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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOXNEWSW  April 23, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. . just three days until the next big round of primary contests and all the candidates are on the road. can you believe it? welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> good afternoon to you. i'm julie. we are heading into the home stretch for round of contests that could wrap things up or make things more interesting. hillary clinton and donald trump hitting up connecticut today. one of five states voting tuesday. senator ted cruz focusing on pennsylvania. the big prize next week. five states are up for grabs. connecticut, delaware, maryland,
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pennsylvania, and rhode island. >> so we begin our coverage with matt live in bridgeport, connecticut, where donald trump held a rally this afternoon. matt, what's happening? >> good afternoon, kelly. a trump rally wrapped up a short while ago. about a thousand people, a typical lively crowd for donald trump. we were also at the waterbury, coen con, rally earl i did today. several thousand people there. a couple hundred had to be turned away. a handful of protesters at each event. not that strong organized presence of protesters here in connecticut that we have seen in other states recently. such as new york speaking of new york, after trump's massive win there trump's top lieutenant has since said we'll start to see a change and perhaps start to act more presidential. however, today, at so far both events we have seen no change in donald trump's talk or tone. he continues to call ted cruz lying ted and attacking officials like john kerry. trump said today changing his tone is like asking tiger woods
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to change his swing. and trump says there are plenty of critics of his tone but he remains unapologetic. >> they are jumping off people's heads in the middle east. they're drowning people in steel cages. and jeb says, i don't like donald trump's tone. hillary clinton said the same thing. she said, his tone. they used the same word. it's very harsh. the world is tough. the world is not soft. the world is tough. we're not tough. this country is not tough. our leaders aren't tough. our negotiators are representatives are not tough. secretary of state kerry is not tough. i like the tough guys. i like the guys that are tough because there's something about it, okay? they like me. >> now, donald trump continues to insist that john kasich and ted cruz need to drop out because they are mathematically eliminated but cruz and kasich are saying, trump, we can win this thing on the convention floor. donald's attitude and people have been referring to might be helping him here in connecticut.
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most of the polls indicate he has a double digit lead heading into tuesday's primary. >> thank you very much. we will continue to follow the developments of that going on. next tuesday is a big day. thank you. all right. switching gears on to the democratic side. and southern bernie sanders campaigning in maryland and delaware today. more than 110 delegates are up for grabs in those states. hillary clinton meeting voters in connecticut and rhode island. those states along with pennsylvania holding critical primaries next tuesday. kristen fisher is in baltimore with more. >> reporter: there's been a lot of talk a that perhaps this is bernie sanders' last stand. but today here in baltimore he sounded more defiant than ever, especially in regards to hillary clinton. he hit her for ties on wall street, her vote for the iraq war, and for how she is spawning her campaign. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself, and it's a profound difference, is how we have chosen to raise money for our
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campaign. clinton has chosen another approach. she has a number of super pacs, including -- including one that in the last filing period reported raising $25 million from special interests, including $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: clinton's campaign has been hoping sanders will stop attacking her and trying to bring the party together. we did not here any hint of that in baltimore today. clinton is in rhode island and connecticut and last night in pennsylvania. one of the things she talked about there was guns. normal lly talks about gun contl but this time she described learning how to shoot a gun as a young girl. listen to this. >> i know how important gun ownership and particularly hunting is here in northeastern pennsylvania. and i want you to know that we
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can't ignore the second amendment and we can't ignore the 33,000 people a year die from gun violence. >> most polls show sanders trailing clinton in a vote on tuesday. pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, maryland, and rhode island. rhode island is the one state where sanders says his best chance of beating her on tuesday because it's the one state that allows unaffiliated and independent voters to vote. all the other states are closed primaries. looking ahead past tuesday the race appears to tighten at the state level. two new fox polls shows sanders and clinton neck and neck in indiana and california but that is a moot point if clinton is able to lock up votes in maryland and other states on tuesday to clinch the nomination. >> kristen fisher, thank you in baltimore. voters have made it very clear they are growing increasingly frustrated with the use of big money politics. it's a theme both donald trump and bernie sanders have made
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central to their campaigns. both defy convention raising big money without taking corporate cash. so what about or with about six weeks left in the primary season, where does everybody stand on this? garrick tenney has fund-raising update for us now. >> the numbers are incredible to see just how much money is going into this direction. in total the candidates and super pacs have already raised more than $1.1 billion this election. according to open secrets. we still have another seven months to go. on the democratic side, bernie sanders continues to dominate hillary clinton in fund-raising. in march his campaign says it raised nearly $46 million compared to clinton's reported $29 million. but sanders is also burning through that cash a lot faster than clinton. he also doesn't have a super pac behind him. the clinton super pac priorities usa reported bringing in more than $11.7 million in march. and in total, more than $67
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million this election. >> secretary clinton is doing it the way the vast majority of politicians is doing it, she's established a number of super pacs. and in the last filing period, her major super pac reported $25 million from special interests including $15 million from wall street. >> on the republican side, donald trump who is self funding his campaign and does not have a super pac raised only $2.7 million in march. far behind ted cruz's $12.5 million and john kasich's $4.5 million. trump did however write his campaign $11.5 million check in march, the largest loan he's given himself this election. >> you have companies and china itself and they all have all of these powerful lobbyists in washington and the senators and congressmen don't do anything. i'm self funding my campaign, folks. i'm going to solve the problem so fast. >> my fubl coach used to say winning doesn't come cheap but it turns out in politics losing
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isn't too cheap either. kelly? >> garrett, thank you very much. fox news is holding a town hall in this event taking place in philadelphia just days ahead of the crucial primary in pennsylvania. it will be hosted by bill hemmer and martha maccallum tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. you can join the conversation on twitter using #foxnewstownshall and go to the fox news facebook page to submit your questions. fox news report now coming out of ohio where investigators are conducting an all out manhunt for whoever is responsible for shooting and killing eight people all from the same family. police say all the victims were shot in the head. and some while they were sleeping. investigators are now examining evidence from four different crime scenes, as well as testimony from more than 30 people. brian is following the investigation from our new york city newsroom live. brian, how did this all go down?
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did they have a motive, do they have a suspect? what's the latest? >> they do not have a motive or suspect right now. it is just a grisly, horrific, heartbreaking, you name it. eight people dead. all from the same family. seven adults and a 16-year-old. and now the manhunt is on for a shooter or shooters, in the murders taking place in four homes. three of the homes within a mile or so of one another in pike county, rural community of $28,000 people in southeastern ohio. now, some of the eight victims were murdered as they slept, including a mother in her bed with her 4-day-old baby nearby. that baby and two other small children were thankfully not hurt. the victims are members of the rhoden family. police believe this is not a murder suicide. they believe the suspect or suspects is on the run and now authorities are doing everything they can to protect the surviving members of this family. >> there is a threat there. and i believe that threat to be
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armed and dangerous. i have spoke with the family. i've given them precaution measures to take. we have additional units in the area available to them. >> reporter: authorities don't know yet why the particular family was targeted. they are said to be a well-known family in the community. 100 relatives and friends gathered at a local church last night. still in shock. >> it's such a tragic, tragic situation, what's happening. they've got a lot of questions. who committed the crime, things like that. and i can't imagine what they're going through right now. >> police say there's no specific threat to the rest of the community but people are being told to just lock their doors and stay alert. a $25,000 reward is now being offered to anyone with information. anyone with information is asked to call 1-855-bci-ohio. julie, we just got ahold of the 911 tapes. we'll have that in the next hour. horrific stuff though. >> it sure is.
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all right. thank you very much. >> no problem. another fox news alert in arizona where two police officers were shot and injured at a walmart store in the town of chandler near mesa. authorities say the suspect attacked the officers shortly after they arrived at the store this morning. and the suspect was later shot and killed at the scene. the officers are both listed in stable condition. a dangerous mystery for federal officials after 500 pounds of explosives vanish fres a freight train. also, rnc chairman reince priebus is calling for the party to come together. we're going to talk to one lawmaker who is heeding that call and urging his fellow republicans to join him. plus, bernie sanders is feeling the heat. as some within the democratic party call for him to drop out and get behind hillary clinton. but sanders has other plans. our panel debates as fox news poll sheds new light on the
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tightening race in some key upcoming contests. at the end of the day it's not good enough to talk the talk. you've got to walk the walk.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back. time now for a quick check of the headlines. the daughter of the gng shooting suspect who allegedly killed five people saying her father was a, quote, ticking time bomb. she says he threatened to kill her, her grandmother, and mother a day before the shootings. police later found the man dead of apparent self inflicted
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gunshot wound. authorities say they recovered a large shipment of commercial grade fireworks stolen from a csx train. an atf spokeswoman says 30 cases of the explosives were recovered based on a tip. no arrests so far and the investigation is ongoing. fans hold events around the world marking 400 years since william shakespeare's death including this parade in his hometown of stratford on avon. president obama also visiting a london theater dedicated to the barge work this morning. rumblings within the democratic party now that bernie sanders should drop out of the race. and get behind hillary clinton. but sanders vows to take the race all the way to the convention. a spokesman says the campaign plans to spend the summer trying to persuade clinton's superdelegates to flip and join them. and new fox news polls just out showing the candidates locked in
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tight races in indiana and california. among indiana democrats clinton leading 46% to sanders 42%. but notice, that's within the poll's margin of error. it's very close and even closer in california. in fact, mrs. clinton has 48% support there while sanders has 46% again with the margin of error you could call it a tie. adjunct professor of law at university of detroit murphy and the bernie sanders supporter. and danielle is an author of and political commentator and supports hillary clinton. thank you both for coming on. a lot of people are trying to put pressure on bernie sanders. you're nodding your head while i'm saying the democratic fund-raisers out there are hoping that he drops out to get behind hillary. but when you look at these numbers it's no wonder why. he doesn't want to because it is neck and neck in these two critical states of indiana and california. >> bernie is a better candidate. he polls better against all the republican contenders than hillary. that's going to show more, as
12:19 pm
this campaign has gone on as people get to know secretary clinton a little bit more, i think we see that the real differences are becoming clear. and bernie supporters and bernie's campaign is a movement. to think we should fall in behind secretary clinton because we've been involved in this process would be to misunderstand what's going on. >> do you agree with him? he's got the money. >> yes. >> there's no question there. is the money enough and reason enough to stay in it because if you look at the number of delegates, he is behind the chances of him getting up to the required number of delegates come the convention time, not necessarily all in his favor. i mean, california and indiana could change that. >> right. but we have both races coming up in may and june and we have super tuesday coming up on this tuesday where we have five states where clinton is looking like she's probably going to take all of them, maybe five and maybe four. you know, no question bernie sanders has the money and he has the mandate. it is a movement.
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i was in long island city on monday, i saw the enthusiasm, and the crowds. your point is well taken. i think if we put the "new york daily news" as one example. "new york daily news" interviews side by side clinton, she's along. she's hugely experienced. certainly qualified to do this job. and i think after super tuesday the cap is going to have to consider what it does. and i'm not saying that's the end of the movement because i agree with you there are very important things that bernie sanders is saying. but at some point they're going to have to make a decision about whether they continue on or not. >> we need to also talk about the damage that's being done. as you get closer to the convention and you've got this mud slinging with sanders questioning her ability to run the country and then if she gets the nomination and i know that you don't see that. happening, but if she does, does that mean sanders can't really back her after saying all the things he said about her likelihood and her experience -- >> maybe whatever damage you're talking about being done is being done because she's not
12:21 pm
that great of a candidate. she's just not a strong candidate in the general election. that's what we've been saying for a long time. what i find really funny is clinton supporters are telling us sander supporters you need to get behind secretary clinton because if you don't vote for her it's like vote for trump in november. trump has the lowest unfavorable of any presidential candidate in history and the clinton camp still thinks she could lose to him. bernie sanders beats trump in every poll by like 20 points. better candidate and hopefully everyone will see that. i pope by june 7th bernie will have more pledged delegates than she does. >> i don't see that at all. i take issue with the idea that we're only wanting the bernie sanders camp supporters so that this idea about beating trump. i think trump is imminently beatable. what sanders is doing with these attacks is divisive and negative and it sounds like trump. trump slashing and burning and telling people to get out of the race. he's not acting in a presidential manner.
12:22 pm
he's blowing up the gop. if sanders doesn't rein it in at some point and think about what he really wants, does he want to blow up the democratic party or does he want to see a democrat in the white house? >> it's going come down to numbers. we can bicker back and forth but if you look at the republican side the numbers are in favor of donald trump. the you look on the democratic side right now, after new york, that was a big win for hillary, where she took home 139 over sanders 108 delegates. she now leads the overall delegate count from 1146 to 1242. how much is riding on indiana and california? >> they're very important but also and i think the sanders campaign has been saying this, it's very likely that neither candidate is going to get to the convention with a majority of the delegates with just pledged delegates. >> but then what happens with the super delegates? is bernie sanders really going to influence the superdelegate to flop on hillary? >> we have to try to flip the supervisor weer delegate even though the superdelegate
12:23 pm
election is unfair. >> i disagree with you. >> we have to convince them that it is the truth, that bernie is a better candidate. better for america. >> do not agree. >> the superdelegates are going to flip on hillary and turn to bern bernie. >> i think they will. >> does that seem realistic? >> i don't know. superdelegates are entrenched on who the candidate they believe has the best chance of winning against donald trump. >> in 2008 they switched later in this point. ng they can. >> in 2008 the lead between obama and clinton was -- is double what it was at this point now. she has twice as many in terms of a lead. you know, i think that's what sanders has to say. they'll flip but ultimately it will co -- >> he will win out. >> i love it. thank you very much. >> thank you. kelly? >> thank you for that. donald trump's new chief strategist paul is doing a lot of closed door talking with the rnc. but is it enough to smooth things to outsider candidate and the establishment he keeps
12:24 pm
bashing. plus, three gop candidates still left in the race for the white house. some would say that's a crowd. we'll talk to a pennsylvania congressman about how the primary in his home state on tuesday may change all of that. >> donald and media immediately said new york city has spoken, the race -- it's interesting, i think donald and media believe pennsylvania is a suburb of manhattan. i've got a whole lot more faith in the men and women of pennsylvania.i' m terrible at go. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. hello?!n presents the yardley's. -oh, pizza is here! -oh! yeah, come on in! [claps] woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today.
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fox news alert. ted cruz holding a retail campaign stop in indiana. he's just outside the capital, end nap his. cruz is looking to get a head start in that state before its primary on may 3rd. the republican national convention wrapping up its spring meeting in florida the party's presidential
12:29 pm
front-runner drimp did not attend but concerned about unconventional tactics, he was the still the main topic at the events. trump's new chief strategist telling the rnc they will soon see a big change when it comes to trump. meaning that he will be more, quote, presidential. steve haragan has more from miami. >> julie, after a week of political meetings here in florida the chairman of the republican party did not mention donald trump by name in his address but he did encourage delegates to support whoever the nominee is. >> politics is a team sport. and we can't win unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee. >> donald trump is the only one of the three republican presidential candidates who did not come to hollywood, florida, to meet with those delegates and lobby them. instead he pretty much did the exact opposite. he was out on the campaign trail where now a stap of his stump speech is bashing the republican
12:30 pm
primary system. something he calls a rigged operation. >> it's a rigged, crooked system that's designed so that the bosses can pick whoever they want and that people like me can't run. >> instead it was left to his surrogates to pick up the pieces here in florida, to try and persuade the delegates that mr. trump off the stump is very different than the man on the stump. they said he could change his tone in the very near future to a much more presidential one. and that the trump campaign would be gladly willing to work closely with the republican leadership in a general campaign. julie, back to you. >> steve harrigan, thank you very much. one republican congressman is not please with the infighting going on in his party but despite that, he will back the gop nomination in november whoever it might be. now congressman michaelly of pennsylvania is urging other
12:31 pm
republicans to do the same. in an op-ed in today's "usa today" he write, quote, starting now republicans of every sort should commit to fully supporting whichever candidate ultimately acquires 1,237 delegates, whenever that may occur. no more threats to subvert the convention, no more fantasies about a third party, no more flirtations with staying at home. pennsylvania congressman michaelly joins me now to weigh in on this and talk about it. so congressman, thanks for joining us today. especially on a saturday. you're there in your home district. but the three remaining gop contenders now are -- they're vowing to stay in the race until the very end. so do you think they're talking or taking heed to your message? >> well, you know, i don't know if they're so much taking heed to my message but i do think that now it comes down to the republican voters, the people who vote in the primary. we can't be separated all the time. and now distinct differences between our candidates and
12:32 pm
expect them to try as hard as they can to get to that 1,237. what i'm afraid of the somehow i'm talking about the people who feel disenfranchised or somehow they're not relevant, that's going to change after cleveland and we won't be able to win. we've got to rally behind our nominee coming out of clevelandnd we have to win. we have to refuse to lose. we've done that too often in the past because we couldn't stay together as a party. >> becoming your own worst enemy is part of it. i want to say what steve showed by showing reince priebus. he said, we can't win unless we rally around the one who becomes our nominee. now, you know donald trump is a party's front-runner. what would you like senator ted cruz and governor john kasich to do, stay in the race or perhaps suspend their campaigns so they can rally around the current front-runner? >> you know, all of these people have worked very hard in a campaign. it would be for me to tell
12:33 pm
senator cruz or governor kasich what to do is not right. i would say this, kelly, ronald reagan was very clear with his 11th commandment, no republican shall speak ill of another republican. but look at what's going on within our own party, we're fracturing at such a fast rate and -- listen, somebody is going to be at 1,237. the only person who can possibly do it before cleveland is donald trump. after cleveland somebody is going to have to be at 1,237 votes from delegates. it's not a game, those are the rules. that's what we have to get. but when we come out of cleveland we have to break coddle with one goal and one goal in mind only. it may not have been the person that i would have liked to see to be our nominee but it is the republican party's nominee. and i'm not so afraid of losing an election as i am afraid of losing a nation. a progressive left agenda is going to wreck the country. we have got to come together now not just as a party but as a people to save this country. >> that leads to my next
12:34 pm
question because you are definitely passionate in your support of the grand old party. it's been a long and bruising fight on the republican presidential campaign trail, as you know. in the glare of these candidates fighting each other do you think voters are losing sight of what you believe the republican party stands or and what is the identity of the gop in your mind and what would you like to express to the american people? >> i think the gop has always stood for a smaller government. taxes use less, strong defense, but a party that looks to be governed by the people, not the party who wants to govern the people and grow a government bigger and bigger. we are on a nation of never achieving the total greatness we could possibly have. i have a lot friends that are democrats. i look at what's going on and it's no longer democrats. progressive left agenda that betrays everything that we believe as americans. i know that's going to offend some people but you can't look at what's going on and think
12:35 pm
that we're on the right pat. we're on the wrong track. i'm imploring people, not just the republicans but americans to, please, look at the path we're on. we have more things that you night us than divide us. i look at president reagan, i look at what he stood for. president reagan was clear about, he was the happy warrior. he was talking for that bright new morning in america. we need to see that gn. we've got to come together as people, not just as a party but as a people. republicans right now have an excellent opportunity to come together. it's okay to have the disagreement. it's okay to argue. but it's not okay to break the huddle and come to the line of skrcrimmage and say i just refu to run any play because it's not the play i would have chose. >> i totally understand. in the shortness of time, based on your passion, what you just outlined as being the real substance of the republican party, what do you see for next tuesday? will pennsylvania go with donald trump, john kasich, or ted cruz?
12:36 pm
>> certainly right now it looks like donald trump is going to win. the big question is we're going the have delegates who are unbound and uncommitted. i would hope those delegates look at the way their district voted. their district also votes for the delegates that from each district. 54. i would hope those delegates take into consideration and say this is the way my district voted, they voted me to go and represent them in cleveland and i'm going to represent them that way. that's the way my conscience would lead me. i am hoping our elected delegates feel the same way. >> great state, by the way, pennsylvania, my wife is from there. see you later. thank you, kelly. north korea's test fires a ballistic missile yet again. this time a little different. they did it from a submarine. with the alarming new development u.s. security in the region and here on the american soil are worried about now. plus, donald trump saying that he plans to -- that's what his advisers are saying. the question is is donald trump onboard? there's a new fox news poll
12:37 pm
showing him leading in some states. what the move could mean for tuesday's primaries and beyond. >> donald mike changing a little bit over a period of time and maybe he will tone it down. i don't like toning it down. you know? i'm going to talk about that in a second because it's interesting. isn't it nice that i'm not one of these teleprompter guys? it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage.
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. fox news alert right now. north korea launching a short range ballistic missile for the first time from a submarine. a u.s. official telling fox news it's not a threat to the continental u.s. but could reach japan where american forces are stationed. the pentagon says north korea's submarine tests have become a very serious matter and they're watching it very closely. but officials do say there's no evidence that they can fit a nuclear warhead on such a
12:42 pm
weapon. new fox news poll showing donald trump leading in two major stais states. the gop front-runner gets 41% support in indiana while senator ted cruz has 33%. then in california, trump is at 49% while cruz gets 22%, a big margin there. really leading in california. meanwhile the trump campaign says he's planning to reshape his image. what does that mean exactly? judith miller is an adjunct fellow at the mblt institute for policy research and also a fox news contributor. judith, great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> this is interesting. trump advisers is saying we're going the see a whole new trump soon. more presidential one. i don't know what that even means. but the question really is, is donald trump onboard because if you hear donald trump speak it's almost as if he hasn't actually spoken with his advisers. >> exactly. it's as if he's being kicked and
12:43 pm
screamed into doing the right thing, being kinder, gentler, more user friendly. and as he said to the crowd when he was addressing them earlier, he said, well, i don't think i want to be that guy yet. what does that mean yet? >> change person atlanta some point? i mean, you don't become somebody. you are somebody. nobody tells donald trump who he is. and i mean, i know. i have a loud personality. people have been trying to quiet me for years. it just doesn't work. you cannot change me and you cannot change donald. we do have something in common there. kelly is laughing because it's true. you only heard me in the commercials. >> in your case i'm glad that's true. in his case, not so much. because, look, the guy who calls -- >> i'm not run for president. >> you're not running for president. and we want you to be opinionated and we want you to be feisty and contentious and skeptical. donald trump, however, has such negatives.
12:44 pm
i mean, what people -- you know, the polls you were showing in the new fox polls do not show the negatives. and the negatives are a sign, they are 65% of likely republican voters who say they wouldn't vote for him in a general election. i mean, compare that to hillary who is unpopular but she is ten points below him in negative ratings. cruz is at 49%. so donald trump has to do something to make himself more likable and one thing he could do is to stop calling women pigs, slobs, disgusting animals, and the other names that he's called us. he could stop saying that mexicans are rapists and that all the slums ought to be banned from the country because those are some of the people he's going to need if he wants to win a general election. >> he has backed off, i will say, of insulting women. i mean, he has softened a bit. i don't recall the last time in recent memory he's called a woman a pig. so we have to kind of look at
12:45 pm
how he has transformed himself just a bit. those are comments he was accused of making before he decided to run for president. but i want to ask you, with donald trump out in front in both states, indiana and in california, the question is, could that make or break the race for the republican nomination? i mean, he is leading by a landslide in california. cruz is way behind. and then, i mean, kasich's numbers are almost nonexistent. what are cruz and kasich's campaigns thinking right now? >> i think kasich is thinking whether or not he ought to stay in the race. i think he will for the reasons that he said. but this is a very unpredictable race and we pundits have been wrong about so much it's hard to say that we're going to be right about our predictions ahead. but i do think this. you know, look, either way, if donald trump manages to transform himself, some people will say who is the real donald trump? is it this nasty guy who makes
12:46 pm
fun of john mccain and calls him not a war hero or is it -- is it this new kinder gentler guy? and what do we call people who transform themselves into whatever they have to be in order to win a nomination? some people, specially the democrats will call them demagogues and dangerous demagogues. that's what "the washington post" said after spending an hour with him. >> we know that this is nothing new about trump rallying against the party for developing what he said is a rigged system in which cruz was able to amass delegates in colorado without republicans actually voting. there's no secret how he feels about the gop establishment. now the question though is how does the gop establishment feel about him? recently a couple of his new senior advisers met privately with rnc leaders. the question is, does this mean the gop establishment possibly is finally coming around to trump? >> well, i think the gop establishment is very worried about the impact of the donald
12:47 pm
trump at the top of the ticket. look, julie, the republicans have worked very hard to get a majority in the house and the senate and especially the senate. you have six very vulnerable seats. you have not that large majority. you know, 54. so people are worried that if they put someone with so high negatives at the top of the ticket he could take down the senate for them. he could lose more than 30 governorships. he could lose the more than two-thirds of the state legislatures which are republican. people are really wondering what would the trump effect net be and no one is certain about that. he has yet to persuade the gop that he is the guy who cannot only bring himself to victory but bring the party to victory. >> all right. judith miller, always great to talk to you. thank you so much. >> great to see you, julie. >> kelly? the obama administration is defending decision to buy nuclear material from iran
12:48 pm
saying it's legal under the nuclear deal. critics say the white house is basically funding tehran's nuclear program. shawn bolton will be in next to weigh in on this this. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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12:51 pm
welcome back. state department announcing this week that the obama administration is buying 32 tons
12:52 pm
of nuclear material from iran. the move sparking outrage among opponents of the nuclear deal reached last year. critics say the white house is essentially subsidizing iran's nuclear program. the administration says the skepticism is understandable. but sees the sale as a way to encourage tehran to stick to the agreement. listen. >> on this, you know, what we can say is this is a commercial transaction. it was allowable. it fills a need here in the united states. and that's what john goelt on the is u.s. former ambassador to the united nations. senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor. particularly the american people's perspective on what just happened here? >> well, it's pathetic. in the vienna nuclear deal iran undertook to reduce its stock piped heavy water substantially.
12:53 pm
that's the deal they made. now they say well, we're having trouble selling it on the open mark. because we're still producing heavy water our stockpile might rise. for the united states to buy a substantial quantity bus two things. one, it helps them, helps the iranians to fulfill a requirement they themselves agreed to and it gives them hard assets, american currency. iran negated this deal. that's not what the become administration has been doing. >> we keep seeing all of this give and take and tit for tat and this deal has already been done and iran agreed to do this by july. and they're saying, well, as you said we can't do it. can you help us out? what does this say to the critics of the obama administration saying, wait a minute, you're compromising here at a time that iran can continue to go on and do what it wants to do? >> look, i never believed the
12:54 pm
ayatollahs had the slightest contention of complying. this doesn't really surprise me. but i and others said even before the deal is signed this is not a final deal. for the ayatollah this is just a rest stop for a way of further negotiation. that's what's playing out. the signal it sebds is iran is a normal nation when it still on our list of state sponsors of terrorism and still causing havoc in the middle east. >> this comes amid the fact that the secretary of state john kerry was here in new york meeting with iran's foreign minister to discuss to help out iran in dealing with how does that strike you?
12:55 pm
>> this is a very important point. it's another example of iran having made a deal that now it decides it doesn't like. secretary kerry is reopening it. i think that the administration either fundamentally misunderstood or deceived us. and deceived the iranians in exactly what american sanctions law provides. they weren't all -- all these sanctions weren't focused solely on the nuclear program. they were at least as much focused on iran's role as the central banker of international terrorism. the restrictions that are still in place in the united states, although not so much in europe, continue to restrict iran's ability to do commercial transactions. my response to that is life is hard, ayatollahs, life is hard, isn't it. >> got a short time, quickly, what do we need to do? >> i would not make concessions. it sends a terrible signal not only to the ayatollahs but also the north koreans. you can renegotiate endly.
12:56 pm
>> move forward the right way and getting it done the right way. thank you for joining us and sharing your perspective. tensions rising between the u.s. and russia with moscow boosting its submarine presence in levels that hasn't been seen in 20 years. how the move is echoing the cold war, next. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company
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a big weekend for canada, ahead of another supertuesday. senator ted cruz holding a rally in indiana after spending time in pennsylvania. voters in the keystone state had to the polls next week. along with voters in rhode island where governor john kasich held a town hall meeting with three days to go. i'm kelly wright welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> five states are up for grabs next week. pennsylvania is the big prize. because for the republican candidates, 54 of those 71 delegates are unbound. meanwhile, donald trump focusing his attention today on connecticut. holding two big rallies there. and despite the promise from his new chief strategist that he would tone it down, that's a quote, trump told the crowd that
1:01 pm
if he were too presidential they'd fall asleep. >> paul was down in florida. he said, you know, donald, might be changing a little bit over a period of time and maybe he'll tone it down, maybe he won't, who knows what happens. i sort of don't like toning it down. isn't it nice i'm not a teleprompter guys. >> matt finn was at those rallies from bridge port connecticut. >> no sign of toning it down. he continues to attack ted cruz calling him lying ted amongst other names here in bridgeport. the rally wrapped up a little bit over an hour ago. a thousand people showed up. lively crowd in typical donald trump fashion. we were at the waterbury connecticut events. several thousand people showed up there. a few hundred had to be turned away. just a handful of protesters. we have not seen the amount of
1:02 pm
protesters here in connecticut such as in new york. the trump campaign released a new video attacking the establishment. the term we've heard so often throughout the election season. it says the trump campaign will work with the establishment but it's not going to control him. he's take great pride in stopping special interest money. >> they're only going to be doing what's good for them, meaning they want contributions to run for office now and in the future. so we'll work with the establishment but they're no longer going to control what's happening. we're going to control it. and that's going to be good for you. and it's going to be my great honor. believe me. >> trump, again, today said his fellow gop candidates cruz and kasich need to drop out because they're mathematically eliminated from the nomination. cruz and kasich keep fighting back saying they could beat him on the convention floor.
1:03 pm
the act that donald trump has put on the entire time could be helping him here in connecticut. he has a double digit lead heading into the primary on tuesday. >> thank you very much. very interesting stuff. we'll have to wait and see what happens. i say donald is going to stay donald. >> it looks that way. to the dramatic race. hillary clinton will state hillary clinton. she's in connecticut holding an event in new haven ahead of tuesday's primary there. her opponent, bernie sanders is holding a rally in wilmington, delaware. senator sanders showing no signs of backing down, despite multiple polls showing him trailing clinton in all five of the states that will vote on tuesday. >> perhaps this is bernie sanders' last stand. but today here in baltimore, he sounded more defiant than ever, especially in regard to hillary clinton. he hit her for her ties on wall street, her vote for the iraq war and for how she's funding
1:04 pm
her campaign. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself, it's a profound difference is how we have chosen to raise money for our campaign. clinton has chosen another approach, she has a number of super pacs. including one that in the last filing period raising $25 million from special interest, including $15 million from wall street. >> clinton's campaign has been hoping at some point sanders will stop attacking her and try to bring the party together. we did not hear any hint of that here in baltimore today. clinton is campaigning in two other states that will vote on tuesday, rhode island and connecticut. this time she described learning how to shoot a gun as a young girl. listen to this.
1:05 pm
>> i know how important gun ownership and particularly hunting is here in northeastern pennsylvania. i want you to know that we can't ignore the second amendment and we can't ignore the 33,000 people a year who die from gun violence. >> most polls shows sanders trailing clinton in all five of the states that will vote on tuesday. rhode island is the place where he has the best chance to beat hillary clinton. all the other states are closed primaries. looking ahead past tuesday the race appears to tighten at the state level. polls show clinton and sanders neck and neck in indiana and california. that will be a moot point if clinton is able to lock up enough delegates in maryland and the other states that vote on tuesday to clench the nomination. >> thank you, kristin.
1:06 pm
fox news is holding a town hall in philadelphia days ahead of the crucial primary in pennsylvania. it will be hosted by bill hemmer and martha maccallum tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. you can join in on the conversation on twitter. all you got to do i is #foxnewstownhall. go to the fox news facebook page to submit a question and get in on all the action. the republican national committee rapping up its spring meeting in florida. donald trump, the party's frontrunner for the nomination did not attend. but concerns about his unconventional tactics on the campaign trail, we're still -- they're still a main topic of conversation at the event i should say. trump's new senior strategist telling the rnc they'll soon see a big change. we have more from miami. >> it was a week of intense politics here in florida. and by the end the chairman of the republican party was encouraging the delegates, not mentioning donald trump by name,
1:07 pm
but saying that the party would eventually have to coalesce and support the nominee. >> politics is a team sport. and we can't win unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee. >> donald trump is the only one of the three republican presidential candidates who did not come to hollywood, florida, to meet with those delegates and lobby them. instead he did the exact opposite. he was out on the campaign trail, where now a staple of his stump speech is bashing the republican primary system. something he calls a rigged operation. >> it's a rigged crooked system that's designed so that the bosses can pick whoever they want and that people like me can't run. >> instead it was left to his surrogates to pick up the pieces in florida to try to persuade the delegates. mr. trump off the stump is different than the man on the stump. that said he's much more deep. soon they can expect a change in
1:08 pm
tone. a much more presidential sounding mr. trump. kelly back to you. >> thank you very much. two police officers shot and injured at a walmart in arizona. authorities say a suspect attacked the officers upon their arrival at the store in the town of chandler this morning. now, they were called today remove a trespasser. the suspect was shot and died at the scene. police not ruling out the possibility that the officers were ambushed. >> witnesses are reporting that into the store and the shooting did occur inside the store when the first officer walked into the store, the suspect began firing at the officer immediately. second officer arrived on scene and engaged the suspect and the suspect sustained those mortal injuries at that time. i guess you can call it what you want. it sounds like an ambush to me. >> sure does. both officers are now in stable condition. thank goodness. north korea launches a
1:09 pm
ballistic missile from a submarine for the first time. u.s. official telling fox news it's not a threat to the u.s., but that it could reach japan. analysts say the north acquiring the ability to launch missiles from submarines would be an alarming development because missiles fired from submerged vessels are harder to detect before they're launched than land based ones. we'll discuss what this means for our national security at 6:00 p.m. eastern. new developments in the disappearance of two missing teenagers lost at sea. the two boys vanished last year on a fishing trip. new evidence has been discovered that may help piece together exactly what happened. new details about what happened in the moments before the tiger attack that killed a zookeeper at the palm beach zoo. donald trump says his campaign is quote, evolving. and so is he. vowing to take a more traditional approach in the general election and act more presidential? is his current persona just an
1:10 pm
act? our panel debates, fair and balanced next. yesterday i was hearing about how i'm going to become presidential i'm a really smart person like a lot of you people. presidential is easy. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment.
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1:14 pm
time now for a quick check of the headlines. here's what's happening. the parents of two 14-year-olds lost at sea last year say the teen's boat has been found off bermuda along with an iphone. last summer they left the florida coast on a fishing trip and never returned. zoo officials say the tiger keeper broke the rules. they say she was experienced in dealing with tigers. and forecasters warning a tornado outbreak is possible in the plain states next week. the storm prediction center says severe weather could come to oklahoma, kansas and texas on tuesday. all right. republican leaders getting new assurances from donald trump's new campaign chief that the candidate is evolving and will
1:15 pm
begin to act more presidential as the campaign moves toward the general election. also praumomising to work more h the establishment instead of against it. rival ted cruz pointing to that as evidence that trump is just putting on an act and lying to conservative voters. >> the media fawning breathlessly that donald won his home state, is really quite ridiculous. if donald is the nominee we lose. let me point something else out. donald trump is telling the american people that he's lying to us. >> tammy bruce is a radio talk show host, allen colmes is host of the allen colmes show on fox radio. okay. i don't know why everyone is paying attention to his senior advisors, i know donald isn't. why are we making such a big deal? this guy is not going to change. >> he said today he wasn't going to change. he said in connecticut today i'm not going to tone it down. >> why are they trying to change a man that's not going to
1:16 pm
change? are their supporters going to be turned off. the whole reason he has an enormous amount of support is because of his persona. >> well, i think, technically it's because what they're trying to do is win over the delegates they're trying to tell the delegates we'll be more of what you're familiar with. everybody knows that donald trump will never be like any other president. in fact, as you're noting, look, part of his appeal is the fact he's not like all those other guys. so we want, i think that people want to be, you know, encouraged by the idea that he will actually be able to govern because of a certain mentality, but i think, look, you should be who you are. i think that he got in most trouble when he adapted to what his advisors were. for donald trump it's a challenge. people like you for who you r. you'll be stronger for being who you are. you're running to be the most powerful man in the world. can you adapt? >> be real presidential now, all
1:17 pm
right? >> maybe before -- >> so his advisors are saying he's going to be a phony for the rest of the campaign. which is the real donald trump? which is the phony do you know what i mean? >> i haven't seen many variations of donald trump, ted cruz is calling him a liar and faker. i have to say, is he? i see the same donald trump. for decades. >> as a candidate for for decades and we see him this way on his television show. >> he's still calling hillary clinton crooked hillary and lying ted. and he's joking by john kasich. he actually made fun of indians at call centers doing a fake indian accent. that's donald trump 2.0. >> this has he highlights the fact we're sick and tired of being lied to, sick and tired of the theater. this is the nature of how he's approaching it. you can be a jerk and be a good president or be politically
1:18 pm
incorrect and be a good president. this is the challenge for mr. trump. if you're going to do something do it. you don't keep announcing it. this is what they keep doing it, look -- >> but donald's not announcing it. >> he said i can be the most politically correct person ever and i can be presidential. maybe we just want you to be yourself and maybe that's okay. that's maybe the challenge. >> that's while he'll never be president of the united states. use political correctness as a cover. i'm so tired of political correctness that does not give you an excuse to be a bigot and racist and say the things he said or make fun of indians because he's not politically correct. >> this is making the point if you're not politically correct you're accused of being a racist. >> not being a -- >> people are tired of it. this is the whole social argument about what americans are tired of. we can have disagreements with social policies and you don't -- you're not a homephobe and a not a bigot. >> he's exiting real bigotry and
1:19 pm
saying i'm not politically correct to see it's okay. it's lack of political correctness when you're making fun of people, calling them names. insulting people, insulting his way to the nomination. this is what american wants. >> what we want is a commander in chief that we can just start right there. you got mr. obama who is -- seems to be the nicest guy in the world. and now we've got a zombie terrorist army roaming around. you can have really nice people and have the future completely ruined. this is about leadership and clarity. >> when you stack up a donald trump if he is indeed the nominee, who does he stack up against? that is going to be the biggest challenge for him. bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> both of them would beat him. every poll, either one beats donald trump. in a general election his negatives -- i know hillary certainly has negatives he has higher negatives and his negatives with women, hispanics and people you need in order -- >> his unfavorable rating is high.
1:20 pm
but his favorable rating is also extremely high. hillary clinton's unfavorable trustworthy rating is not so great. >> when people realize and they see -- >> as far as experience is concerned, are voters going to make a decision based on experience or personality? >> the exit polls, experience is at the lowest end of the spectrum. >> isn't it scary? >> no, it's not people with the experience have brought us the disaster we're sitting in now. >> the republicans have the convince the electorate we're in a terribled disaster in order fr them to win. for them it's not. we're not doing horribly the economy is up, jobs are up, et cetera, et cetera they have to convince something that's not true for them to win in november. >> having jobs we've got more jobs, it's three part time jobs for your one normal professional job. >> it's better than we were doing under bush. >> what allen and i say is not going to define reality. >> it should.
1:21 pm
>> every person watching the program -- >> we can all agree on, it's a completely different world. a new one for all of us. all right, tammy, thank you very much. allen, we appreciate you both coming on. kelly? a fox news alert police searching for the person who shot and killed eight members of the same family in ohio. seven adults and a teenager were found dead at four different homes yesterday. investigators have not made any arrests, they aren't sure whether it was the work of more than one person, but say whoever did it, should be considered armed and dangerous. our brian llenas is live in our new york city newsroom with more details on this. >> good afternoon, kelly, police have made no arrests and there is still no motive as to why a shooter or shooters would want to kill eight members of the same family. at this hour, there is an ongoing manhunt in pike county which is located in southeastern ohio, a rural small community population of 20,000 people.
1:22 pm
now, the seven adults and one 16-year-old were all members of the rhoden family. they were all found dead, shot in the head. execution style in four separate homes. three of the homes within about a mile of one another. we're told some were murdered as they slept including a mother in bed with her 4-year-old baby nearby. that baby and two other small children were thankfully not hurt. we have just obtained disturbing 911 calls from yesterday. the first call made by a female relative just before 8:00 a.m. in one home and the second call made by a male relative at another home at around 1:30. >> what's going on? >> there's blood all over the house. my brother-in-law is in the bedroom and has beat the hell out of him. >> okay. >> there's blood all over. >> this is 911 can i help you? >> i need a deputy to come out
1:23 pm
to close to 799 left fork. >> okay. >> all this stuff that's on the news, i just found -- i just found my cousin with a gun shot wound. >> okay. is he alive? >> no. no. >> absolutely horrific. police have ruled out that the possibility that this was a murder suicide. police have added additional patrols protecting the rest of the rhoden family. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. a $25,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. if you have tips, please call 855-bci-ohio. kelly. >> brian, what a story. a lot of people will be following this no doubt. our prayers and condolences to the family. brian llenas reporting. a ticking time bomb. that's how a woman is describing her father who is suspected of
1:24 pm
killing five people before taking his own life. what exactly may have led to the deadly incident. plus, russia increasing submarine patrols to levels not seen in decades and raising tensions with the u.s. so what's behind moscow's moves? and how the pentagon is responding. i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better.
1:25 pm
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1:29 pm
bottom of the hour time for the top of the news. donald trump today telling supporters in connecticut he will not tone it down while he's on the campaign trail. it comes just one day after his chief advisor told the rnc what trump would show and that's more restraint. i guess he didn't talk to donald about that. >> okay. hillary clinton may not deliver the knockout punch to bernie sanders on tuesday, but she is closer to nailing down the dramatic nomination, the associated press delegate map shows her with 81% of the delegates needed to win the nomination. also, the daughter of a georgia man suspected of killing five family members says her father was a quote, ticking time bomb. the woman saying wayne hawes threatened to kill her mother and grandmother. he killed himself after the murders. russia is stepping up
1:30 pm
submarine patrols to levels that haven't been seen in 20 years. the presence of russian attack subs rising by almost 50% just in the past year alone. the pentagon responding by accelerating its own undersea capabilities. tensions between the two countries beginning to echo those of the cold war. joining us now is retired four star general jack keane a former vice chief of staff and chairman of the institute for the study of war. general, your perspective on this, please. it seems that russia has been conducting provocative acts lately and our u.s. navy expressing concerns about russia's increased submarine activity. what are the russians up to? >> they're using military capabilities to demonstrate strength. they are taking advantage of the weaknesses they perceive exists in europe and the united states. they've had three successful
1:31 pm
interventions. one in crimea, one in eastern ukraine and the most recent one in syria. very little opposition to that and no response from the united states and europe of any consequen consequence. the russians want to weaken the resolve between the united states and europe. the so-called transatlantic leak. and ultimately, they truly want to put pressure on nato. that's where they're heading. it will be a while before they get there. that's what this is all about. they actually do want to force the collapse of nato. and these are steps towards that objective. >> and it seems like they're constantly taking the steps. as you know nothing is done without vladmir putin's approval. what's his strategy behind the provocative moves beyond taking out nato, but also what he might want to do in terms of rebuilding the old former soviet empire? >> well, he clearly looks at russia as a world power.
1:32 pm
he knows he's got huge problems. he's got economic problems. this is a country in 11 time zones, largest country in the world and only have 150 million people. they have one of the highest hiv rates and respiratory illness problems in the world. and also cardiovascular disease. despite all of those problems, and the problems he has with the economy, he wants to be on that world stage. and he is there now. and he's going to stay there. and he's going to take advantage of the situation, particularly with the weaknesses that we have in leadership in europe and the united states. >> that point is very succinct. you talk about the weaknesses we have in the united states and abroad and nato. you go back to syria and how vladmir putin and russia intervened on that albeit against what the united states and nato wanted them to do in syria. how should the united states and nato be responding right now to russia's actions or provocations? >> well, that's great question.
1:33 pm
overall, nato really has to convince putin that they have the resolve and determination to protect the alliance, to protect each country in the alliance. much as we did so successfully during the cold war. the thing that will convince him, the same thing that convinced his predecessors in the soviet union and that is demonstrating strength. we have got to put troops back into eastern europe where this contest is going to take place. they've got to be of sufficient numbers backed up by air power for him to know that no attack should be made, given the presence of that strength. then given what it represents the determination to do something about it. right now, kelly, it's a big question mark what nato's response would be. >> it's a big question mark in terms of what our response would be. our own defense department. former secretary of defense
1:34 pm
going on to say he felt duped in terms of watching our military get decimated in terms of strength. on that strategy, what are we doing to say to russia you will not step over this red line, we will take serious measures with your provocative actions? >> the actions that were taken today are not even close to being satisfactory. the current budget 2017 will increase a brigade of troops into eastern europe. we need to put an entire division in there. we need air power. the other thing russians are watching, you talked about it talking about secretary gates. they know our military is in decline. our readiness problems with serious. we don't have a modernization problem to meet the challenges. the russians have advantaged and that is going to continue because we're not investing in the future.
1:35 pm
they watch our capabilities very very closely. they know that it's not where they should be. what does that demonstrate? that demonstrate the resolve of the american people and its leaders that we're not keeping the united states military strength where it needs to be for what? not because it's going to fight. because it's going to stop wars. you're not going to have wars if you have that kind of military strength. the cold war was incredibly successful, very strong for a long time. and that demonstrated the united states had the resolve and the will to fight and we never had to fight. that's the point. >> general, you make a very strong point. a valid point. hopefully people are listening, thank you. >> good talking to you, kelly. hillary clinton going after donald trump ahead of tuesday's primaries, we're going to talk to one of pennsylvania's polling experts about what voters are looking for in the keystone state as hillary clinton goes on the attack. >> he actually says wages are too high in america. i mean, honestly i don't know who he talks to.
1:36 pm
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protesters in germany already lining the streets ahead of president obama's visit there tomorrow. the demonstrators are in the german city of hanover protesting a planned free trade agreement between the u.s. and europe. police said more than 20,000 people gathered for the demonstration. opponents to the agreement say it would hurt consumer protection and environmental standards. hillary clinton turning her attacks toward donald trump ahead of this tuesday's pennsylvania primary. according to the polls, the two front runners up by double digits in that state. trump leading cruz by 16 points.
1:41 pm
clinton with a lead over bernie sanders. a live look at senator sanders who is holding a rally right now in wilmington, delaware. we're joined by pennsylvania polling expert, the director of the center for politics and public affairs at franklin and marshall college. he's the founding of the keystone poll. good for you to join us today. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> pennsylvania is a purple state. what are pennsylvania voters looking for in terms of a presidential candidate on both sides of the aisle, republican and democrat? >> right. right. yeah, that's a great question. and pennsylvania is little different in some respects because of internal politics of the state and situations in pennsylvania government. what rises to the top has to do with politicians and government. there's a considerable amount of angst and anger and disappointment with politicians. now, that is truer for republican than dramatic voters. but it breaks down into various
1:42 pm
demographics of the state. but in that regard in terms of demographics it's not dissimilar from what we've seen in the exit polls in the other primary and caucus states, that have held their events so far. this is fairly important. secretary clinton has a sizable lead as you report, she does extraordinarily well with women, with minority, older voters. and a keep to pennsylvania in both parents are elderly voters. pennsylvania has the fourth oldest population in the country. translation, donald trump and hillary clinton does very well. and senator clinton's big lead among women voters is a huge help moving forward. >> let me ask you something then,s y you were talking aboute angst and anger that's going on among pennsylvania voters. you're right to correctly point out the fact that that's -- seems to be nationwide there's a lot of anger and angst.
1:43 pm
because of that number, is that why donald trump is doing so well? we've reported on exit polls from the previous campaigns and the super tuesdays and primary tuesdays and caucuses and all of them have voted for an outsider and donald trump seems to be e theothe outsider going forward. >> no, you're exactly right. i mean, if you take a look at the base of support and what they say during the course of the campaign, meaning what they're saying on the stump, this angst and anger is particularly strong among white blue caller workers who believe that prosperity has passed them by that the recession has overwhelmed them. they talk a lot about their own personal finances. these are the people who look at government and say you have failed me. these are also the kinds of voters who say trump, against the establishment, he sticks his finger in the eye of the establishment. and he tells it like it is.
1:44 pm
>> terry -- >> voters don't care -- >> you're hitting on something key and that is the white voter who is saying, i'm not happy with where i am in terms of my middle class income. it's evaporated. and most of them are middle aged is that correct? >> yeah. >> and when they reach middle age they should have more money in their pocket than what they have right now. donald trump is speaking to that. >> yeah, and many seniors -- we used to call those folks the reagan democrats. in pennsylvania, two regions of the state in particular, in the areas where manufacturing, coal and steel and iron once predominated the economy of this state, these were voters that historically had been democrats. they began to move away. what do we call them? reagan democrats. many of them have been voting republican, even though they may not have changed their voting registration. and great appeal,
1:45 pm
donald trump has great appeal to them because he is talking their language. and in a sense feeling their pain if a billionaire can feel anybody's pain. >> good point. terry, basically, you've already talked about hillary clinton, the fact she's appealing to the older democrats. and as you know, bernie sanders has been able to reach a lot of younger voters. will pennsylvania be a state that feels the bern or will bernie sanders feel the heat on tuesday? >> this is pretty much a clinton state. she beat senator obama by ten points in 2008. here's what senator clinton, both apply has been doing in this state. she regionalizes and personalizes her speeches. she goes into philadelphia and talks about gun violence. she goes up to scranton pennsylvania where her father and grandfather were born.
1:46 pm
she talks about her local roots and how her brother still owns a cottage in a lake outside of scranton. every place she has gone she's localized it. bernie sanders has been to penn state university. gettysburg college, millersville university trying to rally young voters. he is continuing on this same message he's talked about throughout the entire campaign. >> so hillary is making it local. all right. thank you for your insights. >> thank you. a massive recall coming from fiat chrysler for more than a million cars and suvs world wide. more than 800,000 of them right here in the u.s. they include the 2012-2014 dodge charger. the 2012-2014 chrysler 300. and the 2014, 2015 jeep grand cherok cherokee. officials say the electronic gear shifter may cause the vehicle to roll away after a
1:47 pm
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new details emerging about an unscheduled landing of prince's jet just days before his death. the 57-year-old pop icon was found dead at his minnesota home on thursday. a medical examiner completed an autopsy on presence yesterday and i had body has been released to his family. doctors are saying the toxicology tests could take weeks and won't release details on his cause of death until all the information is in. joining us now, a private practice physician. thank you so much for talking to us. the biggest question everybody wants answered is how he died and of course we won't know hat for several weeks. when you look at the timeline of the week leading up to his death
1:52 pm
what most stand out to you. >> a number of illnesses and a plane landing. we just don't know. in order to piece together this information we have to wait for taup results which means the toxicology and look more on what was happening, were there illnesses where he had hospital admission. was there the flu. why did the plane land. >> tmz has been right on numerous occasions when it comes to getting insider information and tmz said he was treated for a drug overdose last saturday after the jet made that emergency landing, less than an hour away from their original destination. he was apparently treated for the flu. that's what came out. whether he had the flu and treated for a drug overdose we don't know. it turns out he only pents three hours in that hospital he was rushed to via ambulance. if he was treated, indeed for a drug overdose and gave him a shot which is something that
1:53 pm
would help you recover from an overdose of opiates his time in the hospital was critical. he wanted to leave. there were reports he left because they didn't have a private room to offer him. how critical was that hospital stay and how could that hospital stay if he stayed longer played a role in sprentsing his death. >> we can't make assumptions about what may happened. >> let's say we're talking about a drug overdose on saturday. let's say he had opiates in his system. take that information and what does that early release from the hospital tell you >> we can't speculate again. what i can say there are 40,000 americans who do die from prescription and heroin overdoses. this is a problem people can of a. one antidotes they can have is narcan. these opiates can decrease your breathing rate. narcan can be used. we just don't know what this is. if you leave against medical
1:54 pm
advice. this is possible misinformation that's flying out there. experts agree when celebrities do pass away we feel like we lost an extended family member. we all grew up listening to "purple rain", "1999." we're mourning him. while we want to understand what's going on we need to be wise when we come to making sure we're not -- >> you're right. when it comes to us mourning him everybody is mourning this legends and a lot of people who knew him personally and didn't know him or his fans like myself we're speculating want to know why and could it have been prevented. it's almost like a source of anger because you feel so sorry for these people that were struggling, possibly, from some sort of unknown, you know, problem, perhaps depression, drug addiction. but he led a very private life and unfortunately now his private life is being exposed to the public and of course will be even more so once those
1:55 pm
toxicology errors come through. when the police were called they had medical treatment in case somebody had an overdose. he was d.o. a. >> he was never transported to the hospital. he fell down in the elevator. we don't know for how long. these are things that have to be looked at in addition to what's coming back with the autopsy report and toxicology. those can take weeks. they will look for alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs. i do want to say we may he in rear get a definitive answer. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. stay right there. don't have accs to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet.
1:56 pm
everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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prince george may be only 2 years old but he's a king of fashion. >> check out the bath robe he wore to meet president obama. guess what that blue and white trim robe already sold out at the british retailer. the prince's parents hosted president obama and the first lady for dinner at kensington palace. >> i loved he in his pajamas. that will do it for us. "the five" is next. what will you do next >> watching julie banderas. >> i'll see you on "the fox
2:00 pm
reporter." hello, everyone, i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling and dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." yeah. it's saturday! and we're here. "the five" is live three days before another big election day. tuesday's battle for the east. while you were mowing your lawn all three gop candidates were out on the trail today saying all sorts of stuff. >> i'm a million votes more than lying ted cruz.


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