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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 24, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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donald trump mathematically winning the senator for winning the nomination out right. joining me is the republican front runner, donald trump. thank you very much for joining us mr. trump. >> hi, jesse. >> i want to talk to you about the new presidential donald trump. a lot of people love the old donald trump, brash show biz guy who gets the 20000 people in the
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stands. >> if i go too presidential people will be too bored. we have 25 or 35000 people a few weeks ago in one of the events. and i think it would turn to 35 people if i am to presidential. and i had 17 people and they were hitting me from every angle. you basically cleared the field. you will be facing hillary clinton. first woman nominee of any
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party. you cleared out a lot of men and you will take on a woman, a lot of history and land mines there. do you have a strategy? >> i do have a strategy. the one person she doesn't want to run against is me. i know that for a fact. only thing she has going is the woman card. without that she has nothing. she will take it to the hilt. we call her crooked hillary because she is a crooked purpose. >> did it take you a long time to brand her? >> no, i like branding people if you are correct. i have done a good job of branding my oppons in what we just did. the word "crooked" hillary is
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correct. look at whitewater and the e-mails and so many things, and look at the foundation, what is going on there and millions to make a speech, and things get done for countrias and other things. and so, she is a person who has many, many flaws. she is a woman and yet women don't like her. she is a woman and not liked by women. the i think polls are showing it. >> she does have problems with women. and she has deficits from certain groups and on the black population. frank, one of our pollsters said the republican nominee knot ten percent. and you got 14- 16. are you going to go to black neighborhoods and if you do well
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with blacks, hillary's toast it. >> i think i will do great. and some show i am getting 25 percent. for republicans they get 4 or 5 percent they consider the job well done. i don't. i have amazing relationships with african-american. and they know i will bring back jobs and they are very smart. they need jobs. the unemployment for african-american is higher than and for african-american youth, it is 59 percent. obama has done nothing. and been negative for the african-americans. and look at unemployment. a 30-year-old african-american, numbers are higher than his counterparts in society. i will do a lot for the african-american and they will
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to a lot for me. i have friends who are black and they call me and said you are going to get so many black votes. it is it unbelievable. it is the biggest surprise of the nation. >> are you trying to tie hillary to the the failed obama agenda? obama care is unpopular and his board policy is unpopular. and foreign policy is extremely unpopular. you put them together. >> people i don't think like the president. over all people don't like the job he's done. first of all, we are decimating the military with all of the cuts. our military has to be stronger
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with respect. and take out isis. can you imagine general george patton, and isis would he have them removed in 24 hours? we are fighting, and fighting and very limited. they chop off heads and drown people in steel cages. and we'll knock off isis. it is a third obama term. and that is the worst she's gochlt she has the woman card, her best thing except that women don't like her. worst possible representative a woman can have. and the obama card, that is a disaster. four more years of obama this country would be destroyed. look at him going to saudi arabia and cuba to watch the baseball game. doing the wave in the stands?
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he is have gotten out of that game. and how about going to cuba and no one to grate greet him. and now goes to saudi arabia and no one greets him? >> it is an absolute embarrassment. we have willie robertson? >> willie is a great guy. and bill o'rielly said, the most important political event in his lifetime is donald trump. is he being serious. and he was being dead serious. the single most important event in his lifetime, with a possible exception of the assassination of jfk. that i think is possible
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exception. bill never said anything so nice to me. >> i don't know what he had for breakfast. >> and i will check it out. so this week i like bill o'rielly. >> i am glad you like me. >> i like you always. >> coming up. alsharpton and willie robertson and water's world. one of them was not happy to see me. wataug
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>> connecticut, delaware, maryland. pennsylvania and rhode island. trump has double-digit leads.
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indiana, trump needs to win. and nail it down. but he has high negatives and the radical activities are taking it to the streets in every single donald trump event. the protest movement is here to say. what are they against? and what are are they for? i went to the front lines in new york and tried to find out. >> why are you out here protesting? >> how much time you have. >> i am here to shut down trump. >> why are you out here today? >> well, trump is dictating hate and protesting sxhim i don't think it is right. he is a thug. and hate. [bleep].
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what did trump say that ofens. >> women are pigs. >> only rosy odonald. >> maybe you are just easily offended. >> no. >> and what is trump said that is hateful. >> make muslims register. >> how would you defeat isis. >> i would build hospitals and schools. >> that makes sense. >> your sign said that trump is a facist. >> what is facism. >> the system that is hierarchical. >> you think trump is close to hitler. >> i think we are skating close to a hitler- like situation. pause he is talking about
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deporting. >> obama is for deporting, too. is he like hitler. >> hitler killed a lot of people. how many people did trump kill? >> it took hitler ten years. and we have to nip it is in the bud. >> we don't see your boundaries and i don't accept the white wash culture. we are free. >> you support illegal immigration. sure, i support illegal imigration. >> and you want to get rid of the border patrol, too? >> how would you stop illegal imigration. >> i wouldn't. >> how would you have the olympics? ah. >> and i am sorry, does this
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interest you? >> they are human beings. and invisible line between us and they don't even exist. >> do your parents know you are here? >> check in and let them know you are okay. >> as long as you can keep your mouth shut you are in no danger. >> i am watters and this is my world. >> good for you. >> joining me is kimberly, executive director of the accountability projementna meche. and ebony williams and jessica tarlove. kimberly, i don't know why liberals are soangry and republicans have laid down and done it. >> what an amazing grouch
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unparalleledital ebt. >> beautiful people out there. >> they don't know what they are protesting about. was this the select few or general consensus. >> they don't like boards and want to lay down for isis. you can't be proud of these people jessica? >> they are not the republican base there. >> i wouldn't go that far. i think there was cherry-picking. open border situation. we care about illegal immigration. don't want to deport 11 million here now. but there is a lot of people who are protesting trump. they don't have their facts straight. >> liberals like to see trump is a hater. but i saw the hate in the crowd. i remember the tea party. mainstream was out there is aing it was a civil war.
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i didn't see any mainstream. meem saying f- this and i was the only camera out there. >> rev lougz will not be televised. they are not political strategist and they would not be equ equipped. >> there is hate spewing from donald trump's mouth. he wants to deport muslim and women are fat pigs. >> only rosy mcdonald. >> ebony, i think they are giving him more. >> i think that trump eats it up with a spoon. that grouch people
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repreponderate a super left leaning. and they remind of the occupy wall street. you are out there and don't upon why. but a lot of people on the right who have a issue. i think he will face it from both sides. >> they are not showing up saying f- u. and the never trump movement is on both sides of the aisle. and if we dug deep. we'll find people respectfully protesting. >> they may be waiting for july. >> ronald reagan was protested and george bush and hitler and monkey signs. if you have a nominee for the republican party and the left is protesting. that is good. >> it is called a base motivator.
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and obviously what is true. he had a record turn out for new york. he overpromised and underdelivered. and in new york. people are are motivated and he's getting large numbers in terms of people showing up. and yeah, he caring about the fact we have too many people coming in the country illegally. there is a right way to do it. >> if trump pivots and will be a presidential character will you see crazy people in the streets? >> yeah. there is frustration among the trump. they will try to take the nomination on him. same thing with the democrats, too. >> i think hillary clinton's people will not protest anything
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and just drink cocktails. >> and they don't know what facism is or what they are protesting about. >> thank you. up next duck dynasty and i talk socialism and beards. and al sharpton. >> you are trying to put it up. i don't say that.
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>> fox news has plenty of yankees. and we have willie robertson. they are shooting the 10th season and i was brave enough to let willie in to my world.
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>> thank you for inviting me and welcoming me. >> when you are here in the fox news building, you might want to trim the beard. o'rielly may think you are a icater and try to water board. >> last time i was on the show he photoshop issed the beard. hanitty would like a beard. there is a lot of beard envy. >> this is four weeks and takes me a long time. and i will get board rubbing off on me. >> you may just stick with that. >> i think my teenage son has that and he's 12. >> you are no longer a contributor. you probably don't have a lot of the socialist in the swamps of louisiana. >> i don't see a lot of bernie
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sides in west monroe, louisiana. he's not super popular here. i would like to think in my christian, it comes from a good heart trying to help people. but he doesn't have the plan i agree with. >> you go out duck hunting and you bring home ten. and you have to give six to your neighbor who sat on the lawn share. >> no, he would want nine ducks. i would invite bernie over and he could eat duck. >> hillary clinton on the democratic. her slog an is ready for hillary. what do we need to be ready for? should we be nervous. >> she's been ready a long time
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and little old and out dated and not a fan of that either especially with all of her recent struggles. she is was a better candidate back when she ran against president obama. she has to be worse now. >> one silver lining if hillary is elected. bill clinton would be in the white house. >> that is entertaining. it is strange to me they are from arkansas. that is one state above louisiana. and they seem like they are away from arkansas loots and values. >> she is a new yorker when she needs to be. who knows who she is. >> donald trump. you endorse? >> good friend of mine and tell it is it like it is. and i have hung out with his kids. trump junior was at the house
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and we went duck hunting and dear hunting and spent time with mr. trump. i like his message. i don't agree with everything or the tone sometimes, but at this point in time, the way the planet is and the bad things out there, i like the attitude and the new york attitude is tough. and i think we need a lot of things fixed. >> you know why you are voting, melani as first lady. >> i would like to see something different. just shake this thing up. what i have come to learn, jesse, i have a college degree and keep up with politics. i have no idea how we elect a president in america. >> i don't think the candidates now. >> you have a super delegate and
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delegate and caucus and convention. and i agree with you. >> you understand it? do you understand it? >> i have to say yes, because this is my business. i had to research it? >> no, you don't understand it either. that is your job to say you do. >> i look dum if i don't. >> well, i saids i didn't. i don't want to look dumb either. i committed to trying to figure it out so i can understand the whole thing and when did it start? we talked about onna i podcast. >> had you figure it out let me know. >> i will, i will. i will come back. >> your father phil, a cruz baker. you get in fights over that? >> well, when he backed mr.
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cruz. i didn't know he did. i found out there was a commercial. how does my father back combvenlt he doesn't have a cell phone or computer. and i am trying to figure out how it happened. they showed up and had dinner together and they shot a commercial. i was like great. >> buy your dad dinner and he will endorse. >> he just showed up to dinner. my dad doesn't eat out either. they probably ate squirrels or ducks and then they went hunting and the pictures were funny and we're all backing cruz. i am not, mom, dad said we are all backing cruz. no, he knows you like trump. he meant all of the christians. i said i am i christian.
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and who ever ends up in the republican side that's who i am with. >> can i wear my collar up in louisiana. >> somebody will cut it off. get rid of the collar and grow the beard. you will fit in better. >> all right. >> and pay a visit to reverend al. donald trump and harriet tubman on the $20 bill. when my world collides with bill o'rielly. >> if trump gets elected, i will advice getting be to watters' w
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for all of the headlines go to fox
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>> who is looking out for bill? for better or worse? >> last time you were on my show numbers took a dive. this is your second chance. >> i don't think where you start you can dive farther that that. >> watters' world. you are a fair guy. to you think that the way we nominate the presidential candidates is fair? >> it is too archain and confusing. i don't like the super delegates, you can buy them. congressional districts are okay. and you get the amount of delegates from each district. but i don't like the supersecret and changing stuff. you go into wendy's and they have calories, right? it is on the wall. >> i don't like to look at that.
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they should have that in every polling place. and that's what i would reform it. >> trump was on your show. and you said you need to get the negatives down with a lot of people. he didn't answer the question. how does he bring. >> i advise hillary clinton and donald trump, i believe that is what is going to be for the race. donald trump basically has to act in a more presidential manner. there is an image associated with the white house. if trump gets elected, i would advise him against putting a trump sign on the the white house. you have to conduct yourself. p president obama is pretty good at this. he doesn't do anything that is garbish. he dresses nicely and presents himself in a way that is "presidential" and so do president bush, the younger and
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down the line. where as donald trump is more show biz. >> and the show biz and brash and helps him? >> yes, if he gets the nomination down and bring the policy side way up and then the way he presents himself changed out a bit. for hillary clinton it is harder. she has a upon controversial past. and people who like her, like her, and people who don't, don't. for her, i would be more open. >> is she capable of being more open? >> we are negotiating for her to come on the program and we have intrude her before. that would be a start and sit down with influential people and have a conversation with them as a normal human being. that's what i would advise her
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to do. more accessible and shows what kind of person she is better for her. >> donald trump was asked about the trances gender bathroom in north carolina. now bruce springsteen is not going to concert there. should people be able to go whatever bathroom. >> on state, and federal three bathrooms. men's room. >> and you put in one bathroom. >> a lot of indicating. >> and men/women with a slash. if you are a transgender. >> i would go there because it is the cleanest one. >> in a private concern or movie theater. they are under no obligation to do this.
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and the federal government shouldn't impose. men or women. and the transgender people need to understand that their situation is specialized and have to roll with it. >> you will not make me dress in drag and go down to north carolina. >> you usually do that on saturday night anyway. >> and harriet tubman. >> love harriet tubman. she was born in slavery and witnessed horrible and terrible things and got the courage to escape. and went to the maryland and to pennsylvania and devoted her life to freedom hunting. helping run away slaves get out there. and what is not to admire? three days ago people didn't know. and she is honored in this way.
12:40 am
i am proud our country is doing it. >> i don't care who is on the 20. as long as i pay for something. >> you are a greedy shallow person who is a cross dresser on weekends. >> you will never be on watters' world. >> and coming up. al sharpton on the convideoercy of crackers. >> and who the secretary of state? oh, god.
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>> al sharpton hosted hillary clinton at his national network convention and sounded like a convention i needed to attend. >> you got a lot of bling. >> that's what you work with when you have talent. >> what is your favorite thing about white people? >> they are progressive. >> i love your haircut. what is that. >> it is a jersey thing.
12:45 am
>> what are are you doing here today? >> today we are celebrating 25 years of the national action network. >> i am shocked you have made it that look. >> who do they call. >> ghost buster. >> bust you up if it is not right. >> not a threat but a guarantee. >> what kind of work shops? >> handle on incarc raying. >> how not to get locked up. >> can i borrow your hat. >> i want to pass it around for al. >> you don't make somebody mad you are not doing nothing. >> you are white, what are you doing here. >> you mean i am upon not white? >> are you excited for hillary? >> i am excited for the dialogue. >> you are are not excited for
12:46 am
hillary. >> no. i am not. >> are you ready for hillary. >> i don't know if anybody is ready for hillary. it just sorts of happening. >> yes. to go to jail? >> and we need to recognize our privilege and practice humility. >> i am for hillary. >> you might be the only one. >> what is the greatest accomplishment of hillary? >> her greatest accomplishment? seeing the lock up the people in the the '90s. >> no, some of us were not locked up? >> good, good. >> i am a fan, i am a watters' fan. never underestimate the power of soup. >> who dew think you are talking
12:47 am
to? i am watters' and this is my world. >> reverend a l spooking in king college in 1992 about police misconduct and the company's reaction. and here it is again. >> all of you do it. and [inaudible] you dope nothing. i don't believe in marching they got pigs out there. i believe it, i do. do what you believe in or shut up and admit you lost your guts and courage to stand up. [inaudible] ain't no body holding you.
12:48 am
those crackers around here? >> inflammatory. we wanted an explanation but sharpton refused to return our calls and e-mails. you run into the ref rend in the convention. >> how are you? >> very good. i want to ask you saying off cracker ares and pigs. would you like to apologize. >> one of the things, you asked me where a guy was talking about them pigs and i said you ain't doing nothing. and i mocked him.
12:49 am
>> no, you're changing. >> i have the transcript. >> i watched the film. and you are trying to defraud your listener. >> i mocked the giechlt >> i have a transplant. >> that's right. i was mocking. and no one is talking about all you are going to do. >> and you are not telling them. that's what i say. facts are facts. >> you have a guts to show that. >> good luck with the irs. >> i am finished with that. it is all cleared up. any more distortion. you didn't think i would come out and talk to you. grow up. >> i treated him. >> your treat. >> we love you. >> and i understand al, -- al's
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until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. i went to harvard university and asked the same questions i ask everybody. let's see how they did. >> who is the secretary of state? >> the secretary of state is hillary clinton? >> this job is almost a dream come true. >> obama? >> no.
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>> who is the secretary of state? >> oh, god. give me a hint. >> john? >> kasich? >> john kerry. >> john kerry. one for one. harvard education. >> can you name -- one obama administration scandal. >> oh. can you name one obama administration scandal. >> obama care. secret service one. >> they slept with prostitutes. >> irs. >> there are so many i could list off. >> we don't have all day. >> who is speaker of the house? >> joe biden. >> he's the vice-president. >> okay.
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would it be better if i didn't say anything? >> boehner. >> yeah. >> paul ryan. >> the speaker of the house. >> paul ryan. >> he's on the role. ♪ >> and tell me what your thoughts are on bergdahl. >> neutral. >> bergdahl? [laughter] >> i am not sure bergdahl. >> what you talking about? >> first thought it chris. i would say bergdahl is i would say bergdahl is a traitor ....
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the show. what am i saying? of course it's going to be cute. that is it for us tonight. be sure to follow me on twitter and zbram and facebook, tell me what you think. thanks for watching, and remember, i'm watters, and this is my world. right now on justice, should cruz crews on? should kasich quit? >> am i sitting and crying and whining in a diaper that the system is unfair. >> tonight we analyze the race with the focus on those unbound delegates. what's in it for them? plus -- >> the race is absurd. >> i'm on the move, even stopping at a busy diner to get your take on who should go and who should stay. what do you think of donald? >> i have got to say i have got a sbeet spot for done. but he is a bit off the charts. crazy, but i l


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