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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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reporter." hello, everyone, i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling and dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." yeah. it's saturday! and we're here. "the five" is live three days before another big election day. tuesday's battle for the east. while you were mowing your lawn all three gop candidates were out on the trail today saying all sorts of stuff. >> i'm a million votes more than lying ted cruz.
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millions. million votes more than kasich. millions. i'm 300 delegates more despite all his shenanigans with taking people to dinner. cruz can't win with the voter. he can. you saw what happened in new york. he got wiped out. >> a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. john kasich can't beat donald trump. but his presence in the state and his presence in the race helps donald trump. donald trump is the nominee guaranteed hillary clinton will be the president. >> you're going to go to a convention nobody will have enough delegates and look and determine two things. one who can win in the fall and two who can be president of the united states. and that's why we continue to move forward. >> today trump's chief delegate strategist clarified remarks he made to the rnc this week about the front-runner changing his delightful persona. >> nowhere was i talking about there being a different donald trump. what i was talking about there being a different environment
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where different parts of the message would be presented in a way that was different from a campaign rally. there would be no reason to change the man who has been the most effective modern communicator in politics since ronald reagan. >> like paulie from "good fellas." here's what trump had to say going from bad cop to good cop. >> donald might be changing a little over period of time. he might tone it down. maybe he won. who knows what happens. i don't like toeng it down. he was talking about difference things. when i'm in a room talking, you can hear. when i'm out here i have to be different. i can say the same thing. he says no he's different in a room and then he goes out and speaks is different and policy is different. we're smart people you act
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differently. >> ted cruz is still hitting the trump campaign on the controversy. >> in the trump circus, donald trump is the master illusionist. engaged in an act of misdirection. trump is a phoney. i'll give him credit. he's telling us he's a phoney. he's telling us he's lining to us. and by the way, the only reason we know that his campaign manager the washington lobbyist said it's all an act he's fast breaking it is because somebody tape recorded that conversation. >> dana, did trump just say his new campaign guy is not the boss of him. >> i was thinking about that. this is a new relationship. and so according to trump we're very much interesting sync. i feel bad for them. the team that brought donald trump to where he is today, with donald trump being in the lead, there's a story that they are
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being pushed aside and paul manford is trying to bring more organization to the campaign. if you don't know somebody all that well for many years, when you're trying to figure out a way to reset a campaign and to put it on a path of what everybody called last week, a more mature path, there's going to be a little bit of tension. i thought when you watched donald trump it's funny. and he's probably right. he done need to change that much. there are a lot of things as we said last week i don't love the very disrespective use of destroying your opponents by calling them names. i can't stand it. i know it works for him. maybe that's one of the things manford was trying to say by looking more presidential. >> eric, should he stay a caterpillar and turn into a butterfly or stay in the middle. >> i like what he's done because he's been the outsider. i'm saying it the way it is.
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between now and a month ago all these unbound delegates were suddenly being taken by ted cruz and nobody saw it coming. trump said i didn't see that part and i really understand that and maybe the group you're talking about did a good job getting him here. they weren't seeing that trick that ted cruz's ground game was picking up delegates even though they hadn't got them in the primaries and caucuses. so trump brings on manford who is a pro at this. i honestly think they have all the bases covered. if he wants to go, after the last primary with the new york win. he didn't use lying ted. he used senator cruz. >> he used at any time next morning. >> he can be the caterpillar, he can be the butterfly, he can
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pivot. the rest of the group at some point -- look if donald trump is going to be the nominee or be the one pretty darn close to 1237, isn't it time to start saying let's get behind him so we don't hand this thing over to hillary clinton. they spend so much money to take trump down how about turning that to hillary. >> the hard thing is it's hard to do that if that very same campaign has been trashing you. it's like he's been calling people names and you got to get behind him. you made a good point. he done have a name for kasich. he calls lying ted but he doesn't have a name for john. designee won't come up for a name with john. >> wait he did make fun. >> i'm telling you, when you go -- you're at the debates likes the fox news one in detroit there's no animosity.
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john kasich would make a fantastic president. he absolutely would. he has the skill set and experience all together. he's a huge asset in the republican party and i don't thing you want to burn that. there's no need for him to. if i were trump i would go hey, be honored to have you as my vice president. not saying kasich is interested in that. he says he's not. >> i got to ask you what cruz has said about trump, it is kind of a historical first where a campaign says it's an act. what if somebody said that -- if sanders got the nomination i'm not really a socialist. i'm a free market thinker. their heads would explode. >> right now i think what eric said is on target. his performance as the outsider has resonated the republican base. that's who is voting for him. to me i'm like stunned. i can't believe it. the guy has no policy prescription. he changes back and forth on
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things. the bathroom stuff in north carolina. he abandoned the conservatives there. it just strikes me well exactly who he is? i don't think he's the republican party. really i think that's the big news of the week. you had the republicans gathering down in florida. that's where paul manford spoke. and the idea that paul manford raised he'll raise money for the candidates, raise money for the party but gee you listen to reince preibus, he's worried. he's worried that, in fact, one, trump won't be loyal to the party, he's loyal to the trump brand which is something distinct from conservatism or republican party. and two, there are people in the party who still will not vote for donald trump and they are in large numbers. so reince preibus and trump are saying hey let's unite we need to come together. can we find a way to make peace. that's why manford was holding out that olive branch. i know you didn't like what you
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saw from trump earlier but that's not the real donald trump. >> we have some tape from rents talking about the never trump movement. let's go for that. >> politics is a team sport. and we can't win unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee. the rules say you have to have 1237 delegates to be the nominee. we aren't going to hand the nomination to anyone with a plurality, no matter how close they get 1237. you need a majority. and as the old phrase goes, close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. >> dana, thoughts on this lovely saturday. >> i was thinking about reince preibus as stretch armstrong, remember that toy you can pull him in that direction and this direction. he said we're sticking with 1237 that's the rule. but he said the never trump movement look guys you better figure it out and back off and
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unite behind whoever is the front-runner. if you're ted cruz you like the 1237 comment. if you're trump you like the comment we have to you night. if it becomes inevitable you'll have donald trump as your nominee you have to get behind him. there will be a significant portion of people who say i can't do that and won't participate this year. that's fine. then you have to figure out a way to make that up somewhere else. the democrats in the meantime they are going to you night pretty quickly as soon as hillary clinton very clearly is the nominee. >> that's what i'm worried about. could happen in a week or so. then bernie sanders and elizabeth warren we talked about them regarding that. there's the other side of that coin where if donald trump shows up at the convention -- first of all i think he's going to get to 1237 before the convention. but if he shows up there with 1150 whatever, 1,200 and they go and ends up going to someone else then you that have opposite side of the coin where people said hey our vote -- we voted
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for donald trump, he came there with the most votes, most delegates, most states won and he won't be the nominee we're not going to vote for the person you guys are putting up. the gop is in a very, very bad place. it's a pickle. back and forth, back and forth. at some point reince preibus needs to step up and say one or the other. >> how can he do that? that's not his job. it would be terrible. >> because they are the ones -- >> pick one or the other? >> yes. he should focus the gop -- >> who should he tag out. >> we're going to go. we're going stop fighting back and forth. here's one way to get over 1237. pick john kasich as your running mate or marco rubio as your running mate and grab those delegates. that would essentially lock it up. >> they have to say yes. >> right. >> rubio doesn't like trump. it's no news. kasich as kimberly pointed out
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he won't do it. i think charles krauthammer pointed out 150 delegates in ohio and that's the difference between whatever trump brings to the convention and 1237. that's a possibility. i think it's a pipe dream if you think the republican party will go, we're back together. >> one of those two that are more establishment. those people would say i can't vote for them. i got the vice president on the ticket. i like rubio or kasich. >> how do you think a real conservative, cruz -- you said he has no nickname for kasich. you have a nickname for cruz. he keeps using it. >> i don't think he'll be a vp. >> i don't think so either. for people who -- >> he's calling trump names too. he's calling him a phoney. made a lot of comments about him. fair is fair. there doesn't seem to be a lot of love there. who can he get to bring some
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cohesion to the party, so fun, some positive movement. how many are standing behind their person. who might be considered as secretary of state. >> on that note, on this wonderful saturday afternoon, in the fox studio is in a beautiful, beautiful day in new york city where people are out and about, there's people shopping, they are with their families -- >> getting an app. >> an app. a nap. there should be a nap app. virginia governor just give convicted felons the right to vote to put hillary clinton in the white house? that's next.
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2:18 pm
honest, clean process for restoring the rights of these men and women and so today i will sig an order restoring the civil and voting rights of every single individual who has completed his or her sentence as of this day april 22nd, 2016. >> the move was swiftly praised by clinton who tweeted she was proud of her friend for continuing to break down barriers to voting. many republicans, those have deemed it as a political ploy by mcauliffe to lock up more votes for his friend. the governor is pushing back on those allegations. >> let me very clear, hillary clinton done need this. she's going to win virginia, she will beat donald trump. put the politics aside and it's unfortunate these republicans always default to partisan politics. this was the morally, the right thing to do. this was about letting people
2:19 pm
who have already served their sentence, they are done with probation, back in as full citizens of our society. that's what we should do. >> kimberly, i want to go to you. you dig into this more and you find out a couple of things. what the governor did, he did this basically amnesty for felons in restoring not just their voting rights but in virginia now they are allowed to sit on juries and he did not do just nonviolent offenders this included all offenders so you could have as many different types of people as you can imagine and in virginia when you sit on a jury you are also not just deciding guilt or innocence, but you are doing sentencing and i think that that might be where the state, when they take it to court because there are questions of constitutionality that that might be the problem. if you were a prosecutor in virginia what would you make of that? >> move to another state. it's outrageous.
2:20 pm
mcauliffe doesn't care about victims, victims of violent crime. he turns a blind eye to people who are repeat criminals. people who haven't paid their victims restitution, people who have committed heinous crimes. people he would be including in this people of violent crimes, sexual assault, rapes, home burglaries, robbery. really? why does virginia have to do something like this and how convenient for one of clinton's best and most loyal and reliable flunkies and cronies for him to do this right before the election. what was the pressing business to do that? virginia is very much in play. it's a must-win state. now he's taking that extra step to lock it up. this is one of the most dangerous things that has happened in terms of having a blind eye and total ignorance to crimes committed in this country but also this could cost the whole election right here. >> eric, there's reason to think about redemption and
2:21 pm
reconciliation for people who have served. i wonder if take this executive action days after the legislature closed and not doing it through the state that it smacks yet more of executive overreach and that's something people are pushing back against. >> two things on that. basically executive order. who else does that? >> obama. >> president obama, the same type -- always a liberal that's willing to do that toby pass the normal channelslegislation, go through your congress, go through your state senate. get it approved. the other thing you can have redemption. you had redemption prior to virginia you had to petition for this. you had to say i want my voting reits back. the state would take it on an individual basis so you don't get someone with a low level felony is treated the same as somebody who blew away three people in their home. now he circumvented that. the other thing clinton buddy.
2:22 pm
really? he was a bill clinton senior adviser to his re-election campaign and mcauliffe was also a hillary clinton 2008 senior adviser. >> rumored to be up for secretary of commerce. >> or more. >> greg, earlier today when you first read about this story, you were kind of favorable to the governor's position and then did you change your mind? >> yeah. i didn't know about the whole violent stuff. if you served your time you have the right to vote. i didn't understand this other part. they are turning a cell block into a voting bloc and the reason why they are restoring voting rights to felons so hillary can vote. exactly. she can vote for herself. >> end the show right there. >> he had should have a slogan big house for the white house and just support her. what a great campaign ad for republicans. go out and find the votes, violent criminals, find out who they are voting for.
2:23 pm
run the ad. killers and rapists voting find out who they are voting for. >> i think the governor would not have been subject to as much questions about political favoritism if the timing were different, had he done it last year or had he done it just -- like for thanksgiving this year. then you avoid the appearance of putting your thumb on the scale for the candidate. >> the big timing issue in virginia he did it right after the state legislature went out of session. so they think he did this to in a thumb in the eye to them. the issue here is not about the criminal. they served their sentences. i don't get the anger. if you're on a jury, hey, they can be thrown off the jury if the prosecutor doesn't like them, doesn't want them on the jury. >> that's discrimination. >> no, it's not. that goes on every day. the big issue is that half of the population is black.
2:24 pm
right. half of these people are black. you would imagine they are going to likely vote democrat. that's what invites the kind of political is innicism that you guys are discussing here. the idea is oh, gee whiz you're putting people in line who are most certainly going to vote for one political party. >> why not just do nonviolent offenders. >> that would be the majority. most of these people are not violent offenders. >> it's sneaky. >> i think it's pretty upfront. >> he doesn't believe in like checks and balances. i'm going to be sneaky terry mcauliffe and do it when everybody is out. he put it through. if it was such a great idea why not put it to the legislature. >> eric will like this. senator unttim kaine is on reco saying this is unconstitutional under the state's law. guess what he did yesterday?
2:25 pm
praised it. who was name as one of the possible vp candidates. tim kaine. >> i think warner too. mark warner. >> i don't think he said it was unconstitutional. he didn't do it when he was governor, dana. we have to factor in race here. i want to call this to your attention in 1902 virginia legislature took steps to disenfranchise black voters. they gave literacy taxes and these black people different standard of law when it came to black folks. if you were convicted of a crime you can't vote. that was intentional. that's why it's been a big issue for the civil rights communities and black communities in the state of virginia. i think mcauliffe is paying back some debt there's. >> i wonder if you can stop a violent criminal by saying hey if you commit a violent crime
2:26 pm
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president obama spent most of his time in office trying to appease our enemies. >> i do want to once again speak directly to the iranian people. yours is a great civilization with a via branbrant culture wi much to offer the world. we have a chance to go down a new path. that's the opportunity before the iranian people. we need to take advantage of that. in many ways the united states and cuba are like two brothers who have been estranged for many years even as we share the same blood. i believe our grandchildren will
2:31 pm
look at this period of isolation as an aberration. a long chapter of a longer story of family and friendship. i'll continue to emphasize the rule of law, transparency, and effective reform so that not only the palestines have a state on paper but more importantly one that delivers on behalf of their people. >> but when it comes to our allies he's doing the opposite. he gave britain a lecture about staying in the european union and from the covers of some of today's papers in the uk doesn't appear britain's were too bhapt. check this out the front page of the "daily express" says obama's amazing throat britain. on the eve of president's visit to germany tomorrow thousands of demonstrators took to the street to protest his planned trade agreement with europe. there's a group that wants britain to exit the european
2:32 pm
union and he said if you do that you will go the back of the cue with the united states trade agreements. >> i wish that peter my husband were here. he's british by birth, came here when he was 45 years old. his rant about this yesterday was fantastic. >> what did he say? >> oh, and the accent. bloody awful! on and on. in his opinion, that president obama going over there and telling britain what they should do would just increase the luckiluc likelihood they would leave the eu because they don't like it being told what they should or shouldn't do. president obama has a good point on the merits of staying with the eu but the threat was unnecessary. >> he was holding it over their heads, if you want to exit the eu, we'll put you to the back of the line. how about rather than that he says whoever brings us the best
2:33 pm
deal in america, we'll do the agreement with you. >> that's not what he's talking about. what he's talking about is getting the british to be more aggressive, to work with the united states and things like that in battling terrorism. that's what ice about. look who our real allies are. it's the germans and french. they have been helping us with this terror fight. he's saying if you want to withdraw and become more its ligsist it will involve trade. >> the group want them to exit the eu. >> they want to pull away from the rest of europe. >> can you imagine seone came to the united states and said president obama you either -- all our deals will welcome back you, canada and connectiono or we won't do business. >> this is the time he gets off? come on. lecture isis or do something. nobody likes the professor coming in, like the nutty professor from the u.s. to tell
2:34 pm
the brits what to do. they have been doing quite fine on their own for lounge. unbelievle. they are saying listen maybe you should clean up your own house before you come over here and tell us how to run our country. >> i think the conservatives in the country who favor withdrawing from the european union might say that but first of all i think he's very popular there, personally. even if you take this as a threat, per se, i think this is leverage. i don't see it as that big a threat. i see it as exercising american leverage to try to say please stay in the european union. >> let's bring greg in. trade agreements. i hate them. obama seems to like them. >> can i just -- about how they like him over there. they do like him over there because he's a man of the world. he's not the president of the united states. he's actually better than that.
2:35 pm
they see him and for example i believe a muslim woman asked him about his feelings on the transgender bathroom, a muslim woman in england whose religion is a bit more intolerant than the carolinas. it always seems to me every day for obama is opposite day. he bought heavy water from iran and lecturing england -- if we were invaded by space aliens president obama would say i for one welcome our alien overlords. take california. >> he would give them texas first. >> texas first and then fox news. aliens would like fox news. >> turn about is fair play. david cameron did come to america and lobbied on behalf of our members of congress about the merits and benefits of doing a deal with iran. so this is partly i think obama felt like, one he believes it and two that david cameron
2:36 pm
thought it would be better for him if obama came and said some tough words. >> don't go over well. >> we'll leave it right there. she won't release transcript from her big money speeches but we have price gentlemen demands when she makes those speeches coming up. ealthy lifestyle is a priority. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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2:41 pm
chipotle, a campaign aid sharing with us she had a bowl with guacamole and iced tea. >> i'm a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. and i've been in the public eye for so long that i think, you know, it's like the feature you see in some magazines sometimes, real people actually go shopping. >> already then. the formerly dead broke candidate made millions giving speeches and has quite a list of demands. she has to fly by private jet, a gulfstream 450 or larger. first class tickets for her staff. a stenographer and a private suite up to three rooms. fancy. you should travel with her.
2:42 pm
>> i would love to. van halen didn't even have a stenographer. i don't blame her. when you travel like being on a travel team. you have to be comfortable so you don't have to worry about accommodations. i demand three things. i have a masseuse. bathtub fuel of lime jello and a terry cloth trampoline. got to be comfortable when you're on the road. >> the xanax. [ laughter ] sorry. welcome to "the five." bolling? >> i don't begrudge hillary clinton making $21 million in the last two years on speeches. it pays very well. i begrudge her that she gave the speeches to wall street firms and now she's claiming that she will be tough on wall street when she's president. if you want to make that claim
2:43 pm
then go ahead and release the zrantss and greg pointed out or you pointed out there's a $1,000 stenographer recording everything. the access that she's provided people from bill clinton's speaking fees in return for a deal she may have -- arranged for foreign governments and foreign corp rations. there's so much there. when you start pulling transcripts and information you can start building a case and sometimes you find something completely different. that's where her real achilles is. >> i was thinking i need to come up with some more demands. like what i could ask for? i might ask if -- >> flap jacks would be fun. he flies for free. >> on the point about the speeches one reason she was able to get fees like that, even if you're on the speaking tour that's amazing is because everyone knew she would be running for president in 2016.
2:44 pm
if she had declared i'm not going to be running for president for 2016 she would have had a perfectly good speaking schedule with really good fees but would not have been as much as this or in front of all of those groups. it might be a different speech. if she loses in 2016 then she can go back to that. i still question the judgment of why she decided to do those speeches in those intervening two or three years when she knew she believed running for president. she could have waited. they didn't need the money. >> they can't help themselves. oh, dead broke. they just don't super rich. >> she's a lady of privilege. it gets her into lots of trouble in various ways. you can't say you're an ordinary person when you're paid that much to give a speech. i don't get paid $200,000 to give a speech. but it gets her in real trouble -- but she, i think, thinks, you know what? she earned it.
2:45 pm
she thinks she's been first lady and she went through hell as first lady especially with the impeachment. then u.s. senator and secretary of state. the wall street people will pay her. this comes back to my pet peeve. when you think you're entitled you get yourself in all kinds of trouble with temp mail and with the foundation and then it opens the door to people who say you know we don't know you about. it looks like you play dirty. you have sharp elbows. that's what you can see in the trustworthy numbers. >> one thing to pay for bill clinton to come and give a speech. he's a good public speaker. he's warm and engaging. she's not. >> people want to know her. don't people want to meet her. >> why do people want to know and meet her. ahead, john kasich made the case again today for why he should be the nominee and why the other guys should be getting out. stay tuned.
2:46 pm
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2:49 pm
with no chance to winning enough delegates to clinch the nomination, john kasich still thinks trump and cruz should be the ones leaving the race not him. >> if either of these guys get
2:50 pm
picked for those that are watching you're going to lose the court, the united states senate and everything from the courthouse to the state house. they have very negative ratings and they can't win. we've had 15 national polls in every one of them i beat hillary clinton. so we're going to go to a convention and there the delegation will decide number one who can win in the fall. i'm the only one that does. secondly they will decide one other little thing. who actually has the experience, the record, the accomplishments to be president of the united states. >> kimberly, you know, in fact, john kasich -- >> i was transfixed by this interview. i was. they went back and forth. neil was getting after it. he said wait you're saying how will you get to be considered at the convention because they would have to change the rules and kasich no, neil you got it wrong. that's not true. they wouldn't have to do it. every time the rules committee meet they decide the rules. so they went back and forth on that. you really think, neil that the
2:51 pm
delegates will convene there and going to give the nomination to someone who cannot beat hillary clinton head-to-head in a general election. they won't let that happen. >> what i was going to ask you about the fact his favorability numbers are so high compared to trump or cruz. do you think that's a reason to say to the delegates back me? >> this is what he's saying, depending on what the rules are and what they decide and if he's actually able to be considered or a vote from the floor. then he can be considered. >> eric, you buying sophisticate >> i think he's doing the right thing. john kasich is staying in showing everyone he could be a great vice president to donald trump right now. i don't think that -- it would be tough. here's what i think he exposed. marco rubio and jeb bush should have stayed in too. they certainly had the money to do it. they could get to the point where -- >> i thought you told them to get out? >> i want everyone coalescing
2:52 pm
around a candidate. but now i'm seeing. >> what the strategy is. >> john kasich is showing if he can beat hillary clinton he has to do it from the two spot not the number one spot which is good. >> he's right. electability, rubio and jeb bush. why is jeb getting out. jeb was in a higher position than rubio when he got out. >> so kasich said he views this as a continuing process and thinks he can switch over not just trump delegates but cruz delegates at the convention. >> it's getting way into the weed for a lot of that. eric is right, he's doing the right thing. he's making the case to say that if you care about winning and beating hillary clinton which is going to be a very tough thing to do, the imperrical evidence shows i'm the only one can do it. and it shows it consistently in a general election. i was with clinton supporters last night and they told me, i said who are they worried about.
2:53 pm
they have always been most worried about john kasich because they dons look at the primary like the republican primary which is a mess they look at the general election numbers and know when you get to that point he would be formidable against them. >> imagine that i am donald trump and i'm looking at this guy and i say sore loser. >> there are two competing principles here. if you believe as an american, a republican conservative that there's no chance in heck that trump or cruz can beat hillary then you should stick to your gun. but then there's the other principle that america deserves what it gets and if you want to back somebody who is going to lose then that's on you, and maybe i should leave. right now he's one of those loose zoo animals they shoot with a -- >> this was the best segment of all today. >> help me out. coming up, juan.
2:54 pm
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2:57 pm
one more thing, eric. >> i've been all over this rules committee thing. it's driving me crazy. i'm shaking anger over curly hoagman. he thinks about the voters, your vote. listen. >> in previous years we've used primaries to get us some kind of an indication of the preference delegates at the convention choose the nominee not the voters in the primaries. >> can you imagine that that's
2:58 pm
the way the rules committee -- i'm up in arms about that. it's the vote. one man, one vote. one man, one woman, one vote. >> he's not wrong. 1237 is the number. if voters don't get to that number then it does go the delegates and they then narrow down the process. . >> if you listen to that interview and it's up on msnbc he says it doesn't even matter if you get 1237. >> kimberly. >> america has been waiting for kimberly. ♪ okay. there you go. like a slow jam. whatever. i'll show the picture of you in your robe. apparently men who are good story tellers are far more attractive to women. this is for real life. they studied how people reacted to hearing a potential partner tell a story and whether or not
2:59 pm
women were going gaga for a guy that tells story. maybe that can help you out greg to overcome some other deficits. >> oh, my goodness no more pictures of me stoint at night. >> liz cheney is campaigning in wyoming and campaigning for the house of representatives seat that will be open there and she's driving by newscastle, will. matt and donna perino the ranch sign for my aunt and uncle. she sent that to me. >> greg gutfeld show 10:00. we had larry gatlin and others. let's go to you juan. >> i won't miss the show. i'll tune in. for one week, next week, 87 amc they ares will show prince's "purple rain." it earned an academy award for prince best original song. "purple rain" -- i love long songs and that's a slow burn
3:00 pm
jam. i love it. of course the movie made him a superstar. if you're looking for a movie, check it out. >> so you never miss an he stopped of the five that's it for us. we'll see you back here on monday. "special report" is up next. held jobs everyone i'm eric shawn. a brand new hour inside of america's alexandria headquarters. >> i'm patty ann browne. the candidates hypotheticaling the campaign trail this last weekend before the next super tuesday primaries. >> and 9/11 calls released where eight members of the same family were gunned down and killed. what those calls may reveal >> the fbi dropping another case against apple and the agency's latest bid to unlock an


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