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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. with just three days to go before the next big round of presidential primaries, it's the candidates' last weekend to try to win the hearts and minds of millions of voters. you are looking at live pictures from a trump rally in connecticut. his rivals, kasich and cruz stumping in pennsylvania and rhode island. >> the democrats also fighting tooth and nail to grab up hundreds of delegates that are at stake come tuesday. right now you're looking at video of hillary clinton as she works a diner. she has a rally in new haven, connecticut later. senator sanders is hitting delaware and maryland hard. live pictures from maryland a little earlier. coming up, the latest from the campaign trail.
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plus, the manhunt is on in ohio for the person or the people responsible for a horrific crime. eight members of one family, shot dead execution-style. only small children were spared. we will have the latest on the investigation. hour two of america's election headquarters on this saturday. great to be with you. great to be with you at home. >> thanks for joining us. welcome to the second hour. >> usually this deep into primary season, the nominations are decided, but that is not the case this year around, but both donald trump and hillary clinton have big leads in the polls as the polls open in less than -- a little less than 72 hours, as five new england states are voting. we have fox team coverage from the campaign trail, where the
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candidates are chasing not just votes, but the very critical delegates. kristen fisher is standing by in baltimore. first, to matt finn in bridgeport, connecticut where donald trump is rallying his fans. >> reporter: good afternoon. here in bridgeport about 1,000 people have shown up as we saw the video, a very lively crowd in the waterbury event we just came from. several thousand people showed up, a few hundred did not make it inside. in typical donald trump fashion, a very strong turnout. people from coast to coast lined up before the sun comes up for these events and that's no different here in connecticut. as far as protesters, we have only seen a handful at each location this morning. we have not seen that strong organized turnout of protesters here in connecticut like we have seen in other nearby states in new york. it is a nice saturday afternoon so you would think it would be prime time for people to be on the streets. just not happening here for whatever reason. just this morning, the video donald trump released a video saying he will work with the
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establishment but it's not going to control him. after that major victory in new york, a lot of analysts are saying there's no way to stop trump's momentum getting to 1237 delegates. this week after that big win in new york, trump's top lieutenant said we will start to see a newer donald trump, more presidential. that he's a different man behind closed doors. moments ago, trump denied that, saying that asking him to change his tone is like asking tiger woods to change his swing. >> -- you know, i don't like your swing. change your swing. you're going to be great. i said really? change your swing, you're going to be great. okay. and you never hear from them again. that's the last time, right? >> reporter: now, that trump act if you will that we have seen so far has arguably helped him. heading into tuesday's primary, most polls show trump with a double digit lead and john kasich and ted cruz still fighting back, saying hey, we
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can win this thing on the convention floor. back to you. >> matt finn in connecticut, thanks. liz? >> on the other side of the aisle, race relations, job security, health care are all the dominant themes for hillary clinton and bernie sanders today. both are in the northeast concentrating on the five states that are going to be hitting the polls on tuesday. kristen fisher is in baltimore, where bernie sanders just held a rally. >> reporter: it's actually still happening right now. several thousand people are here to hear bernie sanders speak. he's been hitting all the usual talking points. he's been talking about how we have a corrupt campaign finance system, rigged economy, broken criminal justice system. he's also been talking specifically about baltimore and how he believes his message could help a city where, according to sanders, 15 neighborhoods have a lower life expectancy than north korea. >> in the richest country in the
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history of the world, one out of every four people lives in poverty, where 80% of the children in baltimore's public school system are poor enough to qualify for free or reduced priced school lunch, where poverty in baltimore and throughout this country, poverty is a death sentence. >> reporter: so as sanders tries to make a dent in clinton's big delegate lead, clinton's campaign is taking one more step past the primaries and looking ahead towards the general election. the "new york times" is reporting that her campaign has already started seriously discussing possible running mates. this is just one more indication that she believes she has the nomination all but locked up. it's why at most of her rallies like the one she held last night
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in pennsylvania, she's not talking about bernie sanders. she's talking about the republican front-runner. >> donald trump actually says, he actually says wages are too high in america. i mean,honestly, i don't know who he talked to. he ought to get out of those towers and actually come down and talk with people and listen to them. >> reporter: right now, most polls show sanders trailing clinton in all five of the states that will vote on tuesday. pennsylvania, rhode island, delaware, connecticut and maryland. today, clinton will be campaigning in two of those states, rhode island and connecticut. as for sanders, after this event he has another event in wilmington, delaware. later tonight he will be back in baltimore for a meeting with a group of young african-americans, something as we all know is probably very important here in this city, after the big riots that took place in baltimore right around this time last year. so very busy day for bernie
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sanders. he's not showing any signs of slowing down. >> that is a busy day. thank you so much. mrs. clinton up in the polls in five states and bernie sanders saying he is in it to win it. joining us live in the studio, laura olson, washington correspondent for the allentown morning call, who has been on the campaign trail in pennsylvania, big prize there in pennsylvania. what do you make of hillary clinton doing this pivot now from talking a little less about bernie sanders and more about donald trump? >> if you look at the polls in pennsylvania she's got a double digit lead. >> 27 points. >> yeah. she's doing extremely well there. so in her appearances across the state, she has been talking about donald trump. she was critical of him on foreign policy in philadelphia, where she was saying that he and some of the other leading republican contenders are kind of loose with their language
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which poses -- >> does that resonate in pennsylvania? we all remember the famous line from president obama, folks who cling to their guns and religion. the words in pennsylvania really matter, especially in a state that is as diverse. you have scranton, philadelphia and pittsburgh and appalachia. >> when you look at the general election, pennsylvania has been reliably democratic. she needs to keep those folks in her column against a potential donald trump who has resonated with working class voters, who we also have a lot in pennsylvania. >> interesting. i noted in one of the reports from earlier, when she was in pennsylvania normally she's talking about gun control and how she wants to reduce gun crime and these kinds of things, yet there she was talking about how she had fired a gun as a little girl and all of a sudden she talked about how she understands hunters are there. does that work or do people see this is a little more than just election pandering? >> we heard both messages from her. earlier in the week she was also in philadelphia where there was an event with mothers who had lost children to gun violence
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and she was talking in a more urban setting about those effects of guns -- >> so when you have messages that are so divergent, does that work? >> i think so far she's still resonating with them based on the polling. we have seen strong support for bernie sanders as well. he's drawing extremely large crowds but she still definitely has the lead in pennsylvania. >> how much have you broken down at your newspaper really where her support is centered? is it centered in urban areas in philadelphia and those kind of places, the rural areas are more pro-sanders? how does that work? >> she is also focused a lot on southeastern pennsylvania and that's where the democratic strongholds really are, philadelphia being a very -- >> lot of minorities. >> she was also in pittsburgh, another democratic stronghold. whereas bernie sanders, we saw him in reading, in gettysburg.
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he's been targeting more of the smaller areas while she's stuck more to the larger areas where there are also more votes to gain. >> senator sanders toured gettysburg and those kind of things. you brought up the general election. i thought it was very interesting. you said pennsylvania has been historically and reliably democrat, especially with the urban centers, philadelphia, pittsburgh, working class voters. if donald trump is the nominee and it's trump versus hillary, does all of a sudden pennsylvania come into play because of the working class voters that trump has been popular with? >> if you look at the current head-to-head polls she beats donald trump but only narrowly. i think the quinnipiac poll recently had her up by three percentage points but he also has some problems on the republican side of the aisle where one of our recent polls said if you match them up, that there would be -- he would get about 66% of the republican voters in the general election. the others went to hillary clinton. >> is that perhaps because of the social issues?
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>> it could be. we just have to wait and see how the general election goes. >> dig down. come back and talk to us about the general election, whoever the candidates are. la la laura olson. thank you. good to see you. president obama is wrapping up the uk leg of his overseas trip today. he stopped off at the globe theater in london, paying respects to william shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death. reporters are hitting the president hard on the huge topic of conversation, his comments on the european union referendum. kevin cork is traveling with the president and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it turned out to be a pretty nice day in london, all things considered. for the president, it has certainly been a very busy day. as you pointed out, taking in some sightseeing, even a round of golf, perhaps trying to distance himself from yesterday's firestorm of controversy he created with his comments about the possible exit from the eu. i will explain this as we go
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along. first let me share some pictures of the president heading to the greens for a little round of golf with the british prime minister, david cameron. heading to the grove. always nice to get out there. the president is never one to miss a chance to hit the links. earlier in the day, he visited the globe theater, which as you probably are aware, is dedicated to the work of the great william shakespeare. a replica of an open air playhouse the bard himself designed all the way back in 1599. but for all the fun the president appears to be having today, yesterday he really did make comments that continue to reverberate across the uk, talking about the possibility that the united kingdom could ultimately leave the european union. listen carefully to what the president had to say about that followed closely by the comments of british prime minister david cameron. >> i think it's fair to say that maybe some point down the line, there might be a uk-u.s. trade agreement but it's not going to
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happen any time soon because our focus is negotiating with a big bloc, the european union, to get a trade agreement down. uk's going to be in the back of the queue. >> -- some special power over the president of the united states, barack feels strongly about this and said what he said. as i said, it's our decision as a sovereign people. the choice we make about europe. >> reporter: okay. the president used the expression "back of the queue." that's sort of an english expression to say back of the line. that's what we would say back in the united states. they felt like that was a threat, sort of like a warning, if you leave the eu, somehow you will be put to the back of the line if there are trade agreements between the u.s. and uk. it didn't go over terribly well here. the president trying to clarify his comments and we look forward to that as we continue to bring you our coverage from here in london. back to you. >> kevin corke, thank you so much. we appreciate it.
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back to the trail and issues that voters want the candidates to be talking about. we have heard a lot about what will make the economy churn and who is or is not getting paid enough. earlier this year, the obama administration charged the equal employment opportunity commission to identify employers who could be engaging in pay discrimination because it says quote, women earn about 79 cents for every dollar earned by men. but is it that simple? does that blanket statement identify issues and are the candidates understanding the landscape? joining us now is mindy finn, digital director from mitt romney's 2008 campaign and the founder of empowered women. thank you so much for joining us today. i want to ask you that question that i said in the intro, is it just that simple when we hear the administration come out and say a blanket statement that women earn 79 cents to every man's dollar? is that a completely accurate statement? >> i think first of all, it's important to say that there's no place for gender discrimination in our work force.
10:15 am
but the 79 cents on the dollar statistic is implied when it's talked about by the obama administration that the 21 cent gap is all based on discrimination and that doesn't come near to telling the whole story. what you have to look at is factor in for time spent in the workhor work force. even though there's more women graduating from college today than men, there's more women with college degrees, shun someone could have a ph.d. in japanese literature, women could pick social work and journalism and men could choose things like computer science, for example, which are higher paying careers, they are in higher demand. there's more women taking time out of the work force when they have families to raise families. even at the highest income type of professions, medicine, there are more women choosing pediatrics, for example, i think because they like it, number one, which is important.
10:16 am
it's a lifestyle choice. salary is not the only factor. i has to be something you enjoy and are passionate about if you have that option. men are choosing surgery which is a more intense career that calls you out of bed in the middle of the night more often. i think we need to look at all these factors. when you start to unpack it you will see the gap, that 21 cent gap, the discrimination component accounts for about four or five cents. >> also, i understand some of those being a mother, making those decisions and choices with my career as well. but millenial women, young women are actually making more than men. there's a certain group of women who are doing better than some of their male counterparts. >> when you look at a city like washington, d.c., women coming out of college in their 20s, especially without children are making more than men. that's no surprise given that more of them are graduating from college, more of them are getting professional degrees, going into law, going into medicine. business school is really the only one where men still dominate in terms of the graduate degree. so women are making more.
10:17 am
they are also, there's a piece of this we haven't talked about in terms of policy. obviously the obama administration issued that executive order. >> candidates, too, are they addressing what women want to hear? like you say, it's not a black and white issue. >> what's hard is that when you are a candidate, you are supposed to offer a solution that's a policy-based solution. this is an important issue. women across the country, about two-thirds highlight this as an important issue to them, equal pay, but we need to also look at the factors outside of policy that can be addressed and you see some people doing this. are women as likely to negotiate their salaries. there's a lot of data that shows they are not. they are not asking for more money. in a city like boston, it put in a program to support these negotiation workshops for women to teach them how to negotiate. the fact that some millenial women are making more than men indicates that those types of -- that type of cultural education is having a difference -- is making a difference. women are more likely in this younger generation to negotiate
10:18 am
your salary. remember the oldest workers in our work force enter the work force at a time when it was quite rare for women to be in many, many different professions. that's changed dramatically in just a couple of decades. >> we don't have much time left. are there candidates that you are hearing on the stump right now addressing the concerns of perhaps an appropriately addressing solutions for equal pay? >> so hillary clinton has obviously made this a big part of her canned ddidacy in this election. she has been talking about it for years. she tends to talk about these type of issues. in the republican primary you have not heard it as much. as we get to the general election, we can expect, i think this equal pay issue will be one of, if not the kind of most important women's quote unquote, issue to be discussed. i think we will expect to hear it from whoever the republican nominee is as well as senate candidates and congressional candidates. >> thank you so much for setting it up for us. i anticipate we will talk about it more. thank you so much. >> absolutely.
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the aftershocks continue in ecuador as the cleanup continues as well. from an earthquake that killed more than 600 people. now comes the challenge of delivering food and water to the thousands that have been left homeless. this is the wrong video. that is definitely not an earthquake in ecuador. there have been more than 700 aftershocks this week and scientists expect the tremors to continue. now to that video. >> you have to roll with it. a killer is still on the loose in ohio where eight members of the same family were murdered execution-style. we'll have the latest on that coming up. honoring the service of children of those in uniform. we will tell you about one special kid coming up. here's the video we were all waiting for. a gator goes for a dip but that's not florida. who's got this unwelcome pool party crasher?
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when it gets hot on the outside, the neighbors with the pool always seem to get more guests. in the case of one texas family it was not a welcome guest. a rather dangerous party crasher, an alligator in a private pool in missouri city, texas. texas animal control had to come wrestle the reptile out.
10:24 am
imagine the gator's thinking all i wanted was a marguerita and a little tan. no one was hurt but there's still no clue as to exactly how the gator got there in the first place. to a story we have been following. residents in parts of southern ohio are being urged to stay cautious as the search continues for those responsible in the slaying of eight members of one family. authorities say they have worked through the night to chase down leads. brian ns us with the latest. >> reporter: at this hour, no arrests have been made. authorities now searching for at least one shooter. investigators as you said working through the night, have interviewed over 30 people and search warrants are out as the four devastatingly horrific crime scenes are being analyzed. quote, grisly execution-style killing. that is how investigators in pike county, a small rural community of just about 28,000 people in southeast ohio, are describing the multiple shooting
10:25 am
scenes in four separate homes. eight people from the same family, all shot in the head. seven adults and a 16-year-old. some were killed as they slept, including a mother in her bed with her four day old baby nearby. that baby and two other small children were thankfully not hurt. the victims were all members of a reportedly well known and large family in that area. take a listen to one of those people there. >> it's such a tragic, tragic situation, what's happening. they have got a lot of questions, who committed the crime, things like that, and i can't imagine what they're going through right now. >> reporter: three of the family homes are within about a mile of one another. authorities don't know yet why this family was targeted. they are urging surviving members of the family to take precautions while the shooter or shooters are on the loose. authorities say it is highly unlikely that this was a murder-suicide which is why there is now a manhunt under way. while there is no specific
10:26 am
threat to the community, if residents should lock their doors and remain alert, the sheriff saying i would. the family thanks everyone for their prayers. anyone with information is asked to call 855-bci ohio. elizabeth? >> devastating story. thank you so much. what did republican presidential candidates prescribe to improve our health care system? ahead, we take a look at each proposal, see what it will cost and what it will do for you at the doctor. also, democratic front-runner hillary clinton about to hold a rally in connecticut. new haven, connecticut, as we look on, as part of a momentum building campaign swinging all the way through new england although she has double digit leads in at least one state there. lots more politics ahead. fans are looking for ways to pay tribute to the music icon prince, including living up at the movies and pulling out the vinyl.
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live to new haven, connecticut, where hillary clinton is set to kick off an event in just about 15 minutes there. clinton is splitting her time between connecticut and rhode island today, two of the states holding primaries come tuesday. senator bernie sanders is moving between baltimore, maryland and delaware, trying to drum up support in those two primary states as he trails in the polls. all in all, candidates are splitting their time between six different states, fighting for votes and of course, they also want those unbound delegates. they are hitting those states that vote next week. ted cruz is also campaigning in indiana which holds its contest early next month. live events as they happen.
10:32 am
on the gop side of the aisle, one thing all republican candidates have in common is they want to repeal obamacare. but what they plan to do after can vary so here to break down the differences is stephanie carlson, she was the health policy advisor for the senate finance committee. she's a policy consultant as well as registered nurse. a woman of many gifts. thank you for joining us. so there's obviously on the gop side we are talking about three candidates. i want to specifically focus on what they would do with health care. it will be a huge conversation in the general election. i want to start and put up a full screen of donald trump. we have heard him say he wants to repeal the individual mandate and like you said, we just heard him say i want to repeal obamacare all together, allow the sale across state lines so expanding hsa tax breaks, health savings accounts, and also allowing foreign drug imports, and he opposes any cuts to medicare. for a voter at home, why is this particular plan appealing?
10:33 am
>> sure. you know, trump released a plan back in march, had about seven different points to it. most of these are sort of familiar republican talking points. purchasing across state lines would allow you as a consumer that lives in washington, d.c. to buy a plan that was licensed in texas that might be a cheaper product. when he says i'm going to remove the lines between the states, that's what he means. ideally a cheaper product for you. when he talks about health savings accounts that gives you some relief as a consumer, for high out of pocket costs, and then presumably allows them to work a little better if you have diabetes or cancer. these are some of the improvements people talk about for health savings accounts. the distinguishing thing about trump aside from most of the republicans is that he's adding some sort of populist policies like the prescription drug importation to get drugs from canada and bring them into the u.s. >> do you see this with cruz as well? >> cruz has a slightly different
10:34 am
policy. it sounds a little similar because it deals with international drug approval but cruz's is actually a reciprocal fda approval. if a drug gets approved in the european union an american pharmaceutical company can sell it in the united states versus what trump is talking about, saying if you physically go to canada, you can bring these drugs back into the u.s. >> we listed some of his major points. he also along that similar lines with trump, he wants to expand the use of hsa health savings accounts. why as a consumer is that so appealing? >> so to expand the use of hsas, when you think about the health care environment right now, a lot of consumers, whether you get it through your employer, whether through the obamacare exchanges, high out of pocket costs are a huge issue. so cruz is saying let's expand the use of health savings accounts so you have more money in your pocket to cover these kind of costs. >> both trump, cruz and kasich, do they want more power to go to the states when it comes to delegating where the funds are
10:35 am
going? >> yeah, absolutely. that's specific to the medicaid policies. they are saying there's too much regulation and control from washington. what you need to do is add fiscal discipline and then give states more freedom to design their own medicaid programs for the poor in their states. you are right, trump and cruz have both talked about that. >> we want to move on to kasich. we can put up some of the points he's named. not really terribly different. what do you find unique about kasich's proposals and does he use his executive experience as a governor as something to boast about? >> i think the unique thing about kasich is he's really hitting on bipartisan themes that will have broader appeal in the general election. he talked about improving primary care, talked about changing the way we pay for health care services to really reward value over just volume and how many times you visit a doctor. the other big thing that
10:36 am
distinguishes kasich is he has said he wants to repeal and replace obamacare. as a governor, de mahe did make decision to implement the medicare expansion. that's unique to the field of candidates right now. all these things are probably more geared towards the general bipartisan appeal. >> stephanie, thank you so much for joining us. i certainly think we will be hearing a lot more from the candidates in the general because they will be speaking to a much wider audience. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. still ahead, looking to california and indiana on the road to the white house. we have some new fox polls that point to a possible bumpy ride for ted cruz. and of course, there is no rest for the democrats, campaigning hard in the northeast corridor. is it possible that there is trouble out west for hillary clinton? and remembering a music legend. movie theaters turn back time to replay one of prince's stellar performances.
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the impressive legacy of prince continues to grow. album sales, particularly vinyl records, remember vinyl? they're also doing very well. all part of the tribute to the minneapolis native who died suddenly on thursday. fans continue to gather at the city's popular first avenue nightclub where much of "purple rain" was filmed. the cause of death may not be known for weeks but an autopsy has been completed. authorities say there were no obvious signs of trauma. donald trump's new top
10:42 am
advisor says his candidate will be changing his tone and acting a little more presidential. but on the campaign trail today, the front-runner wasn't exactly showing any signs of that. >> i sort of don't like -- >> lyin' ted took a nice meeting with the rnc, republican national committee. rafael, straight out of the hills of canada. four years in canada. >> toning it down, he is not. our political panel is here the weigh in. joe is a partner with the chatterdine group, and the former spokesman for house whip roy blunt. nice to be with yod new fox pol a look at. first in california, donald trump up by 27 points, up by 27 points. fox news poll out of indiana, donald trump up by eight points. things a little closer there, especially with the conservatives in indiana.
10:43 am
ted cruz at 33. as we look at donald trump, as paul manafort saying he's going to tone it down and be presidential, you almost hear trump thinking well, if it ain't broke, why fix it. i'm leading in all the polls. >> i think that's absolutely right. he gave one speech and everybody said here comes donald trump 2.0. i think we will continue to see donald trump as the donald because he can do donald trump better than he can do anybody else. >> it seems as though part of the campaign is let donald be donald. >> absolutely. absolutely. you're right. if it's not broken, why are they trying to fix it. he has done things that no one thought was possible. we declared him dead many times and he's always come back. >> we have all eaten our words. >> every single time. no matter how much we sit up here and talk babout it, he coms back. why fix it? obviously he's coming out with new stories and this may have been one of those tactics. >> i think they will hit it full
10:44 am
court press because they are trying to wrap it up before the convention. they are in great position in california and indiana. that one speech was the softer donald trump we will see. >> then we will see what happens after the convention. his campaign will tell you largely they have been running a general election race. they don't view this as a primary race going forward. i know you are excited. we are going to see which democrat you will get to be talking about. let's look to the democrats now. the race in california, unbelievable polling coming out. fox news polling, california, hillary clinton 48%, bernie sanders 46%, within the margin of error. indiana, 46-42, mrs. clinton on top, still right at the margin of error. as we look at the northeast come tuesday, it really seems like clinton is going to run away witness. she has double digit leads in a lot of states. but if all of a sudden we head to california, and bernie sanders is either tied or wins, that changes everything, doesn't
10:45 am
it? >> i think it would. but let's be realistic in some expectations. when the northeast gets done voting and her lead grows, i think you will see some momentum change out west. the story's going to change, the narrative's going to change. she becomes the presumptive nominee. she has the delegates locked up and the states begin to fall back to what they used to be like, which are the states that do symbolic primaries at the end -- >> what happened to symbolic primaries? >> we lost them all. >> she was supposed to be the nominee the entire process, right? i think she does have in the democratic party, has a standards problem, right? what happens to all of these supporters, especially the young people, and how much money he has. if you look, 45% according to polling that came out today said they would not support clinton if she's the general nominee. i think there's a wide divide democratic party. i don't know if it's something she can consolidate. >> is that a point? because you talk to bernie sanders and see the enthusiasm of sanders supporters. you go to his events, those kind of things, it's a whole different feel than anything that ever happened at a hillary clinton event. >> listen, i voted for bernie but i'm perfectly happy with
10:46 am
hillary. what we see here is just like we saw in '08. hillary's supporters were anti-barack and angry and you remember the scenes of them yelling. eventually they came become on board. i think we have the same thing. we do not have a core issue problem like the gop has. they are fight over what they believe as a core value in their party. that's a very big problem. >> all right. i don't have time for a last word. sorry. you got it on the last one. thank you both. don't keep looking at me like that. moving on. coming up, we are looking live, new haven, connecticut, we will talk about hillary clinton. she will meet voters there at any moment as it is a busy weekend for each and every candidate. they need every delegate they can get. plus, a 500 year tradition is going flat and says here losing flavor among many germans. could we possibly be talking about beer? details on that pouring in. it's time to prove ourselves as men!
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this leg will take him all the way to san francisco. godspeed. roughly two million children have at least one parent serving in the military. they deal with frequent moves in addition to their parents deploying. in honor of their sacrifice, april is the month of the military's child. joining me now, christian and his dad, justin. christian is one of operation homefront's military child of the year. christian is no stranger, there he stranger to tough challenges. he was diagnosed with cancer when he was only 2 years old. thank you both for joining us. we couldn't be more grateful. i want to start with you and
10:52 am
know about the challenges. you have an awesome dad here and there challenges you have had to move quite a bit tell me about that. >> well, pretty much. >> how many times have you moved? >> six times some. >> around four, i think. >> each time is difficult. you have to make new friends and go to a new school. that's hard. >> yeah. >> is it fun to go to new places? >> see new places and see what's there and meet awesome friends. >> what's been your favorite? >> meeting new people and being their friend. hawaii. >> i can definitely imagine that. what is the neatest part of your dad serving? i know you are interested in joining a marine corps one day? >> i'm young. because of my injuries and
10:53 am
health issues, i may not be able to go. >> that's okay. they may be able to find something for you, perhaps. maybe a public information officer. >> that are would be good. >> talk about what life is like for you. the challenges and how proud you are of your handsome son. >> i want to thank operation home front for how they support the military families. given the home front and the support forward. as far as my experiences with this young man, he and my lovely wife have been deployed as with all the military families. you so proud of your dad? >> i am. >> when you talk about it, what do you brag about? what's the coolest part?
10:54 am
>> get to see new places. most people don't get to see. >> you had great experiences with operation home front. you can me about that? >> yes. so when i was 2 years old, i was dying diagnosed with kidney cancer. i had to take chemo and when i was like 3, i think, i had to take -- i saw a poster on the paul of the hospital and i wanted to go and i did a cancer walk. i was 10. >> they have been there from the beginning. >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you so much for your service and your bravely. we appreciate you joining us. >> you getting ready to do sothing in the next couple of months? >> yes. >> what are you doing?
10:55 am
>> my friends and i, my friend jack and i are going to raise money from childhood cancer. >> it's called pure >> we will put that up on the screen. there it is. great for the viewers at home. they can check out the website. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. still ahead, grab a cold one for a half millennial tradition. it may be good for your health. we know that and we will have all the details coming up. my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira
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>> time to raise a glass. it is the 500th anniversary of germany's beer purity law. angela merkel and several other members celebrated in the bavarian city where brewing began. the law mandates beer be made with only hops, water, malt, and yeast. while no longer an actual law, it is an important tradition there. evidently it's beginning to fall flat. that won't be passing the keg as much as their parents did. america, china and italy are making up for the beer consumption. they say drinking german beer
11:00 am
will stop the spread of contagious diseases. >> i had it and it's delicious. >> a beer ud sounds good about now. >> america's election headquarters in new york. that's it for us. >> a busy day on the campaign trail. donald trump in connecticut and pushing new calls for party unity. >> they should dropout. we have to unite the republican party because we are going to win. >> his rivals all in pennsylvania and rhode island. the governor saying he is not going anywhere, folks. >> do you think delegates will pick somebody who is not going to win? why would we pick somebody to run against hillary clinton who can't win?


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