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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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here. we're going to scoot and get right now to "happening now." a fox news alert. we are getting word of a death investigation at the minnesota home of singer/songwriter prince. he played on thursday and home. the jet had to make an emergency landing. he reportedly taken a bad case of the flu. he was hospitalized. and now there is an investigation of a death at the home and recording studios that prince has. several outlets reported that the singer himself passed away. we cannot confirm that. police are investigating a death at the home of rock star prince.
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we'll bring you more information in the meantime and back to politics. we have a fox news alert. we have brand new poll numbers out the state of maryland. >> the news is getting worse for bernie sanders after a big loss in new york. we are covering all of the news. president obama in saudi arabia trying to strengthen ties with our arab allies. >> we are working together to develop a blue print. >> and take the fight to isis. will this work with the president's overtourings? violent wins and dust devils over a playground and hurling ont student through the air. and a royal celebration across
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the pond. wishing a happy 90th birthday to her majesty queen elizabeth. great britain's longest serving monarch. it is all "happening now". we begin with a transformation within the republican race. that could potentially alienate the front runner's base. i am jon scott. xp>> and i am heather. this is a shake-up with a evolving campaign policy. he is bringing in consultants to leave little room for his original team. trump on the road with ted cruz and john kasich. bernie sanders is in
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pennsylvania and wrapping up a town hall meeting. hillary clinton taking part in a panel on gun violence. and hundreds of miles south of the action. republican leaders in florida are putting their heads together before what could be a contested convention. >> we have live team coverage. ñ james rosen is standing by. and we'll start with carl cameron. >> reporter: hi, john, the talk of the rift in the trump campaign has been under way. paul manafort, a long time veteran of political operatives was tapped as convention manager and coming in here to count with delegates and they will set up office in washington d.c. and bring this in staff and pushed out a small band of loyalist who essntially have done the work
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of the campaign that normally hundreds. even some of those acknowledge they needed more horses and people in the field and here in washington to work for the trump campaign. a long time it was trump and the loyalist. they have been bringing in more, and more establishment insi"ers and there is a concern that contradicts the image of trump image is. that of a tough tell it like it is. it was vivid in new york for the tuesday primary, there was a discussion internally that his new york primary victory speech would have included the teleprompter. 4jdtq p'd there w the idea was quashed and it was donald trump on night winning new york. he sided with those in his camp who said it would be a contradiction of who he has
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been and could risk alienating the base. he comes across authentic and holds back. the campaign believes he has to stop that's and move it up a notch. trump reveald two breeches are the republican party and party platform on abortion and social% conservatives in general. donald trump said he would change the abortion. gop is opposed without exceptions except for the life of mother. trump said he would make exceptions for those conditions. and already, march for life condemned that view. and broke with social conservatives in the southñwho passed a statute that
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transgender people have to use bathrooms of the sex. and he understands new things and clearly trump would compromise the social values in the gop. the rnc could be making changes of its own. a possible modification of conventi convention rules. that means james rosen is all excited about the logistics and live with us from the rnc summit in florida. hi, there, james. >> reporter: this is my excitement tie. good afternoon, we are waiting the surface of things, the main session of rnc session on the rules.
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and what happens is consuming importance to the three republican candidates. but the reality will be recommendations for the jz rules committee to examine when they meet in cleveland. t(sqp) to 167 members, given th volatility of the cycle he doesn't want substantive recommendations t tilt the scales in the pitch for the nomination. >> i called for the rnc rules committee to not make any changes to the rules or the amendments. i am running the committee and i don't believe we will have rule changes coming out of the meeting this week. >> reporter: one bit of action we expect to see in thrj session
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will be an attempt by an rnc committee member that it proceed to roberts' rules rather than votes and that attempt will be beaten back. >> always great to see you. we are getting a brand new democratic poll out of maryland and the news is not good for upon bernie sanders. it has hillary clinton leading 57- tloochlt that is in line with the real clear average. clinton with 57 percent support and sanders at 32. >> and pennsylvania has him trailing 57- 36.
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and for republicans, donald trump at 41 percent and kasich at 26. and ted cruz at 24 percent in maryland. and average in pennsylvania shows trump with a lead and follow it by cruz and kasich. a strong hold in the east for trump and clinton. bernie sanders shows no sign of wrapping up the campaign despite the dismal numbers. >> i agree. bernie sanders has a slim path to the nomination. clinton has a big lead in the delegate and 400 plus lead in
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unpledged. bernie sanders will he continue in the race or the not? and two, how will he campaign. in new york it was personal and nasty and going after hillary clinton on the idea she is a corporate sellout and making big speeches to goldman sachs and getting millions from sper pac in wall street. there was evidence it was hurting her. if he stays in the race, and that's what hillary clinton did in the primary race against obama back in 2008, then i don't think there will be a lot of heart burn. but if he continues in the same tenor where he campaigned against clinton and went after her, there will be a lot of pressure on him to knock it off. >> he said she was unqualified to be president. and modified that terminology just a bit.
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but the feeling that the attacks on her added toñthe negative number. >> that's right. and the only reason we are not talking about the negative numbers is the fact that donald trump's negative numbers is even higher. but this being hurt her. and again, there is two questions. and if he campaigns and will he make an affirmative case. or go after clinton which is the big issue for the democrats. we have a graphic showing what is going on in pennsylvania. 70 delegates and 54 of them are unbound? not necessarily tied to any one candidate, chris? >> you can win the state of pennsylvania and all you get is
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17 delegates. and then there are separate races in the congrejsional districts and some of those delegates are being a cruz or trump supporters and they have different slates of delegates. and who ever they are and gets elected in the congressional districts. they are not bound to vote for anybody. and they are free-agents and popular delegates in july because they can vote for whomever áhey want to vote for. they can be a prize for trump or cruz trying to keep trump from getting to 1237. >> it is fascinating to watch. thank you. >> don't miss this weekend when chris anchors fox news sunday. he has an exclusive interview with trump's new convention
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manager, paul manafort. >> you can sooe check on when it runs in your area. >> and a fox news alert on the news that we broke in the top of the show. the associated press is reporting that prince's publicist confirmed that the singer has died. he performed a concert on thursday night. he was flying back when his private jet had to make a stop. he was hospitalized and then released and we understand he appeared at a dance party at the outside of minneapolis. but the news today, confirmed by the associated press, that the %
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>> a fox news alert. taking you live to minnesota. outside on of the home and recording studios of the late rock star prince. the publicist for the singer confirmed he passed away at the age of 57. fans are beginning to gaerth. there our minneapolis affiliate is there. >> the thing about prince, he was engrained in this community. he used to own a house next to my neighborhood and he tore it down, but the property is open. and my friends and i will go
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down there and sit there. it is like there's this i mean, there is a presence that prince has in this area. and you know, everybody knows him throughout the state. but when you live within the city of paisley park it is different. i mean, he was a musical genius. >> reporter: what do you see people doing today and in the next couple of days to honor his legacy and you talk about hrj presence, do you see that staying and if so, what form? >> this is going to be one of the stories that people remember. it is one of those things that are burned in to the memories of people. we lost him. without a doubt plenty of people
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here to mourn at this time. obviously he had a lasting impact and celebration without a doubt is going to be a part of it. that is only part of the mourning process. >> reporter: i know you want to be with other fans. but you want people at hme who are reflecting on prince and his legacy to think about in >> we should be so thankful for the impact that he had on music, and on different people's lives and the longivity of his work. it is affecting across generations. he had something special going. >> thank you so much. and another example of a prince fan. there and luke walks away and puts his hands behind his head in shock.
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we are talking to them and more and more people showing up on the aggress hill over looking paisley park, as people hug each other. >> looks like a droery day in minneapolis. and the news echoes. that and prince, born in minneapolis and made that city the epi center of his career. he was best selling artist of all time. he was number 27 top artist. prince passed away at the age of 57. >> his music defined an entire generation of young people growing up in the 1980s and 90s. little red corvette. and "1999" that made him an internet sensation. we are following the story to
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determine cause of death. they are trying to get in contact with family members there. and our fox news radio carly joins us with what she has. >> this is a fluid situation and breaking situation. first responders a ratified at paisley park at 9:43 we don't know the cause of death. but tmz reported that his people said he was battling the flu. he was an icon and born on june 7th. prince rogers nelson, dead today. >> thank you, carly. from fox roochlt thank you, and check in with us as you get more information. >> he was born in minneapolis and as you heard from the young fan outside of his home and studios, he stayed thorough to
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it that city and changed the music scene in that citv and nationwide and all over the globe. michael, you must be stunned >> a lot of people can't believe the news. doris robetters and prince. and you don't have the hits without the talent. he's one of those that paved the way. jtt and how he reinvented himself. he was a seven time agreement winner and recently inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> his first album was recorded when he was a year or two out of high school. and he went on to many, many more from there.
10:23 am
>> and he never went hollywood. he was born in minneapolis and stayed in minneapolis. and he dated a lot of famous people. he was a hometown guy and stayed thorough to his roots. >> and able to play a number of instruments. key boards and drums. >> his musical talent and range was incredible. and few people -- he won the award for "purple rain". >> michael, "purple rain" was popular. and i recall that his mom and dad had an abusive relationship and he started to play in clubs in the minneapolis. and some of the music was weird and someone came in his life and helped to get that music more mainstream. he was recently on tour and had to cancel because of health
10:24 am
concerns. do we know what they were. >> apparently battling the flu and recently hospitalized and had to cancel a recent concert. there was not a heck of a lot out there. he was a man of mystery. in spite of being a public figure. ystery about the artist. you mentioned him with a troubled upbringing and he was one that was not, you didn't hear drug issues and consumed about the issues that he started from. >> do we know anything about the latest tour? did he have now music out or playing his hits. >> 2015 was the latest albuchlt he was one of the top concert
10:25 am
dproszers. that is where it is made right now in music is the concert. you and i are about the same age, and you remember the music. >> "lttle red corvette". >> so many fans not only the united states, but he touched many lives. and his family in minneapolis speak glowingly of him. and how he remained a part p of the community. he was a real star. >> fox confirmed the news that we flashed on the screen. pop artist prince, dead, we are not certain if he is 57 or 58. seven is his actual age. and the call to medical authorities came in at 9:43
10:26 am
minneapolis toichlt and someone having medical problems at his recording studio and state in his estate. we don't know what that was b. emt responded and prince passed away just this morning.ñ we mentioned earlier that he played a concert in atlanta on thursday night and got on his private jet atu back and had to it land the jet because of suffering from the food. it is not sure if he was other symptoms or medical issues. he was hospitalized briefly over the week woke and appeared at a dance party at his house and recovering studio. and then this news. prince passed away. >> we got a sfament from the publicist. >> it is profound sad isness, i
10:27 am
confirm that ledgenary prince rogers nelson died in his paisley park residence. at age of 57. there are no other details. the medical examiner's office is brought in to try to determine that cause of death. >> obviously a very talented individual there. it is sv understanding on on his first album there may have been 27 ininstruments played and he may have hp" a hand in every single one of them. and also i am told he tried to keep it mysterious. and he wrote songs for other artist undr the pseudonyms. he had that kind of prolific >> we are about to go back live
10:28 am
in minneapolis area. it is a lovely suburb and hearing from the fans and an affiliate is talking to people gathered out outside of his compain. he grew in tremendous ways in terms of his success. and he developed a compound and they have recording studios and parties that are held there. and that is in the back drop behind that fence. we'll go in and locks like they are not ready. the local reporter is about to talk to fans and mourners today. a tough loss. >> the music world in general. his musrh was always interesting. it was not my particular style but i liked a number of his songs. he was always breaking new ground and had music and critics
10:29 am
talking. and the album with the cymbal and no one could pronounce or anyhow what it was. they called it the love symbol. he had the opportunity to get people talking. >> and in the early years when he started to perform, critics were not a fan of his. he would play in the clubs and to some of them the music was bizarre. it was that he was to brilliant% for the times and wove in so many restaurants that the music was not what we were used to. and then over time became mainstream and came out with best known hit. little red corvette. and wrote his first song at the age of seven.
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>> a fox news alert. four hoursñago, authorities were
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called to the home of pop star prince outside of minneapolis. and prince, according to his publicist has passed away. 57 years old. we don't know anything about the cause of death. he had been reportedly suffering from the flu. and after a concert appearance in atlanta. his plane landed in molean, illinois. it was thought he was on the way to recovery, and apparently that did not happen. let's go back to our affiliate in minneapolis- st. paul outside of his paisley estate. ñp>> his music will live foreve and people who are heart broken because hearts are breaking with this news. they ca' know he lived through his music and there is a variety
10:35 am
of messages that he left. and profound message was a message of love and a message of something beyond what we experienced here. what prince would want us to feel ri)u now. he would want us to mourn, he knows he left a lasting impression with us, but after that, he would want us to celebrate his life and he transitioned to something greater. and so is while my heart is broken, i am blessed and i feel fortunate to have had wonderful memories with prince roger nelson and my condolences to his family and those close to it him. >> you say his full name. prince roger ares nelson. what was he like to have a quiet conversatrjrwith? >> he was amazing. and he was funny. he was so real you know?
10:36 am
and versatile and a multifacetted man. we watched you movies together and we watched john oliver and different things on television and talked about the news and celebrities and life and spirituality. he was an amazing well rounded mpn being i had ever met. >> why did he pick this at his home. >> that is a good question. i never questioned it. i was just proud. i was proud to see someone embrace their hometown and wonderful, beautiful state and like he said. detroit was my hometown and minneapolis was his hometown. and i know he lovq" minnesota and the people of minnesota and he found a lot of peace here.
10:37 am
a lot of riffraff in new york and l.a., he didn't have that here. >> i got one opportunity to go in paisley park and see him. you walk in there was no security guards and how much trust he had for people. >> yeah, because he knew if you and the consequences would be on you. he wanted people not to feel restricted. when they feel restricted they behave in ways to violate his space. he had boundaries and throughout the course of a friendship. he was guarded. but he was human like the rest of us. and he took time to get tz know his fans and journalist like myself. and he is an outstanding and he will live on through his music
10:38 am
and he was an outstanding and i am so blessed to have known him. >> what album dew want to play right now? >> oh, wow, last may, he made a song called "free yourself". i made them on instruments that you grew up classic and "purple rain" prince that so many know and love. and i am so blessed to sit in home and received that song and lyrics. i am so blessed to have been his friend and document a small portion of prince's life. and yeah, i have i can tell you these things because váu are my friend. >> so the folks at kmsp talking to people outside of the paisley
10:39 am
park home and recording studios where prince died sometime this morning after emt's were called to his home. prince has died at the age of 57. i mentioned earlier that he wrote a number of songs anonymously. he wrote the song "manic monday". he took credit for that song. but it is not the typical kind of song for prince. but it worked for them. stacey dash is an actress and fox news contributor and slammed by the death as we all are. stacey? >> he was an icon and what i remember the most about p him, he transcended time, you know when you were around him, you felt like time didn't exist and
10:40 am
he was innovative. and you didn't look at him as a black artist or any color. he was just prince. his music resonated with everyone internationally and powerfully and pronounedly. and i remember going to a club when i was younger as a teenager sneaking in. the cat club in new york on 13th street. and getting a glimpse and i didn't realize how small he was. small in height but his persona filled the entire room. >> when you look at the core grapy and artistry. he was more than music. >> yes, he had a strong message of being who you are. he was who he wanted to be. that's what i loved. >> stacey dash, actress and fox
10:41 am
news contributor. thank you. >> thank you. we are told that he on friday had to make an emergency landing in the airport in moline, illinois. it is believed that he suffered from some is form of the flu and released down in moline and headed back up to minneapolis where he was found dead at some point in minneapolis. we'll check in with a dr. marte mckerry at john hopkins university. thank you for joining us. we know that the flu can kill people, but it doesn't happen % that nauven somebody this young. can you tell us about that? >> certain people are at risk. flu kills 30000 people a year. andñit can strike quickly. according to what is being said.
10:42 am
he had trouble breathing and the call went to 911 and it was said he was not breathing and the reason why his plane made an emergency landing six days ago, but it may be related to influenza. >> if he were released from the hospital and did go to the call in to question the decisions made on the parts of doctors, would it not? ú >> there is never a balance. these are judgment calls. and certainly in retrospect, you could ask if things could be done differently. it must have been a severe case of influenza and that is viral and not well treated and sometimes there is nothing modern medicine can do for a case of the flu. % flu is a viral infection.
10:43 am
and how would doctors treat that if a severe case of the flu was presented. >> the treatment is supportive as we refer to in medicine. people are kept hydrated and well nourished and in an uironment cold exposure or super infections and a lot of times it is supportive and we just cheer somebody on with moral support. was you know, man and appeared to be frail. how would that come in to play with someone with the flu. >> prince was a small guy and that makes you wonder if his lung capacity was big enough to get oxygen and that may have contributed to the flu having such a bigger impact on him
10:44 am
let's say somebody else who was a bigger guy. >> thank you, we appreciate your expertise. jon? >> we want to talk to our friend kennedy on fox business network and spent a long time on mtv as a dejay and played a lot of prince videos. >> that's right. he changed his name to the love symbol and there was discussion at mtv. tq-how would you show mtv played music videos all day long and there was a writing on the screen to let you know what the name of the artist and record was. it was a difficult time and never difficult to embrace his music. his music changed and evolved in ways that very few musicians
10:45 am
have that eflougz or rev lougz. and an extraordinary musician whose loss we'll not be able to make accepts of it. >> i put him in the category of david bowie. he changed the business for you know, not only through the artistry. but influenced other artist to follow. >> it is easy to see how someone like prince could be influenced by david bowie. and trips did that with the gen re and look. it was not easy to put him in a visual or audio box. that's what made him so influencial for artist that
10:46 am
further pushed boundaries based on what he dr". >> he and michael jackson were about p the same age. and what a loss, they are both gone, way tjz young. >> too young. and you can see the incredible falsetto. and prince was an amazing guitarist. and deep fans of music appreciate about p him. i was walking down the hall one sound guy said i am going into the vinyl tonight. they will be listening to prince in his purist forms and getting in touch with the music. >> we are watching some of the videos now. and he changed the video world, too? >> he sprung on the scene at the perfect time. his music started to break in
10:47 am
1980 and mtv came on 1981. and hall and oates was resentment of mtv. they didn't want to change who they were based on a new visual medium where as prince embraced it completely. it was hisability to capture talent. and that is collaboration with sheena easton. he wrote "nothing compared to you". that's what made sha ned oconner a super star. and her sitting there crying and stops mouthing along at some point. and that is a testament to his genius. >> he had produced. and he died earlier today.
10:48 am
kennedy, one interesting thing about his career. his hits in recent years. but he switched gears a bit. and pioneered thq use of using the internet to launch songs as opposed to dealing with record labels. do you know p that? >> he chaefrjed his name to the love symbol. he no longer wanted record companies to control his life. and he was incredible meticulous about p the music and the way it desiminated and he embraced mtv. he did the same with the internet. and bands like radio head followed suit and did their best to release music on line. and still a prolific and interesting artist. here's someone who didn't talk about his personal life or political beliefs. he was believed to be
10:49 am
a republican and deeply religious in the end of his life. >> you didn't hear a lot about the personal life. back in the '80s and '90s you did, but in receipt years, you didn't. he released the tour back in 2015. kennedy, you are going to stick around. okay, hang out. >> when does cry. >> and there is a lot of people crying at the news of his death. abbey hunts man is joining us live from the fox newsroom. >> so many incredible songs and he was an amazing performer. tmz reported his death an hour ago. and fox news is confirming that. and his publicist released the statement. it is with profound sadness, i am confirming that the legendary performer prince rogers nelson
10:50 am
died at his paisley home at age 57. we know medical emergency, some sort of medical emergency on friday, april 15th. it forced his private jet to make an emergency landing. a few days later he went on stage and performed wanting to show his fans that he was doing well. but we're still learning more about what actually caused his death today. he lived an incredible life as you guys have been talkingñ about. his full name, prince rogers nelson, born june 7, 1958. he was age 57. he was a small man, 5'2" tall. but he was considering one of rock music's royalty. he was a gifted songwriter, as we know, a gifted performer. in 2004 he was inducted into the r rock and roll hall of fame. at just the age of 7 he learned the piano, later the guitar and drums. he's probably best known for his album "purple rain" that won him
10:51 am
so an incredible performer, an incredible songwriter. he's someone that will be missed. this has already been such a sad year for some very well known people, including david bowie. so a very sad day today in music. so many people will remember him forever though. guys, back to you. >> athank you. let's check in with someone else on this. we originally planned to h(ut a democratic strategist on to talk about politics but with the death of prince she has some personal stories she'd like to share with the singer and songriter. what can you tell us? >> so, i used to live in los angeles and i had some friends that were in the music industry. they played jazz. they would always tell me, hey,
10:52 am
you got to come to this jazz door tonight at the green door, which is now closed. it was in west hollywood. all of a sudden 20 people would he had such a strong appreciation for his fans. he would do thm all the time. he was known to just jump into shows and surprise people. but one thing that happened in 2011. he was known to really appreciate his fans and also appreciate the old jazz he offered tickets to his fans and loyal supporters for $25. i went to maybe six or seven shows. but it was amazing because a friend of mine used to play with him. he said stick around, don't leave. so he'd do the show, then he'd have an encore, then everyone would get up and leave.
10:53 am
then my friend said, no, stay. stay 20 minutes. 20 minutes later he would come back out and the auditorium would be half full. the lights came on, you'd sit around and wait and go to the floor, sure enough, 20 minutes later prince came out with gwen stefani, sheila e., he performed about an hour and a half with the lights on. i went to maybe seven of these shows because it was so c$eap. it was one of the most incredible shows i've ever seen. some celebrities knew about this, too, they'd sho up and go on and perform with him. he was unbelievable, his fans, so pure to the music. the amazing thing about those shows, he was doing covers and he wouldn't repeat the songs so every night was a new night. it.e never seen anything like >> he would perform his own songs as well as other people's songs. >> yep. >> that's pretty remarkable. a lot of performers love to
10:54 am
perform and get up there on stage but it sounds like he was incrediblyúextraordinary at doing that and showing people what he could do best and that is sing, that is play instruments and also dance around on stage. what a great story and a great testimonial. thank you. check in once again with kennedy, the host of kennedy on fox business network, also a former vijay at mtv. amazing to me that here is a goo i who was one of the dominant forces in music but he didn't move to new ork, didn't movo los angeles be with didn't move to nashville or other of the other big music cities. he stayed in suburban minneapolis where he was from. >> absolutely. crafting that minneapolis sound. it is a great city and a lot of people don't realize how important and how vital that city is for music. jimmy jam and terri lewis are
10:55 am
from there. and of course it's got a really interesting mix obviously of this funk, this soul that's turned into the pop sound that
10:56 am
10:57 am
thousands of people die every year from the flu and this is the reason that we tell people to be very careful in trying to get that flu shot. now we don't know if he got it or not, especially this year the flu vaccine was very effective. we don't know a lot about his medical history. we can tell you that there are reports he suffered from epilepsy. we're not sure about that but there are some reports to that effect so he might have some % underlying chronic medical diseases that we don't know about. but somebody who's battling the flu and now who's going and working very lard at his -- as he was. again, you don't know if the fl. this is very typ)(p& of some of the flu like symptoms that evolve into pneumonia. that of course leads to body shot down, respiratory failure and this could ultimately end up in death. >> are there other conditions that can mask themselves as the flu that might have been responsible here? >> well, lmq9ñ
10:58 am
at his age, even though he looked like a very fit individual that is with a kn-- s not overweight. you can't rule out myocardial n infarcti infarction. but just the mere fact he was fighting the flu for several days, then he had this ñuge concert the night before, this can really do a number in an individual no matter how old you but especially at his stage. and if he happened to have any kind of underlying medical problem, this can really turn into a very serious event. >> apparently it did. again we don't know that it was the flu. it will take some time but we are told from the people around him that he had symptoms of the flu and had to take some time off because of it. >> certainly could have been run as he was in atlanta and flying around everywhere. then our local reports are that
10:59 am
he attended some sort of a party at his own complex so that could have potentially, doctor, just exac that he may have been experiencing. >> listen, in my years of experience i have seen somebody get the flu an within 24 hours they are dead. that's how bad the flu can be. even in a young person. this is something -- especially they have underlying problems. i have seen a flu 24, 48 hours become deadly. >> hard to believe when you watch these videos of prince rogers nelson, when you see the choreography, how hard he could dance, how much -- how nimble and apparently in shape he was. it is hard to believe. >> and the energy that he put into thosq shows. unbelievable. whether it was today or whether it was 37 years ago. 57 years old. seven grammy awards. he performed at super bowl back in 2007 and sold more than 100 million albums. >> stunning news out of
11:00 am
minneapolis. prince rogers nelson, known to the world as prince, one of the best selling artists of all time. 100 million record albums sold. prince has left us at the age of 57. our coverage continues after this. continuing coverage now, fox news alert. the music world is mourning the loss of a music legend genius. prince is dead at the age of 57. i'm gretchen carlson, this is "the real story" today. the publicist for the singer/songwriter confirming his debt to the associated press. our own trace gel lallagher is with more. >> reporter: it was a stunner. the medical examiner was called to the home just outside minneapolis early this morning as was the crime lab, though authorities are now saying there is no evidence of foul play. now they are also not talking about any cause of death. prince's publicist just released a statement, i'm quoting here, it is with profound sañness that i am confirming that the


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