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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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they ran away, some stood by. what the heck is that? look at that thing. and then it went up into the air, bill. an apparition bill: you know what they call that? martha: i call it a ghost. bill: ghost runner. we have a ghost runner on third. we've got to go. it's the night by everybody. see you tomorrow. the one we have brand-new developments in the race for the white house with five northeast primaries just days away. good morning to you. i jon scott. heather: i'm heather, in for jenna lee. the republican presidential candidates all say they are in it for the long haul and they are prepared to go all the way to the convention in cleveland. donald trump, senator ted cruz and don kasich each have
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jampacked schedules as they work to rack up votes and delegates see one now donald trump leads in the delegate count, 845 for mister trump. andrews is next with 559. kasich as 148 but with pennsylvania, rhode island, delaware, connecticut and maryland all voting is tuesday, another 118 delegates are up for grabs. we have team fox coverage of the race for the white house. peter keeping tabs on the presidential campaign live from washington but we begin with the gop side of things. mike and manuel is live in annapolis maryland. reporter: lots of delegates up for grabs and little time before people vote. republican front-runner is already investing time and energy here in maryland and competing for its 38 delegates. >> maryland is very big, a lot of delegates, you've got to vote. here's what's going to happen and here's what i promise you. if i win it will be a lot to do with right here. reporter: .or john or john kasich has invested time in
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maryland as well. kasich sees this date as an opportunity for his campaign to compete this one important because we have to accumulate delegates. we don't accumulate delegates, time to go but were going to accumulate delegates. reporter: the real clear politics average has trump leading kasich by 14.7 points with senator ted cruz running third. we talked to a maryland holster about how trump is connecting here. >> i think there is a lot of frustration with national politics. he captured that in maryland although i think the state is doing much better relative to the last couple of years economically but there still are people who are frustrated and disenchanted with politics and he certainly draws those sorts of people. reporter: despite running third in recent polls, senator ted cruz is campaigning here this morning before he had stayed indiana with 38 delegates up for grabs, it's worth a shot. jon: mike and manuel in annapolis, maryland.
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heather: such a pretty town. on the democratic side, bernie sanders resisting mounting pressure to drop out after that crushing defeat in new york. he says he is staying in the race but with hillary clinton leading the vermont senator by more than 700 delegates,the stakes could not be higher going into next week's contest. primaries tuesday in five states in the mid-atlantic and northeast. let's begin with peter ducey, he is covering this angle of the story in washington. hey peter . reporter: we heard from hillary clinton who is preparing ernie sanders to herself. a good 2008 version of herself who eventually dropped out to make way for them senator obama and she's now making this unusual comparison to convince sanders to quit right now but instead expressing optimism on an abc town hall that if sanders does leave the race, his most enthusiastic fans will wind up behind her. >> just as it was with me, when i dropped out the vast majority of senator sanders young sent supporters will look at the choice. the choice will be pretty stark
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if either of the two leading republican candidates become the nominee and i'm confident we will all join together. reporter: meanwhile bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail after losing new york. the senator did retreat up north to his home state of vermont to take a step back from the race but it was a quick break. he is going to have events in pennsylvania this afternoon and this evening and is bringing a big fat wallet with him. the sanders campaign just announced a raise $46 million just in march. the campaign manager jeff weaver now says quote, we are honored to have the strong support of 2.2 million passionate donors who have given more than 7 million times. it is because of them that our campaign can take on the establishment and win eight of the last 10 times primaries and caucuses. it is the third month in a row the center seemed as outraged the crowd clinton team. this time by more than $16 million just for the month. heather.heather: your voice
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sounds alittle like hillary clinton. you both got the raspy thing going on so get some rest. i know you are working hard . jon: meantime as front-runner donald trump and hillary clinton start to focus on the general election, their rivals are stepping up attacks. had a five more primaries next week. >> there's nobody that respects women more than i do. there's nobody that will take care of women's health issues better than i will. hillary cannot do it, believe me. she doesn't have the strength, the energy. >> i'm not going to respond to allthe crazy stuff he says. i think we are going to talk about what's going to be good for america. >> i don't want to tell anybody this . keep it. but secretary clinton is getting a little bit nervous. [applause] >> i continue to be tremendously encouraged by what we have seen played out over the last month. over the last month, what we
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have seen as republicans are continuing to unite behind our campaign, coming together. >> we've got fresh shoes so it demonstrates that as we move to this part of campaign that we are more liable. jon: let's bring in larry sato, director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. i know you are loving this political season as much or maybe more than anybody, larry. this is the time of the year when usually the parties have settled on a leader who's going to go to the convention and be anointed and off they go. not this year and not in either party really. >> that's correct john. normally this is one of the boring walls in the presidential election year when the nominees have been picked but the conventions are months off and everything goes behind the scenes including vice presidential selection. not this year. i don't know if we'll ever get to vice president shall selection until the conventions but certainly this is going to go through june 7 and i think
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beyond. i think on the republican side you're going to have a battle for those unpledged delegates that may make the difference and on the democratic side, you're going to have very interesting negotiations. some tap dances between the clinton forces and the sanders forces. jon: you say that donald trump does have a path to 1237 delegates on the republican side but it is a perilous one. can you walk us through that? >> absolutely. we are talking about and 1237 by the evening of june 7, the last primary date. it's difficult for him to go over 1237 before the end of the process and even california, new jersey and the other states voting june 7 may not put him over. he will have six weeks to try to bring some unpledged delegates in to get him over 1237. if he doesn't hit it in advance. but john, i'm focusing, i think most people in my field are
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focusing on each state but we are mainly focusing on places like indiana which is highly competitive and could determine the nomination and california, the big angela of american politics in nominations and in the general election. if i knew the results right now of those two states, we could make a headline for you but i don't and we won't. jon: in california you say trump needs to win and win at least two thirds of the delegates. that sounds like a tall order. can he pull that off?>> he's probably going to win statewide that's going to get him the statewide delegates. the congressional districts, since most of the delegates are allocated three to a congressional district in california, there are more than 50 congressional districts in california. obviously that's where the ballgame is. it's right on the edge john and people keep saying well, give us a precise determination.
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people on twitter say he's going to get exactly 1237. i've got news for you. politics doesn't work that way. every primary surprises us a little bit or a lot because the results don't conform to the pre-election polls or to expectations. jon: what about on the democratic side? a lot of people are surprised bernie sanders hasn't thrown in the towel. we were just talking about how much money he's raising last month. he had a lot of support going on. what's the motivation for him to keep plugging away? >> the old rule used to be you don't drop out until you run out of money. obviously he's not only not running out of money, is raising more and more month-to-month, maybe this will turn into a campaign for president in 2020, i don't know. he's not going to run out of money but in bernie sanders case john, there's an ideological basis to his campaign. and he knows that he is very unlikely to be the nominee. his people know that but they are going to maximize the number of their delegates,
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their strength convention and then they're going to negotiate for the kind of platform planks they want and they may insist on a fee to the vice presidential nominee or they may ask for a menu of choices so they can say this once acceptable, that one isn't. jon: maybe ask for the vice president slot himself? >> he made but you won't get back. i don't think you're going to have a 69-year-old nominee picking a 74-year-old vice presidential candidate and that's not ageism, i'm getting close to that myself.jon: it's like you looked in on the hillary clinton campaign playbook. larry sato, university of virginia center for politics, thank you. >> thank you john. jon: to name this sunday for america's town hall hosted by bill hammer and martha maccallum, start at 8 pm eastern on fox news channel. we are america's election headquarters. heather: before we get to that, we will be working on sunday
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hosting from 3 to 5 pm eastern. we got a ton of political coverage this weekend. a virginia firefighter calling out nearly a week ago and she hasn't been seen since. what nicole met endorse family think could be tied to her disappearance plus, donald trump leaving the door open for an independent run if he is denied the republican nomination. why karl rove says that is just an empty threat. hi carl. we will talk to him live in a minute and we want to hear from you. some analysts have just john kasich and ted cruz to team up in an effort to defeat donald trump. do you agree with that? join in on the conversation at and click on america's asking.
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jon: right now some crime stories we are following. more than four years after a california teenager disappeared, her murder trial will begin just days from now. sierra lamar was last seen
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walking to her school bus stop. her body was never found but police presume she is dead. investigators tied the suspect to lamar through dna evidence. the mystery surrounding a missing there firefighter in virginia. her family now believing her disappearance may have something to do with files downloaded from her cell phone. she has not been heard from since calling in sick last friday. dallas prosecutors set to present the family violence case against troubled nfl free agent johnny manziel to the grand jury today. with the decision expected monday. the former cleveland browns quarterback stands accused of hitting his girlfriend during a night out in january. heather: to pollux now and donald trump blasting the delicate process, calling it rate and corrupt. he's even threatening to pull the republican party and run as an independent if he feels he is unfairly denied the nomination but my next guest says that is nothing more than an empty threat. let's welcome karl rove, former seating senior advisor to president george w. bush and
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fox news contributor. he joins us now. good morning carl. why is this an empty threat? >> because by the time the republican national convention begins on july 18 in cleveland, 12 states will have closed their deadlines to run as an independent candidate in the fall. it starts with texas on may 10 . and then in june, we have another five states including north carolina which would require you to have 90,000 signatures and then before july 18 in july we have an additional five states and then we have third states, 13th state of the state of michigan closes on july 21, the data republican nominee is supposed to get harris or her acceptance speech so there are 166 electoral college votes in these states and donald trump as they haven't treated me nicely at the convention and says i'm going to run as an independent candidate, a quarter of the states, more than a quarter of the states
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have already closed the likelihood that he can get in the ballot and then there are about more than a dozen that close within the next two weeks including a couple key battleground states that he would want to be competitive in it he had any hope at all of winning the presidency. heather: so the timeline is in his favor. one of the things you write about today in the wallstreet journal , that donald trump has to win 58 percent of the remaining delegates in order to have a first ballot victory. he's been winning about 47 percent in the states so far. he's made a lot of changes to his campaign. we understand he's hired a speechwriter, i saw him yesterday giving a speech and he was looking at notecards so he's become a bit more discipline but is that enough to help him win a higher percentage in these states? >> we will see. tuesday night he had a great victory in new york. i thought he made appropriate comments, he referred to ted cruz as senator cruz. his new presidential attitude he demonstrated.
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heather: but he was calling him lying ted just yesterday. >> immediately falls back into the old habit of calling and whining ted. as of tuesday night, it's a two day work for you heather.845 delegates in the trumpcolumn , 950 in the knots trump column, that's after new york. he needs to win 58 percent of the delegates going forward. he's been winning 47. they say they will have been hundred delegates by the time the first ballot, they have to win 80 percent of the delegates going forward. he's going to have a good day next tuesday night because it's mostly northeastern states and some of them are proportional so some people will get delegates out of that but the next thing tuesday night is going to be there are 54 delegates elected from pennsylvania were officially unbound. there's no designation on the ballot. this is been a great tradition in pennsylvania going back decades.
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they could be a big block to decide but then it goes west and states like nebraska, potentially indiana. indiana is going to be a key contest.we are all talking about california but indiana, if it goes for trump will give him a better shot at getting that 1237. if indiana goes against trump, in all likelihood he will not get 1237 on the first ballot. heather: after the first and second ballot, if they were to go to a contested convention, a lot of those delegates will actually abandon him and jump on board with somebody else. do you see that happening? >> we have a two-step process and trump didn't seem to understand this. you apportion the delegates and bind them for one or two or in a few instances three ballots or more in series of primaries and then you select the delegates in party conventions in district and state levels. 72 percent of the delegates are chosen that way, 28 percent are either directly elected or chosen by the candidate himself and in that second process where you select the delegates, he has no organization, no ground game. no real infrastructure so these
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district and state conventions, 42 delegates selected a congressional district level, 34 arc cruz people bound to trump on the first ballot been free to do whatever they want on the second, third and subsequent. heather: great to see you and thanks for bringing the double white board. by the way, you are a terrific babysitter. you babysat my five-year-old and my puppy. you are awesome. >> let me tell you, your child was easier than the puppy. heather: that's very true. carl, great to see you. little-known fact about karl rove. jon: easier than handling politicians, i'm sure. a new clue on what might have happened to a missing malaysian airlines jet. what investigators are saying about recently discovered wreckage and what it means for solving the mystery that now more than two years old plus, major developments in the disappearance of a missing florida priest. >>
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8:25 am
malaysian airlines flight 370. australian officials now offer confirming every that was recovered from the missing passenger jet in mozambique a month ago is definitely from that plane. now investigators are focusing on other pieces recovered on south africa and on an island nearby. paul teasley is life for us in johannesburg, south africa. reporter: heather, blaine gibson sold everythinghe had as a select seattle lawyer to travel the world to find out what happened to nh 370. now it's been confirmed the piece of wreckage he found in mozambique is definitely from the missing plane. he spoke exclusively today to fox news . >> this is a vindication of my efforts that i found this piece of the plane. but it is still not enough. we must continue the search. i must continue to search to find more pieces. >> gibson believe now the shape of the wreckage shows mh 370 into small pieces and a
8:26 am
high-speed impact into the sea officials say the plane type , faces and fabric on the american south and the second part picked up by teenage south african hundred miles south of mozambique's coast can only be from nh 370. the only other wreckage located from the plane was also found in southern africa last july and two other pieces which malaysian authorities are analyzing to establish whether they are definitively from the missing plane were found on the mauritian island of rodriguez and on a beach in south africa. with malaysian certainties now said to be clandestinely searching, mozambique and south african beaches, main hunt for answers as to what happened to nh 370 is now switching to africa. other? heather: paul teasley in johannesburg. thank you so much. jon: what a story. the rules of the gop convention, today's big topic in florida. republican leaders getting
8:27 am
together for the rnc spring meeting as all three gop candidates hope things go there way when it comes to clean up. and a big book, i'm sorry criticizing the parents of madeleine mccann is back on the shelves now. what it says about the couple and their little girls disappearance back in 2007. >> now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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heather: right now quick look at what's to come in the next hour happening now. nearly 10 years after her disappearance, madeleine
8:31 am
mccann's parents are under scrutiny. the police officer involved in the search for the little girl scoring a legal victory over the couple. our legal panel is here to discuss the details. plus, there was no name-calling after donald trump's big win in the new york state primary but after one night off, the old donald trump maybe back. does he need a new game plan to secure the nomination? our political panel weighs in at eight victory for blake shelton. a judge ruling that the country start lawsuit against the tabloid can go forward. jon: gop leaders are in florida right now for the republican national convention spring meeting. high on the agenda, the rules for the gop convention in july. steve kerrigan live in hollywood florida with more on that. steve? reporter: that rules committee is expected to meet just two hours from now. there's been a lot of speculation about possible major changes in the rules that could really take the convention to come in july in
8:32 am
cleveland but had, the republican national committee has been pouring cold water on that idea, saying there's not going to be any significant changes in any rules convention gets started. we seem to of the three candidates come here in an attempt most likely to lobby delegates behind closed doors. after those meetings we heard john kasich come out and basically get irritated at repeated questions about whether or not he accept a vice presidential nomination. as for ted cruz, he says it's going to be impossible not to have a contested convention in july. he said no one can win on the first ballot. as for donald trump, the one candidate who has not attended these meetings, he's been on the campaign trail and really has been bashing the republican party leadership and the primary process which he he has referred to over and over again as rate. that's not going to make things any easier for his surrogates here. the trump team is going to put together a presentation for the delegates to win them over this afternoon. john, back to you be on high
8:33 am
drama in florida and more to come in cleveland. thanks very much.heather: a retired police officer in portugal has now on a libel appeal against the parents of madeleine mccann. madeleine was three years old in 2007 when she disappeared while on vacation with her parents in portugal. the now retired police officer led the search for that toddler and later he wrote a book about it. the mccanns sued him following criticism of them in his book. he had claimed that they were somehow involved in their daughter's kidnapping. this new verdict means the officer's book can be sold again. for more on this let's bring in
8:34 am
keisha heaven, a criminal defense attorney and richard st. paul, a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. this story continues to be so heartbreaking for the family, certainly but i want to ask you about this trial judge. there was an initial trial judge who sided with the parents, saying they had been the famed in the book. the book was removed from the shelves but a new court has overturned that ruling. keisha, why? >> i disagree with the division in this case because in order to for a plaintiff to prove that someone was guilty of libel, they have to prove one, that the person made a defamatory con comment and in this place the police officer put in his book that the parents were guilty basically of their daughter's disappearance and that's a serious crime and the plaintiffs also have to prove he did so negligently. there's no proof these parents were involved in their daughter just parents. heather: that sounds negligent, what do you think quest. >> portugal has the same laws of the united states, you consume for libel. there's a defamation of character statement. but here he cites his opinion. he did not call the parents murderers. he is citing his opinion to sensationalize book sales. it's the same thing that has something to do with it. there was no solid information saying there weremurderers. just that hethinks , it was a matter of opinion .
8:35 am
heather: maybe that his opinion about what we have read so far is that there are no facts to back that up whatsoever. how would that not be defamatory? >> that's what makes it in my opinion a good case for the plaintiff and they're going to appeal this decision and take it to the supreme court but one of the things i think about is the ridicule these parents must have received from this officer's book. the community is now thinking, did you have something to do with your daughter's disappearance and possibly murder? this officer was extremely negligent p7 a couple, excuse me, the author/police officer now wants to sue the couple. he wants to sue them for damages and lost money because the book could be sold for a period of time. >> that's absolutely right. he's allowed to speculate based on his years as a police officer. he was the lead detective in this case. he cited his opinion, it was speculation, it wasn't defamation's people. heather: the lead detective sue never found out what happened to that girl.
8:36 am
know but it's isolation.we a he didn't mean to defame them. you want to sell books and that's all it was about. the court of appeal said look, he was waiting, he was giving his opinion. he didn't make a statement of defamation. heather: the most important thing in all this is what happened to the girl. she was three years old at the time. she'd be turning 13 this year. putting this information out there, having this book on the market, what does it do for the case? does it improve chances of what happened to her because it could bring a fresh look. >> it could possibly help and people could be possibly citing her and that would help with the investigation so it's a positive thing in my opinion in trying to find her p7 on the other hand i wonder if laughing about it and if there's someone out there who does have this little girl that could end up helpingthem keep her hidden for longer . >> i think keisha putting out there and even talking about here will help bring more
8:37 am
attention. there's over 1000 people who have been interviewed but the girl hasn't been found there's more work to do. especially since they are cutting detectives assigned to thiscase so getting media attention should help . heather: the family, they live in the uk and they're happy been 37 detectives working on this. they had to cut back as a result of money . but nevertheless they are still working on this case and the mom now says she isjust as determined as ever to find out what happened to that little girl . >> iwould say focus more on finding your girl than on the police chief . >> i think the police are giving up is finding her as well because it wouldn't continue this investigation if they get. heather: beautiful little girl. let's hope they have some closure and find her life. richard st. paul, thank you for coming in and keisha heaven, thank you as well. be on the road to rio is off and running. with an ancient ritual just getting underway that leads all
8:38 am
the way to the summer olympic games. plus, donald trump is working hard.he says, to rebrand his campaign image. as the gop race heads into the home stretch, and he change his personality and how would voters respond to a kinder, gentler mister trump? >> we've got some beauties, we've got lying ted, we have crooked hillary. i won't go over the others because they are now defeated. once they're defeated, you don't have to mention their names anymore. so unless you want to. >> en bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
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heather: the torch is lit and it's on its way to rio. a ceremony taking place in the greek city of ancient olympia. that is where the first olympic games were held more than 1000 years ago. they ignited the flame to mark the beginning of the olympic torch relay. more than 12,000 runners will
8:42 am
now carry this torch around the world. it winds up in the rio dacian arrow for the opening ceremonies on august 5. i always love to see that, with the costumes and everything. jon: we have a long way to go. >> i had to hit back very hard and i think if i didn't, if i acted very presidential i wouldn't be sitting up here today, somebody else might be that would be me i will tell you, it's easier for me to be presidential then for me to be doing what i've been doing for the past nine months but at the right time, i will be so presidential you will be so bored. jon: that was gop front-runner donald trump this morning crying out he is more presidential. a stark contrast from the more you know your version of mister trump during a rally in maryland. watch. >> we will fight, oh please. lying ted cruz. he walks in, the bible held high. the bible held high.
8:43 am
he puts it down, comes over here, starts ranting and raving and he starts lying, right? lying ted. crooked hillary clinton will not have a chance. jon: let's bring in angela mcclellan, fox news political analyst and keisha jackson, radio talk shows that a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. this is going to befun. >> thanks for having us . jon: angela, which, i most said ted cruz. which donald trump are we going to be seeing from here on out? >> i think you're going to see the same old donald trump. he's doing something over and over again and expecting a result, strategy is enhancing what you already have. and donald trump, no question is the front-runner and the things he's been saying people have been loving. apparently having said that though, he does need to tone it down for the general election and now he's running as our candidate, as our nominee. jon: you know something about
8:44 am
presidential politics, your father did very well when he ran. what do you think about the trump approach? >> i think angela would appreciate this being a southerner. you've got to dance with the one who brought you. it has worked and you know what question mark let's be very clear. there is no graceful way to fight for your political life. politics is about power, that was what was so shocking when we ran an 88. we come out of the church, come out of the movement. this is about power,.. and frederick douglass had an expression. power can teach nothing without demand. this is not cute, it's not pretty and until he gets the nomination and until he gets the presidency , oh my goodness. until we get that we are going to see more of this because remember, the enemies he has earned in this cycle are enemies he will pass on to his children so he's fighting for so much more than just his spot. he's fighting for his children, fighting for the people who are sending them there.
8:45 am
there's a lot at stake here. >> santana, i want to say and this is going to shock you. hillary hasn't like right. i had the opportunity to speak. >> what? >> i had the opportunity this morning to a successful businessman who happens to be an independent and those are the people john that are going to make the decisions. the independence, the millennial's and he says he wants to hear about the issues. and hillary is a great debater, you just can't insult your way but donald trump is a smart man and i think he's going to show us if he's our nominee. jon:the question i guess , i mean sandy, so many trump fans love him for his outspokenness. they say he called it like it is so if he backs off from i don't know, the name-calling or whatever else, is he going to be less appealing to his base? >> absolutely. he would lose ground and he's not going to do that. let's be clear. those people who have power
8:46 am
want to hold onto it and those people like him who are trying to seize it, they want to get it by any means necessary. that's what this game is about. i'm sorry folks. look, let's pull the sheets off. this is what politics is about. it's about not quitting. >> is that a bold statement? >> no, no, not at all. i mean the thing is, it's been uncovered, that's my point. the fact is, it looks gentlemanly, it looks gentle ladylike, that's not what this is. this is about power. this is the direction in which our country will go in the next generation if not longer. people are fighting and they're fighting hard on both sides. jon: here's my question though. if donald trump turns it on and turns it off, doesn't leave people feeling like the whole thing is an act? he can either be the kind and gentle donald trump or the brash, boisterous, outrageous donald trump. >> it's all an act angela and john. >> please answer the question baby doll. you've had in a while, you've
8:47 am
been giving a monologue. jon: angela getsthis one . >> you are you are and if you are a successful media coach, strategist you will enhance donald trump. you can tell him to tone it down a bit and i think he will be fine. sangeeta, i have this agree with you. whoever is supporting trump is going to support trump. weber supporting hillary is going to support hillary so if you are a diehard donald trump supporter, they are with you 100 percent. >> but you know, the fact is you cannot change, look. this is what got him here angela. you are seeing him go back and forth so you and i do disagree. the fact is, he has already said i'm going to pursue this path until i get the nomination. he said now wait a minute, i won't change courses. >> he did say change courses, he's changing tactics okay, i stand corrected. you and i can disagree. the fact is, that's right. let's all holding on. the fact is he's going to do
8:48 am
what he needs to do to get this nomination. his people love this about him. they do. and you know what, he said look, i could kill somebody and my people would stay with me. well, yeah, that's about true and a lot of people get that. jon: angela, final thoughts. >> it's in long waits election day and you're going to see a lot of people to think. look at hillary clinton. will the real hillary clinton stand up? are you liberal, are you socialist? what are you. a sickly what i'm saying is some people are going to make this and make their decision when they go to the ballot box. some people have not made up their minds yet. jon: we need to see the college professor donald trump orsome other iteration of this . >> come on, john. he doesn't exist. jon: just guessing there. sangeeta, thanks, angela, you as well.
8:49 am
heather: when she's calling you baby doll you know you're in trouble. good conversation. a big victory to tell you about poor blake shelton. what a federal judge just moved regarding the country music star. details add plus clinton and obama heading to london as one british lawmaker blasting his quote, monstrous interference. what is that all about? we go live with the story. you [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps]
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. jon: let's take a look at what's ahead on outnumbered at the top of the hour. sandra and harris, what you have? >> with four days until the next super tuesday, we call them all that i guess. donald trump promising to adopt traditional campaign tactics
8:53 am
like using a teleprompter and a speechwriter. what? what will voters like it was what we discussed that plus as president obama wraps up meetings with persian gulf leaders, there's a new report that he wants to meet with the rand's president but after his latest provocation, is that a good idea? and one of country music's biggest cars is going after a tabloidfor allegedly polishing a fake . can he win the case. >> mark it's a good thing we have the judge on the cows. alex weighs in on outnumbered at the top of the hour. jon: that's going to be a good one. heather: right now, blake shelton clearing an important legal hurdle with a federal judge ruling that the country music cars defamation lawsuit against the magazine in touch weekly can move forward. here's what's at issue. the celebrity tablets were about shelton going to rehab. that's how they reported. the cover story claimed he had quote, hitrock bottom and was heading for rehab . shelton's attorney saying he has not and has never been in
8:54 am
rehab and the magazine never contacted any of his representatives to confirm that story. he's seeking $2 million for a libel lawsuit and also for invasion of privacy. let you know how it turns out. jon: president obama heading to london now after wrapping up the saudi arabian leg of his own when he gets to the uk, he could be facing a political firestorm area this in response to the president's plan to push for the uk to remain in the european union. one british lawmaker is already telling him to quote, but out. ray is live in london with more. reporter: hi john. aside from a few meals with the queen and other royalty, president obama might be heading into some tougher political fair to his visit to the uk. there's a typo coming up in june and whether the uk should leave the european union. critics call that organization undemocratic and costly. the white house said during his visit obama could announce he
8:55 am
faces the position of his allies, david cameron w at k should stay in the european union as it is good for britain, good for the united states. some say this planned announcement is just plain meddling. we got an ear. from strident anti-eu campaigner british politician on nigel frost. take a listen. >> monstrous interference. i'd rather he stayed in washington if that's what he's going to do. come on. you wouldn't expect the british prime minister to intervene in your presidential election. you wouldn't expect the british prime minister to endorse one candidate or another . >> he think this is a good thing for you perhaps another one of those people who doesn't understand what it is. reporter: folks here can also be guilty of their own meddling, members of parliament a few months back hated if donald trump should be banned from the uk. they pass on that but despite it all, through war and peace a special relationship between
8:56 am
the us and uk is tight. like good friends, both sides could mouth off a bit about each other's affairs either out of common interest or self-interest. we will see what happens. jon: greg powell cost, live from london, thinking. heather: new in the next hour, tensions with moscow rising after russian military jets, way too close for us forces in the baltic sea. our commanders now addressing weston's about russia's move plus, many twisters caring through town. look at that. dust devils touching down outside the school as students were playing outside. we tell you where that happened that we want to hear from you. analysts have suggested that john kasich and ted cruz should team up. do you agree with that question mark 02 to join in on the conversation.
8:57 am
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jon: in the second hour coming up, ric grenell on the president's trip to saudi arabia, chris wallace on domestic politics. >> we've got a lot of good stuff. check us out. jon: see you back here then. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ sandra: this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith, what do they call this, thursday -- friday eve, harris? there she is, harris faulkner's here today, actress and commentator stacey dash and today's #oneluckyguy, judge alex ferrer, and he is -- well, you're used to this now, you're one of our favorites, you are outnumbered, sir. >> you are definitely my favorite. my favorite couch in the world. sandra: it's always good to have you. we have as much to talk about, let's get right to it. the countdown is on from the next batch of primaries in five


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