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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  April 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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twitter and instagram and facebook and tell me what you think. remember, i'm wa tters and this is my world. >> i am chris wallace. team trump said we soon see a new candidate, we will hear from the man behind the new makeover. >> we got a look of the new presidential donald trump in the victory speech. >> trip trump is about eliminated. >> no more lying ted but can it last is. >> my wife is constantly saying, darling, be more presidential. i just don't know that i want to do it quite yet. all the new top advisor
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discusses the by have the to a more traditional campaign, a fox news sunday exclusive. >> then, bernie sanders insists that he still has a shot at the democratic nomination even as hillary clinton extends her delegate lead. >> this is campaign that doing well, because we are doing something radical. telling the truth. we will ask in the would long race is hurting the eventual nominee, and we look ahead to tuesday when five east coast states hold primaries and our power player of the week, an outdoor laboratory here in washington prosecute to you by two baby eagles. >> hello from fox news in washington. the trump campaign which until now has been known for larger than life candidate said the boss is ready to ton it down. what is being called a makeover
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as donald trump is poiseed to sweep five east coast primaries, and paul manafort is behind the effort to turn him around. >> you met with members of the republican national committee to try to reassure members about donald trump but in your effort it raised some new concerns. it was supposed to be a closed door meeting but someone taped it. shear a clip. he wasn't ready for the part...we are seeing more depth and --. >> laying a part, trump has been campaigning for ten months and we have not seen the real man. >> what that clip was related to is a question that was talking about settings he would be, the campaign setting you are seeing
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the ream donald trump in campaign mowed talking to those who believe. i was dealing with members of the republican national committee who have a different role from an organizational standpoint i wanted it know about, will he give speeches on policy? will he be involved in settings that are not rally-oriented. that was the context. we were evolving the campaign, not candidate, and 9 setting. >> forgive me it seems a little bit like spin because the words, "the part he has been playing, you will see more depth of the real people." you are fought talking about rallies versus a setting. >> i was. that is not what you said. that is what was understood when it was taken out of context, the question was not prefaced with my answer, you get a distortion. donald trump said it yesterday on the trail, he addressed the issue completely. i am playing when i am here i
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want to talk to you and show you who i am in this environment the when i am giving a policy speech, i will give a policy speech. he said it straight up. >> according to ted cruz and understandably he is not a great supporter of you or of donald trump but he said that what you were saying is that donald trump the conservative is just a show. >> he does not believe anything he is saying, he is just trying to fool gulf build voters and he is not going to do it, he will not build a wall, he will not deport anyone, he is telling us he is lying to us. >> when you talk about trump playing a part, cruz said that is what you mean. >> there is the liar, not donald trump. he has to change the narrative. he is losing. he is on the cusp of having the nomination taken away from him. so he is trying to change the narrative. we never talked abut the bomb. i atmosphere say donald trump want going to build a wall or
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never said donald trump would change a position. we never talked about that. ted cruz made it up because he has to find something that gets people away from focusing on real campaign which is, next tuesday, wednesday he wills there all give states and rebel finish third in must of them. he has a failed candidacy, and you can see the debt rat tactic, the way he is glossing offer like ben carson in iowa and marco rubio in florida he mays things up when he feels cornered. >> you say he is losing but, in fact, he had let i good weekend. one of your jobs is to make sure that the delegates that are actually selected, people who sit in the seats, are trump supporters who will continue to support him in the convention goes beyond the first ballot. but, yesterday, donald trump picked up at least 65 delegates, people sitting in the seats even in they vote for trump in the first round, they are cruz
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supporters and the cruz campaign said you guys picked up two, 65-2. >> you have been around a long-term, chris, the only votes that matter are the votes that of cast when the rollcall is called. on saturday, ted cruz will have zero. not 36. not 60. zero. with was done on saturday was confirming the results every marries. now, most of the conventions that happened were set in statements a in or would ago. with, frankly, is with involved. that is not the point. the point is, cruz doesn't care about wasp in the election. what cruz is doing is playing fast with the rules, doesn't care about local concerns. what you saw in maine, there was a consensus, the governor put together of all the campaigns and everyone was going to be representative on the ticket consistent with the rules the voters picked in the maine
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primary and cruz broke the deal and effectively did not occur about the local officials or care about the rusts after, and he steam ruled it. that is not the donald trump approach. we are running the campaign to win the votes on the first ballot. we are going and we will win on the first ballot. all of this party disruption that cruz is causing is only going to hurt the petition, not hurt donald trump because he is still going to have the vote on the first ballot and local be this second ballot the it will be clear when the resolution is over june 7. >> we have known each other since the reagan white house but after that, you went into lobbying and it is first to say some of your clients are at the very least controversy am, filipino tickettator marcos and ousted ukraine president, and
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that load to someone calling director firm the the tortureers lob. how did you plead? >> when i represented the nazimbi i was working with the administration against a soviet dictatorship put up in angola. in the philippines i was tasked to help bring the transition of marcos to an end. >> but --. >> if you look at the results of the administration in ukraine the agreement that brought ukraine into europe i was the person who worked with the europeans to negotiate it because he was committed and a long history lesson that we have a cup of coffee on but role i played was to help bring ukraine into europe the we did. we succeeded. ted cruz is not persuaded by this and went after you and the team that you have assembled.
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here he is yesterday. >> the entire campaign apparatus is a washington lobby apparatus. you are happy with the corruption of washington, with the bipartisan corruption of big government, that donald trump's campaign is for you. >> director response? all the people he was talking about have not lobbied for 10-20 years. did they once hobby? yes. have they been lobbying for 10-15 years? no. they have been in private sectors outside of washington. >> the larger point you are an insider, the people you bring in are insiders and trump's talk that he is an outsider is for longer the case and he is the real outsider. >> anot running for president, donald trump is. donald trump is which arely an outsider and donald trump is clearly establishing his credentials with the american people by virtue of what he said he will do changing the rigged economy and banking system and political system. again, this is ted cruz because he has in issue least trying to confuse a simple fact, he is
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about to be mathematically eliminated and look at what he is trying to do with the candidacy, trying to say the process doesn't matter. he is trying to say voting doesn't matter. he is trying to say that all that matters is to destroy the party and see in we can pick up the pieces on second or third or fourth ballot. we will win on the first and it will be clear june 7. we are trying to work with the mcconnells who we did not depose in tuck although we won and worked with him to put a unity slate together and bring the party together. >> wait, wait, wait. you are saying you are, oning with the senate majority leader who do a last grass roots is a symbol of the problem. >> we are working with party officials and that is an example on saturday we won the state, quote have again in there and tried to be disruptive as cruz does in these states. beknow we will be the nominee and we have to work with the people. i was tacked to go to the rnc
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meeting and people people who trump has not been exposed to and understand the campaign cares about them. >> donald trump raise new questions of his conservative when he opposed north carolina's new law which setting restrictions on can bathrooms transgender people can use. >> that would be discriminatory in a certain way. it would be unbelievable expensive for the businesses and countries. leave it how it s. >> that nightdonald trump reverted himself is said it is state's right. paul, what does trump think of the north carolina law? >> what he said. it is the states right issue. >> and said look it alone. >> but it is now irreversible. he told you his position and you had him on air he said it is a states right issue.
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period. >> wait, wait, wait, that is 12 hours before, eight hours before he said leave it the way it is, and there doesn't need to be any change, it is a problem in search of a solution. >> which it is. >> let me restrain, a solution in seven of a remember but there is in remember. >> what he said, he was asked the question, his personal opinion in the afternoon and he was asked how do you handle the question he answered --. >> but his personal opinion stands? >> what stands is what he was said weapon he was asked the specific question of what should happen and he said it is a state's try issue and it should be handle by the states. >> finally, your new team has been talking about the fact that trump will make a foreign policy speech this week here in washington, using teleprompters and make serious policy spends using teleprompters are are you trying to drag him kicking and screaming to be more
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presidential. >> a we are at period of the campaign where these things are irrelevant epa. campaigns a process and trump recognized it and the at tuesday has been that he had to establish the credibility of the candidacy. which he did. and he needed to when primaries. which he did. and he had to emmillion as the presumptive nominee. which he did. and new as people look at him as the republican until me and potentially the next president of the united states there is another stage in the process. that what this is. >> is that part of being more presidential? >> it certainly nothing contrary to being presidential. >> paul, thank you. >> thanks for your time. we have been doing this for 30-whatever years. >> long time. >> we will track how the rip come in on tuesday. >> we will bring in our sunday group to discuss the changing strategy of the donald trump campaign and what would you like to ask the panel about a possible trump makeover. go to facebook or twitter.
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> at some point i will be so presidential you people will be so bored. >> donald trump having dub with all the talk of the feed to project a more serious image. now, our sunday group, gerald seib of the "wall street journal" and susan page from "usa today", and ben domenech co-founder of the "federalist," magazine, and juan williams author of "we the people." >> we ask for questions for the panel and we got a bunch on this question of a possible trump
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makeover. now, we got that "trump could act more presidential but it would be an act." will the real donald trump please stand up and face the people according to another one. how do you answer that, gerry? can he change? >> it is fought just the handlers. we did an interview this week and he said i know i need to be more discipline asked adjust the campaign. i will because, and this is the roping, i am not going do blow it but he said when i show up rally with 20,000 they are looking for entertainment and i will fought let them down. everyone tries to have it budget ways and he is having it both way, an entertainer at a rally but presidential when not at rally but those two collide. >> can you do that? can you be --. >> we are having the conversation much it is hard to
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do that. >> speaking of which, an interesting editorial in the "washington post" today and let me put it up here, i will read you the headline "remember the real donald trump." his by have the to a presidential demeanor cannot erase history and you can see it goes on at great element and talks about republican, donald trump's comments of illegal immigrants being rape is and controls, and remember donald trump commends that john mccain is not a real wore hero and no matter what his handlers try to make him, don't forget that. susan, that raises the question, is a makeover of donald trump's image possible in the 24/7 world of news and social media? >> two questions. no one else will let him forget. hick put out a video with the morrow sockive statements, and we will hear a lot about it. i have questions whether donald
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trump can remake himself. on tuesday he looked more presidential talking about ted cruz but on wednesday at the rally he was back to liin' ted. we know who the real donald trump is and he is irrepressible. the most interesting line in the post editorial which was critical of donald trump was a quote from the rnc chairman saying winning is the antidoubt do a last things and that is try for donald trump. but the question becomes when you look at his numbers, his unfavorables and they are sky-high, unprecedentedly high for a major party nominee, can you win in he says as this trump rum? (1) can he win with this donald trump and (2) can he be elected? (3) can he make you forget? >> both donald trump and hillary clinton have unfavorable ratings
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over 50%. we have never had that situation with a candidate in either part. this year we will have it in both parties. in that way it makes everyone less confident say there is no way he would be elected. >> as i discussed previously about the north carolina law restricting bathrooms in the case of transgender people and donald trump and i discussed that and it created a backlash. ted cruz saw an opening. >> he thought men should be able to go into the goal's bathroom? have we got notes? is you is this issue which obviously cruz sees as an oning is this a if through for republicans in the primas or john election? >> in the context of the discussion on bathrooms, remember there are fewer transgender people in america according to the best estimates than we have registered sex
3:22 pm
offenders and that is actually what people are concerned about, less concern about transgender people coming into bathrooms than men using this as a way to get into looker rooms with women and to exploit that opportunity to participate in criminal act. that is something that is a concern among a lot of americans and the palms show that favoring the policy has increased with the start of the debate. on the side of trump this is part of the part of what we have seen in the past. a month ago after he ran the table in florida and missouri and illinois and north carolina, this was all this talk about he. shift to being more presidential, and, instead, he embarked on a series of gaffes and undermined his ability to unite the party. a we have seen the past week since he won in new york is reverting to the personalized attacks and calling for a weakening of the pro life prank and getting to the left of hillary clinton on transgender
3:23 pm
and come out in favor of raising taxes and coming out, again, the other day and suggesting to spite of all of the legal decisions that is again against it, that ted cruz is not going to be a qualified candidate because he is not a naturalized citizen this is not someone interesting in uniting and in it is easy to be presidential why not try it for five minutes? >> i want to go back to the issue of the bathrooms and whether it is a good issue because we decided to try to fin out whether it is a public safety issue, whether it is a problem with tran transgender people misusing bathrooms to prey on others. here is what the fact checking group found. >> we have not found any instance of criminals cop 60ed of using transgender protections as cover in the united states, north have any left-wing groups or right-wing groups which brings me to charles krauthammer
3:24 pm
comment i quoteed to paul earlier, that it seems to be a solution in seven of a problem. that is right. a police chief in north carolina was in the police force 40 yours and never dealt with this issue. he said people are concreting a problem in search of a solution. what we could bam tock is a wedge issue. a wedge issue that in temperatures of gay rights and gay maim, which has been controversial, that wedge issue worked in 2004 if you recall the bush campaign got gay imagine on the ballot and helped president obama game re-election in treasure 24 but this time the issue in terms of the polling does not have the same power or same strength on the people. when you look at the reality of it, people say, well, gosh, at whom i used same bathroom as my wife and this cut not seem to be a crying issue but in terms of the ever gel school issue, which is what ted cruz is trying to
3:25 pm
get by countering trump it does not carry the day or have the power. i want to shift to the question a little bit, after trump's swooping victory in new york, get over 60% of vote and 90% of the delegates, where the rules worked in his favor, did the ground shift inside the republican establishment? is there growing acceptance or growing resignation to the fact that donald trump is the nominee? >> can you feel it on tuesday as the results came in from new york. it went from, well, maybe it will not work out to, my gob, it really is going to work out. the math did not tell you that, but perception in the party told you there was a change. you saw it at rnc meeting in florida rather than fighting the friend there was, more, can we come to terms with the trump trend a significant difference. it marries because if you create a situation of inestibility which the donald trump campaign is trying to do and what your
3:26 pm
gift was trying to do it is easier to get you unbound delegates to come your way saying it is inevitable, and you create that perception you create the reality. or you can. >> he was talking. >> boat getting to 1,237 by the end of primary on june 7 but there are 41 days between the end of california and the primaries and cleveland, a long-term to get the unpledged delegates. we will take a break but we will see you later and next, hillary clinton tries to pivot to the general election but bernie sanders keeps up his attacks against hillary clinton. we will talk with debbie wasserman-schultz the democratic party chair about state of race. is the prolonged campaign on the democratic side hurting that party?
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>> a look identified the beltway at philadelphia at the site of the convention. hillary clinton took a big step toward locking up the democratic nomination with her sweeping victory in the new york primary. but bernie sanders shows no sign of conceding and continues to run hard against her. we have the chairman of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman-schultz. congresswoman, given that hillary clinton seems to have a pretty clear path to the nomination now, does before bart need to tone down his attacks and start to bring the party together? >> i have been very proud throughout this campaign of both of our candidates, you have seen in every debate, and, also, in askings on campaign trail, the substance and the commitment that each of our candidates has
3:31 pm
to laying out for the "good morning america" their vision for having to move our country forward so i am rudd compared to the circus on the other side. >> if you can answer my question , can --. >> i am about to answer. >> i was waiting. >> i needed to preface it because they have done a great job of being substantive. what i have cautioned the last self weeks is that we need to make sure that the rhetoric that each candidate uses is such that it doesn't make it more difficult for us to reunify. it was expected in a campaign lick this as we get toward the narrow end of the funnel, with only 19 primaries left, that it will be more intense but we need to make sure we focus on the end game which is obviously to make sure that we can elect our nominee president of the united states. i am confident we will. >> bernie sanders continues even
3:32 pm
after america to go after hillary clinton and here is just some of what he said during a townhall this week in pennsylvania. >> one of the different friends between secretary hillary clinton and myself is i have opposed every one of the disasterous trade agreement. >> major differences is precisely how we raise money for our campaign. >> question: is that helpful to el legislating a democratic president? chris, when you look at what has happened this week on the other side of aisle with basically toto putting back the curtain on the wizard and revealing that donald trump isn't on the level, has never been on level, they basically have a faker, running for president of the united states and has been the most extreme bigoted candidate the republican party certainly has ever put
3:33 pm
forward and rebel any candidate who has of run before, pointed different friends between our candidates that at the end of the primary it is paling in compare son to what is played out on the other side of the aisle. >> forgive me, i understand it is your job to make the case against the republicans, but the fact is, bernie sanders talk about hinge hurricane not standing up to wall street, and, in fact, taking hundreds of throughs for spends,s would transcripts she will not release conserve not standing up to the big oil and gas industry and not standing up to drug companies, but deal with your own party if you will for a moment; that helpful, those critiques, to elected a democratic president? i am glad to deal with my >> do you think the other guys are worsest we will deal with your matter.
3:34 pm
>> much, if you hurricane at the way our campaign has played out both of our candidates are focused on receiving the same goal, in either were president they would continue to build on the 73 straight months of job growth we have had in the private sector, with president obama would has pulled us out of the warriors economic crisis since the great depression and whether it is hillary clinton or bernie sanders they talked about helping people be able to reach the middle class by making sure we continue to have policies and build on the policies. >> what about --. >> in i may what about bernie sanders saying that hillary clinton is in effect a corporate sellout. you make it sunday hike this is not much critique of hillary clinton than there has been. >> again, because we have had two candidates would have focused on their desire to achief the same goals and build on the legacy of success we have had, opposed to dragging us backward to the policies of a
3:35 pm
presidency that plunge us and an economic crisis, differences of opinion, even sharp ones, are paling compared to the other side. we had a much more divisive primary in 2008 and arguably, not only did we reunify successfully but we elected rebound and he selected hillary clinton to be his secretary of state and i was a hillary clinton supporter until the last day in 2008 if you recall and he asked me to be his dnc chair so i am very confident that regardless of intensity of what is played out here at the last same of the campaign, which all of our candidates is our nominee well be unified and certainly it is not the case on other side where they are headed for chaos. >> you talk about unit tie but there was lost analysis in the media that bernie sanders' attacks are drive up hick's negatives. in a "wall street journal" poll the rate on in people have a a positive or negative rue of
3:36 pm
hillary clinton is minus 24 among all men she is at minus 40 and among all whites, at minus 39. now, i me so you don't have to say it, i know donald trump numbers are worse but he may not be the nominee. her numbers deal with them if you will, are historically low. >> wednesday, some republicans are hoping that donald trump is not the nominee with good reason but if you look at the kit presidents that were coming out of morning and our voters were asked in they are enthusic and thought our primary energized them, 7 out of 10 of the voters asked said they they thought the primary energized them ability supporting either of our canidates and less than 40% said the same about the republicans. >> excuse me, i want to pick up on that. >> stick to the facts that
3:37 pm
matter. >> i want to talk about enthusiasm of hillary clinton support because so far 23.1 million people have voted in republican primaries and 18.5 million have voted in democrat primaries so why should we not believe next, when it comes to be enthusiasm, republicans have a big advantage? they have almost $5 -- five million voter edge in item out. >> ly hick has had 10.6 million people vote for her at this point, bernie sanders has had 7.1 million people, and hillary clinton has more voter than donald trump. >> this were 17 candidates on one side generating town out and in man places around the country we came close to have the equivalent but you look today where we are, in terms of energy anden thursday a and interest in supporting our nominee, there
3:38 pm
is far more support and energy on our side than there is on the respect side, the same was true coming out of wisconsin, so this is a pattern. different states, as well. we are continuing to head toward a unified effort when our provide marry is over to make sure that we can get behind our nominee and the republicans are dollarly heading for a brokered convention that is going to descend into chaos. there is no one that you can ask that doesn't average that. >> i want to talk about a last subject, you have dismissed the idea that hillary clinton could face any legal troubles over her private e-mail server as "ludicrous." how do you know that? >> i am simply confident that as the investigation continues that hillary clinton has made it clear and there are scores of individuals who are associated with the federal government that have indicated that it is clear
3:39 pm
that she conducted her sell completely legally, that she was able to use private e-mail just like previous republican and democratic secretary of state and at the end of the day, this is going to amount to nothing more than an investigation when they take a close look. she will be fine. all the reason i ask, the f.b.i. has dozens of agents would have been investigating this issue for months and just this week, fbi director said that this could go on well beyond or at least past the democratic convention in july. there has to be something they are investigating. are you saying it is a waste of time? >> i am not commenting on it when way or the other --. >> you have, you said it is luke kraus? >> and i will say it again, it is ludicrous to keep raising the
3:40 pm
question of what it lays out to an end, an unfortunate end. amir hekmati has released 55,000 payments of e-mails and provided the most transparency of probably any previous presidential candidate in terms of the conversations she had has as secretary of state, as a public official, and it is completely available for the press and she was doing something and using private e-mail in the same way that previous secretaries of state. >> wait, wait, wait, you knee is not true. no one said that true. >> over than the private server. >> other than the private server is a big deal and no one had 30,000 work e-mails on a private server so the compare son to colin powell that is not true. >> it certainly is true becse come lip powell and condoleeza rice and john kerry, all used
3:41 pm
private e-mails to communicate with their staff. >> and maybe a dozen, not 30,000 . >> i a fought count -- i am not counting. she used private e-mail and was allowed to use private e-mail and it is not in dispute and she has released 55,000 pains of e-mails. this is a distraction the membership are going to decide with they vote for, for president, based on who they believe will continue to of in us forward and help everyone what wants to succeed have a fair shot to do so. what they are not going to vote on is distractions like this and they are not going to choose any of the republican candidates who think we should continue and go back to policies that focus on the wealthist members, extreme, suggesting we will deport 11 million people, or we are going to ban an entire religious group in the country. that is the choice. >> thank you very much, and we
3:42 pm
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3:46 pm
susan, in 2008 hillary clinton kept running right through all of primaries through california and into june but at a certain point right about now she began to become off the attacks on obama and stick to affirmative case for herself. is not what you are seeing with bernie sanders he is going after her. >> we will see what happens after tuesday he is looking to be headed to a big defeat in person a mid atlantic state they hope they who wins there is a you it poll putting him down 15 points in pennsylvania. hillary clinton folks have no specific teas he will get out but they hope he tempers the rhetoric he is doing damage by hitting her where it hurts criticizing her judgment,ancety and trust we are theyness were when he criticized her at not being represented that did not worry them. but he is hitting her where it could hurt her in november. >> which brings us to a big question in politics and that is, what does bernie sanders
3:47 pm
want in he is not the nominee what does he demand from the clinton team to go nicely and, in fact, try to get his millions of supporter to back her? he answered that suggesting what he with lick to see in the platform are planks what say the democratic party is going to take on wall street and the drug examines and oil and gas. what is the likelihood? all the first if eastern to answer that is bernie sanders and the vibes from the bart before are mixed after tuesday on new york family. some say fight on the convention it is still possible to win this was some of this from bernie sanders but others are saying, we will take stock after this week the next set of primary on tuesday. in he wanted to affect how the party is going, he has to scale back attacks because by attacking hillary clinton you are angering the same people would determine the direction of party and it is counter productive. i suspect we so a verdict on
3:48 pm
that from bernie sanders camp after tuesday. >> i guess i get to the platform what do you think of the likelihood in he said the rice for my come on board and my working to get support for hillary clinton is that you have to have a more bernie sanders-like platform will the hillary clinton people go along. >> he has pushed the party to the last and pushed hillary clinton to the last on trade, particularly, and maim the minimum wage. though will be in negotiation and why think the hillary clinton will have more leverage they will not cave in giant ways to make it difficult for her to move back to the middle in a general election. >> juan, i discussed clinton moves not impressive poll numbers with congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz and pointed out to her and here again, donald trump's unfavorability is higher but she
3:49 pm
will go to as a vulnerable candidate. >> she has achilles' heel as is clear in the polling, trustworthiness, honesty. this business about the mail server has been constant thorn in her side and used by her critics especially on the republican side who are going out this winning there will be an indictment and she be jail and the rest. that is consistent issue and for a ron we see in the poll numbers. the question is, how does this play with democrats? is it hurting democrats? democrats do not pay attention to the mail server story. the foundation story and the question of quid pr quo while secretary of state, that, also, lingers and suggests she has sharp elbows, a lot people think she plays to the edge. does it hurt her in the general election? i think it will be splitted by her opponents by republic. why think this is any question.
3:50 pm
>> what abut the argument, another part of the critique she is too cozy with wall street? too cozy with the establishment? >> that is back to what you were asking, what can heasking. what can he realistically expect to get in a tradeoff with hillary clinton and the democrats? >> more in terms of hillary clinton, and is that going to be a vulnerability for her in the general? >> hopefully for her, from her perspective, it does not need to be a vulnerability if bernie sanders can getro some of what wants and then say his voters, a third of whom say will not vote for hillary clinton at this moment, begin to shift. if trump or cruz is the nominee, they have somebody that generates fair among democrats. but i think if on the minimum wage, on big banks and wall street, that the democratic party begins adapting some of bernie sanders' language, i think that bernie sanders' younger voters, more liberal, even socialist voters come into the hillary camp.
3:51 pm
>> but there's another side of that, which i want to bring up with you, which is sanders has already pushed clinton further to the left on a number of these issues. especially illegal immigration. is that going to be -- we talk about trump trying to pivot in the general. is that going to be tougher for hillary? >> i think it is going to make it tougher. we saw this week reporting from the dailyly beast that a pro-clinton super pac paed paid more than a million dollars to have supporters of hers online push back on facebook and twitter and instagram and places like that.t. it's a sign of how hard it is to get people to support hillary clinton among them. younger set. i think that's the real challenge for her in this environment. which is that younger voters, who were key in electing president obama, are not going to be convinced that she's someone who they really need to support, and that's going to havenc to force her in a positi where she's beginning to have to continue to appeal to their more liberal positions in a lot of these issues as she goes into a general, as opposed to pivoting back to the center. that's going to be a real
3:52 pm
challenge for her, and it's one of the reasons why sanders' supporters, the 30% or so that juan was referring to, are going to prove a tougher nut to talk all the disarray in the republican party. how vulnerable a candidate do you think she is? >> she has the second highest negatives of any candidate. but she is helped by the fact that she'll be running into the person with the highest negatives. thanks to the people of new york for their prioritization of electability on both sides of the political fray when it comes to that issue. >> i don't think her problem is going to be that she got pushed to the left. i think her f problem is she doesn't incite the kind of enthusiasm that bernie sanders and donald trump do. you look at the platform, so she can make concessions on the platform. who's going to care 48 hours after the platform has been adopted? but she needs to figure out a way to get voters to think this is somebody i really want to be president.
3:53 pm
sanders could be helpful in doing that, but this is really the task for thehe candidate. >> butk she's a known quantity, which is a challenge. how can you shift away from that? >> i've got less than a minute left. juan, in the time a that we hav left, tell people why they should buy your new book. >> they should read it. this book is about change and the change makers. if the founding fathers came back to life with chris wallace in d.c., i think they would be dizzy at the rate of change. we saw harriet tubman is going to be put on the $100 bill. that rate of change suggests that america is undergoing anxiety, discomfort, economic change, demographic change, political change. this looks about the people who made that change and the america we live in in 2016. i think it's a great eye-opener behind thehe headlines of the campaign. >> well, i wish i had a copy of it right here. imagine that i did. "we the people." buy it. see you next sunday.
3:54 pm
up next, we visit the magnificent home of those two baby bald eaglets. e visit the magnificent home of two baby bald e trugreen presents the yardley's. sfx: leaf blower dad! sorry. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside.
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3:57 pm
more hidden treasures, just two miles from the capital building. but recently, it got a burst of publicity. here is our power player of the week. >> i think people are fascinated by this. because this is real, live action nature, right in front of their eyes. >> richard olson is talking about the birth of two baby bald eaglets this march, events that attracted 22 million hits on eagle cam. olson is director of the national arboretum in washington and he took us to watch the nest where the eagle family is living. >> what you're seeing moving is the mom and the dad. >> the interest in the baby eaglets has brought more attention to the rest of the arboretum. >> so is this a garden or a 400-acre laboratory? >> it's both. it's not mutually exclusive. science occurs here every day. >> these beautiful azaleas that
3:58 pm
used to grow only in the south, until scientists at the arboretum developed hybrids that can thrive farther north. >> we behave as the bumblebee. to find the best one that combines the traits we're looking for. >> there's a collection of 650,000 dried, pressed plants to keep a permanent record. >> if there's any confusion as to what scientifically a rosemary is, we can go back to the original specimens and say this is how the plant was described. >> and there's a museum. miniature trees japan gave to this country in 1976 to mark our bicentennial, including this peace tree that's had quite a life since 1625. >> this tree did, in fact, survive hiroshima. this tree survived the blast. so this tree, 400 years and one nuclear blast. >> yes, it's pretty amazing to think about. this is my office.
3:59 pm
and i obviously get to get out when i want. >> richard olson grew up loving the outdoors. >> i always seemed to be the kid that was out helping the parents in the tomato garden. i remember plant rhubarb in wisconsin and planting red tip in north carolina. >> there was a time when he considered a different line of work. >> i thought well, wouldn't it be time to be an analyst for the cia. read too many spy books and movies. >> but by the end of college, he traded spy craft for seeds, and he's never looked back. >> our mission at the arboretum is enhance the american landscape. so when you walk into work and you see these tree, you think, my job is to get people to love trees as much as i love trees. that's pretty noble. >> by the way, the names of those two baby bald eaglets will be announced on tuesday. now, this program note. watch a live, two-hour voter event of "america's town hall" at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. bill hemmer and martha mccallum host from philadelphia ahead of tuesday's pennsylvania primary.
4:00 pm
and that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." countdown to a super tuesday in the race for the white house again. and will it be a make or break moment for any of the presidential candidates? let's look at something that's happening right now. live gop contender ted cruz, looking ahead to indiana apparently. because that's where he is. a rally set to get under way in evansville, indiana. this is the old national events plaza, just dipping in to show you this, as one of the live events this hour. we'll show you others as they pop up. but before that state goes to the polls, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, connecticut, and rhode island are getting ready to have their voices heard. 118 republican delegates up for grabs. 384 at stake for the democrats. pennsylvania, the big prize on tuesday, the


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