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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> greg wants it back. i would like to you come back with me for greta. i'll be in for her from 7:00 to 8:00 tonight. see you back here tomorrow, same time, same place for a special live saturday edition, "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon breen. california and indiana could not be much different as far as location, weather and politics. but both states have big delegate primaries in coming weeks. and both are to one degree or another, polling well for the front-runners. we have brand new fox surveys on both races tonight. and we've got fox team coverage. the republicans and hints that donald trump may be photographering from campaign mode to presidential mode and peter deucy and questions about hillary clinton's relationship with companies. republican polls, indiana's primary is may 3rd. donald trump has an eight-point
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advantage over senator ted cruz. ohio governor john kasich is in third. trump is more dominant in california with, 2-1 margin over both challengers, the voters go to the polls in june. the gop leader may be making changes in his public persona, correspondent rich edison explains. >> a candidate defined by controversial, sometimes insulting remarks, claims he is moderating his tone. eventually. >> being presidential for me is much easier than doing this. i was hit really hard by the 17 people. i was at hit really, really hard. if i didn't hit them back really really harder, i wouldn't be here. >> paul manafort is leading trump's primary election strategy in this audio recording obtained by the "associated press." he told republican national committee members that his candidate will evolve. >> he's talking about the kinds of things. he's projecting an image that's for that purpose. you'll start to see more depth
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to the person, a real person. >> texas senator ted cruz charged the republican front-runner is shifting positions to attract the republican establishment. >> he doesn't believe anything he is saying, he's just trying to fool gullible voters and he's not going to do any of it he's not going to build a wall. he's not going to deport anyone, he's telling us he is lying to us. >> cruz has also released a web video condemning trump for criticizing the north carolina law requiring transgender people to use the bathroom assigned to their birth gender and he and kasich claim trump will arrive at the july convention short of the 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination on the first ballot. kasich said he can win the nomination in a contested convention. despite lagging behind trump and cruz in delegates, says he is staying in the race. >> my competitor is trying to get me out. the democrats trying to get me out and i ain't getting out. just so you all know. >> with a possible contested convention, former nns chairman and mississippi governor haley
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barber told "u.s.a. today" no republican candidate will benefit from the usual post convention increase in polling. >> i don't think we'll get a bump. i think no matter what the outcome, trump wins, cruz wins, kasich wins, somebody else wins. two ballots, three ballots, whatever. i think we'll get a deal. >> five northeastern states vote tuesday. the real clear politics polling average show trump with a substantial lead in each state. at for campaigning today, trump was in delaware, cruz in pennsylvania and john kasich in connecticut. shannon? >> rich edison, thanks very much. >> hillary clinton still leading bernie sanders. she has a four-point spread on sanders in indiana. close anywhere california, 48-46. clinton sunday scrutiny for her ties to wall street and big business. but her big lead in delegates has sanders sounding tentative for the first time in the campaign. here's correspondent peter
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doocy. >> from feeling the burn to feeling the pressure. senator sanders admitting now his window to capture the democratic nomination may be closed before this summer's convention. >> look if we do not have a majority, i think it's going to be very hard for us to win. >> a sanders loss would put the political revolution he calls for in jeopardy. so groups supporting the democratic socialist plan to huddle in chicago in june after the final primary, but before the convention. an organizer for people for bernie tells fox the summit has been in the works for a long time and tells people the agenda is about supporting progressive policies after the primary is over. hillary clinton is feeling much better about her chances now using more energy to attack the republican front-runner than her democratic primary opponent. today complaining about trump's tone. >> can you disagree with somebody. that's fair game. but to launch personal attacks to try to intimidate, and
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degrade somebody else is off-limits. >> tonight new questions about whether or not some of the paychecks clinton collected on the speaking circuit lay groundwork for big companies to exercise influence over her, if she moves back to the white house. here's why. an "associated press" review finds there are more than 60 companies that paid the former secretary big bucks to speak, while also competing for lucrative government contracts and more than 30 of those companies got the contracts. it wasn't illegal, but it could create a conflict of interest, if those companies continue to work with those companies while president. clinton said she won't release the transcripts because that would be a double-standard. if this is going to be treated as the new normal, she'll be happy to participate and make available everything she has, when everyone abides by the same standard. but the mystery of why she wants those speeches to stay secret is a centerpiece of the sanders'
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pitch. >> i just don't understand why wall street has not invited me. i'm a sensitive guy. invited hillary clinton, but they didn't invite me. i don't want two and a quarter. i don't want $2. >> fbi agents are probing for signs of pay for play, in addition to their hunt for classified information. today we learned that brian pag limpb aano, the staffer who sed up the server and got immunity from the doj has told congress he will not testify for them. shannon? >> we'll talk about it with the panel, peter, thank you. cash-strapp eped puerto rics having trouble coming up with the money to hold its primary. the government is refusing to release the $300 million necessary until next week. puerto rico is facing a $70 billion public debt amid an economic crisis. president obama is defending
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and explaining his push for great britain to stay within the european union. his pro eu stance has been criticized in the uk as hypocritical meddling. he may not have done himself any favors today. correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president tonight. >> when the u.s. and uk stand together, we make our countries more secure, our people more prosperous. and we make the world safer. and better. >> it was supposed to be a fairly straightforward message. meant to encourage the uk to remain in the 28-nation european union and ien th process, elevate the position of his good friend, british prime minister david cameron. one remark in particular by president obama may have unwittingly, if not profoundly set back the cause. >> our focus is in negotiating with a big block of the european union to get a trade agreement done. kentucky is going to be in the back of the cube. >> back of the queue, as in back of the line if the uk exit the the european union to many uk
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experts that sounded like a warning. >> i thought it was an astonishing intervention by president obama in the internal affairs of the british people. >> i don't have some special power over the president of the united states. barack feels strongly about this and said what he said. as i said, it's our decision as a sovereign people. the choice we make about europe. >> london's mayor, not one to shy away from controversy, and an outspoken proponent of leaving the he eu mocked the president, writing in the "sun," quote, the u.s. guards it's democracy with more hysterical jealousy than any other country on earth. it's incoherent, inconsistent and downright hypocriticahypocr. the row over the so-called brexit has nearly overshadowed the president's objective for the trip to collaborate with security partners on and the refugee migration crisis. 'something the president sees as a threat to the u.s. >> we consider it a major national security issue.
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>> the two discussed the fight against isis and russia's support for the renegade assad regime in syria. where a fragile cease-fire has begun to crumble. >> i have i've always been skeptical about mr. putin's actions and motive in syria, he's a preeminent backer of a murderous regime. >> it wasn't all business for the president. earlier in the day he and the first lady lunched at windsor castle with her majesty, queen elizabeth ii for her 90th birthday. later, the first couple spent time with kate. >> the the president got a little time with another roim. past his bedtime shannon but let me share a picture of prince george, the little 2-year-old heart-steeler, spending a little time with the president of united states. his sister, princess charlotte slept through the whole thing. the president also mentioned today his fondness for queen
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elizabeth ii, he said she's an astonishing person and called her a real jewel. not just for the uk, but for the entire world and he also mentioned another royal, if you will. mentioning the late music icon, prince. the president said today he began his day by listening to an lp of the late singer. >> all kinds of royalty and the little picture of the prince flooded the internet this afternoon. >> and another update to a story we brought you earlier in the week. it appears that a british airways jet that officials thought was hit by a drone on sunday, may have been hit by a plastic bag. british transportation minister says early word of damage to the plane was incorrect. u.s. and iran are making a big money deal over several tons of nuclear material. correspondent doug mckelway is here with more. >> 8.6 million dollars for nuclear material. that's what the u.s. is paying
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iran. as a part of the nuclear deal, iran is supposed to reduce the amount of heavy water that it possesses to under 130 tons during the first few years of the deal to under 90 tons in later years. the obama administration sees this purchase as a win-win situation. first, because the u.s. produces no heavy water itself. it buy it is on the international market. and in addition, heavy water has many uses here. such as in the manufacturing of fiber optics, semiconductors and nuclear weapons. and that's what has critics so incensed. among them, house speaker paul ryan, who fired off an angry response to the buy, quote this purchase part of what appears to be the administration's full-court press to sweeten the deal, will directly subsidize iran's nuclear program. yet another unprecedented concession to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. >> the administration is trying to say well iran is just living up to its obligations under the nuclear deal by producing only so much heavy water. but it shouldn't have heavy
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water. it shouldn't be enriching uranium. the nuclear deal kept iran's entire nuclear infrastructure in place. >> when asked about payments to iran for the heavy water, a state department spokeswoman deflected the answer and abruptly ended the briefing. >> what kind of dollars are being used to purchase this heavy water from iran? >> okay so this was actually facilitated through the department of energy. i'm going to refer to you that. thanks, guys. >> meantime, iranian foreign ministers arrived in new york today, is putting pressure on secretary of state john kerry that sanctions are not happening fast enough. world bankers are unsure what iranian assets should be kept frozen. to remind bankers of the once prohibited transactions that iran can now participate in. >> doug mckelway, thank you so much. the pentagon says u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria are likely responsible for the deaths of 20 civilians since mid september. the total number of strikes
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during that time, 2,563. the u.s. central command says the financial costs of operations against isis since august of 2014 is $7 billion. that breaks down do $11.5 million per day. isis terrorists say they've captured a syrian pilot after his plane was shot down near damascus, the isis-affiliated news agency is posting a video purporting to show the wreckage of the mig-23 plane, which it said was shot down by anti-aircraft weapons. the militants are seen picking up parts of the wreckage with other parts still in flames. the news agency says isis fighters captured the pilot after he landed with his parachute near the crash site. up next, with the signing of a major agreement on climate change means for the u.s. first here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 19 in cincinnati, covering a mass shooting in pike county, about 80 miles to the east. eight bodies have been found. seven adults, one teen across four crime scenes, authorities
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say all victims are in the same family. they're describing the killings as execution-style and they say the killer is still at large. fox 9 in the twin cities with the autopsy of music star prince, who died at his home yesterday. the carver county sheriff says there's no indications of suicide or foul play. it could take days or weeks before official results are released. and this is a live look from honolulu from fox affiliate khon. one of the big stories there, the sun-powered solar impulse 2 leaves the islands after a delay of nine months. the plane was grounded on its around-the-world trip last july because of a battery damage. the aircraft is expected to reach california in two or three days. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back.
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on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. the u.s. is one of more than 170 nations to sign a new climate agreement today. correspondent david miller reports on what it means for the u.s. ♪ ♪ >> it was historic. 171 world leaders, including some heads of state gathered at the u.n. to sign a climate change agreement reached last december in paris.
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secretary of state john kerry who brought his granddaughter represented the u.s. >> we learned that 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history by far. >> the goal of the agreement is to lower the rate of global warming by reducing carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases, under the plan, each country sets its own targets, updating them every five years, the agreement also calls for $100 billion in aid to developing countries, joining the presidents, prime ministers and other diplomats was actsor leonardo dicaprio. >> the world is now watching, you'll either be lauded by future generations or vilified by them. >> the agreement takes effect only after at least 55 countries responsible for 55% of greenhouse gas emissions submit their government's approval or rad ratfy indication. china and the u.s. which account for roughly 40% of pollutants are crucial to the agreement's implementation, a potential
3:20 pm
kplik complication is the obama administration. u.s. lawmakers critical of the paris agreement say congress can prevent the u.s. from taking part by cutting funding. >> they all assume if the president of the united states says we're committing money, somehow there is no legislators over here that say we have to appropriate the money. we have to authorize it and appropriate it. and we're definitely not going to do it. >> countries that agree to take part in the agreement and fail to fulfill their obligations can't be compelled to participate. >> the enforcement mechanism that the paris agreement relies on is naming and shaming. >> during today's signing ceremony, 15 countries including many island nations threatened by rising seas, were first to ratify the agreement. the u.s. says formal approval in the form of executive action in the next few months. >> fiat chrysler is recalling more than 1.1 million vehicles worldwide, drivers may
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mistakenly they're in park when they're not. the recall covers 2012-2014 dodge charger and chrysler 300 sedans and 2014-2015 jeep grand cherokee suvs, owners will be notified. the stocks were mixed, dow gained 21, nasdaq lost 40. for the week the dow was up .6 of a percentage point. the s&p 500 gained about a half. nasdaq lost two-thirds of a point. horror stories are coming out of california, just days after its governor signed a new minimum wage law. hundreds of jobs are already being cut in what experts say is only the beginning. tonight correspondent will carr looks at the law's impact in one california community. >> with an unemployment rate of 10.6% more than twice the national average, business isn't exactly booming in fresno, california these days. that's not stopping conky's bar and grill, a popular downtown sports bar from trying to
3:22 pm
survive. since california raised the minimum wage from $9 to $10 in january. the owner has been forced to raise prices, lay off a kk and replace him with three cheaper and faster waffle machines. >> every time i have to let somebody go, i'm letting go of a friend. taking away paying somebody $10 an hour and replace his job with $300 machine. >> now o'donnell is trying to swallow the $15 minimum wage that will phase in by 2022. governor jerry brown calls the increased wage economic justice. >> morally and socially and politically, they make every sense because it binds the community together. >> but it's a hike that fresno's chamber of commence believes could further damage the city's already-frail economy. >> there's still double-digit unemployment in fresno county and raising the minimum wage is not going to help that. >> in recent weeks, thousands have marched in cities across the country as part of the fight for $15, a push to help
3:23 pm
low-income workers, like vicky advantage, a home health care worker who makes $10.25 an hour. >> with two jobs i'm going to see my check grow bigger so i can hopefully in the next three year, i'm going to plan to buy a house. >> it's a tough sell for o'donnell who says he may have to close before his employees can reap the benefits. >> how do you cope with that? >> i don't know. we're serving burgers and fries for $9.99. i don't think we can get customers to buy the same burger for $14.99. >> the legislation allows the governor to push the wage back one year if the economy goes south but struggling cities like fresno want more exceptions. as one still leader put it, a minimum wage increase doesn't matter if you don't have jobs to begin with. when we come back, one last call to come together from republican party leaders. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one.
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republican leaders are wrapping up their three-day spring meeting at a florida resort. before they go, another call for unity from the party chairman. chief washington correspondent james rosen in hollywood, florida, on how that's going over. >> calling politics a team sport, rnc chairman reince priebus closed out the spring meeting by urging delegates to unite around the party's eventual nominee, even as he issued an oblique warning to the front-runner donald trump to cease his attacks on the party's nominating process as rigged. >> our candidates are running for the nomination of the republican party. they're trying out for our team. no one is forcing them to wear our jersey. we expect our candidates to support our party. >> at that moment, however, staffers of an anti-trump superpac were flooding the diplomat hotel with literature mocking the billionaire.
3:29 pm
>> delegates were assured that trump will raise millions to help the rnc and down candidates. >> we're running a donald trump campaign, it will have traditional elements to it. >> on wednesday, ted cruz showed up to emphasize his ties to the grassroots and ohio governor also made an appearance, touting his ability to defeat hillary clinton in a general election. one party leader suggested trump's absence did not hurt him. >> we know that no one can be in two places at the same time. the man is working hard to get the 1237 delegates. so if he didn't show, i forgive him. >> ultimately, the spring meeting ended with no recommended changes to party or convention rules, as preordained by chairman priebus and his allies. >> let's finish the game under these rules. >> in many ways, the rnc spring meeting represented a test of the strength of the party chairman, reince priebus, who by
3:30 pm
all accounts exited with his standings improved. shannon? >> we will and see, james, thank you so much. america's election headquarters in-depth. one of the scenarios if republicans have a contested convention voinvolves governors controlling huge numbers of delegates. mike emmanuel shows us how that works. >> with the uncertainty of any republican delegate getting 1237 delegates. >> if we go to a second or third or fourmt ballot they'll be critically important, they're oftentimes presiding over their delegation, they're certain of the senior member in their delegation and if there's discussions to be had with various campaigns or other states, they'll go through the governor. >> the cycle is reminding some of the last gop-contested convention in 1976 when former california governor ronald reagan was challenging an unelected president joirld ford,
3:31 pm
when ultimately ford prevailed. there's currently 31 gop governors from texas to new jersey, from south carolina to south dakota. >> we have more republican governors in our states, 31, than i think we've had since the 1920s. that's 90 years or almost 90 years. one way they can have an impact is six states with republican governors with upcoming gop primaries, maryland, indiana, nebraska, new jersey, and new mexico and south dakota. maryland governor larry hogan is very popular, but aides say he doesn't intend to endorse before tuesday. that leaves an opportunity for indiana's mike pence to play the role of king-maker and the candidates are reaching out to him. >> all eyes are turning to indiana. because trump won new york very big. he's likely to win pennsylvania. and other mid-atlantic states this coming tuesday. and beyond that, is indiana. >> mike pennsylvania could influence the climate of opinion
3:32 pm
among republican primary voters and among the delegates that are selected to represent indiana statewide and in the congressional districts. as for endorsements, ted cruz leads with five current gop governors, donald trump has three, florida, maine, and new jersey and john kasich, a governor holds endorsements from three of his colleagues. experts suggest on the first ballot there will be a loyalty to a particular candidate or ideology. after that if we get there, many will look to their state governor for guidance on who best to guide the republican party forward heading into the general election. shannon? >> mike emmanuel, it will be interesting. formerfulens in virginia will soon be able to vote and run for office. democratic governor terry mcauliffe says restoring the rights of more than 200,000 convicted felons. mcauliffe says it will help undo what he called virginia's long history of trying to suppress the black vote. some big primaries ahead in california and in the red and blue. we're going to talk about the latest fox polls when the panel
3:33 pm
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talking about the kinds of things he's talked about on the stump. he's projecting an image that's for that purpose. you'll start to see more depth to the person. the real person. you'll see him in a different way. >> donald's campaign is now run by a washington lobbyist who has been a lobbyist for 40 years, they brought in an army of lobbyists running the entire campaign. yesterday they were down in florida meeting with party leaders and they were saying these are their words, that all of this is just a show. >> did you say that mr. trump is going to run a more traditional campaign? >> he's going to run a donald trump campaign. it will have traditional elements to it. >> let's bring in our panel, jason riley, columnist with the "wall street journal." amy walter, national editor for the cook political report and
3:38 pm
syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. happy friday. jason, you have the recorded audio there of the man now heading up trump's campaign saying, sort of suggesting he's playing a role, he knows what he's doing, he'll morph into something more presidential. will it work if he's the nominee or is there too much material? >> i would love to see evidence of this pivot, we continue to see the juvenile tweets. we continue to see a demonstration of trump's lack of depth of knowledge on key issues, he keeps having to walk back statements or, or clarify statements on things like abortion or gay rights or the federal education department and so forth. i think it's because he lacks a fundamental understanding of republican positions. because he hasn't been a republican thank long, his affiliation of the party is really a matter of convenience, not principle and it's showing. >> that doesn't seem to matter to those who are supporting him,
3:39 pm
they're choosing him versus choosing the party. >> they're choosing style over is your stance and they've decided that the issues themselves aren't as important as the projection that he's strong and he's going to stand up to the special interests, he's going to stand up to washington, the establishment. >> and china. >> we've got walls, tariffs and the whole bargain. i agree with jason that first of all the discipline has been very short-lived. the terms donald trump and discipline do not go together very easily and they tend to break up quite often. the other is that remember when mitt romney's campaign got in all that trouble by talking about the etch-a-sketch? you can just start over again? no, you can't. you don't start o'er again. the statements that he's made, the positions that he's taken, the things that he's done do not just magically disappear like an etch-a-sketch. they're going to be in ads from now until november. the democrats are going to bang them out over and over again. >> in the meantime, obviously
3:40 pm
his campaign, charles, is trying to get to the magic number, 1237 before they get to the convention, hoping to stave off what could happen there. it could be an interesting, what could be an ugly process, let's look at some of the newest polling. indiana is going to be a very new state in making that happen or in the cruz campaign, the brand new polling, gop preference, trump at 41%, cruz, 33 and kasich taking in 16 percentage points, when you go into who may change their mind, 25% of gop voters said they could still be convinced to change their mind. critical. >> indiana is critical for cruz. he's already having trouble explaining why when he called for kasich, to pull out when he became mathematically eliminated from winning on the first ballot. now that cruz himself has reached that stage, why doesn't he pull out? he doesn't have a good answer, what he's hoping for is to last through indiana, win in indiana,
3:41 pm
make indiana his new wisconsin. and then go to california which is wear everything is going to hinge. we also have numbers on that. and they are devastating for cruz, you've got trump almost 50%. >> he's at 49%. cruz, 22, kasich, 20. that's a new york massacre. if that happens and let's assume that indiana and california end up where the pollings are, i don't see how cruz has a claim. that will be enough to prevail. now maybe trump will come up short. i think for him there's an easy solution. you offer the number two spot to kasich. i don't know whether he would take it or not. i assume he would. it will be 150 delegates, he's over the top, it's over. i think that's where you have to look. this i think is going to be
3:42 pm
decided. the new york result, 61% for trump. was so overwhelming, think it had a psychological effect. where if nobody stops trump in any of these states, notably, indiana or somewhere on the west coast, it's going to be hard to see how he's denied the nomination. >> i want to make sure we jump to the other side of the aisle before we run ott of time. today former secretary of state hillary clinton was out talking about the big banks and railing on them. which gives the sanders campaign another bite at the apple, release your speeches, she says that's not going to happen until everybody does it. sanders says he's not giving up. we want to play what he said about sticking it out. >> i'm realistic, it's a hard path, i admit that. but i think given the fact that we have now won some 17 states, it is a possibility. if we do not have a majority. i think it's going to be very hard for us to win.
3:43 pm
the only -- fact that i think remains uncertain, is if we continue to be running significantly stronger than she is, against donald trump, or whoever the republican nominee will be, i think that's a factor. >> in the polling between these two, it's much closer than in the republican field, when you look at indiana and california. senator sanders admits this is a tough battle. >> clinton has won more states, won more votes, she has more pledged delegates, mathematically he is all but out of it. he'll go to the convention, get up primetime speaking slot. he'll make some demands on the platform. but he's not going to be the nominee. he's going to continue to push on things like the speeches. though it's curious, i'm curious why he's making a big deal of the speeches, but not making a big deal of the email and the secret server. which speaks to clinton's trust worthiness, and credibility so to speak. it's not, you know, it's not
3:44 pm
illegal to give these speeches, she's not under federal investigation for giving speeches. it may be shameless to exploit your former job as secretary of state for these sums of money. but it's not illegal. so i'm sort of wondering why bernie sanders has picked this battle versus the one over emails. >> but amy, she still has to deal with him. >> and the reason is it does play much better with a democratic base, whereas i think the emails will play better in the general election. but the speeches play much better with the idea about this is a rigged system and she's part of the wall street establishment. but look, i think the real question going forward is what does sanders do after this is over? it's one thing to give a speech and make demands about being in a platform committee or having your positions in the platform. but he has to come out, if he wants to help her and embrace her in the way that she did to barack obama after 2008. remember they did a unity event right afterwards, there was a lot of talk that maybe hillary voters weren't going to support obama. he's got to bring those people
3:45 pm
along. she needs those bernie supporters in november. >> >> i think what he's going to do after he loses, a second honeymoon in the soviet union. >> some say he never came back the first time. >> never came back. the lightning round is up next, stick around. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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ultimately this is something that the british voters have to decide for themselves. but as part of our special relationship, part of being friends, is to be honest. and to let you know what you think. >> very few americans, perhaps including obama, this is not like nafta. imagine if nafta meant there was total free movement of people right throughout the americas, there would be uproar, wouldn't there? >> we're back with our panel to talk about the president's remarks, his press conference today. charles we'll start with you, the whole notion of whether britain stays as part of the european union. you know some folks feel it's controversial. that the president would go to a foreign country and weigh in on what's a big decision for them. he did say this is up to them to make this decision.
3:50 pm
but he did express his opinion. >> it's slightly condescending to say to the people who invented democracy, that whether they stay in europe or not is their decision. that's pretty obvious. you don't have to come on a state visit to announce that, what is not obvious is why he intervened here. i think it's going to hurt cameron. this is a payback. when cameron came here during the debate over the iran deal -- scale and importance to the british. i think he made a huge gaffe when he said, you know, you assume you are going to be able to make a trade deal with the u.s. if you become independent, well, we're going to do it with europe because they are are the big boys. and you are small potatoes. you you are going to have to wait at the back of the line. it's not going to make the case and i think it's going to hurt cammeron. >> what do you make of the relationship. we are long-time allies and
3:51 pm
a little bit of tension over this. >> there is a little bit of tension over. this all they, in this case, the president and cammeron are in similar situations where they are both leaders of countries that are having populist revolt in some sense. and they are both trying to push forward agendas that are not particularly popular, especially when it comes to the issues of globalization and trade. the president of course has his own trade deal that's being waylaid so to speak by this campaign and by the talk about getting america out of doing these big global trades. so, in some ways, it is a friend helping a friend in a similar situation in the fact that they both -- they know that the way the world is working has to keep going forward. the way that we are globalizing, but it is not particularly popular. and this was, i think, as much about that as anything else. >> jason, our president, our white house has not been
3:52 pm
happy with some foreign leaders who have come here and at times made very public remarks about how they felt about big issues. >> charles mentioned cammeron's visit. but also israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu came here and weighed in on the iran deal. obama did not appreciate it. i'm sure britains don't much appreciate the president weighing in on the eu. now, there probably will be economic consequences, bad economic consequences for britain if they leave the eu. other countries like france and germany still in eu will not like it. they may retaliate. but this was a decision for britain's to make. the president should have said we will back our ally, britain, no matter what decision you make and left it at that. >> the president also addressed a controversial issue overseas today talking about some of these so-called bathroom deals that have been passed. here is a little bit about what he said about some of those recent passages here. >> the people of north carolina, mississippi are peopl. they are hospitable people
3:53 pm
and wonderful states and you are welcome. i also think that the laws that have been passed there are wrong. although i respect their different viewpoints. i think it's important for us to not send signals that anybody is treated differently. >> there is plenty of information about these and they vary state by state. charles, it's something a little bit uncomfortable maybe for the president to talk about overseas where there have been warnings about some countries about traveling here because of the bathroom situation. >> i'm not sure how he can say he thinks they are wrong sips the ordinance in charlotte is one way. the state ordinance is the opposite of that how can they both be wrong? he didn't want to clarify himself. i know what his position is, but it's not said publicly. and if you are in london, i don't think you really need to address that. >> i think it was response to a question specifically. so i don't think that he went out and brought it up on his own. but, look, this is an issue
3:54 pm
like gay marriage was a few years ago, this issue is going to be moving and the populist is going to be moving along on this issue in ways that i don't think many people.=lgo predicted. and i think we're seeing even within the republican party that there is a divide right now, especially between the business community and the more social conservatives. it's not going to get any easier. >> quickly, jason, we have seen the slip between trump and cruz and trump today clarifying what he had said earlier about this. >> another clarification by trump. the president is protending that this is akin to jim crow. separate bathrooms for men and women is not the eequivalent for bathrooms for blacks and whites. the president knows that and should stop implying it. he is trying to rewrite antisex discrimination law to include gender identity. to include sexual orientation. a lot of americans have a problem with men who think they are women using the women's shower and so forth and these are people who>$0x @&@ have -- who are not out, they are not anti-gay.
3:55 pm
they are not anti-gay rights. they just have a problem with this bathroom issue. i think the president should acknowledge that. >> all right. pam. thank you very much. stick around. it's time for winners and losers next. "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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it is time now for winners and losers. we start with winner jason riley. >> the winner of the week is prince. one man sound track for those of us who came of age in the reagan era.
3:59 pm
the loser is andrew jackson being replaced on the $20 bill. war hero, two term president helped saved the nation. who is worthy being on our currency. >> he was controversial. is he going to take a bough off the 20, amy. >> my winner is the queen. she turns 90. she looks fantastic. i hope being look like that at 90. bernie sanders loser of the week. he needed a break in new york this week and instead he got blown out agree should be wearing hats in honor of the queen. next time. charles, your winner and loser. >> flip side winner is hillary it's all over unless james comey says otherwise. loser of the week is the president for the umteenth time, a terrible trip in saudih-xh> arabia, not just substance but ceremony. he wasn't greeted by the king by the airport by nobody of any substance. i'm told that actually he came in from riyadh airport
4:00 pm
by uber. >> we all won because we got to see king george's bathroom. good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. this is a fox news alert. a mass murderer is on the run. tonight a desperate manhunter is on for a shooter or shooters who killed 8 people execution style killings in four separate homes in ohio. good evening. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. seven of those victims are adults and one is a 16-year-old boy. all 8 are members of the same family. i heart radio reporter jared allen joins us on the phone live in piketon, ohio. jared, what's the latest? >> hi, kimberly. piketon, ohio is in shock tonight. the county sheriff here is defining it very, very well by saying that this is a stain on this community and it is something that they will pull through.


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