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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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3:00 to 5:00 p.m. eastern time we're going to be previewing next tuesday five east coast primaries. >> i'll bring the pizza. you bring the beer for after the show. thanks, everybody. >> "the real story" starts now. happy friday, everyone. we have a brand-new poll for you out of indiana showing donald trump narrowly ahead now of ted cruz at the critical primary. this is "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. hillary clinton is in j jenkintown, pennsylvania. bernie sanders is about to have a town hall in gettysburg, pennsylvania. ted cruz also in the keystone state holding a rally in scranton this hour. donald trump is in. delaware gearing up for a rally at the state fairgrounds in harrington. what's the latest fr esst from p campaign today? >> that poll is very interesting out of the state of indiana because trump is expected to do
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well here at delaware and the four other northeastern states that vote next tuesday. indiana made theirs more of a question mark. we started to get some data in now including numbers from a local station showing trump up by six points. wthr has trump 37%, cruz 31% and kasich 22%. certainly would be welcome news to the trump campaign. just one poll but something they will look other thing we've le today about mr. trump is that he plans to make a foreign policy speech next wednesday in washington, d.c. we've heard a lot about this move to be more serious, even some say more presidential. while this seems to qualify. listen though to what trump said about that topic last night in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> my wife is constantly saying, darling be more presidential. i just don't know that i want to do it quite yet, jeffrey, because we have a job to do. at some point i'm going to be so
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presidential that you people will be so bored. instead of $10,000, blshgs glshg bl instead of 10,000 people i'll have about 150 people. but you'll say, oh, boy, he looks presidential.have about 1. but you'll say, oh, boy, he looks presidential. >> the national press club in d.c. is where that foreign policy speech will take place. it certainly seems to be something of a shift to the trump campaign. but these large rallies -- we're waiting for another one here in delaware today -- aren't going away. trump is at the state fairgrounds. people are packing in to hear what they've been hearing opt campaign. it is just that he'll be adding these other types of events including next week's speech. >> okay. i think that's on wednesday. what's the latest now on the california bathroom gender law? >> to your point, he made some headlines on the "today" show yesterday when he appeared to
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come out against that law, they should leave it the way it is, there haven't been that many problems, people should go to the bathroom where they feel it is appropriate to do so. even talks about the economic punishment that the state of north carolina seems to be suffering because of their new law. then here on fox news channel he went on with sean hannity last night and said this -- >> i think that local communities and states should make the decision. i feel very strongly about that. the federal government should not be involved. >> federal government should not be involved. nothing new out of the campaign today on that but we are waiting for him here in delaware in a couple hours. >> all right, you'll bring it to us. could america see a different donald trump then? we're told he will soon reshape his persona in a more professional manner. >> he's sitting in a room, he's talking business and he's talking politics, in a private role it is a different persona. when he's out on the stage, when he's talking about the kinds of things he's talking about on the stump, he's projecting an image
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that's for that purpose. he gets it. the part that he's playing is evolving into the part that now you're expecting. >> joining me now, chief strategist and communications director for the republican national committee. great to have you back on "the real story." this was eye-opening. i know you were there to hear this as well. but i think a lot of people are a little bit surprised to hear that everything that donald trump has been saying out on the stump potentially has been an act and that he's playing a role. but if you really have a serious policy discussion with him behind closed doors that he is a different kind of candidate. is that the correct message that you heard from his new guy? >> i'm going to let them speak for themselves. a lot of times candidates articulate themselves on the campaign trail. in private, donald trump's had several conversations with us at the rnc over the last several months and they've been great. he understands the role that we
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play, the importance of the rnc heading into a general election. >> it is interesting because ted cruz of course is pouncing on this right away and saying this. i'll let it speak for itself. >> i'm actually going to give trump a little bit of credit here. he's being candid. he's telling us he's lying to us. you look at what his campaign manager says, is that this is just an act, this is just a show. when donald talks about building a wall, when donald talks about enforcing immigration laws, when donald talks about i guess anything, that it's all an act and a show. >> i mean i guess we would assume that ted cruz has come out swinging like that. right? >> that's right. look, i think each of these candidates understands right now we're facing a potentially open convention. they're saying what they have to say to each of the delegates and to the remaining voters out there in the process. i'm going to let them continue to wage that battle between themselves as we focus on the
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general election today. we wrapped up a great meeting here in florida where we talked about how our focus, how our ground game is prepared to take on hillary clinton, how our data and digital operation is there and how we are continuing to raise record amounts of money as we prepare to take on hillary clinton. >> or bernie sanders. >> well, we don't know on that side of it either. listen to haley barbour talking about what could happen if there is a contested convention. of course he used to be with the rnc and governor of mississippi. has a lot of experience with the republican party. listen to this. >> i promise you this, there will be hurt feelings, no matter how it turns out. and i suspect that when the convention's over where you normally want a bump, i don't think we'll hit a bump. i think no matter what the outcome, trump wins, cruz wins, kasich wins, somebody else wins, two ballots, three ballots, whatever, i think we'll get a dip. >> he's saying that he bleevsz aft believes after the convention in july in cleveland that the
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republican party will get a dip. that's not great messaging. that's not the message you want to be sending out. >> that's right. i would say i have a lot of represent for governor bar babo. but our job is to have the most fair and transparent process. 2 of the 3 individuals who plan to go to cleveland are only going to be happy with the outcome. we need to make sure the process is fair and democratic and that everybody watches those votes as much as they can. you may not win but you know it was fair. secondly we've got to make sure that everyone understands the big picture which is while your candidate might not win -- and there is a lot of passion behind each individual candidate right -- we've got to keep our eye on the bigger prize and that's defeating hillary clinton and putting a republican back in the white house. you can't afford four more years of democratic rule. i think our people will get that. again, one last thing i'd say, is when you look at the debates, the fox debates, the first one, the last one, millions of --
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record number of people are watching what's going on in republican politics right now matched by record turnout in every single state almost but up to 60%, 70%. i would respectfully disagree with governor barbour and we'll talk out with a big bump. >> we've seen that passion that's been happening on the republican side. but you got to be able to square that with the fact that if 1 of those 3 candidates -- and it will turn out that way because there is only going to be one -- that you're going to disappoint other people. i know you know this, you have a huge jo be to coalesce all the republicans to come out and vote, including those who are maybe coming out to vote for the first time. before i let you go, let's talk a little bit about the rules. that's been one frustrating thing to voters out there. it is complicated process. you decided in florida this little meeting here, you way it works is you don't change the rules right now. if you decide to change them it would only happen in july, right? >> that's right. so what happens is the rnc
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generally makes recommendations to the convention, say over the last four things here are things you can consider. they would be merely that. chairman reince priebus believes with the additional scrutiny that's occurred around this cycle and believing everybody is trying to get for or against a candidate he recommended the committee make no recommendations and leave all decisions to the elected a delegates in cleveland so that the grassroots individuals that have been elected from coast to coast -- the 2016 delegates will decide what kind of coulden vention we will have in 2016. >> well side. i know are you in florida. i hope you can enjoy some sort of a drink on the beach. >> the second this is done this tie's coming off. >> you deserve it. an autopsy is under way now as tributes and remembrances continue to pour in for music legend prince. as you know, he passed away yesterday in his home just outside of minneapolis about a half our after first responders arrived.
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but it could be days or even weeks before we know the exact cause of death. mike, what is the status of the autopsy being done on prince today? >> reporter: the autopsy should be complete now. it doesn't mean we're going to get answers right away. the autopsy started this morning at 9:00 a.m. by the chief medical examiner, dr. a. quinn strobel. began at 9:00 a.m. and the procedure usually takes two to three hours so it should have wrapped up by now. toxicology reports which could provide some answers as to whether there were drugs in the system of prince could take weeks. that's as specific as we can get as far as answers from that. you know the bombshell was dropped by the website tmz saying that prince was on percocet, a prescription painkiller since getting hip surgery back in 2010. that follows a bombshell dropped by tmz a day ago in which they say that flight that made the emergency landing in moline, illinois, six days before prince
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died, did not make the emergency landing for the flu, as prince's handlers originally relaid. but that was in fact for an overdose. all of that information is unconfirmed. the carver county sheriff, jim olson, will hold a press conference in about an hour and we hope to learn more then. >> so i know that you are outside of paisley park there, the complex where prince lived and also recorded. what is happening there today? i see tons of people have come out. >> let me step aside. people continuing to stream in to this location and drop off flowers. they are bringing their pets by. they sheem eem to make a lot of fact that prince stayed local and tried to lead a normal life. a lot of people saw him riding his bike around here. he was a jehovah's witness. a few stories of people saying one day they got a knock on their door and they opened it and it was prince. he wanted to hang around and talk about his faith. last night at the first avenue club made famous in the movie "purple rain," they held an
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impromptu party. that turned into a block party lasting into the wee small hours of the morning while people sang along to his music and danced in the street. but the sun is out here, people have really driven in from all over the region. some people just say they want to come here to make it all real. >> i know that club well. saw prince there many times, mike. i wish you were in my better home state for beautiful circumstances. nice report. thank you. how much cash will donald trump need to beat hillary clinton if they face each other in the general election? our next guest has crunched all the numbers. let me tell you, it's a lot of dough. and new efforts to prevent a repeat of 2012. john boehner criticized after a voice vote that some say went wrong. so what's being done to make sure this year's convention goes more smoothly? it could involve technology. >> without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the
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tab table.
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welcome back to "the real story." you've heard donald trump say it repeatedly, he is self-funding his presidential campaign. it's his biggest applause line. but some analysts say that will have to change estimating he'll need $500 million if he faces hillary clinton in the general election. founder and co-managing partner of sky bridge capital is a fox business contributor. you did all the number crunching. >> i broke it down for you. it is about $33,400. that's the match you can give to the presidential trust. you sort of need 15,000 donors around the united states to give that max.
11:17 am
whether we worked for governor romney, we had 1,200 people in different areas, mostly urban cities, going after that sort of donation. >> but let's talk a little bit about how trump has been doing this campaign thus far which is what i just said in the introduction. his biggest applause line is that he's self-funded. so he really hasn't had to spend a lot of his own money yet. you say to beat hillary clinton if he's the nominee, he has to. >> i take mr. trump at his word that he could self-fund the campaign. but i think republicans if he is the ultimate nominee i think the republicans should offer up a booster shot to him or whoever the eventual nominee is. it would be a mistake i think for the republican party not to do that. so we have the apparatus, we have the fund-raising capability to do that and he could basically accept that money without having any strings attached to it. so he could maintain the purity of what he's been saying on the campaign. >> let's go through some of the numbers that you did crunch. you mentioned you'd need 15,000 checks of $33,400 each to get to
11:18 am
that half a billion dollars. some people can give lesser amounts than that. right? >> sure. bernie sanders is getting millions of dollars with this average check of $27. you can given -- you and your spouse could give $5,400. but for the presidential trust which is basically something paul ryan is overseeing you can start to max out at those bigger numbers. >> for 2012, we look at how much money was spent. each side spent roughly $1 billion, anthony. so you're saying -- how did you come up with trump only needs half of that? >> i think that he is a force of nature. he's got an unbelievable personality. he's probably got the best name brand recognition. he's also a ratings machine when we know that. i'm using half of the number of what was spent last time. now it could be more than that. i'm not saying that it couldn't necessarily be. but remember america spends $5.5 billion on potato chips.
11:19 am
so to spend $2 billion every four years to pick our president, it sounds like a big number but in our country it is not a big number given the magnitude of that job and the opportunity set and the policies to come out of that job. >> no doubt. great comparison. like that. see you again soon. is electronic voting coming to the gop convention? how it could possibly speed up the process and ensure accuracy in the case of a contests convention. but there's other details about that you don't want to miss. plus, the world mourning the loss of pop music icon, prince. that brings us to our prince question of the day. what's your favorite prince song? there are a lot of them. tweet me.
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donald trump crying foul over the delegate process. but just how fair or unfair is it? going into five big races on tuesday now, trump is in front with 845 delegates, that's almost 300 ahead of senator ted cruz. and to secure the nomination, donald trump would need to win 53% of the remaining delegates. ted cruz 92%. john kasich an impossible 149%. so with just 87 days now until the gop convention in cleveland in july. it is still not certain whether one of these candidates can lock up the nomination before the opening gavel or whether it will be a contested convention. the rnc agreed not to change the rules for now, as you just heard in my earlier interview. but members are exploring ways
11:24 am
now to change how delegate votes are actually recorded. one way being talked about is moving to electronic voting. for more on this, josh putnam, professor of political science from the university of georgia. so they're talking about moving, josh, to electronic voting so that you don't just have what's called a voice vote. what do you think about it? >> well, it certainly will help in terms of efficiency if we are talking about repeated procedural votes on rules, or the platform, or what have you. so it would aid the rnc or the folks that are handling the organization of the convention to streamline that. but there's also kind of a transparency aspect to this, too, that delegates then would know what kind of final count on these procedural votes are. with a voice vote all you are getting is the volume of a group of people's voices. >> i was just saying to the
11:25 am
producers, how do you know the difference between an aye and a no! unless you have like a volume meter, i mean it sounds silly but how do you know? >> it does sound silly and they don't have a volume meter in there. what they're using at that point is completely up to the discretion of the chair of the convention. >> here's what happened with john boehner. this is just four years ago. thanks to our brain room for pulling this out. this was just a simple procedural vote in a not-contested convention. here's what happened. >> the question is on the adoption. the resolution. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye! >> all those opposed no. >> no! >> the ayes have it, resolution is adopted. without objection the motion is laid on the table. >> usa! usa! >> i don't know, josh.
11:26 am
you couldn't tell which one had it and then speaker boehner got a bunch of boos. now fast forward to this year where you're going to be voting on a ton of stuff that's more important because we're talking about the nominee. and if they don't have this electronic system how are they going to know who actually won? >> well, they wouldn't with just a simple voice vote. it would have to be very one-sided that you could tell. i was in the room in tampa four years ago. the acoustics were a little bit different there than i think they sounded like on the screen or whatever there. but it was close. right? and in that situation the chair of the convention has a significant amount of discretion to decide. >> i just think it is fascinating because here we've been trying to figure out the delegate process and you are an expert at it. but state by state and how different every state is. then we come to the simplicity of a voice vote. the juxtaposition between the
11:27 am
complexity of delegates and trying to keep track of that, then determining potentially the republican nominee for president by a voice vote, fascinating. >> well, the nomination wouldn't go through a voice vote. that's still done by a roll call. to see where delegates go. on all the things leading up to that, procedural votes particularly on things like rules matter in the context of getting to that nomination roll call vote. >> apparently electronic voting may or may not be ready in july. it would only be for procedural votes. each still would still come to the microphone and say who their delegates are for with their own voices. josh putnam, thank you so much for your expertise. several people have died after multiple shootings in rural ohio today. and what all the victims have in common with each other. and donald trump's campaign saying he may change the way he handles himself on the stage. so will we see more antics like this? >> it's rubio!
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when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. a rural community in ohio in shock today after multiple fatalities. bodies of several people, including two babies, found in different locations in pike county. that area is located about 75 miles outside of cincinnati.
11:32 am
trace gallagher has been following these stories and he a is live with more. >> reporter: this happened in southern ohio about 90 miles outside of both cincinnati and columbus. all seven victims are family members, five adults, two children. one was a 5 day old infant, the other a 6-month-old. at bottom of screen an eighth victim was found according to the ohio attorney general. this would be an eighth victim in another house bringing that to four separate areas where this happened all apparently different homes in the same area. dozens of police officers are now on scene as well as crime scene investigators. no arrests have been made. none. there has been no information released about a suspect or person of interest. now police also won't say if the shooter is among the dead or is on the run, but they do not believe this is an active shooter situation. and they have confirmed that a
11:33 am
number of search warrants are in the process of being served. the county prosecutor's office says even the family members of the victims are a bit frustrated by how little is known. listen. >> they're very upset with the lack of information. i think we all are. they would like to know who's involved, if they are deceased, in fact deceased, if there is children involved. we all have a lot of questions, of course that being their loved ones, they have a lot of questions as well. >> the county sheriff is being helped out by the ohio bureau of investigation, the fbi has also offered resources, and there is also a cyber krips uncrimes uni screen, though it is unclear exactly why. ohio governor also said he is watching the situation very closely. motive for the massacre, very much unknown at this point. >> what a shame, trace. thank you. gop committee members saying the convention rules are going to stay the same right now. party leaders meeting in south florida this week to discuss how things will operate in
11:34 am
cleveland. some defending their reasons for not changing the nomination process at the rnc spring meeting. >> we're in the seventh inning. why would you change the rules for the last two innings of the game? if we change a semi-colon to a comma, one of the three candidates will think that is directed toward them and that we're trying to make it more difficult for one candidate over the other. but those kind of consequences at stake, the decision was made let's just leave things the way they are. >> joined by the chair of the alaska republican party who is in florida right now at that committee meeting. peter goldberg, great to have you on "the real story." what was the overall impression of hearing from some of the candidates themselves and some of their chief people who are trying to woo delegates? >> well, gretchen, all of us when we meet the candidates, we enjoy meeting them. we enjoy getting to know them. that doesn't necessarily mean that we're personally supporting any specific candidate. you know, right now my wife doesn't even know who i'm supporting, and the reason for
11:35 am
that is that i, and the rest of these members the rnc, we have to get elected, and we will get elected, whoever that republican nominee is. whether or not it is the person that we had personally chosen, i think i would rather that the people of alaska didn't know who i was favoring so that they would believe that i'm putting my entire effort into getting that nominee elected. >> okay. you understand though that some of the people who have the millions who have gone out to vote, they believe that the delegates should be honoring the person that they pick from that particular state. what do you think about that? >> well, of course, initially they are honoring it, because in almost every case -- not all, but a vast majority of them delegates have been pledged proportional to those votes. it's only after the first ballot that things might change. if we go to a second ballot. and then the rules vary from state to state. >> i know. it is so complicated.
11:36 am
florida you have to vote for three rounds for who won and that was donald trump in that case, 95 delegates, i believe. let me ask you this, peter. from hearing from the candidates or their main people over the last three days, did you change who you think you're supporting? >> no. >> okay. all right. fair answer. i want you to listen to some other delegates who are also grappling with some of these decisions. actually we're not going to listen to it. i will read it to you. one delegate, henry barber says no decisions are made in a vacuum. people will have all sorts of input if they are a delegate on how they vote. then it goes on to this, the florida gop chair says this, if it is an open convention no matter what happens it is going to be a pressure cooker in there. everyone realizes, peter, as a delegate this huge responsibility, especially this time around. right? i think that's certainly true, gretchen. we've all been paying attention
11:37 am
to the news, to fox news and perhaps some of your competitors, reading newspapers, listening to the sound bites, reading campaign literature, and people are going to have to make some decisions when they become unbound. and it may or may not be for the person that that particular delegate originally supported. >> okay. so you say you didn't change your mind. when you listened to the candidates over the last three days and, for example, paul manafort, who is the new person in charge of the trump campaign now, when he said that trump's really just been playing a part when he's out on the trump, and that behind closed doors he has a much more presidential type of demeanor, did that bother you? did you buy that? did you care? >> well, of course i care. we all want whoever our nomin t. of course it is going to remain to be seen and the country will see what will happen if and when mr. trump turns out to be the
11:38 am
nominee. some people have said it is an act. but only mr. trump knows whether or not it really has been. >> and did you get any sense of how they were going to try to woo you? did any of that go on at this meeting over the last few days? >> no, i don't think i really felt anything in particular there. i've been listening to these people for a very long time. i did specifically meet and spend some time with senator cruz couple of days ago. it was the third time i had a chance to chat with him. i respect the man. i also respect mr. trump and i respect governor kasich. >> all right. let me know when you're going to tell your wife. okay? >> i will tell her after the election is over. >> wow! you're going to keep the secret that long? you're good! you're good at that. >> well, gretchen, gretchen, i was an army intelligence officer. i know how to keep secrets. >> and there you have it. peter goldberg, all the way from alaska, but in florida right now. enjoy your time there.
11:39 am
thank you. >> thank you, gretchen. bye-bye. time for my take. if you think the delegate process is tough to figure out this election cycle, wait until pennsylvania next tuesday. p.a. has one of the weirdest primary systems in the country. primary gop voters directly elect most of their delegates 54 of the 67, and they're not officially tied to any particular candidate. here's what the ballot looks like. if you look at the right-hand side, delegates running, that's where you see them. but they don't tell the voter which presidential candidate the delegate actually likes. it's just a list of names. this system seems totally nuts to me and unfair to the voters. how the heck would anyone have any clue who to vote for? as a voter wouldn't you want to know who you are selecting so it matches the presidential candidate that you want to win? this is what ted cruz seems to have figured out how to make the most of the quirky system. cruz and his supporters are handing out this sheet to voters who help them select delegates
11:40 am
who have pledge their support to cruz. if you are a voter who likes cruz and you have this sheet, you know exactly who to vote for. smart and completely legal. pennsylvania's system to me though is still dumb and confusing and with each delegate so important this time around, i hope the trump and kasich campaigns are also making their sheets to pass out and help the voters. over the bow, right turn, over the bow. >> tensions are rising in the baltic sea right now. russia's ambassador to nato warning the united states to stay away now from the russian border accusing the u.s. of intimidation by sailing a navy destroyer there. wait a minute! isn't it the other way around? russian officials vowing to respond with necessary measures if it continues. last week unarmed russian jets made several fly-bys over the "uss cook" in the baltics, one coming within 30 feet of the
11:41 am
warship prompt being the united states to call the actions provocative. massive fire in illinois as a furniture warehouse goes up in flames. black smoke visible for miles. dozens of workers were inside when flames broke out yesterday afternoon. luckily all managed to get out safely. the fire burning through the entire night. more than 100 firefighters from dozens of companies responded to the scene. this was suburban chicago. crews were still putting out hotspots even this morning. the cause remains under investigation. an unwanted guest storms into a bar. sounds like a joke. why the bar owner is now though being called a hero. plus, what is a save shot. and did it have anything to do with prince's death? >> i personally was devastated. you wouldn't think it to look at me but i loved the guy. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever.
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coming up, i'll speak with fox news sunday host chris wallace about the presidential race and word that donald trump is trying to rehab his reputation. but is it too late to change the act? also word ted cruz is trying to show a softer side. comes after a focus group with women and just wait until you hear what they had to say about the senator from texas. coming up on "shepard smith reporting." see you then. fox news alert now. update on the death of music legend prince. the autopsy has now been completed but it could take weeks to find out exactly what killed him, or at least announcing to us what killed him. prince's body will be released to his family later today. these developments come as the transcript from the 911 call is also released. here's a part of that. caller says, "we have someone who is unconscious. the dispatcher asked for the address. caller says, we're at prince's house. the dispatcher asks how the person died. the caller says i don't know. and later he says, yes, it's
11:46 am
prince. dr. michael baden is a forensic pathologist and fox news contributor. when this was breaking during my show yesterday, the real story out there was he had been suffering for weeks from severe flu. then a bunch of other details started happening like he had this emergency landing in illinois with his plane, and possibly tmz broke the story that he was given a save shot at that hospital. what's that? >> that's narcan which is an antidote for narcotic drugs. heroin, for mean, oxycodone can be overcome by the narcan. but it means that he had an overdose and it makes sense that the jet would land so quickly to go to the hospital because he was having an overdose of a narcotic is what harvey levin seems to have found out. now, today -- now the autopsy should be finished, and they know if he had any natural disease. they know if he had pneumonia,
11:47 am
they know if he had heart disease or brain hemorrhage, all these innocent things that cause death would be able to be determined just from the regular autopsy. if so, they could release that and say he died of natural death. but if they don't have any natural disease, then they have to wait for the toxicology which takes a few days. not two weeks. but normally the police, the sheriff, the district attorney, like to wait before they release the final information. but they'll know by tuesday or wednesday whether he died of an overdose of percocet, as some people say. >> speaking of harvey levin from tmz, here is what he was able to find out according to him, this is what happened. >> they made the emergency landing because of radio calls indicating that he may have had a drug overdose and that they -- it was so serious that they gave him treatment at the airport on the tarmac, then took him to the hospital. the doctors recommended, we're told, that he stay for 24 hours.
11:48 am
his people then said, he needs a private room. the doctors informed them that there was no private room at that hospital, and they said we are out of here then. >> so they left after three hours. based on what you know about getting this kind of a save shot, if that actually happened, would that be advised? >> no. he absolutely should have stayed there, gotten full treatment. you can die from an overdose. and what happened he had a temporary reprieve by the save shot, so to speak. but then couple of days later he -- if he died of a drug overdose, means he took another dose of the drug a few hours before he was found dead. >> well, can somebody have this save shot, this narcan, can they have it in their possession? >> yes. a lot of communities, suffolk county here in new york has been in advance of this where the narcan is given to all the police officers, the families of drug addicts, and --
11:49 am
>> wouldn't his enablers -- let's say this is what happened saturday night in moline, illinois. and if they knew there was a problem, wouldn't they have that shot with them? >> well, they're not doctors. if they knew problem, what happens with these very important entertainment people is, often the helpers, the assistants, become enablers by protecting them from other people who want to know what's going on with the -- >> and the pr people, too. we don't know exactly what happened but they were telling us he had the flu for weeks and weeks. right? that was the story line yesterday. but then there were also photos of him coming out of the drugstore over the last few days. you would think if he had all these enablers he wouldn't physically be going to the drugstore by himself. >> you can get percocet at walmart pharmacy. so whether he is waiting for some helpful drug or whether he's waiting for percocet, we don't know yet.
11:50 am
or whether he died of a heart attack. so far nobody said anything about that but the doctors know this. >> you say for sure doctors know after the autopsy if it was natural causes. >> yes. when they release it depends on often people often other than the medical examiner. >> right. a whole group of people, family, sheriff, et cetera. there is going to be a press conference by the sheriff in minnesota about an hour from now so keep it right here on fox. dr. baden, thank you. how much of an impact could republican governors have on delegates as representatives ref their states head to the convention. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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back to politics. republican governors taking center stage as he power players in the battle for delegates. here's another angle. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington. how can the run governors have an impact in the months ahead? >> reporter: some are particularly popular in termites approval rate examination could have a large influence of their delegates. there are 31 republican governors in places ranging from texas to new jersey, south carolina to south dakota. if there is not a republican nominee after the first ballot at the gone convention experts note the governors are senior members and could have major influence on their own delegation. >> it is unlikely that the sitting republican governors get together in a room and decide as a group to go in one direction. the difficulty of an open
11:55 am
convention is that while there are rules, you're buy all of the easy stuff and into open water. >> reporter: he says discussions with the various campaigns and state delegations will go through the governors. >> what about the impact, then, of governors between now and convention time in cleveland? >> reporter: republicans are governors of six states which have upcoming g.o.p. primaries. some examples, larry hogen in maryland, mike pence in indiana. hogenning not endorsing a candidate. indiana votes may 3rd with 57 gm delegate at stake. john kashich is hoping to do well there and so are the others. >> ted cruz hopes he can make a strong run there as honied nearby illinois and missouri. and of course donald trump wants to carry indiana as well. so, mike pence could influence the climate of opinion among republican primary voters and
11:56 am
among the delegates selected to represen in the congressional districts. >> there's also the opportunity of popular governors playing the role of kingmaker. >> just when you thought the system was simple. mike emanuel, have a great weekend. could your big mac be getting i even big center you betcha. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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12:00 pm
weekend. we asked about your favorite song. michael loves red corvetted. he actually owned a red corvette and called it prince. a lot of great songs, gravities guy from minnesota. have a great weekend. >> 3:00 on the east coast and we're watching a lot of news. politics in a moment. the question of whether for donald trump it's all been an act. it's apparently time to talk vps. who should share the tickets. also what we learn about the death of prince, the call to police, the talk of an overdose, the autopsy now completed, and word of thousands of unreleased songs. let's get to it. first from the news deck this afternoon, you'll love the real donald trump. so says his top strategist who apparently suggested to republican party bosses that the donald trump we have all been enjoying so very much is just an act.


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