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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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tu turns out, they're just waiting for live fox business coverage of super tuesday treat. now, you know. elizabeth and leyland are doing the same in washington, d.c. they'll take you there that tuesday. all right, guys. just three days to go before voters in five east coast states go to the polls. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs and it is of course a very busy saturday on the campaign trail. thanks for spending it with us. >> welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. you're looking right now t a live pictures from baltimore where a bernie sanders rally is getting underway. meanwhile, his rival, hillary clinton, is is making stops in connecticut and rhode island. >> donald trump is is stumping up in connecticut as well. he leads the polls in that state. worth 28 delegates. his rally in bridgeport begins a little later this hour and everyone will be watching to see if he adopts that more
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presidential tone that his campaign has been promising. >> of course, we have fox team coverage. matt is standing by in connecticut where he's following the republican, but first, to kristen fisher at the sanders event covering the democratic national race. hi, kristen. >> hey, elizabeth. well, bernie sanders is about to take the stage any minute now, so it's gettinging ali l rowdy here in baltimore. and then tonight, sanders will be back here in baltimore to meet with a group of young african-americans. something that is especially important given the riots that happened here in this city about a year ago. sanders is really showing no signs of slowing down even though he admitted two days ago his window to catch a democratic nomination may be closed even before the convention. >> if we do not have a majority, i think it's going to be very hard for us to win.
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the only fact that i think remains uncertain is if we continue to be running significantly stronger than she is against donald trump or whoever the republican nominee will be. i think that's a factor. >> clinton's campaign would disagree. today, she's making two campaign stops. one in connecticut, another in rhode island and that's the one state where sanders will have his best chance of beating her on tuesday. besides, it's the one state that allows unaffiliated and independent voters to vote. all the other states are closed primaries, which is a big boost for clinton. last night, she was in pennsylvania and one of the things she talked about was guns. normally, at her event, she talked about gun control, but last night, she describes learning how to shoot a gun as a young girl. listen to this. >> i know how important gun ownership and particularly hunting is here in northeastern
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pennsylvania and i want you to know that we can't ignore the second amendment and we can't ignore the 33,000 people a year die from gun violence and i think, i think we are smart enough to figure out how to do that. >> all right, now most polls sanders trailing clinton in all five of the states will vote on tuesday. pennsylvania, rhode island, delaware, connectic and maryland. but looking ahead, the race appears to tighten, at least at the state level. a new fox news poll has him ahead by four points in indiana and then in california on june 7th, the new fox news poll shows the race even tighter. clinton ahead by only two point, but it will be a moot point is clinton is able to lock up enough delegates here in maryland and in the other states on tuesday. back to you. >> all right, live and for our
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viewer, when bernie sanders does take the stage, we will bring it to you live. thank you so much. >> on the gop side, many are waiting to see if donald trump will actually act more presidential. after his campaign officials promised a change from the front-runner. meanwhile, ted cruz is going away at trump for what he calls an ax and hitting him hard on policy. where donald trump is headed as we speak. hi, matt. >> good morning. well, we were just at the water bury, connecticut event and not a very big change in trump. he's still calling ted cruz lyin ted cruz. not a big change in his tone. at this event here in connecticut, there's about a 1400 people capacity. police say it has not been reached, but the waterbury event, there were several thousand inside that building. and just a handful of protesters inside each location. we have not seen the strong
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organized turnout of protesters here like we've seen in new york and other states and also just this morning moments ago, donald trump's campaign put out a new video attack iing the establishment, saying he's going to work with the establishment, but it's not going to control him. and moments ago at the rally, trump continued to say ted cruz and john cruz need to drop out because they are mathematically eliminated. >> cruz can't win with the voter. he can't. you saw what happened in new york. he got wiped out. you saw what happened all over the place. i've won so many states more than him. he's got very few. he's got i think less than half. but he can't win with the voter and don't forget, the half he's got, it's a delegate thing. >> now, coming off that major victory in new york like you said, trump's campaign has said we're going to start to see a change in his tone and approach, that so far, everything has an act, if you will, but maybe helped him so far and here in connecticut it is potentially working because he has a double digit lead in most polls heading
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into tuesday's primary. back to you. >> bridgeport, connecticut, back to bridgeport when donald trump shows up. thank you, sir. >> and there are five contests going on tuesday. presidential candidates certainly have their eyes on the big prize. pennsylvania's unbound delegates in the gop side. there are 54 of them. tom fitzgerald, political writer for the philadelphia enquirer, joins us live from the city of brotherly love. thank you soc much for joining us. >> my pleasure, elizabeth. first and foremost, has pennsylvania ever been such a hot topic when it comes to primary politics? >> not on the republican side. for 40 years. this is is highly unusual. and one of the -- it never get this is way, but it did eight years ago for the democrats. there was an epic struggle between hillary and obama, but republicans have been absent any drama at this point.
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in this cycle. >> i want to show our viewers an example of what a ballot looks like so when voters head to the polls on tuesday, they're going to be looking at this pal ballot and it shows a number of names on there, but if you look closely, and if you are primary voter, i d not see the names o f any of the candidates, so set this up for me. why do voters not see the names of candidates? >> it goes back to the tradition ever since there's been delegates at the national convention here. people have elected delegates in their local congressional district. and they preserve that program only for that approach, but only the rnc pulled the state party they had to have some statewide delegates, too, so there are 17 of those and they're supposed to be at the top of the ballot, a presidential beauty contest. people will vote for the presidential candidate and then that person who wins statewide
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will get the 17. but then it gets tricky because in each congressional district, there's a welter of names. i mean, 170 candidates are running for the 54 spots that are available. three per district. but yes, there's no advertisement on the ballot. there's nothing to give the voter a clue as to whom he or she is voting for. you just have to, you have -- people will vote for a recognizable name. some of the candidates are distributing literature and telling people from the campaign. >> that's what i was going to ask you. have you seen evidence that any of the campaigns were prepared if r r really a the unique nature of the ballots that we're seeing in philadelphia? have any of the candidates gone out say and disseminated fliers with who the delegates are that are voting for them? >> it hasn't been that yet. it hasn't been that visible. the cruz campaign is pretty
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organized. the rubio folks were really organized, but of course, that didn't matter in the end. cruz people are communicating with their voters, they say. and trump is, his supporters are kind of doing it themselves. they're using social media and just sort of trying to get the word out that way. all around the state. i'm not, i have not really seen what the kasich folks are doing. >> we're looking at, i have some recent polls. looks like trump is polling around 40%. cruz, 26 and kasich 24. what messages is resognating with philadelphians? what do they want to hear from folks all across the state, not just in philadelphia? >> yeah, sure. pennsylvani pennsylvanians, it's usually been an establishment state.
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there is a sizable percentage that are frustrated with the government. in washington. and also, the government here in harrisburg, which hasn't been able to get a budget together, so, the appeal of an outsider like trump is very strong and there's a lot of communities, smaller industrial communities in the southwest in the northeast, where hillary was earlier in the report and those people have suffered from trade problems. the steel industry, we had the problems with the coal industry, which is having economic troubles and regulatory troubles down in the southwest part of the state. >> why you see so many people have opinions on those trade agreements. unfortunately, i wish we had more time, i could pick your brain, but tuesday's going to be a big day. we thaupg for joining us with your insight. >> i hope it helped. thanks. >> ahead of tuesday's vote,
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tomorrow in philadelphia, bill hemmer, martha will be taking the pulse of pennsylvania voters. before that state's primary, american town hall, hash tag fox news town hall to send in your questions. starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. president obama's next stop, germany. today, he's wrapping up the u.k. leg of his overseas trip with a challenge for britain's next generation, diplomacy over force. that's the message he hammered home today at a town hall for young folks in london. the president did manage to squeeze in some fun between policy talks. he and lady spent this morning touring london's globe theatre in honor of william shakespeare, who died 400 years ago today and yesterday, the obamas were charmed by britain's youngest prince in his pjs. george spentertained the couple before his bedtime.
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>> george's bathrobe is already sold out on the website that kate middle ton got it from. controversy continues over one of the big reasons for president obama's london trip. the president penned an op-ed for the telegraph newspaper urging britain to stay in the european union, a hotly contested issue up for vote there in the u.k. to get a sense of how that advise was received, take a listen to this question. >> mr. president, you make your views very plain on the fact british voters should choose the stay in the e.u. do you have any sympathy with people who think this is none of your business? >> they know how to ask a question. somebody else who knows how to ask a question, eli lake. appreciate your being here. there was a british politician who answered that question. it's stunningly hypocritical for the president to be there unless america wishes to be run by
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mexico. do they have a point here who are upset with the president? >> in the case of obama, it's particularly cunning because in 2012, democrats in the white house made it clear benjamin netanyahu was trying influence the u.s. election by hosting mitt romney in jerusalem and barack obama visited israel as a candidate as did john mccain that year and you know, it was something that netanyahu always said it was a sort of huge misunderstanding, so it's sort of like interference for me, but not the. >> when you look at how this plays out in the bigger pick chu, president obama's been on this whirlwind trip. saudi arabia, britain, u.k. back up in his travels to saudi arabia. time of great strife or strain in the u.s. saudi relationship and as the president was leaving saudi arabia, we start getting these leaks out that the united states is now going to buy a
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bunch of heavy water to be involved in the nuclear process from the iranian, essentially letting them more on to the stage. paul ryan came out and said for tehran, that proves this nuclear deal is a gift that keeps on giving. the timing couldn't have been a coincidence. >> well, couple of things to say about that. first of all, the saudi arabia trip in many ways like the british trip, was an effort to try to patch over things and maybe with an eye toward his legacy, so look at a lot of the discomfort in america, but on this heavy water sale, i mean, sort of use the word obama administration, this is contrary to the spirit of the iran nuclear deal. the iran nuclear deal was supposed to cut off pathways to the bomb and this is effectively encouraging them to produce heavy water, which is necessary for the production. >> get more money from the world, there you go. >> so, why is the u.s. going out of its way to tell the rest of the world it's safe to purchase
9:15 am
iranian heavy water? well, i think it's because there was never really an iran agreement, they're still negotiating that and iranian are basically wrangling and get ring more and more. it's a really complicated issue called dollarization, u.s. dollar for ore kinds of transactions. things that were not in the original deal, but we're sort of trying to continue to sweeten it for the iranian so they don't get out of it. >> as paul ryan said, the gift that keeps on giving. thanks so much. latest column on bloomberg politics. all the best. >> live events as possible, this is senator ted cruz holding a live q and a with reporters outside monroeville, pennsylvania. listen live. >> and so, we're seeing republicans unite and my priorities as president are threefold. jobs. freedom. and security.
9:16 am
my number one priority as president will be bringing back jobs and economic growth to america and i think that's the number one priority the men and women of pennsylvania. that after sempb years of stagnation, wages stuck in the mud under the failed obama economy, people are ready to change the path we're on and if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obama care. we'll pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. we'll reign in the epa and federal regulators killing small businesses, killing the coal industry, hammering oil and gas. and then we'll stop amnesty and end -- and the effect of all of this, we're going to see millions and millions of new, high paying jobs ch. we're going to see jobs coming back to america from mexico. back to america from china. manufacturing jobs coming back to pennsylvania. and we're going to see wages rising. and young people once again
9:17 am
coming out of school filled with hopes and dreams and with two, three, four, five job offers. that's what the election is is about. it's why so many americans are united behind our candidate. >> everyone shares your world view. can you go on the record about how you're going to barely represent all of americans and not just americans who agree with your conservative -- >> well, sure. that's an easy. and the constitution and bill of rights protects everyone. it applies to everyone. protects the religious ability of everyone. everyone of us has the right the live according to our faith, to our conscious, without government getting this the way. and the beauty of the constitution and bill of rights is it allows if r r diversity, allows for people who disagree to live together in harmony.
9:18 am
one of the sad things about the modern tract party is the intolerance of the far left. the effort to silence and stifle anyone who dares disagree with their view of political correctness. i have spent my entire life defending the constitution. i'm not running to be preacher in chief. >> ted cruz tr in pennsylvania. a number of delegates up for grabs. unbound delegates. donald trump leading pennsylvania back on the trail in a minute. meantime, a fox news alert out of ohio. where the man hunt for -- where the man hunt kopts for as many as three possible killers in southern ohio. yesterday, it was a gruesome scene as police uncovered the execution style killing of eight people from one family. they were found in four locations in pike county, ohio. near the appalachain mountains. all had gun shot wounds to the
9:19 am
head. one woman was killed in bed next to her 4 day old baby who was unhurt. another incident and a 3-year-old were also found uninjured. >> we have a specific family that has been targeted. i don't believe there's any other threat to any ore members of the community, however, there is a threat there. and i believe that threat to be armed and dangerous. >> police are urging the community and especially members of the family involved the to take precautions. police have executed search warrants and interviewed dozens of people, but have not made any arrests. ohio governor kasich received an update on the story this morning while on the campaign trail. >> in oklahoma, one ambulance speeding away from the hospital. we'll tell you why as this wild chase was caught on camera. out of houston, widespread flooding has claimed eight lives
9:20 am
and now, people living in what has truly become a waterlogged city have a new word. mosquitos and the zika virus. dr. manny joins us on what this could mean for the city. plus, those flood waters causing millions of dollars in damage, including this parkinging problem and that's a problem. janet dean is standing by with a look at just how much crazier april weather is going to get. hi, janice. >> hi. we have one storm exiteding the east coast, another on the west coast and severe storms for early next week. we will talk about it when america's election headquarters continues after the break. olay regenerist renews from within...
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in houston are on the rise. widespread flooding there has killed eight and caused more than $14 million in damage. including this, you're looking at video at one of the more unusual weather related problem. this is a water pumping truck and it was so weighted down with flood water, it then crashed through a parking garage down to the lower level. now, the driver walked away with only minor injuries. crews then lifted the truck out with cranes and cargo straps.
9:25 am
you can see the truck finally getting out of the parking garage, but there is no relief in sight from the flooding and the problem is more rain is on the way. >> and while april showers is is something we have all come to expect this time of year, but spring also means hail, heavy winds and of course, some late snowstorms. janice kedean is at the fox weather extreme center tracking a big system with big weather moving across the weather. hi, janice. >> hello, elizabeth and leyland. yes, the next couple of day, we'll be watching the potential for severe storms and snow across the northern and central roc rockies. we've got these lows moving in from the weather and then this next system, we are a little concerned about. not only sunday, but monday and tuesday. we have the systems moving across the west. we're going to see the potential for several irks of snow, especially across the higher elevations of the northern and
9:26 am
central rockies and then one u of those low, we're going to continue to monitor into sunday, where we have the potential for hail, damaging winds and tornados, but the big threat for long lasting, potentially very dangerous storms including tornados begins on tuesday into wednesday. so, this area right here. all of the ingredients setting up for a severe weather outbreak including texas oklahoma, kansas and missouri. this is where we see the probability for severe weather, so not out of the question, but we could see some really dangerous storms, especially on tuesday. taking a look at it, we've been below average for april, so we're due to see the potential for storms this week and again, we've been below average in terms of storms to date. so, let's watch the watches and warnings as we zoom in. the potential for more storms for texas and oklahoma, again, this is the region that got a lot of heavy rain over the last couple of weeks, no watches or warnings, but as you mentioned earlier, the rivers are running
9:27 am
high here. from the storms from last week. so, not only the flooding potential, but again as we head into next week, large hail, damaging winds and tornados. that's something we're going to be monitoring as we will keep you guys posted. back to you. >> tornados, a lot about tornados. freddy, the forecaster, his book is waiting there in your mailbox, so you can brush up. >> i can't wait. >> there we go. >> and now, fox news alert. election alert. bernie sanders walking up to the podium in a rally in baltimore, maryland. right now, hillary clinton is up 25 points in maryland. 118 delegates at stake. let's listen in as he tries to win over some voters there. >> what this campaign is about is demanding that our country have the courage to address
9:28 am
issues that the establishment would prefer we sweep under the rug. you know, the truth is not always easy. it is not always pleasant in our personal lives or in our political life. but the reality is is we can never go forward as human beings or a nation as a society unless we have the courage to look reality right in the face and to say, we can make real change. and that's what i want to do this afternoon is talk about some of the realities that exist in this state, this city. and in this country.
9:29 am
and i want to start off by telling you maybe some of you don't know and that is that this nation today is is not a poor country. we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. and what that means is when people say we cannot accomplish this, we can't do that, they are not telling the truth. the problem is that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, most people don't know that because almost all of the new incoming wemt is going to the top 1%. and what this campaign is about is telling the billionaire class they cannot and will not have it
9:30 am
all. that we are going to create an economy that works for all of us and not just the people on top. >> bernie sanders on the stump there in baltimore, maryland. obviously, a pretty fired up crowd in maryland. one key part of his stump speech often the talking about health care and bernie sanders' desire to create a single payer health care system here in the united states coming up. a little later, we'll break down what that would cost. the rest of us, and how that compares to hillary clinton's health care plan. and we take a look at some of the issues survey ronding this ahead of the big vote come tuesday. froms liz? >> busy day today. a lot of live events. you're looking now live at
9:31 am
bridgeport, connecticut, where donald trump is expected to speak at any minute. of course, we're going to have more from the campaign trial. including what the presidential candidates have in mind for your health care. we're going to look at how all the democrats plans stack up. stay with us. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving.
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or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with new viberzi. you're taking a live look at bridgeport, kconnecticut where rally for donald trump is expected to start any minute. he's spending his day in the constitution state shoring up votes ahead of the primary on tuesday. connecticut is one of the five states holding primaries next week. ted cruz held a campaign rally this morning in pennsylvania. before heading to indiana where he's going to be drumming up support ahead of the state's may
9:36 am
primary. >> almost every stump speech this presidential season involves health care. generally speaking, republicans want to end obama care, the democrats want to spend more taxpayer money on health care. we're going to look at the republicans plan later, but first, how do hillary clinton and bernie sanders' plans compare? for that, bruce free joins us. he was director of the center for medicare at the center for medicare and medicaid studies, so, i think that sums up you're pretty qualified to talk about this issue. as we look off the top of this, bruce, big picture. what is bernie want to do? >> well, bernie and hillary, senator sanders, senator clinton, ultimately -- universal coverage for all americans. >> don't we have that? >> we do not. much progress has been made by president obama, the reality is there are still 20 or 30 million americans without health
9:37 am
coverage. >> so, how does sanders propose? he's talk ed about this a lot o the stuffer. >> he does. he would want to move the entire health care system to a single payer health care system, what he calls medicare for all. >> the united kingdom. >> canada, uniteded kingdom. a number of countries who have created this government-run approach to providing health care. >> take a listen to how he justifies that on the stump. >> we are the only country major country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all people. and yet, we end up spending almost three times what the british do. 50% more than the french. my proposal, a medicare for all single payer program, will save -- will save middle class families many thousands of dollars a year in their health care costs. >> he says many thousands. his campaign says the typical
9:38 am
middle class family of four would save over $5,000 under his plan. what he leaves out though is we did the math for a family of four making $80,000 u a year. their taxes dpo up go up $10,70 year. ha doesn't really seem like that good of a deal if even if $5,000 number holds. this could cost a lot more. >> it's a varied analysis. others have looked at senator sanders' prosoez sal and while his campaign has projected it would add $1.4 trillion a year over a ten-year period, other economists have actually found that the cost would be closer to $2.7 trillion. >> so, the deal could be even worse. you would have to raise taxing more to pay for it. >> it would be a challenge to achieve what he's after. >> so, that's what he wants to
9:39 am
do. hillary clinton seems far less specific in terms of policies she's laid out and she was the one who first started talking about health care pack in the '90s. >> i'd actually challenge her assessment. i think her approach has been much more carefully articulated. b building off the president's affordable care act a. she would approach it by addressing the expansion of medicaid for those poor folks who did not get brought into the system. by closing other gaps that exist. and i think there's a good bit more specificity. >> in terms of specificity, are we able the garner what the cost would be from it? >> her campaign has projected the cost would be about 100 billion, about $$100 billion a career and over a ten-year period, about 1 ppt 2 trillion.
9:40 am
>> so, she's at 1.2 trillion for ten years. sanders is at 1.4 trillion a year. as you look at what hk's math comes up, does that make sense? because what you said about sander, really, the real cost could be double that. is that the same thing? >> i've not seen we look closely for analysis, but -- i didn't find anything. yeah. >> all right, the republicans are coming up next as we look at what they're going to do and what that might cost. we'll have that in the next hour. appreciate your time, sir. >> great to be with you. >> liz. >> thank you very much. come up, warming temperatures, flood conditions and mosquitos, the recipe for a potential spread of the zika virus. ahead, dr. manny alvarez on what you can do to minimize the threat. and when an -- goes missing, the suspect has a very novel explanation. >> so, you're in a stolen vehicle. >> i thought that's what they wanted me to do.
9:41 am
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this is newly released dash cam footage showing how wild an oklahoma city police chase got last month. not only for the driving, but what was being chased. in case you missed this story, a woman stole an ambulance from outside a hospital a little less than 12 hours after she had been released from jail. he was not a patient at the hospital. she just needed a ride and the jail happened to be a couple of blocks from the hospital and the ambulance was idle and waiting and looked like a good get away car. the ambulance was missing for about two hours before spotted swerving on the highway. police caught up with the culprit, arrested her and mug shot just showed you, they hauled her back to jail. >> a wetter than normal spring
9:46 am
is fuelling fears related to the zika virus. add to that, confirmed cases of the virus in texas, where flooding could mean more cases this spring. so, how much should you worry? joining us now, dr. manny alvarez. a lot of concerns, perhaps expecting mothers out there. what advice do you have for folks ahead of summer? >> i think people should be concerned about mosquitos, especially in the southern part of the u.s., but you know, don't panic. we have a zika problem. there's no doubt about that. central america, the caribbean, south america for sure. we know that the mosquito has been found in many states throughout the u.s. and it's going to be a very hot summer. very wet summer. so, that you have the perfect storm for having a lot of mosquitos infestation in different parts of the country. the problem is, they must carry the zika virus and right now, we
9:47 am
have very few cases of zika infected individuals. one of the biggest challenges that i face right now because i get this question, i'm an obgyn, so every day, i see patients in the hospital, who said listen, i just went down to the caribbean and i want to be testeded. we're not quite ready in the u.s. to be doing routine zika virus testing in a timely manner. this is a big challenge for the medical community right now. i myself i sent a zika virus test ten weeks ago and i'm still waiting for the results. we have a lot of work to do locally in the u.s. and i know the cdc trying to create a pathways so that laboratories can run these tests more efficiently. but we have a long way to go for that to happen. so, in the meantime, you stay w away, listen to the news. if there's any cluster, we will inform you, but be very prudent
9:48 am
about mosquito control. especially inhome. >> the cdc is laying out a phased response, it says. i want to ask you, what about you know, the unforseen? we talked about houston. they just had a ton of rain. perhaps more than they ever anticipated, so what about all the stagnant water and the high temperatures? >> i think that every community one of the things they have to do includinging yourself as an individual for your home, you know, you have to be aware that if especially in the rainy season, you have to look around for stagnated water. you have to make sure you drain it. it goes away. there are a lot of products, both natural and commercial that will kill mosquitos, so be very ak nevia active in cleaning up your
9:49 am
backyard. >> is a great resource. thank you so much. >> thank you. five states on the east coast photovotto on tuesday. donald trump speaking in one of those states. connecticut. live back to mr. trump and his remarks when america's election headquarters returns. here's what we were thinking. what if you get a mortgage on your phone? wouldn't more people buy homes? and wouldn't those people need to fill their homes with household goods? and wouldn't the makers of those goods have phones from which they could easily secure mortgages of their own? further stoking demand as our tidal wave of ownership floods the country with new homeowners, who now must own other things.
9:50 am
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donald trump has taken the stage in bridgeport, connecticut for a rally in the final days before that state's primary so let's take a listen in live now. >> you see him right now, they go up, they jump down. they're a joke. okay. folks, how can you let this happen? how can you let this happen? the bridgeport won 60% of its manufacturing jobs since 1990. that's a lot. can you imagine? i would have built a great job here and we would have had a lot of jobs. that's government. that's government. i mean, it's government. like politicians, all talk, no action. you'll never get it done. believe me. bridgeport lost more than 40% of its manufacturing jobs since 2001 when guess what? when china joined the world trade organization.
9:54 am
listen to this. lyin' ted cruz supports chinese currency manipulation devaluation which is the biggest killer of jobs, the devaluation is how they get us. and they don't want to have that in the tpp, trans-pacific partnership. you know they talk about it like it's this wonderful thing. let me tell you. nafta was a disaster. tpp is going to be worse and we can't let it happen, folks, because that will drain the rest of the jobs away. we can't let it happen. if i'm president, the first day, boom, it's over. you know, they are trying to push it through fast. you know what it is? 5,000 pages with all of these countries that are looking to do numbers on us, 5,000 pages that none of our people even read. i don't believe they read it. and these other countries, they know every word, every comma, every sentence, every paragraph. we don't -- i don't even think our people read it. you know, the obamacare as you
9:55 am
know, thousands of pages, they talked about it. we are going to repeal it or replace it 100%. 100%. but obamacare, you know, when they went through the congress, practically nobody even read it and it's a sds tdisaster, by th. the premiums are going up 25%, 35%, 45%, 55%, it's a total disaster. i will die of its own weight. they should have never approved it in the last budget. you know, our last budget three months ago, they call it the omnibus, nice name, omnibus, should have never happened. it allows for obamacare funding, okay. it couldn't have survived without it. know how many times we could have killed obamacare? all these people go to washington and they all tell you we're going to stop obamacare, we're going to create borders. then they get to washington and they walk through those gorgeous buildings with their wives or their husbands and they say look, darling, we finally made it and they become totally
9:56 am
different people. you know they get elected, not only bridgeport, they get elected -- >> you have been listening live to donald trump talking to a very enthusiastic crowd in bridgeport, connecticut talking about trade deals which he says is a disaster bringing up obamacare, you can anticipate hearing from him in connecticut among the other five states which will be voting on tuesday. they all want this guy's job. president obama was not the most dapper man in the room. president obama met with prince george during his trip to england. we go live to london with the fallout or the collective aww from this picture. if you have mo severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. with just three days to go before the next big round of presidential primaries, it's the candidates' last weekend to try to win the hearts and minds of millions of voters. you are looking at live pictures from a trump rally in connecticut. his rivals, kasich and cruz stumping in pennsylvania and rhode island. >> the democrats also fighting tooth and nail to grab up hundreds of delegates that are at stake come tuesday. right now you're looking at video of hillary clinton as she works a diner. she has a rally in new haven, connecticut later. senator sanders is hitting delaware and maryland hard. live pictures from maryland a little earlier. coming up, the latest from the


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