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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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on. tonight: >> that is the story we are getting from multiple people that it was not the flu. but he was treated for what they said was a drug overdose. >> the surprise death of prince may spotlight the problem of hard drug use in america. why is the epidemic happening? talking points will address it tonight. >> we need to end the so-called war on drugs. >> another big lie in political circles that tough policy toward criminals is somehow racist and wrong. we'll take a hard look at that. >> are you worried about benghazi? >> isn't he going to be running against her? >> the most foolish, ridiculous, dumbest things said about politics this season. >> why do you like bernie?
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>> is he a great congressman. >> he is a senator. in crickets chirping] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the death of prince may shed some light on the drug epidemic in america and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the nation mourning the 57-year-old pop star who sold 100 million albums in his career. i never met prince, but i saw him perform, and he was spectacular. many reports say he was a nice guy and certainly he deserves the accolades he is getting. out of respect for prince's family, we will delve into his personal situation but there are reports that he was drug-involved. that leads us to an epidemic in america that is largely out-of-control, yet, the powerful are running away
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from it. the essential problem is a combination of prescription pain killers, things like percocet, which prince may have been using after an operation and ax i con continue. those legal drugs have addicted millions and now we have a flood of cheap heroin and other opioids sweeping through the nation. the stats are grim. in 2014 more than 28,000 americans died from opioid overdoses, a record level. that led to a 200 percent increase in overdose fatalities since the year 2,000. according to the federal government, from 2013 to 2014, heroin use among americans rose 51%. that is catastrophic in one year. so there is no question the epidemic is underway. and few people understand how severe it is or what to do about it. >> i'm boarding a plane in dallas airport. and my son ben calls me. and he says dad, aaron
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overdosed again. i said what do you mean? he said aaron overdosed again. and i automatically was thinking okay, what hospital is he at. where did they take him? and he said he didn't make it. >> over the years, there have been literally millions of stories like that one. and it's simply stunning that our culture has evolved to a point where the sale and use of hard narcotics is now acceptable. president obama is leading the way on this, classifying drug dealing, hard drug dealing as a, quote, nonviolent crime. that's sends a signal to the country that, you know what? , it may be i will locally to sell drugs but it's not all that bad. and the left is generally supporting the madness. >> is selling heroin and crack on the street a violent crime? >> what i was saying. >> that's an easy question.
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you can answer that question. >> sell drugs at the same rate. 95% of the people who are insofar as rated. >> am i invisible? are you not hearing me? are you not hearing me. >> black versus white. i don't think selling drugs is a violent crime. >> and that is the prevailing wisdom on the left. and 00 use side, there is no judgment either. the legalization of pot now favored by the majority of americans. although marijuana is not even close to heroin and other hard drugs in a destructive capacity, again, pot acceptance sends a signal. when i grew up in left town leavitt town hard drugs were rare until the vietnam war came. in then some vets in my neighborhood returned from southeast asia addict to do heroin called horseback then. however, anyone who sold hard drugs in the neighborhood was a pariah, an outcast, a vial human being. that person might even be beaten up. and those who use narcotics were also stigmatized at
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least for a while until the sex, drugs and rock and roll culture kicked in if it if it feels good do it. the acceptance that brought enormous. a few of my friends are dead. others spent time in prison. today the drug culture running wild in america. and the vicious cartels largely operating out of mexico are taken full advantage of that. tons of hard drugs come across the mexican border. everybody knows that yet, the democratic party doesn't want a wall or to militarize the border. and if you are arrested for selling heroin in the u.s.a. or other opioids on the street, chances are you will not get serious prison time until you are caught five or six times. so you can see the permissive atmosphere surrounding the use of hard drugs is now taking a very serious toll on the country.
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pretty much every american knows some family that's been grossly harmed by drug use. it is long past time for powerful people to stop enabling the drug business. the use of pot by children is an atrocity. the addictive capacities of heroin and other pain killers is enormous. once a person becomes drug involved, his or her whole life changes. negatively. yet, where are the antidrug crusaders? where are they? they are mocked boy many in the media they are dismissed on college campuses. they are seen as uncool by many in the culture. nancy reagan's message was simple. just say no. that message today. it doesn't matter if you say yes you are a victim. the thugs who provide the poison are low level offenders who should not be marchly punished. that's a disgrace. it's shameful.
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the drug culture is not a positive in any way for this country or for any citizen in it. we are reaping what our cowardly leaders have sown, a drug epidemic that cuts across all boundaries. that is the message that should be loud and clear in the media: people selling hard drugs are not nonviolent offenders. they are killing the weak and addicted at a historically high rate. countries like singapore have stopped the madness by instituting tough antidrug policies at all levels. but the west will not do that and so the carnage will continue. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from kirsten powers. later, a new fox news poll good news for one donald trump. the factor is coming right back. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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continuing now with lead story the drug epidemic in america and what should be done with it joining us from washington kirsten powers. first of all, do you disagree with anything in my talking points memo? >> i agree with what a lot of what you said. i think the one thick i disagree on is something we have disagreed on before is the issue of whether or not it's a violent crime to deal drugs. and i think that it is definitely a crime that should be punished. it is definitely a crime. there is no question. but i don't think that the person who deals the drug is responsible for what happens after that then i think the doctors who are overprescribing medications that are really helping cause some of this epidemic are in themselves engaging in a violent crime when somebody takes those drugs addicted to them and kills themselves. >> do you know the term involuntary manslaughter? negligible homicide. >> yeah. >> child abuse? child neglect?
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>> um-huh. >> all of these things lead to the death and destruction of human beings. they can lead there. why give these people a pass? why give a person who goes out and sells hard drugs a pass on any level? why not make it a violent classified as a violent crime and action that causes destruction to a fellow human being? why not? >> because i don't think by not calling it a violent crime you are giving them a pass. being punished. they are going to jail. >> president obama main themes is taking those prison sentences down for these heavyweight drug dealers. he did it just this week. i mean the message as i said the message he is sending is it's not that bad. >> i would say, i don't think for the heavyweight drug dealers, necessarily, that, you know, that the sentences should come down. i would more argue that for the more low level drug dealers i don't think somebody who is dealing marijuana, for example. >> we are not talking about marijuana. don't go into that precinct. we are not talking about it you know that. >> but even so,i don't think -- i do think that
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somebody who is dealing drugs is doing something wrong, it's not laudable behavior and it's a crime. but it's not violent because most people who take drugs do not engage in violent acts. most people who take drugs don't die. >> what is worse punching somebody in the mouth or selling them heroin? >> i don't know, what does it matter? >> in your opinion, what is a worse action? punching somebody in a mouth or selling them heroin? >> i don't know. i guess they are both bad. >> you don't know? would you say punching somebody in the mouth is a violent act? would you say. >> yeah. punching somebody in the mouth is a violent act. i don't think the person selling the drugs is trying to kill the person. >> i'm trying to walk you through a logical thought process. if you punch somebody in the mouth that's a violent action, correct? >> yes. >> because you hurt them, correct? >> yes. >> you sell them heroin, you hurt them, they could die. you can't kill somebody by punching them in the mouth unless they hit their head or something like that. but, one is a violent action
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and you say the other isn't. >> because it's not a violent. >> heroin is 100 times worse than punching somebody in the mouth. >> it's bad. but just because something is bad doesn't make it violent. >> it's a violent action because you are giving somebody poison. it's poison. >> is it a violent action to sell a gun to somebody to ho goes and kills a bunch of children? >> is it a violent action to sell a gun to somebody? no. >> which is worse? punching someone in the face or selling someone a gun who goes and shoots themselves in the head or shoots a bunch of children? >> can i reply? >> you can. >> a gun by itself doesn't do anything to anybody. that's a fact. a gun sitting on this table doesn't do anything to anyone. >> okay. >> selling a person heroin that they inject into their system, could stop their heart. >> it could. but it often doesn't. >> you are telling me comparison between selling a gun, inanne an mat object that sits there selling poison to someone that stops their heart. >> it doesn't always stop
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somebody's heart. >> it doesn't always but the potential is there and the statistics are overwhelmingly. >> if someone wants to take heroin, i think it's a bad idea. but if they want to do it, they can do it. >> they can't do it. it's against the law. >> 'yeah, but i'm saying it's not necessarily going to make their heart stop. let's use a different one then. let's use the fact of overprescribing medications of doctors. one doctor prescribes a medication, that person becomes addicted. >> yes. >> but in another situation they don't. >> if they are prescribing a medication the doctor that's legal, it's not a violent action. if they know the person is addicted and they know by brianing this is the doctor, the drugs that it's going tone hans the addiction and perhaps kill them, it is it is a violent action. but everybody knows that methamphetamine, okay, opiates like that potential
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are doing something violent. that's insane and that's why culture. >> it's not insane. different opinion that i know you think is insane. what i'm saying is what they are doing is wrong. that they should go to jail for it and be punished for it. >> harshly. >> i don't think in itself is a violent act and lot of people who take drugs don't have their heart stop. >> if you don't punish, i don't care whether it's on the street or cartel member harshly hard drugs, you get what you deserve. and we have an epidemic right now in america because of our cowardice. kirsten powers, everybody. >> ted cruz and donald trump disagree over transgendered restrooms. sounds dopey, could be a big issue. salute dumbest things said this ♪
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, transgendered chaos in a new fox news poll. indiana key primary coming up. winner take all the delegates that ted cruz needs to win. fnc polling right now trump 41%. cruz 33%, kasich 16%. california the big kahuna, trump 49%, cruz 22%, kasich 20%. also, as you may know, north carolina, passed a law that says you can only use the restroom of your birth gender. therefore men and women who switch genders have to use public facilities of their original state. that has become a national campaign issue. >> you leave it the way it is. there have been very few complaints the way it is. people go. they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.
8:21 pm
there has been so little trouble. >> caitlin jenner were to walk into trump tower and want to use the bathroom, you would be fine with her using any bathroom she chooses? >> that is correct. >> donald, on television this morning, said, gosh, he thought that men should be able to go into the girl's bathroom if they want to. now, let me ask you. have we gone stark raving nuts? >> joining us now from austin, texas, karl rove. so, let's get the gender and yod
8:22 pm
lose a lot by going overboard. >> all right. to me, >> a lot going over board to me, it's not a major issue. there is a solution in the public arena they should have a third bathroom. and private sector, whatever bathrooms they have. and i was surprised by the california member because a
8:23 pm
field poll had it closer. i don't see anyway donald trump can be stopped for the nomination. am i wrong? >> in order to get to 1237 he has to take 58% of the delegates from here on out and he's been taking 47% on the campaign. now, it's possible. if you take a look at nate silver, next week there will be 118 delegates. in order to get to 1237, silver protection would need to take 103 of the 118. >> this is a psychological play.
8:24 pm
and if donald trump goes into the convention with close to the amount he needs, the republican party would blow itself off the face of the earth. >> the republican party is going to be blown up and damaged no matter what happens. the point that you make is correct. the question is, what is close? is 1150 close? >> yes. it's close. >> if you do popular vote, this goes back to the lack of ground game. you're forcing delegates through various caucuses and conventions and select 72% of the delegates. and the question is, how
8:25 pm
compelling are those people? >> you're a smart man. all of this, what you just said, okay? i'm not going to argue with it. i'm going to tell you what it is in the minds of most people. if trump goes in, that is all they're going to look at. >> is he getting 50% of the vote? it's 63% can be 17 people running. there is one in 39 contests. if he starts winning a majority, it will change. if he doesn't, the party is going to be in bad shape.
8:26 pm
there is still going to be a majority of people that did not vote for them. >> it doesn't matter. there are many people in the field. >> this is not going to be a pleasant outcome. >> if donald trump goes in with 5 or 6 million more votes, he's denied nomination by the republican hierarchy, the republican party will never recover from that. they need to save time. >> and. >> bowling and combs have
8:27 pm
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factor follow-up segment tonight, one of the biggest lies in the current presidential campaign is tough criminal sentences have harmed america. in 1994, violent crime was out of control in this country. and if there had not been a federal crackdown, the manhattan institute estimates that 129,000 black americans would be dead today. crime has dropped to historic lows in the u.s.a. but that fact does not seem to penetrate the democratic party. >> we need to end the so-called war on drugs which has resulted in a disproportionate numbers of african-americans being arrested. >> right now african-americans and white kids use drugs at exactly the same level. nobody knows that exactly the same. african-american kids go to prison six times more because there is this idea that these guys are the drug dealers. >> now, for the record, that sound bite, that blacks go to prison six times more than whites for drug offenses is false. with us now heather mcdonald for the manhattan institute. first of all let's deal with
8:32 pm
that van jones statement. where did he get that. >> i will give him the benefit of the doubt thinking he was just confused in the heat of the moment because i don't know what he is talking about. the fact is, bill, that nobody, no kid is going to prison for smoking a joint and no adult is going to prison for smoking a joint. it has to work very hard to get sentence to do prison. the major conceit here is that somehow drug war responsible for our incarceration race. that's not the case. it's violent crime that is driving our prisons and as you said, when we didn't have our incarceration rate that we do today, we had much higher levels of violent crime and the primary beneficiaries of the drop in violent crime has been black law abiding inner city residents. >> so you say 129,000 african-americans, the country over, who are alive today would be dead had not the federal government instituted tough sentencing on violent predators,
8:33 pm
mandatory sentences if you commit three felonies you have go to go for a long period of time. if that did not happen, then it would be 129,000 dead blacks that are still alive today, right? >> the federal crime bill was only one component of our crime drop. frankly, what i think is more important is data driven proactive policing. that happened in 1994 in new york city. >> that was part of the bill. >> no, that came out of new york city, the whole con stat idea using data incredibly efficiently in targeting crime spots. >> that came with stop and frisk. stop and frisk came with that. >> that's part of that, exactly. >> now stop and frisk is gone. let's go back to the drug offenders for a moment. so you are saying that the rye lent crime, those people are inhabiting the prisons much more so than the drug dealers? >> there is less than 4% of people in prison, in state prisons for possessing
8:34 pm
drugs. those have been -- president obama says if you deal and we debated deal drugs nonviolent. you had should not get a sentence. rehab or whatever assuming they are addicted. i just think that you put the drug dealers back on the street. you don't punish them. the risk/reward goes up. they are making a lot of money and only do a little time. right? >> in state prisons only 12% in there for actually dealing drugs. >> only 12% in state prison. >> federal? >> 50%. but that's only 13% total of our prison population. >> so it's a much smaller sample in federal. >> it's irrelevant. federal prisons are irrelevant. >> state prisons, only 12% are there for dealing drugs? >> trafficking, right. >> most of the people that have been incarcerated and people of color at higher percentage are people who are assaulting, murdering, raping other americans? >> 54% of people in prison are there for violent crimes. and those people have very long criminal histories.
8:35 pm
even people who are arrested for violent crime, 60% end up back on the streets. 3% of all i have lent felonies and property offenders end up in prison. 97% are not in prison. >> they give them time after time. >> you give time after time. >> whenever you hear this bernie sanders stuff and -- you don't hear what you just said. you never hear what you said. via doesn't the media seek the other side of the story? >> racism sells. it is a powerful narrative that's put out there by the academy, by advocates. >> what's the academy? >> the universities. >> the universities so there is industry invested in saying america is racist place and use the crime to bolster that theory. >> those people should go to an inner city. >> they don't care. >> community meeting, police community meeting they will hear we want more cops and want more enforcement. >> they don't care. >> but the police are listening to the people in
8:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight. one of our most successful segment on the factor is watters world if you can believe it. that's where we send jesse watters all over the country. talk to regular folks without any selection process. watters just approaches random people asking them questions. so we decide to do put together some of the dumbest things said about politics so far this season. >> accord talking, what's the most important issue facing the nation? >> facing the nation? people too serious, man. >> sounds like somebody's got a case of the mondays. >> i don't have enough shoes. [ laughter ] >> global warming? you know what happens when it gets warmer? i just take off a layer. >> i can't find my arms. >> what has the president done well on the world stage, do you think. >> i'm not sure, i guess
8:41 pm
world peace. >> you have looked around in the newspapers recently? >> no way. >> do you hike capitalism? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? and you studied business administration? >> yeah, um -- >> do you know what capitalism is? >> you can tell me more about it. [ laughter ] >> that's the ticket. yes. >> when i'm being told who to vote for through the money and politics, i don't feel equal. >> so you must like trump because is he not taking any corporate money. >> you know -- >> trump is president, are you guys going to leave the country? >> i'm going back to kenya. >> fine, less traffic. >> i'm just being humorous. >> donald trump is a clown. you are dressed like that but trump is a clown. >> come on, you are better than that. >> do you think benghazi is going to hurt hillary? >> i think benghazi was a bum. >> a bum. a bum. >> are you worried about benghazi? >> isn't he going to be running against her? i don't know. [ buzzer ] >> oh my god. >> what do you think her
8:42 pm
biggest accomplishment was? >> yikes. >> what about about hillary is so impressive to you? >> taking a licking and kept on ticking. >> do you like to take a licking and keep on ticking? >> do you think we should keep gitmo open or close it? >> just like, like, you know -- huh? >> what? >> gitmo. >> what? >> what? >> whatever you have open, let's see, whatever you have. >> you are playing with half a deck. >> why do you like bernie? >> is he a great congressman. >> is he a senator. >> hmmm. >> shirley, you can't be serious. >> i am serious and don't call me shirley. >> what are you log for the next president to do. >> definitely help more with college students. >> i would like school to be paid for because why should i have to pay for higher education? >> what nations do you really admire besides this country?
8:43 pm
>> russia. >> i like karl marx because he had ideas and he wasn't afraid to express them. >> marks' ideas led to a lot of deaths. >> yes, they did. >> ridiculous. that's really dumb. >> why is the president allowing the iranians to nuke up. >> he basically doesn't have a problem with him because he wants the gas. he wants the oil. we can't just keep on getting it from alaska. because alaska only has but so much oil. >> which european countries would you like to see emulate? >> the swiss didn't do anything actually. >> america defeated the nazis. >> yes. >> killing me. >> i'm watters, and this is my world. >> needs work. >> boy, is he strict. >> watters will be with us again on monday talking about what the government owes you.
8:44 pm
does the government owe you anything? also, catch watters on his own program, god help us, in the factor slot on saturday. bolling and colmes on deck. we will take a look at the prince situation in light of the hard drug epidemic. moments away. [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it.
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as we we told you hard drugs epidemic. situation pretty much out of control. prince may have been another victim of this. with us, alan colmes in for geraldo this evening and eric bolling. so, had a lively debate with kirsten powers at the top. i don't know if people saw that respectful, but i feel very strongly that if my
8:48 pm
children were addict to do heroin and i knew who was selling them the heroin, i would not consider it a nonviolent action. how about you? >> you have to go hard on the drug dealers, distributors. >> even the punks on the street. >> even the punks on the street. it doesn't have to do with race it has to do with what they are doing. providing access for kids, people to hurt themselves. >> why does the left see it differently and trying to diminish the harmfulness of their actions? >> russell simmons tried to make it about race. he said more blacks are incarcerated than whites therefore. >> it's a big issue. >> well maybe more blacks are committing more of the same crimes. it's still illegal to sell heroin. it's still illegally sell opiates. >> may not be much longer, colmes, the way the trends are going in this country. >> the problem is drugs should not be illegal. once you have them illegal. >> now you are in a flight of fancy because they are illegal. >> locallyize marijuana which is a good thing, helped the economies of certain states. >> not according to the drunk driving stats in
8:49 pm
colorado that we introduced yes. 44% up on the thc pullovers in colorado. if your children are killed by a person driving under the influence of pot, i think you are going to change your opinion. >> same thing with alcohol. we have a number of substances illegal. >> you can't keep falling back to the alcohol argument. we have epidemic of hard drug use in this country and this pop star prince, we don't want to speculate and the reason why i am not doing that and every other program is doing that is because i feel badly for the family and i'm not going to report anything that we don't know to be true. the coroner is doing the investigation. the coroner will release the report and we will take a look at it. i don't think there is any question that after an operation that prince had that he was taking some substances that may have impacted here. that's all we're going to say this situation millions of people have had to deal with this over the decades. >> can i add something to what i have talked about in talking points. yes, you have to stay hard on the people distributings this stuff, no doubt. on the use side, there is
8:50 pm
another argue. to be made. in glowsster, massachusetts, the police chief decided let's try, if you are a user, bring your stuff, in we're not going to arrest you. we will give you help. in they months they took 353 people off the street. very good idea. >> i'm for that. >> we need to make that more robust. >> the criminalization does not reduce drug use. people are in and out of drug all the time. cato institute has done all kinds of studies. >> always have drug involves addicts and people drug involved. do you know what they did in singapore. >> they used to cane people for using mane is that what you want. >> do you know what they did to stop the drug use in singapore. >> tell me. >> forced rehabilitation. if you are caught in the commission of a crime in singapore and you are drug-tested as everybody is. and you test for opiates, hard drugs, you go to rehabilitation for 21 months. 21 months, take you right off the street. >> very expensive though. >> well, it's small -- singapore is a small island. just listen to this. so what does that do? take the user off the street.
8:51 pm
what does that do? collapses the market. the market collapses. so there is no one to sell to. nobody wants to go for 21 months in rehab singapore. they have solved the problem. plus they hang heavyweight drug dealers in public so people see it. >> another way to hurt the market decriminalize it take the crime out of it. prices go down. >> you can flood the marketplace with legal narcotics. you can do that. but the harm to the public safety is going to be off the charts. if you do that as switzerland found out. now, why is thought media glorifying drug use? they are. they are glorifying it. >> i don't know if they are glorifying it. you don't think so? >> i don't know if they are. >> >> beside me, is it there any high profile commentator on television beside me antidrug. >> i think this go in different direction. seeing legalization of marijuana lead to the
8:52 pm
legalization of other drugs better public policy. we are spending $40 billion a year in this country on this country going after. >> ridiculous make drugs even more available in the united states is insane considering the problem we have now. it's just going to lead to more people involving themselves than. this we already have a zombiefied. >> would f. we took the $40,000 and put it toward rehabilitation we would be. >> opiates, heroin, oxycontin. >> by legalizing the harder drugs, you are reducing crime. it's even got a better benefit. >> no one that i know of died from overdosing on marijuana. and as bill point out 2 thousand. >> that's why we have to put our money toward rehabilitation and helping people. >> some people don't want to be rehabbed. all right. gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. >> factor tip of the day. which political campaigns are cooperating with the factor and which ones are not? this could surprise you. the tip moments away. i've been on my feel all day.
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factor tip of the day. who is cooperating and who is not: but it's how they attack that will be different this time around, bob. interesting word "stupid." look, anthony, if you don't know by now there are many different opinions on this network about donald trump, then you will never know that. and that's the way it should be. many different opinions. based on news activity, tom.
8:56 pm
changes out hour by hour. come on, if you have one candidate who is perhaps the most controversial politician in the country has ever seen, yeah, he is going to get more coverage: makes sense to me. but there are other choices as well. cruz and kasich would both bring power to a trump ticket if those guys do not prevail. wow, did watters just get dusted? >> bless you for asking, debbie. legends and lies, the patriots. come out on may 24th, the tv series begins here on fnc in june. children's book off killing reagan the day the president was shot out june 21st for
8:57 pm
the urchins and the paperback will killing kennedy finally being released on may 10th: first off got a bunch new suits and jackets and some high par shirts so believe it or not, i do dress myself. no one in the room. do all the buttons. pick out all the colors. well, the show is going to be a blast, guys. thank you. two weeks this saturday, tomorrow fairfax, virginia. father's day weekend mow he can sun connecticut, denver, atlanta, bluck'sy. now, tickets for the who wants to be a president show makes great father's day and mother's day gifts. check it all out on bill
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o' also happy birthday to aunt vic -- 105 in grand junction, colorado. whoa. he had walker 103 brownfield texas. sleepy eye minnesota. way to go, guys. finally tonight, factor tip of the day it's not easy covering political campaigns. as you can tell from the mail, if i ask a cuff question of a politician, some of his or her supporters lash out at me and this program is noted for tough questions. so, i thought tonight we would tell you which political campaigns are cooperating with the factor and which are not. the clinton campaign think have been respectful negotiating for an interview: bernie sanders very mad at us. even though he came on the factor before his presidential run he has not cooperated with us sense and we sent watters out to see him. he did not like that. donald trump's campaign cooperating at this point but they were mad at us a few weeks ago. ted cruz also cooperating,
8:59 pm
but in the beginning he was a bit hesitant. john kasich who used to sub for me here on the factor, apparently very angry at me. he didn't like my questioning in detroit where i suggested to him that history may not be on his side in this campaign. but i did say i thought he was the best policy guy. so, we're not getting anywhere with the kasich campaign. so there you have it. factor tip of the day always do your best in the marketplace and let the chips fall. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from bill o' also spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. o'reilly at name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to reply do not be fatuous when writing to the factor. all right. now, on monday, we have got our usual rollicking lineup.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching you us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, a multi-agency investigation is now underway into the death of the legendary singer prince. as authorities reveal new details about how he was found, an autopsy is completed. and there are serious questions tonight about who, if anyone, might be held accountable. >> welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. a live look at minnesota now where fans have been gathering to mourn the award-winning musician. it was just 24 hours ago that we first brought you reporting from tmz that prince had odd. after his atlanta concert a week ago. just days before his actual death. tonight, tmz is reporting that prince had actually taken percocet the night of that concert and given


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