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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ welcome to hannity 2016. republican front-runner donald trump will join us in a moment, but first the death of a music icon,
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as you stated toxicology reports could take several days. as far as what happened with prince in the days that followed the emergency stop in illinois, he seemed to be back on his feet, attending parties. is that consistent with someone who had the flu so seriously it could take his life?
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>> probably not. it could be consistent with somebody who had take an drug overdose on friday. within 24 hours gets over the drug overdose. goes about doing his regular work and then takes another drug within 12 hours before or earlier before he was found dead. mourning the loss of prince rodgers nelson here in minnesota. early today the rnc committee decided not to make any changes to the guidelines for the republican convention. here now with reaction, 2016 republican front-runner mr. trump. i think the final number was 92 delegates out of new york. that's almost a complete sweep.
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>> we got almost every one of them. we had a big win. we were over 61%. it was an amazing evening. it's nice when the people that know you best like you. that tells you something. we had a great evening. >> let's talk about the rules committee. they decided to weigh in by not weighing in. we'll have experts coming up later. is that a good thing from your perspective? >> well, i think they had to do that. i think they were looking to make changes. there's been so much of a problem between colorado and louisiana and wyoming and all the different places. i won louisiana and got less delegates than people that lost and it's ridiculous or that a specific person who lost who has absolutely no chance of winning anyway and then you look at colorado and wyoming where the people never got to vote and in the case of colorado and probably both the people wanted to vote and they never got a chance to vote. it was given out by the bosses. that's no way to run a democracy and it's no way to run an
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election, that i can tell you. >> i had reince priebus on my radio show earlier today and i asked him questions about for example if there was a contested convention, second ballots, how people go about courting delegates, i want you to listen to this question and answer and give me your reaction. >> let's say that you can't get to 1,237 but you think you can win on a second or third ballot and you and your team are courting the delegates, after the first ballot when you're free we want you to vote for us, what are they allowed legally to offer those people? can they offer them hotel rooms, plane rides, expensive dinners? >> i know the lawyers are looking at that and i think in the past it's been pretty -- it's been a big free for all but i don't think you can give money. >> you can't give money, but you can pay for their plane ticket to the convention. >> the fcc has regulations on all of those things.
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>> i checked with my sources, you can offer plane tickets, hotel rooms, you can take delegates out to expensive dinners. that's troubling to me. i don't know if you knew that before now. you're reaction? >> well, i did know it and it's troubling not only troubling it should be illegal. you shouldn't be able to do it. in theory you could take somebody who never comes in first place, as an example with cruz, i'm winning by millions of votes and i'm also 300 delegates up, but i'm winning by millions and millions of votes and we're voting for delegates and what they're doing is take a look. they're traveling them around, they're taking them out to dinner. you could actually take a couple of hundred million dollars and buy an election and never win a race because all you have to do is take them out to dinner and send them to paris for the evening. i would say i think it's a disgrace and we should not be -- this it is not our system and this should not be the republican party. i'm so proud of myself -- i
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exposed this. this was going on for a long time and it's now been exposed and it shouldn't be allowed. you have people that are millions of votes down and they're buying delegates. that should not be allowed. >> the ap has said in an article that senator cruz is mathematically incapable of reaching 1,237. when john kasich got to that point in the campaign, this is what he said. >> john kasich is a good man. he's an honorable man, but he has no path to nomination. it's mathematically impossible for john kasich to become the republican nominee. he needs more than 100% of the remaining delegates and kasich went for 0-27, lost 27 states in a row and won his home state. you can't lose every state and expect to be the nominee. right now kasich's role is really being a spoiler. >> what is your reaction? do you have a problem with both
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men? they can't get to 1,237 before the convention, but they can fight for a contested convention and try to fight to prevent you to getting to 1,237. what's your reaction. >> they should both drop out. cruz has no path. he's out. they should both drop out. remember this, while i'm almost 300 delegates ahead and millions of votes ahead, it's really unfair because i wasn't competing against one person, i was competing against 16 people at the beginning. so we'd have splits with 16 people and then 14 people and 12 people and eight people and nine people and it would go on that way and then even now we have three people. we should be having like just one and i don't really care and we're ringing winning by a lot when you break it upened a you have that many people you're getting less. marco rubio has more delegates right now than kasich and those
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are delegates that are taken out of play so it makes it hard for me to get them and he's right now not in play. so the point is the whole system is rigged. it's a phoney crooked system where people are allowed to buy delegates and buy hotel rooms for them and take them out to dinner and do whatever they have to do to get their vote. that's not democracy. >> it's interesting. in spite of that your campaign had an internal memo that made it into the press that you believe you could get as many as 1,400 delegates. paul manafort who works for the campaign actually said that you will be running a more traditional campaign, that you will raise money for other candidates in the rnc and you have also laid out a series of speeches that you will be giving, policy speeches on specific issues with a lot of detail. can you tell us what the changes are moving forward? >> well, it's all true what he said is all true. we will be doing a lot of
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policy. we will be helping other members of the party general speaking, other members of the party and one thing that's very important is we have to unify the party because we're going to beat hillary clinton. i think i'm going to win new york and if i win new york no republican will even campaign -- it's game over. no republican other than me will even campaign in new york. they won't waste one day there because they can't win. look at cruz. he came in third to kasich and nobody understands how that's even possible. but you just take a look. he cannot get anything in a lot of these states. >> did you know that you only spent 13 cents per vote in new york and bernie sanders spent $9. that was interesting. we have to take a break. we have a few more questions. more with donald trump as we continue and coming up tonight as well. >> i no, ma'am going am not goi responding to all the crazy stuff he says. >> hillary clinton refuses to respond to donald trump's criticism and his new nickname. that's the least of her problems because bernie sanders
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you know what bernie sanders said about her twice. you know that. he said she wasn't qualified. that's tough. that's tough. but he said bad judgment. >> there's the first attack. >> you think so. you know george, i am not going to be responding to all the crazy stuff he says. >> i bet she will be. anyway, that was hillary this morning talking about donald trump to of course a clinton
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supporter trying to bush off criticism. we continue with republican presidential candidate donald trump. he came up with a nickname, crooked hillary. >> it's a name i've been using because it's descriptive. it's true what bernie says, it's bad judgment. you look at our decisions and look at the migration that's caused by a lot of her bad decisions, you take a look at just about anything, many of the things having to do with the middle east. you look at iraq where she voted for the war so she does have bad judgment and i think she has very bad judgment frankly. bernie said she's not qualified. i guess she's qualified certainly, but her judgment is very bad. look at what happened in ben gaz zi. she wasn't there to answer the phone. so i think that she's a very flawed candidate. >> let me ask, i know there's a
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huge issue in north carolina and it's the so-called bathroom law. a lot of people have made -- i don't know how much people this impacts. ted cruz tried to attack you on this today. i wanted to give you a chance to explain your position on that as it relates to transgenders picking which bathroom they can't to go. i can't believe i'm asking the question but i'm asking. >> it's a small number, but we have to take care of everybody. north carolina which is a great place and i love north carolina and they have a law and it's a law that unfortunately causing them some problems and i fully understand that they want to go through, but they are losing business and they are having people come out against. with me i look at it differently, a community is really -- they should be involved. we have so many big issues to be thinking about. we have isis to worry about.
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we have bringing trade back. we have rebuilding military. but i think this, i think that local communities and states should make the decision and i feel very strongly about that. the federal government should not be involved. >> let the state decide what local community decide kind of like your position on education, give it back to the states. >> yeah, let them decide. absolutely. >> i have asked you many times about your tax plan. you were asked that question this morning about raising taxes on the wealthy. >> right. >> you had said you want to lower taxes for everybody and as a matter of fact under your plan you talk about a lot of people paying no federal income tax. do you want to raise taxes on the wetalthy. >> i want to do something with the wall street guys because some of these guys are making so much money. i want to get rid of carried interest and some other things but overall my taxes are going
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down for the middle class and for business and i think ultimately everyone's going to do better because our businesses are going to generate for money and we're going to have a vital economy again. we have the phoney unemployment rate of 5% when the number is in the 20s. you look for a job, you can't find a job, you quit looking for a job and you're considered as th though you're fully employed. our jobs are being ripped away from our country. i left upstate new york -- >> i go all the time. >> they're des mated up there. >> it's horrible. horrible. >> we're going to bring our jobs back to this country. we're bringing our jobs back to this country and companies that want to leave, they're going to have to pay the consequences.
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this fa if they're going to leave they're going to have to pay the consequences, which is in this case is taxes. >> if you take the jobs and benefits away, they shouldn't be given financial benefits. you were talking about loopholes, especially on wall street, but not the rich in general. did i understand that correctly? >> sure. i know the wall street guys. they make a fortune and they pay little tax and you have to pay tax. there are so many different loopholes and so many different ways of avoiding. we want to have a lower tax. we're the highest tax country in the world. there's no country close. we're going to get taxes down, but the wall street guys with the carried interests, we have to get rid of that. nobody understands the system better. i understand the system by far better than anybody and they know it and that's why i don't think i'm going to get so much backing from wall street. >> even bernie sanders -- >> the ones that are going to benefit -- >> bernie sanders pays 14%
10:19 pm
taxes. i paid 40 in federal. i need a better accountant. i paid city tax of 4% and a state tax of 10%. it's insane. there's loopholes, some of these wall street guys they pay 10 and 12%. it's insane. >> the death tax we want to get rid of it and if you go with bernie forget it, but if you go with hillary taxes are going to go up. i want to reduce taxes and for the middle class a huge reduction and for businesslike wise, big reduction. >> newt gingrich said you're the presumptive nooecminee. let me ask this question because i think it's really relevant. you know the 17 guys that began this process with you. who can you name people that of the 17 and others that you would like to bring in to unite the party. a lot of people are worried.
10:20 pm
will the party unite? if the party doesn't unite hillary clinton becomes president. who are people you would like to have working with you? >> sure. i can tell you that ben carson is a terrific guy. he endorsed me and chris christie endorsed me and he is a fantastic guy. these are two tremendous people. i'd like to have them. frankly, marco i'd love to have involved. honestly many of them, almost all of them. i'm not saying all of them, but almost all of them. this party has to unite. then you're going to have the house and senate. if i'm running, i'm going to win michigan, i'm going to win -- i have a chance at winning new york. that's a tough one because people don't -- republicans don't campaign in new york. >> or new jersey. >> you see what i did a couple of days ago. i'm going to win new jersey. i love new jersey and they like me. you look at the polls right now. we're going to win pennsylvania.
10:21 pm
we're going to win places that other people have no chance of winning. and frankly new york because of the size, new jersey because of the size, very big, we're going to have victories that nobody else can have. >> if you get the nomination, would you consider naming people earlier than as usual? in other words before the election? >> well, i would and i would like to do that and i want to see -- there are certain people frankly people that were on the stage with me that are excellent people and they didn't make it quite, some did a really good job and ben carson did a fantastic job and so did chris christie and so did marco and so did numerous other of the people and i got to know them all. it was a little bit of tough because we're warring against each other, but the other ones i'm going to name very soon, i'm going to name ten or 12 judges that i would recommend to put on the supreme court and i'm going to name them up front and i'm
10:22 pm
only going to take the judges out of that pool of judges. because i want people to understand that i want the values in terms of the republican party and the conservatives i want judges that you will be happy with. i'm going to actual name 10 or 12 judges up front and that will be a pool i will take from that. >> you told me people like scalia and thomas. >> two wonderful names. >> i know you have a big crowd there. thank you. appreciate it. we'll talk soon. >> thank you very much. coming up, hillary clinton should be terrified. why? the fbi director says the democratic national convention is not the cutoff date for the investigation into her private server scandal. then later more reaction to the rnc rules committee. randy evans was in the room earlier today and will tell us what happened. we'll have more on reince
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somebody asked me in the states about whether i think the question was if the democratic national convention a hard stop for you, are you doing this investigation and i said no, we aspire to do our investigations well and plontly and i'm
10:26 pm
confident that it's being done that way. >> here with reaction chief council for the american center for law and justice and monica. jay, timing matters here. i mean is there a possibility that there's a criminal referral but it won't be made until after the democratic convention? that would put our entire political system in a state of flux, right? >> i think that was the signal actually from director cuomo. i think what he was saying is they're taking the evidence where it leads them, they will put together if there's a case to be made they're going to put together the case you mentioned. it's called a criminal reference letter. that's the fbi agents in cooperation with lawyers will put together a case and take that case over to the department of justice and the determination will be made if in fact a case has been shown there's been a violation of criminal law. we talked before about those allegations, but i think what cuomo is signaling is he's going
10:27 pm
where the evidence leads. he said he was closely involved with the case. he has a lot of integrity. >> why is he taking so long? the courts were able to recover the deleted e-mails or the vast majority of them, we're told they finished that aspect of the investigation and moved forward into the clinton foundation during her tenure as secretary of state. it seems to me there's got to be some sense of urgency here considering she is likely to be the democratic presidential nominee. >> i think she is certainly the presumptive nominee. these are complex matters. we talked about this one. that is the most significant issue more significant than the clinton foundation or what was in these e-mails, it was disclosures that could be very damaging to the united states national security, but it's the location of those servers. so that whole case has to be put together.
10:28 pm
so i think there's a lot of lawyers on this. there's a lot of fbi agents on this. they're going through this i think in a thorough manner. the question is james cuomo is saying he's not going to be governed by a political clock. this is where the differential is and this is i think the key part. there may be a legal case of a violation of the criminal laws against the secretary of state, maybe her aids. we don't know that evidence. the question then becomes a political one. will the attorney general authorize the indictment and that means the attorney general is part of the executive branch that reports to the president of the united states and will the president allow an indictment maybe post convention against the then democratic nominee for president? that's a tall order. >> monica, thoughts? >> for the rest of us the political calendar does show a lot of pressure because once she's nominated then it would look if she were to be stripped
10:29 pm
of that and removed somehow because of an indictment and political pressure coming from that. so the rest of us look at the political calendar and see time rushing down upon this investigation and on her. what the director is saying is we're not going to be pressured. we're an independent law enforcement agency. we're not watching the clock, but the reality is that the clock is extremely important. when you asked why it's taking so long, we do know that this investigation is running on multiple tracks. the classified material and the possible mishandling of it is one track. that's what everybody has been talking about, but the other track is far bigger and more important and that's the clinton foundation track. my understanding is that's why this investigation is taking so long because they have far more agents on this case, at least this is my understanding, than what we've been led to believe and it may involve foreign countries, foreign entities, all type of complex transactions
10:30 pm
globally that we are not aware of yet. remember, that if that in fact is the case, there are other people involved in the clinton foundation beyond mrs. clinton that might make her not the only target. by that i mean the former president of the united states bill clinton, their daughter and others who have been deeply involved in the foundation, they might be in the cross hairs of the fbi as well. if that is the case, and we don't know, but if that's the case, it is no wonder that the fbi is taking so long. >> the fact that we can have a criminal referral against a democratic candidate for president, it takes your breath away. it would throw this country into a political firestorm that we haven't seen since watergate. coming up we're going to take you inside today's rnc rules committee meeting. randy evans was in the room and then the 9/11 congressional
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the bombshell information that emergency stop made by a private plane in illinois was not he effects of the drug are to block opiates that would depress breathing and kill the person using the drugs. i want to bring in a pathologist. we talked to you a half hour ago. you seem to believe it is too early to jump to the conclusion of a drug overdose. please explain. >> can't say it is a drug overdose until it is found in the body in sufficient amounts to cause death. that will take a number of days. tomorrow after the autopsy is
10:38 pm
back they will know whether he had heart or lung disease that could have caused death and will they can rule it out or in. but we will have to wait for the toxicology results which should be ready early next week to determine if it was a drug overdose. >> explain to me a scenario in which an apparently healthy 57-year-old a guy by rock star standards has the reputation for being clean how he would dry in transit, not in the bed but in the elevator going from one location to the next? >> part of it is when you get to be a superstar, like prince, or else i have presley or john belushi, often the people around them, the handlers are not able to deal with drug abuse and force them in to treatment. they are too big to go in to treatment. that's a problem. so they would have known he was abusing drugs.
10:39 pm
they knew what happened on -- >> once again, we are running out of time. >> good talking to you. >> this has ban fox news alert. back to "hannity." alert. back to hannity. welcome back. so earlier today at the highly anticipated rnc meeting, the rules committee decided not to change the convention rules. according to reports committee members fear changing any rules make it seems like they are trying to sway the nominating process. randy evans and from the hoover institute. you have been on the rules committee for how long now? >> for three years. >> okay. so they didn't want to make changes because of appearances? >> well, for three reasons really. first, we didn't want to make changes in the middle of the
10:40 pm
game. we're in the seventh inning, why would you change the rules. second because of the sinnism. the idea that no matter what we change, i remember one colleague said if we change a semi kolon to a coma one of the candidates will think that was directed towards them. the final one was unintended consequences. if we had gone to roberts rules of order each of the 2472 delegates could raise an order. if somebody wanted to run out the clock so we come out without a nominee that would be the technique to do it to have the roberts rules. those kind of consequences at stake the decision was made let's leave things the way they are. we've made this much of the game. >> the idea that every delegate would have time and be able to filibuster and came away without a vote or candidate would be
10:41 pm
absurd to me and i assume that's why you kept the house rules which i think was the right thing do. let me ask you, explain the next part of this process. so we're going to have candidates that have delegates that will sit on the next rules commit, but that happens before the convention. explain what happens there. >> the week before the convention traditionally several different committees have met and one of the those committees is going to be the convention rules committee and they're job will be to dining roetermine th that govern that convention. back in 2012 we approximate ut in place a set of rules for that convention that have been the rules of the party for the last several years. so one of the things to note is that formal changes to the rules have to be adopted by that body, by that convention rules committee which will convene in cleveland a week before the
10:42 pm
convention begins. >> randy back to you. a lot of prominent republicans, anybody can be nominated on the convention floor, where john kasich's entire strategy to be that the rule doesn't apply in this particular convention, other people, mitt romney, go on down the list, mitch mcconnell suggested it this week, is there any scenario under which the quote white knight candidate can come up on a third or fourth round of balloting, maybe somebody that didn't run this time. >> well the consensus is no. the con census is that rule 40 b which requires that a majority of a delegation of eight states supports a person and then there's this other rule which you never hear about it's called 40-e and it says that once we start the balloting we keep
10:43 pm
voting until one candidate gets 1,237. if you're not in nomination by the time we start the balloting then you're not going to get added later. it's important to note there's a provision in the rules that permit the rules to be suspended. a motion to suspend the rules will be in order. if somebody voted to suspend the rules and we suspended the rules to permit more nominations it's possible. but the reason i don't believe that will ever happen is between ted cruz and donald trump they will control two-thirds of the delegates on the floor. you're not going to agree to change that rule. so they won't have the votes to change the rule. >> i had reince priebus on and i asked a lot of questions for example in georgia this weekend, delegates committed in the first round of balloting, in this case a state that donald trump won,
10:44 pm
but ted cruz according to delegat delegates, this was a question i asked him this week, and i asked him what can be offered to the delegates. here's his answer. >> let's say that you can't get to 1,237, but you think you can win on a second or third ballot and you can and your team are courting the delegates, hey, all right, after the first ballot when you're free we want you to vote for us, what are they allowed legally to offer those people? can they offer them hotel rooms, plane rooms, expensive dinners? >> i know that the lawyers and all of these campaigns are looking at that and i think in the past it's been pretty free for all, but i don't think you can give money and the fcc has ruled -- >> you can pay for their plane ticket to the convention. >> i'm not sure about that. the fcc has regulations on those things. >> can they pay for expensive dinners, hotel rooms, plane
10:45 pm
fair? >> yes, they can. they have one sentence that deals with this issue and what it says is basically you can't take money from corporations, foreign nationals all of the other limitations on the sources of funds, but as far as the amount of funds, as far as what you can give or take, there is no boundary. there's only one hard fast boundary however and that is there cannot be a kwid pro quo. there cannot be a moment where a campaign says to a delegate i will give you a boat ride if you promise to vote for me. that's off limits. that's a good way -- >> expensive wine, a hotel room, up graded to the four seasons. that might have some sway. i don't. coming up, growing divide over whether or not the obama administration should release, why have they kept seek set 28 pages that could show the saudis
10:46 pm
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. welcome back to "hannity". remember following the catastrophic september 11th attacks congress launched an investigation to determine who is responsible for the devastation. a political battle is being
10:51 pm
waged over 28 classified pages and it appears those documents show an alleged link between september 11th and saudi arabia. the debate over whether or not to release the 28 pages resurfaced because family members of the victims have said they want to sue saudi arabia and the government for their potential involvement in this terrorist attack. here with reaction is imam, along with former nypd detective. imam, it indicates saudi arabia as aiding, abetting and financing the terrorists involved in the terrorism against our people in our country. don't you think the americans have a right to know if the
10:52 pm
saudis have aided and abetted in those attacks? >> yes. it is, of course, it is about truth, and about the suffering of the families. this is a gift for islam and american muslims in this country. that is a declassification of those 28 pages is a gift for us so people who are brain washed under islamphobia and even the people in saudi arabia have nothing to do with the corrupt kingdom and media and harsh tribal theology, harboring tools of terrorism. >> are you saying someone against sunni muslims? >> has nothing to do with shia or sunni muslim.
10:53 pm
>> what are you? what are you? >> i believe those pages should be -- >> i asked you a question. are you sunni and r or shia? >> i'm a shia. but i don't believe there are major differences. >> would you say the same thing about the iranians? the number one state sponsors of terrorists. >> in iranians have anything to do with september 11th, boy say the same thing. >> but they killed americans in iraq. >> that stupid decision charging iran for the victims of september 11th. that was total insanity. and i think, and i think, sean, to say that those pages are secret, or sensitive, or may harm our relationship with saudi arabia that is not the answer for families of september 11th. >> the issue here is why did our government keep this secret? we have a right to know. the saudis, according to people i've spoken to, why not release
10:54 pm
it? why not allow the american people to know the truth? and families to get at least the compensation a minimum they deserve? >> i watched that "60 minutes" piece. reality, 15 of the september 11th people were from saudi arabia that flew the planes. there is financing from saudi arabia. connection to that. also the fact that the way they worded it, the upper didn't know, but america should know what the heck is in there. >> it is time for the american people to know the truth.
10:55 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". do you think the 28 secret pages the government has been hiding from us related to september 11th and saudi arabia should be made public?
11:00 pm
yes. we have a right to know. go to and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have town hall sky benson ahead with us here tomorrow night. please be with us. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ . kennedy: well, welcome to a very somber evening here. the world music fans mourning the loss of prince, whose tragic death brings immediate sadness and bittersweet rediscovery of favorite songs and outrageous moments. of course he was a shy minnesotaian who found his place in strength and music, having taught himself to play several instruments, whose steady rise was punctuated by an explosion when purple played in movie theaters and radios and tv in 1984. he remained a personal mystery


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