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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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then go to team fox. >> nice. >> very nice. >> a little big for me. >> here you go. >> i posted mine on instagram just holding up the shoe. very good. >> have a great day. see you back here tomorrow. bill: a double team against donald trump. senator ted cruz and governor john kasich said they will block the frontrunner from getting enough delegates to clench the nomination. martha: hi, i'm martha maccallum. that news breaking just at the end of our fox news crown hall. they said they will divide their efforts in the upcoming contest. kasich will pull out of indiana to give cruz a clear path while cruz will clear the way for kasich in oregon and new mexico.
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>> we are likely headed to a contested convention. i'm going to come in with a ton of delegates. donald trump will come in with a ton of delegates. one of the two of us will be the nominee. it will be a battle to see who can earn the support of a majority of the delegate elected by the people. >> you can't get the magic number of delegates, then the delegates are going to choose. seven out of 10 time they chose somebody who went into the convention who wasn't in first place. bill: donald trump blasting both of his rivals. just announced lyin' ted and kasich are going to collude to keep me from getting the nomination.
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all this comes before voters in five states all head to the polls, that's tomorrow night. on the delegate math, this will take us through. washington examiner byron york, good morning to you. is this going to work? >> it's a gamble. you have got to look at the context. cruz and kasich are coming off a huge defeat to donald trump in new york. if the polls are right they are headed toward a big defeat tomorrow in the northeastern states you just mentioned. what they are trying to do is leap frog forward, go on to indiana like tomorrow is never going to happen and suggest if they just team up and one of them goes against donald trump in indiana, then the other kasich in oregon and new mexico, then they can keep trump from
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that 1,237 number. it's risky especially if donald trump has a big day. bill: trump is at 845. tomorrow night is rhode island. you can watch the numbers change. it's connecticut, delaware, maryland and pennsylvania. we think he will do well. then we go to indiana. this was late friday when our fox polling comes out. we did a flip and indiana. west virginia favors trump. not as much as we not before. then we are out in oregon. this comes back to the plan that's announced last night. we think it faves trump, now we are in the month of june. watch these numbers, montana for cruz, nuk mexico. california then of 172
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delegates, we think trump gets 103 of the 172 on the same day as new jersey. now he's at 1,202. 1,237 is the magic number. he would only be 35 away from that number. >> if all that came true, donald trump enters the convention 35 votes short. there are a couple hundred unbound delegates who can vote for anybody on the first ballot. and you will see trump work on those delegates and you will also see a very spirited debate in the republican national convention among the delegates. some people are going to say if trump is even one short we need a second ballot and open convention. others will say wow he's really close, maybe we don't need to go through this. not sure who is going to win
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that one. bill: i are want to show our viewers what happens if this cruz-kasich alliance works in indiana. if you change oregon and give it to cruz or kasich it goes up to 70. so you see the strategy in play here, but whether it works is something to be determined in the effect six weeks. martha: fox news is the place to be for the next big gop showdown. bill and i will be near the morning. pour prime time coverage start at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. last night we were in philadelphia. what a great crowd we had that turned out last night. terrific folks that came out to watch john kasich and ted cruz. we had a fantastic panel, tucker carlson, steve hayes weighed in.
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bill: people are engaged in the process it was a cool thing to see. thanks to the people in philadelphia. martha: there was a trump crowd there there will be was a cruz crowd, a kasich crowd for him as well. people are divided. that's what cruz and kasich are counts on as they hatch this plan. we'll see where it goes. martha: big development in the fight against isis. president obama says he will send up to 250 more u.s. troops to the ground in syria. their mission will be to assist local forces in the ongoing if fight against isis. kevin corke is in germany. what's the president thinking in terms of this move.
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what's behind it. do we know? >> the president has repeatedly said that if you have see changing conditions in the strategy against isis, it's usually a reflection of change conditions on the ground. what the president has gone on to say if you see changes you will see more of it. apparently it's working. so the president made it clear there would be more americans joining the fight in isis against syria. >> a small number of special operation forces have been successful in helping move is i will * out of key areas. we are sending additional forces to help keep up this momentum. reporter: the president making the point that they are there to
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help drive back isis. this decision poses an incredible risk for the women and men tapped with this assignment, plus politically for a president who said he would like to end the wars in afghanistan and iraq. he continued to collaborate stop security cooperation. he's talking trade during this time here in germany. you may remember last week we heard from defense secretary ash carter that there would be an expanding american presence in iraq. there will be 217 trainers heading to iraq there to join the fight. it continues to evolve and we'll keep an eye on it. martha: quite a trip you are covering with the president. bill: police in ohio scrambling to figure out who killed 8 members of the same family.
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7 adults and sateen aged boy found shot to death in four different locations. >> this was a pre-planned execution of 8 individuals. those who carried it out were trying to do everything they could do to hinder the investigation and their prosecution. bill: what are the clues now? what does this sounds like, mike, so far? >> drugs were certainly present. the ohio attorney general said marijuana was present at three of the four crime scenes. when pressed if this was marijuana or personal use, he said these were grow operations. what he would not do is mike a connection between the marijuana and the slayings. the killer or killers went to four different locations, execution style leaving behind
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little evidence. only panicked people who found the dead in the morning. >> tell me what's going on. >> there is blood all over the house. my brother in law's in the bedroom. it looks like somebody beat the hell out of him. reporter: 50-60 people have been interviewed. but so far police cannot say if there was more than one shooter. a role round owner offered a $2,500 reward. there was a mexican-style their juan pa operation, but no
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connection so far. martha: we go to ted cruz and john kasich teaming up to try to take down donald trump. trump says it's collusion and it's desperate. >> we'll talk to members of the cruz team and trump team about the next big battle in the road to the warehouse. five states tomorrow. >> the most troubling thing about donald is he's a phoney. what he's saying on the campaign trail i don't think he believes.
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martha: the subway station hit in the brussels terror attacks is back in business. it's reopened just a month after the deadly bombing carried out by isis. part of the ticketing areas need repairs. the station setting up a tribute wall for the 32 victims. 340 were injured in those bombing there and at the brussels airport. >> donald trump is terrified to have a debate. he doesn't have -- he doesn't have the answer how to bring jobs back to america. when you ask what are you going
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to do to bring jobs back to america. he can't defend his economic agenda. his foreign policy, he suggested withdrawing from nato and would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. bill: the senator hoping a deal with john kasich will help toughen up their turf. cruz will try to be the sole competitor in indiana and kasich in oregon and new mexico come the month of may. whose idea was this, yours or kasich's? >> there have been discussions taken place between the cam pains that ultimately firmed up most recently at the national -- republican national committee
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meeting. this is about getting it down to a two-person race. he when this is a two-person contest and the vast majority of republicans don't want donald trump to be the nominee, that's the strategic dynamic we would roik to see. bill: i'm reading the kasich team approached you weeks ago. >> i wants part of those conversations so i can't speak to that. bill: your team and kasich's team, nothing about california or nebraska * or west virginia. >> this is a strategic allocation of campaign time and resources. time, people and money. our focus will be on indiana which will vote a week from tomorrow as we go forward and
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we'll go into the month of may. governor kasich will have the field available against donald trump in the 80s of mexico -- of new mexico and oregon. if we go into the convention, a contested open convention, by all accounts we are in the strongest position to he morning with a majority of the republican party behind us. that's the key, getting this to a two-person contest so there is a majority behind the republican nominee. bill: you saw the polling friday afternoon. trump has the lead, 41%. california almost the same deal, almost 50%. he's at 49% right there. he calls this move desperation. >> donald trump is the guy who styles himself as the most
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unpredictable, flexible guy out there. we all knew in advance, he has a real problem. where the dynamic of this race changed is in the five states that led up to new york. the math really changes at that point with those five victories for senator cruz. and donald trump doesn't have the altitude to get majority of the delegates. once we get into the convention it's clear you need a majority support of the party. the dynamic of this race has changed. it's a very different contest. it's a very different contest than when we won in iowa when the race got started. we have to make sure donald trump is not the republican nominee because it would lead to
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a blowout of our party. we don't want a blowout in november. that means having ted cruz as the nominee and this is a step in that direction. bill: when you think about this, this late in the game, is this your last best hope, and would you admit if it doesn't work, trump is the nominee. >> he's only the nominee if he earns the support of the majority of the republican party. and he hasn't been able to demonstrate that in any state but his own. our campaign is a dynamic one. we are constantly looking at the data. in wisconsin we were down 20 point, three weeks before the elect on show hike this, people would say how are you going to win in wisconsin. we have the flekability to deploy our resources as we wish to. bill: massachusetts, alabama,
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florida. he will call collusion. what would you say to primary voters who are trying to figure out whether they vote and the party decide? >> at the end of the day the majority of the republican primary voters do not want to see donald trump as the nominee. the way we get there is by having a two-person contest in as many places as possible. bill: thanks for coming back, ron. martha: despite all their problems, the irs is still getting bonuses. congress is trying to do something about that. bill: a flying airplane. that's what airplanes do. relying only on the power of the sun. may sound like science fiction.
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martha: congress is targeting the irs for reform. the house passed six new bills following last monday's tax deadline. one of them says no one at the agency can receive a bonus until it improves customer service. what a novel idea. gere irwillis is here, she is the author of "rich is not a four-letter word." what are they going to do? gerri: the white house is saying
6:26 am
we don't want to support this we want to block this. this agency is not just disappointing the republicans in congress, but regular americans as well when you think of what they have done to have people lose their information to identity thieves because the irs did not have a software update. this year the was a 26-minute wait time on the phone if you called asking for information and they only got to half the calls. martha: joh > martha: said we just don't have gerri: their budget has been cut because they used some of that money to target conservatives. they are not doing the job they should be doing.
6:27 am
a lot of people are angry. martha: you have got a republican house and senate. so how far is this bill going to go, and will the president be forced to veto it. every type we have an effort like this to reform the irs to make things better. it goes nowhere. it's institutional inertia. martha: they ought to be able to get it through the house and senate and see what happens instead of getting a signal from the top. gerri, thank you very much. and congratulations on the book. bill: it's not a four-letter word, right? in a moment, teaming up against donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich. details on their plans and a question as to whether or not it works in a moment.
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martha: donald trump is not holding back. firing back last night and again this morning. we'll show you what donald trump is saying coming up next. >> i am only interested in the first ballot. i'm not interested in the second, third, 19. i'm interested in winning it early and that's it. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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martha: ted cruz and john kasich announcing they will join forces in three upcoming gop contests in an attempt to keep donald trump from getting to that 1,237 number. governor kasich telling fox that's the way the nomination process works. >> we had 10 contested processes and.
6:32 am
martha: trump not buying of any that. tweeting a short time ago. lyin' ted cruz and 1-38 kasich are unable to beat me on their own so they have to team up collusion, on a two on one. shows weakness! martha: mary anne marsh is a senior advisor to secretary john kerry. chris 10 -- kristen, what do yok of this plan? >> it's the only way john kasich can stay alive heading into the convention. it's likely tuesday night donald trump will cleanup in the five states voting tomorrow. so the question is how can folks hold him below that magic number.
6:33 am
the only way is for ted cruz to step aside and john kasich to steep aside in others. but the flaw in their plan is to get voters to go along with them. this required the voters to get involved which is why they have gone public with their strategy. martha: that's the crux of it. you can't tell the voters who to vote for. some of them will vote for donald trump. >> it's not even a good gamble. john kasich and ted cruz just admitted they are losers. and the only possible bay way they can win is to cut a deal. voters don't want to vote for loarss and they don't want people cutting deals. this is what donald trump's campaign is premised on this. you can say good-bye to cruz and kasich who have been out of
6:34 am
this. donald trump will hit the 1,237 june 7. period, end of sentence. this is the last gasp of cruz and kasich but of the republican establishment who will continue to thwart trump. and donald trump is only going to get more votes because of it. martha: kristen, when you talk about the numbers, in some scenarios trump is just maybe 30 shy. in some he goes over. if he's 30 shy, these two are going to argue, john kasich and ted cruz, that he doesn't have a majority of the party and they should get together and fight this thing. but it appears the energy and enthusiasm for that might be diminishing for that. >> it's a little more complicated than marianne made
6:35 am
it seem. donald trump may perform statewide, but it's not a winner-take-all situation. you have a lot of delegates going into the convention not technically committed. so we may not know what a hard number is a trump, cruz or kasich would get on the first ballot. but there are the rules which may say donald trump won't be able to get to the majority on the first ballot and it's fair to go to the second ballot. then there is the p.r. side. donald trump is making the case if he's close to 1,237 it wouldn't be fair. voters say if he has the most going into the convention, he should get it. trump is paying the p.r. smart even if the rules say. martha: donald trump saying i'm ready to wrap this up, let's get
6:36 am
this show on the road. if that's the case, hillary is in the same mode, marianne. do you think hillary is hankering for a fight against donald trump or would she rather take on an alternative that would be produced from a contested convention? >> anyone who worked the convention with delegates the way i have, you work the delegates. donald trump thinks he's 30-35 short, he's got twice that number in his pocket. hillary clinton and donald trump have turned their sights to each other. they are the general election contest. that's who the voters -- >> is that what democrats are hoping for at this point? icon is tently said throughout this analysis of this race that i would not want to run against donald trump because i think he's the most dangerous candidate. give me ted cruz, donald trump,
6:37 am
ted cruz in particular way outside the main stream. donald trump talking about the gender bill and using the bathrooms. he knows how to appeal to independents and libertarians. donald trump would be a tough candidate to face in the general election. martha: ladies, thank you very much. good to see you both. bill: we made a few stops in philly. martha: we did. it started with pour guy terry. >> this is the assembly room. what happens here, terry? >> the signing of the declaration of independence bill: in this room? you had thomas jefferson, john adams, benjamin franklin and a john hancock who signed this document first.
6:38 am
>> the declaration of independence. we sent one to george iii to let him know we declared our independence. he wrote that nothing happened on july 4, but, boy, was he wrong. bill: then we headed to another special site in philly. the final resting place of benjamin franklin. maybe it most beloved figure in philadelphia history. here is his gravesite with his wife. he wrote his own epitaph >> he said if you will not be forgotten once you are gone, do things worth the reading. martha: he was very witty.
6:39 am
will * then we went to the bar. thanks to folks at the constitution center. thanks to terry. martha: the national convention center has a re-creation of the signing of the declaration of independence with bronze figures all through the room it's a cool place. check it out. bill: the point museum that existed solely for the purpose of the u.s. constitution. next time you are in philly, if it's not on your list, it should be. martha: and visit terry. president obama saying he's sending more than 250 additional troops to syria. looking to help local forces in the fight against isis. will this make a difference? bill: severe winds rips through parts of the country. look at damage left behind and
6:40 am
where this happened in a moment.
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♪ ♪ there's people who care where i'm going ♪ ♪ and good friends to welcome me home ♪ ♪ so get a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ drive the american road ♪ and with a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ find your own highway ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ take you wherever you go. ♪ martha: a video out of texas shows a tornado forming into a funnel shape we all recognize. that's a scary formation. we are told this will cause some damage and injuries. still waiting for full reports
6:44 am
on what happened there. take a look at kansas where they are getting hammered by hail. it's causing a lot of chaos to the cars on the road. this is a look at the storms from a diver's points of view. that's what you want to get home and out of. >> we continue to make progress pushing isil back. just as i approved additional support for iraqi forces against is rural i decided to increase local support for forces fighting isil in syria. bill: special forces on the ground in syria. not iraq, syria. the president saying the troops will assist local forces in the fight against isis. the president saying they will not be in combat roles. good morning.
6:45 am
what is the mission here, what will they do? >> i have respect for the special forces. i'm second to none in my respect for the special forces. 250 against isis is a joke. terrorists are in europe and north africa, the middle east, they are starting with the islamic state, what are you going to do about it? he has something he has to do. what is he going to do? he's going to throw a few of troops at them. bill: my sense is there was a lot of pressure on this european trip to change this strategy. if this doesn't do it, the refugees keep streaming into other parts of the world. >> president bush handled obama
6:46 am
a victory. and he there it away. the islamic state, the rights of isis, refugees in europe can all be traced back to the fact that president obama did not finish the job. bill are he wanted out of the wars, but sometimes the reality comes to you. >> i think what the president is saying now, i know i have got a problem but i'm going to push it off to the next president. when i leave i'll say bush got us into this war it's to throw troops at someone for your own political purposes. >> it's still going to be in syria and libya. >> it's now in libya and europe. it's potentially in the united states. the islamic state is the successor of al qaeda. it has land mass the size of great britain.
6:47 am
it has a military. it has a foreign legion if you will. yet the president of the united states is saying we are well on our course. everything is great. we are going to send 250 forces and defeat and destroy isis. bill: the other point he made i more countries need to do more. he's not wrong about that, is he? >> the other countries are not manning up. president obama tried it. obama tried it. everybody running for president says i'm going to motivate the syrian opposition. why they are not doing it? because they are required to report for duty for the iraqi government. and the iraqi government is not sunni, it's shiite. it's as if you are saying to somebody, i want you to fight your cousin but you have to report to the mean enemy you
6:48 am
hate. bill: you have looked at this from every angle. when you look at this a year from now, what is the state of this war? what is the status of isis? >> i think isis continues to expand regionally. it expand into north africa, particularly into libya. it will take the fight east. it will try to do thing in saudi arabia and turkey, and it will send more refugees or terrorists along with the real of refugees into europe. i think it on gets worse, more divide and expanded. bill: whoever that next person is, he or she, whether it's hillary clinton or donald trump or fill in the blank, is it different? >> with a new president you have a new opportunity. i saw this when president reagan came in.
6:49 am
he had the opportunity to take a didn't approach. president obama took a didn't approach from bush when he came in. the opportunity is there to change the outcome and change our policy. but it has to be a president who stand up and does it. >> is it up to 5,000? it's around that number? 4,000 to 5,000? >> it doesn't matter. it's not enough and it's not working and it's getting worse and worse by the day. martha: johnny football getting into big trouble off the field and it could land him behind bars. we'll tell you the new charges against johnny manziel. bill: this plane is piloted by something we have never seen before. the high in flying adventure like you have never seen before. pet moments are beautiful,
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bill: the nfl quarterback johnny manziel has been indicted own assault with bodily injury from an incident where he allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend. if convicted the 20-year-old could face a year in jail. he was just cut a month ago from the cleveland browns. martha: an airplane powered completely by solar energy. the solar impulse 2 crossing the pacific ocean. after touching down in california, it's officially halfway to the finish line.
6:54 am
william lajeunesse live in los angeles with more on this. >> the next stop is in new york in case you want to see this next chapter in aviation history. it has the wing span of a 747 but weighs less than a pickup truck and averages 20 miles an hour. here is the pictures of one pilot and the founder. the captain actually piloted the last leg. >> for me it was the most incredible flight. i was dreaming of flying day and night with no fuel for 17 years. reporter: it made stops in india, china, japan, then here.
6:55 am
martha: i love his enthusiasm for his mission. how does it work? reporter: in theory the plane can fly forever. it's powered entirely by the sun. it fliets at 28,000 feet altitude. the sun powers four 17 horse power electric engines. and the lithium batteries power it. the pilot only get a 26-minute nap while on auto pilot. obviously not passengers right now. but think drone or surveillance aircraft where you don't have to come down to free fuel. it flies invisible and it's
6:56 am
quiet, so this is another chapter in aviation history. bill: there has been a shakeup in the republican race. ted cruz and john kasich have a new strategy to stop donald trump. trump is responding. what he's saying next. >> i have a senator and governor. they are to both statistically, mathematically gone. the only way they can win, in wall street they call it short sellers.ll cruz is a short seller. kasich, i don't get that. h on t. for drivers with accident forgiveness, h on t. liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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martha: senator ted cruz and john kasich teaming up to try to stop donald trump. cruz and kasich coordinating their efforts in three states, hoping to limit trump's ability to get that 1237 number that he needs. donald trump accusing hills opponents of collusion, painting their plan as an act of desperation. welcome, everybody, hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum.
7:00 am
bill: i'm bill hemmer. we're fresh with the two republican rivals working together to stop the republican front-runner. will it work? can it work? kasich and cruz cut as deal to stay out of each other's way in a few specific states, indiana, oregon, and new mexico. this happened late last night right after our town hall here on the fox news channel. >> everyone would rather see the republican party unite early on by a nominee. i would love to have 1237 delegates today. that hasn't happened. what is good for the gop to nominate a candidate who can win and actually has a real substantive agenda. >> you can either appeal with bombast to the negative, and tell people how they're being ripped off and how everything is terrible and america loses, i choose not to do that. i tell people, yes, we have problems but i've been involved in fixing these problems throughout my career. if we go negative, we'll never get it fixed.
7:01 am
bill: that is the past argument. senior national correspondent john roberts live in westchester, pa, where donald trump holds a rally. john, good morning. reporter: good morning to you, bill. a lot surrounding donald trump a very controversial appearance at westchester u. promises hundred of protesters. they wanted university to cancel but the university president said nope, we're not going to do that, freedom of speech in grand political tradition here at wcu. donald trump meantime still incensed that kasich and crews are getting together to stop him. campaign statement put out last night, it is sad what politicians have to collude against a politician who has been running for only 10 months to stop him from getting the republican nomination. trump insists he can get the 1237 to clinch nomination. in hagueers town, maryland, based on his performance through
7:02 am
the primary process he is only choice to be nominee. >> he goes in one by one knocked out a governor, knock the out a senator, knocked out a governor, knocked out a senator. these two guys are limping. they're mathematically out. if a guy losing by all those millions of votes wins, we'll have people very, very angry. ally. reporter: if trump wins as big as expected tomorrow night and wins indiana, ted cruz can, even if he wins just tomorrow night, ted cruz couldn't become nominee by clinching even if he won every delegate left. by some analyses, bill, if trump were to win indiana a week from tomorrow, that would pretty much mean the nomination contest would be over he would be able to by those calculations -- before the convention. bill: what could cruz do to stop him, john? what is the scenario. reporter: only thing he an do, bill, is try to stop him in indiana. 57 delegates up for grabs.
7:03 am
winner-take-all for the at large definitely gates and by congressional district. ted cruz appealing to evangelical voters. 31% of the population identifies as evangelical, mind being them about trump's north carolina's bathroom gender law. suggesting trump, that he suggesting that he doesn't have the hands to face cruz one-on-one. >> done and seems obsessed telling what big hands he has. well maybe he could demonstrate those hands by coming and showing up at a debate? reporter: so cruz is going to try for a wisconsin-style upset in indiana. basically going to live there for the next week. he has four events there today. so far, bill, unlike wisconsin, the polls in indiana have not moved at all. donald trump still in the lead. we'll see how it goes. it will be a battle. bill: west chester, pa, west of philadelphia. thank you, john. martha: let's get more.
7:04 am
daniel halper, online editor of "the weekly standard." good to see you this morning. it is interesting last night because this news started to fly into all of our blackberries and smartphones at a few minutes before the end of that town hall. we talked about it a little bit with steve hayes as we left. obviously they did not want it to be the focus so why not? >> you don't want both your candidates out there talking about this. you want to give them a little space to make cases individually and their own right without them sounding like tacticians, kind of a smart move and necessary move but kind of strange. you have a great town hall talking about issues and they wait until afterwards to break the news t wasn't nice of them to do, you could see coming from how it might make their position not ted cruz or john kasich talking about the deal themselves. you want to leave really tactical aspects of this campaign to the tacticians. martha: that may be so but now they will have to come out and talk about why they did it?
7:05 am
and they will have to have a strong argument why they think this can work. which you know, they could have taken advantage of to do last night. but it is going to clearly be part of what they have to start talking about today, dan? >> they have to answer it clearly but not use such a big stage in such prime time national tv. use a smaller radio show, do it in the way that is focus is less on this because the truth is, the reason they're coming to terms, we know this, because they can't get 1237 individually. only play here right now is to stop donald trump. it doesn't matter what ted cruz's delegate count is going forward. doesn't matter what john kasich's delegate count going forward is. doesn't matter if john kasich wins throughout, the only thing that matters is donald trump can not get the number, otherwise it is over for ted cruz and john kasich. that is what this coming together is b that is what this move is about. it is a move out of necessity, and key in that regard, but it's
7:06 am
a position, clearly from a position of weakness, not strength. martha: appears, through july, so the big question is, are there more republican voters who want donald trump or more who don't? right? all along, there has been whether or not the remaining candidates whose votes spread number of people, now down to two, whether those forces out there are stronger than the very strong phenomenon that surrounds donald trump in real numbers? >> well, so far it hasn't been, right? donald trump to count to this date only one state over 50%. that was new york in last week. he is in line with a great night tomorrow night we expect and good nights subsequent after that. look, he is coming together at right time. peaking his strength at right time. the question is the momentum to follow? is he able to win indiana? is he able to win california and
7:07 am
get necessary votes? if ted cruz and john kasich continue their prior path they would have lost. they had to change things up. i would expect them to change things up more. i don't think this is the end. this is the distinct. what if ted cruz announces his vp pick next week? what it john kasich does something radical? that wouldn't surprise me. you have to change things up if you want a chance. martha: no much talk about the never trump movement, that it wasn't unified t doesn't have a candidate, the full force of that behind it. we'll see if it is too little too late for that movement as it plays out. dan, thank you very much. good to see you. >> great to see you. bill: meanwhile reports that hillary clinton is so confident that she has the race locked up. she is looking for a running mate. there are new polls showing mrs. clinton is poised to win tomorrow in pennsylvania. that puts her closer to nomination. when asked if bernie sanders would support her if she were the nominee.
7:08 am
he left the door open on sunday. >> that is totally dependent what the clinton platform is and how she responds to the needs of millions of americans who are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. you know, i can't snap my finger and tell people what to do. bill: well, ed henry, watching the democrats joins us live in philadelphia. how are you doing, ed, good morning to you. we can't tell you what to do either. what is the expectation in pennsylvania tomorrow? reporter: bill i never trial to tell you what to do. the bottom line hillary clinton is expected to win big here. there are credible scenarios that put her after all five state vote tomorrow, at 90% or more of the delegates needed to clinch it. it is getting much smoother, the path for her on this side than you see for the republicans. she had a lot of struggles with bernie sanders. now especially after her adopted home state of new york. this path is becoming a glide path for her. you mentioned that her staff is already looking at potential vice-presidential picks.
7:09 am
she is also looking past sanders and talking about the republicans and general election. watch. >> with so many of those comments, those insults, the kind of demagoguery that we are seeing from him, you have to ask yourself, what really is at stake in this election? and one of the things that is at stake are our rights. because the republicans want to undermine and set back our rights. reporter: she is already trying to look ahead but she will have to make sure that she can bring not just bernie sanders but his supporters into the fold. remember democrats and their delegates will gather right here in philadelphia in late july for their convention. she will need sanders supporters if she locks all this up in next few weeks, bill. bill: chris wallace asked head of dnc, debbie wasserman-schultz, whether or
7:10 am
not the email server will be issue. she called it ludicrous. on the democratic side how often does this issue come up, ed? for democrats is that issue left to the media for the moment? reporter: it is really left to the media and frankly the fbi. that is the big looming question for hillary clinton. for a while obviously was expected to be slam-dunk over bernie sanders did not become that. so now that she is dealing with it and finally jumping ahead, the only looming question, the great unknown about this side of the campaign is whether or not the fbi will suggest criminal charges in that investigation or in the estimation of the clinton campaign, exonerate her. that is the great unknown, bill. bill: she said at the end of the day this distraction. we'll find out in time. thank you, ed henry, live in philadelphia. we'll see you real soon, thanks. martha: fox news is the place to be of course for tomorrow's big showdown. we'll have all-day coverage. we'll be here in morning of course.
7:11 am
then we join bret baier, megyn kelly for prime time coverage starting here at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news fox new. five big states, mid-atlantic states, populous once. bill: is this super tuesday 7.0? have we lost track? martha: at least four or five. bill: see you tomorrow night. terrorism arrest, this time a suspect a 16-year-old boy. what happened here? details in a moment. martha: 28 secret pages from the 9/11 report that may soon be made public. what is in there that could forever change our relationship perhaps with saudi arabia? an iraq veteran weighs in. bill: ted cruz, john kasich, they are tag-teaming donald trump trying to get him out of the nomination. could the strategy backfire? senator cruz admits it might. >> now there is no doubt that if we get to cleveland and i have got a ton of delegates and donald has a ton of delegates we'll have a battle.
7:12 am
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7:16 am
it. so we'll just, screen is a little bit of a mess now. you will see it center in a moment and you will see diners in philly as the campaign continues there. martha: feel for what it is like out there. a lot of rough-and-tumble, shaking hands and talking to everybody. that is the big story of the day obviously. the deal that has been struck between john kasich and ted cruz. will it work? is it too little too late? that is a big question. both of these gentlemen believe there will be a contested convention come cleveland in july. here's ted cruz when he spoke with us about it last night in the town hall? >> the danger of a contested convention is that the party emerges fracturessed. what i can tell you that if i earn the support of a majority of the delegates there, and i believe that's what is going to happen, then we'll work very, very hard to welcome every single trump supporter. martha: pennsylvania congressman lou barletta is a trump
7:17 am
supporter and he joins us now. good morning. good to have you with us today. >> good morning, martha. good to be here. martha: thanks for coming. what do you think of this new deal struck between ted cruz and john kasich, what is your opinion? >> i have never seen anything like it where the establishment and candidates are ganging up on a front-runner who is up by millions of votes. never have i ever saw anything like this, rather than rally behind the front-runner so that we're united, this party could be divided and hand the election over to hillary clinton along with the supreme court picks. that is what is at stake here. again, i have never seen a front-runner being attacked by its own so close to the nomination. martha: well, you know, john kasich spoke about that last night. look, we have had 10 contested conventions in the republican party. this is not something that is highly unusual or unseen. that there aren't, the majority is sort of split at this point and that donald trump hasn't
7:18 am
been able to secure a majority although everyone can see clearly he is on the path to securing that nomination it would appear. and he certainly has the most delegates. he said what is the big deal? we'll go to cleveland and lit the winner win? >> i think it is highly unusual. you know, none of the other candidates have any chance to get to 1237. only one. the fact that they're still in it, still now ganging up and, you know right from the very beginning, martha, it has been very transparent to the american people who are angry and taking that anger outgoing to the polls that they don't agree that the establishment should pick the nominee for our party. martha: you know, a lot of discussion obviously about donald trump and whether or not he has the temperment to be president and we saw paul manafort over the weekend talking about, you know, the different roles people play in campaigns and obviously you
7:19 am
know, some behavior and way of talking is suitable on the campaign trail and others in different places. but donald trump seats to be perhaps more comfortable with the persona he takes on out on the campaign trail. here he is talking about that. let's watch. >> being presidential is easier, than what i have to do. if i was presidential first of all i would have a teleprompter? have you ever seen crooked hillary clinton? she walks in -- [shouting] good afternoon, bridgeport. how are you? [applause] this is crooked hillary clinton. martha: what do you think, lou? >> well i think that is why 10,000 people will show up to see him tonight in wilkes bury, pennsylvania and cruz and had kasich events here maybe 500 people shown up. you will see the boardroom donald trump. he is exactly what this country needs. putting political correctness
7:20 am
aside and deal with the issues and saying things people are thinking. they don't want a politician anymore. they want an executive in the executive office and someone who will put america first. he is exactly what we need. sometimes bringing the bull into the china shop might not be a bad idea. martha: fascinating to watch. congressman barletta, thank you very much for being here today pleasure to have you. >> thank you. bill: 20 minutes past the hour. the white house under growing pressure. it may release the 28 secret pages from the official 9/11 report. what is in that chapter and what does it mean for us and saudi arabia and more? martha: plus the chair of the democratic national committee stumbles defending hillary clinton's use of private e-mail while secretary of state. here is chris wallace. >> you have dismissed the idea that hillary clinton could face any legal troubles over her private email server, as quote, ludicrous. how do you know that?
7:21 am
7:22 am
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7:24 am
bill: so the obama administration believe rather be on the verge of releasing some of those secret 9/11 documents. they could shed light on possible saudi government connections to the terror attack 15 years ago. during our town hall last night in philly, i asked governor kasich about that and whether or not it could change our rimm with the saudis. here is what he said in part? >> i think we've been too easy on the saudis over the years. i don't think we should push them away or declare an enemy. they support the radical clerics and we ought to cut off funding for that. bill: pete hegseth, veteran and fox news contributor. what is your view? should it be public.
7:25 am
>> put it out there this many years after 9/11 we -- what is in there is specific sources of foreign support for attacks on 9/11. those who have seen the documents say a lot points back to saudi arabia. after 9/11 there was this moment george bush declared either you're with us or with the terrorists. governments in saudi arabia and pakistan at leader levels decided to side with us but they have massive radical populations. in afghanistan we saw pakistan support the taliban. saudi arabia quietly we know in many places funded radicals we're fighting and spending blood to fight. we should know where this is coming from. how high it goes up in the house of saud. i think it doesn't mean we should scrap any relationship with the government of saudi arabia but let's have the discussion and sigh who the enemy is. bill: with is the issue about the relationship with the saudis? is the issue about the middle east broadly speaking or is it about energy? think about what fracking has
7:26 am
done to the energy industry last 15 years. >> it is about the relationship with the saudis, you're exactly right. we made a deal with them before the gulf war. we are much more energy independent today than we were then. december pedent dent on them. what saudi arabia does still matters for us. yes, we should ream shin that relationship. if we're in generational struggle against islamists and saudi arabia funding masks here in the europe and the united states, teaching radical form of islam that is countter productive to the generational struggle. we need to confront them and have courage to do that without necessarily declaring war on them. they have the two holiest site in islam. that doesn't make sense to kick that hornet's nest. we need to be turning every screw on them. we have levers of power when it comes to the fight we're in the middle of. bill: respond to this. tim roemer, congressman on the
7:27 am
9/11 commission, a democrat. he said there were allegations, witness reports. there was evidence about the hijackers, people they met with all kinds of things the commission was tasked reviewing and investigating. wow, where does that lead us? >> they say it read like a police report. classified portions names. sources and methods are important. i classification. we need to know how high up it went in saudi arabia that should inform the next president of the united states republican or democrat how we treat them toward a threat only expanding as we look towards europe and united states and islamic state. we vent contained it. we need a clear-eyed discussion who our friends at all. there are questions whether saudi arabia is that. release the 28 pages. bill: bob graham, former senator from florida, democrat. most important question did these 19 people conduct a sophisticated operation alone or were they supported. do you think the white house
7:28 am
does it pete, final answer? >> i think bad step would be releasing it and keeping certain portions still classified because it will keep people asking what is there, what is there, who are they not naming? if you release it in concert with national security, release as much as you can. bill: thank you, pete. we'll talk to you again real soon. out of minneapolis, pete hegseth. >> thanks. martha: on the campaign trail. let's show you a live shot. right now a bernie sanders rally going in hartford, connecticut. ahead of five big states which will be the contest for tomorrow. he has his work cut out for him and path becoming increasingly difficult. he is working to leverage the power base that he has built with his grassroots operation. today he is doing just that in hartford, connecticut. meantime we look at alliance between ted cruz and john kasich. is it a foolproof delegate strategy or will it send both candidates home quickly and
7:29 am
launch donald trump straight to the election. that is the question. bill: california rare turn in the political spotlight, they might in california decide the fate one of these three republican men. >> it doesn't matter it can't happen again for 40 years. probably won't. >> so get out and enjoy it this time. >> exactly right.
7:30 am
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bill: 10:32 in new york, ted cruz and governor kasich plotting to stop front. kasich dropping his bid in indiana, cruz clears the way for kasich in oregon and new mexico. trump needs 1237 to clinch it. he's at 845. going to bring in kyle condit, managing editor of some of those crystal ball at university of virginia center of politics and tom bevan, editor of real clear politics. good day to both of you. kyle, you start. you heard about it late last night. what do you think? >> really the difference between trump winning 1237 or not could be indiana on may 3 and just like in wisconsin where john kasich fell off at
7:34 am
the end allowing ted cruz to get near 50 percent, cruz is hoping for a repeat of that. indiana looks like a better state for trump then wisconsin was. trump may be able to get to 40 percent or higher it's if kasich support falls off a lot of those voters will go to cruz, maybe cruz can get over 50 percent in the state.very important for the anti-trump folks or trunk not win indiana. bill: think it works or not? >> i don't know, everything kyle said is right. indiana is the key i think. we just don't know. trump is about four or five points in a real clear politics average. we had no new polls of indiana over the weekend and it is a close race. we will know in about eight days whether the strategy works or not. bill: guys, you crunch the numbers all the time. you guys are doing the math. i will show you what our math shows us. you guys can debate this and tell me whether you disagree or agree.
7:35 am
845 for trump, needs to get 392. that's how many more needs to get the nomination of 1237 which is your magic number. tomorrow, rhode island, connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania. he does pretty well. he's about 942, okay? we think as of now. then you go to indiana and you mentioned this. indiana switched on us friday afternoon when it did our polling. we thought it favored cruz and now we think it favors trump. then the following, nebraska we think is cruz. west virginia we think is trump but not as big as we thought before. now you come out to this new strategy in oregon, we still think it favors trump. washington state cruz and to complete the remaining five, montana, south dakota winner take all our cruz. new mexico is 50-50. what we are getting trump in california out of 172 delegates, at the moment we are
7:36 am
giving him 103 and you see how that number jumps on june 7. now he's 86 away but on that same day is new jersey and you see how it starts to pinch down to 35. hold your thoughts gentlemen, here is john kasich on the strategy i didn't send resources in the state of wisconsin. a minor amount of spending. i don't have you know, like daddy warbucks behind me giving me all this money. i have to be careful about my resources and furthermore, the reason why i'm in this race is i'm the only one that beats hillary clinton. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure we don't lose the united states senate, the supreme court, the state and local courthouse. i don't see this as any big deal other than the fact that i'm not going to spend resources in indiana, he's not going to spend in other places. so what? what's the big deal? i've never told them not to vote for me. they ought to vote for me but i'm not over there campaigning and spending resources.
7:37 am
we have limited resources. you want to feel good about it. mine is the people's campaign. i have a campaign where we've been outspent 52 one. you folks have been counting me out before i even got to new hampshire and now we can't jam all of you into this diner. >> what was it served. >> people want reform and they are tired of political games as usual. this smacks of the same cynical policies. >> sir, there hasn't been anybody you've ever met in politics is led more successful reform than john kasich. no one. i balanced the budget, i shrunk the government. i've taken on welfare, i performed the pentagon, change the state of ohio. when you talk about reform you want to check my records and you will see i'vebeen a reformer from the day i got into politics and i will continue to be a reformer and i think anyway you characterize this as something other than it is is a mischaracterization but i've become very used to mischaracterizations .
7:38 am
[overlapping conversation] >> what you say to voters who may feel like trump is being unfair? >> they have a total say. get a majority of the, which people? my people don't feel that way. who is it that feels, all you've got to do is get the right number of delegates and then you win. if you can't get the right number of delegates, you don't win and then the delegates who wereselected through a democratic process get to choose . what's wrong with that? >> is integral strategy if you're now asking your voters to vote b&. >> i'm not campaigning in indiana and he's not campaigning in those other states. that's all it is. thank you guys. >> it's not a big deal. bill: i guess it's breakfast time too. but that was a very interesting
7:39 am
take. gentlemen, i left off on this 35 number. let's say kasich and cruz are successful. let's go ahead and flip indiana. you see thou that number changes. let's flip oregon and now trump is 70 away as opposed to 35 before so you see what that work or whether or not it actually does work. we won't know for some time. kyle, quickly what you heard on john kasich there. >> it's interesting that he's not specifically telling his supporters in indiana to vote for cruz. you may remember back in march 15, marco rubio supporters, he told his supporters to vote for kasich in ohio. kasich did not return the favor in florida. campaigning in indiana but he's not really endorsing cruz there either. bill: interesting nuance there. tom, quickly. >> the other interesting thing that kasich said was you get the most delegates for the democratic process.
7:40 am
we know two thirds, 70 percent of her body against think the person who gets the most votes to be the the end of this, trump will have millions more votes that either cruz or kasich. he still going to leverage that to be able to win over these uncommitted delegates at the end of this process yet we are going to detail that in great detail later today and again tomorrow. thank you gentlemen. martha: back to the diner in philadelphia where john kasich is eating his breakfast, perhaps signaling to reporters around him that he's done talking about this issue. he's obviously trying to put it in what he sees as the proper perspective. he says he has limited resources. he's not daddy warbucks. he has to put his money to work where it will get back to him and his supporters. he believes it's a move his position out west in those two races that he will be competing in there and basically passing on indiana. he opened two offices in indiana. one of the interesting sidebar stories here is the whole never trump movement which people have criticized for not
7:41 am
galvanized behind one candidate and sort of throwing their position and their weight behind different candidates, there was pressure for john kasich to cool down in indiana from the never trump group and now he has closed his two offices there according to reports over the next couple of days so we will see whether or not it works. it's a keepaway ballgame with that 1237 number being carried by ted cruz. bill: one report said kasich broke approached ted cruz's team. we talkedto the cruz team last hour and ron nehring said he was not on board at this time . so it was a bit of, i took it as a bit of a deflection but who knows what the truth is. at one point we will find out. speed. martha: so the chairwoman of the dnc saying the investigation into hillary clinton's email is a waste of time according to her.
7:42 am
justin napolitano says there's got to be something there because those fbi agents are not on this case for fun. he joins us live coming up next. bill: running down a dream in zero gravity. this is an astronaut taking on a marathon. guess where he's doing it from?♪ ♪ running down a dream.
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7:45 am
bill: the governor still talking, leading his troops but no new indication as to the headline of the morningwith him teaming up with ted cruz to deny delegates for donald trump. we are keeping a close eye on it, let you know when there are headlines . martha: eating and talking to reporters is a delicate art. dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz dismissing the investigation into hillary clinton's handling of the state department emails. calling the whole thing nothing more than a quote, distraction. >> is ludicrous to keep raising the question of whether this plays out to an unfortunate
7:46 am
end. it has provided the most transparency of probably any previous presidential candidate in terms of the conversations she's had as secretary of state, as a public official. martha: napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. when you anyone in the clinton camp they say look, she is not underinvestigation . >> i'm sorry they feel that way and i'm sorry congresswoman wasserman schultz exit ludicrous. tell that to the hundred plus fbi agents and other officials in the justice department who have been thoroughly investigating this for nearly a year now. who have engaged the cia to work with them in order to do assessments, that is to determine whether or not the classified emails that mrs. clinton put in a nonsecure venue were actually hacked into by friend or foe.
7:47 am
tell that to the person who was extradited from romania who did hack in who's now being debriefed by the fbi. this is about as serious an investigation as there could be an remember,there are two of them the emails , when she migrated the secret emails to the nonsecure venue in her server in her home, she exposed them to hackers. that's an extract of espionage and the other is the public correction. the gu favors as secretary of state in return for contributions to her husband's foundation? martha: advocate here. she says is a security review that they are trying to figure out how to use these procedures in the future, that other people had similar arrangements. we know they didn't have a
7:48 am
private server and that makes it different but there's no doubt the resources are being put into work. if they determine on the email server side that nothing was hacked into, that there wasn't anything that became compromise, what happens to the case then? the government does not have to prove arm in an espionage case. espionage consists of the removal of something of secret and entrusted to you to a place where you are not supposed to put it. in her case from a secure venue to a nonsecure venue. the crime is complete at that point. it's the real federal crime where the government doesn't have to prove arm. martha: the harm is the making of the information vulnerable. >> correct. but the government is looking to see if anybody did in because that of course makes moreserious the government's case . martha: anything about the timing on this thing question mark. >> the timing is confusing. last october director comey said january. now he's saying they had no time pressure. i have a great deal of respect for him, he's a straight shooter.there is a time pressure on him. the american public needs to know, the democratic people need to know if theyare going
7:49 am
to nominate someone who may be defended in a criminal prosecution . martha: there's no indication they are doing anything but pressing on in a forward way and hopefully they will have their work done. >> mrs. clinton, i would say the fbi does not do security assessments. the state department does. thefbi does criminal investigations . martha: thank you very much. bill, back to you. bill: john scott coming up next on happening now. the one i'm doing well and you guys had a short night. bill: good job, thank you very much. jon: you've heard the phrase politics makes strange bedfellows. it's turning out to be very much the case this election as we get word john kasich and ted cruz are coordinating their schedules in an effort to prevent donald trump from winning the gop nomination outright. brett behr joins us with more on that plus new pressures on
7:50 am
bernie sanders to get out of the democratic race. so far he is turning a deaf ear to those calls. we explain why on happening now. bill: finding solidarity in an american tragedy. congress in the terrace have found strength to help victims across the country. you're going to meet three very special people next. once driven, there's no going back.
7:51 am
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. bill: there was a great group of boston marathon survivors running around the country to help victims of tragedy. it's called oneworld strong track.runners left boston on monday, plan to run all the way to san francisco. wow. heather and dave are both survivors of boston marathon bombing. they work at 415 strong. it's a group of survivors that help others to traumatic events
7:54 am
and rusty tolliver screamed left his running the world world strong track. how do you three. not only are you doing this but you are raising money for your organization. >> right. so along the way we will be talking to people about different organizations that boston marathon bombing survivors have become affiliated with. mine happens to be my own foundation which i founded after i became an amputee myself and we help to raise funds to give prosthetic devices to trauma victims. bill: this is one of them. >> this is a pretty basic prosthetic device but which is typically covered by health insurance but anything like a running device or a high-yield device like i have on today is not in their tens of thousands of dollars.bill: you look great. dave, what do americans need to understand about this tragedy and what are you are trying to do? or us, everything after everything happened,cards and
7:55 am
letters poured in to boston from around the country and around the world and some of us have seen a lot of those . and we've been looking for a way to say thank you. my good friend rusty who does all the running, we were talking one day in a coffee shop and he wanted to run across the country. we wanted to get out and say thank you to everybody for their support and talk to people about how a lot of us have used movement as a way through the healing process. bill: that's a great message. rusty, how do you feel? >> i'm still sore but i feel good. i'm great. bill: how many a day, miles? >> i'm averaging around 34 1/2. bill: so you're going to go to san francisco. >> going to go to san francisco. bill: by when? >> august 1. on foot. bill: i get that but after new york it's where? >> we are heading down to philly and then we have a big
7:56 am
stop in dc and really, a lot of this is going to be on a grassroots with areas that we go through. so for instance we went to newtown connecticut the other day and those guys really touched our hearts. the whole track has just taken on every single day, every time we go to it's taken on another movement. bill: august 1 is your target. hope to see the golden gate bridge. nice. thank you for sharing your story today. how are you doing? >> i'm doing really well. bill: it must be important for you to share your experience with others because you've got a heck of a story. >> yeah, it has been. i think it's been able to help me heal as well as other people kind of through traumatic events .
7:57 am
bill: i can only imagine keep doing great work. thank you heather, thank you dave. rusty rusty, good luck. back on the road, my man. good to see you. martha: inspiring group. had cruz and john kasich doing the delegate math. is there any way that can snag it up to stop donald trump from the nomination? more on that when we come back . >> thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential
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7:59 am
these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
8:00 am
bill: ted cruz back on the trail today, we will see how he addresses the kasich cruz strategy. born indiana, that's where he was last night. martha: is going to be hammering that all the time so we will see you tomorrow. have a good day everybody p8 bye-bye. jon: the battle for the easy heat up as the candidates make their final pushes. one day before five states hold primaries, good morning. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers, in for jenna lee. did you have a good weekend? jon: i did indeed. heather: it was very nice.


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