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tv   Cost of Freedom Dash to the Clash  FOX News  April 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> it's download. it's electronic. >> and tomorrow i'm going on the track to smash some stuff. no rest for the weary. welcome everybody. i'm not talking about those who cover this race. those who are knee deep in the middle of this race. we're looking at all of the candidates trying to crisscross these five states up for grabs for republicans. and 152 delegates at stake and donald trump heavily favored to get most of those delegates. here is where we stand right
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now. suffice it to say at this affair in waterbury, connecticut, will donald trump will be addressing supporters. he only needs a little more than half the remaining delegates to seal the deal. could be easier said than done as they wrap up in florida saying, you know, we're not trying to fix this for anyone, just saying, you know, it's 1237, 1237, 1237. that's the number to secure and get the republican nomination. the trump folks are saying they think they will in short order before they even get to the convention. and in waterbury the crowds look large. that is not a surprise. >> reporter: no surprise. coast to coast there is a consistent strong support for donald trump no matter where you
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go. we were just in syracuse a few days ago where thousands of people showed up. before the sun, same thing here. a handful of protesters outside. and no matter where you go, we see the lines over and over again. people typically getting cutoff, not being able to make it itself. coming off trump's victory, theres been a major change in approach. he's been projecting an image and he will now evolve in a way that will improve his standings with general election voters. also stating it is willing to help raise funds for the rnc. exactly how is yet to be seen. how these will appeal to the broader base the rnc chair reince priebus yesterday told republican leaders that donald trump is going to need to hit the 1237 delegates in order to secure the nomination. in what some consider a sharp
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warning against trump, priebus said close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. here in connecticut. the average polls indicate donald trump in the lead. some showing him with a double digit advantage. polls olson showing hillary clinton leading in connecticut. a lot of polls trump has strong leads in delegate rich california and pennsylvania as well. we'll keep you posted throughout the day on donald trump's appearances here in new england. back to you. >> thank you very much. and we'll begin with mr. trump when he does start speaking. the other candidates when they are speaking. although bias to no candidate, make sure that we're giving equal time the all candidates. i mentioned cruz in monroe, pennsylvania. one of those od political ducks among the state's voting. 14 delegates from there.
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the other 57 delegates are part of an uncommitted slate. but the thinking seemsed to that they w the will of the people. in other words let's say donald trump wins the state he would win those delegates. it is not a given thing. you can still fight for them independently and try to woo them over if not now but later on in the convention and ted cruz has been very good at that. donald trump a little late to the party but he's called that kind of process where you have to do that kind of rigged, but the rules are the rules. >> a lot focused on what's going to happen after these 172 delegates up for grabs on tuesday. hear a lot of talk about indiana and the beach head sort of if the cruz folks. they are not saying last stand but a lot of pundits are saying if he can't win there he can't win anywhere. and right now he's trailing in
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the hoosier state. national co-chair for ted cruz, bob, what do you think of those numbers? because this is as close as indiana to a must-win state as any. would you agree? >> i do think indiana is going to be a pivotal state and we are really looking forward to competing very well in indiana. i think those polls are a lot like wisconsin before we went into wisconsin. trump had the lead but once they get to know ted cruz i think they break and break solidly for ted cruz. the other thing you are seeing is that john kasich is still being basically the spoiler providing the block for donald trump. we all know this is a two person race. hopefully indiana and the hoosier state they vote well. and it is a race to 1237. either before or at cleveland, those are the two critical races
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now. >> would you say if your candidate does not win indiana, he's in a world of hurt? >> i don't know about that. because as reince priebus said, hey, it's 1237. and close doesn't count. and those are the rules of the game. so if donald trump can get to 1237 before cleveland, our hat is off to him. he did it. and the people spoke. but if he doesn't get to 1237 before cleveland, then i think what you see is the cruz campaign and their mechanism for the convention, the delegates in cleveland. i think that is going to pay off very well. and i think ted cruz then becomes very successful at cleveland. >> you have heard obviously the trump people who agree with their candidate that it is a rigged system in that event that if he gets to cleveland, bob, with hundreds of delegates ahead of your guy, and then your guy can win let's say on o second ballot, there is something wrong with that. you would say what? >> i don't know about that. it is not a rigged system. when you go in and you go to buy
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the car and it comes with all of the options you thought it was going to have. and that was what donald trump was seeing. he went in knowing you have to get 1237. and there were a lot of delegates committed early on in the race who might have buyers remorse today. we're seeing that in iowa. i think 80% of the delegates are already commit forward cruz and the others are undecided. >> could it go the other way around though? some of your delegates get second thoughts on him saying he's not done as well and in a lot of these states up for grabs, for example on tuesday he's running behind john kasich, the guy he wants o out of race. so they might be saying i don't want to sick our wagon that aways. >> i don't think so. our district convention was only helped a couple of weeks ago. and these are the delegates elected by their peers to go to
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cleveland. and these are ones already committed to ted cruz. they like what they are seeing of his message of jobs, freedom, security and bringing the party togeth together. donald trump has united the party but basically against him. where ted cruz has united the party around his principled conservative message going forward. >> are you surprised at this point in the game. around the evangelical community, endorsement -- something something to ted cruz. but that a good portion of that community likes donald trump? >> well i think what it is, evangelicals are no different than anybody else in america. they see a broken down washington that needs leadership. they are a very frustrated washington. and that is an emotion that donald trump that is tapped in to. and i give him ail the credit in
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the world for tapping into that motion. and now we need a leader to put the country back together and on the right path and i think people are seeing that in ted cruz. >> do you think if donald trump were to try to settle this before the convention by going to ted cruz and saying be my running mate, it's over? your candidate would accept that? >> first of all i don't think ted cruz would accept that. i think he really believes he has a great shot to be the nominee and to be the president. >> you know i have yet to run into a candidate who's been offered that and turned it down. i'm sure there are but i can't remember. >> well i've been around politics a long time just like you have, neil. and there are a lot of string things that take place and this year is uncharted territory. three candidates in the race and the third one in the race running fourth in a three man race. so we don't know --
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>> he's running fourth because he trails in delegates marco rubio. my next question, could you see your candidate pulling something dramatic, maybe hooking up with marco rubio before the convention to stop this trump momentum. >> i think if nobody gets to 1237 before cleveland. i think every option becomes on the table. and everyone is going to try to maneuver to try to make sure that they are the nominee. that they have the best shot of becoming the nominee for their party. i do know that his focus is being on the nominee and the stand bearer for our party that republicans can really uphold. >> do you think that, let's say on tuesday, donald trump who has the lead in the polls in pennsylvania, wins pennsylvania. i know they have that 57 delegate, uncommitted slate. do you think those delegates should go to donald trump in that event?
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>> b obviously as the different system. the 17 will go with whoever wins the state but the other 57 are up for grabs. >> i know they are up for grabs but do you think they should follow the will of voters there, that if donald trump win, they are really his? >> i think they have to search their own heart on where they land on that and if they believe you know we need to be a principled conservative and get behind ted cruz, i welcome them to do that. >> thank you very much. and we'll with looking at ted cruz a little later in this broadcast. he too is speaking in pennsylvania, one of those crucial state, he too making his case for more than just those 57 delegates but the 14 who will go to the winner regardless. also we'll be following that. also we'll be talking to john kasich later on not only about his political mechanations but the latest on the ohio shooting rampage. there is someone of great
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interest authorities are talking to now. we'll keep you posted on that and maybe get a read from the ohio governor what he knows. and in the meantime donald trump say he's going to be a lot more presidential. but then he always kind of falls back on that lyin' ted thing. can he help himself? ooor is that helping himself? after this. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving
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s all right. i want to talk about what's going on in pennsylvania right
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now. and connecticut. two states holding crucial primaries next tuesday. you have donald trump in connecticut right now. you have ted cruz right now i'm focusing on those votes that are going to be up for grabs in pennsylvania. later on we're going to be hearing from john kasich in rhode island. all of those states part of a crucial, i guess they are calling it super tuesday three or something. we haven't settled on a name but i'm just calling it really cool tuesday and we'll be there. in the meantime dana is here. >> also really cool. >> also really cool. and let's talk the two crucial states. pennsylvania first off. >> you mentioned cruz in pennsylvania. and pennsylvania i'm from there also and i feel like i can criticize, of course with love but it is political crazy town.
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showing you the polls first, the loophole is so important and why cruz is there today. right now in pennsylvania, trump at 40% and cruz and kasich neck and neck in the 20%al there. there are 17 at large and then the a 54 essentially essentially could see senator cruz pick up even though the doesnget the po. pennsylvania essentially philadelphia and pittsburgh, with alabama in between. the reason that is important is in the middle it is very white. a very big second amendment country. highest concentration of gun ownership out of any other state in the union.
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and this is where peittsburgh i. donald trump's message about manufacturing resonates really well here in the steel country. keep in mind you have john kasich, of course the ohio governor born right outside of pittsburgh. so he may have some hometown pride there as well. but largely it is about jobs that affect some of these areas north of philadelphia. lehigh valley, allentown, coal, energy again. donald trump's message very much resonating with them. a quick look at connecticut. you know this because we work in new york. this right here is essentially extension, fairfield county of manhattan. lot of business there. i'm sure he's going have a big strong presence in that particular county and probably statewide. >> thank you very much. donald trump in the meantime has tried to close the deal here and promise those who are skeptical
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about him and his olive branch republican national committee members that he can and will be more presidential. there was a sign of that when he won new york earlier this week. take a look. >> we have won millions of mor votes than senator cruz. millions and millions more votes than governor kasich. we've won, and now especially after tonight, close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. >> senator cruz, governor kasich. my gosh she was sounding very presidential. little more than 14 hours later, take a listen. >> i'm millions of votes ahead. millions. millions of votes ahead of lyin' ted cruz. right? i'm about 300 delegate os ahead of lyin' ted. >> like me with a diet commitment. the first hour it's okay.
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14 1/2 hours later scooter pies all over the floor. infuriating to his detractors. can he do this? >> i don't think he has to do it. i think it's just -- and part of it is a change in tone. it is not a change in message. and i think he shouldn't frankly change his tone. because it is going to change his authenticity. the thing that draws people to trump is he is who he is who he is. >> he's got to dial it back a little bit at the convention for no other reason than too get those donors who are not to happy -- that they are rigged. part of a rigged system. >> i think he has too dial it back a little bit. but i think he can also dial it back by the company he keeps. so i think oh wait a minute. he's hanging out with these people who are going make me trust him a little bit more. and that might be some people
7:21 am
that might "look" like more trust worthy. >> a lot of people saying should bit a woman, should it be nikki haley should it be -- >> the other question i've heard people talk about kasich. kasichs absolutely not. it will never happen. but let's just remember. senator ryan says i'm never going to be speaker of the house and not even two days later. so you never know. >> anyone passed on a job when offered veep? >> i'm sure -- >> not in recent memory. >> can you imagine saying no to that? >> unless you feel that hooking up with trump would be a disaster. ticket depogoes down in defeat you don't want to be part of it. >> you have to belief now that the republican party and people of america are saying we need something new, fresh. and you have to be part of it. if somebody's asked to be part of that, isn't it better to join it than to walk away and try to
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start a revolution. i think you have to be strategic about. >> we're told that donald trump wanted to wait until carter was done and now she's done clockwork he'll begin --
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i want to go to waterbury connecticut right now where donald trump is red mink, that red mink strategy here to ref up the base. unscripted. let's listen. >> -- right? that's moving to a different -- we got to do something about that. maybe we can turn their decision around? i don't know, you know? >> [ inaudible ]. >> well i don't want to get into a fight with massachusetts. you know i won that with almost
7:26 am
50% of the vote. so massachusetts is great. so you know what? when they start moving from state to state that's different. but when they move from here to mexico, that i can solve. when china takes your job, that i can solve. when japan takes advantage of us, that i can solve. believe me. and fast. and that's where most of the problems are. so you know i've been doing this -- thank you. >> [ inaudible ]. >> all right. get him out. get him out. >> well we're going keep monitoring. also a good opportunity to talk to one protester at an event. still stay on this if we can. we're going to split screen this while we go to austin gulsby, key advisor to president barack
7:27 am
obama. donald trump's economic policies are still vague in the eyes of most people outside of the fact that he'll respond to this anger about china, mexico, that they get the better end of the deal than we do and that other candidate, namely democratic candidates all but ignore that. what do you think of that that he is hitting a nerve that people feel when it comes to trade relationships either here in our hemisphere or abroad here not getting a square deal. >> he's definitely tapping into something. you saw bernie sanders tapping into the same thing. in mr. trump's list of what he's going to fix, i was just waiting for him to say he's going heat our house in the summer. you know, he can give you air-conditioning. i think the lack of any specifics at all. and whenever pressed on
7:28 am
specifics just kind of saying, that is not the president's job to think of any actual answers. i think that is going to grow thin. >> he has said -- across the board. >> he did -- >> -- but they should pay more now he wants to remove this special tax code provision, write off our carried interest and all that. that's something hedge fund, mainlily multi zillion theai rs billionaires benefit from. but what about the mainstream electron rate caring about? >> well he put out a specific tax plan and they said it was going to cost 12 trillion dollars of tax cuts over the next 10 years. he hasn't put forward anyway to pay for that. so i fully expect him to change
7:29 am
that once they start pressing him on the details. >> then again hillary clinton nor bernie sanders fully put forward believable math on how they would pay. so who's more offensive here? what i'm asking, is both sides are fast and loose with the numbers. but i don't see anyone specifically -- >> -- not the case here. >> hear me out. i don't see any specifics coming out of hillary clinton or bernie sanders how you reign back government. quite the opposite. >> well i mean, they have outlined plans that in my view is a good idea to increase funding for education spending. and they said how they would pay for it. i could see if your perspective is that is not reigning in government? >> nobody is. i think the republicans are just as offensive on this matter because they haven't really talked about how they would reign in government. but you know and you have seen
7:30 am
the growth and debt and this has happened. this is a big problem. you believe in big government. i don't. whether do you think of that. >> your conflating two different things. one of them is size of government, but the other is does it add to the debt? if you propose government spending on education that is paid for, that expands the government. but it does not increase the debt. what donald trump is talking about would massively increase it. >> you are being a bit disingenuous here. you don't think hillary clinton's plan that we're going to be spending more than we're taking in under her plan. >> we are already spending more than we take in. >> how does that stop? >> how is that stops, a is we have to get economic growth up and b, we have to come to a regional budget agreement that involves raising more revenue as
7:31 am
well as cutting more spending. >> the left talking about raising revenue. the right talking about trying to cut spending but not being specific. how are we going to do that? i could see an environment where let's say it is hillary clinton, say it is bernie sanders. government gets bigger. could see an environment where if you didn't do anything with the debt right now but just os mos os mostis it is going to get bigger. osmosis. os moses osmosis. >> i think if you are concerned about the deficit, the answer is not to propose a $12 trillion tax cut with no hope of paying for it. >> and -- more government spending, is that hopeful? >> adding more government spending that is paid for does not increase the debt. that is my point. >> i looked at the numbers, it
7:32 am
is not paid for. maybe i wish and hoped it could be. but fact is both sides are guilty of ignoring our dead. a -- debt. and i think that is bad. austin, thank you. we'll have much more. both primary candidates talking now. more after this.
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all right. you are looking at the two major candidates right now. donald trump speaking to supporters in waterbury, connecticut. ted cruz just started in monroeville, pennsylvania. sling and dart at each other back and forth. let's say critical comments and leave it at that. this has a lot of people thinking neither is going to arrive in cleveland with enough delegates, hence the contested convention. what is the fallout?
7:36 am
who better than? always good to have you. >> thank you. >> we think of contested conventions as being bad for the party knee deep in them. but not all the time, huh? >> history does provide solace. three of our greatest president, franklin roosevelt, and abraham lincoln and ronald reagan had a platform at a contested convention. if you can start in 1976 when ford and reagan were fighting each other. and again it is much like today in a certain sense. one of them had the primaries. ford had the party behind him. ford a had all of the tho offer people. rides on air force one. receptions on the battle ship. and eventually he won the nomination on that first ballot and reagan gave this amazing speech at the end of that. people were crying. i remember watching that when i was younger and he talked about a story someday there would be a
7:37 am
time capsule and did he do what needed to do and he became the candidate and the rebirth of the republican party. >> that year itself the party lost. and you mention the convention that produced so much discord with the democrats in 1924, that was one where it was horrible for the party that year but a star emerged and that was franken roosevelt. so what i'm wondering what that presages here. something or someone might emerge from all of this kerfuffle but in the meantime it could lead to a loss. >> i thesz that's what it means history is. you have to have a long-term view. the democratic party was eventually reborn under franken rooseve
7:38 am
roosevelt. and you have to wait. so they waited eight years and the democrats took control. and -- i guess you sometimes have to go through tough times when you have these contested conventions. but if it solidifies the party and gets a new leader that comes forth from it. then in the long run history will say you did okay. >> if it is a contested convention here, dorris. and there is no way of knowing for the republicans. they are hoping it could be like it was for abraham lincoln or even 1880 with james garfield. my point is there is a feeling it would be democrats would benefit because theirs does not look like it will be contested. but a third of bernie sanders supporters may not vote for hillary clinton. >> if you actually see the disunity and if there is
7:39 am
fistfights and name calling at the convention that usually is going to hurt i think. and i think the problem with hoping for a back room deal that might produce someone who's not even running is undone. because the primaries have really created a perception among the people that this is the way we do it. they forget parties do have control and in much of our history parties could make choices and could decide among the delegates but now there is a majority of those who say it should be those with the most noex. so if trump doesn't get it, i think it is going to be a really tough convention. it's possible. and who can predict what will happen? but it is likely to hurt. i agree that unless the bernie sanders folks feel compelled to feel good and enthusiastic about hillary there is already a split in that party that is just not as open and fiery as the one in the republicans. >> do you get a sense that a deal is made? that -- you have covered this history so well, that to avoid that, someone is going to try to
7:40 am
make a deal. you know donald trump has literally written the book on it. and part of the deal is to score the deal to surprise folks. and he might be cooking something up as we speak or for that matter ted cruz, to surprise, to just take the scenario that most folks are counting on and turn it upside down. >> well it is possible that one of them could say ahead of time who their vice presidential choice was going to be. that is what reagan did in -- him. >> it didn't help him in that sense. and there is some possibility that ford might have wanted reagan as his vice president and reagan said don't ask because i don't want to say no. but if that had happened that would have changed everything even then. maybe a possibility of a kasich vice presidency. as you said earlier, very few people turn it down when actually offered. the as huge job. >> some had said they might if
7:41 am
they fear the party goes down in defeat. i this i john later said it is a good thing he didn't get the vp spot because he would have been associated with a failing ticket. are there those you think that would turn down the vp slot if offered to donald trump? >> i think it's possible. if it is a young politician and they feel the party itself is going to go up in flames and they don't want to be hurt by it? the question is how many loyalty do they have to the party? teddy roosevelt did not want to be and he had to do it because the party has asked him do it and he would look disloyal. so i think it depends whether or not the candidate asked feels really loyal to the republican party and this is their chance to help or if he says no this is my future ahead and i want to keep up with my political future. >> dorris. i just think it is going to be
7:42 am
like an italian dinner party in both parties. it will be entertaining. >> that's what we look for. entertainment, even if it is not good for the country. i don't know. i'd rather have it smooth and two good candidates fighting the issues as it would be ideally. >> you're very smart. i look for for the entertainment. more after this. gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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all right. want to make sure we're giving hopefully the same amount of time to the candidates who are campaigning on the stump today. now to ted cruz who's been addressing supporters in pennsylvania. 57 delegates that go as uncommitted slate. let's listen in. [ applause ] >> the third critical issue in this election is security. for seven years we've seen an
7:46 am
administration that aabandons our friends and allies and that shows weakness and appeasement to our enemies. again two debates ago, donald trump explained all of us. that if he were president, he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. well let me be very clear. as president i will not be neutral. [ applause ] america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel.
7:47 am
and you know, anyone who can't tell the difference between our friends and our enemies, anyone who can't tell the difference between israel and islamic terrorist whose want to kill us, that raises real questions about their fitness and judgment to be kmarnd in chiecommander in chie. >> all right. you are listening to ted cruz. we were listening to donald trump a second ago. both still speaking to their auditanceen audiences. john kasich is in rhode island. he's getting ready to speak in rhode island. and he'll be speaking to us. wa. after this. keep it that way. sometimes...
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all right, so many states a little take, five states up for grabs on tuesday. what they're calling super tuesday. three 172 delegates at stake. you've seen donald trump speaking to supporters right now in connecticut. you've also got ted cruz on the right in pennsylvania and john kasich in rhode island. 19 delegate at stake in that state. he joins us. will be addressing a crowd shortly. governor, good to have you. >> thanks, neil. >> have you -- stacking up ted cruz, adding to the let's get john kasich out of the race. he doesn't belong. he's a distractor. what do you say? >> well, i crushed ted cruz in new york. i got delegates.
7:52 am
i don't know wa he's talking about and he can't mathematically get to the convention, neil, but there was a poll two days ago in new hampshire. i want to read it to you. in new hampshire, hillary, 50, trump, 31. hillary, 48. cruz, 34. hillary, 36. kasich, 50. okay, and then there was a, they sampled the republican voters from new hampshire who elected trump in first place and put me in second place. they just polled those very same voters and i beat trump 26-22. it's a very volatile race and the fact of the matter is if either of these guys get picked for those watching, you're going to lose the court. the united states senate. and everything from the courthouse to the state house. they have very negative ratings. and they can't win. we've had 15 national polls in every one of them, i beat hillary clinton. so, neil, we're going to go to a convention and there, the de
7:53 am
delegates are going to decide, one, who can win in the fall and i'm the only one that does and secondly, they're going to decide one otherly l thing, neil, who has the experience, record, accomplishments, the record to be president of the united states. that will probably be way down the list, but i think it matters to our country. >> one o f those guys put you on his ticket. >> neil, there is zero chance i will, there is a better chance of you going on my ticket because i'm not going to offer it to you. i just don't think you're, you know, a big power hitter, so -- >> that's fine. >> just kidding. >> it's interesting, a few months ago, you were teasing. you get this so many times -- >> no, i don't. >> you're just not interested if offered by either. no way. >> no. neil, you've asked me this like 50 times. >> 47. i'm counting. 47 times. >> i'm going to be the nominee,
7:54 am
neil. listen, they're not going to be the nominee. do you think delegates are going to go to a convention and pick somebody who's not going to win? >> rules stand now, you won't even be able to get on the ballot. they're only going to allow those two on the ballot. might not even get a chance. >> neil, that's more false information. i don't know where you guys get this stuff. there are no rules at this convention. the rules committee hasn't even met. >> i understand, governor. you know what i'm talking about. >> you don't change, you don't change rules that haven't been set. >> all right, but -- >> secondly, even if they change -- >> you know this well. there is a well that would have to be changed. >> every convention, but neil, neil, every convention sets its own rules. >> i understand that, but the delegates, 70 -- hear me out. only answer. 70 plus% of those delegates that would decide on this issue are either trump or cruz delegates.
7:55 am
do you think they're going to allow a rule that would allow you on the ballot? >> well, first of all, that's false, neil. we don't know how many delegates, the percentage are going to be going into the convention. and secondly, guess what. ooifr got friends that are going to be on the rules committee who don't buy that. >> you know the numbers and everything. they account for roughly 70% of the delegates. >> no, no, no. i'm saying we don't know who's going on the rules committee yet, neil. and thirdly, somebody can be nominated from the floor and fourthly for people, this republican party has to be open. not shut and we don't know what the total delegates are going to be. now, how would you -- >> i understand your arguments. the way you poll in november is good. the way you are, the most electable, numbers. within the party, that's fine. but of the delegates that have been decided thus far, those two candidates who don't want to have you anywhere near them
7:56 am
account for the lion share of them. and the delegates have to, have to decide on whatever the rules committee ultimately decides to do. do you think, governor, that there's any chance in hell those delegates who are committed to those candidates want to see you in their sand box? >> i think there will be a open convention. i think the rules committee will decide to have an open convention. because i don't think the republican party frankly would look kindly on a thing that offers you a choice between trump and cruz and somehow, kasich does get considered because you know, neil, you can be nominated from the floor. it's not like this is going to go away. but here's the thing that we have to ask ourselves. why would we pick somebody to run against hillary clinton who can't win? what would be the reason for that? why would we pick somebody who consistently loses in every single poll, who's divided the country, divided the party for
7:57 am
that matter. why would anybody do that? what would the point of that be? i think we want to beat hillary clinton. we want to win. and most important, we want to get this economy growing again and the fact is, when we look at wage differential, income inequality, we've got to get this economy growing again. >> all right. very good having you. we'll see what happens. it will be fun. thank you. >> all right. has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. it's all about delegates, when push comes to shove. without trying to be -- a lot of people. you were that. it's about getting to that number. easier said than done and right now when it comes to these follow up states that are getting much attention after next tuesday, doesn't diedra know it. >> hello, neil. amazing, this dash to the delegates. four delegates, i should say. we have an exclusive poll. here it is for indiana and there
8:01 am
haven't been a lot of polls done for indiana. you can see trump basically polling ahead of senator cruz and governor kasich. a great conversation by the way, neil, but if you look to trump's 41%, i was just take iing a loot some of the other states i. seems as if he could mimic the success he had in illinois, in michigan, senator cruz as you recall, kansas, oklahoma, iowa, wisconsin, idaho and the evangelical vote, christian vote is going to be a game changer. if you look to california, the gran daddy of them all. 172 gop delegates up for grabs and you have trump clearly in the lead according to our polls against cruz and kasich. i wanted to pull california up. as far as gdp goes, if you take california out of the state, neil, and it's gdp, it would be among theen top ten largest gdps in the world, so, essentially, california could be
8:02 am
its own country. one area that i've been looking at is silicon valley, and here, you have palo alto and all these tech companies. normally, they tend to be libertarian as far as their belief, so less government is better, but that said, we have seen some money coming through the employees from microsoft, from google, from a lot of these other tech companies, almost for every candidate. it's hard to define it as far as the gop side goes. for the democratic side, favoring at least according to those tech company employees, sanders over clinton. >> thank you very, very much. we talk about this race. she's an encyclopedia, so i need someone spamarter to figure thi out. governor kasich, for my great respect, but his theory, in multiple ballots in contested convention, clear thinking republicans will see i'm the guy. but right now, and he's right to
8:03 am
say rules can change and do change, but if we went by the rules now, he wouldn't even be given the chance, right? >> right. and to your point, the delegate, no matter what the rules are, the delegates have to vote on a rule, so, yes, yes don't know who the members of the rule committee are. we don't know what the committee will look like, but any rule made this the week before the convention has to be voted by a majority on the floor and as you said, most of those people will be trump or cruz people and they don't want him. >> could you be a scenario in which they might say, there could be a benefit. of having him. >> well, what i'm interested to see is how kasich plays with his delegates, right. trump has talked recently about vetting vice presidential konds. does he try to team up with kasich who has delegates to offer. kasich and these other candidates are saying no. >> he has said no more than others, maybe because it's such an obvious question.
8:04 am
how does he tile that back if he goes on the ticket. >> replaying all the terrible things that fellow republicans have said about trump. memories are not that short. >> that is another potential hail mary pass for him, right? >> sure. and he is hoping that republicans say look, we don't like trump. we don't like cruz. once we get through those multiple ballots. once you get through the fifth or sixth ballot, anything can go really at that point. >> if it's just those two guys though. cruz and trump. again and again. >> and who knows. maybe someone will say, okay, should we start to consider another candidate if it's a stalemate, but i think that's unlikely. just given what we've seen. another candidate being coming forth. >> one of those two. >> i do. just because i think cruz is is so well organized. at attracting these delegates. if he's really planning to win this on the second ballot, if he gets there. that's still a big question, too, if this does.
8:05 am
>> he's polling poorly in indiana. latest fox poll. trailing indiana, which is close, to a much win of a state as any for him, so, that wouldn't set well going ahead of ourselves to california. >> exactly. and also the races next week, trump is poised to do very well. pennsylvania could be interesting next week, actually, because there are 54 unbound delegates who can make up their minds at the convention. a lot have said we'll support whoever wins our district. >> talk to them after this. is it your sense they would honor that if the people of the state of pennsylvania have voted. let's say for trump and actually covered for trump pause he has a comfortable lead in that state. >> it really depends. i've talked to some delegates who say no, i'm sticking to what my district decides, but there are others who don't have to make up their minds and the voters actually vote per delegate on the pennsylvania
8:06 am
primary. ballot, which is interesting. not knowing who that person's going to support. so, there's a lot of you know, there's going to be a lot of behind the saeps wrangling, if in fact it comes down to those delegates, but trump will have an advantage. he's making his case and winning votes and winning states. he's going to have momentum leading into indiana and from there, heading into places like california. the road is obviously more difficult for cruz. he can't clinch the nomination for the convention at this point. that's not available to him. so, he and kasich are in this kind of tough campaign. >> trump needs with the three or so percent of remaining delegates to get up there, but someone was telling me in the trump kamcamp we'd be better of with a little bit more than that. they put up this, hands on, might be a little -- how likely he gets there with more?
8:07 am
>> i think it's more unlikely than likely. 1400 i think is definitely a stretch. but -- >> huge. >> would be huge. you can see a scenario in which he does get momentum next week if he outperforms his expectations in places like indiana or even out west or places like nebraska where ted cruz is competing and then in california, it's like a bunch of primaries, so, it's really by district. and a disadvantage for trump is california is a closed primary, so, obviously ted cruz is really trying to turn out the republican base and ener jeez his supporters there. i think it will be close, but trump is trying to position himself now as kind of the presumptive nominee at this point. >> exactly. so, he's hoping that will help him, but i think it will be close. >> thank you very, very much. so good at this. real clear politics. now, the latest i have is that we're probably going to have upwards of a couple of hundred
8:08 am
delegates going to cleveland. technically uncommitted. unbound as they call it. 54, pennsylvania, alone. pennsylvania republican delegates. and he would also be unbound by the way the math works now. are you still, sir, are you still uncommitted? >> absolutely, i am. i won't make up my decision until right before i have to push the button at the convention. >> so, if it turns out that voters in the keystone state, your fine state say donald trump's our guy. maybe comfortably so, would you go to cleveland voting for donald trump? >> well, let me say this. i have two guides principles. last man standing and electability. if donald trump has 1237 going in the convention, i'm with him 100% and i must also say to you that in the end, our three candidates are better than the other two on the other side, so,
8:09 am
whether it's donald trump or ted cruz or john kasich, i'm going to vote for one of those candidates at the convention. >> so, it's not necessarily what theers decide in pennsylvania. but what delegates come to in cleveland. >> well, no. the voters will have ta very important role to play. it's going to be one input in the decision making process. there are a number of inputs. i'm meeting with candidates or their surrogates. i will listen to the voters, i also will talk to political business and civic leaders about what they think the policies are, ought to be for the next president. i mean, i'm concerned about urban america. i've talked to candidates about urban policy. because in our cities, we have you know, some significant issues we have to overcome and i think each of our three candidates have addressed them. >> have they talked to you
8:10 am
directly? or their staffs reached out to you? >> oh, absolutely. donald trump is, his staff, his surrogates have been very aggressive. i had an opportunity to meet with him in december of last year in new york. and talk to him about projects. we know that he understands creating jobs permanent and full time jobs. >> anything to sort of persuade you? >> well, they've offered me their policy positions. other than that, i haven't been the rersip row cant of anything. >> i understand. >> or anything like that. >> no. no. if they want to do that, that's fine, but they haven't yet. >> do you think that right now, the way the rules stand, governor, as i understand them, it's only donald trump and ted cruz that are qualified to be on the ballot. those rules could change, be but
8:11 am
if the convention came back or the rules committee came back with a rules change that would allow say john kasich to be included in that vote, would you support that or stick to the rules now, for which only ted cruz and donald trump would qualify? >> i can't anticipate what the rules changes are going to be. i know i was a delegate in 2012 and on the first day, the first business day of the convention, we had a rules change discussion and i assume we're going to do the same this time. zpl but would you support, the way it is now, only those that win eight states can be on that ballot. now, they can change that rule. do you think it should be changed because by that definition, it would include john kasich, allow him to be considered by delegates as well. >> not saying what position i would take in terms of the rules change because i would have so see it. to be more specific about how it's going to affect my vote. in this process. >> you're being very coy,
8:12 am
calvin. i think you've got a lot of cards in your pocket and your not taking any out. i admire that. >> i got to leverage for our community. >> yeah. absolutely. it is our process. calvin tucker, a delegate counted in pennsylvania, chairman of the pennsylvania and philadelphia black republican council. very good having you. >> well, thank you very much, neil. >> all right. that is illustrative of what's going on here, folks. these are the people who could have enormous sway at this convention in cleveland. all perfectly legal, all perfectly sound. all perfectly, well, politics americana. more after this. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return.
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you don't get fox business, imagine what you're missing. i can't think of going through life like that, but some of you don't know now. the democrats now, they have the battle on their hands, took into consideration and they have this weird thing with superdelegates. first of all, let's show how the race stands there with pledged delegates. hillary clinton has a pretty good lead. throw in the super delegates, democratic congressman senators and rest and look how it mushrooms. that's a big deal, how does that affect things now and without the race going let's ask former
8:17 am
big bernie sanders supporter, mayor, good to have you. >> glad to be here. when you look at the race without the superdelegate, it's do abl for bernie sanders if you take those superdelegates in, wow, it suddenly doesn't look doable. how do you feel about the superdelegate sns. >> i wrote a blog and went to our caucus and there are all these young kids there super excited. it was their one chance to get engaged in the political process and my view on the superdelegates is that it kind of as to a lot of people like their choice for president is being taken away from them even before the race starts and i think that's a problem for the democratic party. when people feel that the outcome is is predetermined and their vote might not count as much, so, in our state for example, 72% in the caucus went sanders, but all of the pledged superdelegates so far are very clinton.
8:18 am
>> now, that could change. it change ipged eight years ago when hillary clinton had the lion share to have superdelegates and obama emerges and started win ining a lot of contests. switched sides and went to him, there's no sign of that happening for bernie sanders just yet. he's arguing that it could and if he racks up some win, does well in california, it will. what do you think? >> he's have to do a lot better because if hillary clinton's going in there with the lead and it's going to be even harder for those superdelegates to switch and let's not forget, bernie sander, he's trying to storm the castle. and a lot of these insiders, they're the palace guard. they're the ones that are standing up there to you know, try to get somebody who they feel is going to protect their party's interest as well as their community's interest. >> and a lot of you guy, bernie
8:19 am
sanders, aren't too keen on the palace guard. there was a survey, 30% of them, if she were the nominee, wouldn't back her. are you in that club? >> no, i'm not in that club and i think that a poll like that taken in the heat of the campaign isn't going to be that accurate. because people are focused now on the differences between clinton and sanders, but when you get to the general election and are focusing on the difference between the republican and democratic nominee, people still have to make a choice. but it does speak to passion. and you've seen clinton moving to try to grab some of the passion of the sanders supporters. >> but it's not working. so, a lot of those voters, maybe voted like you, mayor, could say, well, you know what? obviously you don't want to do this and don't plan on doing this. hillary clinton, sit on their hands, won't vote at all in november. what do you think of that? >> again, i think most sanders supporters will come back to the party, but i think there's a deeper problem in the party when you start getting a big chunk of the base feeling like they're
8:20 am
not being represented in the press or that the process is to some degree, predetermined. you know, i think over on the republican side sh it may be even worse with the feeling that the party elites now want to come this and throw open the convention, so, i think the republican party has a deeper problem with this now. about division. >> they both seem like dysfunctional families. they both seem dysfunctional. i don't know who's more dysfunctional. >> i personally think the republicans are a little further down that path. a lot further down that path than the democrats, but i think it's a problem because these are young, passionate folks. they're going, they're -- >> donald trump's getting a lot of those young passionate voter, you know. >> well, you know, politics moves. parties have to move quick enough to keep up. and that's one of the problems with the superdelegates is it can can sometimes kind of cement the status quo rather than help
8:21 am
move the party to the place it needs to go. >> all right, great having you. we'll see what happens. >> good to be here. thank you. >> we were mentioning donald trump, he has vowed to be more presidential. it sounds good, you try to stick to it. in his case when he wins new york, calling senator ted cruz, john kasich and just hours later, reverting back to lyin ted and all that stuff. can he control himself? resist his urges, be more presidential? after this. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run.
8:22 am
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. donald trump is still speaking in connecticut. cruz has wrapped up his remarks and kasich gets ready to speak.
8:25 am
joe piscopo, he's a great comedian, great talk show host. one thing that's interesting when we talk about these candidates is how sometimes, they can't help themselves. because i'm thinking of donald trump who is trying very hard with the people around him to be presidential. and right after he won new york, he was. let's listen to this. >> we have won millions of more votes than senator cruz. millions and millions of more votes than governor kasich. we've won and now, especially after tonight, close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. >> senator cruz. governor kasich, he's well on his way, right? few hours later, this. >> i'm millions of votes ahead. millions. million of votes ahead of lyin ted cruz, right. i'm about 300 delegates ahead of lyin ted.
8:26 am
>> can't help himself. just can't. maybe doesn't have to. >> but you got to love it. coming in and i'm listening to -- >> it's great. the entertainment value is great, but i talked to four men on the radio, mr. trump. >> the guy that brought in to try to tone him down. and that's the guy and he said, yes, donald will be more substantial in his what he's saying, but i talked to mr. trump himself on monday. we chatted about this. >> such a name dropper. >> and so, they know. they see me with you. you give me -- >> these guys -- >> credibility. i said, donald, yes, please call me donald. i go, he's got me by a couple of years, the same age. you're so strong. the guy doesn't sleep.
8:27 am
remember, he took the plane, going to the debates and takes trump force one to new hampshire. how could you do that? he said to me and so telling and you go to the podcast -- >> park in my state. >> he said, i get so pumped up by the crowd. i get so, i said, you know what, i would take a nap and his answer was i get so excited to be in front of those good people. that's what donald trump told me. so, when you're in front and you know -- >> this, he raised eyebrows thinking of this republican crowd in florida. all but saying you know, a lot of that is is just a stick. a pha said. i'm probably not accurately cutting to the chase. >> no. >> working it out for the crowd. which raised question, wait a minute, is all this fakery? >> no, does he take dramatic license? probably. do we do it? i do. >> you're not running for president. but i mean, do you think, he's the guy who came in, i assume, handled those tuesday night
8:28 am
remarks about trump won new york. >> once he gets in front of people, i do it. i walk up to radio, i don't remember what i said, why did i say. it's the heat of the moment and i think we look for that from donald. >>. >> but you're a gifted entertainer as well. show is phenomenal. do we expect more of a president because a lot of the republicans are saying we like the fact that we like your bluntness and in your face, we don't like it when you criticize us, but he's already tried to make amends to them. by saying you know, i want to work with you. i want to raise money for the party. but is that too hit l too late? >> no, mr. trump has to stay fiery. i think it goes back to your frank sinatra. you haven't changed. still the chairman of the board. >> coo coo cat baby. he's got to be fiery now. he's got to be fiery.
8:29 am
you will see the prompter speeches, the policy speeches. >> but the very people who love him so much might say, that's not the donald. >> when he goes in front of the crowd, he'll go to the well and be -- >> lyin ted. >> i love the drama of it all. >> hey, what about the drama around curt schilling? getti inting dumped at espn. talking about the transgender movement and different bathrooms. what do you make of o that? >> so confused. had my 5-year-old in orlando this past weekend. beautiful girl. and i'll do my joke that i've done before. new jersey, i have a child at every exit. this particular child, exit 117. my funeral, all these strange kids are going to show up. >> daddy. okay. >> great. i'm with 117, right.
8:30 am
she's 5 years old and goes into the restroom. worst thing for a dad, when your little girl fwoez to use the potty. you can't go. she's in there, i worry about her, i can't see her. i'm yelling like a creeper. stupid me, all i have to do is p put on a dress. >> curt schilling suffered too much for that? espn, do whatever -- >> we are too politically correct, mr. kai vi when we were at snl, you are black and i am white, you are blind as a bat and i have sight. say it. it's funny. you know what, he represents an organization and these organizations, they're a little hypocritical because they're going to come down on curt schilling but do business in saudi arabia and dubai. cut your head off if you're a homosexual. >> put limits on you. >> great question. see, this is why you're the genius. i'm very proud to be part of
8:31 am
this great family of salem media radio station, we're the flag ship station in new york. i watch what i say. i watch what i say on the radio. come through my mind and i want to nail it. but i pull back out of respect. >> espn was within its rights to do this. but in a politically correct culture here. wait a minute, i could see someone claiming they feel like a woman if they have male genitalia or vice versa and all of a sudden, causing trouble in the restroom. >> if my little girl is in the restroom and a guy comes in, he's in a dress, a wig and bra, he goes, i'm going to use the little girl's room. i'm going to stop the guy. >> i'm glad we ended on that note. you're the best, buddy. you're the best. >> working on saturday doing live like this. >> salem radio just called, they want to -- tell joe to call us. >> i'll be fired by monday.
8:32 am
can i be maybe one of the crew? i like your crew. >> they love you. you're their favorite. they say this to everybody. they really like, no doors. good one, but you're very, very close. >> i'm going to go coach my son. slide, slide! it's everything you've ialways wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard.
8:33 am
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i'm so glad we're live today. so much going on today. candidates crisscrossing the country, particularly those five states up for grabs on tuesday, but even states who have already settled. kentucky republicans for example are picking delegates going to the gop convention in july. state's governor may be one of them. he's joining us on the phone now. governor of fine state of kentucky. good to have you. >> hey, good to be on with you, neil. zpl donald trump won the state. just wondering whether in the end, he will win the delegates. what do you think? >> it will be interesting because in kentucky and i think
8:36 am
it's the same in other states as well, they, it's very formula. it's what happened with the d l delegates. specific for those that are still in the race. there is question as to those who are no longer in the race who may have won delegates that essentially, how exactly those are up for grabs, but with respect to donald trump, with respect to ted cruz, with respect to john kasich, in fact, they are still many the race at the time of the convention, the delegates they won in kentucky will be to them in the first round of voting. that is just the way it is. in the second round is when it really gets interesting and that's not just for kentucky. but for many others as well. that's when it becomes truly open. you hear words like brokered and contested, but frankly then opened and the delegates who are there get to vote for what they believe is is the appropriate candidate. >> you also hear trump use the word, rigged, when he hears of this process. what do you think of that?
8:37 am
>> anyone who truly is now shocked at the fact it works this way has not really be paying much attention to the electoral process. there has never been in this country, a process where by it is a pure straight up democratic majority. it just hasn't been. and there have always been folks that were outraged at that. but frankly, they're usually people who do not understand the intent of our founding fathers. >> maybe donald trump knows that process very, very well and he's trying to make an issue of it. a populous issue to say yeah, even though i was caught off guard, i wasn't ready, didn't have the troops there trying to line up these delegates. he's trying to make lemonade out of lemons and many could argue he's succeeded. how do you answer that he has made this an issue, that this is a system in both parties because he's talk ed about the super
8:38 am
delegates for pfotenhauer saying it's rigged against average voters. what tubz to that? >> we heard a similar argument. if you remember when al gore won the majority of the popular votes, but did not become president and indeed, people were outraged at that time. people senses of indignation were brought to the forefront and they were worked up and many topics of conversation like the one we're having about it and then like everything else, it faded away because the american people sadly are easily in play. donald trump is wide, better than anyone, at striking the chord of indignation in people, but at the end of the day, there is a level of an think that sadly has crept so deeply into the american populous. that more than anything else is the danger to our american political system. >> do you think that mitch mcconnell though, kentucky senator and republican lead er n
8:39 am
the senate, tipped his hand when he said in a local television interview that we're increasingly optimistic there will be a second ballot. he said it was just a light hearted iraq remark, but what he was telegraphing there, his preference for anyone but donald trump. >> i will be honest with you. think about this. i don't think he's a huge fan of the guy who's in number two either. >> right. >> so, frankly, i don't know, you could interpret that to be any number of things. i think only he could see. >> a guy likely will be a delegate and you hear the rules the way they are now, he wouldn't be allowed on the ballot right now because he hasn't won eight states t requirements that ted cruz and donald trump need. they could change those rules, i guess, but it's very unlikely 70 plus percent of the gat delegates there would change those rule, so it would only be those two guys going at it.
8:40 am
mutt principle ballots. >> i think when you and i last spoke, i indicated my thought it would be that. that you have two individuals who have shown whether people love them, hate them or otherwise, they are the only two who have been able to curry enough favor to win states and to win significant support. >> try as each side might, they can't get the 1,237, then what do you suggest? >> i don't think that will happen. if you remember back in the rnc with michael steele, there was contention and ballots, people said it would never come to fruition, then ultimately, an amazing feat mentally. that's it. there truly is, neil. you will see the people start to fall in line. in what line, i don't know, that will be determined. but i am confident about come tog a solution. absolutely. >> and you would support the
8:41 am
republican nominee no matter who it is? >> no question whatsoever that anyone who has been running including those who have a chance of winning and are still running, any one of them, i would support hands down over hillary clinton or bernie sanders. there is absolutely no question. >> real quickly, if you indulge me, governor, jeb bush has said he's not going to the convention. john mccain, the latest to say that. speaker paul ryan is worried about the big party luminaries who are going to show up. what do you think? >> i think it's a shame that we have an abdication potentially and there may be very good reason why some of these folks can't be there, but to me, it is an abdication of responsibility and expectation of people who are purported to be leaders, we expect to be leaders, think of themselves as leaders and have historically been leaders, to abdicate at a time when leadership is needed more than ever, the willingness to stand up and be counted. there is so much of the efforts at play in america today and we
8:42 am
need people, young and old alike, to point the back that the emperor is naked, which ever and who ever that emperor may be, we've got to have leadership like never before and it would be a shame to have party leaders not there. >> governor, thank you for taking the time. >> thank you, sir. >> be well. donald trump has already said he is going to raise taxes on the rich. what he hasn't said is is who exactly is rich. not only do we want to know, steve forbes wants to know. he's next. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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8:45 am
what are donald trump's economic policies? a lot of folks are scratching their heads especially when it comes to taxes when earlier in the week, donald trump was saying he would raise taxes on the rich. listen. >> do you believe in raisie ini taxes on the wealthy? >> i do. including myself. i do. >> what he didn't specify, who qualifies as rich and what does
8:46 am
he mean by raising the taxes on them and by how much? former republican presidential candidate editor in chief, steve forbes with is now. steve, he's talks in the past about ending provisions that benefit the rich. particularly hedge funds and carried interest. he hasn't talked specifically about surtax on the rich. what do you think he's saying? >> i think he came out with a tax plan a few couple of months ago, an outline of one. i think he has to flush that out and some other economic policies in the next few weeks. this is one of the problems that's plagued this campaign among those not supporting him or still on the fence is he throws things out. he's got to flush them out. if he moves for example to something like a flat tax like ted cruz has done, that would be great because then if you make it, you pay it. all those provisions go out of the code. carve out exceptions there.
8:47 am
on the tax side, but he's got to do it in one package instead of a bit here and a bit there, sometimes contradicting each other. >> does this boom a rang, said he'd raise taxes even for the nonrich, they say, wait a minute, that's not very republican. then again, a lot of his views haven't fallen in line with typical conservative doctrine. looking at the delegate, he's doing okay. >> but on the republican side today, roughly, you have one-third of the voters firmly in trump's camp. one-third against him. even new york, kasich and cruz got 40% and one-third that are fence sitters. the fence sitters are those who may be slightly against him, but not really. that one-third is what he has to appeal to in the next few weeks. if he does that, he's going to wrap up this nomination quickly and part of that, he's going to start later this week in terms of foreign policy, but he also has to do it on the economic side. what exactly do you mean? where do you want to take us? reagan did that in 1980 even
8:48 am
though a lot of his proposal was met with skepticism. he won a national mandate and turned this economy around. that's what trump has to do. flush out. where he thinks this country should duoand how do you think you're going to get us there. >> say he didn't talk about raising any of the marichal rates. when you add in this medicare and other surcharges to pay for obama care, brings you into the mid 40s. having said that, if he's talking about 25% and not touching the rate, removing provisions that have benefitted the super wealthy. maybe guys like yourself, steve, to say carried interest or you have to pay subscribe to the buffett rule that if you earn over a million dollars, you have to pay a separate charge. how would you feel about that. how do you think the party would react to that? >> well, this is where we need the specifics because we've learned on the tax side, something general can be undone
8:49 am
by the specifics. when you get to the details. so, that's where he's got to lay out. what exactly does he need and so, if he wants to radically simplify the code and lower marginal tax rates, that would be great if you could do your tax return with a flat tax. a few key strokes on a computer or a single sheet of paper. take all the deductions away, but you've got to spell out what you have in mind so the people can say, okay, this sounds pretty good. radic radical, but good, like reagan 35 years ago. let's try it. >> jerry was telling me the other day, he's not going to vote for trump. no way, no how. he just won't vote for him and going to make a goold goldwater statement. ing might come back later on after it did in '76 with reagan. you have to go through it, it's a tough cleansinging process,
8:50 am
but so be it. what do you think of that posture? >> well, after what we've gone through in recrept years looking at the world falling apart, our own economy stuck in second gear and the rest of the world doing even worse, i don't want to wait for a cleansing process, four year, eight years, 12 years down the road. i want it now and this is where donald trump has a special opportunity and burden to exactly spell out. a lot of people say no way are they going to support him. how does he start to allay those fears? how does he turn down the temperature? show people he's got real ideas on how to move forward and cruz has to do something of the same. he's got some good ideas out there, but he's got to lead with them. so, you've got to spell it out. especially now, we don't want to wait four more years. >> all right. steve. always good seeing you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve forbes. sometimes, crucial election dates can come down to something as simple as the weather. not so simple and how will the weather be in the five key states that will be voting?
8:51 am
why that could tip each candidate's hands one way or the other. after this. it's time to prove ourselves as men!
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and as fans of awesome tv shows! because we are the couch-dwellers, the binge-watchers, the work-skippers! and we refuse to waste the greatest tv week this proud nation has ever known!
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but time is scarce my friends, so fetch your fancy voice remotes and join me! three, two, one... watchathon! big is back. xfinity watchathon week now until april 24. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. are you one of those that goes to the polls no matter what the weather? you're a minority. rick wright on what the weather might be like on crucial primary days. rick? >> a big day. we've had so many primaries that have had a lot of weather going on with them. you see this green, this is where it's going to be hot and humid and when it's hot and humid, you end up with thunderstorms, so you'll notice right here kind of pliting. areas of the northeast, that's one of the stories that we're going to be talking about. back to that, i wanted to show you one other piece of this.
8:55 am
we have a big storm across the central part of the country and on tuesday, everybody's going to be talking about lech. i want to say this, if you're in kansas, missouri, down through oklahoma and texas, we could will look k at really big tornados, a very dapg rouse day here across the central plains. that's not the case where we have the elections going on. you take a look at this map here, and almost every one of the states where we have voting going on, we have the chance for some weather going on. some showers and i think on the southern end of this, the southern side is where it's going to be that juicy air and hotter and that's where we have the chance for thunderstorms. this is kind of a future radar picture. every one of these states with showers. maybe connecticut, rhode island, morning shower, by afternoon, you're okay. but southern areas of pennsylvania, down through maryland and into delaware, we have a better chance of severe weather. not severe in hail or tornado, but certainly a few thunderstorms in the area and that would be one of those things that could make some
8:56 am
people not show up. so, keep that noo in mind. northern tooer, afternoon, southern tooer, bring an umbrella and patience. >> tuesday is the big day. we talk about what's at stake for republicans. 172 delegates. democrats with a lot at stake as well. not only the weather and events how does the weather play out, what happens on tuesday and how it sets the stage, what happens the following tuesday. we'll break it up after this.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
have you seen these huge crowds in great britain? a lot of folks have been mistaken to think they're to celebrate the queen's 90th
9:00 am
birthday. tu turns out, they're just waiting for live fox business coverage of super tuesday treat. now, you know. elizabeth and leyland are doing the same in washington, d.c. they'll take you there that tuesday. all right, guys. just three days to go before voters in five east coast states go to the polls. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs and it is of course a very busy saturday on the campaign trail. thanks for spending it with us. >> welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. you're looking right now t a live pictures from baltimore where a bernie sanders rally is getting underway. meanwhile, his rival, hillary clinton, is is making stops in connecticut and rhode island. >> donald trump is is stumping up in connecticut as well. he leads the polls in that state. worth 28 delegates. his rally in bridgeport begins a little later this hour and


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