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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 24, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ahead of tuesday's pennsylvania primary. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. fife candidates spreading out across five states as we count down to tonight's big fox news town hall live from philadelphia beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. from america's election headquarters welcome to this special edition of "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee. it is not monday, it is a sunday and we are here with a lot of politics. voters head to the polls on tuesday for critical primaries in a three-way republican race. 172 delegates are up for grabs across maryland, delaware, connecticut, rhode island and of
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course the big prize you can see there in red -- pennsylvania. we have seen big questions about how the contest will play out. 54 of the pennsylvania delegates are said to be unbound. >> republican front-runner donald trump is across the border in maryland where we are awaiting the start of a rally. we have live team coverage. kristen fischer covering the democrats. john roberts is frollowing the trump campaign in maryland. john? >> jon, good afternoon. donald trump expected to touch down here at the airport. people who thought it was donald trump arriving a little bit early. typically he tends to run late for the campaign events. by some analysis if he runs the table on tuesday this nominated contest could be all but over.
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there is a form of winner take all formula. if donald trump were to do as well as polls suggest he could have 1237 delegate majority within hrais gsp by the time it's all over he said his opponents don't have a chance. >> lying ted cruz, there is no way he can win. he's lying ted. he lies. he's a liar. lying ted cruz can't win. he has no path. it's over. statistically he can't win anymore. he has no pathway to victory. kasich is 1 for 38. >> ted cruz thinks he can blunt momentum. you mentioned 54 delegates in pennsylvania are unbound. they are elected directly. also hopes to pull off an upset
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victory in indiana. much the same way he did in wisconsin. they continued the line that donald trump isn't a real conservative. >> the eyes of the country are on pennsylvania now. do we want to nominate a candidate? who is telling us he's lying to us. >> no. >> or that we want to get behind a strong positive forward looking campaign. >> yesterday at a number of conventions walking away with 65 of 94 available delegates after 19 of 20 in the state of maine. governor paul le page was a donald trump supporter accused the campaign of being greedy political hooligans because according to le page they
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broached an agreement to divide up the delegates. cruz getting 12 and trump nine. they said it was sour groapes ad they didn't believe. >> john roberts in maryland waiting for donald trump. thank you. >> let's go to the other side now and the democratic race. senator bernie sanders showing no signs of dropping out despite trailing hillary clinton in all fife states that will vote on tuesday. kristen fischer has the latest. hi there. >> hey, heather. hillary clinton is at a get out the vote event in connecticut. sanders will be there in a few hours. he wrapped up a rally in rhode island. both candidates are showing no signs of slowing ahead of tuesday's primaries. one has been combatting income inequality. he lost to clinton in states with a higher percentage of low
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income voters. he was asked about it and that is how he explained it. >> poor people don't vote. we have one of the lowest voter turn outs. in america today, in the last election 80%. >> if we can significantly improve voter turn out so working people and young people participate. if we could have voter turn out of 75% this country would be a radically transformed. >> sanders refused to tone down the rhetoric against clinton. today he went after climate change and wall street. this morning the chair of the dnc said she's confident the sides cocan come together.
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>> regardless of the intensity whichever candidate is the nominee we will be unified and that's not the case on the other side where they are headed for chaos at the convention. she's focused on donald trump. according to the new york times considering who her running mate might be. >> donald trump is pulling away in pennsylvania. according to a new "wall street journal" nbc news marist poll trump leads at 45%. cruz trails at 27% and john kasich in third with 24%. in indiana the race is tighter according to a new cbs news tracker poll trump leads at 40% among likely gop vote rs.
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cruz five points behind him at 35% which is within the margin of error. kasich trails at 20%. let's talk about it with the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. your crystal ball put out a series of five things donald trump needs to do to win the nomination. indiana is key to those hopes. >> it is. i'm not ignoring the primaries. the first of the five keys was for donald trump to do better than expected. he appears to be doing that. as you noted he's pulling ahead further in pennsylvania. to the extent we have polling he's doing better than expected. point number one might be done but indiana is more critical.
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i think that's the beginning of the end. you will not reach 1,237 delegates for trump until after the june 7 primaries are over. at a certain point in a nominating campaign, reality starts to dawn on everyone, even the candidates who hoped to win but are losing. >> what about winning in new york? he was expected to win in new york -- donald trump was. it's his home state. big name identification here. the suggestion was that winning big in new york -- and it wasn't clear that he would get over 50%. he got 60% of the vote in new york. by winning big what did that momentum, what did that -- what was the slingshot effect of the win on future votes? >> the 60% shocked just about everybody. as you know, jon, i talk to a lot of political people.
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probably too many for my own health. but not one person -- not one person -- suggested that trump would do better than the low 50s. some had him in the 40s. as i say, it went up to the low 50s. to see him get over 60%. 60.4% was stunning. i do think it has given him added momentum for this coming tuesday which in turn gives added momentum for indiana on may 3, a week later. >> again, ted cruz has staked many of his hopes on winning indiana. he's got a big effort in that state. if donald trump wins indiana, you say that's kind of the beginning of the end for these candidates? >> i think it will be tough. i'm not saying ted cruz won't win other states. he'll win nebraska, south dakota. he'll win a lot of congressional districts in california. i'm also not saying cruz can't
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win indiana. it is close enough that he can. for him and for his campaign indiana is now d-day. they have to come through they did it in wisconsin and could in indiana. the conditions here are more difficult for them. >> i'm not as good as you are at reading the crystal ball. if i read it correctly you see trump potentially going into the convention with is 1237 delegates. is that right? just barely squeezing by. >> yes. just about there. we have a margin for error this year, john. >> i won't hold you to it. if this goes to second ballot vote that's where ted cruz is pinning his hopes. >> absolutely. this weekend ted cruz picked up more delegates that donald trump believes he won in the primary.
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cruz is continuing to pick off delegates but he only picks them off as of the second ballot. if somehow this thing goes to second ballot, trump will collapse. no question about it. that's why trump must get over 1237. he really needs a little cushion there. one of those my pillow things that are sold constantly on fox. >> let's talk about the democrats. is it over for bernie sanders? >> oh, yes. in terms of the nomination. he can still have a big impact. whether he goes along with hillary clinton's nomination with any degree of enthusiasm matters a lot. his delegates aren't in the mood now to support hillary clinton. there could be a lot of dissension at the democratic convention as well. >> right. we talk more about the infighting among republicans and the fissures within the party but the democrats have one of their own. >> they have a lot of
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disagreements on policy issues and personalities. i have personally heard a lot of bernie sanders' delegates and supporters say they will not support hillary clinton. yes, i know it's april and people often change their mind by november. but that's not a good initial sign. she has a lot of work to do. if he wants to cooperate, he's got a lot of work to do. >> larry sabato, university of virginia, center for politics. thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> don't miss fox news channel's town hall in philadelphia tonight as we look ahead to tuesday's pennsylvania primary. bill hemmer and martha maccallum will bring you the latest tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. tell us what you think on twitter using the hashtag # fox news town hall or go to the facebook page to subjemit questions there. president obama sitting down
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with angela merkel, covering issues including a trade deal, the fight against isis and the civil war in syria. our white house correspondent kevin kwark is on the road following the president live from germany. hi, kevin. >> reporter: nicely done, heather. indeed. good evening to you. the president and angela merkel confident by the end of the year a major trade deal between the united states and the european union will be the president say agreement would have major benefits for both sides. that confidence comes amid growing concerns here in europe. that's something the president and his german counterpart will look at as they continue to have conversations. the p and chancellor merkel are presiding over a large tech fair. the president's visit here meant to bolster negotiators trying to wrap up the deal we talked
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about. the trans-atlantic trade and investment partnership, t-tip. you will hear it a lot. the deal is highly unpopular in germany. a chance to throw people a lifeline, but the president said it is good for the german people. by the way, he thinks what angela merkel is doing on the massive refugee front is good as well. he says politically it's been damaging but she's doing the right thing. >> what's happening with respect to her position on refugees here in europe, she's on the right side of history on this. giving voice, i think to the kinds of principles that bring people together rather than divide shthem. >> i mention that because as you can imagine there is a ton of political implications.
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the president, sensitive about that. both leaders 10,000 or so refugees might be coming to ours sooner than later. >> when you travel you have a castle, a mote or a beautiful mountainscape in the background. kevin, you're doing a great job. >> amazing. look at that. >> go have some champagne. >> thanks. >> kevin corke, safe travels. >> it's all a green screen. >> he's just in d.c., hanging out. >> new information for you on a motel shootout in kansas. what happened there? why the fbi and u.s. marshalls are involved. then, can donald trump and the gop establishment unite if he's the nominee and work together ahead of the general election? that challenge coming up.
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three federal agents recovering after being shot at a kansas motel. police say two u.s. marshalls and an fbi agent were trying to
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arrest a robbery suspect last night at a motel in topeka when someone started shooting. all four were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. the fbi said a body was later found in the motel room. officials haven't said whether it was the body of the suspect. the republican national committee holding its spring meeting this week in florida as party leaders and donald trump try to mend fences there. this comes after donald trump's new campaign chief paul manafort said mr. trump is, quote, playing a part on the campaign trail. that comment has gotten a whole lot of attention. the question we are asking -- will trump pivot to a more presidential persona during the general election? listen to what he said. >> if i acted very presidential i wouldn't be here today. somebody else would be. not me. so i would tell you it's easier for me to be presidential than for me to be doing what i have been doing for the last nine months. but at the right time i will be
12:21 pm
so presidential you will be so bored. >> he doubled down on that comment over the weekend. let's talk about it with the editor of the washington times. hi, kelly. he said something like i don't know if i'm ready to do it. it's boring. or something along those lines this weekend. what's going to happen here? do you see him trying to act more presidential or will he be the same old donald trump we have known all along snp. >> those supporting donald trump and those on the fence have been wanting him to be more presidential for a long time. remember back before the march 15 super tuesday primary when he had ben carson endorse him and the endorsement speech ben carson was like there is the cerebral donald trump and the donald trump you see on the stump that's more bombastic. donald trump said he promised to rei rein it in. you have a sense that people are waiting for the presidential donald trump. we haven't seen it yet. >> does he need to?
12:22 pm
>> i think he's definitely going to need to sharpen his rhetoric, the policy stances. now that it's looking as though he'll be the party's nominee and he has to go after hillary clinton in the general. to bring people on board if they saw him debate ted cruz, give policy speeches like wednesday. they want to make sure he's up to beating hillary in november. >> what do you think of the idea that the campaign is evolving? paul manafort talked about it. some people read it like, okay, campaigns evolve. no big deal. other people are reading it such that, oh, who is the real donald trump? what do you make of that? >> he's flip-flopped on issues since he got in the race. people like him because he says -- speaks the truth. speaks to them.
12:23 pm
they are not idealistic. they like what they see in him. he's taking on the republican establishment and they want somebody to take on insiders. they see a rigged political game. donald trump has been true to the image the entire time. >> let's look beyond this coming tuesday. we have a bunch of races. donald trump is poised to at least -- it looks like he's poised to win. where does it leave ted cruz and john kasich? >> john kasich's best hope is a vp nomination at this point. ted cruz needs to look at the delegates and pennsylvania, 54 unbound delegates there. doesn't matter who wins. the delegates can go to whomever they want to. on the first ballot he has a good chance in indiana and nebraska. his main job is to get as many delegates as he can. he's viable. >> you see them going to cleveland to a contested convention.
12:24 pm
>> i think it will be hard not to. if ted cruz has proven he's had a strong ground game up to this point he'll do a good job. >> i wonder where it leaves the republican party going into november. stronger as a party? because they duked it out or weaker because they have been focused on fighting? >> we are still in the primary season. there is a long way to go before november. what you are seeing is the party starting to evolve. there was a pull-out that 71% of republicans don't want this white knight scenario of paul ryan. they are beginning to grasp, okay, the nominee will be ted cruz or donald trump. we have to rally behind whoever wins the nomination. whether it with by the popular vote or on the second ballot in a contested convention. >> there was the never trump campaign. one thing brett baier was talking about it's the hashtag eventually trump campaign. what do you hear about it in
12:25 pm
washington? do you find insiders are accepting that slowly or no? >> well, they have been struggling and kicking their feet and crying and whining the whole way. last week at the rnc convention or the rules meeting we saw reince priebus put down the movement and say, listen, we have to unify behind whoever the candidate is. a vote against the party is a vote for hillary clinton. they are slowly coming around to it. >> he did put his foot down on friday. >> yeah. >> kelly riddell from the washington times. thanks for joining us. have a great sunday. >> jon? >> there is a massive manhunt under way in ohio for whoever gunned down eight people in four different crime scenes. the victims members of the same family. we'll update you on that. plus, bernie sanders getting the nudge to get out of hillary clinton's way. why our next guest calls it hypocritical. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night,
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a fox news alert to bring you now. police fanning out across ohio looking for the killer or killers of eight members of one single family. seven adults and a teenager found dead on friday in four different homes about an hour south of columbus. now a 25,000 dollar reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. we have the latest on the developing story. brian is here live in the new york city newsroom. what can you tell us about the person or people they are looking for? >> the manhunt continues into its second day for the suspect or suspects on this killing spree. we have little answers as to why or how many shooters there were. police analyzed all four crime scenes. we also now know the names of the eight victims. all members of the rhoden
12:31 pm
family. all shot in the head execution-style at four homes. their ages ranging from 16 to 44. seven of the eight victims were found in three homes within a mile and a half of one another in pike county, a poor rural community in southeastern ohio, population 28,000. the community remembering the victims this weekend. the local pastor says the family was close knit, hardworking, and well known. the victims were discovered by relatives. some of the victims were murdered as they slept including hannah, a mother in her bed with her four-day-old baby nearby. the baby and two other small children were, hurt. the first 911 call came in before 8:00 a.m. when a female found two relatives. >> ma'am, you gotta tell me what's going on. >> there's blood all over the house. >> okay. >> my brother-in-law is in the bedroom -- has beat the hell out
12:32 pm
of him. >> okay. >> there's blood all over. >> the eighth victim, the 16-year-old boy was found miles away at 1:30 p.m. police don't know when the shootings occurred. the community is on edge. police added additional units and patrols protecting the rest of the family. they are thankful for prayers and are asking people with information to call 855-bc-ohio and a $25,000 reward is being offered. >> police will certainly find the people responsible for that. what a tragedy. the youngest, 16. 18, 20. such a young family. bryan, thank you so much. jon? as you well know fox is america's election headquarters. as hillary clinton looks to boost her delegate lead with five midatlantic states voting on tuesday. many democrats are now pressu pressuring bernie sanders to get out of the way so she can focus
12:33 pm
on the general election and whoever it is that republicans nominate. sanders is not having it. saying the party has not been fair to his campaign. let's talk about it with richard fowler, a strategist a talk show host. caldwell served as an advanced staffer on mitt romney's 2012 presidential campaign. i'm going to start with you. you say there is no need for bernie sanders to get out of the race. >> great to be with you, jon. it's the hypocrisy of the democratic party to say they are all for allowing for citizen voices to be heard through the voting process but when it comes to bernie sanders who outraced hillary clinton, won a number of contests and who has been negatively impacting her because people are showing her to be a liar, a panderer and someone
12:34 pm
comfortable using racist language. he could take it all the way to the convention. that's what it's about. democracy, right? >> i guess. democrats are of different views on this point. where do you come down? >> now, now. thanks for having me. you have never heard anybody from the democratic party, any democratic party leader say to bernie sanders to get out of the race. you hear folks who i would argue don't work for hillary clinton. the hillary clinton people say we like bernie in the race. the first thing he does is excites young people. we need young people in november to beat donald trump or ted cruz. second, bernie increases people -- because he has enthusiasm on his side. he allows more people to register. more people become part of the process. the more people are part of the process the better chance we have of beating the republicans and taking back the united states senate which is up for grabs in the election. you hear a couple of minority
12:35 pm
voices saying it's time to get out. if you talk to party officials. anybody who gets what it takes to win a presidential election they say the longer bernie is in, the more voters we get and the better the chance in november. >> he made no comments to delivering supporters to hillary clinton. there are big questions about how far he will go. >> he doesn't have to. that's the job of the clinton campaign to bring voters back in. hillary clinton didn't make promises to barack obama in 2008 about getting her voters to vote for him. he got them. he won in 2008 and 2012. i have said a number of times that hillary clinton has to start talking to young people, building a campaign to make them enthusiastic and get them to turn out in november. that's on the hillary clinton campaign, not on bernie sanders. >> he is right, giano. most top level democratic officials aren't telling him to get out of the race. debbie wasserman schultz spoke
12:36 pm
to chris wallace today on fox news sunday and wasn't saying that. here is a quote from a democratic operative in wisconsin who told politico the longer he waits -- meaning bernie sanders -- the more damage he does. now, is that why you, as a republican would like to see bernie sanders stay in the race? >> we see that bernie sanders's honesty and integrity numbers are high. we see he's amplifying the message that hillary clinton is a dishonest person, more than anyone. democrats, especially younger voters believe in him. it is simply the truth. at this time with bernie sanders in the race and i believe there is a chance that if she's indicted he may be the nominee. it makes sense for him to stay in the race. >> richard, he's within a couple of points of her in california. he said he wants to stay in the race all the way to the end. what if he were to win
12:37 pm
california? crazy things could happen. >> i'm laughing because i don't know where the points are coming from. the reason bernie sanders is doing well has less to do with him talking about hillary clinton's negative which he hasn't talked about the e-mails. he's been talking about a positive message about expanding medicare. making college free and affordable. fixing the rigged system. hillary clinton is talking about the same things. that's why democrats are poised to win in november. >> richard, come on now. >> let's be honest. >> more time talking about how high you want the wall to be and plan to target or kick muslims out of the country. we are winning in the major national polls. >> richard, richard. >> i don't know where you are getting the facts from if it's the daily onion or the back of a cereal box. >> i'm reading them from the polls. >> you know that's absolutely dishonest. >> that we are ahead in the national polls? >> all right. hold on.
12:38 pm
gianno, make your point and i will give richard a chance to respond. very good. if for you to say he's not talking about her disastrous record, her in iraq, speeches on wall street. for you to say that's a positive tone and she's talking about the same things is dishonest, richard. come on now. >> that's not what i said. i said he wasn't talking about the e-mails. maybe you missed it. >> that's the one thing he's not talking about. >> that's neither here nor there. either hillary clinton or bernie sanders will beat ted cruz or donald trump in a head to head in november. that's what matters. we want to maintain the white house and win the senate by expanding the base and talking about a positive message of breaking down barriers instead of building walls and kicking people out of the country. >> it's what happens between now and november that matters. the polls can change. all right. good discussion. >> thank you. >> thank you both. ted cruz launches his own insults against donald trump.
12:39 pm
attacking the front-runner's truthfulness telling voters trump cannot be trusted as president. listen. >> usually they took good on the campaign trail. and they get in office and so i have to give donald credit. he's betraying us before he's elect e elected. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run.
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12:44 pm
telling us that he's lying to us. he's betraying us before the election and giving us a preview. in the trump circus, donald trump is the master illusionist. he is the harry houdini. engaged in an act of misdirection. trump is a phony. i give him credit. he's telling us he's a phony. he's telling us he's lying to us. by the way, the only reason that we know his campaign manager, the washington lobbyist said it is an act, he's faking it, is because someone tape recorded the conversation. >> all right. let's talk about those words with emily, from young america's foundation. and brian joyce, radio host. senator cruz taking a turn there. intensifying attacks against donald trump. emily, do you see it working for him? >> it's really interesting to
12:45 pm
see it now. the definitive narrative about ted cruz going into the primary was how anti-establishment he was. donald trump is distracted from that. so we have forgotten how anti-establishment ted cruz is. he can be so bold against washington insiders and he's good at it. >> the words against donald trump are really harsh. do you see it doing anything to advance ted cruz in the poll numbers and delegate numbers. >> at the end of the day i don't know if it will help him win the nomination. it would be hard for him to win outright. the reason he's still in this, using this language is to prevent donald trump from getting to the magic number of 1237 delegates. you know, the longer he sticks around, the more attacks he launches at donald trump, the more successful maybe he'll be and the establishment, the gop
12:46 pm
establishment, the trump crowd that doesn't want to see trump get the nomination. maybe at the end they will be victorious. maybe it will be a contested convention. >> there was another canada in the in not long ago and he tried that against donald trump. remember marco rubio? that thing failed. i wonder how this will go down with voters. calling someone a phony. >> it does seem like a cycle. like one candidate goes after trump and it's all overfter that. ted cruz, of anybody, really does have the anti-establishment credentials. he might be in the best position of all the candidates who have tried in the past to lob it at trump. we'll see how it plays out. he has a good chance of helping cement the narrative about donald trump. >> are you a ted cruz backer? >> i'm pretty undecided now actually. >> you are undecided now. can you see anything positive in donald trump? >> personally, not really. >> you're a ted cruz supporter then. let's call it as it is.
12:47 pm
brian, where do you come down on this? >> i think ted cruz is right. donald trump is a phony. his campaign manager came out this week and said this has all been an act. >> what's phony about it? we hear people say that. >> what's phony about donald trump? a better question would be what's not phony about him. his lies are documented according to politicifact. >> i just want to be clear and find out exactly what's phony. >> yes. what is phony? the wall on the mexican border that he knows he cannot get built. the ban on muslims which he knows is uncontroversial a conc illegal. he's been playing people for fools because he thinks they are naive enough to fall for it and so far he's right. >> so he doesn't believe in that stuff? >> no. donald trump is a new york liberal. he always was. give ted cruz credit. cruz will actually shut down the government because he doesn't
12:48 pm
agree with people. he's done it before. a lot of people don't like ted cruz either. one thing you can say is he's true to his word which you cannot say about donald trump. >> could ted cruz win a general election against hillary clinton because there are critics of him, emily, who say he's too conservative. whether you like him or not some say he could never beat hillary clinton in a general election. >> i would say the same thing about ronald reagan. not only did he when in landslides but won the youth vote. sometimes we have a tendency to stick to a narrative and a caricature of a person which for ted cruz is negative. we look at that but don't realize how it will resonate after the primaries. it's hard to tell from this point. don't count him out for sure. >> one thing we haven't brought up in this. that's john kasich. >> yeah. >> what do you think the goal is? it's a vp slot? do you think he believes he can be brought in at a contested
12:49 pm
contentico convention on the second or third ballot and become the republican nominee? >> i think that's what he's hoping for and a lot of republicans should, too. if you check the polls, hillary is absolutely crushing donald trump and ted cruz in general elections. john kasich is beating her comfortably in just about every poll. that's probably why john kasich is sticking around. there are a lot of establishment republicans who are happy with that fact. god only knows if you did get to the nuclear option of a contested election there are a lot of establishment republicans who want kasich to get the nomination. check the polls. he could beat hillary. donald trump cannot. >> i wonder what the fighting means come november. if they will tear one another to shreds. we'll see. emily, thank you so much. brian joyce, thanks for joining us on this sunday. loved having you both. >> thanks. be sure in tonight for america's town hall live from philadelphia at 8:00 p.m. eastern time.
12:50 pm
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glad we could pull you away from research books. what are you looking forward to tonight? >> a lot. >> we are happy to be here in philadelphia. you can see independence hall between our shoulders here. we are in the heart of so much history. we are going to let people have their voices heard. we expect 300 people to join us for a true town hall. >> tuesday is big, right . >> five different states, jon. none bigger than pennsylvania. john kasich, ted cruz, a live studio audience and we'll try to figure out where we are now in the process. it will be a great night. >> selection system in philadelphia. in pennsylvania. you're going to get into that? >> we will in a little bit.
12:55 pm
pennsylvania leads the country in a manner of speaking, 71 total delegates, but only 17 will be assigned on tuesday night. so what do they do and how were the overtures coming from perhaps cruz or kasich to try and win their summit? >> i mean, there's such an increased awareness of how wacky this whole system is with delegates and super delegates on the democrats' side. so the fact that you have a big state like pennsylvania with a large population, and 71 delegates, and you only come out of it with 17 at the end of tonight. the rest are up for grabs and they're going to be wooing those people, and how they're going to be doing that is something we're going to talk to about. we'll have somebody who wants to be a delegate who's going to join us this evening and maybe we'll get insight into how it all works. >> and obviously a lot of questions about cruz and kasich. why they're in the race. are they spoilers? are they looking for second ballot confirmation? obviously that's going to be on the minds of the voters in pennsylvania tonight. >> well, you know, they both said last week this will go to cleveland. this will be a contested matter. and reince priebus was with us
12:56 pm
on friday, i do believe, and he still says, you've got to get to that number. and if you don't, then we're going to follow the rules that we have for the past 200 years. and we really encourage our viewers, too, jon. #foxnewstownhall. >> we're looking forward to it. join us tonight. we'll get started at 8:00. >> we will definitely be watching. thank you both. that's tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. also tell us what you think on twitter using #foxnewstownhall. or go to fox news' facebook page. next hour, we're talking about indiana. will that be the land stand for republican candidates? we'll be back in just a minute. stay with us. i know what i can expect from usaa the usaa car buying app was really helpful.
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and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. a fox news alert. we are awaiting the start of a donald trump rally in western maryland. one of five states that will hold primaries on tuesday. mr. trump's second rally this week in maryland. supporters are gathered right now at the ryder jet center, the airport -- at the airport in hagerstown, awaiting mr. trump's remarks. so far, no sign of the candidate or that big 757 that we expect will be pulling up there. welcome back to this special primary edition of "happening now." our second hour. i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather in for jenna lite. hope you're having a day inside watching us, instead of doing all your spring cleaning or yard work. we love having you.
1:01 pm
we've got a lot of politics that we're covering this hour. we are awaiting the start of our town hall. a special preview of the race from philadelphia. 8:00 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. ahead of those critical primaries on tuesday across five mid-atlantic states, as donald trump looks to boost his delegate lead and keep ted cruz and john kasich at bay. voters will head to the polls in maryland, delaware, connecticut, rhode island, and pennsylvania, where unbound delegates could hold the republican nomination in their hands. a total, jon, of 172 are now up for grabs. >> will that change anything? we have live fox team coverage. kristin fisher covering the democrats, but we begin with senior national correspondent john roberts who is following the trump campaign in hagerstown, maryland. jon? >> jon, good afternoon to you. donald trump will be arriving by helicopter this afternoon here at the regional airport, just outside of hagerstown. i'm always amazed at just how many people you can jam into an aircraft hangar. there are a couple thousand, at
1:02 pm
least here. probably more upwards of 4,000 awaiting donald trump, who is poised to do very well here in the state of maryland. the latest polls show him running 15 points ahead of john kasich. 17 points ahead of ted cruz. it's likely that trump could also do well in pennsylvania. he's well ahead there in double digits over the competition. for the win, trump would get 17 delegates, but what he really needs to do is pick up the lion's share of this 54 remaining so-called unbound delegates who were elected directly. we've also heard a lot from donald trump's campaign in the last few days about a more presidential approach to campaigning. maybe some more measured rhetoric out of donald trump to which he said yesterday on the campaign trail, not so much. >> you know, being presidential is easy. much easier than what i have to do. here, i have to rant and rave. otherwise you're going to fall asleep on me, right? i was presidential, first of all, i'd have a teleprompter. you ever see crooked hillary clinton? she walks in -- good afternoon,
1:03 pm
bridgeport. how are you? this is crooked hillary clinton. >> ted cruz already looking past tuesday's contest to may 3rd. that's indiana. there's a big evangelical population there. 31%, which is right in ted cruz's wheelhouse. he is appealing to them, and slamming donald trump's opposition. here's cruz. >> if donald trump dresses up as hillary clinton, he still can't go to the girls' bathroom. and i think the american people are looking for leaders to embrace common sense and are willing to once and for all speak the truth. >> as important as this tuesday's contests is, it could
1:04 pm
be sad that indiana with its 57 delegates is much more important, because there's some analysis that suggests that donald trump does very well on tuesday. this nominating contest will basically be over. so ted cruz's last chance to stop him may be in indiana. there is also growing school of thought amongst some republicans that the candidates, and maybe some of the more establishment republicans are playing for a stalemate at this summer's republican convention. that is running out the clock with no nominee being chosen, in which case they would have to have a second convention, and all those 24 hundred-plus delegates would go into that convention unbound, and jon, you can imagine what the result of that would be. >> what a food fight we might expect there. so you told us last hour that the state police helicopter i think it was made such a stir when it arrived. trump is arriving by helicopter. that was the issue there. >> yeah. the state police helicopter came back again. it's just over there. and trump will be arriving.
1:05 pm
they can't land his 757 here. i guess it's too big for the airport. sometimes air force one i think might have landed here once or twice, but it's the only one that's allowed to. so he's coming in by helicopter. by all the intelligence that we ever see. of course, things could change. >> i should have checked that out. that's the pilot in me failing to do his job. john roberts waiting for trump. john, thank you. >> thanks, jon. >> too big of a runway, too big of a plane. >> air force one needs a very big runway. let's talk about the democrats' side. both rallying support, again, of tuesday's five primaries. our kristin fisher is live for us from washington. kristin, did sanders show any signs of backing down today? >> well, heather, it depends on how you choose to read into his comments. this morning, sanders made the rounds on the sunday shows and he says he still sees a path to the nomination, though he concedes it's a narrow path.
1:06 pm
but at the same time, sanders was also open to answering questions about what hillary clinton would need to do. in order to win over his supporters. >> she's going to have to be very explicit about a program which stands up for the needs of the middle class and working families, which most importantly makes it clear that she is prepared to take on wall street in a very clear way. take on the billionaire class. >> so that statement has some wondering if perhaps sanders is starting to see the writing on the wall, but today at a rally in rhode island, he continued to hammer clinton for her stance on climate change and her ties to wall street. clinton made no mention of sanders at a rally in connecticut. heather? >> all right, kristin fisher. that is an interesting one. by the way, got another question for you. there was a new poll that came out today and has showed how clinton and sanders would fare against donald trump in the general election. tell us how they would stack up in that one. >> right. so this new poll is strictly for
1:07 pm
pennsylvania. it shows sanders would do better than donald trump, but not by much. sanders would beat trump in pennsylvania by 20 points. 57-37. but clinton would still beat trump by 15 points in pennsylvania. 54-39. so that kind of day that starts to chip away at one of sanders' main arguments for the nomination, that he believes he's better suited to beat donald trump. but first, sanders desperately needs to win. big wins on tuesday. his best bet, heather, likely rhode island. that's the one state that's not a closed primary. they allow independents to vote. independents, as we all know, love bernie sanders. he made a stop there. off to connecticut. >> all right, kristin fisher. thanks so much. >> meanwhile, as we await that donald trump rally that john roberts is covering, the polls show he and hillary clinton both have the wind at their backs in at least two states in play on tuesday. in pennsylvania, the republican frontrunner is ahead of ted cruz by nearly 20 points.
1:08 pm
john kasich in third position there. 23 1/%. hillary clinton holding a 15-point lead over bernie sanders. the keystone state offers the biggest trove of delegates in both races and it's the same picture in maryland. donald trump also way ahead, nearly 15 points in front of john kasich with ted cruz right behind him. the momentum also building for hillary clinton there, now leading bernie sanders by more than 20 points in maryland. elizabeth harrington is a staff writer at the washington fr free beacon. such an interesting campaign season. usually the race s on both parties are over and done with by now. on both sides, you've got bernie sanders, you've got john kasich and ted cruz saying that they can pull off a surprise upset. is that still possible? >> well, as we just heard donald trump say, he certainly is
1:09 pm
keeping everybody awake. i really don't think it's possible at this point. i think there would be so much animus if donald trump were not the nominee. i mean, he has said that were that to happen, i hope the convention wouldn't incite violence. of course, conventions don't incite violence. people incite violence. but i just don't see how it's possible to take it away from him at this point. and the same thing on the democratic side. although, so interesting to me on that side of the ledger, to hear people at bernie sanders events saying that they really have no inclination to vote for her, for hillary clinton, at least a lot of them. and that they really feel that maybe the party has left them. if the party can't see how important this bernie sanders movement is. >> elizabeth, is it the momentum of winning new york that has, you know, really set these two, hillary clinton and donald trump, on a path to convention
1:10 pm
nomination? >> well, i think the big win for hillary and trump there have been really important, and it's not necessarily momentum as it is a sense of inevitability. i mean, all the other candidates in this race have basically been disqualified by the voters because they cannot win their party's nomination outright. so ted cruz is really hurt in this regard, because once he was mathematically canceled out to getting the nomination and his only shot is at a second ballot in the contested convention, he really doesn't have a case, and that plays into the trump camp saying ted cruz is trying to steal it away from him. i really think there's a sense of inevitability here and trump is going to probably sweep these states on tuesday and it will really come down to indiana in may to see if trump can get as close as he can to that 1,237. >> trump is already acting like he's got that 1,237. he's already sounding like a
1:11 pm
nominated candidate. >> really watching him pivot already to the general i think is fascinating. i mean, in some ways, he's acting like he's moved beyond the republicans and feels that there's nothing he can do to alienate republican voters at this point. especially when you hear his various positions on transgender bathrooms. on abortion. he really is making the pitch to i'm the moderate guy, who as someone said in the previous section, i'm the new york liberal you always thought i was. >> the polls suggest he could not beat hillary clinton. but there's a lot of time between now and november. there are a lot of candidates who are way down in the polls early on and turning things around. >> exactly. i think these polls are important when you're talking about likely voters a week out
1:12 pm
before they're voting in the primary. i think they get very less accurate when you're talking about a purely hypothetical thing in november. and we've seen that historically. ronald reagan could not crack 32% at this time in april. he didn't get over 40% against jimmy carter in 1980 until october. and in 1992, bill clinton was polling third in june, and he was winning the general election at that point. it was ross perot. i think the polls this far out from election day in november are very misleading, and they don't tend to be that accurate. >> melinda, we were talking just a moment ago about trump acting more like a general election candidate. but we played a piece of sound from him last hour in which he's back to referring to ted cruz as lying ted. he had promised a more presidential donald trump, but it's back to lying ted. how does that square? i mean, if he thinks he's got this nomination in the bag, why
1:13 pm
go after his rivals and demean them? >> maybe he thinks that's a democratic audience calling him lying ted. as i said, i don't think he's any longer -- if he ever was playing the game of thinking that he has to win people over, or in the republican party, or that there's anything he could do to alienate people. i think he -- you know, when he said being presidential is easy, it may be easy. we haven't seen it that much from him. i think his people have said, you know, he's pulling back. he can be the statesman like person. i don't know that we have actually seen that from him. i think staying off the sunday shows for a couple of weeks, and, you know, maybe being slightly more temperate doesn't really add up to being that much more presidential. to go back to your earlier point
1:14 pm
about electability, i think that donald trump's biggest problem, because i do think he has potential to win over enough democrats to make it a real race with clinton. but i think women voters are really his vulnerability. >> yeah. the fact that republican voters want an outsider in the white house, that is what is really driving this trump campaign, it seems like. >> yeah, i think absolutely, the quinnipiac poll in connecticut showed once again 59% of republicans want an outsider in the white house. and i think that's been consistent throughout this campaign. a trend that has really been beneficial to trump because he is seen as an outsider. the only one that can shake things up. and so that's definitely really helping him. and on the point of him acting presidential, i don't think he can change who he is, and i don't think he necessarily should, because honestly, his style is not being politically
1:15 pm
correct. it's what his supporters love about him and it's gotten him this far. so i think for him to change that, he will try to try to be a unifying person, and try to get some of the establishment people that are holding out against him. but at the end of the day, once he starts focusing on hillary clinton, he's going to be trying to brand her just how he's successfully branded all of his challengers in the republican primary fight. >> elizabeth harrington from the washington free beacon. melinda hannenburger from "roll call." thank you both. you know what we're doing tonight? fox news channel, we're holding a town hall in philadelphia as we count down to the crucial primary in pennsylvania. it will be anchored by bill hemmer, martha mccallum tonight at 8:00 eastern time. join the conversation on twitter. you can use #foxnewstownhall, and go to the fox news facebook page to submit a question. there you go.
1:16 pm
so we talked about gop rivals john cruz -- john cruz. ted cruz. >> i'm messing us up. >> long campaign season. ted cruz and john kasich stepping up on may 3rd. donald trump is leading there in the polls. we'll have the latest on whether their strategies might work. plus, new details on the fatal mauling of a florida zoo worker by a tiger. what officials are revealing about what led to that tragedy. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
1:17 pm
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there's new information about that deadly tiger attack at the palm beach zoo. officials now say an employee killed by a tiger earlier this month did not follow zoo policy. they say she entered an enclosure with one of the big cats still in it. that is strictly prohibited. zoo officials say she was one of their most senior and experienced animal experts. indiana is set to become a major battleground for the republican candidates. ted cruz and john kasich's camps stepping up efforts in the hoosier state as donald trump dominates poll numbers for this tuesday's contest in the northeast. we'll show you those new poll numbers in just a minute. but first, here is ted cruz from
1:21 pm
just a short while ago. he's campaigning today in indiana. listen. >> indiana is a battleground state. in this primary, donald trump and i are neck and neck here in the state of indiana. so i want to ask each and every one of you to come out and vote for me ten times. >> he's got the wrong state. that's chicago where people can vote ten times. and that happens to be where julian epstein is today. we're joined by him, the former chief council of the house judiciary committee and the former staff director of the house government reforms committee. and brad blakeman in washington, d.c., a former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. thanks so much for joining us, both of you, on this sunday. i want to start out with you. and a report that our john roberts had just a short while ago, where he started talking about the idea of republicans potentially having a second convention where all delegates could potentially be unbound. have you ever heard of such a
1:22 pm
thing? and how would that work? >> no, i don't know how that would even work, heather. the rules that were made four years ago are not the rules as we know that are going to govern this convention. that is confusion enough. but now, suggesting that there's going to be a second convention, i don't think anybody's going to buy it. i don't think the party would buy it. more importantly, i don't think the people would buy it. and the press would have a field day going after republicans. the rules have to be made yet for this convention. and even there is a challenge, depending on where we are when those rules are maesde. >> it almost smacks of we don't like the outcome, therefore let's do it all over again. julian, let me turn to you. i want to ask you about something that bernie sanders was saying today and over the weekend. a little bit ago, he said something along the lines of hillary clinton would be best prepared to take on wall street and to take on the banks. that is a huge departure from what he has said about her previously. she's made millions of dollars speaking to a lot of these
1:23 pm
banks. and by the way, wouldn't release the transcripts from her conversations with those banks. do you think that bernie sanders is getting closer to potentially dropping out and backing hillary clinton? >> yeah, hillary clinton has won 2.4 million more votes than bernie sanders. she is way ahead in the delegate count, the pledged delegate count. there's really no mathematical way in which bernie sanders could overtake her unless he were to -- unless he were to debt super delegates, and he has always said he doesn't want to counterman the popular vote with super delegates. so he's boxed into a corner of the handwriting is on the wall. what you see, the very beginning on the democratic side of a kumbaya. extremely different from what's happening on the republican side, which is a civil war. and you have polls saying however this is resolved, whether it's in a contested convention, where trump wins, you have polls that show as much as 25% of republicans could defect. trump supporters don't like cruz. cruz supporters don't like trump. you could have massive defect n
1:24 pm
defections inside the republican party. the rhetoric has been particularly toxic. so it's a very, very different situation on the republican side. >> brad, do you buy that notion? that julian is bringing up, that some people would rather just vote for the democrat than vote for donald trump or ted cruz if one of them were to become the nominee? >> no, i happen to believe that republicans will unite. sure, we're having a fight. that's what primaries and caucuses are all about. they're internal machinations of aye ideology and personality and candidate and region. this is exactly the democracy that was called for by our founding fathers. it's playing out. democracy isn't pretty. but it works. and at the end of the day when we pick our candidate, we are more united against hillary clinton if the fbi doesn't indict her and bernie sanders certainly isn't going to get it if she was, than the personalities we have in the republican party. that's stronger than any -- >> so i would hate to second guess. >> sometimes it isn't such a good thing. >> i would hate to second guess
1:25 pm
brad on where republican voters will go because he's about the smartest guy in the country on that question, but i will say it's not my opinion. it's what the polling showed after super tuesday, that you had 40% of cruz voters say they would never vote for trump. >> julian -- >> the eing i we have some new polling. while you're on that note, let's look at this. trump comes in in indiana at 41, cruz 33, and john kasic at 16% according to our own fox news polling. the theory was that ted cruz would do very well in indiana. but this thing is pretty tight and he's in second place right now. why is he not doing better, and why is john kasich not doing better? >> because trump's winning and people like to go with a winner. the fact that it's even this close in indiana after we've seen trump's victories is -- has something to say about the inevitability of trump becoming the nominee before the
1:26 pm
convention. so i'm not surprised by indiana. and by the way, indiana is hard to poll because of their telemarketing and the fact that indiana is historically not polled. this is one of the first years that it really means something. so i think even the polling might have been a little bit unreliable. the fact that it is so close is surprising. >> all right, julian, let me give you the last word. >> h brad. the polling is very close. it's about eight or nine points. indiana is very important because of the winner take most situation that they have in that state. we don't know if indiana is more like wisconsin where cruz won or more like michigan and ohio where trump did better. michigan and illinois, rather, where trump did better. the real test for republicans i think is going to be california, where there's 172 tell gdelegat which is in june. i think you're going to continue to see what i call the civil war on the republican party play out at least for a couple more months. >> all right. julian epstein and brad
1:27 pm
blakeman, thank you so much for joining us. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> we'll talk soon. >> we are waiting now for new information on those horrifying murders in ohio. eight members of the same family killed at four different places. investigators set to hold a news conference as a massive manhunt remains for whoever gunned down those victims. plus, thousands of people gathering for a rally marking one year since the death of freddie gray in baltimore. we're live in that city, straight ahead. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
1:28 pm
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how fast is it? plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.'s how well you mow fast!'s how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to there was a peaceful march
1:32 pm
in baltimore earlier today, marking one year since the death of freddie gray. gray was arrested by baltimore police after officers said he was carrying an illegal switchblade. while being transported by police, he was seriously injured and later died. gray's death sparked riots and protests in the city of baltimore. with more on that, elizabeth? >> reporter: a couple hundred people gathered at the cvs behind me. they marched about a mile down north avenue towards the freddie gray empowerment center. they were chanting for freddie gray. they were chanting for one baltimore and for what they say was a very bloody 2015, and the statistics certainly back that up. the city saw 344 homicides over the course of last year. one marcher said there was certainly more work that needs to be done. >> i don't believe that the issues that were originally
1:33 pm
brought to national attention have been addressed on the legislative level or the government level, but i do believe that the people who have been at the grass roots level have organized, have really brought a lot of visibility to what's going on. >> reporter: i mentioned at the vcs at the top here. this is the cvs that did burn down. it reopened in march. it was really the epicenter, where the unrest began and peaked. it was closing businesses a year ago, forcing that mandatory curfew. there's $9 million worth of damage to just the businesses alone. the pastor who was leading this march says the systemic problems surrounding the protests that happened one year ago certainly continues. he pointed to a lack of job opportunities throughout the city. he pointed to the tens of thousands of vacant and dilapidated homes. he pointed to drug addiction and the high school dropout race. we saw danny glover, he stood with local lawmakers as well as
1:34 pm
some constituents. they say there has been progress since freddie gray's death. that we spoke with state senator katherine pugh, she's running for mayor. she marked with gray's sister. here's what she said to us today. >> we are interested in building one baltimore. i think i've said this throughout my campaign. that it is about lifting all of us, and working together. we can do that. i think that this march today was a march of unity, bringing baltimore together. as you could see, a very diverse section of our city and people really concerned about the future of our city, and we're grateful to the family members who showed up today. >> reporter: all of the presidential candidates either have been to the state of maryland or plan to be in the state of maryland ahead of tuesday's votes. vermont senator bernie sanders spoke to a crowd yesterday, and he said that the poverty here in baltimore is an example of economic inequality. john, back to you. >> elizabeth prann, thank you.
1:35 pm
president obama wrapping up the first day of the two-day visit to germany as part of an effort to implement the transatlantic trade pact. earlier today, mr. obama held a joint news conference with german chancellor angela merkel, pushing for that controversial deal. our white house correspondent is live for us in germany. hi there, kevin. >> hey there, heather. always nice to talk to you. the president continues his european tour. he's faced his share of thorny bilateral issues, to say nothing of the larger global issues. but there are certainly no more important relationships for this president, especially here in europe, than his very close relationship with his german counterpart chancellor angela merkel. he counts on her support, both on the security aspect and certainly her support in the trade deal is paramount for the obama white house. as you pointed out, the president is here to discuss a number of issues. yes, they will be talking about
1:36 pm
security. but make no mistake about it. this is really about a massive trade deal that the white house hopes to get done. it's the transatlantic trade and investment partnership that the president is hoping to push through before he leaves office. it's expected to cover more than 800 million people, and the white house says it would enhance trade while eliminating barriers, but here in germany, his counterpart has seen major demonstrations in opposition to the deal. tens of thousands raising their voices in protest in hanover over the weekend, at a time when the whole of europe has been battered economically. the president says despite the politics of it all, the deal is good for both countries and even if the road to ratification is a rocky one, it will be successful. >> during presidential elections, it's always tough. when we're in the heat of campaigns, people naturally are going to worry more about what's lost than what's gained. with respect to trade agreements.
1:37 pm
>> reporter: obviously, the president is hoping to get this very near the finish line. it will ultimately fall on the shoulders of the next occupant of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. plenty of work to be done here on the european front and the president will continue to push this issue, not just with his german counterpart, but also with the leaders in france and italy and the uk. it makes a very interesting time to be here. >> and a tough job for you, for sure. always great to see you in these exotic and beautiful locations. have a safe trip back. now this fox news alert on that horrific mass murder in ohio. we are awaiting an update from authorities on a statewide manhunt. that update expected any minute now. the search is intensifying for whoever shot and killed eight members of the same family. the victims found dead at four different homes in the rural part of the state on friday.
1:38 pm
bryan llenas is live with more on the search. >> we are about to hear an update from attorney general mike dewine and pike county sheriff charles reiter on this ongoing investigation. sheriff reiter personally knew the rhoden family, which lost eight members of their family in this most unimaginable way. so far, there have been no more arrests. have police zeroed in on a suspect or suspects? have they discovered any reason why someone would want to attack this family? what was the timeline? the eight victims ages 16 to 44 were found dead, shot in the head execution style on friday in four separate homes in pike county, ohio, a small rural community about 100 miles south of columbus. but we do not know when the shootings took place. we do know the police have interviewed over 30 people and have completely analyzed all four crime scenes. the local pastor says the family and friends also say that the
1:39 pm
rhodens are well-known, hard working and a very close knit family. this community of 28,000 has been shaken by this story. some of the victims were murdered as they slept, including hannah rhoden, a mother in her bed with her 4-day-old baby nearby. that baby and two other small children were thankfully not hurt. the first 911 call coming in just before 8:00 a.m. on friday, when a female found two of her relatives. the second call came at about 1:30 p.m. when a relative discovered his 16-year-old cousin. >> 911, can i help you? >> yeah, i need deputies to come out to 799 left fork. >> okay. >> all this stuff that's on the news. i just found -- i just found my cousin with a gunshot wound. >> okay. is he alive? >> no. no. >> the community is on edge. police have added additional units and patrols to protect the rest of the rhoden family.
1:40 pm
the family says they are thankful for the prayers and are asking people with any information to call 1-855-bci-ohio and a $25,000 reward is being offered. >> just such an unbelievably awful story. that news conference scheduled five minutes from now. we'll bring it to you live when it begins. bryan llenas, thank you. gunfire breaking out at a high school prom, injuring two students. two police officers leaping into action, firing back, and stopping what may have been a blood bath. hillary clinton reportedly starting to investigate potential running mates for her. so who's catching your eye? we'll take a look at one of the lists to break down.
1:41 pm
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1:45 pm
there are thousands of people rallying and they're holding up their phones to get a picture. the candidate will be emerging momentarily from his chopper. you can hear the crowd beginning its chant. donald trump is going to be addressing the crowds who are there to greet him. we'll be monitoring his event and if he makes news. we'll have it for you here on "america's election headquarters." well, at least one presidential campaign might be starting to eye potential running mates. according to one report, as hillary clinton gets closer to locking up the democratic nomination, her staff is making a list of more than a dozen possible number twos. "the new york times" says that list includes progressive leaders in the senate like elizabeth warren and sherrod brown. tim kaine and mark warner from the swing state of virginia. others include hud secretary
1:46 pm
julian castro. former massachusetts governor duval patrick. and senators amy klobuchar, bill nelson, and cory booker. here's what bernie sanders thinks about that talk. >> if she is the nominee, i would hope she puts together the strongest progressive agenda, and if she has a candidate for vice president who is prepared to carry that mantel, prepared to engage in that fight. i think that would be a very good thing for her campaign. >> so let's talk about some of the possibilities with alexandra smith, president of the college republican national committee. and capri cafarro, democratic state senator in ohio and former ohio senate minority leader. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> capri, you're on the democratic side. who would you like to see as hillary clinton's running mate? >> well, you know, i think i'm a little bit biassed for some of the folks that are on the list. certainly u.s. senator sherrod brown is someone that i think could assuage the bernie sanders
1:47 pm
people who are looking for someone to balance out a more progressive ticket. he obviously also brings to the table, theoretically, the electoral votes coming from the swing state of ohio. and then certainly secretary of hud julian castro, who is a fellow stanford alum along with myself, and he's someone that brings youth, vitality, and obviously, you know, will appeal to the latino vote, which is going to be so critically important in 2016. i do want to say one more thing, though. i think it's important for secretary clinton to consider governors. i did hear a few on the list, duval patrick and some others. i'm surprised we didn't hear maybe ed rendell or terry mcauliffe, longtime friends of the secretary. but i think she needs to consider governors in the sense that she needs someone to bring an outside-the-beltway sensibility to the ticket and maybe that is something -- bring a governor on the ticket to do that for her. >> alexandra, what about it? from the republican side, hillary clinton is a pretty
1:48 pm
formidable candidate if she picks the right vice presidential nominee, it only enhances the chance that the democrats retain the white house for another four years. >> well, i think that hillary clinton is going to have a problem no matter who she picks as her vice presidential candidate at this point. we see that bernie sanders has really backed her into a corner in terms of having to run to the left and picking the most progressive candidate. and none of the candidates from a technical perspective are really all that perfect. look at duval patrick, for example. he has ties to bing capital. if we remember the 2012 playbook, that's something we certainly ran against romney pretty well. if you look at sherrod brown as well, if he were to be selected as the vice presidential nominee, the republican governor john kasich appoints his replacement. and so in a tightly contested senate election this year, we could see the democrats could lose an important seat. >> we all remember what happened when ronald reagan chose george h. w. bush to be his running
1:49 pm
mate. we are not hearing the possibility of a sanders-clinton ticket. why not? >> you know, i think that secretary clinton is looking for about appealing to the voters outside of the democratic primary. >> bernie's got appeal, right? >> bernie's got appeal, but bernie's got appeal to democratic primary voters, folks that are more idealistic. my colleague talking about the fact that bernie has pushed hillary back to the left. she's got to come back to the center if she wants to appeal to the general electorate. bernie sanders is not going to help on that. but she does have to find a sweet spot between engaging the bernie voters so they don't sit at home in november, but at the same time, having a balanced enough ticket that she's not pushing away the general electorate public who is not going to be necessarily drawn in by i think a more progressive are upping mate or by bernie sanders, in particular, who is obviously a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.
1:50 pm
>> alexandra, there were so many republican candidates in this race at one time. who would you like to see as the republican vice presidential nominee? would it have to be somebody who's run for president, or would you throw the net wider? >> you can see how brad our party is, someone like martinez from new mexico coming from a swing state, a governor with executive experience could be a dark horse but, also, look did conservative grass roots favorite, and all of these, then, bring something to the table. >> interesting choices. >> interesting choices. ahead, alexander smith, and
1:51 pm
alexander, thank you both. >> a fox news alert. we are watching as donald trump has arrived in hagerstown, maryland. he came in on the helicopter just a short while ago. the song playing in the background the theme from "air force one." this is a quick listen. >> it is not a good liar because he gets caught. a good liar does not get caught. i will tell you, over the weekend, and last week, my folks were meeting with the republican national committee and they -- i said, do you want do this and go down and spend the money for an airplane ticket to go through? they went to florida. by the way they had boats and yachts waiting to take the delegates around, and everyone, boy, the delegates, i want to become a delegate, i think. it is a rigged system, folks, believe me.
1:52 pm
you probably read where ted cruz is going and wining and dining and dippers and hotels and all of this stuff, he is bribing people, essentially it vote. he cannot do it on the first ballot because they are locked in to me on the first ballot. that is all i care about. i only care about first ballot. we are not going for the second or third or fourth. here is his problem: we get that 1,237. a lot of other people are saying that. i am pretty sure. they said in trump gets 60 delegates in new york that would an big hit. in he get around 50% it would be good and over 50 would be amazing which is hard to get when you have three people. look, i have a senate and a governor and they both are mathematically gone. they cannot win. only way they can win like in wall street called short-terms.
1:53 pm
you bet against the world. i never liked people that go short. they are not optimistic people. i know so many short sellers and they are among the worst people you will meet almost as bad as the media. not quite. no one -- i am not sure in ted cruz is as bad as the media. but what happens is the short. cruz is a short. kasich, i don't get that. he is 1-38. he did win once. for two more days i would have won show. i was winning florida big and i had a dirty poll that is a phoney poll because they put out phony palms. in my opinion. it was put out by nbc. i say in my opinion but it was a dirty, dirty poll. i thought i was winning by 18 points maybe 16 points and before the election i was going to go to ohio spend a couple of days there and i thought i had it made in florida and the
1:54 pm
people florida know me and suddenly i get this poll which, again, i did not understand but i did not want to take a chance having me up only six. is that right, david? david knows, a great, great, man. i will not tell you what he has done because some of you would not like it but most of you would, right? what happened, i cancel ohio thing because i had to win florida, i figured, well, i am crashing in florida. i end up winning florida in a landslide by 20 points. i picked up all 99 delegates, 100% pick them up. i am only interested in the first ballot not interested in second, third, fourth, 19th. i am interested in winning it early. that is it. remember this: i have millions -- like the fighters a income
1:55 pm
out, boom, boom, first round. i am not necessarily looking to fly people all over the world in a beautiful airplane and have them stay at best hotels, wine them and dine them, sit down for steak dinners so that on the 4th ballot i can win, teach. no, we could have a really big you got to get out there, maryland, and vote. we could have a big tuesday. here is the thing. i am millions votes up on cruz, millions of votes up on kasich, honestly, i like kasich, he is nice but he should not be running because you had many guys that were doing better thank him, marco rubio and chris christie --. >> there you have it, donald trump in hagerstown, maryland, ahead of the tuesday primary, rallying up the crowd. he is talked about he saying ted
1:56 pm
cruz is ally arrest and took --. >> but john case sick a noise guy. >> he talk about what he says is a rigged delegate system. the polls he is at 41 and john kasich is at 26, in second in the state of maryland. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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>> 24 hours a day working on every lead that comes in all the tips and conducted the interviews we will provide information as we can but this is going to be a very plenty process. right now, i have a team from odrc, the star team, that are going to the scenes. they are going to go to the wooded areas of each of these scenes. there are 38 members. they will make sure this is absolutely nothing that was missed or nothing of evidentiary value in the woods. in something is locked they will secure it. they will contact an investigator and agent with bci and that will be collected and sent to the appropriate lab for
1:59 pm
testing. i want to reach out and thank everyone would has sent units, all the county sheriffs, red cross, other people that have provideed food, children services, the prosecutor's office, state highway patrol and socs, everyone that has come together that has offered to help. we have had hundreds of people in the last days that is come to pike county to assist in the lengthy and very horrible investigation we are dealing with. i will let the attorney general dewine speak. >> we hoped to hear word that a suspect was under arrest or, perhaps, at least unconsideration but there is no word about any "persons of interest" involved in the terrible murders in pike county,
2:00 pm
he but we will monitor what the sheriff and dorp general have to say in they make news we will bring it to you on fox news channel. >> thanks for joining us. >> wonderful to be with you, john, we watching the battle for the east coast, starting now. >> i am your host, donald trump delivering a crushing defeat to ted cruz in new york this week, mathematically eliminating the senator from winning the nomination outright before the convention. jointing me on the phone from trump tower is the republican frontrunner ahead of tuesday's battle for the east, donald trump. thank you for joining us. >> i want to talk to you about the new presidential donald trump are pivoting and going to be more presidential but a lot of people love the old donald trump, the brash and show business guy that gets 10,000 or 20,000 people in the stands. how


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