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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 25, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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many of our economies but the answer is not to cut ourselves from each other. it's rather, to work together. and this brings me back to where i began. the world depends upon a democratic europe that upholds the principles of pleuralism and diversity and freedom that are our common creed. as free people's we cannot allow the forces that i've described, fears about security or economic anxieties, to under mine our commitment to the universal values that are the source of our strength. i have to deal with a congress.
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there's no doubt how a united europe works together can be improved. but look around the world at author i tearian governments and they're okay accuracies that rule by fear and oppression, there is no doubt that democracy is the most just and effective form of government ever created. [ applause ] when i talk about democracy, i don't just mean elections. there are a number of countries where people get 70, 80% of the vote, but they control all the media, and the judiciary, and
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civil society organizations and ngos can't organize and have to be registered and are intimidated. i mean, real democracies as we see here in europe and in the united states. so we have to be vigilant in defense of these pillars of democracy. not just elections, but rule of law as well as fair elections. a free press, vibrant civil societies where citizens can work for change. and we should be suspicious of those who claim to have the interests of europe at heart and yet don't practice the very values that are essential to europe.
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that have made freedom in europe so real. yes, these are unsettling times and when the future is uncertain, there seems to be an instinct in our human nature to withdraw to the perceived comfort and security of our own tribe, our own sect, our own nationality, people who look like us, sound like us, but in today's world, more than any time in human history, that is a false comfort. it pits people against one another because of what they look like or how they pray or who they love, and yet we know where that kind of twisted thinking can lead. it can lead to oppression. it can lead to segregation, and
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internment camps. in the united states, we've long wrestled with questions of race and integration and we do to this day and we still have a lot of work to do. but or progress allows somebody like me to now stand here as president of the united states. that's because we committed ourselves to a larger ideal, one based on a creed, not a race, not a nationality. a set of principles, truths that we held to be self-evident, that all men were created equal. and now as europe confronts questions of immigration and religion and assimilation, i want you to remember that our countries are stronger, they are more secure and more successful
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when we welcome and integrate people of all backgrounds and faith and make them feel as one, and that includes our fellow citizens who are muslim. [ applause ] look the sudden arrival of so many people from beyond our borders, especially when their cultures are very different, that can be daunting. we have immigration issues in the united states as well along our southern border of the united states and from people arriving from all around the world who get a visa and decide they want to stay. and i know the politics of immigration and refugees is hard, it's hard everywhere, in
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every country. just as a handful of neighborhoods should bear all the burdens of refugee settlement, neither should any one nation. all of us have to step up, all of us share the responsibility, that includes the united ates. but even as we take steps that are required to ensure our security, even as we help turkey and greece cope with this influx in a way that is safe and humane, even as chancellor merkel and other european leaders work for an orderly immigration and resettlement process, rather than a disorderly one, even as we all need to -- collectively do more. >> you are looking live at the president of the united states in hanover, germany. he announced earlier that the
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united states will be sending 250 u.s. special forces operators to syria for a total of 300. that part of the economic speech there today. >> meanwhile, to the jerry man people, he's not only speaking about that, he's also speaking about the history of the relationship, how vital it is for the european union to stay together from his opinion. he says maybe you need an outsiders' perspective and he also went on to say to that it's good that income inequality, it should be a focus of everybody's -- are of everybody's economy, of every country, and equal rights for all. >> that's exactly why we brought in tucker carlson who was up late last night and up late this weekend. what do you think of this 250 additional men and women going over there? >> probably an effort undertaken in good faith but it doesn't answer the question, the basic question is who runs syria? who do you want to run to run syria? >> it's a black hole.
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it's affecting europe and the united states. could assad stay in power or not? >> we're combining with a bunch of rebels we weren't supposed to be dealing with. >> exactly. in a lot of cases, they have interests contrary to ours, again, what do you want it to look like in five years, i haven't heard anybody in the administration articulate that and it's troubling. >> i don't think the president has thought that far. cruz and kasich have announced an appliance. what they are going to do, they are teaming up to take on trump. kasich is going to stop campaigning in indiana and mr. cruz is going to stop in oregon ultimately to help take on trump. >> i saw kasich last night. i don't fully understand it, but
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i think the idea is vote against trump in order that the nominee, the ultimate nominee is chosen at the convention. >> that's their only hope. >> a lot of republicans are absolutely sure they don't want party elites pick the nominee. they don't want to see a chaotic convention in cleveland. >> here's what they are going to do. kasich has pulled out his entire team out of indiana. they are doing -- kasich is not coming out and saying all my people that wanted to vote for me which looks 16% vote for cruz but he's pulling out and he's saying, cruz is saying i'm pulling out of oregon, idaho and new mexico. ones coming up on the oregon is coming up on the 17th of may, new mexico on the 7th. idaho also in the mix there. he's saying essentially vote for kasich. this is their push to stop trump from getting 1237. rubio was calling for this
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early. governor walker when he left early in this thing said if you guys don't narrow the field, it's going to be trump's primary. trump is going to do -- to get the nomination. why not? >> you have to be pretty good at math to understand what you just said. >> not really. take somebody out. if you create a one oin one with kasich and cruz, they believe they will beat trump. >> that's the idea. i got to think if that's going to happen, it would have happened already. cruz and rubio and kasich, you have two really talented candidates representing traditional criticism. on cruz side on social issues and kasich robust conservative economic policy and a lot of republican voters are rejecting that. there's something deeper going on here and that is that republican voters are looking for something new. they are terrified and they don't think the old answers are adequate. it doesn't mean that they love trump or they are confident he can do it. >> donald trump did say themco
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lewding them, kasich and cruz is desperation, but they are desperate at this point, right? the only hope they have going into convention is a contested convention. >> of course. but it also plays into donald trump's basic story line this is a rigged system. they are stealing it. they are cheating. that's the reason his numbers is up. >> they say that whole rigged system is resonating. here's what he said after the collusion was official. he said two grown politicians have toco lewd against one person in order to try to stop that person from getting the nomination. it's both of them against him. >> we can see trump is still writing his own press releases. >> donald trump is saying you know what, i'm going to call it desperation. i'm focusing my campaign on going after hillary clinton. he said this and he also gave himself a nickname. take a listen. >> i don't know if she will be
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easier and harder, that's the one i want to beat. an election between crooked hillary and wonderful donald. [ laughter ] >> it will be the biggest, most incredible vote-getting election in the history of our country. i don't think i have to lose. if i do, i'm not sure you are ever going to see me folks. i think i'll go to turnberry and play golf. >> he also called bernie sanders the communist who will take every penny you make. >> easy absolutely hilarious. that's part of the appeal. the fact that he's enjoying himself while the other candidates aren't. >> does it bother you that paul manafort is coming out and saying it's an act? he's not really like that. >> he tells you what he's doing
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as he's doing it. here's the trick. here's how it's done. i don't think this is about trump. i think this is about terrified republican primary voters who don't think traditional party orthodoxy is enough to save the country or their own personal finances. they want the nominee to be chosen by voters rather than by the party and that's the basic question. who gets to decide and if that's the question on which people vote, trump is going to win, even if people aren't comfortable with him. >> tucker carlson, you worked late last night. does that count for o.t. for last week or this week? >> i'm talking to the shop steward about it. the white house about to release some of the secret pages of the 9/11 report. we are led to believe. retired army general anthony tata says it's time to call the
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the e-class has driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. given the success, i've approved the deployment of up to 250 additional u.s. personnel in syria, including special forces, to keep up this momentum. >> president obama just moments ago literally announcing his
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decision to send more u.s. special forces to fight isis in syria. that's on the heels of saying more special forces going to fight in iraq. here to react brigadier general anthony tata, he's the former general of u.s. forces in afghanistan. you are looking at the book right now "three minutes to midnight." your reaction to adding 250 special forces to the 50 in syria to combine with rebel forces in syria. i'm not sure what that mission is. >> it's three dimension shall chess. what you've got is the rebel forces in syria are concerned about assad. we're trying to train them and convince them to attack isis. attacking isis is in our self-interest. attacking assad is the rebel's self interest. that's why you hear about four syrian rebels trained after a
3:19 am
million dollars is spent. we're sending forces over there to train. >> 250 taking on isis members is tough odds. we're not directly fighting, so to speak. >> so to speak. we're going to be training and equipping and sending them to the front lines and there could be some looking over the shoulder but this will not be direct action. >> another half ass action. i feel sorry for the guys going over there. it looks like they are going to release the 9/11 papers. >> i think it's good to know that 15 of the 19 and 16 of the 20, if you count the 20th hijacker that was turn away were from saudi arabia. there was evidence that there was saudi arabian consulate funneling of money to these folks. it will be interesting to see what this tells -- clinton folks
3:20 am
have received $10 million from saudi arabia and so there's a lot of layered interest here. >> this book that you have out right now, "three minutes to midnight" tell me about the premise. >> it's about foreign governments being involved in attacking our country from the inside so essentially the hero is chaden mow hee began kicked out of the army, he's certifying -- searching for his mother's killer, he gets an off the book assignment from a kidnapped geologist who is fracking. >> the proceeds go to the michael murphy fund. >> and to the north carolina heroes fund. michael murphy lone survivor made famous by the "lone survivor" movie. >> gses congratulations on the book.
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good morning to you. 24 minutes after the hour. we start right now with a fox news alert out of ohio. brand-new twist in the rhoden family massacre. officials calling the executions well planned out by a killer or killers who were careful to cover their tracks. >> this was something that was planned. a family was targeted. most of them targeted while they
3:25 am
were sleeping. >> marijuana-growing operations found at three of the four crime scenes. police now believe that drugs could be a motive. law enforcement concerned about the safety of the three young children, including a four-day-old infant spared in the killing. they are with other family members at a secure location. two daze after a shooter openinged fire at the prom, jacob wagner a former student classmates say was bullied about his hygiene. he showed up around 11:00 p.m. and shot two students with a rifle. wagner was shot by a officer. he died two hours later. the students who were shot are expected to be okay. back to you. target, you know the big store? now the target of some controversy after joining the so-called bathroom bill debate, saying, quote, inclusivity is a
3:26 am
core belief at target and we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. >> nearly 500,000 people have signed a petition to boycott target. psychiatrist dr. keith ablow joins us right now. what is your take on this? >> well, here's the bottom line. the reason that the bathroom bill is center stage in the presidential campaign and now in a national boycott of target of up to around 500,000 is because it represents more than bathrooms. we're not just talking about who is going to use which restroom many we're talking about whether closely held opinions of an individual will be allowed to overcome scientific data and
3:27 am
history. if you believe that you are of one gender, but your dna and your physical appearance and your physical anatomy are evidence that you are of another gender and there's that conflict, then if we allow people culturally to dictate terms in their. i think it might. why, because there's history. there's culture, there's reality. this is the leading edge. some would argue, i might, of an unraveling of our culture and perhaps our ability to plan for the future as a species. >> so you are suggesting people can select their gender, they could select their race, they could select their age. how do we get to this place?
3:28 am
>> we got to this place because we care about people. we don't want to hurt people's feelings. okay. i understand that. we're also too politically correct. but look, there's not a lot of scientific evidence that it's better to approach transgender youth with the opposite hormone because we inject them with massive doses of tester recent if they are female to say look we'll make you more comfortable with your chosen gender. we don't explore, should it be more estrogen. there aren't these explorations. we don't treat with psychiatric medications by and large. not different if you thought you were black person when you are caucasian. if we have a draft, god forbid, are we really prepared for 18-year-olds and 20-year-olds to
3:29 am
assert they are really more like 12 years old. they feel it. they are immature. much too immature to be drafted. that's where we're headed. do we want to head there? >> keith has written a great op ed, it's called the real reason why the north carolina bathroom debate is center stage. >> thanks for having me. >> the bathroom bill. the president called her a role model for your daughters so why did beyonce hit the streets to bash in car windows. >> she is selling a new album. remember when miebl dukakis wore an army helmet. it literally tanked his campaign. and happy birthday to actor al pacino.
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♪ ♪ it's not supposed to happen like that. it's pizza like you've never seen before. this giant ball of dough is all the rage in the country of south korea. >> wow. it looks a little charred. once it is doused in alcohol, they light it on fire and it reveals this gooey cheese pizza. >> the alcohol ensures the cheese is quickly melted. >> my experience with pizza is elio's or tree tavern.
3:34 am
by big thing is -- >> is it a frozen pizza. on the directions, it doesn't say microwavible. i would do it and it would be bendable and gooey. >> at my house, my wife asks what do you want on your tombsto tombstone? i think she's talking pizza. >> it all tastes good. >> or you can have a hot pocket. >> or a pizza roll. heath heather, what do you do at your house? >> hot pockets, of course. >> you got boys at home. >> anything frozen you can pick up the at cvs the boys like. >> just like brian. >> good morning, everybody. i got a up can of headline i want to bring you right now. on line backlash not planning to stop a donald trump rally at west chester university at pennsylvania today. >> while mr. disagree with mr.
3:35 am
trump's position, our university is committed to the free exchange of ideas. >> it comes after an online petition surfaced asking the university not to allow trump. >> no tuition money is going to the event. from bad to worse, a dallas grand jury expected to indict ex-nfl quarterback johnny man zeal. he allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend back in january on the way home from a bar. she claims he hit her so hard that she lost hearing in her ear. president obama has said there's no better role model for his daughter than beyoncbeyonce. he might want to change his tune after seeing that.
3:36 am
♪ ♪ >> well, that brand-new video for her song sorry, she happily smashes car windows with a baseball bat. the song appears to be about getting revenge on a cheating spouse. it's rumored to be about her husband jay-zee. >> who sang that song -- >> carrie underwood. >> let's good to mayco and fix that. >> she carved her name in the seats. >> let's get to some serious news morning. we have some extreme weather to talk about. a wild stormy weekend for much of the midwest and much of the south. check out this crazy funnel cloud in the state of texas. in nebraska, a confirmed tornado touched down and no reports of damage, thankfully. in central kansas, a massive
3:37 am
hailstorm rolled through bringing hail the size of, as you can see right there, a little bigger than ping-pong balls, not as big as bables. janice dean the weather machine. >> i just started here. 12 years ago. i'm here all week. tip your waitress. >> i'm so excited, my kids are coming. their first time on television. i want to talk about severe weather because we could see a severe weather outbreak tomorrow into wednesday and that includes tornadoes, many of them possible, and some of them could be very strong and destructive. we have the perfect set-up for large hail, damaging wind and tornadoes tuesday and wednesday. the main event happening on tuesday and you can see your map there in the area shaded in orange and especially red. that's where we think we have the potential for long lasting
3:38 am
destructive tornadoes. so people need to be prepared, know where your safe spot is and that's going to be a big deal and heading into wednesday, the threat lessens a little bit but still be on your guard across the mississippi river valley. tornadoes are going to be a topic today, tomorrow, and all week long. >> back to you. candidates will eat almost any food, strike any pose, for a perfect campaign moment. you know that. but those photos ops can quickly turn into a photo oops that will never be forgotten, making a candidate seem out of touch. for a look back, we turn to josh king. he's got a brand-new book out called "off script." we can go on and on. let's focus on a few stand out. 1988, michael dukakidukakis, yoe
3:39 am
this tank you very much. >> due character cyst was way down in the polls relative to bush. the heart of reagan democrat country. let's put him in a tank. the advance man on the scene wailed against this idea. really didn't want to do it. wanted to bring him to a hospital. boston said no, we need him to look like a commander in chief. this is what happened. >> it didn't look like a commander in chief. that's a bit of a problem. >> let's talk about bob dole. falling off the stage didn't help. >> dole was fighting against a candidate in his late 40s, an incumbent president and he was approaching 70 years old or would be the oldest elected president and so there was this talk about him being too old to be president and he was -- he
3:40 am
was a war veteran. had suffered terribly in world war ii and went to this event in chico, california, fell into a well of photographers. he got right back up, but for days there were just these words about actually it just made him look too old.banisters. >> a decorative baulustrade was not tied down. >> john kerry looked like he was getting the best of push after a while he was making mistake after mistake. one thing that was looked like as elittist. wind serve -- surfing. >> kerry was saying i'm just going to take a couple of days off at my nantucket compound and
3:41 am
i've got a new win surfer and i want to try it out in the bay waters near my home and that's really private property. the pool is not going to follow me there, are they? >> in fact, they did. he made the point that wind surfing is something that plumbers and electricians do. only in nan conduct -- nantucket. >> now he's doing the circus. great stuff. it's in your book awled "off script." meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, a mission like you've never seen or heard before. a group of female soldiers joining u.s. special ops in afghanistan? the previously untold story of how they changed the game. that story is next. and this will warm your heart. the waitress who left a huge surprise for a group of police officers is about to meet them face-to-face and it's going to
3:42 am
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in 2010, the u.s. army launched a program placing female soldiers alongside special ops troops to offer support on missions in afghanistan. well, due to its huge success, there are more opportunities than ever before for women in our military. >> here with the untold story is patrick murphy. he's the actual secretary of the u.s. army and gail simis lemmo
3:46 am
in which sells wrote this story called "ashley's war." >> do you know about this team of young women who are out on ranger and field missions and this was 2012? i said what? what about the combat band? my mom is from texas, you say something stupid, she says bless your heart. all these people look at me how do you know not these women are not out there? it takes you inside this world of women who are bound by friendship and heart and grit and they were out there, you know, alongside rangers and s.e.a.l.s because their country asked them to be. >> tell us about the program and why you say it's successful. >> i was in iraq in 2004 and i was in the 82nd airborne division. we've had over 200,000 women surf in iraq and afghanistan. folks don't know about it. folks assume it's infantry units. this book shows the story of
3:47 am
ashley white in afghanistan where the pasthtun women could not talk to men. to have women come and talk to them and use intelligence and change the game plan. >> we were able to access the whole half of the country that normally they wouldn't have been able to. >> this is a story about young women who would go on to a helicopter each night, run off into the uncertainty of combat and would be out there gathering vital information that in a lot of cases made the difference. >> i was reading in the book about how the women helped because they can have a relationship. you know. if a woman sits down with a wife of an afghan, then they have a relationship and they can get inside a woman that a man might not be able to. women might be standoffish in that culture, these women were able to have access to the
3:48 am
afghan women. >> even in the heat of combat, whether you are in southern afghanistan or southern new jersey, if you want to know what's happening in a community, who do you talk to? and these women were helping to find the people, the places, the things, the military was seeking at that moment. >> as secretary of the army, you know that women were playing a vital role and this is the year that three of them passed ranger training. >> that's within -- been a game changer. people like ashley white who have served have led the way and just this year, we had three soldiers who are women who graduated ranger school. the same standard -- the toughest leadership course in the world, they got through it. and now we've had 22 women graduate from west point, rotc, about to join the infantry branches of our military.
3:49 am
we need great americans to serve every year. >> and 250 special forces ops going over to syria this morning. >> great. good luck with you. you got your hands. >> thank you for serving. coming up straight ahead, a brand-new story that could haunt hillary clinton's campaign. it's about benghazi. sharyl attkisson is here live straight ahead to tell us about it. the waitress who left a huge surprise for a group of police officers now meeting one of those officers face-to-face and they are going to join us live next. >> and this was a good surprise, by the way. [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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this is a story that's going to warm your heart. a group of police officers getting an unforgettable surprise from their waitress at a red robin restaurant. >> after attending a fallen officer's funeral, nine ohio officers, they went to grab a bite to eat, but they did not have to pay a thing for that meal. instead, their server picked up the $123 bill, writing on the ticket, "officers, your bill is on me today. i can't imagine the day that you all have had, let alone what you go through every day. i hope your days get better. so much respect!" >> joining us right now to talk about this and meeting again for the very first time is that server, jessica dunbar, and lieutenant jeff shelton of the wellington, ohio, police department. jessica, first off, what prompted you to do that then?
3:54 am
>> i just wanted to do something nice, honestly. i mean, i don't know how it feels to be in that situation, and, you know, i just wanted to make their day just a little bit better. >> well, you did make their day better because lieutenant, you were having a rough day, weren't you? >> yeah. it's not nice when you have to bury a fellow brother. >> what was your reaction when you read that note? >> everybody at the table basically started crying. there wasn't a dry eye there. >> wow. >> jessica, this is personal for you because you've seen the news stories about how a lot of people in this country do not show the police the respect they deserve. but it's personal because your father is retired police, right? >> yes, that's correct. >> and when he heard that you did this for those guys, what was your dad's reaction? >> he was very proud. very proud. >> indeed. >> and then you upped it a little bit, then this happened.
3:55 am
wellington police department put this on their facebook page. for those who believe that the public doesn't care, thank you, jessica, from red robin in columbus for your gift just because you care for cops, again, honoring officer smith by honoring us. so when that one -- when you put that on facebook, lieutenant, what was the reaction? >> it went viral in a matter of hours. and we started receiving phone calls from every place. we try to put good stuff on our facebook, and we hit the mark with this one. >> yeah. of course, you're talking to the tv camera right here. jessica, what did you want to say to the officer? he's sitting right next to him. look at him and tell him. >> i mean, thank you again. i mean, not for the whole viral thing and everything. >> right. >> but thank you for doing what you do every day and, you know, putting your life on the line to protect everyone. >> thank you. it means a lot. >> that's really sweet. >> very appreciated. >> that money came out of your pocket, right, jessica? >> yes, it did.
3:56 am
>> jessica, i hope people are leaving you big tips at red robin and visiting your restaurant and giving you big hugs because what you did is just a great message to send across america this morning. we need more people like you. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> jessica and lieutenant shelton, thank you. >> lieutenant, thanks so much for everything you do and your whole department. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, great story, we'll change gears. a brand-new story that could haunt hillary clinton's campaign. and it's about benghazi. sheryl atkinson, the reporter who was silenced for investigating that very scandal, here live with that story and more next. then, a school choir silenced while singing the national anthem at the september the 11th memorial. watch this. >> i'm sorry. >> yeah they were stopped. well, today "fox & friends" is giving them a chance to finish what they started. you're watching "fox & friends."
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good monday morning to you and to your family. it is april 25th. gosh, the end of april already. a campaign stunner ahead of tomorrow's big primaries, ted cruz and john kasich, guess what? they are joining forces to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. the donnald's response just ahead. then a new phase in the fight against isis. president obama just about an hour ago announcing more boots on the ground. you're going to hear from the president in moments. and remember this guy? >> it all boiled down to one thing, rent. it's too damn high. >> i love him. >> political comeback. and i know what you're saying. so soon? and he's going after new york city's mayor who, by the way, is in a lot of trouble. let me just remind you, despite whatever is happening in your world, your mornings are better with "friends."
4:01 am
♪ how beautiful are those voices? those are 52 middle school students from waynesville, north carolina. they were actually here in new york city. and they were down at the 9/11 memorial when they spontaneously decided to sing the national anthem. and extraordinarily, they asked for permission from a guard there, they said yes. and here they are just bursting into song. and then out of nowhere with about 50 seconds left, that person came in and said, you've for the to shut it down because you don't have a permit. well, they're going to finish the song that they were not allowed to do here in new york city on this program this morning. >> yeah, they looked at it as a public demonstration. of what? song? >> they got permission from said who said you know what?
4:02 am
do it right over there. apparently somebody else didn't like that. >> my goodness, with everything going on in this world, they're going to complain about these cute little kids? >> it's very controversial, it's the national anthem. >> heather, over to you for additional headlines. >> it sounds like brian, brian complains about a lot of kids. get off my lawn, right, brian? >> i do not. >> good morning. we start off with a fox news alert and a major step in the fight against isis. president obama just announcing that the u.s. is sending 250 more special ops to syria to take down the terror group. >> right now the most urgent threat to our nations is isil, and that's why we're united in our determination to destroy it. a small number of american special operations forces are already on the ground in syria. so given the success, i have approved the deployment of up to 250 additional u.s. personnel in syria including special forces to keep up this momentum. >> the move will significantly
4:03 am
increase the u.s. presence there as the terrorists are currently on the defensive. it comes just days after it was confirmed that troops will also be sent to fight in iraq, additional, that is. now to another alert in ohio. brand-new twists in the rhoden family massacre. officials there calling the executions, quote, well planned out by a killer or killers who were careful to cover their tracks. >> this was something that planned, a family was targeted, most of them targeted while they were sleeping. >> marijuana-growing operations found at three of the four crime scenes. so police now believe that drugs could be a motive. law enforcement concerned about the safety of the three young children including a four-day-old infant spared in the killings. they're now with other family members at a secure location. and a wild, stormy weekend of extreme weather for much of the midwest and the south. take a look at this crazy funnel cloud forming in texas. then in nebraska, a confirmed tornado touchdown but no reports of any damages there. and then central kansas. a massive hailstorm rolled
4:04 am
through bringing hail the size of baseballs to some parts. a string of bad weather expected to stick around this week. and do you remember this guy? >> but it all boils down to one thing, rent. it's too damn high! >> all right. well, he is back. he is out of retirement with the same message and now he wants to boot new york city's mayor, bill de blasio, and boot him out of office. jimmy mcmillan officially announcing that he will run against de blasio next year. he says the stakes are too high for residents, calling de blasio's affordable housing program a, quote, total scam. he rose to viral video status during his run for governor in 2010. he actually wound up getting 40,000 votes in that election. a lot going on with de blasio here in new york city. folks will hear more about that one. >> no kidding. >> thanks. >> heather, thank you very much. meanwhile, switching gears, teaming up to take down trump. cruz and kasich announced last night a brand-new alliance to work together to ensure a
4:05 am
contested convention in july for the republicans. >> but will their plan actually work? >> fox news international correspondent and our friend john roberts is live from pennsylvania with all the details. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: ainsley, brian, steve, good morning to you. moments like this i think it's appropriate to quote that quite political sage bugs bunny who once upon a time said of course you know, this means war, and war it is now between trump, cruz and kasich. it was very carefully timed. ted cruz had barely finished up with the fox news town hall last night when his manager tweeted to ensure that we nominate a republican who can unify the party and win in november, our campaign will focus its time and resources in indiana and kasich to compe in oregon and new mexico, and we would hope that allies of both campaigns would follow our lead. it took barely enough time to hit the send button before the kasich campaign jumped on board. here's what kasich said about
4:06 am
the idea generally during the town hall. listen. >> we're going to an open convention. i have been saying it for two months. people were saying he doesn't know what he's talking about. well, turns out i'm right. and we're going to go there, and i'll tell you what people are going to think about. the delegates are going to think about who can win in the fall. >> of course, this provoked a sharp response from donald trump, as you can imagine. he tweeted out a couple of times and then the campaign put out an official statement, quote, collusion is often illegal in many other industries, and yet these two washington insiders have had to revert to collusion in order to stay alive. they are mathematically dead and this act only shows as puppets of donors and special interests how weak their campaigns are. immediately kasich canceled a couple events in indiana to focus on oregon and new mexico. and now ted cruz is raising the idea and he will campaign hard on this between now and may 3rd the indiana primary of having a debate with donald trump in indiana. here's what he said in eva evansville last night. >> you know, donald seems
4:07 am
obsessed with telling us what big hands he has. well, maybe he could demonstrate those hands by coming and showing up at a debate! >> reporter: of course, donald trump said there's no more debates to be. he doesn't want any involvement in those. he does have an event this afternoon at westchester university. it's a controlial one. a lot of students didn't want him here, but the university president in a video message yesterday said in the spirit of political free speech and because george bush and barack obama both appeared here, that the trump event will go ahead today. >> all right. john roberts live in west chester, pennsylvania. he was talking about mr. trump doing some tweeting. governor huckabee said this. "cruz, kasich join forced to stop trump. i wish they wanted to stop hillary as much as they did the republican who is beating both of them." >> so what do you think about that? send us your e-mails to we'll read those and maybe share
4:08 am
some of them on the show with you. >> that's right. meanwhile, let's bring in journalist and host of "full measure," sheryl at kikisson. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know your program yesterday was talking about the saudis. in particular we wanted to pick your brain regarding the 28 pages of secret stuff from the official congressional inquiry on what happened on 9/11. sounds like they may release part of it. what do you know about what's in it? >> those who have seen it on both sides, democrats and republicans who have been allowed to view it, say that it gives very specific information about alleged support high-ranking saudi officials provided to 9/11 hijackers, who housed them, where they sayed, who paid for money, how funds were transferred. so this sort of a direct connection would be something, of course, very controversial if, indeed, the saudis deny but if indeed they did provide material support for the hijackers. >> now, the saudis aren't necessarily against the release of the 28 pages, is that correct? >> they say that although,
4:09 am
again, members of both parties on both sides say it's because it doesn't matter whether it's released or not. they say they don't mind that it's released but they probably don't want them released much as they don't want this congressional bill going through congress right now that would allow victims to sue them if found culpable. they have said they don't want that passed. >> there are some people that say they think that information should be classified, that the public shouldn't know everything because it might protect people and keep people safe. but then there's the flip side of it. if our country is trying to protect another country and a relationship with another country in hiding something, then we do have the right to know. are you hearing at all what might be in these reports? >> i think that you could go through the 28 pages -- it's been two years that the president says his director of national intelligence has gone through 28 pages. so there's clearly something -- >> it must be small type. >> right, little, tiny print. but i think you could release parts of them. this is probably what they'll do. they'll release redacted sections of the 28 pages with
4:10 am
sensitive stuff. >> yeah, the report in -- i think the "daily mail" of london says there was a certificate there that one of the guys was from saudi arabia with links to the ambassador that took flight lessons, was able to fly, and he has since become a bombmaker, was arrested in pakistan, and is now at gitmo. that's supposedly the guy that links it all together. >> well, this is the argument that democrats and republicans have made who want them released. it's been 15 years. and material that was sensitive initially, those who read them, say is not so sensitive now and that we own this information, by the way. it doesn't mean we should know everything that goes on, but we basically own the pages. and members of congress were allowed to see them with the right clearance and a lot of people think we should be, too. >> so let's talk about something else you know a lot about, and that is benghazi. of course, four brave americans died that night in 2001 on september the 11th. over at newsmax tv, steve mallsberg got an interview with a name of liddy denear. apparently she was engaged to
4:11 am
chris stevens back in 1995. they were never married. but now she's working on a documentary called "a voice for ambassador chris stevens." steve mallsberg asked her about hillary clinton, and she had this to say over on newsmax. listen. >> i think she should have done a better job for security and not ignore his request. and if he was a friend, as she said, he was a friend, then if she was a friend, you wouldn't let a friend down. >> one thing about the e-mail controversy that i do wonder, i think people say hillary clinton and ambassador stevens were friends. did he have her e-mail address? so he is making pleas for better security. did he know that she is operating on a private server and not necessarily reached through a government e-mail that he would have the address of? did he ever try to reach out to her directly and personally even though he probably assumed she was reading these memos he was sending about security?
4:12 am
i've kind of wondered what contact they had in light of her e-mail arrangement. >> keep in mind, too, this is what hillary clinton -- the e-mails they're looking at now that could get her in a lot of trouble are ones that she handed over. there's a whole bunch of e-mails that were deleted. >> yeah, you're sort of relying on the person who may have allegedly done something improper or wrong to be the keeper of the evidence against the person. and that's what happens governmentwide when in repeat years governments have been accused of wrongdoing whether it's the irs or something else. then you rely on the government itself to be the policeman that turns over the evidence and then prosecutes itself or, you know, finds information. >> that's a great point, though, to think that maybe if chris stevens had it or didn't have it, how tight could they have been? number two, it was there and she ignored it. >> like a lot of things, they say just because her name was on information that came to the state department doesn't mean that she read it or signed it. they've used that excuse with several different incidents just like "fast & furious."
4:13 am
it doesn't mean he read them. that's what it's supposed to mean. but you do wonder with all that mail coming in, in a desperate situation, those who were there say could he have reached out to her in a more personal way? >> maybe that's what she was trying to cover up. thank you, sharyl. >> go to your facebook page. >> or everything's there. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead, we change gears, a health warning from the cdc about illegal children and what they're bringing into this country. you've got to hear this. and hbo is coming under fire for its movie about clarence thomas's confirmation. our next guest covered the hearings. why he says hbo is trying to rewrite history. look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain
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4:17 am
hbo is under fire for its portrayal of the hearings surrounding justice clarence thomas's confirmation. look at this. >> during the fall of 1982, judge thomas began to use work situations to discuss sex.
4:18 am
i could not keep silent. >> i deny every allegation against me today. this is a circus, national disgrace. >> critics of the program "confirmation" say it edits history to favor anita hill, the woman who accused justice thomas of sexual harassment. he was, of course, confirmed. one of those critics is stuart taylor. he covered the 1991 hearings and he's a fellow senior with the brookings institute. good morning to you, stuart. >> good morning. nice to be with you. >> good to have you as well. a lot of people remember because they watched it on tv. joe biden was presiding. if you didn't know that and you just watched the hbo show, it makes it look like anita hill good, clarence thomas, bad. >> that's right. that's the way they slant it. that's the way they give a misleading account. the evidence is very ambiguous and there were reasons to doubt anita hill's credibility. there are things she said that turned out not to be true. the movie carefully airbrushes
4:19 am
all of those things out so that she looks like a truth-telling heroine when, in fact, her credibility is suspect. >> in the show, they don't mention that anita hill denied five times in sworn testimony eing told by a democratic staffer that she may be able to force mr. thomas to withdraw without being publicly identified. and then it wasn't until much later, but they left that out of the show. why would they do that? >> i think they did it because it cast doubt on they are credibility. in fact, at the time senator arlen specter who was cross-examining her said she had committed flat-out perjury and then had saved herself because if you correct yourself soon after you lie, then it's not perjury. but i think they left it out because it doesn't make her look so good. and they left out other things that don't make her look so good. for example, she embellished what she had originally told the fbi in her testimony, and then
4:20 am
when asked, why did you do that? she said, well, the fbi agents told me that i didn't have to talk about anything that was embarrassing, too embarrassing. both fbi agents flatly contradicted her. and there are those and other reasons to doubt her credibility, and especially the fact that nobody but anita hill has ever accused clarence thomas of behavior as gross as the behavior she alleged. >> that's right. well, if people watch hbo and see "confirmation," they've got to keep that in mind. it does leave a bunch of stuff out. stuart taylor, author and journalist who covered the anita hill hearings now at the brookings institute, stuart, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks. appreciate it. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. what do you think about that? let us know, meanwhile, police have a message for parents. you're the problem. >> parents, please stop telling your children that we haul them off to jail if they are bad. >> the message every parent
4:21 am
needs to hear coming up. then, a faith-based federal program is helping curb addiction in america, and it brought a marine and a drug dealer together. they are going to share their story next. ♪ 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
youto get the help you'refar looking for. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. it is a faith-based federal program helping curb addiction in america. the life connections program started under president george w. bush, and it brings inmates from all different walks of life together through faith. that includes andrew mckenna and keptny robinson. andrew was a marine and a respected prosecutor whose life
4:25 am
was turned upside down by heroin addictions. he tells his story in his new book, it's called "sheer madness: from federal prosecutor to federal prison." and then we have kenny robinson who was a drug dealer whose addictions stem from a troubled childhood. they join us now. they have been rehabbed, gone through rehabilitation, they're reunited here in our studio. thank you gentlemen for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> first, i'm so proud of you to be able to go through what you've gone through and then help others deal with their addiction problems. tell us, heroin addictions? >> for me, it started with prescription drug abuse, a back injury in the marines. i could have treated it with motrin, but i chose to treat it with painkillers. >> which a lot of people are going through. >> it's an epidemic, and we know that. and i travel the country talking to different groups about it. when the pills ran out, i turned to heroin because the withdrawals from -- >> but you ended up in prison. >> i ended up in prison. and you know, it was a separate
4:26 am
kind of issue. i robbed a bunch of banks. you know, i'm not proud of it. i wrote a book about it. >> right. >> but the program i was in in prison and where i met kenny -- >> life connections. >> -- life connections program, brought us together. and where normally the races within the prison system are isolated, this program brought us together. and i think we're better off for it. >> all right. and president bush started this program. how did this program change your life, kenny? >> well, just like andrew just noted, the race relations on the inside is just like it is on the outside. you don't normally communicate or associate with anybody outside of your race. but this particular program, being that it's faith based, houses all of us together in this program, an 18-month-long program. so what it does is forces guys like myself and andrew to dialogue, share our stories, and then find some common ground.
4:27 am
we're here today. >> so it's not just a bible study once a week. you actually lived together. >> yeah, 18 months. i mean, we ate together. we walked the yard together. we programmed together. you know, maybe some certain assumptions that i grew up with about other races -- >> right. >> -- it enabled me to recognize that yes, sure, there's differences culturally, but there's more that we have in common. >> right, right. now, kenny, we often hear everyone saying take god out of our schools, take god out of our prisons, take god out of government. but here's a great example of how god and faith changed your life and is keeping you out of prison now. what does that mean to you? >> that means a lot to me. and you're correct, we do have to keep god in our prisons, in our schools and all walks of life. i don't know if president bush knew what the outcome of this program would have been, but we
4:28 am
are the proof that it's universal because you have a guy like andrew mckenna was a former federal prosecutor, then you have a guy like me that grew up on the streets, and both of us have been able to get out through this program and change our life. so it's not like that program just works with people from the streets or people from white-collar crimes. it's universal and it works and helps everybody. >> that's wonderful. all right, andrew, for people watching that are struggling with addiction, there are a lot of people, like you said, it's an epidemic, what's your message to them? >> my message is that there's hope, and there are different programs out there that you can avail yourself of. addiction campuses, america is one in particular, which takes the approach that one size does not fit all. and they're a great organization. i just think that there's hope, but you have to avail yourself of that, the help, because it's out there. and people love you. people want to support you. and people want to help you get
4:29 am
healthy. >> we were talking about the recidivism rate. we don't have those numbers yet, but it is in four federal prisons so far. i wish you all the best. thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. god bless you both. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. well, it is the shocker from the chain trail that everyone's talking about today. ted cruz and john kasich, they're going to team up to stop donald trump, they say. your e-mails are pouring in on this. then you know her as the weather machine. our friend, also a writing machine. she has brought all of these adorable kids in to read her new book. that's coming up next. ♪ real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
4:30 am
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4:32 am
♪ i'm free ♪ free fallin how beautiful. isn't that pretty? this will be your shot of the morning. this is a good one. a death-defying dive into a packed stadium.
4:33 am
five navy s.e.a.l.s parachuting into a stadium in knoxville, tennessee, in front of 67,000 screaming fans. oh, that's beautiful. >> yep. it was done to kick off the orange versus white spring football scrimmage. this is getting out of control. >> spring games are already here. >> i know, which is also part of the knoxville's navy week. >> all five were members of the navy's leapfrog unit. good job. you hate to let people down when there's 67,000, making sure you hit the "x." >> think about this. this is the off-season for football. that's how big college football is. that is spring. >> yeah. they packed the stadium in my stadium, too, at our spring game. >> it's a scrimmage. >> i know, it's unbelievable. don't we love a flyover? >> inspiring. you love it. meanwhile, you love elections. we've seen the ratings. everybody's interested in it. tomorrow is going to be the so-called acela primary. five states in the northeast are going to be picking their winners. and on the republican side, donald trump is suggesting he's going to win all five.
4:34 am
well, that has prompted john kasich and ted cruz to team up to try to take out mr. trump with an alliance. and the strategy is that kasich is going to stop competing in indiana where trump is currently leading by five. cruz is going to stop in new mexico and oregon. all trying to stop trump. >> yes, trump expected to win big tomorrow, but in the state of indiana, which doesn't happen for a few more weeks on may 3rd, trump is just 5 percentage points ahead of cruz. so many people, their strategy is, at least, this is going to work. >> all right. so here's what you're saying. we asked for your response. john posted this. they both should drop out and let go. starting to sound like sore losers. i am not a trump supporter, but facts are facts, folks. >> ronny writes, there will be no way that i will be voting for either cruz or kasich. they are playing games! >> yep. and linda posted this on facebook. if they can't beat trump alone, how can they beat hillary? what do you think? do you think this is a good idea, or is it going to backfire? i've looked at some e-mails.
4:35 am
they said because they got together apparently down at the spring meetings at the rnc in florida, it kind of looks like party bosses, insiders are doing something, rigging the system. they didn't like it. what do you think? e-mail us, facebook us or tweet us. heather, sometimes she plays to the right, now she's playing to the left. >> all right. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a good day. a couple headlines right now. 154 hours, that's how long prince's brother-in-law says that the late pop star was awake before he died. now, that's equivalent to about 6 1/2 days. that family member telling fans that prince had been working that entire time. he was found dead on thursday inside his paisley park estate in minnesota. he was cremated in a private ceremony on friday. and his ashes carried to a secret resting place. prince's sister, tyka, set to inherit his fortune, $800 million. an illegal health risk. as thousands of immigrant children came to the united states in 2014, well, the cdc
4:36 am
now says so does disease. newly released documents to cite judicial watch reveal that cdc officials warned employees that kids coming from central america would most likely bring tuberculosis, and they told workers to get ready for it. homeland security forces said that holding centers were a mess and rampant with disease. police sending a tsa to parents, stop teaching kids that cops are bad guys. >> parents, please stop telling your children that we haul them off to jail if they are bad. we want them to run to us if they are scared, not be scared of us. >> greensboro, north carolina, officers say that parents use police as a scapegoat far too often, jokingly telling them that cops punish bad kids while trying to get them to behave. i've done that before, actually. they say it's a dangerous tactic in the event your child ends up in real point. good point. hadn't thought about it that way. those are your headlines. and you've got miss janice dean
4:37 am
over there. >> you know her as the weather machine, but did you know janice dean's also janice dean the writin' machine, teaching kids how to stay safe in bad weather. her latest book just out today called "freddy the frogcaster and a terrible tornado." >> along with an app that gives kids the forecast made just for them. >> here to share is fox news senior meteorologist miss janice dean and a few of freddy's biggest fans. good morning. grabbed these kidf the street. so well behaved, right? >> thank you for coming in. >> janice, we had lunch together several years ago, and you told me you had just written a book, this was before any of them were published. >> no follow-ups. just that one several. >> what's up with that? four books later. congratulations, my friend. >> thank you. it's been a great success. i'm very thankful to everyone that has bought "freddy the frogcaster." and my main goal was to make weather a little less scary for kids. steve, you grew up in tornado alley. >> i did indeed.
4:38 am
>> and a lot of people say they wish they had a book for kids that told them how a tornado formed. what to do in advance before it happens. and that's what i wanted to do with all of the books, really, is take the scare out of weather, be educational, but also be entertaining. i think i really have done that. >> i love the cover of the book, too. do these kids have any idea what this book is about? >> they do. and you know what? here's the thing. i've talked to thousands of kids after writing these books. kids are more excited than they are scared about weather. and i think you have to tap into that excitement beforehand to find out why things happen. and that way if there is a tornado watch or a warning in their area, they know what to do. and i've had kids actually say to me, i've told my parents we need an emergency kit! >> we want you to go over to the chair and read a little bit. >> okay. are you ready? you guys are the first in america to read "freddy the frogcaster and the terrible tornado." also, russ cox is my illustrator, shoutout to him, because he's been with me with
4:39 am
all of the books. and he helped design the app. awesome. are you ready? where do you want to start? at the beginning? >> yes. >> okay. here we go. >> are you going to read the whole book? >> how much time do we have? i thought we had the whole rest of the show. all right. here we go. fredd fredd freddiey the frogcaster was keeping an eye on the sky and rehearsing his weather reporting in front of the camera. fellow frogcaster sally croaker and polly woggins encouraged him to practice. every week he would head to the station, clear his throat and deliver the weather on camera. spring was an exciting time to watch the sky. the changing seasons can bring all sorts of weather. when you have cold air clashing with the warmth of the daytime sun, the atmosphere can stir up thunderstorms! hail and even tornadoes. are you guys scared of tornadoes? >> no. >> no?
4:40 am
are you excited to find out about how a tornado happens? >> yes. >> i already know. >> do you want to go to the end? let's get to the part where the tornado comes. are you ready? oh, we can't give that away. you'll have to buy the book. you'll have to buy the book! >> this guy already knows. >> good job, everybody! >> very nice. and janice, congratulations on the success of this book, i'm serious. >> thank you. >> they've been unbelievable. >> thank you to fox for being so supportive as well. >> and what about these kids, these child models? >> well, i think they have another date in a few minutes. >> a round of applause for yourselves. clap for yourselves. and a round of applause for the many parents. >> thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you. meanwhile, 20 minutes before the top of the hour, we have a fox news alert. the hits keep coming for johnny manziel. the troubled quarterback is about to be indicted. we're live in dallas next. then, a school choir
4:41 am
silenced while singing the national anthem at the september 11th memorial. we're giving them a chance to finish what they started. they'll perform just ahead for our show. and that's them. ♪ get ready for the next super tuesday. we're going to look at the five states whose primaries could change the entire race. we're going to preview the candidates' plans as well to try and win both and delegates. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" at 2:00. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ]
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. we have got some quick consumer headlines for you on this monday morning. despite warnings, laundry pods, you know the little things, continue to be a huge danger to children.
4:45 am
new research shows calls to poison control are up 20%. doctors say the number of kids putting the brightly colored pods in their mouths is, stounds they think it looks like candy. and care for a drink? how about having it delivered by a drone? a dutch university has now opened the world's first cafe using tiny drone aircraft. it features drones being used as servers taking order then serving the drinks. the students behind the project say the drone is a way to give a glimpse of the future. >> well, you need to put a top on the glass. >> where's the lime in my corona? a fox news alert. from bad to worse. a grand jury is expected to indict ex-nfl quarterback johnny manziel on an assault charge today. >> the former cleveland browns player and heisman trophy winner allegedly hit, kidnapped and threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend. >> all right. saul garza from fox 4 in dallas is live with the latest.
4:46 am
saul, man, what is going on? this is getting terrible. >> reporter: by the day, yeah. and we are awaiting word from the dallas county d.a.'s office here behind me on that indictment on johnny manziel on the domestic violence, domestic assault charges. a grand jury heard the case last thursday. and normally if they decide to no-bill someone or decide that there's not enough evidence, then that announcement is made that day. otherwise it takes a couple of days. well, it's been a couple of days. you know, the dallas police, they took the unusual step of asking the d.a.'s office to present the misdemeanor assault case to a grand jury. normally it only hears felony cases. perhaps because of the high-profile nature of it, the department decided to go the other route. the former cleveland browns quarterback and heisman trophy winner accused of domestic violence, hitting his ex-girlfriend, stems from a fight in january. the hotel here in dallas. his ex-girlfriend claims he grabbed her by the hair, forced her into the car and then hit
4:47 am
her on the way to her apartment. she was granted a protective order against him. no word -- excuse me, now he could face criminal charges for his actions off the field and a misdemeanor assault carries a maximum punishment of a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000. back to you. >> sal garza with the latest on johnny football. what a story. >> right. even his family says i really can't -- he's got to hit bottom. >> his agent fired him, too. >> a second agent. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. a school choir silenced while singing at the september 11th memorial. ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ the bombs bursting >> wow. now they'll get to finish the song security wouldn't let them finish. their choir performs live for us next.
4:48 am
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4:51 am
so a middle school choir silenced while singing the national anthem at new york city's 9/11 memorial. ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ the bombs bursting >> someone told us that we can't sing. >> security guards ordered the north carolina students to stop singing, and they did. memorial rules state groups need a permit to perform at the site. now, the students did not have a written permit but have been given a verbal okay from a different security guard. this morning we want to give them a chance to finish what they started but also get their perspective on what happened. and joining us now from waynesville middle school choir director martha weathers and principal trevor putnam. martha, first off, how did this
4:52 am
all go down? you planned a trip there, asked the security guard for permission to sing there, then what happened? >> we lined the children up in the spot he designated, and then we began to sing. and about three phrases into the anthem, we were approached by another security guard who told us to stop, that we were having a public demonstration, and that was not permissible. >> but did they know you were singing the national anthem? did you try to talk them out of that, let them know that you had permission? >> i spoke with the guard and said that we had received verbal permission from another security guard, and he said you just can't do this. you've got to stop now. so we very reverently and quietly stopped what we were doing and complied with his request and quietly exited the park. >> wow. what were the kids' reaction? >> they were disappointed. they were shocked. and i think most of all confused
4:53 am
that they couldn't sing the national anthem at this site. but we turned it into a teaching moment and taught them that even if you don't agree with it or don't understand it, you must respect authority. >> absolutely. and i saw you did that. we could all see that you stopped just when he told them to. now, i understand you're going to be singing twice for us, and we're going to give you the opportunity that new york city didn't. so what do you have for us? >> we're going to sing the national anthem, and then we'll be doing an arrangement of "america the beautiful." >> fantastic. let's hear it. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪
4:54 am
♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
4:55 am
♪ home of the brave >> wow! >> beautiful. >> job well done. very, very nice. >> amazing. i'm glad they got to finish the song. what a great job. proud of them. >> you'll be back a little bit later. we're going to talk more about her and maybe her fox connection. >> excellent. meanwhile, a campaign stunner on this monday before five big primaries tomorrow on tuesday. ted cruz and john kasich have joined forces to stop the trump train. bret baier here with reaction. and beyonce smashing new video, but did she cheat on jay-z or did he cheat on her or was there any cheating at all? sparking a lot of rumors this morning. >> i don't know what to believe. >> i think we just started a new rumor. ♪ olay total effects
4:56 am
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4:59 am
good morning to you. it is monday. it's april 25th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. call it a complain alliance. ahead of five big primaries tomorrow. bret baier is live with the reaction and the fallout. and a new phase in the fight against isis. president obama announced early this morning a new plan to send more american troops overseas. but it's only 250. is that enough to destroy the terrorists once and for all? we're wondering. we're going to talk to bret baier about that. we've got to pretend to wonder. and it's never a good idea to let the internet name your expensive item like this multimillion-dollar boat. >> oh, no. >> boaty mcboatface. okay. so who thought it was a good
5:00 am
idea? to let the internet name this school? mornings are better with friends, i know that for sure. >> boaty mcboatface. that started as a joke. somebody from the bbc. the next thing you know, all these people are writing in, yeah, let's name it boaty mcboatface. >> what are you going to name the school? >> some are funny, some not so funny. >> months ago they were talking about trying to stop donald trump. and they weren't able to get on the same page, republicans. but now are they beginning to do that? >> that's right. we're going to talk to bret baier about that joining us from our nation's capital. when we started the program this morning, the president of the united states was talking in germany. he was at the world's largest trade fair, and it was announced that he's going to send 250 special operator troops to fight isis, bringing our total to 300.
5:01 am
>> in syria. >> in syria. that seems like a really low number. >> well, it does. special forces obviously count for a lot more because they're working with local forces, and they're trying to train and spot targets, that sort of thing. they have seen, according to the administration, some success on the ground with that. and he's upping the ante inside syria. but you're right. the criticism is it's too little, too late. and, you know, this is kind of an interesting move to put 250 more in. this president is -- does not want to put any more troops, if he can avoid it, into either syria or iraq. he now has 4,000 troops in iraq. and some new apache helicopters heading that way. you're almost getting to the point where you're going to get up to a number that commanders really wanted after the status of forces deal was kind of ripped up at the end of the iraq -- the iraq situation and all the troops came home. >> it's just unbelievable, too,
5:02 am
because they aren't even allowed to fight. they're combining with rebels. who are the rebels? what are they supposed to be doing? do they see rebels ever fight isis, or are they fighting assad? so nothing's been answered. >> it's a mess. you don't know who they are. you have russian troops still on the ground in syria. you have president bashar al assad still very active against any anti-assad forces. and then you have isis. and all of these terrorists that it's kind of a, you know, just a storm of problem in syria. >> let's talk politics. a lot of elections coming up tomorrow. we've got five primaries tomorrow. now you have cruz and kasich. they came out last night, and they're saying they're going to team up, this coordinated effort to deny donald trump the nomination. kasich saying he's going to do well indiana. he's got that state. cruz said i'm going to let you take that state, but i've got oregon and new mexico. what do you make of this? >> well, cruz is the one in indiana that's poised to do better.
5:03 am
and kasich, the cruz people are clearing the way, they say, for kasich in new mexico and oregon. and listen, this could be too little, too late. they are obviously looking at the numbers and seeing that donald trump is adding up. not just the numbers but it's the momentum. and you're going to have these five states tomorrow, the acela primaries, if you will, in the northeast, largely, and it is going to be probably a donald trump night. and that momentum, i think they're worried about. so you saw it with marco rubio and john kasich. they tried to do something like this, at least rubio did in ohio and florida. and it worked horribly. so i don't know if it's going to work this time either. >> well, donald trump has been tweeting. he just tweeted out at 7:59 this morning regarding this collusion. shows how weak and separate lyin' ted is when he has to team up with a guy who openly can't stand him, and has only 1 win and 38 losses. three minutes earlier he tweeted
5:04 am
out "lyin' ted cruz and kasich have to team up. it shows weakness. i'm checking our e-mail machine, bret, and there are a number of people who feel that the fact that they have teamed up, neither one of them can mathematically get on the first ballot. it's going to backfire because it looks to people like these party insiders are getting together behind the scenes to try to rig the system. >> yeah. and listen, the system is set up like this, and it's a delegate system, and they are playing for the delegates to get to cleveland. the flip side of that is, listen, there is also a big part of the party that is not ready for donald trump. and while it may b be #eventuallytrump according to some on twitter, there's a big chunk of the vote that is not donald trump, and they are hoping that it coalesces behind one of them. >> because, look, i think in the last poll, governor kasich got 16 percentage points. i mean, the theory is that cruz
5:05 am
is going by is i'm going to get that 16, and i will beat him in indiana. and the theory is in oregon, they're going to get whatever cruz has. he's going to combine with kasich, and they're going to beat trump there because they always believe a one on one is where donald trump is vulnerable. we're finally going to get a test of that theory. >> the problem is is that some john kasich voters, their second choice is donald trump. >> yeah. >> and some ted cruz voters. it's the same way. so it's not cut along those lines, and we'll see how it plays out. tomorrow, you know, is poised to be a donald trump night. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk about the state that is right there bordering where you're at, the commonwealth of virginia. terry mcauliffe reversed a law in the books that had been there about 150 years. what he has done is all of these convicted felons who have done their time, they are now able to vote. well, yesterday he was over on one of the abc chat shows, and he was asked by george stephanopoulos, you know,
5:06 am
republicans are complaining about this. you're just bringing in 200,000 new democratic voters. here's what the governor had to say. >> the next natural step after meeting these folks and talking to them is everybody ought to have a second chance. second chances are back in society. they are living in our communities. they have jobs. they're paying taxes. why don't we possibly want them to vote? why are we putting walls up? we have elections every year in virginia. and if i were to do this for political reasons, i would have done it last year. >> is he doing it for political reasons? >> well, listen. the timing -- any time you do something like this, virginia's setting up to be a swing state eventually -- >> he's a longtime family friend of the clintons. hello. >> yeah, exactly. 206,000 votes matter. but, you know, he's making the civil rights case of second chances. and these people have served their time and done their probation. republicans are saying this. they said blanket restoration
5:07 am
without regard to the nature of crimes committed doesn't speak of mercy. it speaks of political opportunism. so i think you're going to see this battle back and forth. but it's done. it's an exec tough order. and unless it's challenged in court, this is going forward. >> bret, we're going to see you tonight at 6:00 eastern on "special report," is that okay? >> sounds good. >> then you're coming to new york to do the coverage? >> i am. i'll be there tonight and all day tomorrow. >> thank you, bret. >> we'll get the hide-a-bed ready. >> every vote does matter. barack obama lost by 100,000 votes. if you have 206,000 convicted felons that are able to vote now, that could mean a win for one of the candidates where it might not have been that way. >> restore their gun rights, too, give them a second chance. >> right. i understand forgiving everyone and giving someone a second chance, but there are rules in place. you know, you take away something from someone who's gone to prison. if they're a convicted felon, they don't have the right to vote, sorry. >> it's a law that's been on the books for 150 years until now. seven minutes after the top
5:08 am
of the hour. time for some news with heather. >> we start with a knox news alert out of ohio. there is a brand-new twist to tell you about in that massacre that left eight family members from the rhoden family dead. officials calling their executions well planned out by a killer or killers who were careful to cover their tracks. >> this was something that planned, the family was targeted, most of them targeted while they were sleeping. >> marijuana-growing operations found at three of the four crime scenes, police now believe that drugs could be a motive. law enforcement concerned about the safety of the three young children including a four-day-old infant spared in the killings. they're now with family members at a security location. a poll worker is murdered while talking to a pennsylvania politician. a 21-year-old man shot execution style in the back of the head. statehouse candidate chris rabb says the man was telling him about plans to work the polls tomorrow at the primary just before he was killed. rabb was not hurt.
5:09 am
later that night police say an 18-year-old was killed in retaliation during a drive-by. police say that both crimes are likely gang related. no arrests have been made. and did saudi arabia have a hand in the 9/11 terror attacks? the saudi government says no, and now they want the white house to release the so-called 28 pages of congress's 9/11 reports. >> it's been 15 years. and material in it that was sensitive initially, those who read them say is not so sensitive now and that we own this information, by the way. it doesn't mean we should know everything that goes on, but we basically own the pages, and members of congress are allowed to see them with the right clearance, and a lot of people think we should, too. >> the saudis say they want all 28 pages released to clear them of wrongdoing. the white house talking about whether or not it will declassify at least a portion of it over the next several weeks. here's a nice story to bring you right now. a group of ohio police officers -- well, there's a tragedy and then the nice part.
5:10 am
they were attending a fallen officer's funeral, and they went out to grab a bite to eat after. but because of the generosity of their waitress, they didn't have to pay for a thing. the red robin server, jessica dunbar, picked up their $123 tab and replaced their tab with a note. she wrote this. "officers, your bill is on me today. i can't imagine the day that all of you have had, let alone what you go through every day. i hope your days get better. so much respect." well, earlier on our show, one of those police officers met that waitress for the first time. here it is. >> thank you for doing what you do every day and, you know, putting your life on the line to protect everyone. >> thank you. it means a lot. >> how sweet. jessica says you can't put a dollar amount on making somebody happy. such a nice thing to do and so well appreciated. >> absolutely. and i think her company, red robin, thanked her for doing that. >> oh, did they? wonderful. >> the big question is, did they give her $123 to make up for the
5:11 am
bill? >> i know. do you know how many tables you have to earn? five to ten tables to get that much. >> i suppose. it's given them a great idea. i'm sure they will. >> i hope they do. good restaurant. >> it is. this woman might not look like an american hero at first, but she helped win world war ii. the incredible story of this socialite turned secret agent straight ahead. plus, socialist senator bernie sanders's plan to make college tuition free was supposed to help poor students get an education, right? george barney says wrong. they've done the math, and the rich are the ones who cash in. >> oh, come on. >> he joins us live next. ♪ why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
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5:15 am
and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? well, young people are coming out in droves for bernie sanders thanks to promises like these. >> i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition free. make public colleges and universities tuition free. public colleges and universities tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. free. free. free. free. >> and the crowd goes wild.
5:16 am
well, now college kids are in for a big surprise as a new study shows bernie's plan actually benefits rich students the most. our guest entered the studio and said my necktie looked like it was curtain material. >> well, the truth always hurts, doesn't it, steve? >> welcome to the show. >> mornings are better with friends, i'm told. >> i love this guy. >> sometimes we book enemies. >> that's right. so bernie's message is exactly wrong because now rich people are benefited more by tuition free. >> just step back a second. what a convoluted mess this is of tax, spend and subsidize. turns out if you do the math on this free college tuition, it works out that the upper half of income earners get $17 billion worth of benefit out of it overall. do the math. >> i think we have a graph. >> yeah, we do. it's convoluted. but the bottom is that upper half of income earners get a total of $17 billion worth of
5:17 am
benefit. the lower half of income earners get $13 billion worth of benefit. now, this is not my math. this is not conservative free market math. this is from the brookings institution, which is a leftist organization. a leftist think tank. >> bernie did not do the math before. why is he -- then these are just lies he's telling us, right? >> don't use the word "lie." >> all right, untrue. >> he's pandering for the young kids to vote for him. >> he's buying votes with taxpayer money. that's what he's doing. he's not telling the whole how it actually, whos out. wait a second. we're so bright. you go down the road a little bit and that advantage for middle-class people in this free college tuition thing, that's clawed back because bernie is going to tax middle-class people, and he said he's going to tax the middle class. so you give with one hand and you take it back with the other, and you end up with a rotten mess. >> it's not about who gets the money, it's who gives the money. and who would be giving the money? the government. therefore they control it.
5:18 am
keep in mind, it's state governments that ultimately would decide to finance state colleges, and you're going to tell me these state governors who are republican are going to do this? >> that's what they're supposed to do. that's what's coming down from bernie sanders, yes. whether it happens or not, i don't know. i don't think bernie sanders is going to be the next president of the united states. and i don't think this is the answer to the college mess. the answer is grow the economy. have more well-paid jobs in a growing, vigorous, vibrant private enterprise economy! you do that, you've got a winner. >> check his show out over on fox business where he talks about business and politics and occasionally fashion. stuart, thank you. >> curtains. >> thank you. >> curtains for you. you're out. >> i am indeed. good-bye. let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. this woman helped win world war ii. a socialite turned spy. the incredible story you have not heard of the blonde bomb. >> shaken, not stirred. and beyonce debuts a smashing new video that seems a lot like an attack on jay-z's
5:19 am
reported mistress. >> oh, please. >> uh-oh. >> yeah, this morning one of those women speaking out. find out about that coming up straight ahead on "f "fox & friends." ♪ can't you see there's no other man above you ♪ ♪ treat the girl that loves you ♪ ♪ hold up ♪ they don't love you like i love you ♪ i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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5:22 am
some headlines now. running the marathon from space. watch this. a british astronaut joining the thousands of runners competing in the london marathon. time peake finished in 3 hours and 35 minutes and 21 seconds. new research shows calls to poison control -- i've changed topics now -- for kids eating laundry pods are up 20%.
5:23 am
kids confuse them for candy. doctors say the increase is astounding. and here it is. the new logo for the 2020 tokyo games. this design is the second for the summer games. the first was scrapped over plagiarism concerns. that looks original. ainsley? >> thank you, brian. well, she very well might have been the blonde and female james bond. betty pack was her name, and she is the subject of a new book out about her life as a glamorous american socialite turned spy who helped the allies win world war ii. so why haven't we heard about her before? well, we have now thanks to this gentleman, howard blume, the author of "the last good night" and joins me now to discuss. good morning, howard. >> good morning. >> thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> so tell us about this book. >> well what fascinates me is that betty pack was a socialite. she came from a well-known family in washington, d.c., and she had a rather wayward
5:24 am
character. and she found a way to channel her wayward character into something substantive. she literally helped the allies win the war. she was involved in many significant missions that helped the invasion of north africa, the enigma machine. and the way that she did this was using the bedroom as her operational battlefield. >> wow. >> the cia, when i was up there, told me one of the things they tell their new agents is the last person to whom you say good night is the most dangerous. well, betty was the personification of that warning, the way she used the bedroom. >> and that's why the title is "the last good night." >> exactly. >> how was she -- what did her parents think about her? because back then especially, i mean, your reputation means so much now, but especially then. i mean, you couldn't use your sexuality to woo men and to get answers and to get into the lives of our enemies. >> well, betty could use her sexuality. she rebelled against her parents. and that was that she was living a life that was really leading
5:25 am
her to one tragedy, debacle after another. she was a very careless person. and yet she found a way to channel this. the only person she was really loyal to forever was her spymasters to the u.s. government. and she was able to accomplish things that helped america win the war. >> you used to work for "the new york times." how many books have you written? >> this is my 14th. >> so you wanted to write about a woman. >> exactly. i figured at this stage in my life, perhaps i could begin to understand what make women tick. i have two daughters in their 20s and one ex-wife. i paid my dues, not to mention alimony and tuition, so i thought i could maybe begin to do this. and then when i discovered at cambridge university that they had betty's archives, all the papers is and memoirs, and i was able to write with authority what she was thinking and doing, i would get the inside story not only on her missions but also on her amorous adventures. i thought, well, this is a book
5:26 am
that i could write as a spy thriller and also as a psychological detective story to show how she had made this journey from a debutante to a spy. >> wow, very fascinating. thank you so much. i wish you all the best. writing on "the blonde bond." she had that written on her obituary. well, guess what scandal just came back? >> i departmeid not have sexual relations with that woman. ms. lewinsky. >> yep. what bernie sanders is now saying about monica lewinsky this morning. and it's never a good idea to let the internet name your expensive item like this multimillion-dollar boat. they name it had boaty mcboatface. so who thought it was a good idea to let the internet name this school? ♪ you better get to school on time ♪ i take these out...
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5:30 am
hi, everybody. daddy is the greatest basketball player. >> oh. >> that's isaiah thomas. >> aww, this is your shot of the morning. that's what happens when kids take over your press conference. those little guys do belong to celtics' star isaiah thomas. >> as he was leaving, he had an unbelievable game, he won the game for them yesterday in overtime. this after he helped them make an incredible comeback to tie the series at 2-2. keep many mind, too, one of the
5:31 am
little guys came back at the end and said, "thank you." >> them's some good manners. >> steals the show. all right. here's something. so did you notice there's going to be a big election coming up in november? >> really? >> bernie sanders would like to be the next president of the united states. i don't know that he said thank you to rosario dawson, the famous actress, after she took a shot at the clintons. and the way she did it was she actually brought up a scandal the clintons would like to run away from as quickly as possible. here she is, and then you're going to hear from bernie. >> we are really fending for ourselves right now. we are literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. now, i'm with monica lewinsky with this. bullying is bad. she's actually dedicated her life now to talking about that. and now as a campaign strategy,
5:32 am
we are being bullied. and somehow that is okay and not being talked about with the richness that it needs to. >> rosario is a great and she's done a great job for us. and she's been a passionate fighter to see that we increase the voter turnout. our job right now is to contrast our views compared to secretary clinton. that's what a campaign is about. what i will be doing in this campaign is an issue-oriented way. not by personal attacks. >> right. >> but by contrasting our view to secretary clinton's. >> he did his best to avoid talking about it. the clinton campaign did come out and said they would absolutely not address anything that she had to say. >> right. they don't want to bring it up either. >> rosario saying that monica lewinsky was bullied by the clintons. but what makes me laugh about this is that most of the bernie supporters are in their 20s. they're probably, like, who is monica lewinsky? because this happened in 1998. they were, like, 3. >> and those young voters can
5:33 am
google it. once they read about it, it's, like, really? i didn't know the president -- >> her reaction when she said the name monica lewinsky, i thought the reaction would be a lot different. >> you know what the big picture is? and guys, i'm sure you can appreciate this, there's a lot of pressure on the sanders people to rally behind hillary clinton, and they are not ready to give up hope yet. and he says i'm going to june. i'm going to california. and by the way, i'm winning in california. but he's supposed to have a bad night tomorrow night. but he does not seem ready to acquiesce. >> so anyway, he got some support -- and great that she would bring that up because that gave us something to talk about but also one of the other surrogates was danny glover who made a couple of mistakes out on the stump, got some facts mixed up. >> right, it happens. >> but he's a great actor. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. >> maybe they should stick to acting. >> because danny glover's a big fan of fidel castro. he's a huge fan. >> that was his mistake. >> good morning, everybody.
5:34 am
a couple headlines. students at a wisconsin high school going back to class two days after a shooter opened fire at the prom. the alleged gunman is 18-year-old jacob wagner, a former student who classmates say was bullied. police say he showed up outside the prom at his high school saturday night and shot two students with a rifle. wagner was then shot by a police officer who was patrolling in the lot. wagner died two hours later. the injured students are expected to make a full recovery. overseas now, trains are back up and running through brussels' station. 32 people were killed after terrorists detonated bombs inside the train station and also at the bruflssels airport. the terror cell also linked to the paris attacks last november. do you remember how quickly this thing backfired? people in britain were asked to
5:35 am
name a new research ship, and they went with boaty mcboatface. now officials in texas want to rename the robert e. lee elementary school, and so they've opened it up to a public competition online. among the front-runners so far, donald trump elementary or schooly mcschoolface. so what would you rename that school? you can e-mail us, let us know what you think. well, out for her next smash hit, beyonce smashing car windows. take a look. ♪ they don't love you like i love you ♪ ♪ can't you see there's no other man above you ♪ >> well that's her new music video. the pop star seeks revenge against a cheating spouse. now rumors are swirling that the song is about her rapper husband, jay-z, and a fashion designer. in fact, one line of the lyrics say "he better call becky with the good hair." well, the alleged mistress firing back online with this instagram post, saying in part, "good hair, don't care." that's what rachel roy, a fashion designer.
5:36 am
that's not rachel roy. that's rachael ray. okay. beyonce fans confusing this with the celebrity chef rachael ray which is why we showed you that picture. attacking her online with comments like throwing your cookbook in the trash. oh, my. >> oh, my word. >> you got all that. >> rachel roy, not rachael ray. >> rachel roy, the designer, not rachael ray the chef. there we go. >> what is going on? do they -- why do they have to have their fights through song? is their whole life a musical? >> with you talking about jay-z and beyonce? >> honey, i've got to sing a song about you. they live together. >> that album she just released is on his streaming service. it's a money thing. >> it's being played? >> yes, it's to get us to download it. hello. >> really? >> the spin stops here, baby! the weather starts with her. >> would you do that? as a businessperson, i'd rather protect my marriage. who knows why they're doing it?
5:37 am
>> i'm not up on the latest beyonce stuff, but i do have another janice here. let's meet her shall we? hello, janice. these ladies were here last time at the same time. they do this new york trip every single year. say hi to everybody at home! >> hi! >> tell me where you're from, janice. >> statesboro, georgia. >> you do this trip every year. what was your favorite part so far? >> right here. >> right here. what's your favorite cable news channel? >> fox, of course. >> fabulous. are you with these ladies? >> no, ma'am, i'm here for my daughter's 16th birthday. >> and where is she? >> she is in bed asleep. >> oh, my gosh. you are missing out. what's her name? >> grace. >> grace, happy 16th, but you need to be where the action is. you, sir, are you with the ladies? >> no, i'm not. i'm just on my way to work. >> welcome to "fox & friends." everybody comes here. we have some weather to talk about. some snow across the northern rockies and the central plains. and this is the setup that we are going to watch over the next 48 hours as this low pressure
5:38 am
moves into the central u.s. and brings a potential for hail, damaging winds, and we could have a severe weather outbreak including large damaging tornadoes across tornado alley which includes texas, oklahoma and kansas. this is the area we're going to watch very carefully tomorrow as the storm prediction center has already issued a moderate risk for severe storms. that's where we think all of those ingredients are going to happen. when are you leaving? >> today. >> aww. well, thanks for coming, everybody. >> we have a picture from yesterday where steve photobombed us. >> steve? >> yes. >> why am i not surprised? why am i not surprised? >> that's right. and janice, i'm coordinating with them. i'm driving them to the airport in 22 minutes. >> steve is driving you to the airport. >> yay! >> whoo! >> a lot of people don't know, as soon as i'm done with this show, i just turn on uber. >> such a nice guy. >> you can drive when you want on your time. >> exactly right. it's.
5:39 am
it's the move sending shockwaves all across the campaign trail. ted cruz and john kasich are going to team up to stop donald trump, they say. the donald responding just minutes ago. that's coming up next. then, a school choir silenced while singing at the september 11th memorial here in new york. ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ the bombs bursting >> someone told us to stop. >> the guard said no, you can't do it. well, now they got to finish what they started. that choir is back for an encore straight ahead on "fox "fox & friends" live from waynesville, north carolina. ♪ ♪ alleluia ♪ alleluia well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. no rules on aisle four!
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capzasin than any other sauce on the market. the creation is made from some of the world's hottest peppers and is so hot it needs special packaging. it's like brian. so hot he needs special packaging. talk about bursting someone's bubble. a man trying to float his way to bermuda in a human-powered hydropod is rescued at sea for the second time. long-distance runner bellucci was picked off florida's coast after setting out despite warnings from coast guard officials not to do this. so he's inside that -- >> balloon thing. teaming up to take down trump. ted cruz and john kasich announcing a brand-new alliance. it just came over overnight, to work together to ensure a contested convention in july. >> yeah, no surprise donald trump already up and tweeting about it this morning. >> you know who's been reading those tweets? fox news team national correspondent john roberts live from west chester, pennsylvania.
5:44 am
good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's what i do, spend every morning reading donald trump's tweets just like the rest of america. you know, this campaign was rancorous enough already, but it's likely to erupt in open warfare now that cruz and kasich are openly teaming up to stop donald trump, particularly in the state of indiana. cruz's campaign manager tweeting out last night or sending out a message saying, quote, to ensure that we nominate a republican who can unify the party and win in november. we would hope that allies of both campaigns would follow our lead. well, ted cruz waited until after his appearance on the fox news town hall last night to release the news. he did talk about the reasons for the partnership. >> what is good for the gop is to nominate a candidate who can win and who actually has a real substantive agenda. >> not surprisingly, donald trump was completely incensed about it. he was tweeting out last night, his campaign released a statement and still tweeting
5:45 am
about it this morning saying, quote, lyin' ted and kasich have to team up collusion in a two-on-one. shows weakness. shows how weak and desperate ted is when he has to keep up with a guy who openly can't stand him and is only 1 win and 38 losses. kasich will focus on oregon and new mexico telling our town hall last night that this is all going to be settled in july. >> we're going to an open convention. i have been saying it for two months. people were saying he doesn't know what he's talking about. well, turns out i'm right. and we're going to go there and i'll tell you what people are going to think about. the delegates are going to think about who can win in the fall. >> reporter: by some analysis if donald trump wins big, as expected tomorrow, and also wins indiana, that will be it. it will basically be over. he will be able to reach a majority of delegates before the convention. so cruz and kasich's real only option to stop him, guys, is
5:46 am
next week in indiana. that one will be, as they say, for all the marbles. >> indeed. all right, thank you very much, john roberts. he's got all of his marbles. looking at the e-mail machine, what do you think about this? val typed this out. "i am one who will not vote if it is trump versus clinton. applaud cruz and kasich to attempting to nominate a republican for the party. i know you won't air this as you are only airing pro-trump stuff. so sad." we have been accused of being in the tank for trump, in the tank for cruz. >> rubio. >> in the tank for rubio, kasich. we should also point out we invite ted cruz -- >> every day. >> -- every day to be on. same thing with john kasich. and they are busy. and then there are others that say things -- and then a number of people think it's going to backfire. can't really tell right now. 50/50. >> mitt romney said last week unless one of them gets out, donald trump's going to get the nomination. now we're getting the sense of
5:47 am
basically one of them getting out. we'll see if this teheory is going to prove correct. one school choir was silenced down at the september 11th memorial. it is time for the encore. that choir is going to perform for us coming up next. >> they're waving. let me check in with martha after that great town hall last night. you're back in action today, martha. great job. >> thank you. i can tell you where cruz and kasich were last night. other than that i can't account for it. big news today as cruz and kasich join forces, as you were just talking about, to try to shut down donald trump. donald fires up a blistering statement in response. and charles koch says that hillary might be better than some of the existing gop candidates. we're going to dig in. we'll show you the context on all of that. and the white house set to release some but not all of the saudi pages. k.t. joins us coming up and bill and i see you at the top of the hour. i take these out...
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5:51 am
♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ the bombs bursting >> someone told us not to do it. >> oh, boy. a middle school choir stopped dead in their tracks while singing the national anthem at new york city's 9/11 memorial. security guards ordering the north carolina students to stop singing because they didn't have a permit even though they did get the okay from a guard. they didn't have a written one, but they were given an okay from one person at the site. >> now, earlier this morning, you heard them finish their performance and sing the national anthem on our show, and they're back now, ainsley. >> exactly right. joining us now, students leah
5:52 am
jenkins and kristen mcclure are live with us. hey, girls. >> hi. >> so how are you feeling about this? now you're on national television. it didn't work out for you down at the memorial site, but how are you feeling about us having you on this morning? >> leah? >> it's really exciting and unexpected. >> nerve-racking. >> yeah. >> nerve-racking. >> how did you feel when the officer said -- stopped you? you know, you're singing and then he stopped you. how'd you feel about that? >> i was embarrassed, first of all. and i felt like i was doing something wrong by singing there. i didn't really understand. >> we were quite confused about it. >> i understand that. but i understand also as part of your trip, you eventually wound up going down to washington, d.c., and you sang at the world war ii memorial, and i read from your instructor that that was very moving and very powerful. she felt. how did you feel about that performance?
5:53 am
>> i was very happy about it. it was nice to sing to the veterans. >> and what do you have for us today? what's your next song? >> "america the beautiful." >> i love that song. >> ladies, take it away. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> back this formation. ♪ ♪ o beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purposely mountain majesties ♪ ♪ above thy fruited plain ♪ america, america
5:54 am
♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ ♪ o beautiful for patriot dream ♪ ♪ that sees beyond the years
5:55 am
♪ thine alabaster cities gleam ♪ undimmed by human tears ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea >> fantastic. [ applause ] thank you very much for performing on our show. >> this portion of new york says thank you very much. we let you sing. we're going to step aside. we'll be back in two minutes. ♪ it's a little too loud on the highway ♪ ♪ i want to pull back in your driveway ♪
5:56 am
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6:00 am
then go to team fox. >> nice. >> very nice. >> a little big for me. >> here you go. >> i posted mine on instagram just holding up the shoe. very good. >> have a great day. see you back here tomorrow. bill: a double team against donald trump. senator ted cruz and governor john kasich said they will block the frontrunner from getting enough delegates to clench the nomination. martha: hi, i'm martha maccallum. that news breaking just at the end of our fox news crown hall. they said they will divide their efforts in the upcoming contest. kasich will pull out of indiana to give cruz a clear path while cruz will clear the way for


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