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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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jam. i love it. of course the movie made him a superstar. if you're looking for a movie, check it out. >> so you never miss an he stopped of the five that's it for us. we'll see you back here on monday. "special report" is up next. held jobs everyone i'm eric shawn. a brand new hour inside of america's alexandria headquarters. >> i'm patty ann browne. the candidates hypotheticaling the campaign trail this last weekend before the next super tuesday primaries. >> and 9/11 calls released where eight members of the same family were gunned down and killed. what those calls may reveal >> the fbi dropping another case against apple and the agency's latest bid to unlock an iphone.
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second such attempt in as many months. what does this mean in the ongoing debate between personal privacy and national security. our legal panel weighs in. first we start with campaign saturday and the five candidates for president spreading out across five states to sell their version of our country's future ahead of the coming tuesday's primary in the mid-atlantic and northeast states. in the three way republican race 172 delegates are up for grabs in maryland, delaware, connecticut, rhode island and the biggest haul of course is in pennsylvania. senator ted cruz is already looking forward to indiana's primary in a couple of weeks on may 3rd where he's more competitive in the polls there. a rally is under way right now in lebanon, indiana. meanwhile governor john kasich held a town hall earlier today in rhode island. he's standing firm, he is saying he's not going to leave the race but will continue. meanwhile donald trump who as
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you know leads in the polls in all five of the states voting on tuesday he held two rallies in connecticut today and he says he's not going to change. we have the very latest from the rallies in bridgeport, connecticut. >> reporter: about 1,000 people showed up to the bridgeport, connecticut rally this afternoon, a typical lively crowd for donald trump and also at the waterbury, connecticut rally earlier today, several thousand people showed up. a few hundred didn't make the cut because that stadium hit capacity. only about a handful of protesters at each event. we did not see that large organized potentially aggressive crowd of protesters in connecticut today that we've seen in other states like new york in recent days and weeks. after trump's massive win in new york last week trump's top lieutenant said we'll start to see a change in trump's tone and perhaps he'll appear more presidential to some people. however today so far we have seen no change in trump's tone or talk. he continues to call ted cruz
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lying ted and attack other officials like john kerry. trump said changing his tone is like asking tiger woods to change his swing. trump said there are policemen critics of his tone and remains unapologetic. he likes tough guys and they like him. >> they are chopping off people's heads in the middle east. they are drowning people in the steel cages. and they say i don't like trump's tone. the world is tough. the world is not soft. we're not tough. this country is not tough. our leaders aren't tough. our negotiators and representatives are not tough. secretary of state kerry is not tough. i like the tough guys. i like the guys that are tough because there's something about it. they like me. >> reporter: trump continued to insist kasich and cruz needed to dropout of the house because they are eliminated from
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securing the nomination. cruz and kasich said we'll fight this to the end because we can win it on the convention floor. heading in to the primary on tuesday donald trump is leading most polls by double digits. >> in 20 minutes we'll talk to ed rollins whether or not there can be a new donald trump. stay tuned for that. thanks. the democrats meanwhile have been all over the east coast today. both candidates wrapping up rally as short time ago. hillary clinton was in rhode island, bernie sanders in delaware. the two candidates are trying to cover a lot of ground before five states head to the polls in just three days. christian fisher is live in baltimore where senator sanders is said to hold an event in a little over an hour from now. >> reporter: folks behind me already line up for tonight's event which the campaign is calling a community conversation on young men of color. it's a conversation that is particularly timely given the death of freddie gray and
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subsequent riots. there will be a big peace march planned for tomorrow to commemorate the one year anniversary of that event. it's a topic that almost will certainly come up here tonight. earlier today bernie sanders held another big rally at a big arena in downtown baltimore before jetting off to another event in wilmington, delaware. at both events he spent a considerable amount of time laying out the difference between him and hillary clinton. he went so far to quote the vice president in a recent "new york times" article where he applauded sanders campaign style. >> he remains neutral in the battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton but not between their campaign styles. he'll take mr. sanders' aspi aspirational approach over mrs. clinton's caution any day. >> reporter: clinton held two events today one in rhode island another in connecticut where she focused on her signature economic issues things like
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raising the minimum wage, paid family leave and equal pay for women. it's a new campaign ad out just this afternoon that's getting the most attention called donald trump extreme makeover. here's a clip. >> i could stan in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. >> what am i? when someone shows you who they are, believe them. >> reporter: so that's just the latest example of the clinton campaign pivoting from the primaries to a possible general election match up against donald trump. another example, the "new york times" reporting today that clinton's campaign has already started seriously discussing possible running mates. live in baltimore, thank you. and fox news is holding a town hall in philadelphia just days ahead of the crucial primary in pennsylvania. it will be hosted by bill hemmer
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and martha maccallum tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. join the conversation using twitter and go the fox news facebook page to submit a question. now that unspeakable tragedy in the heartland. a massive manhunt under way for a cold-blooded killer. as police search for the person or persons who shot and killed eight members of the same family in ohio. seven adults and a teenager were found dead at four different homes in rural part of that state yesterday. investigators have not made any arrests at all so far but they have released some chilling 911 tapes as they hope to narrow down a suspect or suspects. we go live to our newsroom for the details. >> reporter: we're just getting some new information now. eight of those victims names have now been released. we now know their bodies have been transferred to the coroner's office and doing autopsies this weekend. this is an ongoing investigation
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and that police say they have finished investigating at those four crime scenes -- remember these murders happened at four separate homes. meantime we did get those 911 calls and it's chilling. people discovering their loved ones shot dead execution-style in the head. seven adults s and a 16-year-o all members of the rodden family. investigators are hunting for a killer or killers in pike county. the victims were murdered in four separate homes three within a mile and a half of one another. some as they slept, including a mother in her bed with her 4 day old baby nearby. that baby and two other small children were thankfully not hurt. the first 911 call coming in at 7:30 a.m. after a female found two of her relatives dead. >> there's blood all over the
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house. >> okay. >> my brother-in-law is in the bedroom has beat the hell out of him. there's blood all over. >> reporter: horrific. we do not know why this family was targeted. police ruled out the possibility this is a murder suicide. for the community and the family anguish. police added additional units and patrols protect the rest of the rodden family. >> the rodden family would like to thank everyone for all the outpouring of prayers and support for their families. they ask that you continue to keep them in your prayers. they want to thank all law enforcement from pike county and all surrounding counties for their immediate response. >> reporter: the manhunt continues. the community remains on alert. a $25,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest and if you have tips please call 1-855-bci-ohio. certainly hope this can be solved quickly.
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thank you so much. two police officers have been shot and injured at a walmart in arizona. authorities say a suspect attacked those officer when they arrived at the short in chandler, arizona. it happened this morning. the officers were called to remove a trespasser. one of the officer did manage to return fire killing the suspect at the scene. police have not ruled out the possibility the whole thing was an ambush. >> witnesses are reporting that when the first officer was walked into the store and the shooting did occur inside the store, when the first officer walked into the store the suspect began firing at the officer immediately. second officer arrived on scene and engaged the suspect and the suspect sustained those mortal injuries at that time. i guess you can call it what you want. it sounds like an ambush to me. >> both officers are in stable condition and expected to be okay. fans around the world continue to pay tribute to prince. the music legend was found dead in his home on thursday.
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an autopsy was conducted yesterday. authorities say it could be weeks before the cause of his sudden death is released. will carr is live right nine los angeles with the latest for us. >> reporter: the coroner's office says they will not leave any stone unturned until they know what happened to prince. here's what we know. early last friday prince's plane made an emergency landing when he was going from atlanta to minneapolis. his publicist said he was battling the flu. couple of days later he performed at a local jazz club and told fans wait a few days before you waste your prayers. then thursday he was found dead inside an elevator in his home in minnesota. authorities say there were no signs of violence or indications he took his own life. friends say prince had some physical ailments including hip problems from some of his performances over the years. we also know he struggled with epilepsy as a child. investigators are waiting on the
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autopsy report they also say they are looking into his pharmaceutical records to get a better understanding of his medical history. >> i will not be answering questions on whether or not there were any items this were taken during our processing. the midwest medical examiner's office was contacted and the coroner medical examiner responded. there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. >> reporter: so many remembering the seven time grammy award-winning artist this week, including president obama who called his death a remarkable loss and fans the past couple of days have gathered outside of his paisley park home leaving purple flowers, balloons and signs. his staff actually went outside of a home, gave some pizza to the fans thanking them for their support and as all of the members there continue to honor his greatness, we're staying in touch with car severe county authorities in case if there's any updates and if there are
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we'll bring him to next hour. there's the case of a young doctor who really went off on an uber driver. >> call 911. oh, yeah. call 911. >> well her rant went viral all over the place. the hospital where she works has made a decision on whether she should continue to be treating patients. >> more presidential donald trump. his campaign seems ready to embrace this image. ed rollins is coming up. in this tops y turvy race these two guys have something in common. donald trump and bernie sanders finding a lot of success by doing it their way. >> they become weak. they become ineffective. i'll tell you what happens people that gave them money totally control them and want them to do certain things. all right. so i'm self-funding my campaign,
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>> call 911. oh, yeah. >> madam hold. >> call 911. seriously? >> well in the video the doctor is seen hitting that uber driver feigns and attacking him. she was a four year neurology resident and demanded a ride and saying that in a profanity laced rant. she later apologized but has been placed on administrative leave when the video went public in january. presidential is easy. you know what presidential is? i walk on. ladies and gentlemen of waterbury. [ laughter ] it's a great honor to be with you this morning. although most presidents don't work in the morning. you know that. >> donald trump poking fun at his presidential image as his
3:19 pm
campaign pledges to reshape it. he is due to make a speech on foreign policy next week at the national press club. trump and hillary clinton are each beginning to pivot towards the general election taking more swipes at each other. the former secretary of state preparing to be challenged on her trade positions. here's charlie with the "the washington times." thanks for being with us. so trump is clearly doing well. in order to beat hillary clinton he has to win over republicans in that never trump crowd. he's retooling his image. will it work? >> i think there's a pretty good chance that it will work. it will certainly work a lot better than a lot of the cruz supporters would admit that it will work. you know, donald trump -- the brand that he's created that has been so good for him has been off the cuff very entertaining but very, you know, he says what seems to be on his mind and says it in his terms and there's no political correctness about it. all that has been very appealing
3:20 pm
for voters and they've really coalesced around him because of that. but, obviously, that has also meant because he's been somewhat unspined about some of the things he get into he's stepped into it a lot of times when he didn't need to. sometimes on very important issues like when he was asked about abortion and, you know, made the comments about how women should be punished if -- there shubld punishment for women who had abortion and then he had to walk all that back. he doesn't have to change who he is. what he has to do is be more disciplined and i know today at an event he was laughing about that and said he's not going change. i do think he has said, told us in the past his wife has urged him that you have to be a little bit more presidential and i think that just being a little more disciplined and making sure he doesn't go off half cock is a good step in the right
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direction. >> if he done win the 1237 delegates outright it goes to a contested convention. if cruz orca sick pulls out the nomination, supporters say they will sit out the election. will that hand the election to hillary clinton? >> i think so. neither ted cruz or donald trump in polls in head-to-head match-ups with hillary clinton can beat her. those polls do change. i think it's far too early to discount anybody. but i do think that the likelihood of donald trump sort of rebranding himself and reaching out to people and winning over new voters, i think he's going to have a whole lot better chance to do that than say ted cruz. even though the people, the real conservatives who care about very specific policies anticipate all that kind of stuff, they are not -- you are
3:22 pm
never going to get them out from behind ted cruz. but there are a lot of other people that i think could be won over by donald trump. >> we want to get quickly to the democrats. if hillary clinton is up against trump what's her biggest hurd signal >> her biggest hurdle is that even among democratic voters they don't trust her. she has a real problem with that. and as we've seen all along, donald trump puts a lot of effort into picking up these perfect names and that line about her being crooked hillary it doesn't just work on the republican side. people on the left also kind of believe that. that of course is a big reason we're seeing bernie sanders do as well as we've seen. >> charlie hurt, "the washington times," thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks so much. we've seen a lot of surprises in this wild election season. now the biggest one is some of the ways the candidates are funding their campaigns. these two guys they have something in common. they are defying convention in the way fundraising is done in
3:23 pm
campaigns. they have been raising money without taking any corporate cash except for some loans. with the primary season approaching crunch time what does everybody have in the bank? we break down those numbers. >> reporter: the numbers are incredible to see just how much money is going into this election, in total the candidate in a their super p.a.c.s have raised $1.1 billion this election according to and we still have another seven months to go. on the democratic side bernie sanders dons dominate hillary clinton in fundraising. in march his campaign says it raised nearly $46 million compared to clinton's reported 29 million. but sand serious burning through that cash faster than clinton. he also doesn't have a super p.a.c. behind him. the clinton super pack priorities usa reported bringing in more than $11.7 million in
3:24 pm
march and in total more than $67 million this election. >> secretary clinton is doing it the way the vast majority of politicians have done it, she's established a number of super p.a.c.s and in the last filing period her major super p.a.c. reported $25 million from special interests including $15 million from wall street. >> on the republican side donald trump who is self-funding his campaign and does not have a sirp p.a.c. raised only dollars 2.7 million far behind ted cruz and john kasich. trump did however, write his campaign an $11.5 million check in march the largest loan he's given himself this election. >> you have companies and china itself and they all have these powerful lobbyists in washington and the senators and the congressmen don't do anything. i'm self-funding my campaign, folks. >> reporter: my football coach
3:25 pm
used to say wins doesn't come cheap but when it comes to politics losing does come cheap either. republicans started this presidential election with 17 candidates in the race. now it's down to three. but the party is still plenty divided. so what does rnc chairman presbyterireince preibus plan to do to find unity. >> i know our candidates will try to say some things to attracts attention. that's part of politics. we all need to get behind the nominee.
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well can the republican national committee and the gop establishment eventually make nice to donald trump and can he make nice with them? there are moves in the trump campaign to mend fences and unite the party. trump himself is calling on the gop to back him up because he also predicts if he's the
3:30 pm
nominee he says he'll win in traditionally democratic states. >> the party has to you night. if we unite this party will have a huge victory. you'll have the house and senate. if i'm running i'm going to win michigan, i have a chance at winning new york. that's a tough one. as i told you republicans don't even campaign in new york. i have a chance of winning it. >> he won new york in the republican race and to discuss this is ed rollins. and author of a great book about politics, "bare-knuckles and back rooms." we'll allude to that in a moment. can there be a trump truce. >> yes. he's on a big roll. he's way ahead in all of the states. the only one that's an
3:31 pm
aberration is pennsylvania where 54 of the delegates out of 71 run independently and they basically go to the convention. so faits close race, everybody will want their attention and get everybody else's attention. after that he has a couple of states, indiana and california which are key. he's leading in those. so i would say the path ahead is not near as rocky and the only person with an opportunities -- nobody can stop him but if he doesn't make it the only one with an alternative is possibly cruz. >> the stop trump movement has come to some type of standstill. they put millions of dollars into that. do you think there will be a time they say let by gones be by gones. >> some people say we have a big effort. we have the senate races. our money has not stopped him. let's not throw bad money or good money after bad money. >> can they come to some type of
3:32 pm
accommodation. >> if trump is the nominee he'll reach you want. he wants a united party. the party would be smart to unify behind him. >> he brought paul manford on board. he also has rick wiley who was the former political director of the rnc and had run governor walker's campaign and tim clark who is a veteran californian operative to run california. seems he's reaching out to some of these establishment types. >> corey has run his campaign from the beginning did a great job and didn't have the resources. most important thing now, by bringing more people in but trump's committed to put $25 million in these closing races. that's as much money he spent so far. hiring more staff. putting more money into the campaign not just the professionals. he's expanding the operation. >> somehow back in the '90s you ran ross perot's campaign. two billionaires with no
3:33 pm
political experience. brash. in your book you wrote this. a good president has to be secure with himself and perot is insecurity, incar nature. presidents need to be tough and perot can't take a punch. and he has no clue about how congress runs. he has zero appreciation for the constitutional role of congress. from day one he would have been at war with capitol hill. the presidency is the premier inspirational job in the country not the top management job. >> first of all he can take a punch and more than happy to mix it up with other elements the first time the media turned on perot, pero tee gott in a fetal position and crawled back in bed. trump won't quit. he lived in the new media era. i think he'll learn as he goes forward, critical thing here is
3:34 pm
getting some good advisors. you don't know everything no matter how much experience you have. government is a very complicated entity. >> do you see him having a learning curve? ross perot didn't have that. today he said he's not going change. but at the same time he'sng oth. he'll have that foreign policy speech this week. >> manford made the statement he'll change. he can't change too much because a lot of supporters that are for him because he's a tough guy. he needs be more careful of his language and careful attacking other republicans. you need bring them back together. if he insults cruz and the rest of it he loses those cruz supporters. my sense at this point in time as he gets closer to getting the correct numbers he needs to solidify the base more. >> so what finally would you say, what advice would you give donald trump. >> you can't under estimate what he's done so far.
3:35 pm
spending less money than anybody. he spent 13 cents a vote in new york state. but my sense is a big learning curve. he's got a few months to do that and has to this party together sneepd rollins we love your experience and your sage wisdom and insight. thank you. >> thank you very much. eric, fox news channel, of course, is america's election headquarters. while bernie sanders surges in the western caucuses, and hillary clinton dominates the eastern and southern primaries, complaints about super delegates are growing louder. dan springer has more on that from our seattle bureau. >> reporter: when democratic caucus goers finished in washington state bernie sanders had an overwhelming victory with 73% of the vote but did nothing to sway the state's super delegates all nine who have picked a candidate backed hillary clinton. >> i'm endorsing hillary clinton. i've worked with her for over 25
3:36 pm
years. i know she's tough. i know she can deliver. i know she can be an effective leader. >> reporter: that disconnect from the voters have sparked a backlash. sanders supporters want their party insiders and elected leaders to follow their lead. >> democrats make our democratic party look corrupt. >> reporter: over the last month the vermont shoshlist has won eight of the contests. but among the super delegates in those same states who are committed clinton leads 25-1. after winning wisconsin sanders started lobbying to change some minds. >> i think that a lot of these super delegates will be looking around them and are going to be saying which candidate has the momentum? which candidate is bringing out huge numbers of people? >> reporter: sanders supporters are turning up the heat with an online hit list pinpoint gives
3:37 pm
the social media accounts of all 479 super delegates pledged to clinton. washington's delegation has been especially targeted. representative rick larson after wishing facebook friends a happy easter was greeted with happy last term as a congressman. house democrats susan was accused of undermining her constituents. and kilmer was told his support of clinton made him the same type of subhuman. >> something completely wrong and super delegates currently have the power to change the outcome and we want the people to able to decide the outcome. >> reporter: democratic party officials point out super delegates can switch candidates and they've never been the deciding factor in any nomination since being created in 1982. but there's always a first and if it's this year many of those currently feeling the bern will feel they got burned. in seattle, dan springer. up next the fbi dropping another challenge against apple. this after that earlier effort to unlock the iphone of one of
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the justice department announcing it dropped a court case in its second attempt to get april told bypass iphone security settings. this news coming after the government said they were able to get the pass code an iphone at the center of a drug case in brooklyn, new york. this is now twice the government has gotten and outside source to unlock an iphone the first one belong to the san bernardino terrorist sayed farook. how does this all affect us? defense attorney richard st. paul and trial attorney join us both. most people would not really
3:43 pm
object if a terrorist who went off and killed people got stuff off your phone. can the government access stuff off our phone? >> here's what the government can. through subpoena or warrant they can access text messages, e-mail who you called. what they can't do is access the actual iphone. whatever else is on the iphone the government can't access that without help from apple. that's the issue here. does the government have the right to tell apple to create software so that they can access the encryption in the phone. >> the government has gone off and paid a hack ear million dollars to get sayed farook's phone. >> the government is looking for alternative ways. the government guest these valid warrants and now looking to effectuate these warrants. hey apple who has nothing to do with this litigation get the contents of the phone.
3:44 pm
apple says no. the government is finding other ways. >> apple's position is look, one, you're asking us to create something we haven't already created which is to break the encryption. two a slippery slope. if we do it for the u.s. government what does the chinese government say. they want this too. what will that do? that impacts you and i as customers because we're thinking the government is peeking through our phone. >> the government now can peek in your phone. they have a whole list from a judge apparently that they don't tell you if they are getting access to your phone records and your phone, obviously if your part of an investigation. >> absolutely. that's all part of the legal mechanisms that thread an investigation. the government can get these warrants and seize certain information. the difference is, for instance the san bernardino case is a perfect example. now you have the wrong doer. he's dead. you can get into his phone without some sort of third-party help. you also have a potential issue
3:45 pm
of national security. and the need to get into that phone. in that particular case the government said hey we only want this for this one isolated incident. clearly there's a lot of these cases pending throughout the country hurricane irene in new york. >> they were able to get sayed farook's, some of his emails, at&t meta data, phone calls that kind of thing from at&t before they went into their phone. >> think about how many apps you have on your iphone. that's what the government can't access. earn mail easy. text message easy. telephone calls, easy. that can happen through the subpoena. what they don't have is the encryption for the rest of the iphone. >> we don't know if that investigation revealed anything. >> no. >> i want revealed one thing the iphone can be broken. >> there's a hitch. >> the government has to go to a 20-year-old in a basement and a
3:46 pm
million dollars to get in the phone. we have fancy gizmos and they got to pay a kid -- >> i think we all should. >> what does it mean to us? >> what will happen we'll see a lot of these cases go up, get appealed and the court will come to a determination. my guess a limitation. apple will be required to crack these phones but probably only in cases that involve national security. i think that will be the limitation to that. >> i think apple stays where it is. the government seeks outside source to crack the phone. outside resources already there. >> one thing is we'll be in business for a long time. >> like everything. keeps the lawyers in business. already thank you so much. >> a pleasure. north korea once again test firing a ballistic missile. this time from a submarine and that raises new concerns for the pentagon. an expert will discuss what you
3:47 pm
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>> north korea, launches a ballistic missile from the
3:51 pm
submarine for the first time. it could reach japan. and north korea launches missiles from subs is an alarming effect because they are harder to find. thank you, for being with us. the officials say it had the range to reach japan and u.s. forces there, how concerned should we be? >> we should be very concerned. back in february, they tested a rocket in to orbit and it worked and what means, they can hit the west coast of the u.s. they can use the earth's orbit to get at us with a missile. the worry is, can they put the technology on the tip of the missile and can they explode it
3:52 pm
at a certain time. we should be nervous and we should react, because the delivery part, they clearly have. they clearly have been able to master that part. >> missiles from a submerged vessel is harder to counter. >> it may not be a submarine but it could be a submerged platform and trick us. they are getting the technology together and getting close. we have to stay on them, the international community has to be able to react quickly. we haven't done that. 2013- 16, the north korean tested two missiles and allegedly had a hydrogen bomb
3:53 pm
test. all three of those had no reaction from the united states and nothing done from the u.n. security council and give up on the idea that the chinese can do something. one of the talking points, we are going to pressure china. it is clear that it the chinese won't or can't control the north koreans. i would call an emergency security council meeting and throw down a resolution and i wouldn't listen to the chinese, because they are not effective and we need to keep the pressure on as the international community. >> as you said, north korean had a slew of tests and protest against the ongoing military drills with the u.s. and south korea. and over the tests.
3:54 pm
it does violate already existing u.n. resolution. you say to work on them more. but if they are not concerned about the resolutions in place what can the international community do? >> i was part of the team that implemented the first round of sanctions. and what we had thereafter, every time north korea did a test, there would be be a meeting of the security council and had pressure through sanctions. that's why i am concerned when they continued test nothing 2013, we didn't lead the committee. i think the north koreans are watching the iranians. they are not paying attention. but the americans haven't paid attention to them and kept the pressure up like we should have.
3:55 pm
>> what leverage does the united states over corn corn or international committee. >> nothing happens with nato unless the united states leads. you have to have a team to bring forward ideas and throw down tough ideas and risk being called a cowboy diplomat or somebody who is willing to be at risk. and the americans should put down tough resolution and not let the russians and chinese down and force a vote. and take the hit of cowboy diplomacy or unlateral leadership. the russians and chinese are watering these resolutions down and they are ineffective.
3:56 pm
be tough and make the russians or chinese veto or support. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. that's what i'm talking about! and try new glucerna hunger smart with 15 grams of protein to help you feel full. glucerna. steady ahead.
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shakespeare 400 years after his death. prince william visited his home and laid out flowers. >> his work sells out. >> to be or not to be. that's it for us. julie banderas is next. >> this is a fox report. donald trump, and ted cruz and john kasich sweeping across the rhode island, delaware and connecticut and pennsylvania. some are considering it a make or break day. at stake whether donald trump can get enough delegates before the republican convention in cleveland. trump is out front and the only cand daut that could reach the number. ted cruz wni


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