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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 23, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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that's tonight right here on fox news. greta back monday night. don't miss it. up next "the o'reilly factor." good night from new york city. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the tease desk to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show. when veal ma takes the gang to a vampire festival they find out a real vampire is disrupting the festivity. he chooseses -- chooses dafney as the bride. then the gang decides to hip him so he can relax. unfortunately they get in a mystery involving ghosts and dinosaurs. and on their way back from a fishing trip they find themselves in a deep,
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dark, creepy swamp. the gang finds themselves in another caper. back to you, tom. >> i am not really prepared for tonight's show. let's welcome our guest. she is so charmed that she should be on a bracelet. this panelist was within 10 feet of alex tribek's husband statute. mustache. america's favorite farrah, farrah brooks. and he is constantly screaming at a wall that does president respond. tv writer, producer and founder of, rob long. let's start the show. >> is it just an act? donald trump's team has been projecting an image so far and the coming months he will moderate his tone. according to the ap, trump's new
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campaign manager told rnc members that the billion their has two personalities. one in private and one on stage. when he is out on the stage he is projecting an image that is for that purpose. you will see more depth of the person, the real person. you will see a real different guy. on friday during a rally trump revealed his new persona. >> he was a friend of mine and mohamed ali -- we have another one. get him out of here. get out of here. looks like a nice little guy, actually. go home to mommy. go home. bye. go home to mommy! go home to mommy! tell her to tuck you in bed. oh he is such a nice guy. nasty little -- i tell you, nasty people. >> what a difference tone
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makes, isn't that true? >> that video was made by the comedian cara -- sara finowitz. >> my wife is constantly saying, darling, be more presidential. i just don't know if i want to do it quite yet, jeffrey. >> yeah, jeffrey. trump continued. >> at some point i am going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored. instead of 10,000 people i will have about 150 people and they will say, but boy he looks presidential. >> that's it. we will be bored by trump fairly soon and his crowds will be dwindling to nothing. >> his wife's name is jeffrey? i am going out on a limb here
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and i don't think that will happen. he is one of those that say i can stop at anytime. and then they can't stop. paul maniford is a consultant and represented all of these dictators and bad guys. he represented the dictator in the ukraine. what was he saying? he is pre -- pretending to be the guy torturing you. he is torturing you, but he can stop anytime. trump will be 70 in june and this is who he is. this is who we get. >> maybe it shows you he is pulling out the big guns, right? >> i have been bored since "the apprentice." i am already bored. i think they are on to something. trump has two personalities for sure. we have awful trump and terrible trump. i am looking forward to see who he lets out for the general election. >> he is a charming guy, he did great on his show --
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you are nodding your head? >> let's pause for a moment to consider the fact the trump campaign thinks the most reassuring thing they can tell the american people is we have pretty much been lying to you for the last year. if you look at the arguments he has a speech writer and he will have teleprompters. that's what will make him more presidential. what he says is the least of it. you are talking about a guy who retailed steaks and dabbled in professional wrestling and out sourced his decoration to liberace. >> has it all been a lie up to here then? >> to be presidential he doesn't have to change. he has to change at the protoplasmic level. >> this is what candidates do, right? they run to get the nomination and then move to the center so they can win the general election. it happens every election, right? >> not quite in the terms they are using.
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if you read the way they characterize it, they say phase one. the fact that they are using death star terminology may be a hint. >> i love how they said he was just projecting an image. that's not really him. that's an act. that's not who he is and actually that's who works for donald trump. that would be a bad political move for him and bad advice if they told him to become more of an establishment character. use the teleprompter and all of that stuff. that's why he has so many hard core followers. >> remember shaking the etch-a-sketch? every year the scanned debts say -- the candidates say the same thing. >> eventually he has to know -- you have to turn around and vote for you.
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if you have a lot of people who don't like you, a lot of people who don't leak you and a lot of people who don't like you and hillary clinton, she is probably doing well because she is less dismyselfed than -- despised than donald trump. >> he needs to scale back the personality. if he scales back his personality he will lose his support system and he will probably not gain many other voters. you either love him or hate him. you have already made up your mind. >> he is already starting to back up on the big stuff he has been saying. he said not really. it is not so much the style is changing. >> meanwhile trump has come out against the bathroom bill because people should be able to use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. on friday ted cruz released this ad.
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>> people go and use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. >> trump is too pc. have you heard this before, carly? >> no. is that going to work? >> it is definitely a typical ted cruz ad. this whole bathroom thing absolutely blows my mind. why can't we just use -- why does there have to be a law about this to begin with? why can't we just go into a bathroom, which ever we feel more comfortable in, and if there is a nontransgenderman in the women's room, kick him out, like in the old dayses. it was working before. >> i don't like going into the men's room sometimes and there are men in there and i doptd
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want to share -- i don't want to share a room with them. you know what i'm talking about? >> ted cruz. >> it is the worst political ad i have ever seen in my entire life. it is terrible. it is a crazy idea to convince people. there is not enough money in the world to convince voter that donald trump is too pc. that's idiotic. when ever you are talking about bathrooms, it is not a good idea. >> the only thing i would be afraid to be in a bathroom with is ted cruz. >> i would be afraid to be with ted cruz. he looks like an ice sculpture at the end of a party. >> what if he is a guy like -- does he have the latest -- >> they have the women one. >> moving on. looking for a fight on twitter? the new pro hillary super pack called correct the record is planning to spend a million dollars pushing back against
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social media attackers. there are more than 5,000 people who attacked them on twitter. lessons learned during the democratic primary will be applied to the rest of the season and the general election. the task force also says it will provide hillary fans with graphic videos and gifts to use against trolls who attack her. we have an example? yes that will shut her critics up. here is another. that's an adorable one. and one more. >> wow. >> she will use that maybe? >> she should. it is terrific. she should change the picture. that's not an attractive tom shillue. the hillary campaign spending a million dollars. >> it is insane. rule one of politics is do not argue with people on read it. they are ready to make an
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uptight old lady look foolish. rule two is don't engage with your enemies on twitter. spend the money on her supporters and making them feel better and sending them gifts. >> we have this discussion all the time. that's why we are holding fast. >> you know -- >> i am a millennial. >> what the world needs now is more jen. i support this completely. >> watch and learn from andy. >> i think that makes sense. you don't want to attack these people because then when hillary attacks someone who is attacking her, then it makes news, right? >> well, the whole thing is small ball. it makes you sad. oh for the days you can break into the watergate. the thing i find streaking about this is there are two people in modern history who
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have employed this strategy. one is hillary and the other is vladimir putin. he had a 400-person task force who went to argue with people in the comment section. in putin's defense, you can say the guy is an authoritarian, but with hillary -- >> you know, carly, you have to hit back. he is a counter puncher. >> no. rob is right. this is an unbelievable waste of money. the people that talk about politics on read it are people who don't care about anybody's political opinion but their own. why would you be spending a million dollars on this? first of all what are you spending a million dollars for on this? basically what you are doing is spending a million dollars on having a twitter war that is never going to go anywhere and never going to add value to anything. >> and it looks like the two
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major presidential candidates running in the fall for the president of the united states are obsessed with twitter. that's what they kir about. -- they care about. >> hillary does not care about twitter. she does not have a solid social media presence. bernie sanders does. her people are doing this because thisy see that bernie sanders has been successful on social media and a lot of his followerses have -- followers have made him look cool. it has done him a good service. he is always the most talked about candidate other than donald trump. that's what hillary clinton is trying to tap into. they are going to fail. >> they have young people. this is intern work. that tells me more than anything else. >> i think she had trouble with interns. >> i don't think we should
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underestimate what a good social media strategy can do. if it is only a million dollars to get people stop attacking you on twitter -- >> do you engage? >> i try not to engage. >> you just ignore it. that's the number one rule of twitter. >> it kills you -- it tells you that at clinton headquarters in brooklyn they had no idea what a read it is. they were there with a rotary dial phone. >> with the shocking news of prince's death, the music world lost an icon and companies gained the opportunity to post what some felt were questionable tributes on social media. cheerios tweeted this picture, rest in peace and over the i is a cheerio. christina wrote, what is wrong with you? i threw out regular and honey nut. you go. rip. if the honey nut is in the
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trash you know it is serious. as a minnesota brand they wanted to acknowledge the lost -- the loss of a musical legend and then removed it out of respect for prince and those mourning. cheerios was not the only one. pouring one out for prince. the post was qek ledee -- quickly deleted. and bourbon had the traditional red bottle top turned purple. one person said capitalism is unsufferable. others reacted to the news with the proper respect and decorum. look at this. "i am already mad about the bruno mars-prince immediately at next year's grammy." >> too soon. too soon. >> that's what people said to who ever tweeted that.
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>> i didn't find any of this offensive. >> everyone and their brother is sad about prince. >> well then say you are sad. they are loaded. they have plenty of cheerios. >> that's the kind of thing that people say my mom died. oh sad face em oji. how about sorry or write actual english? >> that's annoying too. >> when people's mom die? >> no, you know what my point is? there is nothing different between what cheerios tweeted out and what every other celebrity tweeted. it always becomes a look at me show. if you take a shoot with the cheerio tweet you have to take a peck tour with all the tweets. >> they said it is raining purple or whatever they were saying. it was cliche anyway. why not have these companies get involved, farrah?
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joy. >> one of the saddest parts besides losing a great legend is watching everybody around the country see who can make it most about themselves. it is tiring and it is whatever. it didn't really offend me. i think we have bigger fish to fry. have a little taste. >> but i wonder why the cheerios one out of all of them people took issue with. >> they backed down. cheerios should have said we love the guy. we are from minneapolis. >> and be who you are. it is as tasteless as our product. >> craft capitalism does not strike as much as you. >> it is for about 20 years since princess diana. it is the only thing we share in common. everybody has to post the black and white picture on instagram. you have to post the insufferable their narrative
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about how the lyrics of raspberry beret. >> i don't know why baskin-robbins didn't come out with that one. >> that's the thing we have gotten into now. compounded by the fact that we don't have that mass culture anymore. >> and also to that, i do want to be clear. it is okay for people to have whatever emotional response to the death of a celebrity. i think people, it means a lot to them and it is okay to express that. but -- >> it is gross. >> it is not gross. >> i just think it is about -- >> it should be honoring the person and not trying to sell product. >> they were shelfing support. >> and i agree. >> for putting their own product on the ground. >> i think it was okay. >> coming up, men are jerks, so why can't women be jerks as well? find out next.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. a massive search is underway in a rural ohio area after eight family members were killed. authorities interviewed more than 30 people as part of their investigation, but they are still searching for one person and possibly more. it left seven adults and a teenage boy dead in four separate homes. three children including a newborn survived. who ever is responsible is considered armed and extremely dangerous. new details surrounding prince's death to tell you about. authorities say the last time the pop icon was seen alive was the night before he died. an acquaintance dropped him off at home about 8:00 p.m. on wednesday night. it was just hours later prince
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was found unresponsive and died. an autopsy was completed on the musician's body on on friday. the brussels subway station where people were killed is set to monday. this is according to local transit officialses. yesterday marked one month since the train station was attacked forcing it to shutdown. also on that day two suicide bombers killed 16 other people at the airport. an ancient burial ground unearthed in peru. they discovered tombs near the coast of the country. in them were human remains and other cultural artifacts. experts believe the cemetery may belong to the incan empire, a pre colonial civilization. and get this, animal control near houston, texas rounding up an alligator after it decided to take a dip in a private pool. fortunately it was captured without incident, but we don't know how the reptile managed to get in there. i'm patricia stark and now it is time to take a dip back
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into "red eye." for more log on to fox you are watching fox newschannel. men get to be rude and uher is tiff and women don't. tell that to kt mcfarland. the "washington post" reported on a gender gap when it comes to jerks. here are some facts. men are twice as likely as women to say it is acceptable to milwaukee -- to make fun of someone's race or gender. he notes the differences reflect how society treats men and women who are rude pointing to a 2015 experiment that showed when men spoke in an angry tone they came across as more credible and persuasive while angry women were perceived as emotional and untrustworthy.
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the post calls this an incredible double standard which happens to be the title of a new movie staring nicholas cage. >> look, i think let's go to the women. is there a double standard? >> yes. >> do you perceive it in your life? >> i think i do. >> can i please speak? >> yes, you may speak. the study was interesting. it really did bring up something that i don't even think i ever thought of before. it is true. especially in the work environment. i think a lot of times women will sell themselves short in trying to negotiate a contract or something like that where they just will take the first thing on the table because they want to seem like they are not difficult. men will have probably a greater tendency to ask for a little more money. then they will -- they won't be perceived as somebody who
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is trying to go out and get what they want. >> they are an alpha male, right? it is also being called nice. isn't it nice when women are nice? >> yes. it is infuriating. this is an example of "sex and the city" feminism. >> there is nothing wrong with being polite. >> right. it is one thing to read this story as i think the author intends and say women get treated by a double standard. men should actually be better. that's how i would read something like this. >> that is interesting. do you think that's the case? should men clean it up? >> where is the start here? sometimes people call me rude and to that i al ays respond. you are right. >> that's very big of you. >> i believe in equal opportunity of rudeness for men and women and i do think there is an issue especially
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in the workplace where if a woman is, quote, unquote, rude she is seen as mean and k0d -- and cold. if a man has the same behavior then he is strong and powerful and devisive. i think that is a real problem people face. i don't think it is "6 -- sex and the city" feminism. it is something real. >> obviously i love women who give me a little guff. >> so is that what they call you now? >> i like it. i think increasingly people are -- >> so you are a hillary tan? >> i am not a hillary fan, but only because of her politics. i think her attitude is fine. >> i totally agree and i agree with troy that the study said 33% of all men say they use the f-word every day. that means 67% of the men are f-ing liars because they use
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it every day. >> it is true. on the other hand it is true that women don't do things they should do because they feel it would be rude and sometimes there are bad consequences to that. >> women are nicer than men, aren't they? >> yes. >> women are better than men. let's say it. >> it is better in your personal life. >> but it didn't used to be the case. it used to be the case that men were expected to be polite and gentlemanly. do all of the things they are supposed to do. the modern world changed that. some of them made it okay for men to behave like jerks and women can't say anything about it. >> that's it. why don't we have our top hats on. >> even while they were wearing the top hats. >> we have to go. andy levy is coming up. the "red eye" pod cast is
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back. it is without me. i don't think i am on this one. subscribe to fox news
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welcome back. time to find out how we did. >> the days were smooth and everyone in the audience -- i mean in the office was calm.
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there was a little party. you surprisingly came back today. >> i couldn't wait to get back. >> i saw this. please explain what this is. can we roll this? >> very good. we were actually -- i thought it was a secret project. apparently the cat is out of the bag. we sang at a french restaurant last night. we were getting crazy and singing songs. >> where was that? >> it was in vancouver. we were shooting something for "the tonight show." it was for a universal studio. the barber shop quartet will
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be part of that. >> i thought it was interesting because it looked like the crowd was trying to eat their dinner and they looked more annoyed than entertained. the reason it is interesting because i happen to know that on the back of the membership card, but it has their code of ethics. you can see you shall refrain from forcing out song on their ears. to me it seemed like a violation of the code. >> did you ask? >> we didn't ask. but sympathy is in the ear of the beholder. you but up the -- you put up the old logo. >> i am a bit of a kibber. >> what? >> let's get into the show. do i have time left? >> rob you said you are going
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out on a limb and said is trump is not going to suddenly be more presidential. >> yes. >> let's be clear. 24r* are no two trumps. only zule. >> that's true. >> you said they would have to change it. >> i feel if it is more presidential that would be the act. >> that's probably right. it is president. joe blue. >> you said it would be a political move to be more presidential. it is what is working for him. i agree with him. depending on how you feel trump is trump. >> that's the one thing he has. whether you like him or hate him, he is who he is. >> i feel like we have heard this before. every time he wins a primary he gives his acceptance -- his victory speech and he
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moderates his tone and then political reporters who need to write the stories write about how -- oh this is the new presidential trump and then a day later -- he said senator cruz and then a day later he is out there saying lying ted. >> he is not going anywhere. >> bathrooms, tom you said you don't going into a man's bathroom because there are guys you don't want to be around. you say do you know what i mean? >> i am talking about guys from the wrong side of the tracks. i don't know what they are doing in the bathroom. >> to be fair you are a slender, boyish man. >> and i am out there on the roads. i go on the truck stops. >> that's what we hear. >> i am not saying the victim is asking for it, but if your pants weren't so tight. >> and maybe don't accept
12:37 am
payment. >> don't demand payment. >> you ask why there has to be a law about this. >> this seems like a nonissue on both sides that was turned into an issue by both sides. i don't get it. did anybody care about it? >> thanks to the presidential race this is what we are talking about. bathrooms. >> new hillary pack will fight you on-line. you and carly and farrah pronounced it jiff and you said giff. rob is correct. >> he doesn't even say in my opinion. >> his job is to know what is right. >> i did not point out there is a big split among people. >> i took the right side and ran with it. >> you said this whole thing is small ball and intern work which i tend to agree with. what i get a kick out of most is how the clinton campaign and the pack and the hard core clinton supporters walk around like they are the aggrieved
12:38 am
party. the reality is they are some of the most vicious and mean and unprincipalled people in politics. >> they can be whatever they need to be. >> there is a way of backpedaling. >> i agree with that too. these days it is important. they target lies and harassment. >> i don't think it will stop it. >> i don't think it will stop there. it will go further and if you say anything about disagreeing with hillary you will get swarmed on by a bunch of smarmy people. >> they have a million dollars to spend. >> you know better me had a pretty good social strategy and they were taking the cues from that. >> carly, you said it is no
12:39 am
different about the print stories. i think those are much worse. >> you have a point. >> i am over the whole let's get mad at brandt. ultimately who cares? >> oh gosh we have to send something out too. no big deal. >> i thought the dot on the eye was cute. >> i do too. >> you said it was too soon. >> i read the tweet and i feel like it is great. >> i feel like a lot of these twitter people are crazy. i think the hillary people -- >> a lot of those are bots. >> you said we don't have mass
12:40 am
culture anymore. that's one of the reasons that prince's death is maybe one of the last vees tegs where -- vestiges. maybe adele. >> justin bieber. >> so farrah, the study showed that when men spoke in angry tones they came across as more credible and persuasive and american women were untrustworthy. maybe it is men who speak in angry tones are more credible and persuasive and they are emotional and untrustworthy. did you ever think of that? >> no, the women are judging the men's tone and they are being the one to look at and
12:41 am
they say oh it is terrible. she is cold and rude. i think there are a lot of things that play there and in conclusion we decide that women are the best. >> there is no need to jump all over me. >> and just to close out it is true if the double standard exists. who take advantage of it because they are demure and their adversaries are the only rude ones [coughing] hillary clinton. >> thank you. time for a break. nude restaurants when we come back.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. in ohio, police say who ever killed eight people is considered armed and dangerous. the eight including seven adults and a teenager were found shot in the head execution style. all of them belong to the same family three children including a newborn has survived. they interviewed more than 30 people as part of their investigation. in georgia police say this man is their suspect in the shooting death of five people. police say he is now dead after killing himself. the five were killed in the northeast part of the state. the two shootings happened less than a mile apart. police are working to identify the victims and figure out a
12:46 am
motive. it could be weeks before autopsy results are known. his body has been released to his family. he was found dead in his minneapolis state. the nba commissioner said the league is being, quote, crystal clear when it comes to next year's allstar game. adam silver says they will move out of charlotte if the new state law stays. it is largely against lgbt personses excluding them from anti-discrimination protections. a new fox news poll says he has nearly 49% of the vote with senator ted cruz and governor john kasich trailing far behind. the same polls shows hillary clinton is almost tied with clinton having a slight lead by two points. the california primary is june 7th.
12:47 am
i'm patricia stark and now back to the show that has your vote, "red eye." for all of your headlines, watch fox bring your credit card, but not your shame. london's first nude restaurant is opening soon and it already has a wait list of more than 16,000 names. patrons can change in a locker room. while the chef and kitchen crew will be closed they will wear minimal clothing it is viewed as a nudist social spear meant that aims to give people a space to challenge nudity and what kind of behavior we consider natural sounds like my kind of joint. like it or not? >> with enough per persistence and dedication, any restaurant
12:48 am
can be a nude restaurant and of all, my truth is there are not 16,000 people waiting for a nude restaurant miami i get it. london it is before the national criminal court third point, when you theng about this establishment it is important not to understate the challenges. second when you think about the clientele it has to be pretty good. it takes a restaurant full of people to make a nude restaurant. it takes one guy with an undiagnosed rash to -- very true. just using the word rash is a bad idea. >> i am a germophobe and keep the human body as far away from the food as possible. i support people trying new things. if that's your thing, good for you.
12:49 am
i will take an order of the meet balls. >> she went there. good for you. >> you can have germs on your clothes. >> it is not hygenic. i said imagine in the summer all of the fat people standing on the vinyl chairs. like the noise. the deafening roar. the key word there is london. if it was miami beach oreo. >> i am like take a girl to dinner before you take her to the nude dinner. >> the people who go there and are nude are never the ones you wish were nude. >> but if you are one of those people you don't really care. >> the most exciting thing about going to dinner is wearing a dress and looking hot in one. this is lost on me. >> you can't get dressed up
12:50 am
for dinner. >> you would look hot if you weren't wearing anything. >> let's go out on a limb. carly would look great at a restaurant. >> we will close things out with a bad time story.
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
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voicemail from mike baker, the president of diligence he was calling about a segment andy did. >> a viewer tweeted hard times for mike baker. where did it all go wrong? he included a link to a local news story. now i want to set the record straight. that is not mike baker and he was not arrested for arson. i repeat, we are 92% sure that is not mike baker. we can't confirm anything. >> now here is the voicemail that baker left for me today. >> you have a collect call from -- >> make baker.
12:55 am
>> i saw andy's segment and it seems to me that he was i'm flying that the person in the mug shot was me. >> i do think you set the record straight. this was not me. i am not nor have i ever been in prison. i have never been arrested. i am doing great. i am sitting in the diligence under ground layer out here in the great state of idaho. again, not in prison. >> mike baker, not in prison. now it is time for -- >> a man was held hostage by a beaver. according to a local newspaper he was roaming the streets late at night when a beaver attacked him tearing into his leg. the beaver kept him on the ground, biting him if he tried to stand. the authorities hung up, refusing to believe a man was being held hostage by a beaver
12:56 am
he convinced a friend to help, but the friend was pulled over for speeding. he explained to the cop that he was on a mission to rescue sirgay. and after passing several breathalyzer tests they radioed animal control. i believe we have video of the attack. >> that does not happen in america. aren't you glad you live here? >> only in lat -- latfia. >> i can understand being held hostage by a group of beavers. one beaver you should be able to get away from. >> did you ever get attacked by a beaver? >> i said if a man gets held hostage by a beaver that mandy serves to be held hostage by a beaver. but i went into a deep spiral
12:57 am
of watching beaver attack videos. and i am here to say that beavers are dangerous creatures. >> we are out of time. we are closing on that. >> look it up. for a special
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live saturday edition, "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon breen. california and indiana could not be much different as far as location, weather and politics. but both states have big delegate primaries in coming weeks. and both are to one degree or another, polling well for the front-runners. we have brand new fox surveys on both races tonight. and we've got fox team coverage. the republicans and hints that donald trump may be photographering from campaign mode to presidential mode and peter deucy and questions about hillary clinton's relationship with companies. republican polls, indiana's primary is may 3rd. donald trump has an


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