in or something like that. but you need to have a 50% plus 1 to get that. and given the fact that a majority will be cruz and/or trump supporters, that simply can't happen you wouldn't think. >> but donald trump could get the 1,237, so it may not be something that needs to be discussed. >> it's a high bar, though. >> one thing you saw, max in new york, it can be earned and cruz can also win it. so if he has a good strategy to
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go to indiana and the northwest and other states straight ahead and maximize in california, he can do it. but unless he does, he's got to go roll up his sleeves and do it. and cruz has to stop him. >> but the key is, did new york, at 60%, give him some big mo going forward? we'll no next tuesday night. meanwhile, ahead on this thursday morning, a shocking announcement for one of our own here at fox news. john stossel has lung cancer. we'll have details coming up. and the big change for the $20 bill replacing andrew jackson with harriet tubman. is the treasury just pandering to the pc police? we're going to report and you decide. , nex /* next. in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new...
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don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. hey, you got change for a twenty? yes, the treasury department announcing it, abolitionist harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill. some say it is ousting a president who has done so much for the founding of the country and is an unbelievable sign of respect. here to weigh in, the officer of
3:17 am
"con job," crystal bright. what is your take on this? harriet tubman, certainly a great american. >> i love harriet tubman. i don't think we should be changing the face of money because democrats are offended by history. this is once again, we have democrats now using our currency as a political weapon to pander to their constituents. this isn't about harriet tubman, they don't care about her. >> well, if you look at andrew jackson's background and find he's the founder of the democratic party, a two-term president of the united states. he's a war hero, he was jailed by the british and took a boot to the face from the british, a story that took his entire life. you look at a guy who is a key member of america. >> look, he was a founding member of america. i don't agree with everything andrew jackson did, but i don't agree with everything president
3:18 am
obama has done, right? but now we have to manipulate, you know, lou, treasury secretary lou, was forced to put a woman on the currency, right? why are we continuing -- now we are going to change the face of moy every twenty years to pander to their constituents? it's ridiculous! you know, we honor harriet tubman in other ways and many ways. did you know, brian, you probably know this, former president george h.w. bush in 1990 declared harriet tubman day. he created a day in honor of this great abolitionist. i mean -- >> that is great respect. i just think there's a huge problem when we try to judge our founding fathers instead of hailing what they accomplished in understanding what they did to get us here. is there going to be an hbo movie on this? if it came out earlier, would andrew jackson be saved as
3:19 am
opposed to the hamilton play on broadway, because that makes him safe. >> you know why hamilton was speared, right? the creator of the musical "hamilton" lobbied not to take hamilton off the bills, please, please, please. and lou was like, you're right. i think the other thing was that andrew jackson was a huge supporter of slavery. but he also took a lot of land from the native americans. so why not put a native american on it? when will this endless obsession with democrats over political correctness? >> he also took out the british, an army that just destroyed napoleon came over here and he defended new orleans and wiped them out in two-and-a-half hours while experiencing disentary. he's a war hero as we learn from our history. >> it's also the black lives matter influence. you remember the black lives matter mob that wanted to remove all the monuments to our
3:20 am
founding of the country? all the monuments in richmond, virginia, where i'm from. oh, let's just rip them down. that's craziness! we have to learn from our history, guys. >> absolutely. the color from madison and washington will be next if not there already. thank you, crystal. he lost his life in benghazi when the united states failed to send in help. this morning there's relief for the family of glenn daugherty. you want to hear this story. and now this man is paying good to the republican national convention. we'll explain. ♪
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comcast business. built for business. ♪ the show will not go on. the eagles guitarest was told it was a benefit for veterans. he says the presidential candidates are spiteful. and she spent the last few years out of rehab and now lindsay lohan could be converting to islam. she told a british tabloid she's studying the religion and reading the koran. in the interview she said america doesn't understand what the koran is all about and all religions eventually go back to
3:25 am
god. meanwhile, in other news, a shocking announcement from a member of our fox news family. john stossel has lung cancer. he wrote, quote, seems i have lung cancer. my doctors tell me my growth was caught early and i'll be fine. but as a consumer reporter, i have to say, the hospital's customer service stinks." the headline is he has cancer of the lungs, but the good news is according to this posting is they caught it early. >> very good news. john writes that only one-fifth of his lung will be removed. if you catch it early enough so it's only in the lung itself, there's a very high chance of a cure, 60% to 80%. so that is very good news. he's lucky that happened because lung cancer can be very deadly. not if you catch it early, he's got a good chance. >> he's at the number one hospital in the country. new york presbyterian.
3:26 am
and his doctors are great but the service is terrible. and he says, for example, the wait times. the redundancy of tests. the fact he keeps filling out the same form over and over again. >> he makes a great point in this article,ohn would be writing right now, by the way. the thing is, you're trying to please an agency or insurance company to be reimbursed. you don't want a lawsuit so you do these tests. nobody cares about the patient. he's getting woken up in the middle of the night. the worst he can do is complain to a patient advocate and nothing happens. all the hospital cares about is getting reimbursed. no wonder health costs are astronomical. >> i delivered my child at the hospital and had nothing but amazing care. the nurses were wonderful. i hate that for john, though. >> the doctors are great. it's the excess cost.
3:27 am
we'll talk about obamacare. one of the largest health insurance companies is opting out of obamacare. united health care no longer a part of it. >> that's a big headline. some places tried to down play that. united health care is the number one health care provider in the country. ainsley, the kaiser family foundation found that in 30% of the counties in the country, when they drop out, there's one insurer left. 30% more, there's two insurers left. what does that mean? no competition and prices keep spiraling upward. if you don't have competition, you can charge whatever you want. >> one of the things republicans have talked about on capitol hill since the passage of obamacare, i don't remember the name of the exact fund or part of obamacare, but there's essentially a great big slush fund to give to the insurance companies because they have big losses. now the slush fund isn't as plentiful and the company is
3:28 am
saying we can't make money. >> rubio put a stop to it. >> the united health care has stayed in the business. they would have lost $650 million this year alone. they say by 2017 they are getting out of obamacare because they are restricted and have to use 85% of the payments to go to direct patient costs. very little for profits. you know what, this is all due to the young people that obama thought would sign up would rather pay the penalty. so the people signing up for obamacare have diabetes, heart disease, lung disease. they are sick. no healthy people. so it cost a lot of people. >> so this is the beginning of what could be the implosion or we could be pushing to single payer, which could be the goal, correct? >> if hillary clinton wins, we'll see a public option to make it worse, it takes it away from the private insurers the way you said. if the republicans win, they talk about repealing obamacare. donald trump says he'll repeal
3:29 am
obamacare. this is where obamacare should head because he's imploding and is too expensive and not delivering quality care. that's the last point, if you do to the doctor's office, you may be covered for prevent services. but if you're sick, you end up paying out of pocket anyway. not working. >> if there's a health care provider in a person's exchange, that's a monopoly. >> you pay what they charge and they charge what they have so they don't lose $60 million. >> man, oh, man. dr. siegal is sticking around. today you're making your mother's stuffed cabbage? >> i'm an eater. i'm not the cook. >> today, cooking with the doctor. we'll see you then. >> good to see you. we look forward to that. coming up, the biggest drug smuggling tunnel from mexico to california ever discovered. a half-mile long complete with an elevator and rail system. you have to hear about this.
3:30 am
we heard about it yesterday on 4/20 day. and kurt schilling booted out for speaking about his bathroom bills. is he punished for his conservative views again? you decide. ♪ h's beans. homestyle sounds good. country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
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thank you for having us. >> you have a new product, tell us about it? >> this is the biggest innovation since we launched the blizzard 30 years ago. it's the new royal blizzard line. what we have here is our iconic blizzard treat and we filled it with a center of what i call royal deliciousness. >> what is royal deliciousness? >> it's a topping-filled tender. so you can get a chocolate center, a strawberry center or a marshmall l marshmallow-filled center. >> and there's a change to the spoon? >> yes, we have made the goon go -- spoon gold in this manner. the queen is celebrating her 90th birthday today. so we thought what a better birthday gift than to get her to try our new royal blizzard as a birthday gift. >> that's a wonderful birthday gift. i know you in the studio have
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some of these new flavors. tell me about them, how do they taste? >> hey, maria, we are taking it right now and love the gold spoon. tell her thank you very much. >> is this real gold? >> we have a nice glitter tone to them. >> very nice. >> brian, i'm sure you are very happy about that. >> thank you very much. amazing. thank you. this is my favorite. >> dairy queen scientists are improving their product. >> do you know what is great about dairy queen? when they make their blizzards, the oreos are such big chunks. the oreos are large. >> you know good service when it goes like that. well, it's not supposed to. >> it's double cupped. >> we are going to clean this up and heather is going to do this for us. good morning to all of you. we have serious news to bring to
3:36 am
you. after years of fighting, there is finally relief for the family of a former navy s.e.a.l. kill in the benghazi terror attacks. glenn daugherty's family getting $400,000 after the cia expanded survivor benefits for employees and contractors kill in the line of duty overseas. daugherty had life insurance but didn't realize it only covered his spouse and children, which he didn't have. his mom is speaking out saying it's not about the money but respect and dignity to her son. >> i don't cry for him but it was magnified by the government not doing anything. so it brings you a relief that all your efforts and struggles have come to a good end. >> the mother of such a hero.
3:37 am
we can't thank him enough for what he did. in addition to doherty, thousands of families will now receive the new benefits. a massive drug tunnel the length of eight football fields, eight, discovered in san diego. it's the longest one ever found linking mexico to california. it started inside a house. look at this thing right here, inside tijuana and stretched across the border to a dump sdu in california. they found tons of cocaine and made dozens of arrests. this is a pretty touching story out of florida. you don't see this every day. a man released from jail hugging the judge who sent him to jail. you may remember the courtroom reunion. watch this. >> did you go to novelist for
3:38 am
middle school? >> oh, my goodness! >> i'm sorry to see you but i always wondered what happened to you. >> the judge there with arthur booth who broke down in tears when he realizes that the judge hearing his case was a former classmate and friend from middle school. he spent ten months in jail on burglary charges. he then reunited with judge mindy glazer under better circumstances. >> don't let us down. >> i won't, i promise. she's the answer to motivation right now. seeing mindy is incredible. >> booth is now on probation. hope everything works out for him. kurt schilling is now out. he's been fired by espn. the picture shows an overweight man walking into the bathroom. some say that post is offensive. here it is on the screen, let
3:39 am
him into the restroom with your daughter otherwise you are an narrow minded, judgmental, unloving racist bigot who needs to die. what do you think of that? okay. we have personal expert ramsey solutions and co-author of a book out to talk to us here this morning. >> how do you stay on track with budgeted when you have kids and have to pay for their sports and extra curricular activities? a lot of times you don't see that coming up. >> absolutely. well, when you have a lot of moving parts in your life, all the more reason to budget. figure out what to pay for the next month, all the activities and sports and put them in your
3:40 am
budget. if you don't have the money, then take from other categories in the budget or maybe just say no for this time in your kids' lives. it's okay, they will be okay, i promise. have a miscellaneous category so if unexpected things come up, you can pull from that. >> that's what i was going to ask you about, d you have a rainy day fund, it's the extra category. ray from illinois writes in, my wife and i are trying to decide if we should go on a vacation in june. we have about another $14,000 in debt we are working to pay off. the vacation would cost $2,000. >> that's a good question. >> this is so hard because i love vacation more than anyone else. i promise. but when you have debt, i want you to pay that off. i want all your money focused on paying off that debt. then once you are debt-free, you have the income to save up to pay cash for vacation. make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains. >> all right. and judge from missouri writes, my wife and i are debt-free and saving up for a house.
3:41 am
we fell in love with our dream home but would only be able to put down 5%. what should we do? >> well, technically speaking, i really want people to have 10% to 20% for the down payment. but overarching, this is the largest purchase you're going to make. you can't get emotional about it. wait for the down payment of 10%. >> right. and if your monthly payment is too high, the dream becomes a nightmare, right? >> yeah, absolutely. you want to go into the house purchasing with all of your options and look at all the expenses because it's not just the mortgage you're having to pay, there's other things as well like heating and air, landscaping, there's so much. >> plus, the kids may need sports equipment, i heard that earlier. rachel cruze joining us from "national." thank you. >> especially if you raise a catcher or goalie. >> is that expensive? >> it is. >> i'll keep that in mind. this dust devil sends
3:42 am
players running for cover. we'll tell you more about that coming up. and president obama releasing nine gitmo detainees. is the president playing politics? we'll talk about this coming up. ♪ trugreen presents the yardley's. ♪ ♪ sfx: leaf blower dad! sorry. this is more than a lawn. this is a trugreen lawn. live life outside with trugreen,
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. . . this week nine detainees are free from gitmo and sent to a saudi arabia.
3:46 am
their release came just before the president made his trip there. should we be freeing the suspects, some listed as high risk to the united states, to a nation that could have deep terror ties? here to weigh in, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. what a coincidence, the saturday before the president goes to saudi arabia, boom! >> this is not a coincidence. this is an enormously complex issue. the supreme court is very critical of gitmo. khalid sheikh mohommad has been there for 12 years and they have not started the trial yet for a variety of reasons. we are confronted with a call from people in both parties and a call from people on the 9/11 commission to declassify the 28 pages that president george w. bush classified as secret, top secret. and president obama has continued that classification. what's in there? it's the commission's analysis of the role of the saudi arabian
3:47 am
government and people in the government in their private capacity in support of 9/11. don't we have the right to know that? i would argue we do. at the same time that's out there, we have a piece of legislation proposed by chuck schumer, al franken, rand paul and john cornace. it makes an exception to the you can't sue another government law for saudi arabia for 9/11. just because we have the exception for syria and for iran. at the same time that's happening, the president is visiting saudi arabia. at the same time that's happening, they are releasing these people and sending them to saudi arabia. so this is all connected and part of the president's scheme to have his cake and eat it, too. >> the president -- >> the president doesn't want to address the fact that saudi arabia has been an enemy under the guys of being a friend.
3:48 am
>> sure. clearly the president is in the legacy stage of this administration. he's on the back nine and he's making these trips into various places. he wants to close gitmo. saudi arabia helps by taking these particular guys, but don't you think you could do it -- two things here, one, if you declassify the 28 pages, then we'll know. and if you read any of the reports about how every time the fbi went to investigate, they were told, saudi arabia is involved, back off away from that. it's one thing to declassify that. but it's another thing to then allow us to sue them. maybe we just declassify it as this point so we know what is going on. >> if he declassifies it, the pressure to allow the lawsuits will grow exponentially because i think there will be some things in there, let me suggest to you, favors done by the american government to saudis in the united states at or about the time of 9/11. >> so the united states was complacent with the saudis. >> yes, that will outrage people
3:49 am
and turn up the heat for this legislation. now, in 1976, the congress said you can't sue a foreign government for their official government actions. we made an exception to that for syria. we made an exception to that for iran. yesterday the supreme court upheld the exception for iran and ordered that a bank account three blocks from here at citibank containing $1.5 billion to the government of iran be distributed to the victims in the united states, the estate of the americans harm in iran. has that caused a flood of litigation the other way of iranians suing the united states government in iranian courts? no. >> should we know what is in the 28 pages? >> yes, we should know. we have a right to know the truth. we are a mature nation and believe in transparency. >> we can handle the truth. >> how much of that ice cream is on the floor over there? >> just a little bit. but it was still delicious. all right, judge, thank you. >> all the best.
3:50 am
coming up on this thursday, hillary is beating bernie but will she ever turn his voters over to her side? >> what's the one word you would use to describe hillary clinton? >> dishonest. >> and you know what? that was one of the good ones. it just got worse from there as we go inside a bernie sanders rally in the next hour. and it's the cutest thing you'll see all day. a brand new photo of the royal family. but on the queen's 90th birthday, is there a royal rivalry brewing? we've got dirt from across the pond. ♪ trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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3:54 am
what a lovely topic. the royal palace releasing this photo of queen elizabeth and all of her grandchildren. marking her 90th birthday today. the queen, the eldest to sit on the throne in great britain in history. what are her relationships and rivalries really like? it's revealed in a brand-new book called "game of crowns" written by christopher anderson. good to see you. >> thank you. >> congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> let's start with the rivalries. is there a rivalry between kate and camilla, jockeying for the queen's admiration? >> well, you have to remember that when charles married camilla he had to promise that she'd never be queen, he's going to renege on that. >> really? >> he was asked, will she be queen, he said, we'll see. and one of the elementary school
3:55 am
kids said will you be queen, she said you everyone in know. it will take an act of parliament to keep her from being keep. camilla has been pulling the strings, she picked diana as charles' bride. camilla is very much an aristocrat. she thinks the future king should marry an aristocrat and kate is from a working class family so camilla has been somewhat resentful of kate. a lot of sniping that goes on behind the scenes and in team camilla as they call it. team camilla versus team kate. an interesting competition. >> what does the queen think about camilla and kate? >> the queen used to call camilla that wicked woman because camilla led to the breakup of diana's marriage. as we know, camilla after diana's death was the most despised woman in the world. she had to learn to accept her because she makes her son happy.
3:56 am
now that the queen is turning 90 she's at a crossroads. if she lives as long as her mother, he won't be king until 80. >> what was the most shocking thing? >> the way that camilla tried to break up william and kate, she was whispering in charles' ears, look, if you here in going to marry this girl, cut her free. william listened to his father's advice and then kate's mother said, no, go out there and make yourself very visible and get him back. so she won william back. they have a solid relationship. the great thing about kate middleton, she has a husband who does love her unlike -- >> and the world loves her. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> great -- >> congratulations on this. >> thank you. saudi arabia offered former mayor rudy giuliani $10 million as condolences for 9/11 and the mayor tore it up in their face. what does giuliani think of the possibility that the saudis funded the 9/11 attack? we'll ask him live in the next hour. and one says that african-american college
3:57 am
students deserve free college because of their past. is that racial justice? when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good thursday morning. tail end of the week. you've almost made it. april 21st, i'm ainsley earhardt. a wrestling legend dies overnight. chyna found not breathing and unresponsive in her california house. the breaking details just coming in. she was only 46. >> oh, my. meanwhile, hillary clinton is beating bernie sanders but will she ever turn her voters to his side? >> what's one word you would use to describe hillary clinton? >> oh, treacherous. >> hillary clinton? she said it, opportunistic. >> untrustworthy. >> she's feeling the bern and it
4:01 am
gets worse from there as we go inside bernie sanders rally. and replacing andrew jackson with harriet tubman. is the treasury pandering to the pc police? we report, you decide because your mornings remain better only with "friends." >> so we'll have change for a 20? >> change in the 20. and it's going to be in 2020. >> here's the thing about the fact that they have announced this change. right? why does it take six or seven years to get a new bill? we can't do it until 2020, why that long? >> hopefully they'll change their minds, because the play changed their mind about "hamilton." now one coming out about jackson. >> four years to change their mind -- >> because the adams series is different. now everyone has a different perception of adams. i didn't know we had to keep remaking our past.
4:02 am
>> the past is prologue. >> let's go over to heather with some breaking news for us. >> good morning to you. i hope you're off to a good day. a fox news alert, a shocker. chyna one of the most legendary women wrestlers of all time has died. she was 46 years old. her real name is joanie laurer. a cause of death hasn't been released but she has a history of drug problems and arrests. she was on vh1's "celebrity rehab" program. foul play is not suspected. she became an actress after her wrestling career ended. brand evidence that may show that oscar pistorius beat his girlfriend before shooting and murdering her. injuries on steenkamp's back matches that of a cricket bat. he says he shot her through the door after he mistook her for an intruder and then used the bat
4:03 am
to break down the door once he realized it was her. if this is proven true it could back up the prosecution's case that he killed her in a fit of rage. she was kidnapped, shoved in the trunk of a car. this morning, miami police have shot and killed the guy who was responsible for it. it all started when the suspect grabbed a woman and threw her in his car which she later abandoned. the woman was reportedly able to call cops from inside that trunk. officers tracked him down through the woods that's when the suspect pointed a gun at police before being shot. the woman amazingly not hurt. the cops not yet saying if the two knew one another. and finally a happy story to bring you right now. this awesome. a diner cook gets a sweet taste of victory. eduardo reyes is his name. he won $7 million on a scratch off ticket. it took him a week to cash it in because he couldn't get off work. he says he wants to buy a new
4:04 am
house and take his family on vacation. but here's the thing. he's been a cook at the colonnade diner in staten island for 17 years now. and he says he still plans to be at work later today. what an awesome guy. now, if colonnade sounds familiar to you, that's because it's the same diner where "fox & friends" weekend co-host anna kooiman was talking live to voters before the primary just last week. and those are your headlines. i love that story. >> that's great. >> we need to bring him on the show. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. after donald trump won, after donald trump won yesterday, he was -- it was noteworthy he was saying, senator ted cruz and governor john kasich. well, he went back to his raucous ways yesterday. >> lyin' ted. >> yeah. lyin' ted and crooked hillary. this guy is quite happy and optimistic that he can continue his winning streak now he went from indiana in the morning with his 56 delegates at stake on may
4:05 am
3rd to maryland in the afternoon. >> well, i don't know why you're so surprised. we have been doing well. i have done well my whole life. i have had victories my whole life so we'll have another victory. we have thousands of people. we're in indiana. we have thousands of people behind me. you probably hear, it's been amazing. last night was so incredible in new york. >> then last night, he was also in berlin, maryland, out on the delmarva peninsula. a great item in the "wall street journal" said there's significant changes to the trump campaign. you know they have different people working the back rooms. he's going to give a big speech on foreign policy. he's going to start using a teleprompter. he's hired a speechwriter. it's all part of the evolution of the campaign. because he says and this is a quote, i'm not going to blow it. >> yeah. he's using his own money to fund his campaign. look at these numbers this is pretty fascinating.
4:06 am
if you look at the amount of money that these three candidates spent in new york to get the vote, and you add -- if you divide up how many votes they got and how much they spent on advertising look at this. bernie spent $9.03 per vote. hillary, $3.62 per vote. and trump 13 cents. >> in comparison, keep in mind when jeb bush was running in iowa, he spent $2,800 per vote. then in new hampshire he only had to spend $1,150 per -- >> only? >> and donald trump, 13 cents. that's a good value. >> yeah. steve he never got traction, unbelievable how much money is still in the jeb bush super pac. by the way, this is what donald trump was using for a speech. he'd write on this side of the page before he'd address the 6,000 people. then i have a little bit more on that side of the page. that was his speech writing in magic marker. >> yeah. in fact, you interviewed him right before he went on stage. >> yes, he writes long hand. >> there's great. >> let's talk about how hillary
4:07 am
clinton's unfavorability rating has skyrocketed. take a look at this. she's now at 56%. donald trump is at 65%. but hillary's unfavorable -- favorable is now at 32% which his is at 24%. what's interesting the fact that her unfavorability number has continued to go up. his is pretty much at the same place. hers has gone up because bernie sanders has been beating the soup out of her. >> well, scott walker said he'll support which ever candidate wins on the republican side. whoever becomes the nominee, but he says that the reason for this is people don't like hillary. they don't trust her. even the bernie supporters don't trust her. >> so donald trump has to go a listen way to get his favorabilities up. he's got solid support but he's got to grow that pie as ari fleischer said last night. frank luntz said right now, he'd
4:08 am
look at hillary as a 4-3 favorite but a lot can change. >> right now, while bernie sanders has -- you know, he's got legions of his fans and apparently he says he's still in it, he's not going the drop out at this point, david webb, our own david webb, went to the bernie sanders rally to figure out, okay, if bernie sanders drops out, that means they have to support hillary clinton. do they like hillary clinton? watch this. >> what's the one word you would use to describe hillary clinton. >> oh, treacherous. >> hillary clinton? she said it, opportunistic. >> untrustworthy. >> scary. >> what's the one word to describe hillary clinton? >> avoidable? i yi yi. i don't want to use the word crook. but um -- untruthful. >> the ordinary. >> what about you? >> traditional. >> disconnected. >> what about you?
4:09 am
>> establishment. >> what's the one word you would use to describe hillary clinton? >> dishonest. >> oh, she's a liar. >> opulence. that's the one word. >> choke, lies. >> that's two. you got one more? >> disgrace. stale. >> a fraud. >> wow. >> they have to get -- >> if you're the clinton camp you have do get bernie sanders out the race, because that's getting bad. >> every time he says she is unqualified, you know, that just kind of goes into the part of those brains. you know, keep it right there. >> and poor decision making. meanwhile, another big story, jack lew the treasury secretary has decided not to replace alexander hamilton on the ten. >> thank goodness. >> instead -- excuse me, andrew
4:10 am
jackson, and replace him with a great woman who saved lives from slavery, harriet tubman. an unbelievable woman, vital to america's past, but taking apart our history, taking off our seventh president is something that i can't believe that we would go ahead and do. >> some like the decision. we took to the streets of new york. listen to what said that. >> i think it's about time. like a twofer. you have women represented and african-americans. >> my family comes from the jamestown colony where the first africans were brought into north america. >> and not only is it about time, but women have had respect for a long time, but not an equal way to the man. >> i think it's great. i think it's about time a woman's face is on a piece of u.s. currency. >> so jackson actually, you know, some don't like him because of they say he brutally suppressed the indians and he was a slave owner. of course, back then a lot of people owned slaves.
4:11 am
he'll be on the back of the bill. but crystal wright who is a -- she's got that conservative blog called conservative black chick, she was on "fox & friends" earlier. she said, look, this is all politics. there was a push to put a woman on. this is all about pandering. here she is. listen to this. >> i love harriet tubman. i don't think we should be changing the face of money because democrats are offended by history. i mean, this is once again we have democrats now using our currency as a political weapon to pander to their constituents. this isn't about harriet tubman. they don't care about her. it's ridiculous. we honor tubman in other ways. did you know that president -- former president george h.w. bush in 1990 declared harriet tubman day. he created a day in honor of this great abolitionist.
4:12 am
>> our seventh president was an extraordinary american. he is a true american story, lost both his parents, his brother. actually a curry in the revolutionary war, he was almost beaten and killed. he won the battle of new orleans and pensacola and became a two-term president. left extremely popular. >> well, he's on the back of the bill. and she is going to be on the front. >> how can you be remaking history at this point? it's incredible. >> send us your comments. >> 7:12 here in new york city. saudi arabia offered former new york mayor rudy giuliani $10 million as condolences of 9/11 and he tore up the check in their face. what does he think about the fact that the saudis could be responsible for part of the attack? he joins us live next. he's been called one of the most scorned men in the medical world after making a documentary claiming that the cdc lied about the link between autism and
4:13 am
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4:16 am
♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti. as our president travelled to saudi arabia this week, shocking new evidence now linking saudi arabia to a role
4:17 am
in 9/11. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani famously ripped up a condolence check from the saudis, and he joins us from houston this morning to react. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> we're doing okay. you were here a couple of days ago and you know there are a lot of new yorkers and people across the country that want to know whether or not there was a connection between the saudi royal family, saudi government, and what happened on 9/11. >> well, i'm one of them. i mean, i lost almost 3,000 of my citizens, i almost lost my own life as well as my commissioners. i saw people beaten down, killed and destroyed during that attack. then i was given a check by a saudi arabian prince for $10 million. and he had the temerity to put
4:18 am
out a press release blaming america and israel for the attack on september 11th. i can't tell you what i said when i decided to tear up the check and give it back to him because i can't repeat it on television. but i want you to know in return for that $10 million check, we ended up raising $240 million for all of the firefighters and police officers which included jeff immelt and your boss, rupert murdoch and roger ailes and lots of other people. he can keep his money and burn it in hell. the reality, i don't need to know, but the american people need to know what was the role of the saudi arabian government in the attack. and my suspicion is i'm going to give you my suspicion. it was at a lower level, not at a higher level. but we're entitled to know that in order to assess it, particularly in light of this legislation about suing saudi arabia.
4:19 am
because that will help us decide whether it is appropriate or it is not appropriate. >> well, let me tell you what's in the daily mail -- the lond"ln daily mail". the guy is being held at gitmo, he went from being a pilot, trained here. he was seen with the hijackers going to this report, and he become a bomb maker from al qaeda, eventually caught in pakistan. they have him linked with the saudi embassy in the u.s. >> they found a flight certificate in his possession and that was -- >> never, never should be released for the rest of his life. we're out of our minds to release him. and number two, you might wr wren -- remember there was an indication that a group of saudis were allowed to go back to saudi arabia, either the night of that incident or the morning after that incident. >> that's right. >> and being close to the fbi and being in law enforcement all my life, that always made me
4:20 am
somewhat suspicious. but in any event, we need to know the truth and before we can overreact or react, we should know what the facts are. we were the victims. meaning, the families. those families are very close to me. this saturday night i'm going to go speak to a group of them to raise money for the twin towers funds. i continue to be very, very close to the families. i don't purport to speak for all of them. i can speak for a lot of them. we are entitled to know who killed our loved ones who were almost killed all of us. >> all right, rudy giuliani live from houston, he'd like some answers as we all would. >> thank you. straight ahead, it's a controversial film being cut from film festivals claiming that the cdc lied about the link between vaccines and autism. and then the story is
4:21 am
awesome. a runner last place makes the ultimate comeback with one lap go. but it's the announcers who are stealing the show. listen. >> pulsing through -- >> oh, finishing -- >> here on the outside -- ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. all right. now for some sports headlines in a few hours, johnny manziel's assault case heads to the grand jury. he's accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend back in january. and clocked in at 105 miles an hour, watch this. this throw breaks the major league record, yep, baseball record. yankee outfielder hicks has the throw. the yankees would go on to lose that game, but that record stands. and talking about eating some dirt, check out this video.
4:25 am
that is a dustdevil that popped up during a college softball game in virginia. it lasted about 30 seconds. nobody was hurt. no idea what the score of the game was, but that's just a little by crazy. steve? it's a film that's so controversial it's getting booted from some film festivals. "vax" claims that the cdc manipulate and hid data that proves that there's a link between vaccines and autism. >> i think my child's had adverse reactions to those shots and then kind -- and then constant banging against anything he could find. >> right now, i'm sitting in a very pretty position in terms of providing you a lot of information. >> they sliced and diced the data in an effort to get rid of that effect. >> the relative risk of receiving an autism diagnosis was astronomical. >> wow. the cdc had known all along there was this autism risk.
4:26 am
>> joining us right now this morning is the director and co-writer of "vax" dr. andrew wakefield and the film's producer. she has a 20-year-old son with autism. good morning. >> good morning. >> dr. wakefield, you are linked to this story ever since back in 1998 you put out a study that linked a connection between the mmr vaccine and autism. and so years later, you come up and you're putting out this particular documentary because you are talking about the corruption behind the scenes at the cdc. >> yes. i have been involved in this debate for 20 years. it's one of the hottest debates in medicine. it hasn't gone away. then suddenly after 20 years the cdc senior scientist dr. william thompson says forward they have known for 14 years that mmr vaccine is casually associated with autism and they have covered it up. so the film that it's his word, his opinion, it's his documents.
4:27 am
that really carry the message of this film. that there has been a huge cover-up which has put millions of american children in harm's way and it was totally unnecessary. >> millions of americans have heard about your original report where is there a connection between the mmr vaccine and autism? i know your son -- you were once upon a time pro vaccine. >> yeah. >> but then tell us about your son, billy. >> well, i was extremely pro vaccine as all the parents are in the same situation. we took our children along to get the shots. we talked about pediatricians -- >> you had to. >> quite. so we did this, and from my -- for my son, he had the mmr in the morning. by the evening he was in the hospital having a huge convulsion. we never got him back. he's 20 years old, but he should be at college. he's missed his teenage years. the future is bleak for people like billy. he's one of millions worldwide.
4:28 am
>> do you feel it was the mmr vaccine? >> i know it was the mmr vaccine. >> because it just happened. too much of a coincidence. >> the doctors in the hospital said he's having a reaction to the mmr vaccine, but it will be okay. well, it wasn't okay. and every day that the media says vaccines do not cause autism, every day, that injection going into children damaging more and more babies. it has to stop. >> sure. dr. wakefield, i know at the tribeca film festival this was supposed to be played. but robert de niro decided not to. actually he has a family member with autism. are politics involved thin this? >> undoubtedly. we have tried to convey to people this is not an anti-vaccine movie. it is reporting upon a fraud in the cdc, the nation's foremost -- >> this is about corruption. >> about corruption, absolutely. robert de niro is put in an insidious position by the board of tribeca, announced that the
4:29 am
film was going to play, he had to retract it, repeatedly since it that time he's endorsed the film. he said everybody must see that film. and that's the case. as you say out there, fox news, we report, you decide. please see this film. make up your own mind. do not be persuaded by journalists who have written without ever having reviewed the film in advance of saying this is anti-vaccine film. >> robert de niro is a parent of a child damaged by the vaccines. he's been on our side from the beginning. >> i'm going to watch it. >> everybody needs to watch it. >> polly and dr. wakefield, thank you. once again the movie is out there, it's called "vaxxed." coming up, a harvard student says he deserves free college because he's black. but is that really racial justice? you know her, you love her, the fantastic brooke burke-charvet is helping us to
4:30 am
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4:33 am
a fox news alert. president obama wrapping up meetings in the middle east today after a less than warm welcome to the country. >> yep. iran just one of the major topics of conversation at the gulf summit. >> fox news white house correspondent kevin corke is joining us this morning from saudi arabia. good afternoon, kevin. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon, from riyadh. you're right, quite the contrast in the welcome for the president. i guess relatively understated, i guess compared to the welcome for the other gulf members. it's down to business today as the gcc summit rolls on. a lot has been made of the
4:34 am
deterioration in the u.s./saudi relationship, but to be fair it's not great, but more strained now, in particular because of the president's recent turn to tehran. but today, national security council adviser ben rhodes said the only way to increase security in the region is to engage diplomatically, even with countries with whom you disagree. >> the violence that we see in yemen, in syria and iraq is not in the interest of anybody. and that in order to resolve these conflicts there has to be a diplomatic effort with the iranians. >> reporter: i want to also remind you that the 9/11 topic did not come up in conversation yesterday between the president and the saudi king. he said ben -- ben rhodes said, look, they know where we stand on this issue. we feel like there's no way that the president would support any legislation that would hold accountable foreign governments spo -- for sponsoring acts of
4:35 am
terror, but he said he was familiar to what is in the papers. >> the president said i know what's roughly inside but i never read them. >> kevin corke, thank you. let's hand it over to heather with some headlines for us. >> good morning, good morning to all of you. a shocking announcement that comes from one of our very own. fox business host john stossel announcing that he is now battling lung cancer. he made this announcement just yesterday saying that doctors had caught it early enough and he will be fine. all of us here at fox are praying for a speedy recovery for john. we love him here. well, family this morning making a desperate plea for help to find a teenager who went missing on his way to church. 16-year-old tyler christianson started to walk to join his youth group in washington state, but he never showed up. police are calling it suspicious
4:36 am
and he has strong ties to his family and does not have a history of running away. that's in washington state. it's gun awhat gedden in california. they approved seven new bills to buy guns and ammunition. one would ban magazines that hold more than ten rounds. critics say the proposed rules only affect law-abiding gun buyers and don't make the government any safer. an amazing finish to tell you about in ireland. the amazing play-by-play from the announcers says it all. >> oh, look at the finish -- >> unbelievable. >> keep an eye on the lady on the far left in red who fell. she came in from fifth place in the 400 meter run to barely finishing first before
4:37 am
collapsing or tripping across the finish line. nice job though from behind. >> that was some of the most -- that was some of the most incomprehensible play-by-play -- >> yeah. >> to be irish. these are my people. >> face planted. i feel bad for her. but hey, she's a winner. >> right. >> also if you're at home, about to fall, put your hands out. show got the blue ribbon and the black and blue. that's right. thousands of terrified residents rescued from their own homes as houston remains under water. >> and it's claimed an eighth victim and threatening two dams near the city. >> that could be trouble. maria molina is tracking the storm. what can they expect today? >> i wish i could say there's dry weather for them, but unfortunately we are expecting more rain out there. the same storm system that's been bringing in moisture across parts of the southern plains and the lower mississippi valley is slowly moving eastward.
4:38 am
today we're expecting more rain out there. several inches will be possible. some areas could pick up more than four inches of additional rain. the other threat as well with the storms that are developing is the risk for severe weather. so we do expect some could bring damaging winds, some large hail and even isolated tornados. so that will be another big threat out there. now for all of your allergy sufferers around the nation, in new york city, high levels are forecast. if you suffer from allergy, unfortunately not looking to good. in minneapolis today we're expecting medium to high levels. they will be rising friday and saturday. now, let's head over to ainsley. thank you, maria. well you know her from "dancing with the stars" and a bunch of other stuff. brook burke-charvet is helping us dance away our stresses. the actress and now author and ceo revealing some new secrets to destress your life. we all need this. she writes about it in this new book that you see her on the screen. it is "chicken soup for the
4:39 am
soul, the joy of less." brooke burke-charvet, joins us dance to the chaos of their life. >> well, you have been able to do that with your kids, your kids have helped you get rid of things in your life. destress. >> well, i have to manage it. i love this book. don't let the title fool you. it's about figuring out how to have less in your life so you can have more. it's not just the material stuff, decluttering your life, your closet, freeing up your life to do the things you love. there are beautiful stories from all over the world about letting go. getting organized and being able to say no to those that don't fulfill you. >> can we do this? >> i took my kids into the closet, i taught them how to donate. there were three boxes that i put in the kids' room, i said give away things that you love that others can enjoy. >> let's do it.
4:40 am
>> let's do some hand-me-downs and throw some things away. i went into my closet upstairs. in my office. we'll get rid of -- >> the decision making process for fashion, because i do it all the time. if there's anything on this rack you haven't worn in this last year -- >> this suit. >> some other woman is going to love this. so let's donate this one. >> okay. >> look to see if there's anything else. so we can donate this or -- >> not a good shade. >> this could go into your gift pile. >> okay. >> give that away. >> donate this? >> yeah. >> somebody is going to appreciate that. >> i don't wear that anymore. >> but this dress -- you know, you could make restyle this. maybe recycle this. >> oh. >> maybe throw on a nice belt or boots or give it away to somebody else? >> i would love to give it away to somebody else. >> let's donate it. >> this dress i love but i can't fit it into anymore. >> okay. we're donating that as well. >> anything else? you have a girlfriend in mind?
4:41 am
there's treasures in everyone's closet. >> purple and blue dresses. >> think of color -- think of the colors of the season. oh, you're good. >> you have no problem parting with this. >> i have a bunch of stuff. >> i love this skirt. >> most women -- >> that's so cute. >> i can't fit into that anymore. >> most women hold on to things. if you have a cluttered space that's not clean and organized you can't see what you have to work with. and they haven't worn it. it still has some tags on it. i saw some things with tags on it. >> give it away. >> you're doing good. keep going. >> well, go into your closet and do this. you can give to organizations, dress for success, help other women and men find jobs and bless someone else's life. >> it helps everyone. i hope everyone enjoys this book. it was such an inspiration. coming up a harvard student says he deserves free college simply because he can't afford it because he's black.
4:42 am
but is that really racial justice? and two join forces to fight for leg room on the airplanes. but should it be up to the government to keep you comfortable? allergies. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. ♪
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♪ take on the unexpected. the new 2016 nissan altima. built to stand out.
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flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact. fleas do not have to bite your cat to die. advantage® ii. fight the misery of biting fleas. all right. a group at harvard law school demanding free tuition as a
4:46 am
matter of justice. reclaim harvard law school issued a statement. due to the legacy of centuries of white supremacy and plunder, people of color are less likely to have amassed wealth in the united states. therefore, these disproportionately burdened students of color. now if students don't pay for it, who pays for the tuition? joins is kmele foster from and the fifth column podcast. welcome back. kennedy says hi. first off, how do you feel about the position of let's make harvard law free. it should cost $59,000. >> college is very expensive, but here's what we know about educational subsidy, all of the attempts to make college more affordable by giving people money or dramatically reducing tuition, all this does is make -- we all know that unless
4:47 am
you can suspend the laws of economics or physics you can't make stuff free. someone has to pay for it. >> what about the white supremacy aspect of the article? here we are in 2016, does it apply? >> you know, the universe is filled with historic injustices and we can try our best to make all these things better and the roads straight for people going forward into the future. but you can't really do that. the bottom line is that justice means something in this country. traditionally it's about us having sort of equal protection under the law. the right to free speech. the right to any number of natural rights but the right to a university education, the right to things that you would like to have that would be very nice to have, those aren't quite the same things. we lose something really, really important when we conflate what we'd like to have with the essential rights. a concrete notion of justice. >> if you're not doing to pay for it, how is it going to be free? we have an idea, let's cut
4:48 am
teacher's salaries. i wonder how many -- >> some teachers might leave. >> yeah. also, just live off the endowment of harvard law school. >> which you can do for a period of time until that endowment is gone. the universities require money to function. the people need to be paid money to do a job and you can't send people to school for free. this is the difficulty with bernie sanders frequent propositioning and promising that he will give people stuff like free higher education and free health care. it costs something. that is the absolute fact. >> so people watching right now, white, black, asian, doesn't matter. they have different opinions on this perhaps. how do you feel about the push in this country for -- and the new buzz term is, you know, white supremacy and, you know -- >> yeah. >> white privilege. >> it's an old term and i think there's something problematic about the way we talk about the history of racism in this country and white supremacy going forward. it sounds as if's some active --
4:49 am
as if there's some active conspiracy to disadvantage black people. black and white people and everybody else have a variety of backgrounds in this country and some of us are born with certain advantages. and others don't have those advantages. we can't make all of that right through the law. the very best that we can hope for, this is a heck of a high standard is the quality under the law. that the law treats us all fairly and equally and i can't jump as high as lebron james. i don't have the advantages that he has. that doesn't entitle me with anything. >> did you grow one wealth? >> no, i'm a first generation american. my family is from caribbean, jamaica, where there was intense poverty and still is to this day. there was slavery for a long time but i don't think i'm entitled to anything that belongs to anyone else. my family has worked very hard. >> as are you today. congratulations on everything. kmele foster, on his opinion over at harvard. coming up straight ahead,
4:50 am
two lawmakers are fighting for more leg room on the airplanes, but should it up to the government to keep you comfortable? peter johnson jr. will provide a pillow and a blanket shortly. but first on this day in history in 1977, "annie" opened on broadway and i weep every day because of it. and then the game boy was released in japan and everyone stopped getting things and then in 1970 the jackson 5 released this song "abc" and i hear it every day.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
are shrinking airplane seats
4:54 am
the inevitable future of airline flights? steve cohen and adam kensinger are pushing to stop limiting leg room. should it be up to the government to define comfort? joining me right now with an in flight demonstration, peter johnson jr. can you put down the newspaper for a minute and talk with me about this issue, please? excuse me, sir? >> oh, hi. >> what's the latest with the leg room issue? should the government be getting involved, peter? >> no. the government needs to get involved. here's why. because the pitch of the seats that we fly in every day in america they have been diminished. so there's two issues -- health and getting deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot in the leg. they don't know why it happens, but it can happen -- >> because there's not enough room to move around. >> then the other issue is evacuation. >> right. >> right. they have never tested if the seats that are so close together
4:55 am
could -- >> can i have a coca-cola, please? >> what would you like to drink? >> black coffee. the seats that are so close together the people can get out -- >> coca-cola, please. >> -- get out in 90 seconds or less. so people have gone crazy with this. i have a friend i was talking to last night. he talked about the southwest syndrome. he flies on southwest all the time. a great airline. he said follow the heavy guy, steve doocy, follow the heavy guy because he'll take the aisle seat, he'll take the window seat, nobody will sit in the center. >> you have people leaning back like steve doocy here. you don't have any room. >> excuse me, excuse me, yeah, thank you. thank you. >> how about a vodka? >> all right. so what happens next, peter? >> what happens next is the house of representatives is going to take this up. the senate, chuck schumer had a bill. they defeated it so the issue is -- i want to hear what folks are saying at home. should the government be getting involved with the type of seats
4:56 am
that we're sitting in or should they not? should they be able to cram another 30 seats in at our expense in order to put in big first class cabins and sleeper seats? that's what's happening in the aviation industry. >> you don't know -- you don't know until you get on the plane if you're going to be sitting in one of the -- >> well, a lot of airlines you don't know what seating assignment you'll get. can we get is come cream for this? thank you. you don't know what seat -- >> i'm trying to take brian seriously, but i can't. i'm trying to do this segment and take brian seriously and i can't. >> we shouldn't be exhausted by a plane flight. >> how are you doing? are you comfortable? we want to thank aeromock-ups for donating the seats. thank you. no thanks to brian. coming up, it was the television event that everyone had to see live. 30 years from tonight, geraldo
4:57 am
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but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. good thursday morning to you. april 21th, i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, a fox news alert. a wrestling legend dies overnight. chyna was found not breathing and unresponsive by a friend in her house in california. so what went wrong? the breaking details just coming in. meanwhile, the rnc under pressure to change the rules ahead of the convention as donald trump continues to rip what he calls a rigged system. >> we're running now for office and it's a rigged deal. this whole thing with delegates is rigged. it's rigged. >> get the idea, it's rigged. so should the convention rules
5:01 am
be changed? we'll talk about this. 30 years ago today, this happened. >> five, four, three, two, one. geraldo opened al capone's vault and found nothing. >> oh. >> he looks exactly the same. >> he does. he's live to relive that moment. because we asked him to. >> yeah. >> mornings are better with "friends." ♪ mom, turn on your tv. lennon & maisy is here, her favorite people are here from "nashville."
5:02 am
>> and brian kilmeade is returning from his brief stint as a flight attendant in the peter johnson jr. -- >> i was never ignored like that before. >> you didn't mention the fact that i referred to you as curly. [ laughter ] >> that is true. thank you. >> hey, curly, get me a vodka. >> by the way, you don't give nicknames to flight attendant, are you? you're not president bush. >> i can give one to you. well, gop leaders are meeting in florida in hopes of uniting the party behind the convention rules. >> yep. these meetings usually happen and nobody cares and now everybody cares. >> reporter: everybody cares, everyone is paying very close attention so a different atmosphere, two of the candidates made it down here in person to lobby some of those delegates behind closed doors. afterwards, before the media you could tell john kasich was getting a little bit irritated when he was asked repeatedly about becoming a vice president.
5:03 am
as for ted cruz, he said no one at the convention in cleveland has any chance of winning on the first ballot. >> what is clear today is that we are headed to a contested convention. nobody is able to reach 1,237. i'm not going to reach 1,237 and donald trump is not going to reach 1,237. >> reporter: kasich and cruz were here in hollywood, florida, schmoozing with the delegates and donald trump continued to be out on the campaign trail and actually continued to attack the republican leadership. >> politics is a very, dirty, dirty, dishonest business, folks. i have never seen anything like it. we're running now for office and it's a rigged deal. this whole thing with delegates is rigged. it's rigged. where i win louisiana and i don't get as many delegates as some guy that lost?
5:04 am
>> reporter: the trump team will have its turn tonight before the delegates. it will be senior advisers to mr. trump making that speech. he'll still be on the campaign trail in pennsylvania. back to you, brian, ainsley and steve. >> steve harrigan, live along the intercoastal down in florida. there was a brand-new franklin marshall poll that came out. hillary is leading bernie by about double and trump has 40, cruz, 26, and john kasich 24. >>but the weird thing is, 72 delegates -- >> 71. >> 71 delegates at stake. do you know how many will be awarded? 17. >> really? >> 17 according to who ever wins. but then the other 54 just floating around. >> incredible. that's what drives people crazy. >> there's what donald has been saying. >> you're denying the people of pennsylvania their voice. >> look at louisiana. that's why donald is so upset about the whole process. something should change probably. let's hand it over to heather who has headlines for us.
5:05 am
>> i certainly do. good morning. we start off with a fox news alert right now. the admitted terrorist abdeslam charged with an attempted murder -- for a deadly shoot-out with police one week before the brussels terror attacks took place. four officers were hurt in the gun battle and the terror suspect was killed. abdeslam admitted to his role in november's paris attacks. he was part of the same terror cell behind the blasts at the brussels airport and the metro station. another fox news alert right now. wrestling world losing a legend. chyna, a wwe icon in the '90s as now died. the 45-year-old whose real name was joanie laurer was found dead by a friend in her home. no word yet on how she died, but she struggled with drug problems in the past, she has been arrested in the past. she had also appeared on vh1's "celebrity rehab." >> i think what scared me the most about being here is the confusion of why i'm here.
5:06 am
i haven't decided for myself what the issue is here. >> police say foul play is not suspected. she became an actress after her wrestling career ended. a fox news alert out of miami now. it started as frantic 911 call from the trunk of a car and ended in a deadly police shooting. police killing a suspected kidnapper who grabbed a woman and then threw her in the trunk of the car. it was later abandoned on the side of the road. the suspect was tracked through the woods and he pointed a weapon at the cops. the cops still not saying if they knew one another. a morning show meltdown to tell you about. kelly ripa reportedly ticked off over her co-host michael strahan's departure from their show "live with kelly and michael." even reportedly calling in sick to work after she found out about it all. strahan is leaving to anchor full-time at "good morning
5:07 am
america." there are reports he didn't tell ripa about it ahead of time. he acknowledged it awkwardly her absence from the show. listen to this. >> kelly is off today and filling in for kelly is ana gasteyer. there's news i'm leaving this show. and i'm going over to "gma" full-time. >> he went on to thank ripa for all she's done. no word on when she will return. those are your headlines. i know we have geraldo on the couch. i have to tell you a story. we were having a conversation about if we were to hop on the back of a motorcycle with a guy in the building, here, who would it be? you know you have to hold on? geraldo. >> geraldo. >> yeah, baby. that's right. >> man. >> is there any doubt? >> that's my guy. >> i volunteer. >> heather, thank you. >> it's got to be geraldo. >> thank you. made my morning. >> geraldo, let's talk about the michael and kelly situation. abc is in full damage control mode right now. >> well, they should be. this was so clumsily handled.
5:08 am
i know them both. when you see him on fox sports doing sports and then see him as a charming morning show host, it show he's a renaissance guy. kelly ripa i have known they have -- how they handled it. >> give them a heads up. >> they were told we have to meet with you, the general manager of wabc and abc is there. and that's where -- that's when they say that michael strahan shows up 20 minutes late, walks in and says, i'm going to be leaving the show. kelly said i told you, didn't i tell you two years ago, meaning that's when he started to fill in at "gma." i guess she indicated at that time they're going to try to grab him and they did. >> look at the relationship we have after 16 years. i would never do that to you. i would never. i would say to you, in private, you know, brian, something's come up. you know, i won the nobel prize
5:09 am
or something. >> what if the bosses said you cannot let this leak, not tell anyone? >> you know what the difference is, ainsley? we have a situation where we're best friends. it doesn't matter what the bosses say. you have a relationship that goes beyond the business. it's a heart to heart, friend to friend relationship. it's a soulful thing much more powerful than any -- >> do you think it's unprofessional that they didn't show up or understand why she didn't show up? >> i totally get it. i have had plenty of times over the year, okay -- i never had a legit sick day, but i have been off, why? because of something like that. a contract negotiation or i'll show them. i'm going to get on my boat. >> you know what, 30 years ago tomorrow, you probably should have called in sick. because it was 30 years ago today when geraldo rivera -- it was the biggest event in tv history. going to crack open al capone's vault because all sorts of stuff was in there, right?
5:10 am
let's do back 30 years ago today, just the facts. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> i promised all the critics that if we didn't find anything i'd sing a song. so -- ♪ chicago, chicago all right, i'm gone. see ya. >> oh. >> you did prepare in your mind before. because -- >> it became very obvious -- you know, over the course of the program -- >> what was going to be in there you thought? >> we thought for sure -- we found the vaulted area in the hotel lexington controlled by scar face al capone during that epic era when he ran that town, a ruthless killer. we thought there would be bodies or weapons. we had the medical examiner, the irs was there. because of the possibility that there was treasure inside.
5:11 am
we had the chicago pd who was there. we had relatives. we had experts. >> nothing in there. >> well, that's not exactly true. there was an empty jim bean bottle. >> as a reporter you have to prepare for every scenario. did you ever talk to the producers and say there was nothing in there? >> it was a two-hour live program. so as we -- everybody in the world, the chicago bears won the super bowl that year. this show outrated the super bowl in chicago even though the bears -- da bears were in the super bowl. it was well over north of 30 million viewers. it was live in 16 countries. it was -- now, to the when did i get to know it, so we blow it. so right away there's nothing obvious. but that's not definitive because it's deep. >> false wall. >> we had done the sonar and the testing and we know it's hollow. but then as the digging progresses, you get further and further -- now you can see the
5:12 am
back wall, filled with debris and rubble and everything else. >> but for the song -- why "chicago?" why not "i'm sorry?" >> it was so chicago. the show was so -- here we were, he was chicago in the prohibitionhumiliating, please,i went right across the street to the mexican restaurant and got drunk. >> you were able to use that event on "dancing with the stars." remember this from a few weeks ago? >> what is hidden inside al capone's vault? >> that was great. >> i wish, i wish! >> that would have been great. that would have been great. that would have been great. >> so self-deprecation is wonderful. >> that's why i was making fun of myself. believe me, it was a bigger flop on "dancing with the stars" than al capone. but, you know, i was unemployed at the time. i needed the money.
5:13 am
i was supporting my family. i had been fired by abc. 1985. and so think had this great failure. but then the ratings came in. and these historic ratings. i had 22 job offers before breakfast was done. i started my daytime show. the rest is history. happy ending. >> you end up on our couch. >> i end up on your couch. coming up, a big change to the $20 bill. the treasury bill is going to replace president andrew jackson with harriet tubman. so many of you are wondering is the treasury pandering to the pc police? i'm going to talk to the people on the avenue of americas. and life has been good to singer joe walsh, but he's not good to the republican party. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ i've lived in hotels, stare at the wall ♪ audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks.
5:14 am
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i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. well, steve doocy is out and about. >> hey, steve, what are you doing outside? >> let's see how this goes. i was on that side of the street yesterday, and the last guy i talked to looked like he was
5:18 am
going beat me up. let's see. story is about how they'll replace president jackson on the 20 with harriet tubman. here is somebody who saw us. is a fox fan. what's your name? >> karen. >> so what do you think? you know, we had somebody earlier who said obviously they were looking to replace somebody on one of the bills with a woman. is it time to put a woman on the currency? >> it's a great idea but it's been so historical to have andrew jackson on the 20. i don't think that's a great idea to change that. >> well, they're going to put him on the back. >> i don't know. >> all right. >> so harriet tubman will probably be on the 20 by the year 2020. do you think the average person even looks at who's on the money and thinks about it? >> probably not. probably they just spend it without thinking about it. >> for instance, who's on the five? i know. it's lincoln. >> i was going to say that. >> who's on the 50?
5:19 am
>> i don't want to guess. >> grant. grant. who's on the 100? look, she's about to punch me. >> i'm embarrassed. i knew this was going to happen. >> that was great. thank you very much for watching. >> thank you. >> you know what? i'm going to give you a $20 for that. no, i need that for a prop. one more -- well, let's see. let's ask one more person. hi. excuse me. >> sorry. >> a bit of language problem. anybody want to talk about the new 20? oh, this guy is smiling. hey, how you doing? >> i'm well. >> they're going to replace jackson with tubman on the 20. what do you think? >> well, trail of times, time to get rid of andrew jackson. >> really? you're okay? >> i'm okay with it. >> good enough. i'd like to give you this phony $20 bill. >> thank you. i'll spend it wisely. >> thank you. let's alert the police. that guy has a phony 20. ainsley, brian, back to you.
5:20 am
>> thanks, steve. i'm glad you didn't get knocked out this time either. coming up, curt schilling fired for saying he would not want his daughter to share a bathroom with a transgendered man. was that fine or over the line? and they're a real life sister act. ♪ ♪ everything you said >> all right. youtube and "nashville" stars lennon and maisy stella join us live next.
5:21 am
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my name is melissa snyder, i'm a customer relationship manager with pg&e. i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. the show will not go on with --
5:24 am
the show will not go on for joe walsh in cleveland. the eagles guitarist cancelled a concert after finding out it was part of the republican convention. can you believe it? he says he thought his performance would benefit veterans. he says the presidential campaigns are isolationist and spiteful. and lindsay lohan could be converting to islam. the catholic-born actress from long island said she's studying the religion and reading the koran. in the interview she says that america doesn't understand the koran and what it's all about. we'll learn. hi, ainsley. >> hi. they're a real-life sister act. they're amazing. ♪ ♪ i will bend and i will sway i will fight to stand up straight ♪ ♪ when trouble winds blow my way i won't break ♪
5:25 am
>> sisters lennon and maisy stella play sisters on "nashville." they have played at the white house. they have won cma awards and now lennon and maisy stella are here on the curve couch to talk to me. what an honor, girls. congratulations on your career. how old are you? >> i'm 12 years old. >> maisy you're 12. >> i'm 16. >> your parents are the stellas. >> yes. >> we know them. they're a duo. >> yes. >> is that how you kind of got your start? >> i mean, that's where we like -- it all came from. >> yes. >> totally raised in that, you know? i think that's totally a big part of it. >> where did you grow up? nashville? >> in canada. >> canada. how did you get involved with "nashville"? >> our parents. we moved, they had a publishing deal in like 2009. we were traveling back and forth from canada. and then, yeah, we moved here. to nashville and we love it. >> how did you find out? did you audition for the show?
5:26 am
how did you find out you were getting the parts? >> basically, i always wanted to act since like i was 2 or something. i always loved like entertaining people. so i auditioned. then i kept getting called back which is so exciting. by the final two, it was between me and another girl and they ended up calling lennon in and they said they're rethinking the ages of the girls because it was two other ages from ours. >> it was crazy. >> and they liked you so much that they made it work for you guys? >> yes. >> you never acted before? >> no. this is the first thing we have done acting wise. >> so you owe it all to your little sister. >> i still don't know what i'm doing. >> you're doing a great job. how close to reality is the show? do you act like that on the show? what's the difference between the show and real life? >> no. i think it's -- >> you fight a lot on the show. >> dramatic. >> she's not that mean in real life. >> i'm not. >> i think -- yeah, it's a tv version of what -- >> do you ever read the script and you're like i can't say this to my little sister? >> i'm sure she doesn't mind.
5:27 am
[ laughter ] >> no, i definitely get it out on the show. i'm through with it. but i understand that i'm just an angel to you, maisy. >> compared to the worst of the worst you're like -- >> all right. you have a lot of projects going on. you have millions of people that are following you on youtube and watching your youtube vide. what's your reaction to that? >> it's so, so crazy. i think it will never become less crazy. you know? it's like really shocking, shocking thing. just like i don't know. we love it so much. >> what about school? how -- is your mom home schooling you? >> we do online school. we transferred like last january? >> yeah. >> where is home base now? >> nashville. >> how do you feel about this? what are your friends saying? >> i mean, it's really strange. i'm still not used to after being on this show for four years -- >> you pinch yourself a lot. >> yeah.
5:28 am
it's super weird like when i'm at the mall or something. especially when someone recognizes you. with your friends. like you're with your friends and they're like, like some of them are like, hi, i'm lennon and i'm maisy. no, this is not lennon. this is my friend. pause they think it's funny. it's so cool. >> it's like different friends act differently. >> first time you did an autograph was that weird? when you were asked? >> yeah. actually it was. the first time -- >> other than my grandparents. >> your biggest fans. >> exactly. >> you're doing to sing for us, coming up at the end of the show. we can't wait for that. will you say hey to my mama. she's watching. she enjoys the show. when she lived with me during maternity leave, she came up and helped me with the baby. we watched it all the time. she doesn't miss an episode. thanks, girls. good to see you. we'll catch up with you at the end of the show. coming up, curt schilling fired for saying he would not want his daughter to share a bathroom with a transgendered man. was that a foul statement or was that fair? from the emergency room to
5:29 am
the kitchen, we are cooking with friends today. dr. siegel and his son are making a favorite. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. wopen up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
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just extreme weather this morning, thousands of terrified residents rescued from their own homes as houston remains under water. >> all right. in the floodwaters, they're not letting up. the death toll now at eight. a brand-new fear as two cities right near dams are -- these dams near these cities are at risk of failing. >> that could be a very big problem. maria molina knows that. she's tracking storms on a thursday morning. >> yeah. i wish i had better news, but unfortunately we have the risk for more heavy rain out there.
5:33 am
the ground is already saturated in areas that aren't flooding out there. the storms are rolling through and look at the radar, you can see across parts of central texas, we do have heavy rain moving eastward. it is forecast to impact areas like houston and other areas across southeastern texas. several inches of additional rain are in the forecast today and over the next few days we'll continue to see that risk for storms across portions of the south and taking a look at the risk for severe weather, it includes southern texas and louisiana. large hail and also isolated tornados. let's head back inside. >> thank you, maria. flash flood warnings, looking at the radar right now, unt:00 tonight. >> just awful. someone who is not awful is heather nauert. >> thanks, brian. i like being introduced that way. young i think you're great too. i have a massive drug tunnel to
5:34 am
tell you about. this thing the length of eight football fields. it was discovered in san diego and it's considered the longest one ever linking mexico to california. it starts inside a home in tijuana and then stretches all the way across the border to a hole underneath a dumpster in southern california. look at that right there. that elaborate set-up had a railway, a ventilation system. even a freight elevator. officials found more than a ton of cocaine and seven pounds of -- seven tons of pot inside. six people now under arrest. well, after years of fighting there's finally some relief for the family of a former navy s.e.a.l. who was killed in the benghazi terror attacks. glen doherty's family now getting $400,000. so here's the background on that story. doherty had a standard life insurance policy which only covered a spouse and children. but he didn't have a wife or any children so he was entitled to nothing. the cia has now just expanded its survivor benefits to include
5:35 am
a payout for families and contractors who were killed in the line of duty overseas. his mom is speaking about it. she says it was never the money. but it was about the respect and the dignity that her son deserved. listen. >> a day doesn't pass that i don't think of him or cry for him. but it was magnified by the government not doing anything. so it brings you a relief that all your efforts and struggles have come to a good end. >> certainly. he was such a hero. imagine all that his family has been through and the others. well, in addition to doherty, dozens of families will receive the new benefits. talk about a rare event. a man leads police on a high speed chase over stolen steaks. cops say that a guy stole meat from a walmart before taking off in a car. the chase reaching speeds of up
5:36 am
to 100 miles per hour. the driver seen tossing that meat out the window. some hitting the cop cars and bouncing off on the highway. the suspect finally busted. curt schilling is out. the former pitcher turned analyst fired by espn after his facebook post about transgendered bathroom laws. the pictures shows the overweight man dressed in a blond wig and walking in a bathroom. many said the post was offensive. here it is on screen. it says, quote, let him into the restroom with your daughter. otherwise you're a narrow minded unloving racist bigot who needs to die. schilling said he was expressing an opinion and you have been e-mailing us about this all morning long. what are people saying? >> well, i'll tell you what, sue e-mailed us, says i'm behind him 100%. we might have been less than tactful, but we no longer have a voice. >> and joey on twitter says ridiculous. but schilling had to know he was working for disney.
5:37 am
>> yeah. he's got an issue -- he's had issues before. they put the entertaining and reporting of sports second to their politics. they should change their monitor to pc. now let's talk about cooking. >> today we have dr. marc siegel, he's becoming a chef, chef segal now, thanks to "cooking with friends." >> dr. siegel with his son sam joins us live. we need to point out, your mother got in a car to come here to help actually do the cooking because this is her recipe. >> secret recipe. >> where is she? >> she is caught somewhere in manhattan. the traffic cops won't let hem go through. tank her two hours to try to get here. >> oh. >> so we'll represent her. >> she normally does this. >> do the stuffed cabbage. >> i have an idea. >> i have an idea. >> she takes the meat -- >> hamburger.
5:38 am
>> it's a recipe, a little bit of this that. >> i have it written down. i have been waiting for this for many years. >> nobody knows how to make it. it's a secret recipe. >> not anymore. you take the meat. season it. >> hamburger? >> yeah. sirloin meat, hamburger. season it with onion -- >> put stuff in the bowl. >> your dad doesn't want to take his hand out of the pocket. >> since passover is coming up, we don't use rice. because they used the rice to make bread, now we use matzo meal. this gives it some consistency. >> crunch to it. >> garlic. onion. >> look at how careful he is. he must be a doctor. with a scalpel. >> not quite a surgeon. >> mix the three spices in with the meat. >> i'll help you. >> thank you, sam. >> kids are good with that. >> do you help in the kitchen?
5:39 am
>> sometimes. >> sam, what grade are you in? >> fifth grade. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> well, i kind of want to be a pediatrician, actually. >> all right. >> i love that. >> you have the white coat. >> he's a knicks fan for sure. >> yeah. >> mix that up. then what? >> well, then you take -- >> cabbage. >> the cabbage, boiled. >> so it's pliable. >> then you take a spoonful or whatever you want. >> put it in there. spread it now. >> two scoops is my grandmother's. >> two scoops right there. >> now, he came to be about aficionado of the stuffed cabbage. he didn't used to like it. but for me, it was every meal, growing up. >> he's growing up. >> no macaroni and cheese from a box anymore. >> roll it. >> so it looks like this. the magic of television. then put them into the red sauce which is bubbling right here. >> the secret red sauce is
5:40 am
tomato sauce, tomato paste, lemon and tomato. >> all right. >> let's see if sam can do one -- >> cinnamon gives it a certain sweetness. cinnamon is one of the secret ingredients. >> i look like i have been in surgery. >> good thing you wore red today. >> part of the joy of eating is getting it all over yourself. >> sam, make one real quick. aunt josephine showed up and she's starving. >> get it into the sauce. >> how long -- >> i love these on major events like passover. >> how long do you simmer? >> all great times when you visit with family. >> simmer for two hours. >> you can't forgot to cease -- >> what is it? >> you have to put the tlc in there, the tender loving care. >> yeah. yeah. >> the secret. okay. >> paprika?
5:41 am
>> actually -- >> i'm covering my mike -- >> what's the point of a napkin now, steve. you have it on your suit already. >> just pick it up, steve. >> how come i'm the nurse? >> i feel like john kasich and i'm eating pizza. >> this is better than pizza. >> good? >> well, you guys nervous? >> no. >> really good. really good. great job, sam. >> very nice. >> all right. >> thank you so much, guys, for coming. >> yeah. we'll put the recipe right on our website. >> great. >> you'll be around to answer questions about stuffed cabbage. in the meantime, a fox news alert. the world famous wrestler chyna found dead in her home. what happened? brand-new info from the police coming up next. and jennifer aniston might be the most beautiful woman of 2016, but did you know one of our friends made the list as well? you have seen her on "fox & friends" dozens of times, so who is it?
5:42 am
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5:45 am
all right. now to the story trending at this hour. a group of smokin' hot firefighters according to ainsley in australia are taking social media by storm -- steve, don't yell. by posing with puppies for the annual calendar. >> i'm yelling about the puppies. >> the proceeds goes to a charity. and a sonogram shows a cross in the womb. she is worried about her baby's
5:46 am
health. and people's most beautiful list is out, and look at who's on the inside. our friend, sandra lee. she's being named in an -- as being named -- she said being named is an honor. that it represents the journey she has been on since fighting breast cancer. >> congratulations. >> we wish her all the best. she's a wonderful person. meanwhile, a fox news alert this morning. wrestling fans around the country are waking up to the shocking news that chyna, the iconic woman's wrestler is dead. >> sandra endo from our fox affiliate in california is joining us from redondo beach. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she was nicknamed the ninth wonder of the world. she was super famous and popular during her time in the wwe. and now a lot of her wrestling fans are wondering what exactly happened to her here. police responded to her redondo beach apartment after a friend checked in.
5:47 am
she wasn't heard from for several days and police found her unresponsive in her bedroom. she was pronounced dead on the scene. now, we know chyna who was born joanie laurer entered the ring in 1997. she hugely became a hit among fans till 2001. and she was part villain, but a definite fan favorite. she was very successful and then her career took a turn. she entered the adult film industry and she admitted she struggled with drug addiction for a very long time. she posted a video on youtube, saying she turned her life around, going to hot yoga every day. but clearly she was struggling and the police and the coroner are investigating her death. they have ruled out foul play. she was only 45 years old. back to you guys. >> sandra endo, live from redondo beach, thank you.
5:48 am
she was on this program a couple of times. >> so young. all right. coming up on a thursday we just introduced you to lennon and maisy, the sisters who went from youtube stars to a tv sensation. ♪ sounds awesome, right? don't go anywhere they're about to perform live. we just heard a sneak peek. it's fantastic. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax
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well, we introduced you to lennon and maisy stella earlier in the show. the next is a pottery barn furniture collection. the girls from nashville, the know "nashville" are back to perform the latest cover known as "lean on". hey, girls, take it away, i love this song. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ do you recall long away the way you'd walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ innocence remember all we did was care for each other ♪ ♪ and then the night was born we were born young ♪
5:53 am
♪ all around, the wind blows, we will only holden to let go ♪ ♪ so we will need someone to lean on ♪ ♪ look, all we need is somebody to lean ♪ so the kids will fire the gun someone to lean on ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, fire the gun, i need somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, oh, hey, oh hey, oh ♪ well, what do we do when we get old ♪ ♪ the way we walk down the same road ♪ ♪ will you be there by my side
5:54 am
and going on, waiting for you to come home ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows we only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, fire a gun, we all need someone to lean on ♪ ♪ blow a kiss fire a gun, all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ hey, oh, hey, oh hey, oh, hey, oh ♪ ♪
5:55 am
♪ blow a kiss, fire a gun, we all need someone to lean on ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, fire a gun, all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, fire a gun someone to lean on ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ hey, oh, hey, oh somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ hey, oh, hey, oh, all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
5:56 am
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5:58 am
before it's history, it's news.
5:59 am
>> all right. as you know the big story is jack lew was determined to get somebody else -- >> a woman. >> founding fathers off the money and put a great woman, american woman, on there. he certa >> guess who pays the price? andrew jackson. >> is the currency supposed to have presidents on it? >> matt on facebook says, i guess it's okay. she was an important figure in our history. >> and johnny also says on facebook saying 20 trillion on debt and rising x this is what the administration thinks is important to do. >> yeah. whose pace is on the $20 trillion debt bill? >> right. >> i just think it's worth it to google andrew jackson. he wasn't perfect, but inkiss
6:00 am
pence bl as a leader. >> who's on the 5? >> i'm not sure. >> lincoln. >> who's on the 50? >> i don't know. >> jackson -- rather, it's grant. >> i know what's on my debit card. bill: breaking news, here we go. 9:00 here in new york, watching the movements of the president overseas. i'm bill hemmer, and welcome to "america's newsroom." president obama arriving a short time ago in riyadh, saudi arabia. we were will being to his -- listening to his opening statement there that led directly with iran and illegal arms sales. so as we say good morning to all of you, we're waiting for the questions x we'll see where this goes as the trip continues overseas. martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. as we watch this moment of history unfold, the president on his trip to saudi arabia, obviously, a very complex relationship between our two countries right now, a lot of question abo


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