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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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will stop the spread of contagious diseases. >> i had it and it's delicious. >> a beer ud sounds good about now. >> america's election headquarters in new york. that's it for us. >> a busy day on the campaign trail. donald trump in connecticut and pushing new calls for party unity. >> they should dropout. we have to unite the republican party because we are going to win. >> his rivals all in pennsylvania and rhode island. the governor saying he is not going anywhere, folks. >> do you think delegates will pick somebody who is not going to win? why would we pick somebody to run against hillary clinton who can't win? on the democratic si
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bernie sanders trying to make a dent in the delegate count while the front-runner sets her sights on the big prize. all the highlights from the campaign trail. live from new york starts right now. >> it's another weekend of intensity on the campaign trail as hopefuls on both sides of the aisle push forward. they are playing a critical role in the all important hunt for delegates. maryland, delaware, rhode island, connecticut and the big prize is pennsylvania. that state setting the stage for a showdown with the most delegates up for grabs. hello and here's what's going on. ted cruz is all about the ruling of the delegates as many as he can. he is trying to win more support for the delegates that are
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unbound so he can force a contested convention from getting the nomination. pennsylvania has 71 republican delegates with 54 who remain unbound. at the moment of the remaining contenters, trump is 400 shy of getting to the magic number of 1237 needed to get the nomination. has 559 and john kasich 458. laying out the boundaries for donald trump and his rivals as he tries to hold the party when the gop seems to be under assault from all sides. >> our candidates are running for the nomination of the republican party. they are trying out for our team. no one is forcing them to wear our jersey. we expect our candidate to support our party. >> all of this is creating lots of heat for folks on the
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frontline. a spokesperson for the campaign will be joining us in moments with pennsylvania's delegates in the big spotlight first. let's focus on that. there has been a great deal of concern on whether voters in the state understand how the process work when is it comes to knowing if they will be voting for delegates who will be supporting the candidates they are backing. they are up for grabs and heading into the rnc convention unbound. the voters must select, but the big concern is that they don't outline who the delegates are backing which means voters may end up voting for people that they don't support and they don't even know if it's a candidate of their choice. joining us now with more at stake. i'm happy to welcome the correspondent.
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being able to determine on the grsz roots level. do you think folks remain confused when they are voting? >> most people will either go into the booth and vote for the presidential candidate so if the winner will walk away with the most delegates and that's not the case. this is a process that is obscure and they take part and it doesn't matter that much. usually by the time we get to pennsylvania, the nominees decide and they are trying to educate supporters on this and try to let them know if they are voting for the name on the top of the ticket. has there been a campaign to educate vote ors on how to find the candidates of their choice? >> it varies by campaign. the campaign has been the most organized and they have been working on this for sometime. they have a slate of 26
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delegates that are loyal to cruz. among the supporters, they vote for the folks. they have their own state, but one person described it more as controlled chaos where it is operating in different pockets and individuals trying to make a grass roots movement to spread the word and going to polling places with these are the trump supporters. then you have the establishment that is not behind john kasich, but they put a number of folk who is are low level party workers. congress men and names that people might recognize and vote for. they are kind of holding them saying they are keeping it dry saying that they will vote for maybe who wins the district on the first ballot, but if it goes to the second, they will look at the electability with the establishment in pennsylvania and that means john kasich. >> let me ask you this. has there been an outcry and is
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it adding fuel from the trump campaign that said the party is rigged? the rules are rigged. there is really not a fairway to go about picking delegates in the state. >> we have not heard a lot yet. i don't think there has been a lot of attention in the past couple of days when we got past new york and they turn to pennsylvania and people definitely into the strange process. no one makes that argument yet. he will be watching out for anybody who tries to rig the system. he tries to persuade people to switch sides and change who they are supporting and they are vigilant, but they need to make that argument. >> from your perspective and obviously the newspaper and the local media are keeping close watch. will there be any folks who are in place to stand by and monitor
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and watch the process at the polling places to see what's being done to try to get to voters or any type of canvassing will go on to convince people to support certain delegates behind the scenes? >> i'm sure the campaigns are planning to have people trying to educate people through whatever bounds there and make sure nobody crosses the bounds. the cruz campaign seems the most organized, but it's a long time since we have seen pennsylvania republicans be in play. it is a wild card that we will see on tuesday. >> are you expecting controlled chaos there? >> controlled chaos. we will know that it looks like donald trump will win the state and that's what the polls point to. it will be a mystery as to who gets the most delegates. trump may get the headline, but we may not know who wins the
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delegates until we get to cleveland. >> my goodness, a lot to sort out and it's not easy at all. thank you very much for joining us and all of us will be watching how the voting goes and how the outcomes turn out. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> joinings us now with more reaction, a national campaign spokesperson, welcome. it's great to have you on board. >> great to be here. thank you. >>. >> for your campaign, it's about the ground came and securing support from the goff etted delegates. even though the math is not there for mr. to get to the magic 1237 ahead of the convention, the best hope is for a contested convention this summer? >> we believe that no candidate will get to the majority of the delegates to win on the first ballot, but we will come out of cleveland with a republican nominee and it will be historic because for the first time in modern memory it will go more
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than one ballot and get behind a nominee. donald trump is not going to be the nominee because he won't get to that magic number of 1237 on the first ballot. everybody knows his numbers are only going down from there. most of the delegates after the first round are free to vote their conscious. he has been busy insulting republican activists and calling everybody party bosses because he hasn't taken time to learn the process and understand how it works. the reality is most of these delegates who go to the national convention are volunteers and the people lost the precinct and man and staff the phone banks and make sure the yard signs get up and they run for office themselves. the grass roots of the party ultimately and it's a bizarre strategy to insult the volunteers and activists. >> is the mission now for your camp less about keeping alive a path to 1237 and more about narrowing and blocking donald
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trump from getting the needed number to get to a win at the convention? >> the ultimate goal is to win the nomination by the process that has been laid out and those are the rules that every candidate has to play by. our strategy as we go along is to campaign in every state and ask for the support of voters as we go forward to respect the will of the voters as we do and in the process will win as many as we can going forward. the reason why he can't get to the majority is he is not supported by the majority of the party. >> is your camp focusing on winning in the congestiressiona district, but there voter who is remain confused as we discussed in states like pennsylvania on how to figure out who supports the candidate since only the name appears on the ballot. what if the delegate selection
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represents the will of the people? what if it doesn't represent the will of the people? is that fair? there concerns about that. ruling delegates is one thing and what if that doesn't reflect what the people really want? >> if you think it's complicated for the voters, think about what it's like to be in a campaign where you have 50 states and five territories each with a different set of rules and caucuses and conventions and hybrid systems and the like. it is complicated. the key is that we have to understand what the process is and that it has been earn the support of people. other dell gets will be free and unbound. >> that's because of the convention. >> it's incumbent upon every
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candidate to make clear in the state of pennsylvania which delegates are pledged to support that candidate. that's a responsibility of the campaign. what we have seen is every time he loses which has been five times leading up to new york, he has to find somebody else to blame. he blames the process of the rules and no candidate that we understand is working hard. you have to win the support of the voters for the delegates. >> many observers has been saying indiana is a must win for mr. cruz. the latest polls are showing donald trump gained ground there. if you look at the screen for the viewers, he is leading by 41%. he is also in the lead big time in california. how are you reacting to this knowing that despite your effort to try to make a convincing argument about the delegate process and about your concerns about donald trump, that despite
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that and the fact that he was behind in the polls and he is now ahead. >> time and time again, we have seen a week or two out, he can be down by 10 or 20 points and come along and win. look at what we did where we were down by 20 points and 10 points two weeks before and wound up winning a victory by 13. we have to go into the state that voters have the opportunity to meet senator and time and time again when they met senator and donald trump, they have chosen senator cruz. >> the concern about party unity. that's a big concern right now given the fact that the party seems so slinterred on so many fronts in terms of who folks are supporting and getting behind and all the polarizations are taking place. >> let me ask you, do you believe that ted cruz will support the nominee, whoever it
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happens to be? >> well, the nominee of the party is not going to be donald trump, that's for sure. >> if it is, do you think he will support him? >> at the end of the day, it's not going to be donald trump. >> i understand what you are saying, but -- >> he has no ability to unify the party. >> if ted cruz is going to be a unifier and he is in the interest of unity, do you believe he will come together if it happens to be on some chance that he doesn't get the nomination. >> donald trump cannot get it. >> or john kasich. >> donald trump simply has no ability to unify the party because he -- at the end of the day, donald trump has done so much to alienate so many people within the republican party and insult so many people and make it so deeply personal, he has no ability to unite the party. that would be unfortunate
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because if he was the nominee, at the end of the day, the delegates who gather are never going to nominate donald trump to be president. >> for the record, if he happens not to be the nominee, will he support whoever it is in the interest of party unity going forward in the fight against the likely nominee, hillary clinton. i guess we won't have an answer to that. we lost our satellite signal. sorry about that, folks. i would like to hear from you. based on the concerns of the party unity and the delegate counts, should any of the gop candidates dropout ahead of the convention to help unite the party against the democrats? tweet me and i'm going to try to get to your answers at the end of the show. we invite you to stay tuned for a special fox news presentation. we are in philadelphia taking the polls of pennsylvania voters.
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it's america's town hall. stop by or join the conversation on fox news town hall. it begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> turning now to the democratic side of the race, an event under way in connecticut where hillary clinton is talking about working families. heading out to delaware in the afternoon. great to see you. >> that's a lot of talk that perhaps tuesday will be bernie sanders's last stand. here in baltimore in this arena, sanders appeared more defiant than ever in regards to hillary clinton. the vote for the iraq war and how she is funding this
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campaign. it's a profound difference how we have chosen to raise money for the campaign. clinton has chosen another approach. she has a number of super pacs including one that in the last filing period reported raising $25 million from special interest including $15 million from wall street. >> this crowd of more than 6,000 people was not all that friendly towards clinton. a lot of booing when her name came up. they wanted to stop attacking her and try to bring the party together. we did not hear any hint of that today. clinton is campaigning in two other states. rhode island and connecticut. last night she was in pennsylvania. one of the things she talked about was guns. normally she is talking about gun control. this time she decided to
11:18 am
describe the time she learned how to shoot a gun as a young girl. listen to this. >> i know how important gun ownership and particularly hunting is here in north eastern pennsylvania. i want you to know that we can't ignore the second amendment and we can't ignore the 33,000 people a year die from gun violence. >> most polls show sanders trailing clinton in five of the states on tuesday. pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, maryland and rhode island. that's the state where he has the best chance of beating her. it's the one state that allows independent voters to vote. all the others are closed primaries. looking ahead past tuesday, the race appears to tighten at least at a state level. two new fox polls out today show
11:19 am
clinton neck and neck in indiana and california. that will be a moot point if she is able to lock up enough in maryland on tuesday andher stat tuesday to clinch the nomination. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> president obama's trip to saudi arabia this week making some news. it's coming at a delicate time in the relations with the kingdom including the controversy over the pages of the 9/11 report which could show the saudi ties to the attacks. then to the gruesome scene in this country in ohio where eight people from one extended family murdered execution style. a live report on that manhunt for those responsible and the investigation into those brutal murders. >> there is a threat there. i believe that threat to be armed and dangerous. i have spoken with the family and i have given them
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>> per an alert in southern ohio with police hunting for at least one suspect in the horrible execution-style killing. eight people from one extended family. police interviewed them, but there have been no arrests. live from the newsroom with the latest about the brutal murders. brian? >> eight people, seven all thes and a 16-year-old from one family murdered grizzly execution style and all of them shot in the head. police made no arrests and the manhunt is on for shooters who are armed and dangerous. the murders are taking place in four homes. three within a mile or so in pike county. about 28,000 people in southeastern ohio. the children were not hurt. the victims are all members of
11:25 am
the family, a reportedly large and well-known family in that community. >> the family would like to thank everyone for all the outpouring of prayers and support for their family. they ask that you continue to keep them in your prayers. they want law enforcement from the rounding counties for immediate response. >> they are urging surviving members of the family to take precautions while the shooter or shooter are on the loose. the big question is why this was family target and who did it? it is highly unlikely this was a murder-suicide which is why there was a manhunt under way. specific threats to the community. the sheriffs are saying i would. a reward is being offered to information leading to an arrest and conviction and anyone with information will have to call.
11:26 am
a heart breaking story. >> indeed. thank you very much for the update. president obama is getting a grilling from young people at a town hall in london. the types of questions that he was asked and you will hear his surprising responses. and then the president's trip to saudi arabia this week amid controversy over the 9/11 bill and what it means for diplomacy with one of the closest mideast allies. ♪
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80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. welcome back, everybody. going overseas right now, president obama taking time to talk to some of london's young people and during a town hall, the president encouraging them to remain optimistic about the future and always be ready to compromise. he also is addressing the issues that have been controversial in
11:31 am
the u.s. like the black lives matter movement and gay marriage. kevin cork joining us from london where we are looking forward to a great report. kevin? >> always nice to talk to you. interesting conversation for the president as he spent time with about 500 talking about a range of issues. yesterday the big story here was the president's comments about the uk potentially leaving the eus as in the european union, hoping to put distance between what happened yesterday and today. the president went out on the golf course and headed over to the grove where business happens and took in a round with british prime minister david cameron. for those that don't know, he is a huge golfer and you may know he likes to get in at least a couple rounds when he heads out, but given the chilly weather, he probably only got one round in. it was part of a whirl wind day.
11:32 am
the president visited london's grope theater dedicated to the work of william shakespeare and the replica that he designed in 1599. he talked about the chance to chat with about 500 or so. the president sharing a conversation with them reminding the young generation to nurture the special relationship between britain and the u.s. and as you pointed out, to stay positive in life. >> you are standing in a moment where your capacity to shape this world is unmatched. what an incredible privileges that. you never had better tools to make a difference and to forge a better uk and a better europe and a better world. >> to reject cynicism, such an
11:33 am
important message. as you know in listening to young people, they have the concerns that adults have, but it's heightened when the president took advantage to remind them to stay positive. tonight he will have a dinner with the prime minister and u.s. ambassador to wrap up a great trip here for the president and impactful trip that they will be talking about before he heads over to germany. back to you. >> great to see you coming from jolly old england. appreciate it very much. thank you. the president also sitting down with members of saudi arabia's royal family this week at a time when tensions remain high. one of the closest allies in the mideast. the president meeting with the king and focussing on the so-called 9/11 bill that has been fueling speculation about whether the saudis were at all involved in the attack against our country. this bill would allow families
11:34 am
to sue the government of saudi arabia. the kingdom threatening to pull billions out of the u.s. economy if that bill passes. joining us now with thoughts on all this, ambassador woolsey, the chairman of the foundation for defense of democracy in our new york constitute studios. always a pleasure to have you. what was your reaction as you watch the optics of this, seeing our president over there and meeting with members of the royal family and trying to ease the tensions that have been generated from theests to try to pass this bill on capitol hill? >> i think that he was trying to smooth things over because this is one of the only things where he is tilling towards the saudis and away from the iranians. it tends to be quite more accommodating to iran and i don't think that flies.
11:35 am
on the bill, i have a special feel being this because i came very close to losing a son on 9/11. saved by a transit policeman who probably died doing it. i understand the position of these families very much. i think that however it's really important that this could lead other countries to pass similar legislation. take a case in the mideast now. we are using drone strikes to hit terrorist leaders and take them out. suppose we hit one in lebanon successfully and a member of hezbollah and iran. they run lebanon. that took place and then all of a sudden in the lebanese courts, the family of the terrorist is suing the united states. lebanon has a hypothetical statute similar to the one we
11:36 am
want passed here. also gts going to be hard to find people who are willing to go abroad and do anything very risky. whether you are a cia officer or diplomat or military or get into a situation where you start triggering lawsuits, it's going to be a lawyer's employment act. >> the fact that saudi arabia is not wasting any time and firing back in such a bold and open way saying if you do this, we are going to pull millions of dollars out of the economy and affect you in a big way and a direct hit at a time when is that really -- there is so much going on. is that really necessary? they need our support and our backing in so many ways. >> they do, but they have been trying to get it and they haven't succeeded with president obama. on this one, he is on their
11:37 am
side. i think the saudis are sometimes their own worst enemies. on this issue, i think they are right. they are not handleing it in such a way as to be diplomatic and so forth. they are throwing their weight around and they have a lot of weight. they are a wealthy country and they are the number one oil in . it's not being handled well. >> should it be made public what's held confidential to this point about any concerns about allegationed ties with saudi arabia that snb that government may have been involved in plotting the 9/11 attack. >> here's where the first amendment cuts in. there is no good reason why we can't have a debate about this knowing the facts. if the 28 pages have some release of secret tactics and methods of collecting
11:38 am
intelligence and some part of them ought not to be released, but nobody said that's the case. they're a relationship within the saudi community and i think the key thing is whether the saudi government was involved in any part of it. >> other mid-level governments or maybe there were. who knows. >> the royal family can get big and bin laden was part of one of the leading families and that's what makes it complicated to deal with. >> do you think the white house is trying to prevent that from happening because there is actual evidence there that would prove the connection? >> it may be, but it also, i hope, is because they understand how important the saudis are in helping us be able to check
11:39 am
iran. i'm hoping that the president is not as pro iranian as some of his decisions would suggest. we are really going to work hard to check iran and its satellites like hezbollah and so forth. not to just give in to good feelings about iran and to do that, we need the saudis. they have religious practices and others that americans find appalling. mercy or honor killings and that sort of thing. >> horrible human rights record. >> that whole situation is i think one that americans need to understand that the reason we won world war ii we were willing to be an ally for three or four years. history's greatest killer, joseph stalin. we needed him against hitler and the saudis against the iranians.
11:40 am
>> it's a delicate dance when you are dealing with players like this. you are up against a lot of forces that are very, very hard to deal with. >> absolutely. >> ambassador, it's great to have you on board here today. thank you very much for joining us. a pleasure to have you here. fans around the world mourning the loss of an iconic superstar, but more questions are surfacing about the mysterious death of prince. an autopsy has been completed and we will tell you what we know so far. plus, the republican race for president goes towards cleveland with them gathering around one candidate. that candidate is not ted cruz. he has no pathway to victory. and kasich is 1-38. i'm just running. why are you running? i don't know, i'm just running. ♪
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cruz said that kasich should get out because there is no way he can win. there is only one problem. now there is no path to victory for cruz. they should both get out. when they get out, we will start on hillary clinton like nobody's ever seen before. >> that's donald trump urging his rivals to get out of the way so he can focus on winning the white house in november. saying the longer the party is divided, the harder it will be to win in november. he said he is not going anywhere, insisting he is the only republican with a shot at beating hillary clinton. what's his plan? >> we will go to a convention
11:46 am
and they will decide who can win in the fall. i'm the only that does. why would we pick someone to run against hillary clinton who can't win? what would be the reason for that? >> the republican from pennsylvania who endorsed mr. kasich. great to have you here today. >> great to be with you too. >> a lot of folks are calling them a distractor and someone who is getting in the way of progress, so to speak. that really mathematically he doesn't have the number of delegates to win. does he want to see the contested convention and are there concerns about further divisions in the party if this happens to be the path he takes?
11:47 am
>> that is not possible. mathematically ted krooez cannot get that number either. there will be hurt feelings, but donald trump has himself to blame for the divisiveness. if you look at the numbers, the american population has an unfavorable view of donald trump and the numbers are greater among women. the reality is, an open contest and the delegates must advance and not only the candidate who shares their values, but the most electable in the fall. we know that governor kasich matches up best against hillary clinton, particularly in swing states like pennsylvania. >> a recent news poll that shows the numbers that we can put up to show our viewers in the potential general election matchup. she gets it by 48 to donald
11:48 am
trump's 41. hillary clinton 44 and ted cruz 45. that said, there many in your party who say okay, we hear what he is saying brk but doesn't he have to win states here before the matchup come november. the fact that he is not having major wins apart from ohio. >> if we accept that logic, abraham lincoln would not be the leader going into his convention. dwight are now was well behind and the delegates made a decision. they wanted to advangs the general. this is an unusual year. donald trump has a national brand for better or worse.
11:49 am
the reality is about 30% of republicans are participating and pulling about 35% of them. unfavorables are so sky high, i don't see how he can win the election. we need someone to perform in swing states. everybody knows it. that's why they like to get john kasich on the race. i don't want to hand it over to hillary clinton. i'm afraid they would do just that. >> aren't you concerned that if a candidate is chosen that did not amass the number of delegates ahead of time or the support or win states that many in the public will feel like he is looking for a situation where he is anointed to be the nominee? wouldn't that be something like part of the old days and the back room deal, et cetera? >> that's fair, true. the reality is no candidate is
11:50 am
going to get to a number that matters. the majority is the only number that matters. if you don't have the majority, you don't have a lot of deg to stand on. that's why we will have a convention to sort it out. >> it will be interesting. you know that for sure. this is obviously what you pointed out as such an unusual year. something we haven't seen the like of in decades. appreciate you joining us today. >> switching gears and focusing on the autopsy for prince. why investigators are able to rule out possible causes of death now.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
welcome back, everybody. turning now to a developing story. there are more questions surrounding the mysterious death of rock music icon prince. while we await the result of that autopsy authorities are now seeing some progress in the investigation saying there were no signs of violence at the scene where he died nape also say there's no evidence to suggest that the singer took his own life. joining us now is from our west coast bureau with more. will? >> the medical examiner says it
11:55 am
could take days, potentially weeks to get the results back from that autopsy. so with that in mind here's what we know right now. we know that prince's plane made an emergency landing early last friday when he was flying from atlanta to minneapolis. his publicist maintained he was fighting the flu. a couple days later he performed at a jazz club where reportedly fans say he said wait a few days before you waste your prayers. then thursday he was found dead inside an elevator at his home in minnesota. there are no sign of foul play. we're learning his friends say prince had hit problems from his performances. he struggled with epilepsy as a child. the investigation continues, authorities say they're also looking into his pharmaceutical records to get a better understanding of his medical history. >> this is a tragedy for all of us. to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us, he's a community member and a good neighbor.
11:56 am
to his family, he is a loved one. >> we're seeing just much prince meant to his community in minnesota. fans have gathered outside of his paisley park home leaving purple flower, balloons and signs. prince's death even delivered all of those fans pizza thanking them for their support. uma? >> great outpouring from the public for the music legend. will, thank you very much. that's going to be a wrap for me here in studio j from the fox news headquarters in new york. i hope wherever you are you make eight great day and a great weekend. i'll see you again next time. america's now making history but not in in the way we ever intended. olay total effects
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it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. . just three days until the next big round of primary contests and all the candidates are on the road. can you believe it? welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> good afternoon to you. i'm julie. we are heading into the home stretch for round of contests that could wrap things up or make things more interesting. hillary clinton and donald trump hitting up connecticut today. one of five states voting tuesday. senator ted cruz focusing on pennsylvania. the big prize next week. five states are up for grabs. connecticut, delaware


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