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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and beautiful portrait. >> it's the cool show. >> we are going to leave it right there. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." a special report coming up right now. as republican bigwigs try to pull the party back together in florida, donald trump says as nominee, he may open up the party's platform over abortion. this is special report. good ing, welcome to washington. i'm brett baier. some may think the presidential campaign has at times descended into the gutter. today it was focused on the bathroom, the bedroom and the board room. donald trump's comments on
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transgenders has the party incensed. >> donald trump's differences with social conservatives are on full display over a key abortion provision. without hesitating, trump who was pro-choice until a few years ago said he would oppose all abortions, including cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. >> absolutely, with three exceptions. >> john kasich supports the exceptions. >> trump's support for revising the party's position. the anti-abortion group right to live says the platform sets the standard that all candidates need twork from and the suggestion that the platform should weaken its position on the pro-life issue would setback the movement. he also broke down the statement for transgender to use the
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bathrooms on their birth certificate. >> it would be unbelievably expensive for businesses and for the country. leave it the way it is. >> cruz wanted to rally in maryland. trump will compromise socially conservative values. >> he thought that men should be able to go into the girls bathroom if they want to, grown, adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. >> as attorney general of texas, cruz noted that he dealt with child molesters and pedophiles. when you deal with people who are repulsive perverts and criminals, there are some bad people in the world and we shouldn't be facilitating putting little girls alone in the bathroom with grown adult men. that is just a bad, bad, bad idea. >> trump says he will p bring the group together. they are also raging over plans
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for the candidate who has dissed teleprompters to use them in upcoming policy speeches. trump used a teleprompter in washington for a foreign policy speech. the new team wanted him to use it for his victory speech in new york two nights ago. it was shot down by the old guard as contrary to his image. his next foreign policy speech is next week. no word if he will use one or not. >> politically, he is facing states in the northeast and mid-atlantic where these social issues may not play. >> a lot of republicans in the northeast who don't care as much as the one ns the south. much more socially conservative. a lot of republican northeasterners who haven't cared about those issues have lost their seats in the last couple of years. this could go either way. conservatives across the board are rattled by it. >> even though hillary clinton took a big step toward the democratic nomination by winning the new york primary, bernie sanders is not going away. and neither will clinton's e-mail scandal and the investigation into it.
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both are resurfacing tonight. here is correspondent, peter doocy. >>. >> reporter: the clinton team on cruise control with eyes on november. so confident her campaign chairman is talking about an all female ticket with her at the top. the veeps stake will start with a broad list and begin to narrow it. no question there will be women on that list. xlin t clinton told the town hall it is time for sanders to start selling her to his supporters. >> when i withdraw in 2008, polls were showing that at least 40% of my supporters said they weren't going to support senator obama. i had to get to work and i had to make the case. i nominated him at the convention. >> even if the convention is her show this time around, the fbi will not stop investigating her e-mail server. the director, james comey, said
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the fbi does their investigations two way, well and promptly. his agents don't care about the democratic calendar. >> i think the yquestion was, i the democratic national convention a hard stop or is that a key date? are you doing the investigation aimed at it? i said no. >> further evidence hillary clinton may be getting ahead of herself. bernie sanders is blowing her out of the water in the march fundraising raising almost $46 million to her $29.3 million. >> the old rule used to be, you don't drop out until you run out of money. he is not only not running out of money but raising more and more month to month to month. >> at a rowdy town hall, sanders said, he is gaining ground and not dropping out. >> when we began this race, the national polling, secretary clinton was 60, 65 points ahead of us. in the last couple of weeks, there were a couple of polls that had us ahead of her.
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>> so bernie sanders isn't going anywhere. neither is the fbi. that's why republicans may no longer be the only ones with a prospect of a wild convention this summer in cleveland. things could be uncertain for democrats until theirs in philadelphia as well. bret? coming up shortly, james rosen, live from the site of the republican spring meeting in florida. he will have new information from donald trump's top adviser and mike emanuel live from annapolis on what's at stake in next tuesday's international primary g sl. >> to international news. paris attack suspect, salah abdeslam has been charged with attempted murder over a slootout shootout in brussels. he was captured three days later. they are questioning him about possible terror strikes in the belgium capital. a u.s. official is confirming to fox news iran launched a new
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long-range rocket as president obama was preparing for his overseas trip to saudi arabia and europe. the rocket failed to reach outer space and could not put a satellite into orbit. officials tell fox they have not seen the specific rocket launched in the past by ron. any test of a new ballistic missile would be a violation of a u.n. resolution forbidding iran from working on its rocket program. fighting terrorism was one of the main topics for president obama in his meeting today with america's partners in the persian gulf region. correspondent, kevin court, reports from saudi arabia. the session was hardly the call to arms the administration had been hoping for. >> what is true between the united states and the gcc, as is true with all of our allies and friends is that at any point in time, there are going to be differences in tactic zs it was a subtle, yet unmistaken acknowledgment by president obama. for all his talk of unity and
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stability, they had a gulf widening between how they view iran's influence in the region. >> so much mistrust has been built up in part because of iranian provocations that many people are cautious. what we have consistently shown them, we are not naive. >> the talks aimed at forging a stronger alliance to combat threats nearly became a referendum on u.s./saudi relations perceived by a turn by washington towards tehran. while acknowledging the iranian threat, the president insisted that dialogue would not undermine u.s. vigilance. >> we recognized collectively that we continue to have serious concerns about iranian behavior. >> it is not just overture towards iran that has them and other states concerned. their meddling threatened regional security and has led to calls for more weapon systems and support from the u.s. >> the president previously called out the saudis for being,
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quote, free riders relying too heavily on the u.s. for their needs. a stinging when they are relying on forces throughout the region. >> we need saudi arabia and they need us to fight isis, specially in countries where they do not have a presence like iraq and libya. >> the clearest indication yet, while the president hopes to reassure gulf allies during this visit, two days of talks prove not nearly long enough to do so. >> you see him entering the plane there. he arrived in great britain an hour ago. there are plenty of people there that have a message for him. mind your own business. senior foreign affairs correspondent, greg pal cot in london tells us what has so many so angry at president obama. >> after his visit to saudi arabia, president obama could be walking into more tense politics in the u.k. of his own making. there is a referendum in june on
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whether the u.k. should stay in or leave the european union. critics say the organization is undemocratic and costly. the white house says, if asked, president obama will say he favors the position of his ally, british prime minister, david cameron. the u.k. should remain for its own sake and the u.s. cameron welcomes the help. >> i believe we should listen to advice from friends and other countries. i struggle to find the leader of any friendly country who thinks we should leave. >> with the vote neck in neck, obama's opinion could make a difference. >> regardless of his domestic political troubles, i think here certainly in britain and europe, people still regard him very well. >> others see it as meddling according to politician, nigel faraj. you should butt out. >> i would rather he stayed in washington if that's what he is going to do. you wouldn't expect the british prime minister to intervene in your presidential election or
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the british prime minister to endorse one candidate or another. >> he thinks it is a good thing for you. >> perhaps he is another one of the people that doesn't know what it is. >> some think he could do more harm than good. >> brits can do their only meddling. members of parliament recently debated if presidential candidate, donald trump, should be banned from the u.k. they decided against it. still, the special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. is tight and can discuss each other's affairs as common interest or self-interest. >> president obama p's chance to intervene on the eu question could happen as early as friday afternoon here. that's just right after lunch with the queen and just before dinner with the future king, prince william and company. bottom's up. >> greg palkot, live in london. thank you sgchlt will. >> there is new evidence of how
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shaky the syrian cease-fire has become. russia is moving the bulk of its fire power near aleppo where a new offensive to recapture syria's largest city is poised to take place soon. bob corker says his conversation with an opposition leader leads him to believe the peace talks in jen knee va jen knee vary are on the verge of collapse. russia is making more overt challenges in the air and on the sea. good evening, jennifer. >> brett, first, the russian war planes came within 30 feet of a u.s. navy destroyer. the u.s. navy did not respond. according to the navy's top commander in europe, russia has deployed attack submarines off the coast of scotland and scan d danavia. questions about p russian aggression emerged during a
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senate hearing for the next supreme allied commander in europe. >> should we make an announcement to the russians that if they place the lives of our men and women on board navy ships in danger, that we will take appropriate action? >> sir, i believe that should be known, yes. >> war planes buzzed the u.s. navy destroyer 31 times over the course of two days. its fighter jets barrel rolled over a u.s. spy plane in the baltics two days later. president obama did not raise the incident when he called russian president, vladmir putin, this week, to encourage him to honor the syrian cease-fire. >> do you believe that russia is trying to basically fracture europe? >> i do. >> do you believe that putin would love nothing more than the united states to withdraw from nato? >> yes, sir. >> russia is the greatest threat facing the homeland. >> general lorie robinson is slated to be the first female u.s. combatant xlan der charged
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with protecting the homeland. they accused the u.s. of trying to intimidate moscow by sailing a navy destroyer near russian territory. they said they would respond with all necessary p forces. the nato secretary general indicated there would be no renewed cooperation with russia following that meeting. up next, new hope in the battle against muscular dystrophy. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the cun tri are coveringme around the country. federal and state investigators look at bill de blasio's controversial attempt to ban horse carriage from city streets. they are looking into the possibility of fundraising violations. a spokesman for de blasio says the mayor is cooperating. in houston, flood-weary residents could begin to dry out soon. they are calling for raise to ease up friday and sunny skies saturday. that area has received more than
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a foot of rain since last weekend. eight deaths are blamed on the flooding. this is a live look outside the home of pop music star prince. fox 9 is covering the sad news of his death today. a spokesman says prince died this morning. no cause has been announced. prince broke on to the music scene in the late 1970s with hits such as little red corvette, let's go crazy and when doves cry. that's a nice live look outside the beltway. as we go to break. another one of his favorite hits. prince rogers nelson was 57. ♪ hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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man 1: i came as fast as i could. what's up? man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get.
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man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. the head of the fbi suggesting it costs more than $1.3 million to crack the encryption on an iphone belonging to a terrorist. he says it was worth it. james comby told lawmakers it was more than he will make during the rest of the term as director, $1.3 million. they announced an outside hacker helped break into a phone
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belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters they are proposing tougher rules for compensation at firms. they want to rescript incentive-based packages that would encourage overly risky gambles. that would give them more time to recoup bonuses for the company. the proposal will not become final for several months. on the marquettes todkets todays were down. nasdaq fell 2. dow off 11. a potential treatment for a devastating disease. doug mcelway on the newest hope against the fight against one particular form of muscular dystrophy. >> it is a testament to the new precision medicine that jet mcfearry is still alive at the age of 20 his mother believes. 20,000 american boys have
3:21 pm
muscular dystrophy, dmd. his progression is cruel. usually, the first sign appears at age 33-5 with what doctor's cause gawer's maneuver. it meant his torso was becoming weak. it wasn't something i noticed right away. it was the pediatrician that picked it up. >> there is the telltale walk with protrucing belly, gross motor skills are difficult. by ten, walking is no longer possible. by 14, patients can't raise hand to mouth followed by scoliosis and cough assist machines to clear the lungs and breathing machines for sleep. most die before the age of 20. determine thad will not happen to her son, christine mcshearry has been a gad fly to the fda, about a promising new drug called eperson. they found that 10 of 12 boys continued to walk after four
3:22 pm
years on the drug. jet took it as a wheelchair bound college freshman. >> his roommate who had a very objective view of the situation came home and told us that jet had stopped snoring. i knew right away something was happening. >> in none of the 12 trial patients has their been a single trial effect. since the study was so small, they have been skeptical of the results. they found the robustness of the study result is a concern since a single patient can change the results substantially. >> they are concerned about other additional companies coming into the space with small trials. they also believe this is a push by the advocates by the moms and parents. >> in a letter last week, 24 senators reminded the fda that congress has passed fast track authority for approval of promising drugs for fatal illnesses. >> i would suggest we have freed up the fda to move more quickly. i think they are going to.
3:23 pm
they have the strong encouragement of at least one-fourth of the united states senate. >> the drug may work for an estimated 13% of dmd patients, that's 2600 boys. the fda meets on monday to decide whether the fast track authority, christine mcsherry will be among hundreds there awaiting an answer. bret? >> republican party movers and shakers try to decide what move they will play in and we head to florida during that meeting next. to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day.
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presidential candidates on the republican side prepare for next tuesday's primary quintet, party big shots have received a private briefing from donald trump's top aides on how they envision his path to victory.
3:28 pm
chief washington correspondent, james rosen, has the latest on the republican spring meeting from hollywood, florida. >> for rnc chair, reince priebus, an accomplished pianist, it offered a brief respite for a spring meeting mostly fraught with tension. >> i'm running the committee i don't believe we will have any rules changes. >> it was when organ come mittyman motioned to proceed under roberts rules of order rather than house rules if entacted would have strengthened the delegates over convention chair, paul ryan. >> the nays have it. the motion defeated. separate dell dpaegates heard f top trump aids. his message was that the trump campaign is open to the delegates concerns and that where rhetoric like this is concerned. >> the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for
3:29 pm
allowing this kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that. >> trump simply feels the rnc should lead and change the process. not that its officers or the delegates themselves are corrupt. one state party chairman said he and his colleagues are not bothered by such talk from trump. >> chairman priebus is clear this is just talk. >> he chided the candidates for not talking more about jobs. >> we know how tall their boots are. we know the size of their hands. we know who has the best hair. mine's easier. we know who has the most put full wife. >> we just learned that minutes ago, that closed door session between trump adviser and the rnc officials and delegates came to an end. in the meeting, we have
3:30 pm
confirmed that manafort promised the front-runner going forward would run a more traditional campaign, including fundraising. >> james, thank you. next tuesday's primary centers around five northeastern and mid-atlantic states, among them, maryland, has the second most delegates at stake that night. senior political correspondent, mike emanuel reports tonight from annapolis. there is a lot of republican interest in a traditionally blue state. >> these are unusual times in what is typically blue maryland looking ahead to an important gop primary next week. ohio governor, john kasich, has already been on the ground campaigning in places like savage, maryland, hoping to earn some of the state's 38 delegates. >> this is important. we have to accumulate delegates. time to go home. we are going to accumulate delegates. >> the real clear politics averages in recent polls has donald trump leading by 14 points with senator ted cruz running third.
3:31 pm
>> i believe the people of maryland want to get behind a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign based on policy and ideas and solutions. >> maryland, very big. a lot of delegates. we have to vote. here is what is going to happen. here is what i promise you. if i win, it will have a lot to do with right here. >> while trump is leading in many places, a maryland pollster said he didn't expect him to connect as well with voters here. >> donald trump has the name recognition. he has captured something certainly nationally and it looks like maryland might not be immune to that. there is something in the air he has captured in terms of people's frustrations with national politics. what is unique, there is a republican governor in larry hogan, who was a supporter of fellow governor, chris christie and now could be a potential kingmaker since he is the most popular maryland governor in about 20 years. >> i have a call into him right now. i don't know him very well but his approval ratings are so
3:32 pm
high, if i could just get close to him, that would be good for me. >> kasich admires this fellow governor who he says has led as a centrist. hogan is a unifier. he is also somebody who has been able to provide economic improvement here. as a unifier, people trust him. >> at this point, it appears hogan is happy to stay out of the upcoming primary. aides to the governor says he is not endorsing anyone before marylanders vote. >> mike, thanks. the olympic torch is on its way to brazil for the games. it was kindled at the ancient birth place in greece beginning a 15-week journey leading to the august 5th opening ceremony in rio de janeiro. donald trump enrages social conservatives with statements on abortion and transgender. we will get reaction from the
3:33 pm
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the republican platform every four years has a provision that states that the right of the unborn child shall not be infridged. it makes no exception for rape, incest or the life of the mother. would you want to change the republican platform to include the exceptions that you have? >> yes, yes, i would, absolutely, for the three exceptions. >> would you have an exception for the health of the mother? >> i would leave it to the life of the mother but i would absolutely have the three exceptions. >> well, that raised some eyebrows today in the republican party. the march for life put out a statement right away after that statement from donald trump. thanks to the good work of people like phillies shafley, the republican platform has always been solidly pro life when republican candidates have not been.
3:38 pm
the platform sets the standard that all candidates need to work from. the suggestion that the platform should weaken its position on the prolife issue would setback years of work in the pro-life movement. phyllis schlafly has endorsed donald trump. >> we welcome jim and laura and charles. jim, for our twitter followers, this is #throwbackthursday. so welcome back. >> thank you so much. >> what do you think about this? it kind of opened up on the social conservative side of things a can of worms. >> well, trump has a nasty habit of stepping in it. he certainly did with this and with another comment today. look, trump has likely to give candidates nicknames. i would probably call trump touchy trump. he is constantly railing against
3:39 pm
the rnc and republican poobars saying voters should decide and have the last word on everything. here he is unilaterally arguing that he should be able to change the party platform on abortion. that is not the way to proceed, specially for republicans that hate the idea of obama acting unilaterally, here you have trump who says he is going to be so presidential practicing by engaging in the same unilateral behavior that obama has. he is facing these northeastern, mid-atlantic states. is this a political calculation? is that going through his mind? he had the bad week when he had the interview with chris matthews where he had to explain and the campaign had to deal with on the issue of abortion? >> in my old home state of connecticut it won't have much of an effect. this is an example of a time where his new team maybe hasn't sat down with him and discussed, this is how the platform works.
3:40 pm
when you are asked a question about a statement issue, you don't have to comment on it. you are not a pundit. you are running for the presidency. he didn't answer either of those questions certainly the way i would have answered them. since 2004, despite what has been in the platform, the gop has largely abandoned social issues. the gop allowed the supreme court to impose gay marriage on all 50 states despite a lot of states that didn't want that. they decided not to go for the constitutional amendment on marriage. we have 1 million abortions a year still in the united states. they were never able to roll back row versus wade. they kind of know trump isn't one of them on a lot of issues. they are now looking to other issues. not that those issues aren't important. they just don't rely on the gop to do much. they are funding planned parenthood still to $500 million a year. while i don't think trump answered this the right way, i don't think most p work a day republicans are going to see that much would change.
3:41 pm
>> charles? >> i give him credit. he might have been calculating politically. just look can at that, i get the idea that that's what he believes. there is a split even among conservatives, surely in the country as a whole on this issue, on the one hand, there is sort of a moral contradiction. if you believe that the life of the unborn is invileable, why would it make any difference how that life came into existence. on the other hand, you have people like kasich and others who represent a large number of conservatives who deeply believe in the pro-life side, who think that you can't -- you have to make exceptions almost as a kind of human mercy for the parent, the perspective mother. so i understand it is a split. i understand that he, being somebody, trump, who came out of an extremely high pro-choice part of the spectrum, would end
3:42 pm
up here. although, it doesn't square with what he said originally about punishing the woman. so he is a little bit confused on this. i would give credit for honesty on this and for taking a position that is not unreasonable in a terribly difficult moral choice. >> so the authentic thing gets him points, you are saying. i think you have seen that across the board, that people say his authenticity is refreshing. these are sticky issues and very specific when it comes to republican party politics. here is reaction to another thing he said today on the north carolina bill that deals with bathrooms. >> north carolina did something that was very strong. they are paying a big price. there are a lot of big problems. one of the best answers i heard from a commentator said, leave it the way it is. there us a big move to create new bathrooms for the transgender. that would be discriminatory in
3:43 pm
a certain way. it would be unbelievably expensive for businesses and for the country. leave it the way it is. >> donald agreed with hillary clinton and barack obama in attack be the state of north carolina for passing their bathroom ordinance. he thought that men should be able to go into the girls bathroom if they want to. let me ask you, have we gone stark-raving nuts? >> hit on that, ted cruz did, jim, a number of times today and had a couple of releases about it. p is the republican party changing on these issues? >> well, for one thing, saying that men, mieaning adult men, cn go into a girls bathroom is slightly overstating the issue. all the ordinance said was that the transgender people should use the bathroom that corresponds to their birth certificate.
3:44 pm
i can't imagine it working any other way. can you imagine the pta meetings in which someone suggested that transgender males, people who identify as males, go into the girls bathroom or vice versa? it is just a totally unworkable solution other than what they are saying. if you have had the surgery, that's a different thing. that's not what we are talking about. we are talking about people who identify. >> you are not going to get checked at the door, you foe what i mean? it is going to be tough. >> school kids are going to know anyway. >> x-ray at the door? >> of these topics, it is not leading any poll that we go. what's important to you? >> this is a typical media gotcha question. they did it before and they are doing it now. this is the new issue of the moment. if ted cruz says something, he is intolerant. if trump says what he says, he is completely off the rails in conservatism. this is a state issue. we are all inclined to think everything has a federal solution.
3:45 pm
let the states figure it out. this is not exactly rosa parks and the bus here. this is a bathroom and it has to be a common sense solution that people can agree to. he kept saying, leave it the way it is. i thought his answer was a little confusing. caitlyn jenner, of course, she can use the woman's room. we are not talks just about caitlyn jenner. we are talking about the possibility this could be exploited by people who want to do harm to other people, period. >> fighting on this issue doesn't seem like it helps republicans at all in a general election, number one. number two, how ted cruz talks about it is that a positive thing? >> look. it didn't start with the media. it started with the special session of the north carolina legislature run by republicans. to me what's puzzling here. i really don't understand, a solution in search of an issue. do we really have an epidemic of
3:46 pm
transgenders being evil in bathrooms across the country? i haven't heard of a single case. obviously, if there is going to be this dilemma, i think people ought to work it out on their own. if you have that legislation, then you need to have a lot of liberation about this. we are talking about, as if transgenders are like a fifth of the population. this is a very small problem at the edges of other problems having to do with gender identity that's become national precisely because republicans in north carolina decided it was a problem. it is not a major national problem. it should have been left that way. >> next up, the obamacare legacy.
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for many people around the country, if they have had two choices, they will be down to just one through the exchange. three choices down to two. this, once again, and i think now the clock is ticking on this insurance death spiral, where companies are either going to have to pull out of the marketplace or raise their prices significantly. >> we enrolled roughly 13 million people last year of which 40% or 5 million were brand new customers. we have got insurance
3:51 pm
companies that are expanding like cigna announced today. so, again, this is what you expect when n. a new and dynamic market. >> obamacare, the legacy. how does it play out in 2016? here are some stats about obamacare. 12 million covered in 2016. that is down from 13 million, the estimate that the administration had. 12 of the 23 nonprofit insurance plans will not offer coverage this year the administration likes to point to this one 22 million more people will have coverage this year than if the law had never been enacted. we're back with our panel. all right, jim, the ups and downs. we just heard united was kind of pulling out. where does this stand? >> well, you also had all the federal co-ops that have gone under because they couldn't stay afloat. same thing that senator barrasso is suggesting will happen to the insurance companies. if you look overall at this, obama famously wrote a book
3:52 pm
called the audacity of hope. he should write a sequel called the audacity of hype. that on healthcare and so many foreign policy issues, he talks so much better game than ever turns out to be the case. in this case, yes, more people get insurance, and they get help with the premiums. they also have a $5,000 deductible. on top of the premiums before they get a single dollar of coverage. and many people who sign up do not realize that. they go in to see the doctor, they go, wait a minute, i have spent 5,000 bucks? if you make $25,000 a year, and have you spent 5,000 out of pocket before you get a dollar of coverage, that is not a good deal for you. and, they keep adding these special enrollment periods, which means that enables the sickest people to game the system and to wait until they really need healthcare and sign up for it that makes it more expensive. that's why the insurance companies are looking at raising their rates in a lot
3:53 pm
of states, which, of course, are governed by state insurance commissioners, not by the federal government. >> we have seen a lot of grum gling bling laura about the premiums and deductibles, doctors saying they are going to retire early. access in some states having to go new hampshire is anexampl. how does this play in 2016? >> i think it's a huge winner for republicans. it's such a drag on the economy. we don't actually talk about that aspect of it. the more money people funnel into healthcare the less disposable income to spend on things they want or being able to pay for college. that has a huge downward drag on the economy. that's unbelievablably negative things for democrats going into this election. in 2014, insurers lost money in 41 states. and united health care lost, i believe it was 500 of their -- on track for losing $615 million this year because of obamacare. so, everyone beats up the
3:54 pm
insurance companies, but, that's a significant loss and that's replicated across the board. we have got to do something about prescription drug prices. the big conversation now is we have to get to the lowest drugg*c prices possible, the oedc that could save $400 billion a year. republicans have to talk about prescription drug prices what we can do. that's a huge additional drag. >> here is the white house last month talking about obamacare. >> we have seen that over the three years that obamacare has been implemented that we have seen steady growth in the average number of plans that are available in each market. i'm speaking off the top of my head here, but i think that the first year the average was 7. the next year it rose to 8 and this past year average of 9 plans competing in each market across the country. so that is an indication that we are seeing increased competition. >> charles? >> but it's all going in reverse. we are now, as we heard a
3:55 pm
little earlier from the senator who is also an orthopedic surgeon, it's looking as if it's exposing its own insolvency. obamacare cannot sustain itself, and we see united health care's pulling out because it's going to project to lose this year a billion dollars. it's the largest healthcare provider in the country. other insurance companies are going to pull out. their expenses are high. the only answer is to hike the premiums, which increases the death spiral because at that point people can't afford it and the pool of those who do buy it are tilted to the more i will. the only answer is going to be a huge increase in tax subsidies or the collapse of obamacare. and that's where we are headed. >> 10 seconds, jim. does hillary clinton run on the success of covering people or fixing obamacare? >> i think she will run on single pair because bernie sanders will push her in that direction. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. >> that's it for the panel.
3:56 pm
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